Hour 2

Steinmetz and Guru
Thursday, December 14th

Steiny & Guru preview the matchup between the Warriors & Mavs with PxP voice for your Golden State Warriors, Tim Roye. Then they give their lists of the All Time Greatest NBA players. 


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Coming up in the second Tim Arroyo got Tim. I've got him. Kilroy the voice of the warriors joins us you can follow on Twitter at the warriors box dot com I Tim Newman throw you curve ball to start okay. Somewhat to the Denver Nuggets two nights ago playing the pistons. And I just made a comment I didn't I didn't say go out and get this guy I didn't say. Terra the core. I simply said you know be a really good fit on the warriors Mason plum lake and boy there was a backlash. And I was thinking why he's seven foot he's got some math lettuce isn't very good pass certain bad hands. Can be a good passer with a enhance the anyone thought he got in a little bit like Bogut can play the high post and he cutters and senator senator good putt these greens that are good screens tell people like my guests. Elegant it's again I think he'd go back his eyes you know a guy gets a big blow audit plays out all Zaza is very important to them right he says could crazies to cough. It gives it a level of toughness that they need to have and end EL he's a willing passer and he understands his role perfectly. And so I think a guy like Polly would be great because he's not going to be. You don't some big guys are gonna go the box and again you know yes indeed here and end that's gonna disrupt your offense sometimes. And so I think a guy like partly as a backup I that I have no issue with that whatsoever. Thank you Tim I appreciate it. I want to ask you some the warriors are hard are nicked up a little bit now but it. Here's what I'm your drum wandering. Is is this the price you pay. For three long runs to the finals year after year after year that that eventually this is gonna happen or. Is it a case of Steve occur. He's just being ultra ultra conservative so wise to note that hell have these players in the post season. By yeah I think it's a combination. Other fat that they have played it and I think they're probably more vulnerable to Andrea let's face of the warriors and for the most part with the exception of yellow curry going down the playoffs. And and Kevin Durant going down last year they've avoided ill. Constant injuries like some teams have gone through and so. I think it says this they're there returns as a beacon and also you know to be sarcastic they ran the bogey cousins who would. Who is responsible for trade money McCaw I think. But. They know not potentially but just the way he plays so. Feel like I just think it's their turn I think it's it's their year to deal that it may be the fact that they have played deep for three years has. There there's no more fatigue which makes might make people more vulnerable or maybe it's just. You know their time as their time to have that kind of lock itself. I think this is going to be me the way. This season could go you know that you're constantly trying to get healthy and and try to make sure you're thinking big picture. So I don't think anybody. Is being pushed back anybody's. Who gets hurt it would it would betray montage that Padua call whoever. I think everybody they're they're taking the big picture view of it let's make sure that he. That that player doesn't come back until he's healthy and is in no way shape or form. You know going to be thrown back with a chance of re entry that very quickly so so I think I think they get on the the big picture part of it that's a luxury to have. Is the fact that they know. That you know barring any thing unforced seen. You know they're going to be in the post season and they're going to be a threat to lay it all and sold and they want to be. Healthy at that time as opposed to try to push for an extra winner to hear if the warriors have to say in this case. Go to Houston to play the Western Conference files to save it you know it ends up that way. I only voice be overly worried about winning and Houston I think they'd be good feel confident enough. To a go to Houston and and pick up a cup. What went to him I agree with you we're so spoiled then one odd to me very well and yet we are it's unbelievable over closer yet and when I watch a game and one of the guys is missing that I really feel cheated and you got the best seat in the house I had talked to you since the curry injury when that initially happy and did you think it was far worse than we know what it in that ended up being. Well you're you're always worried about it because. Yeah you never know. Good but I was I was. Take the boy handle a bit by the fact he walked off you know he made sure he walked off under his own power and nearly enough to carry him in. And and he was really good spirits a locker room after the game and and and so I think you know again it's a sprained ankle that's what happens in basketball everybody's played basketball has sprained her ankle at least twice. You know and soul. So I'm an end the other part that. That were wasn't overly worried was that then they came back to bring re evaluate two weeks well they get that was that was good MRI came back they need to do a surgical. Procedure. That was a big plus I think once they got that ankle calmed down once a guide. Situated in the end in this if you remember one of the safe seat instead also worked really hard on. Is he got his core you know balanced it right and that that helps. Yell at his gate and how he you know what about his business. It's a once they got that sort of calm down he's played you know what seventy plus games or four years RO. So. Or was it Iron Man essentially yeah I mean yeah I mean he can clay towns everybody they've been there are really good that way in solo and it took me. I wasn't ill war as though worry for the lawyers as I would have been say five years ago. Gotcha hey Tim. I don't watch in the Houston Rockets and I mean the obvious question to ask you is glad they close the gap and anything that's Richard. Subjective type of question but. I will say that. This doesn't look like the same old Houston team and I'm not saying the warriors. Unless they're in the rockets can beat the warriors but I do think the warriors are gonna have to essentially if they end up playing in the rockets. It's their money in their mind they have to almost be think Kim won't play in this team for the first time because they're different than they've ever been. And that may be that may be one thing that. They B changes the dynamic a little bit again I'm not saying the rockets would be favored but I'm saying that the worst may have to. Think a little differently about the team. I think so I think they had to take him as very very serious and they were five and three. They were five and three to start the year they're 22 at Fordham. And the other guy win at Utah off a win at Portland they'd beat Indiana now another schedule. You know through December yelled. And the first week of December probably was the easier ones in the league ethic. Yeah they have a lot of teams at that. He yelled they. That they played they got in played Memphis three times only lost two of those early. Yeah also I I think I think your schedule will Gilbert tougher as the year goes on the lawyers had a tougher schedule the first two months of the season there's no doubt about that it's so. Why I I think it bold I think they'll come back of the pack a little bit. But I think they wouldn't you look at their numbers are numbers don't lie if they're playing defense which they had not. Show us any sort of a defense of mindset. Yelled before before this year and that's really important and I always look at the the differential to differential tells me a lot. After a certain amount games and bowl teams the other day were plus eleven. And that tells the rockets are just beating people they're they're taking away you know by any chance of losing the game early and entered coasting to a lot of these games and can't. Gave the last night they are big in the first half on Charlotte. And Charlotte just didn't have a chance to get back in the game so. Yeah I think you have to take it pretty seriously and it's going to be curious to see how if what kind of an impact they're going to be without Luc Mbah a Moute now for a couple weeks he had her last night. And and the deadly it's a reason why they're better defensively and better defensive personnel Chris Paul comes that he plays defense bomb would take place defense. And so it is here that has any impact on their their defense numbers whatsoever. Tim Harrison Barnes is coming back to town and are just one askew from what you've seen of him as a maverick. Has his game evolves since his days with the warriors. Yeah I think so I think he's he's gotten better terms of I think he's become. To sort of a better NBA player is or comfortable now in your skin they think he's more. He's more Rick added that wolf you know he demands the ball and does stuff whether and I think he you know we saw that at times with the lawyers but I. But not always because of fact it. Yeah I played with Seth Curry Klay Thompson and self. So I yeah I think I think he's just become a better. A better player you know he's always been a decent shooter and he's always gonna be taken in there right in the mid forties. This three point shootings a little down this year but his free throw shooting up. He's a rebounding numbers are really good this year which is which is good for him because that shows exact active on both ends of the floor. So yeah I'd I think he's just kind of maturing it was MBAs can't. Hey Tim thank you so much and we will see out and oracle tonight. Will be out paired should be should be a lot of fun we'll see who's available tonight and we should be gay that words sometime soon at Sheraton and hopefully the lawyers can he get away in this this unbelievable stretch guy do museums in nine days. I forgot to ask you something how will the will load. They peanut butter ball's below tonight or maybe later closer to Christmas and that day of the weekend without a game. Are gyrating up straightening up some I had to get lights in oak face highlights and get my tree during this time period or so and so you're gonna cook this we are you debate this weekend for regular working this weekend and next week the appear butter balls will make there Monday do you think it's Monday actually I would. Well yeah I'll probably takes about LA and I think they'll take. It's tough. She got Roy Diane cannon always used to bring cookies to the east still bush to bring to brownie so I'm really I am hesitant to try to before the game. If you go I mean the I did thanks a lot more aggression. Hurricanes and I asked him Roy's voice the goals they want to believe me just. How well Cabrera. Oh I see how I account you know I mean things that go there could I thought yeah actually meant 'cause she's a lakers fan may racial poison and there yeah. Good descriptions. By the way I just threw this out and OK give me a name. I said. How can you be good passer. When you have bad hands can somebody named in NBA player who's a really good passer. It has bad hands. Oh Null. Mean I liked what I think of bad hands unfortunate I think I was catching the ball. Yeah I think of like Adonal Foyle Derek they appear and they they weren't great passers. Factor defense who's a good passer and we just had great hands and Peters had great hands in his prime. Mean god he knew that was made him so much more than people here gave him credit he was out loud before Zaza. Your interest and I just happen to text his agent bill Duffy. Hill. Or at least his agent. When he was playing and I just was. I was just thinking about Andris Hamid went crazy career came to United States. When he was seventeen years old that was before. Any kind of age requirement he came the words it's seventeen years old. And had a very. Who I wanna say his career up and down career he definitely had an up and I believe anyway the top of it oh yeah absolutely and that's like the finals for him anyway bill said he's back in Latvia with his wife and family needs enjoy life so good for him. Good for. Affront to speeders. Press this is really. Yes he has bad hair and asked he had the Iraqi. Hell I don't remember his staff and bad hand seasoned big do boot. He should be baby Shaq. And Regis the hands. Shadowlands. Lot of big guys have bad hands now shuttered great going there absolutely catch anyone to. Well Patrick Ewing yeah use him all the great ones had good hands David Robinson. Just how soon. Do you think that. Based auto wanna ask don't answer this gonna ask this question are you here is are you worried about the warriors injuries or. You just think they're planet ultra super conservative ultra and that's how the season started all through so Brooke conservative. But you said you kind of what. Good to birdie adaptable to put true. True yeah. That bothers me because he's he's Iron Man usual morning are worried about the injured list and I think just like Tim mentioned and I was gonna ask camp they're just being precautions. Just sit out right what will be the maps. The lines are very well issues. Step out Golden State minus eleven tonight for all the gamblers to I don't know if there's a pretty cautious it's precocious. That's like what you call a child who's may be wise beyond his years but pretty cautious would be like you're cautious using a red pin on me. So yeah. Passion I don't. Why don't you have heard oh there's so much better work. I just felt like Scott Mitchell is read here and it's not three. They'll only say it's my curse should be in the sun to English teachers what can I tell you I Robert envoy held you back to little giants talk real quick dropped. By the way are boy John Curley our producer well dressed John. This thing he throws at a solemn through the status in the morning relate to good morning. Which is a better contract it's a pity vote on this is every. Citing curry for four years 44 million for the giants sign in bum Gardner five years for 35 million. All day 957957. Know which team got over on the plot here from multiple. I think it's about those two contracts. Just incredible. Incredible moves and you know you think about the warriors ended up paying and curry 44 over for. That's the kind of move that. Just helps you moving forward good cop flak for that. That wasn't a sound not be right investment at the time you're absolutely right knee injury history it was I think that I think it's fair to say the curry signing was met with. Some people were saying this is great our hundred people were saying you. Because there were comparisons early in Curry's career to Grant Hill that's how serious it was deal and so I'm. Anyway curry got that figured out and it. Tim is right up until a week ago Curry's been an Iron Man play 78 games or more. Any transient pain either he's ask them to do with that thing is to raise her. It probably has a lot to do with a lot of things I think it's got to do with may be modern medical science with curry. I think it has I think you put in more doe staff put in work. Get what like when you see these video but I think you know he put in some time I also believe that curry is open in. To kind of progressive way east to. And help his body and to recover more quickly. Like a Brady you know Brady doesn't drink in everything you do I mean I'm schmo we don't curry smoke there's more bizarre mix things that's. And I'm sure he has a beer to every once in awhile but that doesn't negate the point that curry takes care himself a huge way. But. When curry signed the 44 million dollar contract. There was no. Guarantee that he was gonna be all the play after that this before the Furl he had the low cut this trying to think what he had he had a look at our member. I can't I can't. For the way he's target and step this chef that's on the front the hair start on the long action not a lot of people are saying that. I was a good point. Curry's contract was signed some people thought we should count Monta Ellis this right up my mind hands my hand is out. I woods. I was done with Monta. At that point. But I was not sold on Currie at that point. Oath that's not a good place dated you are now expect now wasn't you're allowed what what to have WT FY I my my thing back then was. If you get rid of Monta I get it but you gotta be careful because. You're gonna give all my take responsibility to Hillary. And at that point we were thinking can he handle all that leaves the Treo and I can't answer all ten he. Averaged 24 game. We didn't know anything in home. And then I answered no study I would have been like check no check no check no. That's what makes a staff amazing enough forget Spider-Man. Amazing. To beat not only that the body guides. In the turning introduced government shouldn't. Under 68 player like we've never seen before they can shoot from anywhere it's the movies coming out. On Hulu yeah. Made a movie about Michael Jordan why would make one about stats come fly with me. Space and doesn't count I seen that movie about Tony times. I. Only it was a moon rock Coby. There's only good news or whatever they did what I don't know what give me a movie about Larry Bird and then you can do curry can't do occurred before you do burden magic ray players don't want. Players clear. What's up front. Situation has actually but I'll Bill Murray who its current go to Joseph in San Jose how you doing Joseph. I would go to our guys they're certainly hear a slew. Debt so around. Under ground you know pretty fascinated with what's been gone on the past you know a few years with the warrior this been. One being that I got really you know. I can't believe had a chance to be especially his boy you have a opportunity Dario on the track but they have. An opportunity could be you know like this decade. Big dynasty you know what I mean what would you agree that in every day. EA. And yet there were two agreed that every decade under the NBA's billowed at least one may be too you know. The irony between. Like a when they take Eden Prairie need. Zell would lakers Celtics. Ninety's who brought do ordain. That. Come out and looked good in the and the look and the lakers during the song could come from 2010. So. Point eight point eight. It's truly. Mean I would then like a country you know we'll LeBron. We. Not learned about it. Agree that it. I agree actually did Joseph gotta go but I for now I don't mean to cut you off Joseph you're absolutely right you said. Don't you think the warriors have an opportunity. Yes absolutely they have an opportunity. To be a dynasty. There's no doubt about it I think they're set up more than any other team to be a dynasty and the addition decay. My math or a year or so there's dynasty thing during its gonna retire a war no I don't. I think he's going back to OKC they really yeah. And that that anything easy in the offseason for a while yeah it bothers a man is okay we're all human it is truly I think he underestimated. The backlash. If I can use that word. And it bothers him he's a good dude he's got his brain he's got its chip. I he's not done moving and which you know what and I hope I'm not being negative that's just what I get from them put myself in injuring at shoes which is obviously very hard to do but trust for the leaves Oklahoma City. And the backlash. Is overwhelming he didn't anticipate it let's say that's all true. I think that's more likely. Over the course of a year to to make you say you know I'm done with that place. I can't go back there about Cleveland oh LeBron or are you get a majority for. Two different people but they did the pain was felt the same from the city's. When they left I'm not saying this is definitely gonna happen I'm saying if I put myself into red shoes it would be very hard to go back to Oklahoma City while. He might he might be able to probably a bigger man than me let me tell you the ones didn't do more burning his jerseys are they don't. They would love home India to airport when he went and when that plane touched down. I'm here pre cautious is a word yeah now I just I'm I'm I'm looking at the Dixie chick I was just gonna bring that up and that's what preheat. Preheated oven for. And he the other and then you put the puck in the best thing but for our image on the back of the box directions is preheat. Free Europe and I understand that but if you change the word to each hero then nothing changes correct. Yeah because they know when you open up other and it's not hot yet so you have to preheat it and turn it all on the white against the 350 then you put whatever happened there up millions Cheryl after your break today he. The stoked at 350 and then you put the pizza in the it does the same thing as free. I we come back to where they'd be talking to Merriam Webster about precautions. I'm not all the way giving up on precautions because I'm waiting for attacks from my mom and asked her. A few questions about that words such as what's difference between being cautious and being pre cautious. Tough fed that didn't tell someone tomorrow. When dictionary and there plus the JD in Oakland what's going on JD. Look automatic. Amare right Marmol all right I'll call him because you guys maybe compare them and so those contracts to well bloggers contract. I'm not so he's saying obviously. Definitely every Dave Baum gardeners could prove. Once every five days. Put together realize that work if he was an American League and they gave me opportunities to do it BA. When he was picked because he has he has such good a good bet in you know compare our. He probably the best. Good pictures in them actually maybe even in baseball. She's and the warriors. Deal was better for the warriors can they get curry every game the giants only get bomb garter once every five days. Yeah that's exactly right am you know when you talk about. That occurred in men c'mon guys out of me are you guys period. You know month that it makes everybody better owners say about themselves. You know me you know basketball career. Yeah which you guys you gotta acknowledge. A lot of Bay Area fans. Probably wouldn't take young Mateo over Currie at the time. Very remote mountains. Could prolong. The warriors were. Amount well informed yet to translate because of that about ball Kubel government so if you're afraid you know. Mapping your your basketball guy you know monetary got to be. You know. Good player. No you're right hey do you think of a big man who has bad hands but is a good passer. A big man that has bad let the good crash. Luckily they pretty much go send him. I should make thanks JJ appreciated. Odd man stood AD no pun intended they go hand in hand. Now when I caught them when I'd listen I'm not. I'm not talking about precaution anymore can I say something. Or maybe hole I had text from my mom go and talk. I saw pours Hingis play against the lakers. And I thought he was a total plus years ago. I am comfortable in my skin. Is saying he has a chance to be greater listen to me now. And Kevin Durant. This dude is a freak of nature. He's homer. This may this do can shoot from anywhere. If he gets stronger this dude. Sorry I could see him score a hundred points I think that's what I'm trying to say. Oh my guess there's nobody. I think you've come remotely come close. Oh my god none only got away actually walk uneasy over how many games does he score under no I want a boom will. There's going to be a time where I go the way this guy get so hot it to go our Francisco Oakland I was salmon. I'm all in all corners being where you don't hear ray just freak of nature of KD is that helped me put this isn't on the day just a very healthy and lively and remember. Can help and crazy man Tony there's 795720. Hours seeing this is a freak of nature. Which range. X ray machines mayor Tom Kelly yet. Hey mom and a senior source 71. And our time 29 more. Lookup just just put that away that I'm just telling you for parsing this dude this dude. Hey Phil Jackson left the knicks with some did a lot of people think fielded dude up at four he would he delivered that thing. You're right he found a player in poor Zynga is let's hold off on the comparisons to. Kevin Durant Kevin I just say derailed her daughter named a two ranked. All know Garnett Garnett who would you have taken in their in their in their crimes Kevin Durant for Kevin Garnett direct. Kevin Durant was depict job. Kevin Garnett was detained it out and our big men on somebody give them the ball. KG can get the ball in navigate like Steve Nash or whomever it can be that tall you couldn't that's why you can't you can't stop home but pours genius is bigger comfort if all the sport thing he's got paid. And watch Kevin Durant tapes CDs all day and night for import singles. Think the rants better than Kevin Garnett the I think Garnett was a better defensive player. Garnett was a beast defensively now I know to rants plain girl what am I brought Garnett out. Are his feet is nimble to be that good about I shot blocker. Outside the paint area like KD he's shown us he can do with far more ever all I'm saying is I'm not giving new. KD's defense over Kevin Garnett defense who manned. Andrew Bynum online oil and I'm supposed to check you because dream on apparently shots where Zynga is down he's a young pop now. I'll tell you dream on dozens shadow. Zach Randolph La las husband or access your. A Carmelo Anthony lawyer he put them clearly they are really the only one doesn't shut him down busy. Great here all week he's in a bad system either today I can I safely prize and I don't they had system. These what do you call New York fans know that there everything was predicated on get the ball to him in this get spots. He's not do need anywhere where he's comfortable. You're the number one told you rooted talking might be careful or your precautionary who tag matches how. I don't listen what's good morning you know what's good for the goose is good for the gander fight can dish it out I got to be able to take it. So you got me on precautions. OK okay Jerry and I and I verdict still out for you shouldn't murder still out on the on preheat. Batting order stark pretty powers thing is going to be better than Garnett terrain that's better than Garnett. Who's your top five all time. Created suppliers jordin one okay not a new you know who's gonna happen column put you in. Don't. Shaq three. All right so I need. Jacoby two million Kobe too I can argue Kobe won my. Jordan never had to arrange this in Brooklyn about Kobe he was the combination the only I've ever seen of bird. And jordin. He did have no choice your Larry Bird in him. Larry Bird was first and foremost a passer to arrange things let gene to welcome our. But so how did you club really was the clutches of all. A lot of people think don't think Kobe was that clutch you know Tony I mean yeah you can. And talk about than 32 person should cigarettes died Nicole Lee I seen it would not all eyes. Shots that only god can make in crunch time and only god would take Kobe did Hitler and trying to think how many players in history I would take over co BC southern. Our personal right all okay coat is probably my top fifteen. Maybe tell them let's aren't I've taken Kobe over Wilt Chamberlain. No you're not. I'm taking Shaq over window will tell you what I'll do for Gloria gala I'll give you Kobe better than Russell has that Bill Russell I'll take it you better because. It Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. Michael Joyce I'm going to work and so are taken bird and magic over Kobe Bryant and magic is now. Earth about magic almost out retaken Shaq or Kobe. Shaq. Let Tim Duncan or Coby Coby taking Kobe over Tim I don't know gal tank co being moved forward to and don't kill him. I would puts. I have Kobe number two. Because he was actually you did. I didn't bring home some disrespect he's got. I morning's. And he played a major part of all fine if he played a subordinate role they wouldn't broke out they'd probably have said. That break up would that happened. Well I mean if you wanna do that I did say you know had Len Bias snuck past only the Boston Celtics were once I kind of I got footage of Palin bias in college with blocking Jordan shot. Goal enough force shot over Jordan Jordan is about to come down on the ground and only in bias is still in the air. That messing with the biggest tragedies in sports people don't know how good lynch you talk about Amare Stoudemire with dad that jumper slim body is was bad. And Len Bias might have been better than Coby. All you do get no argument from here you know but I'm absolutely kid let's go to loan. Community Karine. A few yeah they're taking Currie Mirko be re all really captain. Karl Malone can't do that here settling swarm all time when Ron Allen outscored. It is for Kobe right now don't come on come on. I'm on track everything you want in a basketball so no it's not. No he's not he's got a great take you want to draw a great he had a mid range wasn't happy to be three game wasn't a great wealth cub scouts. And Barry Bonds is a great teammate out. Who cares I don't care about that stuff what can you do on the court field or if that's in the G and that's what it's about now. I don't want to my kids Ingraham mocked if I'm going to be pink how everything going and it's great whether or have been no I need it I need an assassin. People wanna know if you read and Diane cannon there around we'll see all right when we come back. School be in session basketball one on one for guru we try to figure out how great players in basketball history. All who were better than Kobe Bryant according to my partner down from Johnson's only one player. Basketball history is better than what then better than Kobe Bryant. And daddies. Who again in Jan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan 43 not 45. 20 I gotcha I can't give up Kobe hit he'll be the first MBA player this Monday. To have two chairs these were tied boy that's selfish. How selfish is that or was he just didn't both. I think it's selfish in what regard when you need to jerseys. So you think he went to the lakers what a good and says hey I want this day what he does retire both my now. All they are now paying him with it I think it was a capitulation sensations what I think I think if you organization I guess we better do this or Kobe might be following this I'm calling to anyone and I was Andrew Bynum for the ones that are Texaco has sacked more than dare he would know what he won somewhere without Shaq one. And also he went and got any number I got to run our test. Are you going games are clutches you when you're six for 24 in game seven look at his defense and again I just threw some and I. Okay here's one I'm taken over Kobe Bryant. I've taken Rick Barry over Kobe Bryant. Don't take an Oscar Robertson I'll come. LeBron James. Kobe Bryant's better though LeBron James are you kidding me I don't. Can't make free throws inland from the moment in the finals against Dallas how dare anybody say LeBron is better than Kobe milk only LeBron is a mix it up through the clearly this is personal for you know I'm just given the facts no it's not a fat content. Come on to rue did you see LeBron lose to the spurs when he had the better team would Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and he cramped up and he couldn't perform. That nick Cody. I just want Kobe in my foxhole. He gives you everything away. Oh everything Kobe wouldn't wanna be in a foxhole with you he wanted to be alone. Okay and after that I don't bet. Cuffed and just saying look. Two. Arched. Anyone to without Shaq I'll go to Antonio what's going on and Tony are you doing man. Yo you know on as far as light. Is there an abrupt. I albeit probably about what. Arctic ice for create the best ever. Securities six rings he's the best ever call Rivera LeBron LeBron let a bench player Jason Terry outscored in the finals this. They range player Hewitt Andre Iguodala. Come off the bench in the final and win in the key on him he's like Kevin Durant. The guy he's returned to winning MVP honors US coli litter bug guy a shot. Here. Three and five in the finals. Despite having all these super teams and don't give me that oh we can't count 2007 when he got swept all my own gimme back. We're carrying that because that's India record books say it counted last week I wanna hear what a when he wins all LeBron can make anybody going to make it's senator good inch. Elmo from Sesame Street good and although we move if you didn't have any help at all ivory or LeBron fan or apologists don't do it out about LeBron brought refinements are. I I saw many had Antonio we're down the mail bag he is an email and engineering Arnett who by the way I would rather be three and five. In the NBA finals in three and now in the NBA finals all the bribes to win six. The three time no I don't count the one well you know capital we got to kill this trophy was running for president. Until I'm one of those guys but. I'm talking about mentally to goes into the embed her. You know LeBron nowhere near that close or Larry or Michael or. Cold War I would I would go the other way I would say Kobe is not the player LeBron James is. Complete basketball player I don't I believe not only to think it's close between Kobe and LeBron. I'm all around basketball players have foot. Work so yeah. You're or perfecting your craft making free throw LeBron runs from the more we could begin to actually throw old. Boys like 76%. Of pre school year correct. Still they're really happy in my eyes there why did please John fine. Dining and I'm like I know you I feel like you don't DP your core. Don't leave you with all that in their pride you would take LeBron over Coby. Absolutely. And you know what I wouldn't think twice about it and the reason is I'm talking about basketball players. LeBron. Better passer. Than Kobe Bryant he's a better rebounder than Kobe Bryant his prime is a better defender than Kobe Bryant Kobe could may be locked up but two once in awhile for blocking guard for five positions. Want to group overall player now you wanna say who's better school work. Kobe Bryant is a better score who's a better closure I don't give you Kobe even though I don't even know about that I'd like to look at his numbers. And see how many times he missed big show what he did that when he was young. I don't look at it and we got. We got there and know which got a difference of opinion that's all that's all. Group. So he's over curry I've seen you well know curry have Kobe over Kareem Shaq would stab Korean. Olajuwon would study would do make it more difficult Kareem was. He was doing it to Robert you know you give war ongoing was only one that's sizes like will be Bill Russell. Your plan blew a small white guys. It could you're supposed to score. Hundred. Donors some fun yeah. But he just texted me about we talk about bad hands and I think with O'Donnell a pair pare its own campaign. I'm mugs books yeah. So apparently mugs and mugs we really muggy blogs. Said to Dampier one time before the game. This. Kid you're tips from the spirit if I'm laughing already had an article said dale. Heads are so bad is that why you park in handicap zones. For. There was a big dude man that will cripple a big Macs too bad enhanced I'll. Stand up for Erick Dampier. Mississippi's funds he. Good defensive player. Very good if they want enough and why he was hearing I use that on Monta Ellis who was better than you give them credit for group Monta in his hey day he was the warriors he was why people were coming out and mid range and that and the heart to do is go to the hole no matter who was they are but it was special. Can you he's yeah he's score the ball hard to. The ball who anybody Hampshire. True Matt Barnes. And eight. I love Lawrence. Why. He's a pretty boy but he's stuff. Go to the eurozone relying too much less slump that while it doesn't well to do and things like them. That's true I guess you do that please they won that fight with him and Fisher. When he came to the house and my guess is kids text you may remember that well easy money would say Matt Barnes saw what without Fisher with the pressures of a fire hydrant Fisher's strong and you know what. It depends when the fight we take place slash I'll fight would take place let's say after closing time at a bar. Derek Fisher would kill him Derek Fisher. Lot of times is on the straight and narrow if you know what I mean yeah so if you do fight fishery to thirty. Chances are so Berkeley you've got a pretty good well you don't want driving home after the festivities. What they would do financial violin there. How Sutton Surrey was over. Do something pretty had to go to Johnny the law did yeah yeah I got a little I knew there was something that college do we. Innocent anyway it was some funny once LeBron is more precautions and Kobe was dare we go in the freedom ride on do. Remember public hormle changing the warriors roster. So that's what it's just I can't. That's why I gotta go right now I never said he would change the war. There greater popular coming up Louis Murphy won Michael Lombardi 230 thanks for listen and everybody.