Hour 1 - Towny, Lo, and Dibs break down the baseball action from the weekend

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, June 25th
Towny is in with Lo and Dibs as the guys kick off the show talking all things Bay Area baseball including Hunter Pence's walkoff single for the SF Giants as well as the A's splitting the 4 game series in Chicago. 

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What's up everybody. A path. We heard her roster let's look. Reynolds lives. Doesn't look very real long weekend at noon and you know locked and loaded Downey Margaret Barack's. Six and we got twenty hours of this this week now what treasury to see you I can tell you this streets. It may not happen there as the week but actually woke up before my alarm went off I'm rated golf. I really big elephant back. Are you ready go higher grade are generally good and he. My gigs we can't card act on this morning's. Jeanine OK you know way to talk a little ace live from the big. Inside. Exciting. Look great down I feel good. After a good team course I'd be here at 630 have less deep the lap that former head coach the saint Johns OUCLA. The great slicked back hair is going to be here at 830 Anthony Slater covers the warriors for the athletic will be here and I don't five. And Ahmed freed who opposed giants pre imposed game alive. On NBC. Sports Bay Area will join us at 930 under beds. Wow on how about that turn back the clock kit that. Back to the glory days of 2012 and when he fourteen delivering an absolute laser of a shot like I'm being told that. It wasn't a laser it was a 73 hopper that happen to squeeze by first base that I believe any bag -- described as low on the athletic. As a curling stone as it just kind of meandered up the line and into right field. Giants win. Yeah and we. They were down their point that it would dole San Diego Hodges and did. You song bomb back to back in you know Madison. The first new one as you know got its first win coming back in then you know they lose the second game and they needed this series so it's it's great for the giants that. The put together and good for Hunter Pence Sonoma ageless wonder a guy who's. You know show a little bit of his agent you know at times kind of opened down sporadic but you EE EUE hole big guys like dead. You want them to go out with a bang it was good to see that happens. Yet you're like diseases gimmick contact it's extremely tough because his hand Israel the better leaders of the game of their life. Because I was actually watched it will my best friend Mike is even gonna make contact on this that he did make contact what the ups are way won the game how fired up he was after the game. A lot of dealer all our confidence in him when. In the ballpark yesterday where he was up to. Not even you know when he gets up there the bases loaded and one out you realize that a number of different actions can get it done you don't need to necessarily come through the big hit. And he falls behind oh into the nineties say hand is filthy and useful on the pitch but he hung within. The big league hang within the crew could say and next thing you know you guys some game winner. And after the game see how fired up he is he knows we all know. Other times undefeated at Detroit sums gonna come down here so for him to get that was a big deal a's lost yesterday but they. Set the record 25 straight games they have homered. In a road game they break the record of the 1996. Baltimore Orioles hallowed records the record we we've been talking about since I was a kid really I remember when that record. We talking about Tony. I mean it's a nice three they have. But let's not call it a record to call this a record it is a record it's okay you're right it is a record we can come up with any kind of statistical. Accumulation to create records. If not a record that you are gonna tell your grandkids about a nice accomplish my heart surgery and seizures what he's talking about. What's her record in the east Tony five games on the road in which they've hit a homer are they 25 and oh they're over 500. Campbell which is very good on broad and exiting risk that he did that thumping my a look at that there was an eleven to three so Panama Motorola Q captain I'm box. So I don't know if that was something the really brag about telling to adjust. The days you know professionals guys you're you're happy see this team they're hanging in there couple games over 500. You guys gonna sell as Indiana though he bidding in H fan through and through. It is can you Seacrest in in the deal done is there you'd think that the big island you know when the trade bloc comes comes and goes he's them all he's. Here together ordered they've antibiotics and jewelry yours now NASA he's so please get heavier as senators he's got me at a more about it he's not going anywhere. Now jet Larry that's a hold of a ball. But by the way they are on pace the team that's it the most home runs in the history of baseball on the road. Is short San Francisco Jack it's the steroids seems obviously it's a giants from 01. Where there are most road homers a multi 138. As Bob said 73 home runs 36 of them came on the road man and been keeping an eye on the Seattle Mariners 264. Home runs further the team for the complete season which is gonna go down hard this year and you go down hard because I'm in the bold prediction for the season started that the Yankees would break the record I believe as of last Thursday they are pacing just one home run ahead. There about. Pacing about 273. Right now I'll catch. And the eighties are pacing about 147 thereby they're on pace to crush you need to 47147. The road home run road only to take down the San Francisco Giants while. I mean when you think about some of these whenever you can talk about getting into this realm of you know they get it not totally dig in at the disc is a lot going on right now so it's so much gore knows not to speak with his Mike off we must start the week. I know I'm not I don't go glad they saying hello. I think they care you kids that. I didn't sleep periods of now. And by you sort of laughed and I just not those I don't feel a little later they Hugh total. Bro. I was close on the way out this morning the best of the game I hate on you last week when he is somewhat. That is one requirement to this job. And as to speak into microphones on and these guys you know what they turn it might be to all the time to these wanna blame eat pounds on idol are level at the Cincinnati head coach yet to say yeah. I didn't make comparable kid yeah. Yahoo!. Games. I made the pro only I don't think well. And you've seen us and we stumbled back and forth ever to dirty daddy did their daddy. But I think the question we diggers go and you know and it is the NL and a nano last in the mail list it days ago with their. So when things that they'd be winning that that division they were in the eighties the NL last yeah this is it possible or you'd say no. You'll smile from you and say it's possible to not from a boom right there ago and he's certainly their record would have amid a better spot in the giants but. Not knowing how they would do against the scheduled to die right except that I'd be in a slightly better spot matter of they'd be. All the way to the top to be close though because as you know low the division is much tighter and the analysts guess along. This Italian you know few. I decide to join the conversation you know you're out there the one that are out I'm like I mean if you look at their record outside of the AL west it's its dominant. It's inside the LS they've struggled with this is the best division baseball. So now you take them out what they've done it's everybody else. Macy's no they just didn't see Diego these very dry and the Padres it would be appointed by the eight. The a lot of teams in the nationally out of what a good day code that can't baseball's Deloatch yet they thought they are the firepower to hang. I don't have the firepower they get to be able don't mean as a means that that's blog below top outfield DH the National League now. There's as the National League struggles on offense. Which that is I. It's something now what we're going to see it's gonna be a bargaining chip because what baseball wants to do was baseball wants expanded 32 teams. One of the things that they may offer up. Is putting the DH in the national league for the players' union that means is merited DH is. Eight a normal DH gets paid a lot of money yes and that's one additional job essentially for one additional player another hitter to have. I would be I wouldn't say devastated if they instituted at the age but it would just be another nail. In baseball's coffin for me as we start to close the book on a once great sport Kress. Eazy e.'s right Chris I mean yeah in 32 teams you don't mean anymore codes. Buddy AME Ari got it you got to 4014 I think we need to working in her off okay. Monica you don't need and I expect that at the crap and it total money grab it's gonna have a big blow away or bring back Montreal Expos and Portland whoever though golf is getting up and down this. While not drain him again and Mora Marcin. Got rain it's now you know the Portland pilots radar for the eleventh hour live T hello everybody I'm Chris thousand this is more broadly correct. It's free agency week we don't try to knock on the one guy hell because zero no it's good yeah. Then you're out of line gazing about a week are you familiar with the Braves swinging from his. Fill in the blank. Well your friend Lorenzo Neal here's slings. Like Tarzan. From vial to vial when it comes LeBron Jane it's it's LeBron only kids has arrived I am so happy to put fuel on this fire at a point debt mess that for the next five days it's LeBron line. Just yes mine date Tuesday Wednesday Thursday LeBron and LeBron and LeBron he's got high. He's got to make the decision by Friday or I get eight Indy does that all the chips will fall it once LeBron does it's them. You know see what happens coli Leonard everyone I mean LeBron is that the piece that everyone wants that's the tip. That it wants to. Exciting is pretty fast and it's tax and what's happening in San Antonio is. We're seeing you know they need gives we're seeing a very bitter bitter. Sports divorce right here we'll see we'll see how bitter it is and how soon it happens because this thing might get dragged all the way out quite got no leverage in this was wrong. Oh really why he any deal he could sit out he is taking a year off normally speak into the Mike Chris Ray Kelly and much rarely. Chris Simon on mile same church during on this one I against me let's get into this will let me I it we have added. And as good as Sid the relationships over you can't have a guy talking. I. I talked him into you to drive flag you. Fly. Let's talk a little leverage on 957 million. Shoe going to continue its on 957. Game I. Tony yeah you tell a good so much different and I am not. Her salad and Joseph lo and lives as college town Elan did zero on 957 or game Morgan have tencor joining us a voice made him appear at 630 Aziz now in Detroit. Here they stay in the city you know they say. The Townsend hotel did I swear to god. Have I got a hotel for campus that sympathized with Jefferson. Turn on the lap by nature of their kids are about Walker Cup and go to flag element yeah now is flat on now. Oh hockey it doesn't matter what you think yeah I you know I always matter. Robin that's an eye popping here like that here here here. You just keep the hanky in the pocket a little bit would you according to will be the base got on the sexy wrath so arterial and he's out of an opportunity sexy man yeah so. Did the cool eyeliner which I think is is you know you can say he has no leverage. But when his peeps slash uncle comes out and says no matter where you trade mean if it's not LA. We're not sign it. That's your leverage right there you could say go ahead Philly go ahead whoever I'm not sign it. And then if your that team what are you willing to risk long term to get him if you know he's telling you I'm not gonna sign here so there's there's that. And that's a good point to the extent that at the spurs have to trade in but he's under contract for a year and he's coming off missing 74 games. With their mysterious quad injury which he's either aid leg threatening nerve issue or he's just incredibly soft right now he's got a lot to prove. As a basketball players so if he wants to play hardball. The spurs can say you know what collide. We need to deals we wanted we're not gonna trade you at this juncture so hey Campbell opens up in late September would love to see yeah. And if you don't wanna come play basketball and darn it. I guess we won't pay what can you win without him no end in so it but you can't win a little low you are gonna beat them the the lawyers with him self he wants to play hardball. If he wants to he and his own goal wanna add these list of demands. Going to sit for about a year if you want Santonio is gonna be a struggling team anyway so we'll see how he likes that and many walks by after two years and a basketball. Yeah I think it's it's a situation where. They can then I don't is an until and they can go but I don't think they will because you say and I gotta get some I don't care what it is. This is a player that he sits out he becomes describe all. He's not gonna be good around the locker room he might just say act like he's hurt and go practice over there within. With the NBA you know their union and Ingle in new York and do what he did last year and be away from home. Did you really want that in the in the next series freeagent and get not then I think you look at and say okay this guys at the the relationships. Broken it's done it's over booze that's a move in a new direction we want something forms so I think that he will be moved in it will be before sees yet gives. You get to a point there's one way there's a long way eggs always get out NASA's become a pain in the ass re they don't launch of the building anymore do you rent that with a teammate where he was. So old. I'm out here I want no part of this and the best thing was just to give him out of the build. Yeah I had in San Diego and guys built like Tarzan played like Jane you guys know the guy do David Boston guy you know shut out. We know is dollars of official in the national Foley but here's a guy that the team or ownership was like what. Bring lunch you know just just one of those things that. Turned turned out to become soured and I was just in dependable and you know wasn't consistent and so yeah absolutely I've seen this happen I've seen happen on every front or guy wants to be traded or didn't wanna be there and in he's just cut it it's a good player you want to coach wants to get something added the guy with if you guys consciously bear in these. Being negative in the locker room it just you don't want to you don't want depth we lock from you don't want every team is not a good look. Now as crazy a way that whole thing went down to where I mean I even know of the players union. In New York had their own facilities I fighters to go there right we do we haven't heard act. So the fact that this a was. You're paying him he doesn't trust you. So what he does he goes hot hides out in New York with the players union has basically they're protecting him so Santonio really can't. Do anything to exit the players and with house and then I'm thinking to myself you know like when stuff was hurt. You still with your team in the playoffs. The fact that he didn't show up and hang out what is teen during the playoffs. What's it like you'd have to do with the media because now with the way the playoffs worked they take the players they bring you the players Zoellick peeler animal locker room anymore. Right in Chris Paul is there are the rockets after he had heard and it's not that difficult to go there and support your teammates if that's Richard down to do you remember that that meeting. Toward the second half of the year where he was called out by Manu Ginobili and others Tony Parker saying. I'm the same issue in my quad and I've played through it what's the deal on Kauai still wouldn't try to push through it. And so there's obviously a rift between he in the front office he in the medical staff he and his teammates to whatever extent. To me that doesn't drive you as an organization though to take pennies on the dollar. Via a trade because if you can't get a fair deal back. By trading coli Leonard there's really no point doing and that that includes. Trading into the Western Conference and it's one thing to trade in to the east and say. Fun Atlantic here's the rental gives couple draft picks Travers likened it kind of takes and you know he won't be up to keep cool why maybe get a a one year lift if that's what's your info war. But you don't trade into the west for he's gonna come back to haunt you for years to come. Yeah I just think his situation we talk about. You know what this guy's gonna do do you see him be having her on the team. If Ginobili and Tony Parker is on the team he can't beat. Not this team can only win when you're when your head coach tells his players hate Quincy something and then you do it in the media publicly. UK comeback. It just it just right it was that's that's a strong broke the camel's back. And yet you do need to get something for the compensation because he is top twenty players got 1015 player. In the league top ten maybe and when you make about what he can bring to your team if peace plan is unbelievable. But when you have the teen and not just that not to shoot two Tony Parker and Ginobili but now want stills. Words are saved. It permeates throughout that locker room. So all those guys thinks he's a quitter coward networks a boom so you already the perception of him as. He's view in a different way with that whole spurs organization. Coach. Shot was fired you had your you had your your veteran guys shots are fired so it's all through that locker room he's like no. Everyone didn't know what goes on to everyone turned on me. Telling yet when those things happen you've got to get rid of this guy and hopefully they can get opening get a boatload of picks to get some the board. But it doesn't behoove this organization to try to do is hold onto a mistake on his go to letting said I'm just gonna hold onto this guy in getting knocked in after after a year. I just had it something it's a business. You better off getting nothing in getting ripped off and for a year ahead of the deadline you have a chance to wait until the trade deadline maybe there's a hungry needy team out there. Who want to thirty game rental and at that point. You can draw me in there and if he doesn't wanna come play for you as a spur this season easily damaging his own brand imagine. You sitting out two full years of your peak NFL because you couldn't get along with a trainer. That's a problem in his. You know that's what I I I thought dibs when tiger about. Kind of like in baseball where you take on a guy knowing that you could flip them at the deadline. Why wouldn't it means your surging measurements like to Travis like. He's you know somebody's gonna get injured so is it needs now. We're the big eight or at the Detroit it's not to the boys. Of the Oakland Athletics came for actor will get into this. Great record that I know did is actually loving right here on 9857 a game chills going to its continue us on 957. To gain. Johnny law and if you're a nut is 57 we got the voice of the Oakland Athletics can correct joining us from Detroit. Good morning Jim how are yeah. Good morning local county you know you guys doing. Where joy well how does the Townsend hotel in Detroit. It's the crypt on the north zealot that basically I can't believe you're not here to enjoy it with. Yeah. I and I got to hang on these guys are nicer and half hours. Yeah hopefully we'll accommodations there are much nicer than the combinations we've provided for him here can and ignited us in the game. I mean who would have thought there were on the road in Detroit in the in the motel. Is named after crook pounds but what it. Story fantastic when you have that sort of Stanley money I'm surprised you find many in towns and hotel and many and it major League City but. We digest is neither here nor there how are things a nasal and can't as yet you head into Detroit. Well did pretty good having yes there was a disappointing game because they had to literally get the white dot net fell apart in the group in that inning put. Other ports on the truck hooked on pretty well it is you know and in that mentioned during media. But during the last segment that of a home run story just got to keep going on and on that they're not a critical leap that the club. No question that's very. Very exciting you know it's you've got Tony five straight games at home run unreal. Can when you're either not this team in just a different things that they've been able to do released battling fighting but it's a division you think about. Then you know the end and the AL west. How do you think they they feared to what is this team and have to do to get on a run in art really try to make a push to try to get be awhile cork or even a contender. Well lord a great question and it starts with the division. Are there in the toughest division in baseball your article you over 500 in their fourth went in their division. Are they have to play better in their division they've done really well. Everywhere outside of their position or the record is just not good at all. And you know the opera that they get the best team in baseball without have to improve but to look at he has right now in out about expectations. The first thing they have to get the pitching sorted out. They've had a hundred entries they have these guys right now. Who could be pitching program now who are injured so that I think it starts with they have to get the pitching healthy. We have to get that sorted out. Yeah and Edward Jackson got to be taken the ball that's going to be the twelve different starting pitcher for the athletics in that sad it's not a number that you don't like came to us. You know some point Matt Chapman is gonna come back. And then now we're gonna have that a dilemma because if Franklin Barreto is the future. And the future hopefully star of the team. He has to play he has to figure it out so chabot comes back what do you think happens. Well I think that Greta goes back to the minor league crept. And I'm not disagreeing with what you said because he's part of the core players that you are building the round. If you have to be a foundational players so there's no argument they're on the at the world looked on as we've seen. On the truck with you know over the span of begin. On he had three home runs and nine RBIs and it could be that kind of an impact where I think he can impact we can. Right now there's a crowded situations so wind Chapman comes back. But if your question I pick them the best that would be that that let it go back got a true. Can you mention Edwin Jackson and I believe this will be his 1113 and thirteen teens third period and two part question it's cracked up one. Can you name each and every team and to look how many of those cities have a Townsend hotel in them. Well he had picked for the tigers before. And he is staying at the content it though and how. Those that might make you know a town that hotels and then continues one continent don't do it. Are throwing me in the news because I wrote them down. In used to running on WO Dotel group could trivia you know four or five at the audience there. In and I did a pretty remarkable if only thirty or so who knows. They want immediately Newt could be in the district or in the future or Edwin Jackson on the road. If he has a Bartolo Cologne ask career maybe he can touch them all and maybe even get out of the expansion era and 2020 and ever and happens. Yeah I hate when 300 candidate there's an. A big. Kid if they you know I'd his old saying if it's ifs and ands and buts was canyons and that's what all have a Merry Christmas and a hypothetically when you look at they'll you know the NL west in the AL west both decent teams in the bay. You know aids or 500 how they fare if you've if they were in you know in the NL west do you think this is team that would be that it could get in the playoffs. Well we have to be a competitor at the communal well although the Diamondbacks are compounding it. On their leading their division and when you're on down there headlock like he'd seen a wanna hear supplement needed. Took two out of three from them but you know you mentioned that the paper's series it's not too far away now. Obviously in a book and the all star break what that means just that giant screen it separates that go well for the break in three after the break. That the cost me and so we're looking forward to that. RJ great stuff we'll hear it now a couple hours on night 57 again. All right where it. Can correct the radio voice of your Oakland Athletics or go to that seems likely that check that let's do it I mean we didn't. We could just run it down and that figure out how many for Lee how many pro division the guy's pretty much well traveled more well traveled and you know learns O'Neal played for a small handful of teams how did you play for. A lot and I counts the raiders right with whom you were encamped near last season yeah awesome he's from UT count the raiders. At VA. Who would you count is he so he's been in how many years it it's Sony's Dodgers raise tigers'. Padres Orioles nationals now eyes. Yeah animal. And a half left. I don't be pretty cool to play Italy's different towns yet he has a separate storage unit for all of his old uniforms and memorabilia smallest difference hops it's a basic. Yeah basically for how I mean he play for half the teams almost trying to and that's not what Octavio Dotel. Thirteen teams also so he's tied the record. You can help us figure it 34 years of age and when Jackson's got at least a couple more teams and and. It's critical that when you get it Italian spent four years in New Orleans and in. It was neat to be spinning for years there in a different place but she come from a small town like myself a little more than the freeagent then went to the jets. And you know played in New York you wanna see with the Mac is like places that I probably would have never ever. Bitten would in their points in New Orleans who goes in north you know probably would never experienced that in in. Got to play your with the jets was traded to Tampa Bay are voted in Tampa that it plays did you view him maybe Miami and Tampa necessarily. So that was pretty neat experience in the in you know you go to Tennessee for two years and play in Nashville Plaisted. You look at that wow I think it's one of the best kept secrets go spend some time in actual amount you guys have to get the barbecue. The barbecue the good food I mean he's just that town is on I mean it's it's awesome to down. So you know Cincinnati wasn't the split keynotes here is there an air the dirty Harry caddie that there are any in you know so you'd get to see so many different it was kind of neat though this you know the culture of being able to seeded different places and of course five years in San Diego. Om and Baltimore I mean I watched the wired MI okay that's real the wired that show it's real in the hood in Baltimore. But boy you got to see a lot of different things a certain places you let out. It's unreal so I'd I have added great traveler but it'll it's it's a really neat experience. What did you told me you guys broke news and I want to give index has it really is fascinating. When you think about how technology is changing everything including. The NBA draft. Chills going to kids continues. On modified seven for the game. Hi guys don't feel great time let the beat groove a little boy. So let's go a little bit you know on Monday morning no doubt fever get a little slow. Feel yeah. So last week gentry are all body Travis like on the GM I thought did a great job buy dot Alanna. He basically replicated the splash Brothers Arnold's gonna work but. He's gonna get it held a try gain blocked it and he was sitting there at three and they had their eyes on look at Don shared Chanel also had the thought maybe that they. The fact that he'd done his homework and realized that they would be suitors for Don just made it easy so they made the choice look at Don should stated deal in place and he told a section on the program that. He was split between who we like train young or look at Don just so the fact that worked out in his favor Annie is able to get an additional first rounder next year. Big night for Travis no doubt about it here was on your guys show talking about it's fascinating. That if your ear GM or your front office person. And you're doing deals based on what you're seeing on Twitter. We're all I think did that thing. That speaks to society today more in generally saying I mean especially in our business lines. There's sometimes double have a conversation in three minutes later it's out whether it's the basic. How fast information travels he wanted. Committed eight electric conflict that some of these conversations were trying to you know you'd like PT confidential but it seems like it's extremely hard he. All of well it can also be beneficial when you're talking about being an oral and trying to project. Are a lot different so you know we had the nineteenth pick in you know we're coming down in. You know we're talking actually to Milwaukee on the seventeenth big talking about trading up to get a guy we like there's a couple of guys we felt really good about. On the banking Vick partially it was one level. And it leaked what to Milwaukee is gonna take so all the sudden we were able to pull back got a good feel it cheaper keep it crap they consider packages picks to move up could we do two guys. On the board we felt really good about moment when Tina between us so. The other political outsource our. Fascinate had a right he has a trade in place. He's going to make a trade. And they and no one of his guys or I had to I don't know if it was him but somebody sees on Twitter. Hey listen our guys gonna fall the last so and also new backed out of the trade. During the draft because of what you see young. Twitter all because then the pick was tipped and you were able to see it because you know what happens is the team decides on a player and somebody in the room immediately leaks it. Whether or not it's you know the agent who leaks that are the team leaks that somehow it goes to Adrian ward announce key. And you know Twitter is so instantaneous that want to goes up there. It's out there and if you see an. And you're able to act on it. It's also for Atlanta and then you have to really trust it because. Not everything you get on to order Israel. True but it's not like you're gonna followed just an egg a faceless agency Moody's and I drank 34297. Says it's gonna be even tens but even in Eden Eden to bomb. Even somebody's got the blue checked can be wrong definitely you imagine if you have a trade a place. You don't do the trade and then you get screwed because you believe Twitter right. Or maybe it's one of those I had to explain anti to your beat right I said speed is what to write as I get beaten by a fake report a fainting couch I got beaten by the fake rap sheet one time. And I'm an old boss we may or may not have had. Was tell me you wanna break them celebrate this and I didn't generally look at between I'm like yes I would on the air with fraudulent news that had been tweeted from the fraudulent account. So you boy got burned. So America oh yes he does violence only check that blue check mark especially if you're GM and your beautiful play at a trade yet though when it's like a loyal to bomb and so. And things that happen these guys they they get paid to be right. And their reputation their name. In the things that they went through the process think in order to have that type of gravitas that type of know how to be able to be able to speculate. On different things that they're hearing. So when that happened you know Travis understood he considered the sources they got that information from and they will able to state that. Ed this is just goes to show he likely did his alluding to certain guys in that war room are certain things that are happening that too many chefs are too many you know cooks in the kitchen. And you let information get out. The Milwaukee I'm so disappointed I'm disappointed in my staff amid disappointment scouting them disappoint everywhere because you an opportunity get another pick. In the common the second round are and picked for the following year and you lost that. You'll also because your own self you lost that because people in that room they they were thinking about themselves and they hurt the team. So this is very disappointing and very alarming I think it's gonna see teams feel a bit more buttoned up. It's still like this. Well valid. Thanks but no thanks I so I can see where people inside the NBA. Are like this task stock yen you have to change the way you operate as an organization and maybe you end up changing the way that the draft works because right now. Yet these war rooms with how many people on their 121520. And once the pinky is known. You can't help but have people fired up take to their friends or maybe to their agents or to the insiders like were announced here she answer Rania. Depending on who you're connected to sell. I don't know how would stops in the issue. Go back to the old days where you'd have the represented on the phone in the actual draft room and then have that person walked the card up. Oh those are good old days yeah exactly it's thirty did the those rotary phone. Network in the phone and the vikings are on the clock what are the light and get there did exactly that of the card was later asked her whatever. And that's that would immediately five minutes you know five minute round so it really shouldn't be. A case where the information gets out that far advanced on the NFL or its fifteen minutes. Between takes orca. And I was saying about this is now. We know we're we're always talk about what the warriors gonna do and sick around and get a Biotech. And analysts are so I was duo carried the average on the draft show that night and I was saying elect. Man you've got to be really really fast and that sets like around those picks are going this movie is major college team not. And all the suddenly you know you're offered money in. It's all you have like you said the fifteen minutes in the NFL there really Canada Ike and all this team hiking golf that team. I mean official Mike Bob Myers you've got less than three minutes to do this deal eight we had currently a bond also on Friday and we asked him how many teams that they called about a second round pick and he said it was roughly twenty. So he said between 36 I think and like fifty. Or 54 whenever they were calling every team. So they're trying to work and a couple picks ahead. Hey Charlene on the F five mil like we have your pick though they Memphis three a five minute we have your pick though and you can see we asked him about Joe's relative level of frustration because. Chosen Neitzel run of only getting what he's wanted but winning. So to make all these calls and to get shut down after two consecutive years of buying productive players you know Joe's like. Forget it call closed city giving Dallas in Minnesota. You know so there's going one after another and he'll it's Bob Meyers on the phone. Hang up totally hang up I'm not talk and Emerson you see the 51 on number come and he does get a Cano Milo and you'll stop. You better because it's like him you do if you do you think of that phone now and yet you say I'm listening to Terry. It's an honor roll literal make why he didn't think deputy U got to got that so yeah I think if teams want to do it. They would like to do it the because of fear are now that they don't want that's why they won't do it because you rather have a veteran player you have to save them money given to prove employer and an end. That's already been an MBA but now it's like. If I make this trade. In this had to be. Eddie Jordan bell. The player how to lie look but let that trade in Maryland says oh you're the guy don't be don't want. Well. Be fascinated be in the war room because not only are you taking phone calls from the other team see you have this really short amount of time. And in that short amount of time if you have teams calling for your calling for trades and wanna buy takes whatever and you also gotta do it all your guys. That's you're trying to actually pick somebody. Who's the best pick for Il so think about that three minutes or take a phone calls from other teams and also at the same time. You're who the hell we had to make. Right and I think that they had their eye and a certain may be small group of players and it's of these players are available than it's worth it. To spend the five million to buy the pick and what you get to a certain point and need those players are all gone you stop Colin of the teams because you realize. We can't get a guy we truly love. We can bring in the undrafted free agents and work them out and hopefully fill out the bottom of the roster that way. There's an additional spot with the the releasing of Chris Boucher who has the kid out of Oregon who had the knee injury who only appeared in one game of the warriors so. You're seeing not only a Golden State lawyers but a Santa Cruz lawyers team that looks completely different. And won't Google is get our first sneak preview and about two weeks summon. And then I am excited for Jacob Adams I'm really excited for him and and the night of the draft Darren sever as of Reno who is he assistants he's the assistant coach for Cincinnati you today coached. We had the assistant 'cause he knows Kerry Keating. When you can't teach here. From the guy who recruited him. And the guy who's helped raised him and help coach Jim vs what you just get with the vials on line strength and weaknesses. IC EU learned that the warriors got somebody who's perfect for them. Absolutely. You couldn't almost drop a better player than was actually what they needed to get and number Tony had a guy with experience three years in college is somebody who can play defense in the NBA switching model which shot. We talked to the coach about it and he was saying the same thing and even run that for years in Cincinnati Mick Cronin. And a guy who can shoot not an elite shooter. A guy who understands offense who can score who can play out of pick and roll. And I think he can be a versatile player if he plays with the Hamptons for without Andre Iguodala. He can provide good defense but he's on that second unit team. With living stand and it would dollar and whoever else remains from this year. You'll find a player who can actually score that second unit as well. Yeah Anthony Slater who's gonna join us at 905 from the athletic he put out a little video of all the different blocks.