Hour 1 - Steiny and Guru - Warriors Technicals, Bob Myers comments, Jimmy Garoppolo contract

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Friday, February 9th

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Downtown San Francisco. Easy easy 957. Morning everybody. I'm Max Talbot who drew Johnson 957. Game loss Friday in the bay. Thanks for joining us it's got a great show today. Terrific show. First and foremost we have the Jimmy eagle rock below press conference for you alive that's gonna be at 1130 that's coming up in ninety minutes. Of course Jimmy G has signed. A five year contract. 137. Point 5000074. Million guaranteed ninety million in the first. Three years flew so we will have. That press conference for you at 1130. At 11 o'clock we're going to be talking to former president and CEO of the San Francisco 49ers Carmen policy. Did his insight on what the 49ers had just done and maybe get look ahead at what they're gonna do. In the coming part of the off season intense one who got marks Pearson. NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated yesterday was the NBA trading deadline. Didn't really have a chance to get too into it because of the Jimmy eagle rock below news. So we're gonna talk a little bit about. But the fact that the warriors didn't do anything with the Cleveland Cavaliers did do it if anybody made some headway on the warriors. In the last 24 hours do room what's going on man replies Friday payday so I'm happy man the one day I have money but other than that I'm looking forward in this press conference. Yes should be should be attrition there were Jimmy gee says. Ideally again they'll start at 1130 and we will have that lives fallen 957. Big game. To rule the Golden State Warriors got off the Shiite last night once when he won 103 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. I'd say they played a pretty good half of basketball last night. Are you are you done worried about the war horse no mommy you're still the same because that first half that first quarter. I just imagined the mavericks where the thunder and had it been a team like the rockets are under the can sustain the success they were having. It just felt I just feel like the warriors and this is something stunning and I don't know what he has but they got it fixed they won the game but they were supposed to beat duke crap at a Dallas the other got down ten in the first quarter. Tied it up by halftime then won going away in the second half they play the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow that's one of those ABC national telecast games. Battle started 530 so we'll have the warriors warm up for you for tomorrow. The warriors against the San Antonio Spurs that's always a fun one. Something happened yesterday that. As far as I'm concerned is out of the norm but. It was. Worthwhile. Put it this way. And it. Bob Meyers the warriors general manager. Addressed the team after shootaround yesterday before the Dallas Mavericks game. And he basically told the team. And Steve Kirk. To cut it out to court complaint into the officials. Quit whining. To quit crying. Told the team it was a bad look. They're better than that and that. He thought that the complaining about the officiating. There's actually costing them some focus when it comes in the locked in on the game locking in on the game of basketball. Great mind green leads the league in technical fouls. Kevin Durant tied for second. All right so that that in and of itself is a big big problem and and the thing that sticks out with me. Is Bob Myers addresses the team yesterday. Tells him to cool it. Steve Kirk comes to the median says yeah Bob talked to a salt today about how. We're complaining too much and were crying too much as Steve Kirsch says you know I'm. I'm one of the big offenders Steve Kerr takes it on himself to say you know on one of the big offenders to our second in the league among coaches and technical fouls. So what happens. They go out and play dry my green perceives to get his fourteenth technical filed this season already. Fourteen while gore he's got one more and then after that he's gonna get suspended. Talk a couple questions. One is I mean are you done with Troy mine green. Ordeal look at last night again and I mean do you feel like he's getting picked on. Did he deserve those technical fouls last night that the technical foul last night why why is it that you remind green. Can't control himself. Remained gets great that it that it helps motivate. By. Is it too much. Should I I think it's too. OK and obviously Bob Meyers does and what's funny is normally head coach is the one that comes out as as they look fellas we need to tone it down or complaining too much but in this instance Kerr was lumped in two. You you know the violators like the team and we drink mom know you kid this is what it is. This is what to do it with the junkyard dogs died he and again I don't know how you tell him to to tone it down. MB the junkyard dog you can't have balls but obviously to the naked eye to the fans. Dream on is complaining it seems to me did or not they are you can't beat the aggressor. You can't be Wolverine. In the internal railroad in cry Mary Poppins did for the rest. It's did not hold the optics they look bad. And I'm surprised. In my ears finally came down and had a conversation about it started the what do we know you say how effective was that talk about my ears she goes out agents another Tenet good grief. What what do you. You. I don't know let's a great question that's a great question I mean he. In the NBA finals. Then last post season he was. Pretty good pretty good. Attempting control and now this year seems to have regressed again I mean fourteen technical fouls were just in February. Like I said he's got one more. And then after that he's gonna start get suspended. On number sixteen you begin to get suspended and then. Every other technical foul after that so. At what point. Does drain mind green become a problem. Or is your problem you mentioned the finals episode when LeBron James and a lot of people around your forget. Not sort of set out I figure two years ago he even really hurt the warriors in the NBA finals so than the the point though is. We get to a point of no return with. Which re monitoring. Is straight mine green. Reaching the point where he might not be worth the trouble. I don't know fees they are yet but he continues. To. Push the envelope. More and more and more. And I. Think tiger got fed up why now. It doesn't look at all they look like a bunch of babies. The NBA world champions. And they cry like no other team I've seen. At least when the Los Angeles Clippers. Had their reputation for being a bunch of cry babies. They hadn't won anything should champions throughout the last three years at all they do is complain to the officials. Ray months the worst. Kevin terrain that's terrible Andre Iguodala never commits a fab never commits a foul current knowledge is he's got a problem. Don't think I wanna know is who else was it on this meeting. Who else the body Bob Meyers gets the team the coaching staff together. Some fans he should add some fans and of that meeting complaining whining fans. Until late it was still wake of middle remaining. Till later it was. Liberated courtside. The other night against Oklahoma's got a notice others haven't the announcers. Can we tell the announcers to quit officiate Kirkwood officiating for the officials. Coach do we tell the announcers to stop complaining and what about the other company and talk show host yeah but don't talk about the talk show host who just cry and moan about officiating left and right. Give the warriors every expect every excuse in the book but how many other teams would want these problems. If the if if other teams can trading in their record and get 42 at thirteen in a couple finals removed. They would be like during my get a hundred technicals if that's all we got if that's our problem there wouldn't be happened with a losing team. No because you yeah if you've drank my we're doing this on a team that was twenty and 35. He wouldn't be do when it. Or he'd be doing it for so mother Torre in 35 team. There's no love. Their dream on on this team's Donny we're seeing in the bitch right now that night did union that had a good night last night person you can't replace jury moment. It's almost impossible. You lose your haunt your old are your heart and soul. If you try to replace them. In this dynasty must now for the four relate these Dresser disgusting nowadays they're totally soft and over emotional period their garbage. You know what you should bit and a meeting to me. 40 wait big baby. What should come players are struggling on the bloody mouth the other night starting another look at it took him out of the entire game could happen in the second possession of the game. And he didn't stop talking about it. Didn't stop yakking at the officials. You get a pass in that instance don't worry when his blatant it did the red Smith for a couple minutes not for 48 minute prospect. He's Ed you got to take you do with the bad. And some would say this is not bad stymie or just used to it could watch him every day. But you know what it's it's it's well you're my departure of Bob Myers is coming down out of his office to say guys did that Shockey docket when I got wind that our I was blown away. Because what's the next domino. It during my goes and gets a tech tomorrow night. When we wouldn't it you know what I mean. He's 23 man the team needs them. Everything I complained to mourn anybody whom I don't complain about officials. He's he's. You know yesterday I think a lot of people. Thought he deserved the technical foul yesterday. The wave off of the official. What you saw a way off to all the way low is when you MF the official say. You miss the call that was BS and then after you're done complaining and you've given the way by. Yeah I did well and wave off to a technical fast save the MF for a you you can say EE you know he's not bite his tongue just didn't like that OK there was are placed. They arrested teach her and straight months this do we need it was disrespect. I would just like for that raft Eads should block that out is that asking too much the way ball. On. You like to think that. The warriors would be able to control us. The other thing is it's like I remember when the warriors stunk. Eight years ago. And before that everybody thought. That the rest had an in for the warriors when they stunk but now they have a name for the warriors when they're defending champion senator Bob Myers is like. Enough is enough on nipping this in the bud 8889579570. Is the number carbon policy coming up and eleven you're listening assignments and do wrote 957 game. Now back in 957. Big game. Matt Stein Nextel drew Johnson with his 957 the game. Talking about the Golden State Warriors they beat the Dallas Mavericks last night 121103. Approximately six hours after Bob Myers addressed the team and said cool it with the complaining. Pretty much agree one out promptly got his fourteenth technical foul. Of the year. And we have Marc spears coming up in a few minutes we've got Carmen policy. Coming up at 11 AM and then at 1130. We're gonna take you live. To the Jimmy Barack below press conference. One of my pals on Twitter Patricia. Said at this point officials are harassing to right mind to admit it. I'm sick of them not tray he's being targeted. I got back to Patricia and I said no actually I think it's the other way around. I really do I don't think anybody's pick and Andre month in fact. I think he gets the benefit of the doubt because you talked about he complains all the time. So you almost can't hear him every time with a technical foul what about curry. We see him get beat up more times than not I don't like Seattle and I don't buy no I don't but they did not to the ground nobody no other start gets knocked to the ground so curry curry you're saying curry gets officiated differently than other stars know I'm just I don't know if the lawyers being so dominant Stine he has sometimes the rest to hold it on to blow in the whistle if that makes him he's hinting curry is the big culprit of it not drain on curry I see him get fouled more to at least three to four times tonight. And they don't call lit. And I wondered at the rest is no. Is the warriors it wasn't a fat from the 51 of Stein and please stop I was at the game the ref was antagonizing Dray mind green shouting back at him as well trade my -- low bridge and a fast break let me tell you something. What else happened last night. Dre my agree and I know we got Marc spears nominee choose him in the second. Trade my green's gone out for breakaway layup and the guy for Dallas comes to try to strip the ball from a guy knocks him down that straight month is on the floor of the cameras right his face. And of course he starts swearing at the wrath saying he didn't do the dude I can remember who the guy was one bad white guys on the on the couple rounds on you have. Mavericks I think I can't remember. But they showed the replay. He went for the ball. The guy went for the ball but they're straight month green player on the floor say and didn't even go for the ball he even go to C did. He went for the ball he missed it completely hide. It's introducing mark spears senior NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated. Mark what do you make of Bob Myers address in the Golden State Warriors. And telling him to quit being a bunch of babies. Well alone. In its distractions and just you know about a referee talked you know he would speed. Admitted that he could be better you had to be restrained for mark brown and instead George worst the Mark Brown. Started yet another day and hope. We will wanted to change much much regret the refereeing that alert that I would bet you know. And in fact that it took a couple of months ago what the market drive it. And he went right. Tried to Egypt where they're everybody spirited. Game you know. Not pushed wrote that much because. Everybody keeps telling me can't win so far I think bit. Read my occurred or do they got real. Yeah cry all you want but it's not gonna change it and it caught it at all. You might get might be better served aboard opposite direction and try to be nice to hold yeah. And scream and yell at make it bad and everything in it and they don't say did you think they're very thing it seems that Rodham of people mortgages. But what Fred mama talked the other day at the thought of basketball. All of that that that rebels bent in our. I had enough for you. Unless you're underdogs you know you vote there's no way. It is not working so I've got to understand what Bob ball. Market your big take away his defender because for me I know how dominant the warriors are but I told Stein you know what for the first time in a long time. The lawyers don't have to need that much after let a schism. In regard to somebody go into the Iraq. In OKC. Houston they they're more than just one dimensional enough elected dubs are becoming too reliant on the three. Between clay Westbrook instead have to share with us what you've got after that game against OKC. I am Ahmed Zambia and I need a baby Albion stupid or whatever baby are too close to root for the watch them play board and it today. But they're really just seeing what you need to be dealt seeing themselves. Became very tired it invited me to get away. Devote my mistake you don't start read about a week later than usual. And being a guard if needed always sought car preserving like most guys following normal. Because that is that you could to me that it being that they need a break and when you're a team that's. One might that they've won no matter what every gain ego get somebody. That's separate you know homecoming game like this under. They get excited about even though they're the only team they get excited about what it'll warriors. Where is mom Laurie were cooler more than anything has achieved record number Chauncey Billups that's a bit lost. Cleveland oh LeBron to do that satellite Hannity gently. It Redman would he's a conference files were five straight years retired. And I don't work bought the warriors to succeed. Whether they're tired religious bent to march weather spot right now haven't. FL week question and and and play. Guided to outside of their retirement to see so. I'm I'm goes a long way to but I am gonna reserve judgment until after they get back from LA but there's still plan like that there's a problem. March for years joining us he's a senior NBA writer for ESPN's the undefeated what do you think about what Cleveland did yesterday. I like it. Like you know. Then you've got requests. Like what they debt. Yes it's talked about that match one guy at a lakers were able to devoted to thought and take what I got out all. It would work in the gut it out finals but walk a bit but. The trouble to get everybody on the same page. And they don't even got like order guys end up probably have like. Florida that you've got it right. Low battery integrate it stopped and looked out what to get back. I've loved Jordan Georgia in addition he's not here to tell abroad book read it well point guard. You're noted to god we got from the lake Nevada athletic well. Rog you noted Boudreau the bill player. I'd just say. Maybe better bet you have brought about because. It's thought they got thirty gain to get it right sort of well that aren't members are elected talent that they have better. Mark tomorrow the lawyers play the spurs as you know national TV and I need your help in finding now. What the hell is going now look Kauai and Leonard and win the NBA you can expect him back on the court because I told star any against something to eat that meat. Like this injury may be worst in anybody thought in the fact that he's not playing in only nine games was dragging the leg will we see them last. He might be done this year. Well I'd I think she's done I'm expected to be done. It is just appears to me that very intimate short article on the side. I believe it the F four may be a contract extension of old you know you need more project and so open and obviously their own story that came our recently. Then he had this burden ban on our development things so. God does not that they're not the only thing. I read a box like he's not coming back this year. Yeah it should kind of feels like that Marquette eight mark as always thanks for joining us end irons you'll see out and oracle tomorrow. No I'm actually gonna go to Boston and a lot of alternative are the game and all voted. Cleveland really good don't they do have a lot of guys they're tonight. Edit arguably the first probably. Cleveland didn't do it tardy play on climate summit started about their. I meant thanks mark appreciate it. It Marc spears senior NBA writer for ESPN's. The undefeated have you seen anything like even want to basketball as long as me. Do you see anything like what Cleveland did yesterday but basically a hockey check and to date they just. They can't afford to god he's done any team looks entirely different now and Kevin Love will be coming back. I want nothing that I can remember I you know I remember teams Kitna maybe a player here player there. Not not to this extent to. They got young and athletic don't they did let's go to go to Brian in Palo Alto I don't Brian. They have very different. I think our trip on this and factually. And so on I don't care about the technicals but I sure a lot more about. His aggression on both ends of the court. He has not a lockdown defender most of this year. UC complete offense liability for radio and even. So you can guard then most of term. And it's it's much. And it certainly is eventually to dollar area they launch aggression offensively it actually. A bigger story that isn't your coverage. That's like it. Yeah I mean I don't whom I think. I think it's fair to say rain mine's not having a great year we know he's not shooting the three but that's the last part of his game that did you worry about. Four for seventeen last night Raymond led the team in shots attempted with seventeen. When I mean refuted that if you're the Dallas Mavericks. Beat you gotta love that box score chef curry taken only twelve shots. Play fifteen during a thirteen straight months seventeen sometimes it works out like that. But if it's very much gonna take seventeen you have somebody can make more than just four let's go to Cody. In Santa Rosa you don't Cody. Oh don't experimental so she. I got a couple I think we'll talk about I think a couple little torture him on I think terminal credit playback I need to recognize that though they've ordered. Dream on their way anymore. Then that people give them credit for I think our initial outline my plan beforehand talk about a foot a little that's pretty impressive. Ten the army member or were they as they send twelve couple blocks couple steals you but I eagle are more important I think than just getting text. And we would net you championship bout and so that's why I think version. I I think you're right. You might have three. Minus three titles if she'd when you talk about the Grand Slam handled himself a little better two years ago. Dre my green is such an integral part of this team because when he plays well this team's almost unbeatable. I think when he's putting makes a couple threes. When he's completely engaged. We'd play smarter I mean this team's virtually unbeatable. And that's why I think he's such an important player and that's why he he's got to figure out a way to stay on the court. He's not the only player in the NBA victimized by a bad whistle here and there. Isn't he's passionate don't stymied. That's fire they eat. If you're passionate then you're gonna get the technical fouls. So. Don't act the way your acting and then not expect to get technical fouls you're the worst. Behaved. Lawyer in the NBA I mean that's just the fact that's what the technical fouls say. I mean he's the biggest pain in the ass in the NBA I think he likes it lets hope he likes it and and it's part of the team likes it and it's fine if he likes it just know that there may be a time when he ain't around when you need him. That's all. And the numbers don't back this up but I know he's been in deciding it just seems like he's not have been the biggest impact. On these games thus far this juncture in the season as two seasons in the past and that's just me with a neck and I'll look at the numbers but everything is. Culp was steady but some just seems. Just off but had bewitched right. 25 Stein Mississippi curry gets treated fairly funny since the prevailing opinion is it yeah I don't. I don't give a rat's behind about the prevailing opinion the prevailing opinion is for mostly warrior friends we're gonna say it say in itself carries disrespect your. The reality is he shoots at more than half a few shots. From three point range she's not gonna get to the line Michael Westbrook. Or a hardened let me tell you what's coming up at 11 o'clock we got Carmen policy. The former CEO. And president of the San Francisco 49ers. 1130. We'll go live to the Jimmy drop below press conference from Santa Clara. And then make sure you stick around. For the pop up and Vontae show at 1245. Jimmy G will join them. On their show so Jimmy G with the press conference and it'll join us for a little one on 101. On two if you will punt Vontae Papa so great afternoon of sports talk. Let's go to Kazmir what's going on Kazmir. Yeah should always. Thousand. A mom with the only I'm gay man am I get annoying why she now do you guys cry it out watching the LeBron and other Christmas game with my daughter. Yeah my daughter goes to sports basketball and you have cheese she loves women you see the first thing come about her mouth this. Do you think stepping criminal act that way if you garnering without fly aboard build muscle he's. Women's champion should typically what you would kick the crap out of Beverly curry in that to my daughter like. You know I think like Stefan curry acting like he's truck could you not. You know and that and that's something that you know my nerves it is like you these men are like darted back you like that you might be you words. It is an amendment Gooden is not on the watch anymore and watching LeBron James cry on Christmas Day every time you didn't guess well on. As a that would also make me not like LeBron Jane I can respect their gamer or anything had taken away and I agree dream my dream. I think you boarded. Yeah love I judge the guy dot com play a game you guys deserve that kind of like the lakers now and hatch act shall not afraid I have to even. You go to all about the playoffs and I just think you got their board I mean how how can you stay focus you know game in game out. In the champions I mean you guys live on that I mean on another level. That be you know stronger staple vehicle at the same time and English and then parties. Everybody wants to hang out you during this do this I mean. Mean if you guys know what's going on in his personal life to want to hang out would drain migraine at stake in its focus limits. I want ever assembled into that he's got a kick the crap about everybody come playoff time. I I call good call Kazmir and I think there's some kind of border. Now opens subordinates but there animal ladies right now their scale I think they do need a break. I think that Hillary more guys are going to the all star game guess what to play a game one is the rest come in for the core four did people talk tough. Well why oh why didn't just you know it be and fatigue and they will have Monday Tuesday Wednesday off after the game maybe used to be a the shorter all star break so they've they've made it seminary days out accommodates some of these players. You know curry I wouldn't put curry in this in this group I think curry. Handles himself won't I mean look let's go to law any Klay Thompson. Is this is the model for how you should be able to don't face just yet you didn't have the from a foot of I mean I'm not saying everybody should be like clients just the way he is curry. I did curry handles it well so I mean he's involved in more plays than clay so he's got a problem only couple mile pieces though. Yeah he has but he's also. He's also. One of the best guys that cycle and up to an official. On the next possession and have an eight civil exchange with them and I think that goes a long 18. I really don't I don't think he gets the calls did it two times in VP normally would not feel like James Harden gives moral whistles to it probably does because he's involved in more plays where drives to the basket and there's contact. Well that's almost the staff is doing a lot of that not a lot but not nearly as much as hard right. No out I mean Harden puts himself from the spot where he makes the rest not a call isn't complaining now part of basketball. If we don't isn't it magically scurrying. He you know maybe drama she's using that Raff doesn't antagonism and they didn't go in finding. Are we just overblown one would know I guess when you see a guy yell into the TV in HD. It's not a good look and now you can damn near make out the words what the what they're saying. We drove my greens complaining is more egregious than everybody else is complaining. It just is. Just this. Cadre in Oakland what's going on Andre don't. One. Of the bed at about it. But I think that people want a good player. I noted wryly. Didn't particularly. Always been about great body pretty you know what we have to treat me wedge and bring it up. I could and should be noted that I'm one big part of the game will look what. The area to look at crease he didn't know a lot of it is cheap complaining about this guy I don't what he knows what they eat. I mean look they fired up and people that you don't. Ate it all majority did it by reading headlining. A quietly people doing it well we agree that it probably an equipment I would say we are only come I would have. Make sure that any immediate. Actions I wanna make sure that it. Hey I expected to make sure that. Men don't walk around the debit because typical white you know he's. Because when you get competitor which everybody else compete people. And that attitude gain. And I'm gonna complain about it I love I think a lot of loyal and he needed. Well wait let me ask you this point you instead the one thing you did say was it doesn't look like. His teammates. Care or or mind that he does that it do we know that though we know that I mean. Sometimes it looks like. Players got to roll their eyes when he goes on one. And dissatisfaction that could be concerned with boot to wedge to meet our weekly column that I would have about it. Deducted ebitda because it lightly going to the team. But they recognize what drain mom great. They'll get mad I get fired up when Egypt's fired up when it's when it's it's time when it's time to get down and dirty. About joy I walk don't doubt about it February 1800 that you expect won a playoff comes when the when the big dot com I need to individually marked it couldn't games and I needed. To fight you know what you have gotten off. But that they brought. Where it went straight out doing that part of the game you know something bigger man you gonna let people all of that but that's why we have championship. And we don't need to complain about debt. We need to get away it is we he's trying to separate trademark. Or what he does the partridge hunt again. And and total well. I just bad. Yeah I got I got shot I Dutch Andrei and I and and you know what that's about as fired up a valid point of view. But then you also have to be willing to. Except the consequences that may be thrown out of a gamer may get suspended a big game. But no odd trade you know I've a welcome other points of view and made a very good point -- is just. No doubt about it. And you know very Mon May Day these shed some light on his 500 dollar digital bill do you think the average fan wants to hear. You know millionaire talk about that. How much as his digital bill was firm for the other night ushers got pretty good hell yeah I have somewhat my whole point sure he's got pretty good health care is good this does is it. Your question from the 510 signing what's the onus on the NBA. To put better officials on the floor off come on the rest quality has to improve fall. Even if I agree would you that the rest have to be better. Mean they are the best dressed that are out there. And what are you facing an antibody and just the best rest that are out there should it's not like there's a bunch arrests out there that are better. These guys are trained you know what's what's the answer to make it a better idea. I don't know why should I think they're pretty good I think it's a tough game to officiate. I think for the most part they do a good job I think for the most part players understand that make mistakes. I don't know mall Lear's better idea what written dated a 9579570. How do you get better officiating. I'll take calls on that. I don't know I don't know the answer is I really don't. But. I'm not watching games same pace that he did blew some calls that's not happening with me. I'm not they are to that point where all the officiating was so bad we seen in the NFL but not the NBA. Are we come back keep in mind get Carmen policy at eleven the Jimmy garage below press conference at 1130 you're listening guy 57 the game. 57 pick. Outside let's Darryl would do root Johnson 957. Game. Coming up at 11 o'clock we got Carmen policy former CEO president the 49ers. Then at 1130. We're gonna cut live to the Jimmy Barack below press conference from Santa Clara and they stay tuned because at 1245 Papa is gonna have lawn. Jimmy G life. Gee we see with pop and Vontae that's at 1245. So make sure you keep it locked here all day we're gonna. Get back into officiating and then there's been. A cut a couple. Suggestions for how to make officiating better in the NBA. I don't wanna just. Address one of those the techsters he says you know it. Pardon and then Chris Paul get. It foul calls when they are breezed on net and Seth Curry doesn't see. I don't think it's fair to compare staff Curry's free throw attempts with Westbrook. And James Harden how is that because they're not even close to the same kind of players but. They Harden and Westbrook attacked the basket and a way that's that's curry does not. Period that's Donnie and they do it more frequently so that truly something no of course it does more than that this and they bought it when I'm going to direct or is it you're not gonna call a foul because I'm normally don't go to the read is should matter not. Work should matter resolved and I'm sick if they have for now that's not a fan now that's right and it's James Harden goes to the basket twenty times a game. And 25% of the time they call fouls. That's going to be four and that's going to be five fouls being called it stuff curry only goes the whole ten times a game. He's only gonna get 2.5 calls comedic it's simple math. And here's the other thing on just you know. Curry averaging six point four free throws a game that's out there in 33 minutes what I did you need to compare and sent Chris Paul. Or how about Kyle Lowry. How well he gets the line three point seven times in 33 minutes do the math I told twice as much curry gets a lot. Almost twice as much as Kyle Lowry. Chris Paul everybody says he gets every call the book. He gets aligned less than four times a game in 32 minutes almost the same amount of time to scurry. Curry is getting to the line more than Kyle Lowry he gets the volleyed more than Chris Paul. And you know what he's not gonna get to the line as much as Westbrook and he's not gonna get to the line as much as hardened and I'm sorry put. You shouldn't either you admit though he's improved that fast into this game actually I. I buy a hundred absolutely easy shoot the career high free throw attempts this year. Did see in this the other thing that kinda gets me a little bit what about Westbrook getting a foul call we treat it. It was a terrible Pall that that was bad don't get a terrible all mixed up with terrible officiating. And don't give. Terror and terrible officiating that game against Oklahoma City. Even if I agree with you guys that it was terrible officiating was terrible for sure all please. Could this go both ways. To go to charged. Her Mariel and Hayward what's going on Mariel. I won't want to. Apple that make a comment about German mine and whining that he does throughout the game. I think it's a bit too much it ain't that way too much spin and it's just funny to me how when LeBron that it. Everyone complained about crybaby like corporate mind that it's it's a part of the game partnered again to be playing again and it begins to backlog there aren't. You know time out whatever goats to recognize him Nolan and you know go on about again but the crying in the lining. Can't cut and indeed whether kid out there of the game I think he decided necessary. Well said thanks for the call appreciate it. And ID 570 game presents the Bay Area sports hall of fame all star fly away experience NBA all star weekend in LA roundtrip airfare hotel stay tickets for the all star game plus you in three guests will get to golf at the Olympic club's lake course followed by dinner with warriors legend Rick Barry. Bidding starts Tuesday February 13 at 7 AM all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports hall of fame helping at risk kids. For more info visit 957 the game dot com. Lunch with a Rick Barry. I dare it's still would break REI. Kicked out last night. Let's go to Kurt enrichment Kurz got an interesting perspective on things how you doing man. Eric Berger and technical. Real quick. The dynamic between Katherine Katie seemed to be. God they got another and animosity here who's run on the team. By watching the game and had he not only that it does friends and they try to win inspect our co worker about it really chaired about basketball but. And any conversation you got to watch the game and from a pure observations stand quite. Watching their relationship while they're both on the court. Something wrong. No it one of the guys one of them is not taken a beat stepped into later being secret Katie. And step is turning away from open shot and then we then get an open shot. He mentioned it in a number of couple years ago. They drove about a ball until he started making it and then went to try to make it no entrapment going to stop there and now. Who's who's the leader on the team who's leading the team because he's seen them and became an independent site. Guess trying to point to Katie were to go move out be this do that Katy playing out. Wait him out now now now they're fighting their infighting and there's no true. Leader they're both. One of them needs to step up and got by the short hairs that point one point two. Basketball I've noted is the only bald one really scorecard baseball work. And our referee or umpire has the power to. Police say a reprimand player for. Challenging a call so baseball you can get kicked out. Basketball. You get a tech yet a point in the game get this year soccer everybody complains about irk everybody completed spoke volumes teens. Coaches and players are getting open the referees and football during a technical foul. Well yeah now you're joke not hear you Kurt thanks for the call I need to weigh no more football. We know that we know that politics like this is true this is what. This is what can bother me. Can you break merit you're way off Curry's attacking the basket much more. No he's not that he's not attacking the basket much more. He's shooting 58%. Every shot 58%. Of his shots are three point shots. That's the highest percentages and in his entire career. He shot 55%. Of his shots two years ago we're three pointers and doesn't seem one dimensional anymore so I'm so so. He shoots almost 60% of the shots. From beyond the arc. Yeah he's going to the line. More than he ever has. And yet he's still doesn't get any calls that's one of these give me a break eight. Flat out give me up Bradley and what forty need to see he's got a career high in free throw attempts penny shoot more threes than ever. Now that didn't give you write well or you're starting from afar you are right now. Golf hall of numbers do lie. When you watch Def drive to the Iraq more often than not even what does six I'd give it its a career high my point is that can easily beat eight that's. All that I'm saying you're wrong. I eaten that you don't look at you guys just. I know I'm just duck session say you're wrong how. I'd say I'll say I disagree all right I disagree either. Three out of five shots after he takes are from thirty feet out thirty feet. 2530. You don't talk about it. But he's go to waterboarding ever us. Going 1 morning ever hands up in five minutes who got carbon policy coming up 1130. Jimmy G that stick around afterwards Jim BG's gonna joint. The afternoon delight at 12451245. Let's go to. Go to David free not what's going on days. I didn't guys picture taken at all. Yeah just a little perspective here. About a few you know how we always argued you know old school you know would. The her you know the warriors are the pistons you know would lead beer and everybody up for the week switch doesn't with the officiating initiating. We have today. Everything which which yeah because these guys aren't yet. So touchy about everything and then at one of my question is. Where all the money go and that they hit our imports. And the money is the owner that would be a conflict of interest. I bet. They'll do I think I'm pretty sure it goes through charity I'm pretty sure. So. At the end up all right in the NFL and been a rash you put money back in the owners' pockets. Out to golf to check the Google on that but thanks a lot for the call day by my understanding is the stuff in the NBA goes to. Goes to charity when those fines did. Pulled together. So easily be suggestions. For officiating in one minute when gentleman on the that's why wants to add a fourth official. Think that'll improve officiating or I'll make normally one call rules it would approve officiating we see more times and calls or miss but. If you wanna him that the rest of the reason you won or lost. The EU now watching the game and these these these guys around here. It you know just pull away they win win with staff led a schism in the things that they do. But to turn away from a NBA game and say the arrests are bad they're not what they used to be is BS. Todd you're the voice of reason thank you very much that you always hear both sides of the store thank you very much but you gotta admit. To dubs fans are selling a hater. It's. Not. I thought would never call you that our behavior our C Davis takes me the fine money goes in BA cares. Charity here and so you know what they betray much just give it. Let me just giving. Who knows. Him knows how to get political but it's bad. The optics are bad when Drake goes on one right is it that's what we're really talking about right. Yes we are but I also think nobody's no that's a real rat I also think it's unbecoming of an NBA champion. And a team. I got this fire re though. A condit's finally did it plays what passionate let's be honest it's not two straight months storing in he's second in the league in tax and it's. Steve Kerr who second in the league in tax among coaches. The NBA champs 42 and thirteen your the NBA champs. I just think. Just a little unbecoming a lack Marco staff text oh I like when courage it's after. I think it helps the players to do you do you like it or you could care less about what wouldn't win head coach in the NBA gets attacked I like it. Best of our argues the world are you seed Siena baseball where's free you know they pretty they already know they we're gonna do would just did to get the team fired up alike who encourages.