Hour 1 - Papa and Bonta - Reuben Foster, Eric Branch, Warriors Nasty

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, February 12th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Eric Branch (SF Chronicle) after he broke the news of the Reuben Foster arrest. We do a deep dive on what might happen and how the 49ers will react. 


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Please hey. You all do this. Stop I don't know if I would. Yeah. I have been Indian land breeze from the boys saw the warriors. Retirees. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Live from the DG DG dot com studio it's tough to San Francisco skyline it's crystal clear advantage. You might want to take. Actually it's Vontae hill. Who's coming and we show here. We have days is so we gotta we gotta change it up because now their shareholders but today hell hole I like you let the ages rove there's way to give a dual die hard day yeah. Oh I know I am running down our subject of an award here once I know he's got to go for the award anytime soon is Robert Foster Papa. Bad news usually pretty young man. Plane is caused all of Alabama yes may second time in a month Rubin Foster. It's arrested this time for domestic violence in possession of an assault rifle Ottawa tough tough tough tough break for Rubin well I. He was arrested on January the twelfth and had taken into custody of those served for marijuana and even though on the state of Alabama it is a misdemeanor here would mini deal. This one Vontae obviously is far far far more. Serious thought I don't know where we're gonna go from here paired branch or did break the story. Yesterday with the F chronicle Jonas coming up controls thirty Baghdad he was arrested. And brought in after a call came in around 9:15 AM yesterday morning I needed lady was not released until. 6:35. PM so he spent a Intel here. Day. Dealing with C police and in the in the south bay hit a close to 75000 dollar. Bail. He's somebody obviously we've talked about a lot we talked about him before the draft last year is not the time right here well at some point addresses football. Acumen. This is far more serious. I was never a fan of him as a player coming out of Alabama. I did embrace him about midway through the year or I saw role. For him in a modern day NFL defense for your plane you know mainly. A nickel defense against multiple wide receivers gotta cover all these running backs out of the backfield and heavily or saw him be able to man up on the back but. They don't play that way. They played mainly covers three were studying in the hooks on drop change direction come up so. And and I know I saw more say as a Donta hightower a guy you and I talked about his football skill player. But the the high heat make any Alabama references you you do watch far college football and ideal her new watch any of us soldier round draft from trying to study of player. But he's she's starting out his career are alarmingly like another guy that was drafted high. Out of Elin man I enjoy greater risk closers who serves as is or is this was the issue Rolando McClain and they were similar players and Donta hightower as well but this is far more are disturbing. You what is going on off to feel John Lynch when they I don't know me you're around him in the locker room. Whenever I see him in your view he looks like K he he seem giddy sad he's almost like he's very immature. Love the guy copy lights up a locker room he did the reporters love home he tells me he always isn't called a forty game you see insert an autograph from children taken pictures was killed his his energy is there his spirit is here he means well but. You can't overlook what's gone on over the last month and a half but even back the draft Khobar part where he got to a physical altercation the draft combine a Duluth sample and argue with nurses. Back in Alabama's last season I believe he was in a car with marijuana got popped at in this game from not mistaken here so this is now become betraying fourteen. That over the last few years we know about Walton Smith we know about Ray McDonald a mob pretzels in some trouble July -- targets in and of getting traded cut by the 49ers come to do to some problems here so it's just itself around this organization now that it's already blooming and the good vibes that came from you grew up close press conference where they announced his five year 137 and have million dollar deal Bob. All the sudden those goodbyes go down the drain because Sunday afternoon yesterday I'm looking at what are look at their reporters everything everybody said without the benefit of the doubt coupled with Foster other American government I think that's. Little grass and hear what doctor B cells we don't know to be. Those are here. Body hideously off Twitter I do on things until it is it is a forum for overreaction and the facts to have to come out here and that's where Eric branch shall join us at 1230 years only after eleven manifest that they gambled that Maury and a what the actual facts are now that he has been released he posted bail the 49ers in their security people. Are looking into it and they did debt issue a statement yesterday the niners organization is aware of the report regarding reverend Foster of course they are we take matters of this nature. Seriously are gathering all pertinent. Information so they they they have to figure out. What exactly the facts are here in the assault price of rifle does you know bring another element to it so right now we really don't know. What happened in time. There will be extensive research done by the authorities. By the 49ers and by park avenue up the league. So the first thing is. Will he face disciplinary action from the league. And there's a couple of things here have gone back to a time line last year he got Indonesian share of the hospital working there they kicked him out of the time I need to leave. And then you know the reason you gold there. More than anything is for the medical information that's the whole reason that come by and was put and a and a place years and years ago always you wanna send everybody said doctor check you got let's just have a central area worry could have all the medical records. Taken for players and that's the main reason you go there so you think for the very least. He would get in and out of the Indy and be able to have his proper. Medical records show obtained and that wasn't occasion they had they'd be diluted sample. Which leads to this arrest on January the twelfth which is only a misdemeanor even an Alabama. Does that put him in defeat the system as they say the program as they say. Where he's gonna have to take more frequent drug tests which is one issue a red sand. Another drug in the week saying it's one thing I'm Jamie Oliver different opinions and I think the league will be more light now on this topic. In years to come but they are right now but they domestic abuse allegation in the whole meat to movement. We have going on in this country that is a whole different level of concern. You know all the Smith as far as I can recall he was doing damage to himself no he did drive a car when he was. And he created one more hit a tree before the call came in that Friday morning. But I don't recall you know anything of damage they do have a day or or for that her organization does settle a long history you cited supplement. Remained Brock had this last year nation not a rocket caused no matter. He and the key thing here is not to rush to judgment right. They roll they would always playing a football game tomorrow you don't have to make any call right now it's it's February. We got a long way to go so let's just see what the facts are Willie face a suspension. You know if it's bad enough then you know the league is gonna step in at a higher level a minimal B six games closely with the team. Does so for the overreaction on Twitter I understand. Nearly all that to be sympathetic empathetic. To the nature of this this is not a guy doing harm to himself. If he did do harm to this woman and you apparently wasn't a long standing relationship. We don't know where he's reading and Eric branch of the guy broke this story oh Jonas at 1230. We'll find out the very latest. But they the facts after coming back to you have to be prudent in this situation. As a lead as an organization. Not to rush to judgment the way the outside world will end. It's no we shouldn't rush to judgment here but many think about Dez Bryant for a second. And what Jerry Jones they would Dez Bryant down in Dallas. When dazzled in an all this trouble he had 24 hour security around him do you get to that point were Rubin also where you need somebody along his side all day long because not even mentioned here. Merck drug during the season. I forget it was clear he was with ray Randy right bravery your dog they are Marat after the club and somebody hello now I'd hate to see how are violating your editing a well AJ didn't do anything wrong but it just seems like bad things happen around this guy whether Webber and whether he calls is it or not it just seems like that things are lonely around this guy you're so do you get to the point we're Jed York says you know what. I care about the linebacker I think he's part of our future of sentences -- mainly grass security and how boom long silent a false or toll far as the days so we can just didn't call for awhile to stay out of the radar stay out of the loose for a second. Yes some two. And stood at the raiders today which JaMarcus Russell and it you know it doesn't always work it doesn't always work and really like what you're saying. Can keep that guy without you know getting in trouble off the field to some degree but if you really have to do that first player. And there's a bigger issue here and how much you trust this guy and again. A lot of people took them off their draft forged last year we talked about him a lot the raiders at the 24 overall pick last year. I was just looking at him as a football player. I don't know anything about a man never spoke but you'll have hardly hear him talk until he was drafted I didn't like his skill. On the field but a lot of teams took them off the draft board than the raiders included. Because of the shoulder injury for one and that's the reason he went in. Have taken out of Indy and they come by yours back any I bring the other series of other incidents here. But the bigger issue at the bigger issue domestic violence and domestic abuse to have each other and any four and we all we all understand that in fact you know it. It last in this country there are women. Speaking out to defend themselves and all forms harassment sexually being battered it's just. It's beyond me that they had to tolerate this for this long by David at last we have the need to movement overall. I'm bored with this so this is a really delicate time in this nation in light of what is happening at the highest level for this organization to respond prudently. And speak to their fan base they're gonna want answers here. But it speaks to me. As so how much can we really trust this guy you know in essence he's the quarterback of your defense. Although we played it for Nick Saban and it's free for an inside linebacker spot. The niners run a 43 at some point one thing we always talked about when Bowman was there early wiser now wearing the green that wise moment where in the Dayton green daddy don't wanna. They got rid of Baughman and finally got a healthy on the field they still did not Entrust. Roman thought is aware of the article about it there was Brock oil and I watched that every game never wore. You know I think ultimately he is a Mike linebacker in your base like Donta hightower bid Belichick plays more multiple fronts when and whatever your funniest. They're all varied and you know you can play a 43 over under you know just a matter but he's more of a rush and this I'm looking at as a football player. And the reason I did love him as a player is because I didn't see the skill set in the modern. NFL you know he's not like Deion Jones in Atlanta right not like miles Jack in Jacksonville is not one of those guys that he's more of a Bill Romanowski got. I know more of a stay home scraper thumper Ray Lewis guy you can she can cover rollout today guy. But the other issue is binding how much do we trust this guy. Frey to be the quarterback the leader the guy who was gonna Wear the green Dodd. And every players differ he's not Dez Bryant is not Milan a McLean. He's Rubin Foster but as an organization how much do you trust this guy here and now and proceeding forward to be the quarterback if your defense. Eric prisons terms as the article at 1230 here early afternoon delight as Pablo Martin or 578 now back to the red accomplish all on 957. Big game and you saw the news that not transmitted out for the season which means Ferrari Foster threatens our guys are gonna see some room in Foster tips and more now. He's cleared to go we're excited to get him out there we pay your readiness to. Starter now rated when you saw. I also get laid a lumber. They'll also get the lumber laid on him as he sat on the ground multiple occasions in and out of the lineup. Missed six games with an ankle injury every other game pop tunes on the ground for L men easy Mikey was out. Be carted off missing you know he's back into the game. A few plays later you're welcome back to the afternoon delight journal Monday afternoon public barbs or maybe 57 game in the big story in NFL right now especially for 49 responses were the Foster who was arrested yesterday. And forty members had these issues will players before your very MacDonald whose Miller come mine. Alden Smith of course not not domestic violence related. Incidents here pot but you know they've been in the news here get an arrest of carruthers alcohol whether it's domestic violence full on assault force or defaults was the latest here and for Marty Foster who. Showed a lot of skill last season mama feels so speed he'll Pompeo. But the guy just can't stay out of trouble right now. Apparently manager reported there and yep Jed says there at Sheehy in Iraq report anguish and music and things right now shows that Rubin went to the 49ers facility today. Are ready and there's not going to be a rush to judgment there's no quick resolution in this case they are merely. Fact finding the right now so I think that's the Smart things to bring bring in men you know whether router solace in the rumor matter. Just a GM John mention the head coach well adjusted to find out exactly. What happened in this Saturday evening and this Sunday morning. The fact that he was taken into custody early on a Sunday morning and stay there all day. So they have to figure out exactly what is going out and as you said the niners did issue the US statement yesterday about Lang. Late in the in the afternoon early evening had issued a statement of vice president communication and niners organization is aware of the report regarding info out route Foster. We take matters of this nature seriously and are gathering all pertinent information so that's what they're doing. Right now no we can't end this segment we we heard divide about Malcolm Smith and we addressed the severity were not looked into this move out of the football player here we talked about the top of the show Obama the more underwear they're train train judges are moments here. I 957 game but Malcolm Smith. Was a guy who was signed here and given read a lucrative free agent deal. A guy who robber solid knows from Seattle he does know this defense. Well he had hurt. So in theory. And Brock oil is of freeagent. Correct I'm cheating issue after bring him back he's not currently on this roster he gently on restricted if based on his veteran status in the league at. But I have Brock oil played really well last year governor like a he's really I mean he's he doesn't have quite the closing speed of the Rubin Foster. But I thought he played really well I was always intrigued by him whatever is somebody wag of a goat and a Seattle. Brock oil would play early in when he did that. Few years ago I don't struggle to get off blocks about who's better. Last year you also had Eli Harold Lewis Mauro an edge setter a Sam linebacker strong side linebacker. Malcolm Smith although in other raiders asked him to play a lot of man. And he struggled at times picking up or tight ends and running backs I think he covers better than any of these guys including Foster coil. Very large hail herald now she worry is physically. So if they had to part ways. But the rover Foster I think you have a starting trio of linebackers in place recoil would be the Mike. Where Malcolm would go back and neither will establish interest in coma will linebacker Ernie matches up retired and he's on the weak side right away from the site and make over to the other side and and hire a little play barrels more just a bigger body. Edge setter kind of okay. Or rusher of the quarterback. So you know I they're not gonna do anything right now. And they they have to gather information and who knows that this this. We don't know we will we don't know learning about the young lady made the allegations we don't know the severity of it. The assault rifle is troubling the whole thing is troubling obviously so that's why they brought in and right now maybe their branch shall enlighten us in a few minutes your body when he joins us to get a state. The very latest but now the one thing you have to look at. Is what is the leak get a deal you know where is he as far as the program the diluted sample to come by and he already was caught with weed in January when he went back to Alabama. Was he already in the program last trip a year he could be could be in for just the diluted sample. You know is to get faces suspension or you have got a little pop tune to a separate value to be don't know what he did we don't know anything yet when the league looks into this. And commissioner Goodell if they do there could be two different suspensions one further diluted sample and the we'd. And then this domestic of abuse allegation as a whole different level. That is six games this kind of where we're at with that album back to Ray Rice and they've finally found that figured. And obviously was Ezekiel Elliott so I don't know he could be facing missing it shocker games next year planting their reality here. There's no doubt about that a six game suspension looms large here in you mentioned Brian Coyle who's 27 years old he will be a free agent so maybe John Legend company or Robert sellout to go to work and William Brock coil back you don't know what you're gonna LaMont Smith coming off the injury he did sign a five year 26 and a half million dollar deal last off season. And Eli herald he really hasn't played up to standards he's kind of been a bust your poppy why Harrell that is but I haven't seen a lot out of home. Let's think he's been a 49 and your sort of forty Americas may even have to go into the draft and who knows what they were wanted to draft looking for but all of a sudden that coin flip between the Oakland raiders of the census reporting mayor's is huge here especially if they wanted to target the young man at a Georgia world console broke I want smoke or know you watch in the national championship. They guy. The guy can flat out play so you may have to look for back up options here you know rover Foster you think. I know John Legend Robert Feller would love for Ruble falls will be the centerpiece of his defense moving forward. But how can necessary and this guy and you Fortier a long way away from a rover Foster you know he's on a four year nine million dollar deal here with seven point 68 guarantees public. You know. A year from now two years from now how many strikes are gonna give Rubin Foster in terms of you know how much much leeway does he get here you know another it's and then do the forty mayors cut him now of course we don't noted he tells yet but he and he is meeting with the forty manner officials down Islamic cleric. But the EU can really can't trust him right now to be the centerpiece for your defense when he's getting in trouble like this when he's in the names twice in a month you're popped. Yeah again for very different things so we need is one thing that this is there really serious offense one of the most serious offenses and that later any human being. I can have levied on him in a no fly to and so we understand that but I think here. You're getting a little heading yourself I think even if the league which had been suspend him. I I do not believe the 49ers will cut display here now you can all stream out there now we'll see what the actual facts are. Indication we may never really get them any really get their defects exactly. You know how things went down with other 49ers orange similar situations Ray McDonald got cut. Right away you know after the several situations Eldon Smith it was more what he was doing to himself. But the reality is that he's not germane Brock and I hate to this put it into a football sense but the better players to get more. Latitude that's just the way the league works four's work society. Works and it's unfortunate to some degree that's the case. But he had to deal in reality here so and less they uncovered. A mountain of information. That really leads them to believe they can proceed forward. Wish him and they're also that I have to communicate to their same base men and women alike and how they proceed forward is going to be a lot of answers. To question serious questions at this fan base is gonna watch. I would just tell you it's a hell of a hard way to begin a career here right where you know you look at it as the players one thing we can we connect you know nitpicking here in the airman. This is tough but I would venture to guess you are not. Going in less the the facts in the case are are so difficult to deal with. You are gonna give them a second or may be a third chance he may get suspended. I'm Erik ran strong likeness exactly what he's looking at from the league as far as the marijuana and type of the day's top of the diluted sample on top of this. But the reality I would venture to guess about today. He's going to play in the NFL again. Somewhere somewhere somewhere so as an organization do you wanna make a stand. You know Mark Davis across the bay I don't know with the raiders of the raiders really had. A player on their roster that is hand. This level of an accusation that brought to them or they had to make a choice whether to cut the player not a camera call. Yes I I mean there's a big topic I wonder about Jerry York is remember Earnhardt bar area to trim balky or coach talked about winning with class winning with class nerd getting rid of the noise outside of that there's a lot and always come afraid McDonnell a lot of noise comes from Bruce Miller. Alden Smith Chris Oliver to a certain extent how much we weighty DJ your school kid Rubin Foster care because they tried to clean this up. I did the organization cause for tiger before he doubters became a bad boys in the NFL with all the all the news off the field distractions here how much leeway do you think Jed York Boston gave ruby falls here because he's he's done a great this organization has done a great job of eliminating that in all of sudden Havre to Foster hearings get off to a rocky start here. Really rocky starts was chorus so how much latitude do you think Jed York won't wanna give rubio Foster. Possible answer that question we have no idea what the facts are aware what what is the reality what exactly. Captain you know you mentioned Bruce Miller. Yes and played in the NFL since the Iraqis completely out of the leak and he was available fullback he was a really good player I was a very good lead blocking fullback in new member of the young launch a man play they had ray got to the far webs of good pass catcher. So there and Ray Rice never came back into the NFL at all. So there there's a point where you are ostracized in just taken out of the league. If affection that bad so you're asking me to get an opinion on and we don't know the facts we may never really know the effects. But I think you just have to let it. You know just see what the league does here and I think David. Who was a first round draft pick and they they are given a degree of latitude now dealing with this kind of issue. I don't know how a lot of owners in sports would just say get them out of here if the facts are that bad debt troubling and they can't deal with it they're also there to communicate to their fans. And try to sell this guy. There's the other instances off the field words noisy immature this older friend level. Of concern here I am sure that's why he came in right away you know I don't hear or branch at the very latest and we know what he's doing it. When he came in this morning what they exactly will do. I think we do have very frank channel. Nobody knew air pressure sensors were chronicle just jump in on a conversation here on the afternoon label pot for months and only 57 game Erik you broke the story yesterday so we need more developing details hear anything new. After rap sheets tweet Iraqi port that is about fifteen minutes ago mirror. Well yeah I don't think. You know at there's certain resolutions for important 49ers are reduced. It's imminent. Your. I think it's. In my own people for good reason important to come to me Clark situation from last year. Cute when the 49ers you know within 24 hours should that part of it was him on the doesn't sound like. There are no details certain information at this point two maybe for all parties. To determine determine the severity of what happened so. Course federal changed quite quickly but I you know I I would think conditions can be hacked into data and they're factoring in matters. It's February and so there's no concern about and who do about this roster spot we've got a game you know. So I think. You know that factors in salute to all go to blockbuster that also happened in April so if there was any sort of pressure and pain but I think. You know the facts for the 49ers. Had investigated and were overwhelming enemy combatants in. He could be part of the team. What what are the facts. As we know them right now and is there any new facts come out since you you've filed your story yesterday analyze and also I actually sporting green what player what do we know right now it's best to your knowledge Eric that are facts in the story. Qualified you know I would have been tweeting now than it reporting that we can I don't have any detail as far as what happened. Well why there was a disturbance call you know I do not know that night tickets. You know. It's that the 49ers knew knew exactly what kind of wise I don't believe you more comfortable. They can follow that statement at the very least after their content garden variety student it has been offered last. But still it night after getting his arrest which reported so mile I don't know you know obviously I think. The details of what happens you don't particularly affect domestic violence charge. Are going to become determined group from pollsters say. You know all about being sent that you know. This is it 41 days into Ruble crashed his first followed suit and has been like. I think another thing. Could factor into this route of the forty that are going to bank and the fact that they would disagree that that you know destroying them. You know what you might call. Immature decisions or you look bad judgment coupled with obviously a very good thing you're charged now with charges. That's going to be the end of that that he's going to be scared straight and not constantly any sort of more if any more investment. I'm I think that actually part of the calculation to have these great three years old and he's completely and incommunicado. They helped them for a long time and energy can be able to. Keep you know out of trouble during that time that at this point given his recent track records instantly. He had any. Immaturity can be blamed for some of the when you get into a domestic abuse and violence that's a whole new level of concern Eric French is joining us from me. San Francisco chronicle the other one who had this story initially. So you you mentioned now he's been he's been arrested two different times in 41 days the first one goes back to when he was in Alabama back to Tuscaloosa. I'm January the twelfth and he has second degree marijuana possession. Meaning it's for personal use as your run in your story which is a class a misdemeanor and estate. Of Alabama but he also had the diluted urine sample. Going back to the com nine a year ago in the NFL. Treats say they he had diluted sample as a positive but he wasn't technically. In the NFL yet he had not yet been drafted. So let's just take what happened over the weekend. That's an aside and just look at what the league might do. With the marijuana possession on top of the diluted sample to the already go to the program. Before he entered the league which they diluted sample including Libby looking at a suspension. Eric for just just a marijuana possession. Yes it's a little bit unclear to go to the immigration issue pinnacle of our culture and in program backed. It could be similar to Aaron lynch who who when he entered the NF LQ was in the in the post wrote program. I would do testing positive in college in and so therefore when you know that probably yes you've got cute cute and suspensions so. I'm totally OK it is it is a little bit murkier. I think it is possible. That putting this and so they're asked to decide. You could face some sort of discipline and suspension. In two conflicting. Our brands from Assange is a chronicle tournament chairman if I sort of began the afternoon white was popping Vontae so working though will this Foster well you've covered whom he's all smiles in that locker room it doesn't seem like a bad guy and all I don't wanna say that here but it is there anything order he talked to officials about rube Foster especially remember. During the season he got he almost got shot at coming out of a club we almost are robbed here of what's where were your Armstrong was there any red flags from 49ers management there and it and possibly think about maybe having 24 hour security ran amok Dez Bryant did are like Jerry Jones would Dez Bryant back. Back in Dallas when Dez is in this all these issues. Well I think it's telling them from day one is my Tuesday. Raved about and they also talked about our support structure and now is that you know denied it drafted him you know we're gonna have a strong support structure. They've done you know basically due diligence prior prior to the traps in the team pastor and Tina Turner at Tuscaloosa than me what can. Having mental facility and then you know really having two former NFL linebackers and just in general Colin DeMeco Ryans. I am in Parys Harrelson as part of playing engagement came out of the former pro linebacker. It's really mentor him gonna trip ticket can important. Understaffed and the first five minutes they had cable and understaffed. They're looking back can Norton you know as you know he's known as. You know there's relationships with the players. And that in the in the in the tore ship and and you know I think. I wasn't the only reason they're rich content that that was certainly a factor in it yet so. I mean you know he was involved. What you would call them incident went through Armstrong could yeah you could say position. The wrong place wrong time of course it was after midnight action that we cannot glucose from the Redskins game. And so I issue in the past pollution and given root impostors. You know. Bill passed does that raise any concerns. You know where he was sent in what was going on how this year it's not. A crime to be out late pick when you're 23 year old you know this is. Not uncommon but hey wait we can't enhance response would take. Actually turn back. In blockaded region had meetings too hot later later on the following day and that's just kind of what happens in the NFL twenty. You know I'm not sure what we would have expected in this thing. Interest market ten K that's no big deal and really. During the functions first season you know during the actual when games are being played. That was the only hint public signal that you know of any concern troubled and obviously that was that was gotten them. And that's situation against totally on life or talking about today they they were the victim and that situation Hussein and Alan ray ray Armstrong so this is not this is not the same situation at all. Eric Eric French is joining us from ES San Francisco content is the very latest on what's going on with. 49ers linebacker Ruben Foster and you heard the report and Vontae mentioned earlier felony chatting with you on an earlier question at the report from me and Rappaport. From the NFL network is a ruined Foster went to the 49ers facility today to meet with them and try to. He knocks on exactly what happened can you confirm that you know what time he went in this morning easy there now what do what are you hearing is the very latest discharge. Proven Foster being at at at 4949 right now. I can you confirm what move toward innate good he's been there I know he's been I see the direction in Alabama. I think it's safe to say there was an effort to get him closer to the court has facility. Could do no we didn't have enough inland area the last two weeks. Working out you know I can live and in fact there. That he had I don't know for a fact that he should net cord net within one. I'd be shocked if that was inaccurate. You know I have heard supporting her UK. When we. Really it's Friday too busy. Yeah. Look I'm going to provide with the they didn't look jail and who doesn't put as Soviet outside. I think that facetiously yeah. Us there we can do it all the sense in the world that they will be meeting with Bruton farm insurance it issues it is. The cost but it. And obviously as Sacramento they reportedly was out yesterday released from Santa Clair jail 635 I I back but he got. Communication at 636. From somebody and according that is Larry King what's going on and and I couldn't get here is shaping tomorrow morning so to say the very least Erik there is no off season. Fifth nearly NFL for a variety of what say 41 days for the offseason only got all this country other than in the nation. Employer we've been as being writers are talking about you know. Keys there's no head coach being fired. You know there's not a key play off what I'm. In January this prosecution can be no relaxing and general reaction wasn't pretty chill hello procedure there to pick up your converse. No doubt about it there progeny horrible sides in my Foster gets arrested two different stories here but the work Eric we'll talk to you Donna line here have a good day. I appreciate you guys. Thank you thank you inserted you know bared breasts for essentials and chronicle broke the news this later Rubin Foster has been arrested pop let's lighten the mood up a bit let's talk about these Golden State lawyers can be sure San Antonio Spurs Saturday night excuse me and I and I you know I did that's part of town while Gladys last March Madness. As a prior. There are not mine anymore that's Michelle eagle at that as though on who openly on television roosters for. I did not like get very passionate about his first did what to do lawyers prepared now. Hatch feedback. Over the weekend we'll discuss here ameriprise have a game. Kerry jets back. Very good drama club guys. He's very. Triples and five straight Montana never have known the. I predict. Always love. Over 84 you drain minds yeah very very much. If you like college did this ought to do you sorry guys you're good so mine should different veterans are perfect bird at Enron had a nice job but I have a place to humble returns to cool off down the east his dog got in the way with a good the end that's Wayne Gretzky trade round got down these and the and his you -- this is not like to blocked shots have been around for though it does not true Mark Green and another. Solid floor game seventeen. Points eleven assists eight rebounds Saturday night as the warriors again to welcome back to the afternoon light everybody Greg Papa Bonser held may 57 game it's almost like you could just write this in the script is to be scared T right now we'll Golden State Warriors basketball one. They're going to get out to a slow start said Antonio goes up ten or twelve and the first quarter hit everything shot up I believe over 62% in the first quarter and L second quarter everything kind of settles down warriors bench mob the three wise men line up would David West. Are very Iguodala and Charlotte rescinding go back and rallied. Starting with their defense in defense of the intensity was up there in the second quarter pop and then the third quarter the second thing you can count on a Golden State Warriors bats while games as they run away with the game in the third quarter doubts or. The spurs your spurs go spurs go pretty pretty wanting and a third quarter your soul. Really old really tough game or read pot because San Antonio really employ anybody know John Terry Murray know Tony Parker records why winners I'll have a slew of injuries on that side and lawyers have a business Saturday night. And also Rudy Gay is downstream Gaines who mourner at their best players and their two top point guards but. That's forced fed all the way to decide the senator Gregg Popovich. Is such a good coach they are superbly. Coached when you watch them play this first quarter to me. Was different then surely the Dallas first quarter of a vigil is going around the first quarter throughout the year because it's becoming increasingly. Alarming. That it happens all the time now and I just cannot figured out except that they are aspiring early in the game. So we'll get an at a mall which is the way the spurs run that their offense they're they're they're they're ball movement their body movement they have a a continuity. Office where. You just watch out quick lead they set a screen. And how quickly they come off the string even when they had slower players. Running it. They just go from one action to the next action. They read and re enact what the defense is doing that their offense that's the offense I fell in love with. The year before the warriors won the title. Went Santonio beat Miami twenty to fourteen and they systematically. Dissect it Miami. For the plight we're James just tapped out I'm not going back again. The spurs were just continue to shed quick screens continuity moved back pic is over and over and over again. All of a sudden Tiago Splitter gets a layup with two seconds on the clock. Like how the hell did they do that. And when I when I was getting ready for the game last Saturday. I just thought to myself man I wish the warriors would play oldest at times in the game. More like them. Where it's just such a quick read and react continuity flow quick screen and you know Tony Parker likes to come down the left side of the floor. But it doesn't matter if it's Tony Parker getting that high ball screen other middle or side it from Tim Duncan or fits Patty Mills and LaMarcus Aldridge. It's just the same. By the way. We killed the market soldiers throughout his career. And we killed him in particular last year Monta and all the way through the western finals. That Joker has gotten so much better so much. Better playing with confidence and that's just don't pop that quite age you can remember when they signed him to a contract extension before the season we're taking what the hell they're doing here or given them all this money every getting ready to trade him but he settled down the nets San Antonio system he's playing physical he's hitting his pick and pop he's dominating in the paint LaMarcus Aldridge looks looks like he's comfortable down there in the Alamo. Without question he's playing so well it wasn't just Saturday night when he played okay he played well there's not a fourteen from the floor he played really well the intriguing thing to me. His story is never torturing on green onions Zaza Pachulia. Opening game on Hammond and later there was David West eight days never went to their top defender. So I think things to say that for when they see this team. Later on but enough about dispersed their there is so well coached and they're gonna. They just don't have enough and went coli comes back I still they don't think they have quite enough but they are who they are just got we'll pop over the weekend did you ever has glass wind he was here Wednesday night Thursday night Friday night Saturday night as a way to hot hot hot there's a place in the city. Get us right here a lot of SOB that an ad brigade Popeye talk to Pablo city near the scrum and you really don't wanna ask him back you know when answering any basketball questions. He said to Steve Kerr doesn't care about us 150 floor and he doesn't care about that's why I asked about the career do you think we'll play a later said hey did you have did you enjoy your lineup purity and smiled it was like oh yeah I'm gonna have a glass of wine a night we're gonna fly do you talk tomorrow I'm really question what he had to really so financially it. Who really are thinner Clancy love Scotland to San Francisco and you know I once I was thinking about when Steve got to 250 wins and 302 games that. Fastest out on the history of the NBA but all of American sport. Gregg Popovich found Jay is exactly a 150. Wins away. From Don Nelson's all time record while and he is going to coached team USA. In a 20/20. Olympic Games I think he's gonna have to come back in coach the year after that. To get 250 either go on at a fifty win pace right now and at a sixty would face I think he's gonna have to coached three more years of knowing him. You know he may get to 1334. Past Lenny Wilkens and then retire so he doesn't pass his good friend and there's certainly a warrior manager. I Don Nelson but that's how good of a coach Gregg I'm gonna care there's even care about the record low cloud thanks I think he would probably not want a fast Nellie. But he is gonna hang around long enough he's got a coaching Olympic team and try to twenty. So you have five maybe he'll retire or not we all thought for years and Santonio he was gonna coach his long at. As Tim Duncan played and Alan Duncan retired I thought he's gonna retire but then he overlapped and made that commitment to LaMarcus Aldridge to co chair. And they gave Aldridge and extension Al Aldridge may say. Hot and acted ahold of that promise get the hell out of here for you still scare me. In the ways they are the Arenas players though they got amber informs the other deputy was just. Is classic. But no I just a question how much longer. He wants to play watched a coach so. You know I just did I remember talking to him years and years ago were he would say. I'm not a lifer I'm not like Natalie I'm not doing this Don Nelson said it. I'm a life for that's all I like poppy as a interest away from the floor both and obviously has political. Hughes is background in government in the FBI and the line in this day he doesn't he does not watch other sports at all of them like he's a fan of any other sport. Besides the NBA he does have appreciation for people like Bill Belichick and even around the team but I didn't think he's sixty now he's had his 69 birthday the other day. I never thought he would coach into his early seventies but if he's gonna coach team US AH one H running. Dante would he come back after that summer and coach the spurs again if he does daddy he coaches 20s20. Inch 121. He in theory because just crunch the numbers he could pass Nellie. And I do hear that you could put the age 69 category with two point 16. To whom. 3050. To sixty referendum on one yellow bird or anywhere where you gobs of say 691 heavily here. Eight celebrate your problems for us very Roddick could insurers here. At 1 o'clock news Dallas County Ellen hawks former lawyer former where assistant GM also was down there in Charlotte with Michael Jordan but we'll quickly here to the lawyers regarding certified or nasty very slowly getting back together here. And they they wake up in the second half against Dallas Mavericks a wakeup but the the first quarter did San Antonio. An idea watch Houston yesterday they are my role here obviously they won their seventh straight going into the break here so there are the lawyers start now. Find that nasty person around you back now I mean they're obviously playing better then than they did against Oklahoma City I think there was just say yeah. Did they were in various for how they play they were you know they played ten times well enough to be Dallas they played well enough to be Torre's idea of the last night they played more to come leaders Saturday night. More of a complete game and they played it. Against Dallas on Thursday night but there's a level they got to get to. And we will talk about the buyout market when rod Higgins joins is she's now working which reddish like Atlanta we all thought they would get Marco Belinelli now is just trust the processes that tweet where he's going to Philadelphia. Joseph Johnson is finalizing. Signing with they Houston Rockets on top of Brandan Wright the former warrior will get into all that well when I went look at these acquisitions is gonna be. You know how does that the heart of the bank shares should not Cleveland's a whole different scene and I watched hurricane hit a good did very proud there's not really look I was more appalled at the lack of effort by the Boston Celtics like. You have to look at the bench and how it all matches up or you're freaking out about the warrior. The three wise men in all along with Klay Thompson drain on the second you know actually he's playing better. What's alarming to me is just the way the routinely getting off to slow starts now for the year. The warriors are.