Hour 1 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs speak with NBA Hall of Famer, Elvin Hayes

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, May 16th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a recap of the Celtics win over the Cavs in Game 2 as well as the Draft lottery. Then they speak with NBA Hall of Famer, Elvin Hayes. 


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Here we go. Warrior Wednesday. Rusty by portion of Walnut Creek 2017. Premier Porsche dealer and cream in the clients that trusted name in the Bay Area since nineteen. 22 good morning it is great to have you with us. Game two warriors rockets tonight at times 6 PM right here on 95 to seven in the game. It feels like a formality. That's how arrogant I am now out moving through this series like that. All right so the warriors again find themselves as two point underdogs won and have went underdogs heading into tonight's game. Lot of people thinking there's a bounce back coming on behalf of the Houston we've got money on. Show today about this series Elvin Hayes at 630. Tim Ryan at 830 Stu Jackson at 930. I mean look at this would get us into chair you sit in it and the show begins what is the issue over their right now. If only it were that simple jealous like that market cruise ship while it's not like we a little heavy. It's hard to slighted me and it just doesn't slightly you young fellas you lighter guys seemed to slight tear in moving it. Mean he's wheels they sink into the carpet joke it's just they don't just I roll these. So unhappy in the pool in Britain used ads ads. Okay appeared alert more elaborate than it needed to the way you are. And though they're doing a lot of work fine gentlemen gentlemen glad to have it locked and loaded nobody Allen and hello I got oh boy who last night I got takes three guys them Obama keep it. Among settled down. I Jackson takes that are gonna bottle the year mine in a way writes about this let's begin with one of those people given all of them. Which of your techniques would you like to commence today show. Joseph I'm gonna go here in this was gonna hurt me the said you know guys know I don't like to Guatemala while it might just Goodman. I'm gonna right now and you had a ball I don't I really don't so little money clip it's got some ones in there cramping is a little board here down the street nice Louis. I'm rob these are rampant because my dad got OK I like the economy front fees okay. I'm gonna Obama while employ a 200 bucks and spent 200 dollars on the listeners of drinks cool acts. Because that's how confident I know that the cavs aren't coming and the east. Wow iron pot. Ice. Call that is the old. Allah and your eyebrows. The teams down 020 and you're telling me they're not gonna win the series K okay what's the history in 02 teams coming back to in the series pitting 12%. Okay. Can stop the sound effects of living out here that I can't see you get ready or perhaps an iceberg melting and listen to global and did these guys ever want to actually in his note I think you guys. Well the first one was not so don't say another that first one was was was trash I'm a little more about this when. The two teams every once said this is the NBA finals were seen in the west. How about bear so far from Wright is just absolutely absurd it's not the two best teams. Okinawa somewhere now is that OK there we go empty net but as you know get. Boston is at number two team Boston is far better in whose would be right now if Dublin here. They be when and our user gets interesting so you're saying Boston is a better basketball team the Houston. Not only am I saying that I would of put another hundred to announce the total 300. Debt without a doubt with out of shadow of the doubt mark to take. That Boston takes this team six or more dubs it and be careful how much you play direct in the SE OK okay now. I mean I don't. More women have you with our national team all absolute garbage but you've got a lot better ship you got a lot better. You guys how he says he said it would it around eight. OK I guess you feel mentally yeah. You know I don't trust you don't start with a ICH and then turn the remit to Miami. Yet even see you start liquid are. All right you know Vermont in the fall and then work your way south you came in polar ice cap and a good decision anyway and we'll get that accident. It's her and her karma in just a second out agitate. Now with a lot. And I'm impressed. But I mean good god son just started at the North Pole and that the sample teams that are up 20 in the conference finals in the NBA 67 and four historically so. Probably gonna opens with a penalty Cleveland's comeback you know what I call an odd take. Even legal whistle justify any I just want to hear like the sound of like fit. Cold. Bone chilling wind it was the rest of the program it was Pope would who would. Last night yeah you you only would leave. Well wolf what he'd on he had Boston in the motor voting he also had LeBron swing less than 27 yeah got that the first six minutes. Didn't get the first six minutes ago there's like half year old have seen lone wolf but I don't don't don't everyone's quick back there to try to put that the bad. He's he's a split he doesn't it does he get married at it doesn't get married that you guys and acknowledged the use survive you so I just you know you don't write it you duties of I double funeral coming because I had Cleveland and I also had. The grizzlies winning the lottery and shut out Phoenix won the lottery and you know that one too now that's. Nobody was talking there's no small plots. But it you guys need to bring her on and brutal take him could you guys went down occur okay this is its interest thing. I took that to Twitter last night and I said we were gonna funeral take Kurd today because that panic. And then big Joseph C waited and said he can't funeral take her on game day. And I agree we can't risk doing anything I think they'll curse survives. And may be will address that in the future understood he just sees right. KB funeral taking the head coach on game day got it. This show has to have a boundary add some but that's what we have to establish. Boundary just want. You're right we only four boundaries we don't need borders we just need Cingular boundary and I think we're drawing it right there is is there. That's fair but have you ever see me go 300 dollars deep on three different think that's a lot of money there has been for the listeners because that's how hot my takes are. Act adds a dozen Bergen in a way I outlook from. The this you know ward where you go to Alaska although I don't why. Even Alaska's embarrassed even Alaska's. I just I mean the mistake of looking down here at the tax lining you have got everyone all riled up very early there's so many things people need to address that. You can maybe we should be with the fact that the Celtics won last night yeah for anyone to distance he had 107 at 94. Hell the second half punctuated by 836 to 22. Third quarter. And I don't untouched it's a 511 ballgame Indy you watch LeBron James in the first quarter and you think wow he he might score 85 tonight. And lose 112 the 91 because he's got. No help coach not there is this great I don't know if you call at a mean but I tweeted yesterday where. Someone took a scene from an Archos. The Netflix smash with Pablo Escobar. And for it to the scene and it took publish had to replace that would LeBron so you know how to be like back hearty head on the real movie body pure so the handled flap flap flap when they're talking so it's LeBron as Pablo. Kevin Love is like his number two. And public I was walking out to address in that show all these people is probably an excuse but it turns out in the parity. It's all these Cleveland Cavaliers at his speech basically about how it's time to motivate these scrubs and just works his way Africa and probably I act escobar's voice how talking to each guy about how JR Smith and no more pulling up from thirty feet in transition and that he can look egos as to the rest so this. If I do start producing and it's really aren't producing they did not do now the second half. That's what you know a team has gotten a new scheme if when the game is slipping away and you resort to dirty play dirty play we don't need. Look at low played well don't biscuit discredit him he played OK can use them we don't like that it in ink and and and I get on the LeBron fan. But I am telling a bunch of guys that. Joseph I'm tired right now if you placate the allied in this series and a warmup for next series and they're gonna be in trouble these guys in Boston. Yeah yeah. On the ticket I'm gonna make a part of what we better. They are but this game is is is this is the better team and our guys think there's going to be a time so so much to. It's the entire show she's not ruined because I got three hours and 45 minutes left and I don't think it's enough time to get through all. This is a lot that needs to be done so long. How do we improve the NBA draft lottery on so long who should keep her start in the he first quarter tonight although it's obviously just out the window because I got to dissect what's happening and a welcome back you're feeling ill it's great to have you back today. Very. It's not feeling good at all what happened ended up getting the worst blue that I ever had in my life and I am not just aren't that. Yes called Carmen that female dog. So oh what a week ago we had that conversation about. What would you rather do. Ot your significant other is going to have flu for a year and the only way to prevent it is if you're willing to accept call me maybe yes playing on loop in the back of your mind for the rest of life that's all I threw it to you you said you never see your likes offer my precious gift Jones coming up on twenty years in June I'm getting at teary eyed just thinking about her suffering for that long. And low you also agree with did you know everybody dazzled the lovely day no question absolutely did I am wit U we all are together on this divide together we stand and and it didn't even think about it she contrasts her lovely husband Paul Brennan little Hamas. And essentially said she got no problem and having the flu for a year. And lo and behold who got the flu one week later. Yup by ended up getting the flu unlike art and who I think very funny you say can and Apollo wars ball while Pollack acted taking care of the kids but he was helping out. I'm these W hotel am sure that phone camp that Friday he was there at school so he was at its. Help a family by going to school and when he as street time he's he's figured the kids and family trying to help you and everything else and as well. It was a huge help amazing he really willing to us to do such a thing after. Such harsh cold thing was said about him in terms billions of people on now I know I'm a cruel person shall I call I did Donald W ball. This group bothers days right around the corner bra we got you most in this weekend at PI at the Greek festival in no way. You know there are rights. Our rights and I have no idea what the hell I'm going to be doing sorry there's a lot to unpack low apparently is pulling out 300 dollars for dry idea of takes. We're gonna unpack and next and if you wanna wait on this nonsense what the hell AAA 957 not anti seventy Joe Horn did not about seven game. Chills going to its continue. On 95 haven't the game. We come in in the morning we refine some of the idea is there's some shenanigans we worked couple things out we create some show she. In terms of scheduling to make ourselves feel like organized that would come on there which annexed it the plant. Today we need needing get forty seconds in she said plan. Before load just came out of left field with a barrage. Of takes. So now we have to unpack. All of this but you put a lot of money on the line the monies to the listeners yes it's listeners and are using don't go to Joseph I. I don't but I and that confidence dusty for a reason it's. True and I'm not talking about the nickname for someone ate dust and it is literally dusty Unita spree that thing down with some of that. Voted but he was Faisal. The white that that activated Woodward film after a while if it was 198800. Colonel. You know you've been activated around also works packed theater on. The table of icu is not your money on on insects actually. It worked short term you would actually less regular job and Scottish believe we don't need to dwell on mild my pastor problems they hear from. Hundred bucks actually it's a little I drove my wife and I together because she said basically I'm not coming your place anymore and it got him when I. And in Lincoln basement kind of like a hobby unit and there are some bug issues and such item that pledge. I didn't have enough money to buy a raid but I had some pledged. Because shook off that pledge 'cause they came back. Maybe that butterfly and yes I love you can't it was an apartment or a nest of bullet yes. It was a nasty when I've put the heater on it would blow the fuse and I have to go on the dark because there are no street lights is way out in San Geronimo west west west marine in like the sports like the ocean. Yes those tea modified deliver the don't. Twenty years they'd be real. Fun. You if it winds large round of applause for nicely. It built on the books aren't. And spending while out of this would beat you and I thought I. I thought I was gonna be little organize your mass in the last segment I got a whole new mess that you guys they got Elvin. He's at 630 we can actually just have an interview. And I didn't hear you say by the late 830 the bike hasn't Greg Papa we uptick on every single question and apparently they discuss as well maybe we'll just have later our. So what you're saying in the wake of last night's 10794. Win in Boston over Cleveland got Austin now a commanding 2:0 series lead the Eastern Conference finals heading back to Cleveland right. It looks bad for the king. He's put up big numbers but he is getting no help whatsoever. What you're saying is that this thing is done if for some reason your boy LeBron James and the cats come back. You can I. I have it they don't come back you've got 200 box yes you're gonna open up the tab it grumpy easier down the street here in the city trustees yes come into. You can open habitat that's 200 dollars for any listeners that went innocence absolutely it's not looking to for the listeners yes but you know have another hundred you're gonna throw on top if what I wanna focus on this port yes. Another hundred M and. Drawn top. If eagles' five games are less. I'm so confident that we know loss warriors Celtics in the final yes I'm so confident Boston is going to take film six or more. That I'm going willing to put another hundred if it doesn't go six or more OK so so they know fixer in the finals it's 200 dollars for the listeners and then if this series goes against the warriors five or less than an hour. I have done a hundred on top yes OK that's very generous now. Obviously this all heels back into one thing you seem to really like this Celtics team now why is that. Because I understand. There's there'd be king is still the king but there's a new team in the east. When you think about what I like about what I've seen. I've seen Boston play. They're not afraid they played better defense they play with energy. They're close they're there their coach well collectively. They have ballots in scoring we have more than two guys that can score they can play defense there mentally tough. You can't break them. You know there there are a lot longer and they're more athletic that they can meet god and guard on the perimeter. And I think they can. Hole KD I really believe they're not a whole KB 920. Irish like he's not gonna get those 35 singles but he's not gonna have a game in my opinion that Eagles were over 34 monsters is not like he's monster K angels and ask Evan Mills 35. I below say 33 B I city giving me. Because they could they're long and they could switch in the duping. They are not going to they'd better not just been put Katie out here when you could rest some rest in because I'm telling you. Boston plays good defense and their coach well and they can shoot the three they run a lot of pick and roll they can run good screens. This team they aren't afraid at any one. They're you're not gonna out rundown. You're not gonna give these guys tired all of these starters during their early twenties they can run they can get after their long. You're gonna have Klay Thompson defending who because these guys are physical too they can hold the ball opened the hole in one they got it good big man. I like what they are door. A little counterpoint just briefly one would be inexperienced none of them has ever been a. To this moment out of an Al Horford Al Horford is agree the plane the king who also played five on one coach but not playing and I'll give you can love. Five on two and a half Kyle Korver is it a couple of shots but he got JR Smith now they're cheap shot and people George Hill again denied it to cup. By Al Horford and basically. No one else Larry Nance junior was the Alley oops did you see that where he went up for the Alley and he goes that straight jacket this team the. Is nothing and you compare them to Boston of course bosses motor boating and when they play Golden State. Remember about your thing about the fatigue. It won't start till may 31 we know that. So the warriors beat the rockets in five or even goes sixth you're still gonna have about five or six days off in between. I like Bret Stephens a like a law grads to what you're saying. Whether or not anyone wants to agree with the Celtics advancing and and also pushing the warriors to six or beyond. You can peel that back one step further. Without helping Gordon Hayward next year healthy Tyree Irving may need he do make the move for quiet letter Dwyane Wade suggested that Boston would trade for him this off season. Is that going to be the new team. That could be the end of the warriors in your opinion will Boston's rise in the east. Culminate at the right time as the warriors may be here on the decline could he see that happening. Don't you give Boston stays together and you let you said the two guys that you mentioned come back and you bring in a and doing great it is no longer about I can't Kyra Weiler yen empire Leonard but also Tyree. Kyra he's healthy right and you bring that together even with out we even with Al wild and it. Without a doubt. It's no longer the cavs in the ward it's now the Celtics in the wars it is going to be new switch went out a doubt because of the fact they have so many their deep. They have a lot of weapons coming back in you can't just say that the war's gonna dominate this team. They're long they can play defense there or did they get after yet in their young team and their coach well. I threw this out on Twitter last night I think and know which direction you're gonna go. Eastern Conference finals plus Western Conference finals plus NBA finals. Over under fifteen and half total games. Which way you back so all three of those series in the minimum B twelve the maxim between anyone obviously and it's fifteen and a half I would go. With the under quite frankly because Cleveland could potentially get swept out of this thing. Warriors may be in five which would get me to nine if it does go six which I. I believe it could have that was Boston Warner's. I've only fifteenth summit to go under you play it under fifteen and a half which Drexel would you go. You're you're looking at a finals that would be six game at least at least to six in the final so what are you see Eagles say he's doing. I mean he's been in the five OK that's a lead it. Do you see LeBron getting swept is that the only way it stays under that. Or does he get a game. He gets a game a case that you would have the over that and I'm over by the hair to two and half of UGI agent lied under at fifteen. Right entity here put ran onto the iPad buys a lot outside the bronze and excellent Boston's night and sleep I mean c'mon let's be real about this they're gonna come home for two gained. The king didn't get sweep by the ducks let's get me miss not discuss that's come out I I'm not I'm not. I think it's asleep and the Boston is for real so people want to believe that if real I really hope. The cavaliers come back to win games three and four home just so. When we have to show that that folly so after that and coming good guy they got I got to take. Pitching is back and he and I am not a Michael drop out so I could I. I ought to time it takes its GA take a break we got to put our jackets on and cooled down a little bit warm up a little bit because it's so icy cold in here. Literally and figured out it is chilly in here. But Elvin Hayes the legend to join us next game three game to. Preview. Or is that rockets coming up next Jolo and it is not a bunch of the chills going to its continue. On 95 and the game. He's all of Famer. An NBA champion and twelve time all star former Houston rocket Elvin Hayes joining Jolo and lives on 95. 7 game good morning Elvin how ardea. I'm going great. The great beautiful day here wouldn't that they're more than about eighty or decreased. Fantastic well listen we really appreciate the time thanks so much for joining us this morning let's start with game two tonight it's the rockets hosting the warriors looking to even up the series. Before it shifts back. To the Bay Area out at ORACLE Arena and now we'll get to that in a second but. Tonight for head coach Mike dance Tony do you see him trying anything radically different. To combat what happened in game one or do you see them sticking with the most of the same guys and mostly the same approach. Well thank you stick with the same guys because it really you know saying look pretty any idea out there. To bring it but I think that. So everything I think my quote tried to impress is that. Guys not talk or so by stream. Complainant to eat. People vote goes for its reward uses that verdict is they're so and I thank them most important thing you know. They're gonna have to really prove that basketball there's. There are other there's no way to court. Go to meet the war used by himself prepared to wait Chris Cole all who along with Jimmy. You've got to Everett who moved in epic because they think that what the war you. The war yet who all around any group that being desperate. He does in the eighteenth is that in order that could you really. You know pray that there goodnight book to really be able to be able to beat routine court awarded. You're such a great post player in your days in college and certainly in the pros part of the all fifty year anniversary team for the NBA but it's not the same kind of game of the interior now Clint Capello a guy who needs the ball. Near the rim what can they do to get him more involved offensively against the warrior team that that seemed to stifle his lob game. Well the most important thing you got to realize you know you live Mario Kart is Chris Rock that Balkans you know. You know. You don't mr. cook in this year this year. Well you know so Koran is not a scorecard out he's not your. He you don't really have a good short jumper that he'd be you ask it's so it's go to be a situation that we get him involved. They're gonna do really. That ball movement get ball movement in order to be able to yet you haven't all been that are. But once again that you've got you you Tucker who scored only one point. What pointed this game you got to get more involved because he's got to give up the court he got a boob. It also. Rizzo you've got to get a Rizzo. Although although all of those guys. Involve that it could duplicate what they have all of that this repeatedly this year they BP yet that same kind of play against the war you because if you don't you've got to armor you guys curry. You've got to JP. You guys bring you Google you know if you've got already. That is that you got all of these criminal that bitch is it is put up that with so. It it's gonna be. Cup war you've seen that the rocket go to the milk they could just. You slowdown Kevin Durant you know 611. In the post what he can do to turnaround jumper can take off the global. He did not decided that this independent outside the box and for the guys can come out and doubling off the three the amount of three point let. How do you deal had to get him off the spot I mean there's a guy just over guys they said listen to be an answer. How we united and UW but we've got Thomas that you gotta hurt you can't double what like you know that's why you don't. Go to the state make you could order one because it's because you'd you'd try to double. KP it at all of a good. Uga Uga curry over there you Lombard you've you've got Koroma of whom are they did just that. Totally underrated on the summit it is tough minidisc you complete the basketball. So. I don't see how you gain is. They grow our creator that chip put you know. Go because given to read its top that you didn't have a good as we go almost cross court chew victory in a big goal in I've seen him. You know in this first date he took ability in you mean he took a bullet outside. He's cute kids got this big he is tough. Hall of Famer and NBA champion Elvin Hayes joining Jolo Indians on 9570 game now that we've talked about this. But you played you understand. That tax it takes to be James Harden on the offensive end of the primary scorer you're playing a lot of isolation basketball. On the defense then the warriors keep switching staff or clay or TV on to you when you have to chase them all the way around a court. Just how taxing is that on hardens body of this thing were to go six or seven games how much would he have left in the tank. It will be tough because the you know. James trying to play. Kevin Durant and good that I go to that's eight return you can take it off with a player like Jenny and they can complete the now you've expanded it into double both in that the court each each trying to. Say that the entity that opposite being hit. And he's not only expanded our defense they did it play at top speed there. He's gonna expand allotted to their credit in the opposite the game which they really needed you know I look at the game. The IQ score board Warner's corporate gave that big Lou last night to seek. LeBron James scored 42 and also lose badly needed cleaver or who lost the game so you've ever. And Ghana is the article repeat it seemed right so that they don't work they did. Bid there. They have gone to ward that wanted to get there you know I was a part of a team that those guys want to chip chip albeit just a literal. It is the rocket early don't be careful you do let a big lead bullets they win this game. Then all of a certain. YouTube which itself bit they have a deep hole that they you can come out and play with the remote or. Let go of that state is a veteran basketball team but stay right there in their public key committed to waive their way that way. So it's going to be a tough situation that Jane in all of Iraq that they go to they're really. Everything happened in that first game tell replicated but yet improve on doing the right they Vick out of that district currently. Elvin Hayes there are 957 game does Houston have the personnel to get physical of Golden State and trying to get them off their game and I ask you to go back to the days when you play against Lou while sender who became Kareem Abdul Jabbar knowing that you had to play him physically. To get him off his spot in Houston do that at all in the series to Golden State. Well I think that starters you don't bill not a lawyer. Called the rocket basketball G beauty you know I greed greed got established that. He you know in this first game he he quitting not if you get a guy has stage. Yeah yeah the good article with the rocket team deep in debt at home how it will go to feet. AA is nobody really. That take him out though that it really. Caroline you know you put out detail which you have you have no idea that this step up on that bet goatee and they don't have that talent. This team because they've got intelligence being in your letter of green stroke it like spirit of it they. They're gonna take you out but you've got the talent does that OT with typical. You know it is not the article that do it. You don't you know. Really courage to act on it to. You Eric Green easily take in the in this. He goes if it had people play in a typical worker. If that's what you do it with right now. Former Houston Rockets twelve time all star hall of Famer and an NBA champion -- Hayes joining Jolo Indians on 9570. Game Alvin thank you so much for your time this morning we greatly appreciate it enjoy the rest this series hopefully we get to begin on the route. Well popular support through this gate tonight this seat which we've built. So always thank you Alvin. There the big DJO one of the first stars I remember as a young young kid wanna Boller he was. Monster big east the biggie was it was an absolute double double machine. He was a physical force and he of course went against Lou I'll sender in the game at Houston Astrodome the first ever nationally televised game in nine he was 1968. All the louse and there via. Old Luke. It was a think that it's been edited out OK I don't think you can fight back on it I didn't. I insanity and getting flattens into them on nothing if if if reflect broad net Don there's no lack. No fly Blanton. As the year goes back off the temperature. Yeah our right to questions number one. Who do you want to see Steve Kerr stark tonight against the rockets do you stay with the Hamptons 530 switch over to looney tunes and question number two. Any draft lottery is this the really. Is really the best way to do this or is there room for improvement all that's coming up next Jolo and did not present in the chill blowing teams continue. On ninety fives and the game. If you're driving around I assume you hear old whistle right now we're about to play some Noriega. Screw up the rest today to me it's not in this kind of see what how do you what do you think about this. Q I mean compared reared in this guy's back here about a move meant look at them ominously mugged I'm an adult that's. My other option you think is in coffee. I don't think he would blow off this segment off just as I stare at this Seton and I. I'm okay. Exiting acknowledges if you know I had his guy who taught me and the way I designed to zobel. Economy and whistle and oh yeah we don't know how to work yeah. Yes thank you Ernie I mean I burrito less yeah. It is yet older end you know there are certain things functionality. From a functional standpoint that aren't as bought doll as they once were. When nature calls is no more senator voicemail that's all I'm not embarrassed by the title and PC. It's usually for good reasons not the other plane Toms got to go to the almost. Does he went got caught up like now. It's been pretty organized this is a problem here it meant when you almost ran me over on your way out of said restroom I punish it and hit it clear Michael. That comment. All right so we're gonna jump into the series and just dissect it and the starting lineup in the lottery and all that good stuff but we get this up we've got to address here. I don't know all the details of this I don't care to know all the details this'll be completely honest. Two years ago there were some picture of a dress that surfaced on the Internet and depending on something. You either solid as a blue dress or eight gold dress it was either blue or black or white and gold. Blue and black or white angle and it felt like right down the middle people were split on I remember sitting next to my wife looking at the pictures she salt one way I saw the other I could not understand. How some people would see it one way and other people concede that uses very bizarre. Science apparently broken down I didn't care read about it I'm who don't my life. Now something new has surfaced and eight I mean god forbid we ever start streaming anything in here. It was chaos in this backroom during the last break outside of did his prostate. The rest of us were gathered in this little studio listening to. Audio now. It's one word of being said four time it's the same word being said four times but depending on who you are a Carrie Lee you're either hearing at laurel. Or you know any yes OK it sounds bizarre. But we're gonna play it for you right now you can hear that did the same word four times and rode a nice guy fire like. Laurel of laurel. Of laurel. Yeah laurels. What is everyone hearing there I heard laurel all four times if I'm in the same the same thing it's so that I. So nice guys in the back claiming. He's hearing Johnny can you plug in so we can hear you are you able to turn that might go on and join this conversation you know he's gonna just scrambling through all the bugs and all right welcome to the program by Stephen what are you hearing. I am hearing yeah. You're hearing any yeah I really do know is that this is a joke he's lying note this thing with my head. A bet I would like hearing your laurel I am hearing any all four time for the first time I went back into the studio the very first time I heard it I heard yet at the beginning and then Loral Loral Loral. And then I heard again and that it all switch to all laurel after that I hardly anyone Melvin the intern was claiming laurel and then he walked out of the room heard it played from a distance and now he's claiming he's hearing. Jenny and you're gonna go out and line. Two Viennese two laurels and they're just pouring in right now so people are hearing. Yeah both my kids here I heard you or are you heard it both way based on the proximity when I was standing next a nice guy in there. I heard the nanny but now in their heads said I'm hearing laurel cited as the new they frequency or I won here again I want to play a lot here I'm trying to concert here and that's what I was like OK let me Indiana's. But I mean laurel. Laurel. Or it's money though you send it yeah I don't know if you're gonna get the trick yourself in the hearing something different. I know that did was on the other side of the room and heard something different it nice guy cannot hear laurel Melvin hearing both I haven't talked to Cody Cody here in laurel. He's just not just ignored and he's watching all of are we are international yell or not or did have a six I should go and attack slightest slip down the that I played again. Loral. Loral. Loral. Yeah laurels. Yeah laurel. All of can't come on guys can look at and you any I did hear earlier that's something that's crazy about the whole thing. But apparently it does have to do with the frequency and what you are more into the hearing by higher and the Tylenol. This is I'm I'm trying to figure out what to make it this 'cause this is now a sensation it's all over the Internet people are talking about it's a stupid dress thing all over again everyone here is hyped up over this this morning so we're playing it it's like at a I don't know I don't know what to do it as I think you put it out to the people. Com. And you go to the text and it's a split. It's an even split roughly even split with the techsters. Surprisingly a clean sweep for old laurel and you've got your money's coming in from everywhere. I think I will say that I heard it yeah any on my a cell phone this morning when I first discovered it and I hurry here laurel and here I you may have also to do with how far away from the audio you are. I got gearing issues those sought. Who knows what's going on some degree yeah I needed musician has actually reached out and said that he hears our Eunice the only thing of course I still alive. Donate he's amazing though she. He's amazing I was in the Coachella anybody who says not a beyond he started could sell what's your favorite what do you avionics on what that basically means yet which are very unease on. I'll I just for Fiat has given some Google and usually it's very different thing the it is enough I just hear my law always listened Yani we all get. I had this media again later when he realized needed to be I I I address it no one can explain any thing we move on eighth in the conversation can move to part two part three we keep don't it'd guys on par one. We move on to the next conversation you say what's on you know what he sees would you cut. Above Yoni my next season we will what do you like I did so knowing why don't know what he sought to pray not let you know would like to know the music and I've heard it's so automatic whenever they're up and it's not instrumental that point not to let me ask you aren't going our. I'm inquisitive by nature coach says someone says something I like asked follow ups the bizarre thing to me is when the follow up just like how Obama dress like a light from the Acropolis is. Amazing just that whole I don't even know what the individual songs or call I don't need that just to despray. More on Yani tunnel floor profound kindness and Europe and aggressively I want to get into tonight's game two to 6 PM right here in 957 again. Tip time is at six warriors warmup kicks off 430 what you covered here on that if I said in the game. Do you see Steve Kirk trotting out the high and inside to start this game more. Or would you pivotal looney tunes. At the looney tune full well why do you start Hampton five it's a good thing it's a good day you can use it. It's something you did you use when you have to you deploy that when you have to you don't distillate green berets out there. You just give you use them when you have to they're not in that situation they're gonna need can zoom in madly the next series but right now. When Loney. Only showing play solid minutes he's earned that respect the guys from playing great defense he can guard Chris Paul he can guard James Harden any does a great job. Any stays out of foul trouble. I've played loony toon because he's earned it this guy is plain and. High level why Hampton by all right here's the question now. If your Mike Antonin Houston. You Saul. Firsthand c'mon loony get 23 minutes on court the other night and you switched him onto Chris Paul multiple times I don't know of Chris Paul saw that coming. Before game one but he knows it's coming in game two of its out there. It felt like despite the fact that Paul had a solid game. That he wasn't able to exploit loonie the way he should considering it's a young bigger guy going against the crafty veteran now maybe loonie is just that good. Or maybe. She's is gonna try to take more advantage of that tonight do you see that being more of a problem if they try to focus specifically on loading knowing he's gonna get this many minutes. Is he get me up for the challenge. Until he will we here's. And yet to elect it's sort of like when you're playing quarterback and you saw that. You told you guys okay you attacker nominee knew that he's gone outside release music you would go to ball up because a technique. It because it and that's what Loney does looney understands word these guys are he and they want them to be close for they can take advantage jump off the dribble and penetrate to the hole. Or create the space what when he does he's placed far enough off in his long. In keeps them in front he doesn't let those guys take advantage of his size inside because he doesn't jump they can get him open air. He's got great feet this guy stays on the ground. Doesn't create a lot of fouls what are these guys great at. You look at James mark one wanted to best if not the best guy after flopping in creating felt against Tony Louie played him well didn't give up a lot of threes against him but he played he met a distance that he was still long and up the defend. And not letting his global passing and not and also contested the three. I like what he does I like this technique a lack alone he's done I don't think Chris Paul can just necessarily exploit this guy because of this footwork and continued deep. I like what he does off the bench for that very reason because you've got a young player who is not that experienced and you bring him off the bench. When James Harden is not at his precious what are we see. At the start of game one Harden came out on fire and you don't need looney on the floor to have an exposed to that sort of electric start let him come in. At the six minute mark of the four minute mark when the game is kind of settled down a where younger player can feel more comfortable that's why I started Nadal in the Hamptons five you are listening to 957.