Hour 1 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs recap the Championship Parade

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, June 13th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a recap of the Warriors Championship Parade. Then they discuss the Chris Haynes article on Draymond Green and Brian Windhorst's hot take for Lebron. 

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Good morning and welcome. To AA hang over edition of the Joseph lo and it's here on 957. Game. Metaphorically of course coming off the parade there were no shenanigans whatsoever out there and get that just a moment but it is fantastic to have you with us. Damon Bruce and step curry had eight fans. Classic conversation after yesterday's parade market down 7:30 this morning. You're gonna hear from the two time MVP snapped curry 7:30 this morning right here on 957 negates it royal join us at 830. Chris Broussard 905. Sammy may ninth thirty. And a bit of breaking news for those of you who are just waking up it turns out in this. That for the 20/20. Six World Cup. Canada. The United States and Mexico. Have been awarded as the host nation crowd. It's so exciting and good morning nothing excites me more than an event that they years away by her. Not easier to go to be here before long and and it's awesome with the World Cup sorry tomorrow. I'm pumped for the soccer and I'm glad it's coming our boys Schroeder's have it on start to finish they're going to be covering a lot of the German action. Demont shocked as our third on has enough demand shabbily they have a big big first round match up this weekend yes the game that everyone in Vegas is telling you about. Is quote taking the most money. For the opening around to check them out if you are in the this city. The depressing thing about seeing all of the Olympics in ten years of the world company years he's. Add those used your life yeah and you go when the World Cup comes to America I'm going to be the answer. Embarrassing each year yeah and then you think man. And as a public and make it that's the thing easy get to a point where I thought about that this morning I'm nineteen I'll be. 58. I hope I'm around that one with his thoughts and prayers. And with some blow us media of birth and youth though happy birthday if you bought at Danielle this seen mommy and class seventeen years ago today. We were watching the NBA finals and now Allen Iverson trying to get over on the lakers and I literally has joined the series ever discuss a job quest to. We'll be up for hours as he is a teenager you're gonna that you rural gets seventeen years old he's got 364. Days left before it all becomes. They're all adult charges at that point oh well enjoy the final 364 days of being a minor although I don't think it matters in this Yankee it mattered not not to the Fulani and I a felonious is scandalous to now I want to get. Something very serious. Yesterday. We were all very fortunate enough to ride on me 957 game float in the warriors. Championship. Boy does that team how to pearl party now we've got a lot to break down from yesterday but I say this. You are nice gesture but get to a harder start with idea. There was a moment this is that ninety minute parade you cannot believe how many people are. What a beautiful moment or was it is everyone's smiling and yet I could not get over the fact. That everybody is just in love with the reds O'Neal now I get that because of the personality because of the achievements. Lowe is one of the most likable people I've ever come across in my entire life. But the fact that this guy. Can spend 4 hours in the morning talking about KB leaving and LeBron James being the best effort. Arnold warrior afloat and have everyone shouting him out blew my mind that was my biggest take away from yesterday a joke. This guy is he's gonna come wanna tell you about LeBron James tomorrow. It's crazy because they got the LeBron James signs of them actually and so this is for you I don't. Yeah I only hope is a real a much important abroad I mean. That's the great thing about it being able to be really don't. And meet so many out of our listeners yesterday and redemption amounts all means that weren't jovial and boys did. And I don't just amazing to see so many fans out there that's fans bars of course fans that are does but. Just love listen into the show every morning listeners are crazy but talk nonsense and H is really really great to be kinda out there yesterday and get to see these individuals face to face women men kids. It is just I thought it was just amazing experience that we all got to experience yeah I. I appreciate you know give me MySpace is out of work into my broken hand thing I have my hand pretty banish doubt John enough you know is there any reactions that you bandage your hand it to look like LeBron was fantastic as my -- -- basically you what I bring different sexes of the parade mostly you're looking out you're not looking at the people you're with ruckus. We see each other guess I'd rather look at the crowd lets us know I couldn't see necessarily what you're doing the whole time how was the reaction we re losing and get there are some ways and then we get to some stoppages you know look at the parade stops and that's what he would Coke and the players we get out and run around so folks are looking at you like basically entertain us inside point in my handed. I have heard it's a Pulitzer talk about it when I walked David actually you were in it yeah there are literally never put all these are right the material then that's when everyone's game. That's brain dead straight up that god really did a oh yes in in Istanbul on CNET T did that these us in sweep sweep. And he's one how much he's twist and turn and yeah I haven't seen them exercise that much ever I mean he's quote. Off 20. Off I'd like look at this guy I mean before the parade to even. Even have to believe this or not. I got to see hightower welcome news it wears did it you'd misty eyed tower in Eagles and number my dad went to Fresno state as a boy because the crowd. Our. Act permits eyebrow. The brother he's a brother Joseph what do you know odd man and I tell our it is high tower out there. And his name is Michael I'll wait a minute now I don't or I guess got a lot of physics didn't register you know the whole thing. We can't. This. Trying to put on them one of the most unbelievable I didn't I'd like and care about that does he know you'll need to tell me this gesture. So Michelle Obama on yeah I don't care if I have to be honest with you so Tim. It's gonna join us at 830 before we started this whole thing there's the one street all of the the flow of the yeah devices the trolleys would have the closet amazed all lined up yeah. We get audit and before we do I'm talking with Tim for a little bit and he's just like have you done this last judge and studio he'll low and did their veterans in this. Is it when it goes around the first who goes just be ready he does it's a site unlike you've ever seen since like OK okay. Buyback of Beers we go around that first corner first corner and read at their front. I was so. Drunk with power the second we came around that corner you just look out at all those people into like yes and ha ha ha yeah. Assets off of our topic and you just you start small it's like go away here you like this is it's so intense and then he's our point people out. And then you start trying to get a loud and they keep reacting. I can understand how can go to once had. Yeah very much cut like a Roman emperor of you know we are on top of the cherry and I am among the throngs the masses it kind of on the hood of the other truck. Where I don't even my arms if you're number completely out of control you're I don't mind you donated it Manama signal thing that breaks for your eyes you like yeah I. I was convinced 'cause I was standing right at the front and if you picture like in Titanic yes where Leo and IRS affront. I'm just stared out of my seat was estrogen alone too busy. I'm distressed for the warriors I watched you go act as you know I saw you so focused he's got to meet very bright guy wouldn't let her maternal and also he looked around and his third. He jumped up on the truck and S and look at this economic I. I've actually filmed you don't even know you were so in a moment and even know daddy you all these brain in his hand like he gets out of three I'd like John McDonald yeah I like what would you give up the Clinton out there and play yet. Plan B so he gets that's what you begin the board the duds you definitely get to for all the media that marries I gotta be honest watching you work. Crowd and everything else he does this thing. For ninety minutes of sitting next to low and held just point people I see there. The end of people get so excited I just keep doing it and it's somewhat aware of the guys over the top like the royal rocker call you need about. Here light the big man reverend Jesse Jackson the whole continent could you do like the big brown. To oppose yes but I'm Cindy over the and the blue dress. I'm like yeah over and over love that yeah I think Federer bid ha ha. My dad. Coral that was gets I guess it now we have got a lot we've got to get into war related we touched on need to remind green Chris teams article from yesterday. But only just a small snippet there were two other things that surfaced in there that are a lot bigger than people. Are considering them at the moment subordinate died in that about 630 we've also got to get and it's a big dream mandated. Drape mom was big on the parade at T shirt we'll get an and that the comments about Tristan Thompson get in that. If you had an MVP for the parade if he had an MVP who would have been. I would go with Jordan bell just for taken it to that next level of just youth and reckless abandon make as much like you and your first parade. I was probably a little bit more low key that I won last year you're very humble you owe him a lot of the stuff so you sit back and watch a sport you know you watch religiously. I read material before I ran a little material during that you and your moment your first time you're over the moon for me that was Jordan Val climate and end game. But you element in this guy here he judgment need no you're way over the top than your run in from David and a band and the nights relevant material you saw our competitors are causing he almost jumped out of the trunk and start touch in the rain all the sudden left offered a bomb eleven what part of the way Greg. You told him there why did you give them that fired look at I think it's a little friendly rivalry you know your boys there's going to be some breaking news comes out the next few days out who the true number one sports team. In the city isn't gonna get into that now but there might be a new number one and because of that we showdown CMO DC the rebels got a lot of note right that's how it works the long run of seventeen as you really you let a UK the walk into the desert you know you finally get to the and it's like we finally here in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa. Norwalk coach or you you could be don't thank you let me know I'll tell you what I also was shot up the sun. That the the actual sign that we revolve around now most conclusive it's very hot yesterday I got very Burke but here's the key. When that type of sun is blazing. You can fire down 45 Beers and not have to use the restroom due to dehydration and when you're on a floats. That becomes of the utmost importance of shot up the sun because her ninetieth minute. Here. I was at a point where is like you know I I think I scripted this thing out with a whole other turned coming down and a few more blocks. Didn't have to go to the sudden now I'm gonna pay for you can see my face today you made it through. You made it through survives are. That was music. We can actually get to and I've been talking and I talked to guys about India it's a lot that that's an added today's issue get to some music. All right straight migraine sisters and tops in the new T shirt that's out it might be bigger than dubbed con three. Unlikely but let's got a big time teacher and wait until you hear what he had to say about Tristan Thompson Joba did not if I've syndicate. But when kids continues. On 957. Again. Good to have you with us today Jolo in bids 95 cent in the game. Damon Bruce had eight fans. I stick one on one. With the two time MVP staff Currie after yesterday's parade we are gonna play that for you today at 730 market down. You'll hear from NBA champion Stefan curry at 7:30 AM. Net we have got a lot to get you today. Let's start with this we were kicking around the idea of who was MVP of the parade yesterday. In your eyes maybe he is maybe he isn't but he's definitely got to be in consideration. And that is none other. Then these Swiss army knife Dray mind green. The T shared the comments. He was most definitely enjoying himself in sunny Oakland yesterday afternoon but. Before we get them back. A video surfaced on social media yesterday. Of the final moments of game four of the NBA finals last Friday night. And the warriors obviously win that game a blowout afterwards. LeBron had already made his way to the locker room and a lot of people were talking about whether or not should've stuck around he was gonna make a big deal of it. As he checked out of the game he shook hands with all the warrior players on the court I think that was enough now we can get into the added another time but. The rest of the players for the most part cabs in warriors at some point kind of form like hockey handshake line. And they went through and they gave each other hugs and love and it helped. Nice job by seize and enjoy your meet ice in the NBA players by and large the only each other very well. So what you see in this video. Is the camera following Dray mind green from behind. And it starts with dream on hugging Kevin law and hugging and congratulating each other at their wishing each other good summer. And then dream on turns and the next guy in line is Tristan Thompson. And these two obviously had a lot of beef both in the past and in this series. And generally you would figure the handshake line is where he squash all just like in any championship fight. You're gonna talk all the trash about your pony it's a miserable things about family all this stuff to get pay per view sales up and then. When the fight and he'll you'll congratulate each other notable one. Not in this situation train on completely. Blows him off and says quote. I don't X would have with you as and I don't mess with you I'd be you know what ward right surprising is that bad form lake even. Considering everything they've gotten into is that just a situation where I got should be by god you should move water you cool. I'm cool that but I would handle it differently personally but if you're beef is real and we always want these rivalries to be real we don't want him to be. Fake rivalries where guys are buddy buddy in the summer after trying to go toe to toe on the court so if you really have a problem with a guy. Give you a quick fist bump or just keep it moving it off to make a big deal out of but I have no probably did that. You know at this is like you've gone to quote war with guys linebackers for four quarters I'm sure they're guys in the league you didn't like playing against and then there were guys you respect the right. What do you what do you make of this when this happens afterward she set an example and just shake hands or is okay is this good for sports. I think there's there are times were. You shake most embarrassing 99 point now I'm seeing you shake hands and Garmin is so good he met so do show pay whatever man. Whatever I'm will be your blanking blank today and I'll let let go. But then there's times when people made eagle too far and I don't know as one of those times were pretty minor interest and I don't know if they were drug money to others girls and all the different things that can be sit in there are some things that you look at and say. OK now we could you cross a line so I'm what is crossing the line if failing. And I think so in a way that it's dead or you know someone is being really very you know kind of real mean people win negatives and set up whatever and that those things happen but when you cross the line it to me family can be really really. You know family or something personal about you know maybe some excellent nose in Indy you don't Dornan your faces some like that so. I think those are sometimes the parts you like OK plan overturned. Some people shake it off and some don't so much now I'm Madeline then go men you know bitterness that was too much so. You know I don't know it's perjury interest and I mean those guys they're gonna see each other in it was just one of those things were you know very on refused to examine nom namely cut from the same cost kick rocks. Beautiful they use that term because if you thought maybe it was just the heat of the moment everyone's past it. Yesterday Dray mind green at the championship parade. Was wearing a teacher now he LeBron and had great teacher wars over the years couple years ago when the cavs won it was the warriors T shirt from the movie that LeBron war. And then last year I can't remember. Well it was Jim are wearing me Quicken Loans quickie. Lawns because it was done in five games this year Dray mind ward be our third fist with three rings on it. And underneath it said mood because that James tweeted that. I can't remember when there's something during the season where James tweeted the famous name of the Arthur fancy app where he's getting upset. During and another frustrating if you hit it that's how he reacted dividing the Gramm of course and we're shockwave throughout social media. I'm sure he might Indians handed tweets about it and there. So he's wearing a T shirt yesterday but he also met with our Franklin Azubuike NBC sports Bay Area mr. fab as well yeah there death and he had this to say this is remind green about Justin Thompson. Obama didn't call that's a real. We need contests name. Trust and we ain't got to say about boo he just been in there with that it's true they get a better idea that symbol jump and and. Lot of guys. Obama did well that's a real. Personally. This ticket adjusting to her because I wanted to focus on drama but now it feels as it Jamont got Tony Romo there yes and I aimed get a need to get the isolated that's real and also blackened and and tell me how clean is the. All or whatever of the career. Doesn't the noise before they are beginning again you're gonna hear bill. Could collapse so when you glad to join us later. But to get him on to address this he Tony Romo grain yeah that what you would call that year we come to you on the easings that's a tough call because that really is his spot as an interviewer and there was another NBC sports Bay Area interviewer there as well it's kind of group thing. In a parade setting. It's a free for all know for now no foul play. How nice that a nicer gentler did stood I don't know I didn't yeah. We are gonna have to address that wouldn't now question yesterday we addressed an interview drama on Green Day with Christine Christine had this fabulous piece of one ESPN yesterday. And we talked about Jamont and how we said he's not. Not gonna accept an extension this summer. It led to a couple inches staying paths of discussion but buried in this article work couple other pieces. That we really need to get to because these could be monumental in determining how things are gonna shakedown for this team and league. In the coming years that's up next Jolo and it's not about seven again. Showed no Wendy's continues. On 9570. Game. One hour from now 7:30 AM marked down. You're reading here from the two time MVP staff Gary he had a tremendous. One on one with the great demon loose yesterday after the parade. If you did hear yesterday because you were celebrating and have a good time enjoying the weather all good. The boys got your back we're gonna played at 730. You're not gonna wanna miss it flocking here 730 staff carry. We've got to ease into the show today. What we call hot tub radio we ease into things but now it's gonna start to get into the nitty OK yesterday. A fantastic article was published on espn.com. From Chris Haines is all about reminder. Now this happened yesterday morning so we talked about the second half of the show. And the nugget that surfaced was that it straight month green were offered a contract extension this summer. Which she's eligible for it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of three years seven to two million dollars. Trim I would turn it down. That's what he said. And who what does that mean stream to be traded as yet happy is holding up from more lot of different ways you can go there. But buried within this article were a couple of other key tidbits of the fascinating piece. I wanna start with this one this he is what grabbed my attention from the job this is a quote from Drake might bring. I took less so we could go after TD. I'm a student of this game and I studied the business side of it and the numbers where some people don't. They leave it up to their agent to do. Basically he's letting you know. That when he ended up signing a five year 82 million dollar contract a few years back he left twelve million on the table. Twelve million. Now he has this fantastic quote that Ayman retune just the second but here's the breakdown from Chris saints you might think twelve million what does that really mean. The significance. Of dream on smaller deal with that that cap hit in the second year second year being 20162017. Was fifteen point three million vs seventeen point 62 million less. Now those savings. Helped create a Max salary slot based on Andrew Bogut being traded. And the rights to Harrison Barnes and that's this is the elite being renounced so tray months cap number X two million shorter because he was willing to take twelve million last. That coupled with the bogey it is Healy and Barnes moves freed up an additional Max spot which created the room. For not only step Kurd eventually his payday but for Kevin Durant to join the team. Quote from dream on that money is not changing my neighborhood it's possible six million after taxes and fees it's not changing my neighborhood. But championships ten championships. Can change my life. Now this is fascinating to me because all the long. I just assumed everyone was getting what they were Denton and then there was some Wheeling and dealing behind the scenes and boom the opportunity was presented. Planned Kevin Durant but here drain money is very specifically. Letting you know it very interesting time. That he had the foresight to see during its availability coming. So he went ahead and structuring his deals in a way that would present an avenue for direct to join the warriors fascinated by that right it. It's fascinating that it is not just because Kevin Durant but for any Max cut the player what he did was buy take meant to hit the say hey look. If needed I'm going to allow you guys that you know take twellman and I can take that off the books to create opportunities for us to get a another superstar. In just so happen to be was Kevin Durant. But by number 21 that that was a sacrifice if he's right that maybe wouldn't change his neighbors he gets that 6000012 million you know after taxes seven million bring home. He is gonna debit what he's and is there is transcending money there's Maine Al that's out there that. Because of the championships and because of what we're joined in the team that I am on. I understand. They can change my life and it can change the trajectory of who I am my family and all those human beings because the Mac still can be you know an Indian owned and in his rearview mirror now because. He's going to have an opportunity to blow up there and get that he'd you know succeeds and does does what he's capable of going so. Who storm this is a guy was well written it and understands the importance of finances did we did this. Conversation I think like a month ago if always said Don 1015 years from now which warrior would make the best coach the best general manager perhaps the best owner and Andre were dollars name came up you brought up treat migraine. This just speaks to the next level thinking Jamont puts together on a day to day basis to go back in time and think that he was actually looking two years down the road three years down the road to the potential of landing Kevin Durant that means something. And the fact that he has such knowledge of the salary cap and the mash nations therein according to the piece from Chris Haines. He went to the lawyers with a number and they said yes right away because it was less than what he. Possibly could have commanded and he knew going in how much he needed to sacrifice to create that spot. And he also knew going in Chris Haines rights. While in his article about how he's the number one text there in the NBA he had already been in contact with the ransom he knew that he could probably get decay. And make this happen and by sacrifice in the money. Having the connections. I think he might be a player agent. When all's said and done it his agent actually is BJ Armstrong. Cannot University of Iowa former warrior longtime pro so I did he dream on following an animal. Here's the portion of the story you're talking about quote green is the league's texting aficionado. A text of the rant after the warriors blew a 31 lead in the 2016 final stating quote we need you got the wheels in motion for a game changing transaction. In January he texted Boston Celtics guard Jalen brown quote your an all star. A nod to what he saw the second year player doing on both ends of the court. And during the warrior second round series against New Orleans. A livid green sent a long text that foray into Durant after a loss challenging him to bring more to the next game. During that responded by dropping 38 points now it goes on to talk about his relationship would Joseph well and beat Donovan Mitchell Damien Willard. LeBron James. All these guys right. Something about back. Then a bigot about the fact that he's already medically is turning down this extension this summer three years 72 million because he goes on to win MVP. Defensive player of the year. Where is named any of the all NBA teams he's eligible for a five year 246. Million dollar deal so is gonna bet on himself and so he knows how to recruit. He's tight with a lot of star players he's turning down the extension he's letting you know specifically through this article he's already taken less to facilitate a move for TD. I'm starting to think Dray mind green is kicking around the idea of his own version of a super team two years down the road when his deal's not. He sees the writing on the wall with steps contract and the coming TV contract. He knows clay is gonna get paid before he does there's probably not gonna be a lot of money left he will be thirty when his free agent. He saw 23 years in advance that Kevin Durant would be an opportunity for his team and he wanted to win. I'm certain I think two years down the road when his deals up. Is Trey amount already starting to lay the foundation for the team he wants the form outside a gold state perhaps it's a stretch. But if you connect these dots it makes for a very interesting conversation. Ann and nines is that lets you know that he understands the nature of the game you heard me even when they were taught month hypotheticals and Brahms come to the words he goes that means I'm gone. He was very very candid about it it wasn't like he beat around the bush he goes LeBron comes here I would have to be gone. He understands the numbers you understand. In the NBA he understands how sports but what what's the function of the sports. They're gonna look at you as a situation and says okay peppers and give me this is he worth that. We are a lot return on investment. And dreaming Alex at that he is he's had to dig forecasting so cooler than this guy. In here's a guide it reached out to LeBron may have a relationship look at the little guys in the barbershop when they had that thing were real bronze tomorrow. He's so but say even trying to take is that you know. But you saw that LeBron what Eddie go he went out and brought ray mud into that city. You seem LeBron he felt abroad and so bond movies and Eagles may your right man in the in the finals. Even though a moment when they wanted to dominate he has a great relationship with a lot of guys even though. How democracy can be all the cuts and all the things he does. He does have a great relationship and guys do respecting because the way that he plays he's a grown he's a hardworking guy. You've got a good job or 43 minutes and we haven't done anything on LeBron. But we've got to you because something was said Monday by keep our keys to this entire puzzle. That might have warriors fans a bit on edge that's coming up next Jolo and did not accustomed to get. Sure blowing teams continue. On 957. Game. One of being the most amazing. Elements for yesterday's parade and hold of this as it was happening. Was that lonely all I can talk LeBron James on this nation. All day long to lay out at all honest and truly patrolling the Bill Polian sure lens though and you know everyone has fun even yesterday were called me out there. But I was knowledge in my game you do when I seen. Him grow family here this thought Stanley with the listeners. Everyone's cool world quarter talk a little trash bag and for that's what friends and family do. It's amazing to me you can talk about public enemy one like that is so all that and then when you go out on that float in front of those people. Every ones shouting out O'Neal it was a remarkable. Thing because they know that I loved them too. Honestly. It probably respect did you know that I mean. A hard time they give me a hard time low showed up go back at the Fresno. Eat some chicken drinks and chicken milk even that out I mean. Until it's back and forth it's good for re actually heard someone referenced chicken. Yesterday nice guy yeah well I heard chicken out somebody got hurt the shadow of the Pittsburgh she's up. Someone let him know he was good at bleak. I'm not doing it he dropped the ropes is so it was going back and it was it was absolute acted without cockroach milk I mean it was it's concho. As I did the seven game flow is a clock shop appears gray cloud so people like apple enjoys some mean Gibbs we got to before of the people don't deploy OP Jeannie. And they're like they listen to the show and and my god utility company. If for no did you within like yeah as a comment about how that is now that you were talking to you before we got on the float you or do you get a moment they look June you've bought the dummy EU viewers such a nice guys need to I would give you a hard time but if you wouldn't it. Stepped up in the way you did people have been in bad shape I got a little bit like you got it started you'll viewers UPS in no question. No shirt that's not aiming for but thanks. And they aren't you can do that one day you know you live in the good luck yes that's seriously doubt seriously look around this collection of talent. And will we get there it's a where's the booze well there is well you've got to remedy this we are the interns well. Now. But to do with that of anywhere they haven't I was there isn't nothing like there's nothing like the while not going to get it and that is that is the beer shows up who's first in line. Diddley obviously but diddley is at the front of the flood Jolo in this it's the first show out of the gates of the first Beers get handed out. In a certain order you cannot jump the beer pecking on there are rules here this is not nine. But do keep it classy just get one interview and I just want those suckers game two would you worry about what he'd look in and it is Halloween Halloween but that they really adding I mean Chapman but pretty well. Because last year digs being one on the flow inciting his energy fix nicely all manage ourselves the best do you she's good that's right yeah she's not gonna bring bottles major ArQule we'd be on the phone can. She comes this year comes yesterday you think she brought anything. Sunny what you took ever you took care signing into our she did had and citing disappointing you do part of this does fall on the veterans who did this last year. Yeah there's no boos came back for another year and once again brought no boost. You would be one of those individuals if you were still drinking and I don't drink gaining yards so you Lar absolve you had that 36 cent cigar you were smoking on out there. Either that it was gonna explode at one point what are the odds are you it was a tournament but it almost explode all those balloons because I I would drop a little ash on the balloons that pop and actually scared me a couple of times with a pop up some astonishing that why the bullets kept pop. You're cigar I didn't mean true. Fire hazard couch with my stimulus let's look at her like there are millions of balloons out here never popping except the ones that are directly next to me and I couldn't figure out why because directly next to those balloons was you'd. It. Deal. And then your screen an excellent shot every time a balloon pop. Yeah. That's all right so. In a very roundabout way that brings us back to the reds O'Neal's segment of the program now Monday. On the day and lebed tarred show bright and win the horse quiz cover LeBron James since high school who knows LeBron James better than any reporter in the business. Went on the day lebed tart shell and. Had this exchange. And it's impossible to answer from there this question Brian which team would you wanna be right now as it relates to LeBron like which is the team that should be the betting favorite. I. I don't have an airport. The best thing that happened down. Would be if he could get on the phone with Kevin Durant and taught him in to playing with him in Los Angeles. That would be the way to pull in your number one competition. Going to add about three or four players in the league created new super even change everything. But direct authority that you can't treat well. That's pretty good at O'Brien O'Brien that's a pretty good one really guy that's a good one beloved son and think of it. And in that that the move. That he could do but I don't need to rant. Durant has put LeBron walked why would direct your business but I understand like it. If you look at afford the it is that you know that led you to look at somebody without a compromise that's where you wouldn't do what. Sadly we can't count Steve got as part of the billions is now as lows been talking about these two joining forces for what feels like a decade. Far too long these ridiculous right and that that's a nice little theory in new Bryan when Norris and you got got a little bit late those two joining forces I just. I don't see it. At this particular junction KD. Goes for one of those one plus one deals may be. After next year he decides to revisit that out see happening now. Now this is Brian in horse and you can look at it one at two ways he knows LeBron better than anyone. He also knows he's going to be asked this question relentlessly. Start to finish stated night from now until LeBron makes his decision. So eight he either comes up with something that sounds intriguing. That has no merit to it but gets people off his case which is what this could be or beat. He's may be hinting at something behind the scenes perhaps he's doing some of the bronze public bidding they're they're putting some feelers out there to see how the public will respond what do you make of that when it's Bryant win horse well. Sometimes super. Friends don't get along a member Batman and Superman didn't but Bettman do we need any music would go out and give him because they were fighting for one common good. Ron James and Katie I think even they had four I think they even have some business ventures together even in there and business together and the people probably don't know some of those things with. I think they'd be easier now these guys have such a remark relation they have a great relationship. I don't know what goes to a morning team up at times and where I mentioned those things but I do know one thing. If LeBron James picks of the folder we saw Kate we saw a bit. Remind green we talked about the last segment picked up the phone tech school Katie we talked about him being the Texan guy of the MBA. He has a sphere of influence even though he's not necessarily a superstar dominant player in his own right he has but. Not a score politics score but he can't think of the phone and pick up and called it going be LeBron james' differing guys. Because he's that type of guy because he has that gravitas about in the way he plays the game. When you look at a guy like LeBron James one thing we can't say that he can pick up the phone in it he does pick up the follow it and make a call. Someone is going to answer quick question if he picks up the phone injures his hand in the process. Kenny complete the call. Yes but you just know that the call doesn't go right after the call he will banded job and let you know when it happened. Prior to send call please continue you are on a roll yes I'm sorry. It's great I know that and we got title like please please click and bringing home. Which would be instead guys I think you guys who lead to a program as I do I know these guys get together not north can't say that but we do know that LeBron James compared with the phone. Inculcate. Because they have that type of friendship that type of respect for one another and the conversation is want to begin and it's going to be paid. I'm 34 years old. Make eighty Juno. I'll defer you know I'm not about necessarily taken the last shot I'm not necessarily about that business balls but I do wanna win. And I know you if you stay there you guys don't win and you guys can be eighteen I'm I wanna win another title and men enable it won't be my team you know that I respect to these two guys respect one another. It would not be anything will host team is he gonna say is a product Katie team these are two mega superstar. That would share. Move the ball around. And it could be a match made in heaven that's the move I saw what you did there Maceda. And smiled and all the way around he couldn't really optic didn't close out the six with a flourish it's it's it's still early let the big man easily. Outside he wrote a letter. I'm Gary give up like these things go get. If there is a way for the NBA could challenge the NFL to really try to challenge the NFL for the headlines come October when the NFL you start talking playoff races in the NBA's get started. It would be those two playing together I don't see another move that could happen. That would draw anymore interest because if you talk about the crazy idea the crazy notion of LeBron and the warriors. It would just make more people to now to the extent that aren't we know who's gonna win. But you put those together like LA now suddenly can warriors get passed him where the warriors can use the TD money do they bring in Paul George what's gonna happen with Boston in the east. Is the easel one or Sri.