Hour 1 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down the NFL's schedule release

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Thursday, April 19th

Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show discussing the passing of Gregg Popvich's wife. Then they recap the wild nights for the SF Giants and A's. MLB Insider for MLB Network & Fox Sports, Jon Morosi joins the show. 


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Yeah. Yost in downtown San. Chill a little did not find seventeen. Good morning and welcome to the show. Jolo and did 95 cent in the game and we are honored to have you witnessed today. John Rosie from Puerto Rico in about thirty minutes yeah. On that offensive explosion last night in Arizona. Whom giants scored some runs. He's gonna help a lot of runs came back from not one but still. Five run deficit yesterday we will ask him about that how does get a join us at eight the NFL schedule is released tonight at 5 o'clock. We have all of our projections we have all of our prop bets all that's going to be coming up. But we begin. On a more somber note. The beauty of this show and the beauty of we get of what we get to do every day is coming here to have fun to laugh to poke fun at Donald. Sports and the individuals that are. Involved in professional sports but the poke fun at the media in general. Our hot cakes are chaos. Trying to bring a little bit of light to your drive your commute each and every morning. But today we begin on a somber note as. Gregg Popovich the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs his wife Aaron. Of more than four decades passed away yesterday about illness she had been battling for an extended period she was 67 years of age now. We're not short pop is gonna coach tonight we will be discussing tonight's game in a few moments but for right now this is one of those moments. We put life into perspective where we've spent the first two games analyzing everything that's taking place on the court talking about quiet Leonard pop with the media. We've had some fun when it today's one of those days where we just reach out and our condolences and our sympathies because you know he's going through a tough time. Yeah it's terrible and no other way to say it then just tragic news and very sad news and makes you think about losing your own spouse or the loss of of one's parents and there's no other way to say it other than it's terribly sad and they NBA community mourns together and we certainly out here. More attention being paid to the spurs right now because the warriors are playing and the spurs but Gregg Popovich having coached. In Golden State he's very close to Mike Brown Steve Kerr Gary C Jeanne our own Greg Papa who will have some great thoughts and added 8 o'clock. All you can do is is offer your condolences on this. There is no right or wrong in terms of whether or not he chooses to coach tonight how either team responds that there's there's no way to take this. And turn it into analysis that's not what we're looking to do. You having been there. All the years you've played item I'd have to imagine that there's been a teammate or coach that has gone through this during the season. What's that what's it like it did does that everyone just kind of rally together and rather and realize that there is more to life. EE do it yesterday was interesting because it won the guys in the casting was who'd just had a baby in the you know who's gonna play life was being celebrated. In another spectrum life was being taken out of this world. And it's never easy it's it's that you know in las went dead ends in June 2 years ago an army to use his tune. In its still Jolo pick up the phone I still have dad's. Number in my phone. You still have. Voice message that you can you still have pictures that you you did deals to capture moments that I'm just at night sometimes Ahmadabad day. And I'll just watch. I know them for Popovich even though he's got a great. Community around him then baseball can mean the basketball association. So many people are reaching out to him because of love and it's a paternity. But it's still that hit that you had that in Tina's. Yeah it's just it's it's on its own realty its sole hard he simple words on it. In insist it you know it's it's it's tough I know it's it's tough for helmets tough force players is tough for the community. And I still has to go on and we and our thoughts and prayers are just with them and I just lost a lot of people. I played with junior say Al different guys here with the new. In in in infertile moments you just think it's your for turn Europe. Placed pitcher in because you're entertaining and it. Even though you hear things you don't think he would touch you you don't think it'd affect you you feel you know sometimes invincible and vote your family all those different things because of things you can provide. You don't think it's you even though. Realistically you know it can happen. But it's just it's it's an offense is awful and disk they're blessed that they got the C forty years together marriage so it. That is that is is ablaze while sad problem. Former First Lady Barbara Bush that in the age of 92 when he was a couple days ago and one of her quotes at the end and this is quote that's been out there before but what are reports that the end was that when you reached the end. You don't think about. How you wish you would have pursued this other job or you wish she would have spent more time in the office you think about how you wish you would've spent more time with loved ones. He would've taken that additional vacation or just spent more time in the evenings doing. Something what your family or your friends rather than something for worker some personal hobby and I was thinking about that. In the wake of this yesterday. And generally these stories pop up I've never met Popovich but these doors past pop and you remember Brett Favre and his father passing away and every few months something happens in pro sports like this it's the circle of life. This would hit a little bit closer to home because I kept thinking to myself. I got number one I didn't even know his wife was sick and number two. He just met how many of her. Final days here coaching basketball asking and answering questions about why Leonard trying to figure out the war your defense right and that's his job and I'm sure in some way. That's therapeutic to him. There's a way that when you're dealing with personal tragedy and when you're dealing with sorrow. That using your profession or using a hobby or interest is no way in which you can kind of cult the coping mechanism right it'll help you through it can be therapeutic. I don't know how long she was sick but she was sick for awhile but just the very idea that. Those with a final days he was here coaching it it puts things in perspective it really does that you know. You're out there answering these questions about whether or not quiet gonna play and saying these telemarketers and where you're analyzing it you just think to yourself you know what. And they go hug and to tonight and maybe not focus so much on this. Not as important Oklahoma city Utah all game that I've been making out yeah quit and it's. I see exactly same but the same time you have to live your life and pursue your career objectives and he is as a basketball coach and I haven't talked to Gregg Popovich much and when you look at his situation married for forty years you understand that. They've had an understanding of what he does for his job and so. If you are the coach of the spurs this is the playoff time and you're going to be the team Unicode now whether or not he does today. You're right Joseph no one can judge whether or not he should or he shouldn't that's up to. Him and his relationship. And their family situation and what they decide as a group would be the best way to honor her memory whether or not to coach in game three but. To your point about the true reality isn't all that I think that we all need to do is to just. Take a step back from the little things for me it's easily traffic or bad drivers and you do and I ask you sort of put that great perspective though it's like. I lost my mom the day after Christmas last year and much like the lowest saying sometimes I think about all my mom I you know. I should tell her this and then you catch yourself and you realize you can't just call you can't just reach out and makes you think did. You do need to cherish all the as well as you out. I don't know if he has regrets. But I know I did and I know I do. You know I was oh is that working you know I told you and Chad hey I gotta go. And you as a kid at a year in and my dad held onto I got their payments are looked I mean we. He would couldn't speak but you know look I mean we wouldn't you know hold him in touch human do those things in is gone. In it in certain times now alas a sister you know to cancer in 2005. And I should have been there more. And sometimes we let our own things that we think it is our lives and are things that we're going in we say or got to live my life in these are things I get ghosting. The life will go on. NBA will go wrong. Winning losing the will go on a life is once it's over it's over so those moments when we see our loved ones are we know they're leaving. Spend as much time if people can understand that and a work force people can understand that around June. Then shame on them. Because goals moments. Whenever you get back. Those times in those thank you talk about what Barbara Bush was she talked about it was about which we should take more vacations or wishers around Warburg loved ones all those different things. Goals are the memories those are the live moments that you have to always be a what does that I know they're going to be submitted in his head but sometimes we do. Think about our jobs and everything around us. When in today while we yours people if people need. How do we improve on that. I wrestle with us because on one hand you wanna pursue the greatest version of view from a career perspective. You wanna get better every single day you get wrapped up and it you also think this is a means for which I provide any to take it. As serious as possible I need to succeed at the highest possible level in order. Three maximum potential of that at the same time we have these conversations. About not looking to into how do you strike that balance at something I've wrestled left. For more than a year now ever since that it was born trying to figure out how to throttle back from one an increase the other. But at the same time. You can't afford to get complacent and let the one slip. And spent too much time on it and you don't of saying absolutely that's how do you if you were to give advice to anyone if you were to try to recommend the best possible way to move forward. With that ballot how do you do it like you have a mental remind. Every morning when you're taught him a balanced that's the word Hutomo imbalance see a lot of people are presence but their absence. Sometimes you're at the home in your sitting and you like listen in OK whatever in your bare but are you really bear. In those at a moment so yeah I understand we have to presume we have to pursue in working do those things. But the time that we're there. Those are times that you got to see like you talk to put your phone down and not do one stop writing stop doing most things in pay attention listen. Talk about certain things that you wouldn't talk about for sure stealthy and uncomfortable situations and talk about things that. Sometimes you wouldn't talk about that's what we filled to do because whistle service how is your day. We really didn't wanna know will act and it. Oh what was it in their so many things that we had inside of us that we want to express and we want to get out. But yet and still whistle surface was so you know I don't because we're thinking about tomorrow thinking about the next dollar and I think all those things. Don't you think even though she knew all of its wife wives and people wise. They know what our job is. Don't you think they sacrifice enough. Don't you think that sometimes they even know so what they knew the job this is what it but aren't they sacrificing. Enough of them for you to provide so at those times and we we may understand that those that are times in the moment so I balance with that too. Is deep present one where there are more at the home more on the phone we're talking. Really be present that's the thing that balance that I think people sometimes they say on their two on these things but. They're not really press. While sad. We've got a couple calls the numbers triple 89579570. We've asked the question about this already there was a question floating around last night Alley look force. Following beat Cleveland Indiana game asked LeBron James about this and it started a firestorm. And we're gonna dissect it for you next whether or not it was right or wrong Jolo in dibs on the backs of the chill blowing did continue. On 957. Big game. Shadow of the Anaheim Ducks her I guess showing up. I think that's what they did in this series unbelievable. Hurdle that big game winner about midway through third period last night too little one and now it's the sharks leave hers is the biggest golden knights lead they will meet in the next round quietly Vegas has become the favorite to win the Stanley Cup why they didn't exist last year crazy. They did not exist last year and now they are the favorite. To win the Stanley Cup and to surprise attack sign on the shout outs and shout out some surprising shot and a low note this morning yeah Leo a news. Aid us in what regard oh you know what. Don't Google thing and we'll link you to a later he former. Yeah I'm his daddy he thought he came out and did. You know he came on and did exactly. I mean that ended with some. And as a man possessed you know the problem is still only want my theory. You he's got nothing around him I got a lot on that nobody at that later because I got a whole whats about it's gotta be today and that's good stuff. Com last night. Following the news the tragic news that San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich whose wife Erin had passed away after a long battle with illness at the age of 67. Actually the story was how all our. Players coaches individuals in the NBA fraternity reacting to the news this is what we do a major story happens in that we ask this bars. What they think following. Cleveland's win over Indiana last night Al we will force the TNT sideline reporter. Asked LeBron James about the situation take a listen to the inner action on the court. This version I found that hearing what's hot and it's his mind that. I know you're close with pop candy words are thought he'd like to Sarah's hand. Belmont college somewhere you top bed thing. Paulo mom at all. Such a tragedy and then go home you know my best wishes go out of goods Obama just scrambling for another those devastating movement though. Home. There's a lot of men NBA family we all of the no we don't read every night shuttle might have happened if we put everything in perspective so. You know awesome some mom well wishes. Her mom wears lucky to have of the Bubba go to bed above never makes a mistake even when you sometimes have to. That's why bush. That's terrible move them helps us look if not better than everybody has senatorial polls are. August. Courtesy of TNT that audio I am just a quick side note it's a win over Indiana how much celebrating was going on of that building last night well there's probably only see real look at confetti drop in Oakland and game more in game two win over the spurs so it's what we do now Joseph we make the experience special for those people who come on out Cleveland rot like I'm listening all that the background are right this series is 11 its opening round of pumping up. Act like you've. All right so back to the more serious things in last segment we talked about that work life balance right. That's what we're dealing with here because Alley will force is a sideline reporter she's very good at what she does actually on TV right now as I say that which is tripping me up just a bit. But. A lot of people. Responded on social media last night how out of line back questioned watts. What most didn't realize was that prior to the question will force had the professionalism to pull Brian James aside. Say Gregg Popovich is wife has passed away is it okay if I ask you about that on air LeBron agree. Now I'd imagine a lot of people having known that information when it reacted the way they did on social media but people are still. Reacting on social media that was out of line question. Given the context given the timing you worked in the media you've done silent you've done virtually everything in the media yeah with that. Had a bounce I don't think it's out of bounds that I think it's just a difficult spot for both now it's not out of bounds because the reporter's job is to ask the question and get the story quote unquote in the producer. Is probably saying you should ask LeBron. About Gregg Popovich his wife because he does know pop so well that he would give them a well thought out remark in. It seemed like the Ra I was caught off guard when you hear that he wasn't caught off guard you see him as just a tough emotional response so. I don't think it's out of bounds I just think it made for tough television on both side. So now you're on the other side of the equation you've done plenty of post game interviews in your life. Even if you get the heads up both forehand is that something you would want to have to address because if you say notice her who knows that that story gets out there now suddenly LeBron James. Had the opportunity to speak on it he didn't want to is this LeBron being rude is too selfish. There are a lot of things of the pro athlete you need to think about when it comes to media training and how you handle these situations. Do you think that was out of bounds or she asked that. No it in in LeBron had danced question. You you know didn't you know Sean Taylor you know Joseph safety you guys laugh about certain hits that he and I had battles. I respect the hell out of him Taylor was remarkable talent monster monster India. You hear your asked a question. What is his duty to win in you know when you're you you you you have to answer. Junior Celtic during insists like. People want to know they wanted to know what it's like they wanted to know what that attorneys like they wanted to know what emotions do they feel because you're so caught. And many people an association is not a lot of players would dwell on each team you think about golf for fifty outfit it's it's a small fraternity. And so people want to know what are these men thinking. What do you what's on their much because we look at these people whether it's wives husband although they necessarily nor hurt but they knew the man. And that they grieve for the man because they understand what it's like and it was it that's why I hit so hard to also close the home. And in so they had asked that question you saw Kenny and Charles and in Shaq. And in houses right you know I was most moved by Shaq Shaq. You know perhaps Smart with pop these before his dad called music on every gets moan that many don't ever get Smart would that mean. Both of them come a military man's tax that was no joke no joke the guy who's really handled might be going in. Because. A Shaq was you know struggling and they've come from a poor family Indian having shoes his dad goes to the facility. Indie friends that was it man he gave my three or four pursues it take until that kid did was a star so that impacted their life Portland. Those and those moments that's why when it. The athletes entertainers don't wanna sign artists I guess when it's too much in Europe somber but. You all that these people you don't understand the life in what people do real life of struggles and how people view you. You disk that that little bit change shacks like given him a pair of shoes dornin things that Popovich did for him. Change to shack is is a person to admit that man shall meet compassion that have to do that. You work the Alley will force the job you notice like toward the sidelines and ask questions on anything she did out of bounds in your eyes the it does completely changed when she asked him ahead it's time 'cause when it when he first hearing it sounds like he was completely on not so for me that would have been completely out of mount. 100% Brit really even if she doesn't even heads out yeah heads up I don't think it's right just because they think it's intrusive I think it's. Ethically it's rotten because that's such a debt that's devastating news to hear about somebody passing away. And that you should be able to collect your thought the fact that she talked to my head it kinda like Haiti wanna say something. I think it's okay if he wants to say something and I don't I wouldn't ever faulty C said no I don't wanna see anything right now I need to collect my thoughts. I don't think it be anything wrong with that by either the fact that she game a heads up I think makes it a little bit okay makes a little uncomfortable cousins and fortunately it's such a great moment. I think he's used to look at it did it because they did it would Kevin Durant is asking news on the it's it's it's a moment you gotta catch these guys and actions will play decay the audio for you as well bomb. Free baseball at the coliseum was a smashing success. Two days ago but how does Major League Baseball feel about their product being given away for free. John Burroughs who from Puerto Rico next a low and it iPods and the chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Game. For right now though he's an MLB insider for both fox sports in the MLB network the great John morose C joining us here on 957. Game. John how is Puerto Rico treat yet. Puerto Rico has been fantastic. An amazing trip ever Oprah so many reasons or at school dorsal Tuesday. Look really just the graciousness industry before reaching people then. Incredible it inspiring to see it is that the best to throw one Puerto Rican great. To the next is Ben that the owners spackle over business together in Europe for tourism and so a couple of that a visit because it really is this or. Dumped heavy John. Dubbed him he shot all take off work tomorrow. It is I do what I look at the forecast. Back to my beautiful state of Michigan and a look at out my window here they can myself. How powerful. Urgent is it really that I give Specter are really isn't there a lot of very big doubt no doubt fortunately. So you've got many great blitzer in the bay area of forcefully in my white is now what do we cute sort of deliberate this earlier what belt really risky mr. Burroughs seat being aware of my eight contemplation that disregard. I am quite sure she's listening via the out and on and on a 957 game or her job at it. Put this dream John push it. Today any pit area and so and so and so actually and make sure that she goes back at liquids that are a bit of also pick a tree right now. I'd of course there is that that that she always knows. What I am sitting at any given time as well so there there is that the extent that she has so despite talking about it now put a bit about universe she's gonna find out that your. Unless the lucky with that John what are I think there might be going and not swimmingly for a baseball team San Francisco Giants you look at the run totals throughout Major League Baseball they are. Dead last fifty runs over seventeen games. What can the struggling offense do that to turn things around or is it still too early to make sweeping judgments in baseball. It's probably too early and I know we talked about a typical or. They last week about about the culture of being somewhat streaky and ready yet have looked better sleep last night but I have a little perplexed then. And I thought that you look the way they address the outfield. Was McCutcheon in particular. That that they would better more productive outfield by now last year that the whole orchard Roscoe Berkeley was also bought up major leaks. And really it has not gotten better parents. That this would understand that come back into an addict that is. That's that that's pretty legitimate concern I don't know if if you're critical don't make a fortune move this earlier that your big. You probably would await the other couple lawns are a couple weeks rather where you really get out there have been. Look at the waiver wire may be trade possibilities but it's it's a concern air and I think. This question what would veteran hitters at some point in time. It's just not scored a comeback is at a particular years they give them. Wonder or worry of maybe this is the year for current so that I would want to see him in particular are watched it really close I think McCutcheon. It is eased documented as being streaky. So I'm not on the electorate about about the curriculum gory advocate or the number of older and that it started coroner had to give it a better way it general. But democratic with parents. He's got a really watching closely to see okay if things don't deterrent quickly what do they do because repeat that that is shortly to yet. You cannot sacrifice. Offensively in left field that you need to get our audit source because attic the rest a lot of structure does not really come into our. A really good whole picture at Lester getting some power that particular spot. Johnny so we've bill came through this last night to make sure they get a win that. A win win do you say when you look at this team and say. Okay it's kinda pushed the reset went what what point in time this year is it is after fifty gained sixty when you look at and say. I got enough big enough sample size and know that this guy team just an. Well I would yeah I would wait a little bit longer in candidly that go the way they've gotten serve up sees it. Tell me that that maybe there's little more time than take it and I don't think that the dot they've split by the last several days. On what they're really not what is dominant as they were last year that they just original video they've got them or Indonesia currently chairs and closer. So there's the legitimate concern what bell epic that data back. That the mobile are played the best baseball that it wanted the division that the static spirit that out of it that's why should be equipped giant let it go back to get real equality there are over so. I I think that they got a little Gortari the way they've struck at their key. Oh for the jarred it and then they went all it would. This year bringing him McCutcheon bringing Longoria. I think you've got a way to police sometime in June I did you do before that I think it really comes off as they get that the panic were ready yet to see how things go. The Dodgers slow start has bought you a little bit more time. And some larger comes back way dole went healthy as it looked quite good. So I Estrich that there are there are reasons for optimism there. And in early June the whole picture we get a lot better if you could just one out of this sort of better and key guy is prince McCutcheon Longoria really caught fire sort of getting ignorant bigot if they have bad happened. Then I think that the entire picture of this team will look a lot better. John Murrow see joining us here on 957. The game. Two nights ago the Oakland Athletics held a free baseball game in honor of fifty years in the city of Oakland. 46000. People showed up outcome I'm curious though. Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball how do they feel about the idea that. These attendance numbers the revenue stream everything that comes with a free baseball game is Major League Baseball happy with what BA's are doing. To great question I've not been a commissioner come out of date specifically. And explicitly what is opinion is on that matter I think he's. He is always. This spurred. To each individual club and it and allow that make the city's regarding. Particular economic revenue wish Eric there are buried ballpark experience of which ticket pricing if the reserve price that it is it will but those they so I think that probably would be the way to describe things. It is so I'd give general. I think anything that that brings people in the ballpark edit the commissioner is in the span of India that. Hopefully then maybe there are young people that they go there and have a great expert wanna come back in the third their maturity and they would they would decay. The ticket to hide I think it's clearly Eli typical sports so are big that it has what they but wobble. I think it too there's been a lot of talk about attendance earlier this spring. Across the Majorly yeah I think it. When traditional school little whether it is bad habits span in the middle of the country it's it's really hard to divine too much about. What do you overall trends are I think that that part of game has got a little bit better early out of again anecdotally. It measures. So I think it really like a lot of things if it's hard to. Whether it's important to new team. Attendance other sweeping trend they get heart really measure that till you get back in a real baseball whether I just don't watch the game your work Rico right. And that the defense was so good and we've seen such. Poor defense got so many occasions during the course of the season because people are not used to making diving baseball played well they're wearing those pesky NAFTA that 35 degrees so it's his last article that it will write that. Watching baseball candidates I used to debate people with a proud fluently and feel good about themselves so. I think it is they are good sport in general to get back with identity of the whether it's better. MLB insider extraordinaire for both fox sports in the MLB network's number OC joining us here on 95. Seven game John it's always a pleasure thank you for your time travel safe the afforded due to begin soon. C a brittle glass that they have lapels that it in the north the portrait that I had been a great beer order a sweet. Awesome thank you god. Well done as always I'll say this. Seventeen games this season Hunter Pence is hitting 172. 172. With a zero home runs. Three RBIs. And 22 strikeouts in seventeen games. Conversely. Matt Williamson is down at AAA. Hitting 487. With six home runs in eleven games he's got an on base percentage. On 600. I get if you don't wanna make the move but I'll leave you with this. All giant games this season have combined the giants in their opponents for 115. Total rugs. There are only two teams in baseball that have seen their teams produce fewer runs. This year. The twins. Would've played for fewer games. Due to weather. And the Cleveland Indians who played one fewer game and have some of the best pitcher in baseball. Ask yourself. Its struggling product. I have to become boring product. And it all scheduled drops tonight we've got our props question number one which team. Raiders are niners gets more primetime games this season coming up next Jolo a dead body parts of the sure Boeing did continue. On 957. Game. Tonight tonight yeah. I say this for a long time the beauty of the NFL as to why it is America's most popular sport. Is that it has found a way to take to administrative. Tax. Any other company releases there schedules for the year any other company holds a job fair. Doesn't even register you are gonna make the front page of the Wall Street Journal yet still administrative tasks. The NFL draft was his which is essentially hiring. You're new labor hiring college kids yeah and you war hey here's our schedule what's coming up for the company this year they've turned those into prime time and discount. Like being here ignited by a seven game begins when the flu in the schedule comes out on a Friday for the upcoming shift the part timers all gathered together and they whooped and hollered delegate December issue of sort of steadily throughout your Jose equally exciting equally exciting Matt and fairly televised in prime time no but it is make a big extreme. Yes it would give FaceBook a lot of it act find out if the young intern gets promoted to border on. Yeah. So in honor it's in the states scheduling release we've got four questions for qui key questions we when asked. Regarding how it's gonna play out for the raiders. And the 49ers and then the dice section will be yen sell some music please. Gets the football for you today funds coming up question number one did I will start with you this is an over under. Over under week eight which is October 28. Over under week eight for the raiders at 49ers match up. I'm going over the weather out here is delightful in November they heard a wanna see that game maybe the fourth Thursday of November sounds about right for me. Some going over GO. Blow over under week. Eighth for the raiders at 49ers match I think it's going to be under Joseph I think it's under game for a couple reasons. Both teams right now that that quick and they play the game the better records they'll have they'll have less and less losses so I think it's a question number two. Which Bay Area team will receive more primetime games Thursday night Sunday night Monday night. More prime time games of raiders or not he's playing the draw an option before I answer did you know I love the wrong image. This studio this radio program the draw is absolutely an option I'm playing the job coach I think they each get four including one that. Against each other which will be the third game on Thanksgiving night I think for a piece I'm playing in the draw. An exhilarating can't say he can't hit this big draw offered bids which team gets more in your opinion one of plated Joseph did you know yeah operators. Hillary is prudent guy just lift the boost is sick I know quite. Really think about what gruden brought to the National Football League what he's been doing for the last eight years he's talking about like these by the this guy's gonna get one that means and 49. You know the thing is Derek healers there the question is their opponents appeal and how to appeals to everyone and large we're gonna jump right back in and I want I want a late Alex you. Question number three didn't. Hope will each team play as it's Thursday night football opponent the word on the street. Is that Thursday night football is going to be better this year the networks are tired of some of these garbage games so they're going to make them better. Who will each team plays its Thursday night upon either or both get to play Los Angeles Joseph the 49ers opened Los Angeles rams and Oakland will play in Los Angeles chargers they like those divisional games and even though. They're trying to make better games. These are both better games this year than they were last year so. Both in the match ups low for the 49ers in the raiders who will they play on Thursday night did could lead to security more on the respect thing. But boy they wanna play Seattle CI apply it. Did survey of Seattle this could be great for prime time TV and yet the breaking news now it's not going to be LA you know it's going to be edited did. I've goes that's right Denver Broncos. Very nice to got a good question. It anymore number four. Who will each team play in week one did who will each team blamed quite Fuzzy the idiom both by jumped. I feel that I think yeah. All the play each other well I think the idea of green made it's been floated out there has been a rumor sonic go with the rumor mongering and I'm a play the percentages and say that now will be. Pat Green Day. And I think that Oakland is gonna start out second half of Monday Night Football on the road at the LA coliseum with their former home of raiders and rams week one with money and Ethel. Interesting you've got both local teams on the road in week one and loved how do you see it. Yeah you know what I'll go I'll go with the LA who I think did really think the greatest gonna plan those elite for Ellie charges that's always a great many nighter and then you look at the niners let's put them with the rams. Beautiful stuff beautiful stuff so concludes. Our problem portion of the conversation. The more primetime games. Aspect of this the raiders have a ton of appeal between car between the bat bounced back between the nation the fan base large. Gruden arrival is huge I'm not doubting that. But as I go through the raiders' schedule the reason I would give the edge to the niners it just looks as if there are more. Nine are opportunities. For prime time games case in point. When you go outside of the division. Raiders angles that's not really prime time raiders cardinals. Raiders' offense. Raiders ravens amended blaming the raider series is they've got a bunch of opponents that aren't all that appealing those are specially game they're taking place. On the road now there is a home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is awfully appealing if you wanna give the local fan base. A little bit love considering yet again there's going to be an international game you lose the home game. The raiders will be in London playing Seattle. Giving up that home game so that Pittsburgh game would be a perfect Monday nighter in the great Sunday nighter something to consider. Conversely as you look at the niners schedule. That packer game in week one is gaining a lot of steam because the word on the street is that the Packers this is there 100 year anniversary. Now try to figure that out. Professional football 1918. OK sure. But there's only been 53 Super Bowls got regardless it's a 100 year anniversary. And they want to open the season in style they won a Monday and they want prime time game in the word is they're gonna get the Sunday night game. Lambeau and opened the season and people think Rob Lowe in the niners'. We have to travel to Green Bay at some point this season would make for the best opponent. That's what did is talking about having them we won that's just one of several potential prime time games for the niners. The Richard Sherman came against Seattle the rams obviously is the new divisional matchup you've got home games we have. The raiders would sack of your prime time game although that be pushed road games against Minnesota. Which is a big showdown in the NFC Kansas City which would be huge to see. And obviously the division games we talked about I think you're going to give an edge I go slightly to that is only because. Their opponents just happen to carry more appeal the gruden appeal is very very real that's right gotta ask yourself are they gonna get a prime timer right out of the gate. CU will cause people wanna see Chucky wanna see that Graham had the look he's gonna give on the sideline L people could pay more changes in the bag I didn't gain so. Here's a guy that they're gonna pay respect got to pay homage to because in fact he's woes with the network so many years. You know he is a bottle and woody is. So yeah I think you're gonna see a raider team is get a lot more TV why they know that the point it's Vegas as well the U wanna push his brand. Tuck is going to be one all the you know usher in this team into Vegas so. And it's got me closer when you lay out the schedule like big you do look at him Siskel seem way more appeal but it is Kentucky for those reasons still may have there I think. He gets Monday Night Football right out of the gate the more you think about it because the money and I crew with a new broadcaster. Get a chance to interview John gruden Nabil back and forth about. You took my job Kurt Warner whoever ends up getting and I know Warner has been. One of the names linked to it. Of late so I think they get a must every gun yet nothing really I mean we basically made his media career and is very shallow. He does nothing without us well look at the sectarian thing that I think it makes a lot of sense to give them. And early Monday night game is not that first one to get right yeah you jockey as our former colleague. John McDonough can interview whenever. Madonna's on Monday night and that's why the deadline Monday night I don't know who is on the announced as a test of torque. It still doesn't know or I. I joked as it isn't really test course coming up straw man he was grate away the night fights that store's been a great broadcaster that a lot of people are not very aware of I'm one note with the schedules this year the NFL made this announcement. All games in prime time will be starting earlier than they used to. Monday night is is start at 530 kickoff we'll now be at 51515. Minutes additional so for the gamblers like week last moment. He got up your game little bit Sunday Night Football used to start at 832 golf is now 820. Thursday night football has moved five minutes from 825. 281. Of those both on the eastern of course 525 and 525. Toy respect what is wrong with me I wrote the Monday Night Football.