Hour 1 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down the crazy ending in the A's-Astros matchup

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, July 11th
Joe, Lo, and Dibs kick off the show with a breakdown of the A's loss to the Astros including the wild finish in extra innings. They also debate whether the A's or Giants have more pressure in the upcoming Bay Bridge series. 

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Good morning. Happy Wednesday and welcome to Jolo in did here on 957. Big game we are back in the Bay Area. Had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, Nevada O'Neal. Making his way into the show right now boy you are just right back to your comfort zone argue now. Didn't miss a beat easily maybe I would not call them out a couple of you just call me and. Can't do it but it whistle Campbell well headset. You are the feel for tick off coach just as he came sprinting off the sideline to try to throw block. As the return man cost forty you know you don't know you but you don't that was here. I'm throwing a jealous okay. The main reason and we're gonna get to this throughout the course of the show we're gonna bring you into the show. And takes is going to be opening a location in Fresno present art they want to name a sandwich after low. We need to figure out a what kind of sandwich it's gonna be and beat. What should be name but don't put it out to the awesome people and we decided this morning will probably like to Fresno state helmet and have little sign it. To give away to anyone. Who comes up with something we use so we might username we might use sand which if we do. You will be rewarded more details on that. Beta David's a big sell oh my god in that. At the moon base eight news a huge shock interviewed candidates are going to be low centric in those are always my favorite job I already have my head's swimming with sandwich ideas names toppings but. A little pleased or where in Tijuana and that's what this could be a lot of fun it's going to be funny and I'm known Denny Hamlin get beat up about the Sanaa say don't. And pat item earnings of mega obstinacy. Insist that rewrite it I will give you little sample of what's to come because I did this out on Twitter just the tip of the conversation. And there are a lot of people advocating. For a sandwich. Made of soup. Now I'm not sure if I could pull so that all the ink but Twitter is very adamant that this is not necessarily aiming it. For a sandwich they want sandwich to be made a stupid honor viewing guide fee every talking about soup at a tell us nothing you do maybe isn't the stupid if it's okay for a two okay. That's messed up. Still miss that sometime around 6865655. To get into that for the first time today will put it out to the people box but. That's like to see him I mean this music that line guys are such an almighty god. Like shoot me. That is just how you guys play that drop that's what it's like and be that can be taken at a human should know the figures these new way you guys lay an egg drop out. Ticket students. What kind of suit would you survey to tailgate at a new figure of speech yeah that's an expression and it noted Virginia. And I'd better use it at that time soon he dyslexia that you do is turn that to Tuesday gives a great suggests early sooner with no Brett. The pilots are in a fetal lick. Including about what's out of context might sound bizarre as it happened in studio and a real back in a matter of holding back in we begin today. With best. It's turned in here it is in slowing and it's not that the first baseline rolling it's a fair ball in the right doesn't take him. I don't know bubbles that now both the first. Field line. It's. Basically six. Britney learned initially deployed trickled off foul within eroded their little left turn it was right on the shock. And then there were I was trying to tag the runner. Bregman who is just to the right of all places like Leo the lion and it's not a confronted today gimmicky and Greg Little looting that's OK and then Jonathan the only way you had at that point was that the with a lot of birthdays. We get the out there. And the ball went five yards and a and witness on the right field line debit detectors stored in the Astros have a 65 win there. God bless tencor act because full disclosure I had no desire to try to late all of that out this morning. You have the watch the play for yourself bottom of the eleventh inning the days down for nothing in the ninth. In Houston against the defending World Series champions storm back to tie it. They take the lead in the top of the eleventh to Stephen the Scottie hits a home run in his fourth consecutive game but the 54 lead wasn't held. They blew the bottom of the eleventh it was a bizarre play. That ended the game corps act just laid the whole thing out for you there we get the Bay Bridge series coming this weekend it is going to be months as we've got a lot of baseball to get to today but. I think game gives you didn't let them know you don't see a five foot. Walk off Terry I'll should surely win at the ball is clearly going to foul there so much spin on it curls all the way back. Then than the batter who becomes the runner plays dodge ball with a catcher who loses its courts out of hand so you don't see that and even. After all that happens the course got the ball and he's got plenty of time to step and make a throw to make all of what happened mode and he throws and I'll decide his helmet. I can only imagine what's going through his head you've come all the way back so there's a lot of emotion there's a lot of excitement going in that game they had won seventeen of 21. Now seventeen of 22. The ball bounces fair it looks then comes or bounces out comes there. Try to make a play he goes to tag that. Bregman at the ball gets dropped it bounces off the up now suddenly there's panic you know there's pending matter that you are as a human being you're gonna feel that moment. You try to gather yourself you try to throw around Bregman the first. And it just gets away from you it's a disastrous ending to what was otherwise a phenomenal game and which should not take any of the shine. Although they. Streak of 22 games in which they've won seventeen. Amazing they're couldn't it's sort of like Ruben Studdard did. You call it's like I'm this is. Am I'm sorry ME. Lugar bill you know American Idol Ruben Studdard eight years in which to be the Logan. Oh yeah. I don't know what could be even under threat you can you can go to regular. But even feel good when I senate bill but it happens I get down at Randall our job now. I tried the belly but he knew it that's one we did it. You take a deep breath you you made one haired guy jump that it Wacey OK in and you start to pay okay you take that bear okay. Boom and then let the Bogle stingy rush it. The balls out of control it he goes but it is interesting. Yesterday you had a called the day before yesterday at a called with an with San Francisco. Alan Hansen I know there. In you listen to both these calls and watch how they choose how one's just the way did explain. In both of these guys are legends in their professions but if you get loose in the bowl these kids and you talk about. Just the guy control. Pace. Why listener that call related out unbelievable. Think it will be seen in back to back nights out enhancing scores from first base throwing there and the a's come back from four wrote down take the lead in the and lose it on what did is going it walk up five foot hit the five footer and I don't know if we've yet seen the exit velocity on that on that batted ball but it's got to be somewhere in the low teens didn't give feedback on. Anybody smoking in the grand total angle and it would get the launch angle that pregnant shot last night which were more likely that you think it's a scores when we you know runs than we brought him. Want to solve the other night Bregman and Luc Roy I would say last night. As bizarre as that was that's more errant throw liking I can wrap my head around that okay more than the cubs being so lazy trying to get over that ball if it's going from first never should happen which. Someone did the math on this. At his peak sprint speed that he was 29 mile an hour if you translate at 200 meters he would have run the hundred meter dash in just over eleven seconds. That's collected just over eleven seconds below that record is like what 970. Lead announcement that Tokyo. And metres you're pro that's a phenomenal. That's what I'm saying to it to its. Vote as your rattling bass is too you don't get straight lines very long to get to your peak speed of 29 mile an hour on it that way. And to run a hundred meter dash in just over eleven seconds at a remarkable feat you doing it this is the rare moment where you get your backs up on the show. I was this high school over 11400 meters and that's. I lemon for architects and yet I mean I know you're great I'm not trying to demean and look for it did not and don't know that you weren't playing the cubs her you know this is a high school. Only six people in the stands a big deals not facing pressure a baseball game Lamar track is huge Tommie Smith we have a lot of great you know track. Runners and I mean last seventy dual meet against Hanford. On that. A little different than any good if you are a good point oh I don't know I don't know and it went on. I happened. You did it because we are talking about hands and you turned it into your hundred meter dash I was nitro. That is true that's how we got there wouldn't tell you Romney running a hundred high school at sixteen flat it's actually even here fifty years on her had you ever covered a hundred meters consecutively at one time Kutcher and fifty miles. So before we totally eviscerate my character as a as a weekend warrior athletes look you guys did a little bit it's an act it's. Because it really was not that fast that came in like fourth place and still. That you or your all world athlete. It is fast it's very fast. If he had done it in fifteen seconds that would be slow. I still think that's very fast it's okay it's. How did we get in this I don't know this point because we don't look at our likelihood they'll. He's flag and I think the Bragman is more of Loveland more than likely play that a guy scored from first on a pick off throw grant yes. Yes and it's it's upbeat if you Bo Mel yet two more with the Astros before the debris series now that's a huge disadvantage for the ace they've got a road game today. And at a road game tomorrow. They're gonna play date game in Houston tomorrow and then travel all the way back to the day for the Friday Saturday Sunday first half finale against the giants meanwhile. The giants will conclude their series with the cubbies today. I have tomorrow off and then get ready with a day of rest for the eighty series. Given all that a few minutes of full breakdown all the topics of conversation that you can ask for bots. How does Bo Mel rally the troops today low knowing that you came all the way back from 40 down. Took a 54 lead the eleventh this is division rival this is the best team in baseball coming awful World Series win yet had it. You blew it it happens how do you mentally put all that behind you for today. You get you get guys and start to ten locker room I believe I believe that we can win I believe I mean you think about what they've been able to do bad begging. You know and untimely error cost of the game. They know that they battled they know that they can play with this team. Telling when you're playing embattled games like this and you know that you yours you ditch united over maxed arm over gun. It gives you confidence I mean they give you swagger and beau Tony say guys we let one get away. Yeah we've that we fought to get back and then you know what we Campbell short. But guys now this ace team. They believe they can beat anyone when their on this acing regardless of the inconsistency pitchers and it's going to. Twelve different starting pitchers and different rotation different spot. This teen is when they're born they're on they can play within went and a big bowl mail doesn't have to tell much I think they actually believed they comedian what is left. Biggest Bay Bridge series since one. Coming up next Jolo in this type out of the game. Chills going discontinue. Its on 957. Big gains. Is my goodness designed and as I've heard from the this and I am sorry. Back problems great call them again what is it nice guy Stephen was too when Ruben Studdard won. American Idol pounds no iTunes and so. Ago. Kind of what goes into it got there need. Jack yeah. I think it's. College this a million times before. Have them. Yeah. This as an inning eventually right stickers and think yeah. The only. 2000 below. And kind Gomez a real little I. Sandwich why this is the leading candidate and now. It's very nice now. If we could just do that for three and a half more hours I've got to get out to get some coffee but that Manhattan karaoke day coming up on net whenever. Bowl a public like you doubled in Iannetta Matt a moderate rain at home. I missed it. You know it was shot it was kind of bag in today's great job back there guys and lukoil is sorry he you need to do creditor to blame actually for the air after the game that happens they're cut. And it happens if that's the biggest problem for the a's this season so be it with the way they've been performing. 51 wins on the year 51 win now somehow they still help find themselves. What is it. Nine out I had ten after last night 51 and 41 they won 55% of their caves and their ten out. It happens. The giants conversely. Are playing two games above 500. Are right in the thick of it happens that's life. The only thing you can do wanna dated date basis go out and try to make it happen you can hope the Mariners lose that you can hope the Astros lose. But the reality is just keep grinding there is a wild card spot there is a possibility. You've got two more with Houston. You've gotten. Giants this weekend and then you're on your break shout out at Larry being into the all star team aria are wrong has been corrected all is right in the world. Two more with Houston. And then Friday it starts the Bay Bridge series this year's version 28 team in San Francisco now the giants will have. One big advantage they are off Thursday. So their play against the cubs today they have tomorrow off and then they can get ready for the series meanwhile the a's have to play on Thursday and then travel all the way back. I'm interested. In two things one. How big is the fan base think this series is compared to years past and to. How do you wanna see the pitching matchups take sheet it already looks like these know how they're gonna set their rotation for Friday Edwin Jackson Saturday Brett Anderson. And Sundays on an idea. The question is how the giants set their rotation looks like it's gonna be Johnny equate to today after getting pushed back yesterday that would take him. Out of the equation to this weekend you could trot Derek Rodriguez out their Friday you could shot Bob garner out there on Sunday he could even. Pop him up to Saturday you'd want. So Marshall looks like he's gonna be in play Andy Suarez could be in play for late in the series after having picks on Monday I don't know how boats is gonna wanna do it. Any ideas who need it yeah I think you. Just comes down to which of the young pitchers you want to get one more start before the break it's either Derek Rodriguez stays on turn a or you Bob ever went up the day and then Andy Suarez would get the Sunday game so you can go Rodriguez so Marge about garner. Or you can go some margin but garner Suarez in my opinion depending on with the availability. While Jeffs the margin how ready he would be if you are able to bump him up the day and then you had Andy's wise in the back and for me if he urged get a try to put your three best out there. It would be Rodriguez Bob garner as far as but. You know Bruce boat she likes to default to the veterans and they really want Jeffs a Marge to have an opportunity to earn his spot so I don't see them skipping him. So Marcia against his former team getting lit up. Does not play well coming off that all star break especially with Derek Holland. Throwing yet another gem last night making his case for a spot in the rotation your thoughts on the mast. I look at this game joke this the battle today I mean and you look at. Both these skippers you don't think that they're gonna sit here of course they you know they got game but they want to win this series it's bragging rights guys are talking about it. Hell they're talking about it now this is not something he's okay this week in the game now. You start to get your juices flowing you understand what's at stake guys bump into one another offseason. This is this is that Oakland San Francisco they get to get all get you don't did they get get it on. I'm excited about this in any new you've definitely got to patent medicine you definitely want to put your best foot four. Both these ball clubs do in both these clouds wanna win this series so I think this can be sold out crowd course you know that. It is going to be breaking at a premium that you're going to get to see a very very competitive match up. And both these teams right now are you know the Clinton aides have implant more consistent but you know the giants they're gonna play big and planning estate. Both in the playoff hunt and the last thing you want going into the rate is a losing series now you got two or three it happens it's got to happen to somebody yet swept. That's a completely different story you've got to be able to avoid that. But guard Armon idea could be the marquee matchup that could be set for Sunday it looks like knives thirty to take the mound on Sunday bum garner if on term would go Sunday although available Saturday if they would need him. So we'll see how that plays out but. If you're the hazy figure coming into this and more pressure than the giants. Because you've had such a tremendous first half but despite all the success you still find yourself ten games out as of today. The last thing you would probably want. Going into the break is to give up a couple more games to lose to the cross town rival and then with the trade deadline looming. Have the rumors start up about what might happen to all sergeant Lowery and that's true. And I think there's pressure on both but honestly I believe that there's more pressure on the giants because the giants have to be in a situation where they can prove to themselves in the front office but they truly are in it and that these pieces. That are coming back I. Are going to be good enough to sustain this pushed into the playoffs I think he gazed. Seen this season deep down a few gave them the sodium pentothal the lie detector and you ask them honestly they would say you know what this year is kind of a freebie year. It's totally buildup for next year when this young corps has more experience and were more poised and ready to really compete. Everything they do this year is icing on the cake short of them having an unbelievable run and then getting in the playoffs they can win the 88 games and still miss out on the wild card in and count themselves as a success. What year got to get past Seattle. Once you get past Seattle then you can start to go out cart has the wild car will not come from the central this year the aids and third place in the last. Have a better record in the divisional leader in the central it and that's why. The ace in mere that's why they gonna win this series if you say who's when a series yet. I would call eight. Not this week but here's what you're you've got to look at state. Aides are looking and they're looking in San were eight games overlook or at. And that team over there to giant look what it let's go shoulder let's make that statement if we were playing there in that division right now what would be. I think the eighties they wanna this statement series this is a bit I think when you look at what's gone on both these twos and distort franchises. I really believe you're gonna see an ace team that really really want this I know the giants won only that but I think eight the message is let's go crush them to show they look. We're just haven't played in tougher division this year. There's probably no better way to put an exclamation point. On such a remarkable first half than to win the series it's like it's going into the break for the giants to lose the series what's the worst case scenario you find yourself four out at the break. That's a win for that for the Asia could find yourself twelve over and still be ten out. That's the problem so you don't wanna going to lose the series give up ground. And have that hanging over your head for a week knowing that when you come off the break. You know facing yet again yeah and you know that the big Bay Bridge trophy that they now have for this series is at stake until you wanna make sure you fill your trophy case with that hardware I think is like what thirty pounds of excellence that it's massive it's seriously like an anvil from the old our road runner cartoons they a's they've you know come on their bed with him boys and in major baseball I mean that's how they're looked at the franchise you guys got him real lowest pay when the lowest pay salaries all the different things this around them. These guys it's personal. And they just still haven't caught lightning in the bottle. In their time they're out there right now trying to make a statement so I think I think this is going to be interest in series. There is a new addition to divulge state warriors Sam but as one comes in to depart agency news coming up next Jolo and did not present in the game. Chills going discontinue. Its on 957 big game. Art market down in your first shot at glory in about eighteen minutes at 6 AM if you are just tuning it. And yesterday. The legendary height of Ike's damage is on Twitter announced that he is going to Albany location in Fresno he wants to name a sandwich after a lull. We need your help would see things. One of what's that sandwich beef. A soup sandwich perhaps so what's it recall that shortly though but Lorenzo Neal I think that's a. Beautiful option but the people could come up with something more creative and I think what we're gonna do. Is get a present state football helmet tableau sign it and if someone's able to deliver I did the sandwich. Or the name something that we we use in the creation of this fine piece of art. Out we will send it to you as a prize or you up for something like that actually Joan I am thinking of some names is well presented. Hell I might wind up this melanoma and keep myself as a I think. Whatever happened makes the boat and that's a pretty not takes you know that Cella. That's good good topic store for humans first option today first opportunity today to pull that off is gonna be about seventeen minutes at 654 right now. One and two out. The Golden State Warriors Damien Lee has been signed 282. Way contract with the dobbs according to Chris Haines of ESPN now. Lee played 38 games a Santa Cruz last season he turns 26 years old in October. He signed a couple ten day contracts with the Atlanta Hawks and eventually settled in with Atlanta last season. Averaging ten point seven points four point seven rebounds and one point nine assists over fifteen games eleven of which he started. What makes the story interesting is that Damien Lee. Is staff Curry's future brother in law. Lee is currently engaged to two staffs sister site now I would mad I imagine this is going to lead to some interesting conversations. In the locker room you would. Think maybe but then again staff has got to be someone untouchable for his teammates he's not a big trash talker he's a guy and mostly keeps to himself he really wanna come down steps road. And it is that the way pro athletes are modelled they respect each other's space and in this the year. A bit too good to say brother and grow what's about the and it's it's pretty Dillinger always smiled at a smelly Jack in you know he's gonna bell you out you know the beginning getting a nice house. You know even if you don't make it your good because you're in pretty good family man and let the daughter that's one thing if your print your daughter mean you've got money. You're pretty good because. Even if he had married. You know daddy or mom that fit the bat with that Tim had got money both Brothers got pretty good paper. This thing live and an outhouse so. Some real analysis. I think in they think that way and mean here's a guide its own war parties don't do all the right things with Steffi is number he's probably in his pocket all the time. Help me let's go shoot let's go play. Stepped once his brother in law in gonna marry my sister I want you to be successful so. We eat thinking about practicing together do one about two different things together helping one another out without a doubt steps trying to get this young man all the tools he can't to help this guy have them a mainstay be able to take nervous system do you think it. It helps or hurts his chances with the warriors his relationship staff. Because on one hand you could argue it's what got a on the radar with the warriors may be steps in their advocating for and maybe it helped with the opportunity a little. Bizarre nepotism to an extent or. It hurts because people look at him and say you wouldn't be here if not for staff things of that nature I'm not sure how how this gets sliced in a locker room like this. You would assume it works out relatively favorably but I don't know you know the dynamics better and I would I think it's too goes two ways one is. Went into a contract you get pretty much because he's gone he's going to be at this point that he. I chose a part. That's great about that com you by the number real nice I think he goes two ways to a low sane if he plays well. Then it's a positive and no one cares and it's all good but if you become a distraction or if you become. Somewhat of a guy prone to outbursts that it's going to be a problem but. He doesn't strike me as the player. Who's gonna give you outbursts in that team. Really outside a dream on green who. Dream on his dream on he's basically untouchable when it comes to actually plays harder than anyone so other than him you don't have anybody really acted out act and a full. I tell low all the time as it is is names don't give him a shot in the league in its Colombia's ability to stay in the that's great advice because you actually are dealing with this firsthand where's he right right now we talked about today's eighteen yeah on the defensive lineman watch list heading into the season right colonial up pretty university yeah so. As you know autonomous and that means are they seventeen got him Freddie as it you know what does that is a what does that mean that's it means that you're not drafted that means that your right now your camp body. You know he's gonna get two guys per round you think about one or two guys around most I'm not gonna necessarily take. At that three technique you're not gonna get two guys at at cardinals are positioned go around. So he did get to. Around you on that point guys and it's not ten rounds so take so you gotta he's going to be a camp body right now if it's clear out muscle puts him in the sixth or seventh that's not. As we may no absolutely not so I said you know you'd ads that you need to be in top five you needed you needed this year union to finish in the top five in unity come in. You're senior you don't top three defense alignment in the country if that's what you really expired duke says it's hard to pick it up. So let's say you're a long ways from it as city and Jessica some of these guys are juniors some Omar senior summer and sophomores so. You haven't done nothing this and so it's great that they know you are in essence it would would step step everyone else who step is so. He because he's you know stepped bro don't preach about while that probably got him on the team. But his ability. And he's got to stick and that's even got to be part of this now he's glad to step up and that's can be his stamp our steps is not going to keep Monty. He's gonna have to do that and that's just what lol at everyone and in a lot of people that. There have been privileged. Because maybe the main certain things can help the least give it interview gates when the door but the and you gotta work like hell to stay there and that's where an English Amanda Jones I'll do a show together. And act like LeBron playing with his son because that's similar. A little easier to do that radio that is yeah yeah yeah. Broadcaster you if there's 70 humbly admit I am trying to get to dinner early retirement age it's just a firing instinct. Not can be 404550. Would ever think a year and I. A volume five under I just. Day really coach tell. And point seven a game for Atlanta last year almost five rebounds a game in eleven starts he played fifteen games so he does have. Somewhat of a body were already so it's not like he comes in the. On street team coattails he's a guy with. So brother Doss he's got a few belts on the wall he's shown he can be an NBA player but now it can you be key contributor. On a team where you know Kurz gonna play 1011 guys the night. It's what he does can you come in and be a part of that talent and irritation. Speaking of Atlanta easy with the slicks or Travis slice is doing to the warriors yet again. Travis like former warrior assistant general manager now hawks general manager just picked off Chelsea lame. Chelsea lane was the team's top doctor last year she is heading to Atlanta to become the executive director of athletic performance. And sports medicine. Michael Thompson Claes father heard the news yesterday takes to Twitter quote. Sad to see Chelsea lane leave the dobbs Atlanta is getting a good one. She is great at her job. Worked a miracle on Claes ankle in the finals she deserves a video tribute when she returns to oracle with the hawks' top team doctor on. As well as Ralph walker. The director of team security the individual who was kinda tasked with keeping the eye on staff curry he's decided he's going to retired to spend more time with family. Damien Lee and Chelsea. Lane and Ralph walker out one and two out an answer as to what happens with all parts of the team as it evolves through a successful run a dynasty or whatnot you think about. The giants years in their roster changed each and every time they went. And so it's inevitable that these sort of things are happening. And it's really amazing that it hasn't hit the on court basketball product you know he had a fastest believe in Mo buckets eccentric JaVale but none of the core guys it'll be interesting to see win that inevitably happens how they respond though. Relationship between the players and the doctor. It's something a lot of fans a lot of media members we don't know about that you leave the UN doctor chow still receiver position San Diego he was friends with a lot that you guys are still very close to this day. I mean what's is going to be in for a lot of these guys remains alive and tell you trainers they know they know so many things about you they're great people. I mean shoot a member doctor Ron Brown down in New Orleans DNA and also dean. You know a solid round oh Charlie had fingers like aluminum may have momentum banana fingers. And nightmares even minimum Charlie Brown. Who's back and they had been rumored that you told Charlie does he try to take care any EU EU that guy Charlie what future right not not right. Main street if you want to the last time exactly yeah I think you had an assurance into Q for you are. And don't forget Ricoh pay I went out in in the and and dean who was also the team doctor with a saints I know these guys you know home very. You know very it's good your intimate with a lot of these guys they know things about you your health condition different things about it. The doctor Auroio with the titans you know doctor chow I remember some of these trainers could you spent so many. Hours and there trying to well trying to get LP do different things that you go through. You know in your career so without a doubt they're going to to to miss Chelsea. Chef flew back yesterday with DDB DM. And the incumbent you don't trainer we talk about you were sitting together talking on the way back. Any sudden mob bookie cousins that he's and he bought a place and he's in Vegas got placed there are so he was rehabbing Hilemon was there for that and it yet he's include he's got no time off because it affected now on you don't step in that role and tired different people so it's tough when you lose your head trainer and a special good when I think. So you're on the flight do work. Building relationships getting intelligence and I were in the airport just pounded beer ploy on the city's. Beers. He hit a shot out just about yet everything about us losing your pain after a after a loss. Or I addressed oh don't worry that will be addressed finally after it's what we do around there I deserve all that and more I'm animals call in sick today than I remembered. You can't do I can't come from Vegas strip and and Collins say no matter how badly you are emotionally wounded you do get quite emotional during soccer games any close chance you'll hear hinged you can. Yet that's it and you can hear that at full dollar volume from about ten gates down the terminal the first time he let it out about a minute three it was a 10. In this limited in for the rest this game because of that I got a loud blogs I've done little Turkey and is now let's get in the game seen. He's telling guys you idiot I'm watching buddy and I what was what Bobby and they are all this trash. Any final twenty minutes and it gives you didn't get this guy that looked like. You look at these guys they can and can't relate to Obama yeah perhaps I know you can and he's so I don't know. You lift it and I'm going to start to run your mouth can you give you want to name alone I say that's your problem another's tendencies and you know that there are invested like that and we all have them it's it's. I sit there and with the Super Bowl this year I I had my arms crossed it hits I can't sit down during games like that. And it was like the second play of the game Torrey Smith dropped dropped it out. And it was just four minutes of my parents my in laws of my son had to hear me about. It. As amid this rant he pulls out this great third down reception at which time I do a complete 180 talk about how wonderful. This morning under fire. It's completely unreasonable illogical it makes no sense but expand them. That's betting that's just life when you're that invest in sports weather be financially or just emotionally now. Time to get invested. In sandwich it's my O'Neill we want your suggestions and very very. Encouraging news on the because it's all coming up next alone beds and events of the I'm sure growing discontinue. Its on 957. Big game. I lied about we haven't taken calls it a long time on this program today's according to be a very. Caller friendly show the numbers AAA 957. I about seventy Tripoli. 957957. Byte for Mike sandwich is gonna be opening a location in Fresno he reached out to low on Twitter yesterday and said. He wants to name assailants after a low. We need names of the sand wedge we need ideas for the sandwich AAA 957957. Now we're gonna jump into all that just few moments. But I wanted to break down something our good friend Tom how amber strolled Bleacher Report throughout yesterday. Tom is a research aficionado he is fantastic. With basketball analysis and he has spent some significant time. Researching. An Achilles heels injuries much like the one bogey cousin sustained last year. Essentially. However stroke went back to 1992. When Dominique Wilkins ruptured his Achilles tendon. And he found nineteen instances a NBA players rupturing their Achilles to independence. Since 1992. The average amount of time it took to get back on the court from the date of rupture. Nine point eight months. Nine point eight months that's that he's come up with and essentially what you have. From bogey cousins. Suffering the injury on 22070s. When he had the surgery. That puts the timeline. To arrive at the warriors if he can hit the nine point eight month mark. At November 17 he would only missed maybe a month of the season according I've yep yep. The schedule comes out in about four weeks he NBA schedule released so we'll know exactly what that would mean gains why is that you probably only look at that. Eight to ten games if that timeline holds firm which. Seems a little bit. Aggressive to me especially in this situation where you don't have to quote rush him but if it was November 17. All the sudden that that mid level deal is looking better and better. Here's the good news. There are two recent examples one recent example I should say Rudy day when Rudy Gay ruptured his Achilles tendon he took the surgery on January 19. So eight days before book January. 27 was bogeys surgery date Rudy Gay is was January 19. Rudy Gay was ready for the start of the season action he played the first day. He played in the first game you can come back even earlier but the big question comes down to even if he is ready to go. Do you start playing it right away or do you say to yourself look bogey you might be ready at the nine point eight month mark we're gonna make it ten point eight months now getting issue split tees and this thing. Many hot tub basketball eleven months I mean your ear bigger Feller you're big guy. You'd lot of impact lot of hidden up and down the court specially the dubs play. He's got to look at this situation and say well what's best for the big help promote. Of to rush boogie back in nine months or ten months I don't think it behooves him. Or the organization to do that get him back on the court. And that quick. I think you and he he'll let this guy trainee gets a lot of practice he does different things of course again. Public lips and issues joke because that's gonna stop them from you know in Dorsey flexes. His Achilles too much x.s and you put too much strain on it. But you do you always want to make sure you do one other things to its preventative stuff so. But he's gonna have to get his bloody balance too because sometimes your your your compensating for something else that can be going on can be unique. Could be hit different things out of alignment he also cause different things that other things to end up at a hurting yourself even worse so. I think this team you hear your and a great place you're the warriors you're the best team in basketball why arrest this guy. Why take chances doctor shout your former team doctor and San Diego with the chargers. When he I worked together. On an NFL media site. He did some extensive work detailing injuries in recovery times and one thing he always said this speaks to what you're saying. If a player injures his right when he suffers an ACL terror for example. The biggest concern when he comes back isn't the ACL the write me if he sealed the left me. For exactly what you're sank the player mentally. Emotionally psychologically. Mainly a little bit more on that other leg maybe a little bit tentative with the right so as a result they put more strain on the left. And it leads to a significant injury of the left knee it's happened time and time again so what you're saying bogey coming off the rupture of I don't know I was at his left Achilles let's call that. Italy also had a procedure on his right achilles' well two out Arafat to clean out our what the procedure would be but. He's added on on both sides so to your point and also him being a bigger guy like lo says I would hope that they encourage him do. Take it out an extra month and now he can slowly eased back get your fitness right make it so you won't have that imbalance when you return because. To what do your point if you come back too soon and you favor the other side and you've already had a procedure on that side may be that becomes more vulnerable to injury. Let's get down the business because I'd much touted the phone lines are packed he hears the topic of conversation we need your help we're gonna do this throughout today's show. Yesterday on Twitter I ate from Ike sandwich is made the announcement he's going to open a location in Fresno as soon he wants to name a sandwich after well. This is remarkable news but we need your help. We've got to work towards the name of the sandwich we can go with the Lorenzo Neal I think it's beautiful and if Fed's. And what's in the sand which may Tripoli 9579 offensively now. And a will you be scoring. These options because we're gonna need someone to keep track because if we eventually settle on a sandwich to a certain name choice brought to us by the people. Then we're going to reward them with an autograph present state helmet we decided this morning. That did would autograph they Fresno state helmet and we would be giving that away as products yeah yeah I can I've been the president's state of the state broke my heart code 1991 Bobby Jones actually Lowe's get on track it makes Erica the cue up if you're able to help somebody before I go over to the people this is quite Dioner. This is quite the honor. And I think it's really cool when I saw this on seriously which is why I wanted to talk about it today. Isn't it it's neo you know what I its interest in I think it's pretty cool but I you do this this this now you can't wait. To get into what people are coming up with. I think that's. More of the excitement that I get that out of that I get the sense that Judas really excited. About the beautiful people to be able tech's final call is they're gonna call inning gives these beautiful these these these had a wonderful. Very good now these horrible things that I've been a look at boarding here I think we're just trying to share in the joy of having somebody to be so honored in our presence five days a week in it truly is a special special show you any guidance for a topics because it brings out the most creative stuff from people and you can take this to the people when you can crowd source. And you can throw it out there. You come up with some really great ideas and some really funny stuff dude that's why I love these topics are stuff we talk about on the show that we forget about for example one thing. Moon base eight for anyone who remembers the good pace that's fast I come back in about three hours today around 940 we've got big news on moon base hey. Big news but for now I counties just up the topic your head won't the Lorenzo Neal if it was to be called Lorenzo Neal what motive Jimenez. You don't want that is called Abbott think of the Lowell out of one of. So my leg up but ball to with a maybe they'll both fall back special some because it affects. It is I wanted to be that every man signal Everyman say who said meaty scene analyst. Of course is gonna have to have everything's better with a little bit hand in Turkey so ham and Turkey is going to be the two to two that's got to be the modest on net. Pars and we're talking about the Tom of course gonna have them lettuce. And of course she gonna have to have some cheese lettuce cheese and a little don't have any cheap but it any particular project so I guess I checked actually OPEC project I think. Guess who spicy and yet it deftly tomatoes and you I can't think about cemented things I'd love to give the listeners and Steve see what they're thinking as well we'll turn it over to the people. Jeremy in Santa Rosa Jeremy thank you for the phone call. The name of colonials and which which should be on the loading a sandwich your thoughts. All right so first things first low I gotta tell you and what are your favorite guy on this program. So with that being said that the call out a lull where he got to last you. So I can get some sort of fringe and chipped. Sandwich. Was double meat because you know you got to meet on the energy got to read on the votes. But there are part of the French do due to bring in the imprint took it. In Korea art noble idea umpire Jim double meat may be do it speaks to deplore. Because you know we're talking about pretty dormant and and public maybe put some bacon on it. And I don't think Jim should take some. And I. But he that was sent on. To be that what was is tackling dummy. Objection. And a lull.