Hour 1 - Joe, Lo, and Dibs break down all the Free Agency news around the NFL

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, March 13th

Joe, Lo, Dibs break down all the NFL Free Agency news including Sammy Watkins signing with the Chiefs, Andrew Norwell to the Jags, and Allen Robinson to the Bears. 


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Yeah. Videos and downtown San. Still little kids on 9517. Good morning and we would love to ease you into the waters this morning. There's only one problem. There is so much news flying around at the current moment we need to get. Right into the contact. The art as we like to call on around here so brace yourself for jumping right in headfirst hot tub temperature beat danced. Number one. Sammy watched in its wide receiver formerly of the Los Angeles rams have signed a three year 48 million dollar deal with. Kansas City Chiefs and again all this becomes official tomorrow Wednesday. The start of the new league year 1 PM Pacific. But I'm about to read you a series of deals that have been agreed to in principle. Why in the case C three years 48 million Alan Robinson wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars shot up Penn State's. He's gonna join the Chicago Bears three years 42 million dollars. If any kitchens former Dallas cowboy linebacker will also be joining the Kansas City Chiefs at a price of about nine million per year. Pace keynote. Set the sign with the Denver Broncos. Know terms of the deal released at the moment and then finally. And this once things boys Andrew Nora well. The Jacksonville Jaguars emerged late last night as a serious contender five years 66 and a half million dollar. Is thirteen point 3000003 year thirty million guaranteed he is now going to become the highest paid offensive guard the national football. Morning well how Loria gets out in the rain their Labatt. Big Joseph went down and grab me a couple go for joy and Camille kobasew their Starbucks and so I. Got their column arraigned and bring mom bro but in these boys made these boys that they would beads they pay any bowl copies on them coach what you're saying oh my goodness ended normal again thirteen point three hour and thirty. Million guaranteeing. Interior linemen it's good to be guarded it. I if you're on if you're niner fan this is a guy we've talked about on this program since November. At that price point and imagine you can put the exact same deal for the niners five years 66 point five million dollars or 26 year old offense guard. Thirty million guarantee. Do you take it or is it too rich I think it's a huge mess and you know and chuck John Lynch is a good you know the GM there clay match yet John and sought documents from the so mr. Johnny. A bigger than now are very appealing to sit there and Japan drinks and cold suds in Japan bonds are you screaming and run down street I'm what you I'm biased but it. May the executive valued at catalyst on the story of this to. Yell and body in Russian history he's criminal unloaded Italy about it and I. You gotta be a little bit more tight and you ultimately get their camera and out. I'll give it that way I talk. I don't think twisted today's program. Didn't see that happening Michael silvers gonna join us an hour to make sense of a lot of the moves that are taking place today and beyond Daniel Jeremiah from the NFL network at 730 Greg pop at 830 and again. Opportunities to win a thousand dollars at 610. 710810. And 910 speaking of which. I saw all they use on odds are donated. 1000 box in the national contest couch national contests A Joseph lo and kids listener hit for the thousand botnets awesome. Powerball hitting your favorite we're what we're asking is our right we serve we aim to please just edit please listen and win and at all you have to do you listen at ten after the hour we Unicode were Indiana area and then use wade and the heat from you know I think we showed doesn't do you know it you know there's always do with William McKinley don't know what my. Look what OK OK okay. And we don't. And you're and the guys like OK I give you the singing the dancing MacKey give you both this early this mean we had him go guy soaking rain water. He's channeling his bitterness is stuck outside of street he's channeling his inner clam right now Klay Thompson who's in advance overshadow the ankle that was apparently injured while he was dancing cats that's about where they are retired I suitable for tomorrow night's game against fast while Ers lakers took time right here 7:30 PM nine if I explained it all to the lakers went pretty good dog isn't really good lately wit and that a little later aren't but let's focus in on. When you start you must ignore well we got to get to Richard Sherman in the comments Joseph Thomas made about him not come up about 1530. Minutes we've also got this Kirk cousins news which there's a surprise contender for his services. And it hits very close to home you are quite. Senior U outlet in Dublin alone although quick let's do it. I think here's a guy Joseph that is the you know set the bar market here's a guy that you get after play well I think the 49ers I'm not I know I'd say it's a miss. I understand they have a program they're gonna do and understand the gonna bring in the guys they feel the need they don't want overpay we talked about. We're Seattle is because overpaid so many guys are in that window close but here's a guy that you said that here's a guy give a five year deal you could it did it. I think that this is that this would it help this team interior special when you built got to Jimmy G you got your quarterback. I like this guy and now you don't look in the drafting a look at freezing is second tier guy. But now you're not guaranteed that you gonna give this young kid from Notre Dame. You know is not guaranteed he's gonna be there at number nine you're talking about Quinton I'll tell us kids has been high on for quite some absolutely so. I just think if one of these guys I think to get the short thing you couldn't pay you add more money than anyone. You could for sure Maine this thing happen and then an address now you don't get your Lyman that you want. Where are you so I just look at this is an. For me I would've went into that interior guard he can run he can run block he can pass block this it guide it could've been a staple only twenty secures a Yahoo! could be there for five. There are other free agent guards out there of similar quality and not a deep freeagent classic guard but I know Joe's been talking about Josh sit in the bears. The giants have just in pews gonna be available so there are other guys in the same caliber. Maybe won't cost you as much. Right now for me you got it go was in John we trust because so far they've been hit non. All the spots they've been hands of you miss out on the islands of getting the most money for any guard it may be it's not a miss after all. Remember something just because you have the money doesn't mean you need to spend the money. Nobody wins a Super Bowl in March during free agency. The Philadelphia Eagles back in like 2010 or a perfect example that Vince Young. And Cullen Jenkins. And not be awesome while they may all these splashy moves and everyone was looking at Philly just like 03 days it's no breaks the dream team thank you Vince Young. For calling them the dream team based soc and Andy got fired. Like that's how bad they work it you are remember going to win a suitable in free agency. It is a complementary process you build through the draft and you complement the roster with freeagent pieces are right Jason point. Two wide receivers are set to sign Allen Robinson is gonna go to Chicago from Jacksonville he's getting three years 42 million dollars. Sammy Watkins is gonna go from the rams to Kansas City three years 48 million dollars. Point number one here regarding watch it's. Everyone thinks the rams are geniuses the way they've been Wheeling and dealing lately right. Does anyone remember that before the season started the rams gave up a second round pick and a cornerback EJ gains to the bills in exchange for watching this. They got one year out of him now he's gone. The second round pick and a quarter and games played well this year you gave up both assets for one year of a guy you couldn't bring back. That's not genius that's foolish. You gonna go to playoff game it didn't put you over the top that's number one number two. Give me the five to ten best wide receivers in the national football. I'm gonna put anyone say I wanna but governor reads the names off and tell me if I'm off base OK guys are top five top ten. Antonio Brown cure Julio Jones yeah yeah Andre Hopkins there with you more AJ green. Michael Thomas from the saints you can make your case based on last year's numbers Keenan Allen had a huge last year. O'Dell Beckham who we're gonna get into a just a moment for all the wrong reasons OBJ it's going to be tough to take any of those names and say those guys aren't top five top ten of our numbers in the history. Tell you. What do they all have in common. Not a single one of them is playing for a team other than the one attracted. Wide receiver is not a position you overpay for a free agency. There are certain positions that during free agency you go out and you spend the cash to bring individuals it. Offensive tackles it's available but very rarely do they make because they're so valuable. Cornerback. Pass rusher if they get on the open market remember Julius Peppers to the bears all those years ago Jared Allen when he ended up moving. The bottom line is you don't win the by going in the free agency and spending sixteen. Million dollars a year on Sammy Watkins. Sixteen Antonio Brown is the highest paid wide receiver in the game at seventeen million a year. You're telling me that's a good deal for Kansas City. Not getting injured Orwell is not in the world. He's someone we were all very high on he could really help the team that just because you have the money it doesn't mean you go out and spend as. I assume you look at the value over the replacement player and you're gonna stand for more dig a global gee it applies and always low when you look at it. Alan Robinson at fourteen million a year can you get a draft they can get a player in the draft in the second or third round who's going to be. At least somewhat close to what he's producing the answer is yes. And not to spend about twelve million a season less forts on the value as much higher in getting your receiver in the draft but spending our money free agency. The guy who want a thousand bucks listening to our show he had a some of the text on this morning gave us is number. What's ahead by strikes such drinks on hand has a thousand bucks unnecessary sir we're just here to Serbia. I'm and the great listeners of the Bay Area and beyond and with that in mind it's time for the twelve K they national cash contest here's your chance to win a thousand dollars tax code word. Manager. As in Bruce bossi manager and 78 people on message and data rates apply. What's next for the San Francisco 49ers. Gonna throw a real interesting name it yeah but it comes with a lot of controversy. Well before that. Two days from now the action in that begins did will be in Vegas. Shia dominated miles off the ground several in which shattered OJ Simpson he's the other semi boring in my hands Jews and the do both Lewis and I'm not sure I thought our energy necessarily want to be associated with OJ Simpson. Somehow it all gets mixed together is he telling you. About five hour energy brackets not come here one of the individuals tasked with the posting. A bracket challenge in your office place your school whatever it may be check out five hour energy brackets that come very interesting twist to the format. You can go winning change your picks during the games of the performance remained low that's forget unbelievable. Four minutes before the game in you can go wouldn't change your Brack the people alive he thought I. I even find energy as you've played bad he baked and not just Agile because he's gained starts early in the morning and insulate. Grab your couple five or did you keep people on throughout the day. Five hour energy brackets that can't check out the website it is lie. Oh wait until you hear this name that we've slowed your way next Jolo and antivirus and in the game. Chills going to its continue. On 957. Game. Sammy Watkins sixteen million a year to join Kansas City Alan Robinson fourteen million a year to join the bears. Those are teams trying to cover up mistakes. Yet any Reid's got a nicely receiving unit now. Burners and Sammy Watkins. Burners and Tyreke hill Travis Kelsey tight end patched my homes and into the deep ball that. That much money for a wide receiver news flash go through history. Who are the wide receivers that got paid big time on the open market. Mike Wallace remember that till Miami it's terrible. Good wide receivers get re upped so today. Tomorrow and beyond if you're niner fan or raider and you're driving around in you hearing about these teens spend it all this money. You can kind of think at what are my guys doing why are my guys not up to spend. Spending money in free agency doesn't necessarily translate to wins free agencies about complementing your team not building your team. With that in mind there's another wide receiver I'd like to throw out there. What do you do with O'Dell Beckham junior in what we need him this story flu so far under the radar of most people don't even know what I'm talking about. Friday night. I believe it was a 72 video clip surfaced on the Internet. And it shows photo back in bed shirtless eating pizza and holding what looks to be a block. A brown cigarette it was described writes a Broward small cigar or cigarette which most of us know what that means but whatever we'll give you the benefit of the next to him as a girl he's hanging out west who. Has a mirror in front of her with white lines of powder broken up on an issue holding a credit card. I'm not gonna jump to conclusions here but. It's probably not vitamin nah I don't think it was a white out right it is and I don't think you know writing NSA had main mistaken graft to on the upside is probably not. Anthrax they're probably not planning any sort of attacks that's good news about it probably drugs and this is yet. Another instance involving don't back in junior who. Is entering the final year of his five year rookie deal they picked up his option he's gonna make about nine million this year. New general manager David Gelman and formally be Carolina Panthers came to new York and said it was going to be clean slate and I'll back up. They never even got close to their first practice and I'll back him before you got another issue he trade a he attributed the New York Giants what do you do with this guy because if you're gonna pay him. You probably gonna need to pay him more than Antonio Brown money. You can't watch Sammy Watkins get sixteen million a year and offer auto Beckham less in it happened so what do you do you move on from. I think you do move on from him because he's hasn't showed it you reliable performance on the field because of injury he's been banged up and when he does play any plays well he finds his way into. Off field difficulty whether it's him proposing to the kicking and or getting. Getting whistled and ejected from the game for battling was Josh Norman there are things that are outside of his excellence that take away from your football product. So if it was means GM. I would go ahead and say enough is enough and I would move on. If you're John Lynch to try to buy low in your Reggie McKenzie try to buy low do you call the giants say look we know you've got a major problem on your hands. Lawless and a deal. Both teams the rumors are that they could each use a wide receiver we know the niners can upgrade but if they don't it's not in the world. We know the raiders got great but you still have coop and Crabtree so it's not in the world. Would you pick up the phone to take a chance on all about the engine went out and out and not just that Joseph. Yeah nine and attacked him for on their first round pick I don't care you try to train you so give me its second or third there gonna laugh this is the I think he's top three receivers I mean I don't what anyone argue that house there owed about them is to gain changer he can separate he can do at all. Yet it guys a little off kilter and think he's a little bipolar myself personally just that and do different things that he does. But act I think he's got to go to a team Mike with the saints or he's got to go to a team that has a dominant quarterback this don't say I I don't allow. Many new season is kind of charismatic is like whatever he needs to have a guy's going like a night and except that. Say certain guys need people that want to leave you know. Certain guys need certain players and I've been around that if you just let them do themselves they would hurt themselves to become. It just they're just and and you know it's hard to keep them confined. You have to have a strong Miami quarterback strong minded coach that's going to not allow certain things. Tom Rothman thank you be pulling these candidates who come knowing would not great point yeah America does not may mean firmly controlled arrow here and not get it Karzai I think that's side you're wrong and online primate quoted in front of mind you know why you know why Eli Manning wasn't able to hold on the ship there. You guys career was over until auto Beckham showed up. Look at the numbers look where you life's career wise and then look at what happened after Beckham joined. A resurgence he was able to extend his career he was never gonna get that far down. OBJ Stew wrote in terms of Chu and about get in the line watch because I saved his career he would go on air and make a comment to the media here in the air. But he wasn't gonna do too much I think you're exactly right I don't think the right leadership unit is in place to keep that guy where he needs them because you don't. Yes it's always story with a scene and Joseph I've seen this pitcher I've seen this movie play out a million times in the league so. I know if you can put him with a gripe from the right person you look at the guy rainy mosque. You can see any get out of Iowa Tom Brady you do not see him get that I knew he might have some things. But it wasn't going to be accepted there's certain guys that can hold guys accountable that won't change and they might have gremlins are looking. You greens tell me that was it do you think any muscle to punch Tom Brady I don't care how ghetto are anchor how were they being all these are as certain guys. Bet you couldn't even pick a fight with in the album but they might go ahead that shouting match back and forth. Drew Brees could be anything owed about his faith in him at a shot not not much is going to be don't. But you're gonna get the best them. Afterwards that ability come together I've seen guys into the faced quarterback then back down if you get the right person this guy. The sky's the limit but he needs to be surrounded by the right people in a team that's not gonna let him get it would this with some of the things diesel on the feel and. Off if I don't think he's old enough yet to have that perspective of his when Randy went to New England he was an older player OBJ is only 25. And idol yet CNET humility that desire to prove himself yet low. You know you know my feel. The coat tails you know and who's gonna win that that these little win that battle. So what you do not have a guy that's not necessarily playing not necessary dornin things in the quarterback's not going to look at his way. I don't what you gonna feel because you don't know what you don't want I'm not a total body because from what you don't. And it Gupta Chad Ochocinco when he left a new England and know what he was doing what happened to his boat was on the sideline. Hall of fame career in Cincinnati he goes another place where they did just letting my government ex Eagles another place where he had to be hold accountable and look what happened to one point. Here's another great point for me 559 on the anti AutoZone dot Comtex line. White powder is just powdered chicken milk. For the day playing a team. We import Tom Brady seemed chug a beer with Stephen Kobe only has he won that I did not realize I'm ready to took a bit like us and get guys Tommy just went up in knots in my book. That puts you that not one. Who. Hall. Is going to be got a thirsty and not just ask no I don't. Why he's come out see mama them this next month so we're gonna get over there would bring some Beers with mutually doubts about that I'm sure he left the show it was just cursing it. How dare this guy happy here at you know how many weeks of work it's gonna take you. That if you can't exactly get a work what's next for the San Francisco 49ers injury nor wells headed to the jaguars that doesn't mean it's over for the niners we've got the list of names a team should be targeting next Jolo and did not present in the game chill blowing teams continue. On 957. Big game. Klay Thompson. Dance it. Thirtieth birthday party rant about eleven minutes because well. It's claiming it didn't panic I'll bet. Some led bombing and Robby ware and if he was stumbling involvement by the way good good no he was getting down and then he went down that field get downwind down count bottles did you I don't know if you've seen the video yeah I got it looks a little bit like a certain individuals stacking shelves in Arizona couple years. Us out there on a dance. Yeah. Ruth played sound similar to include. I play without question I'm not advocating that I might have better musically I think he's out but he let the right he's not. I'm out there run it through any sort of Michael Jackson stopped learning that clearly well yeah. It's messy sloppy and results in a fall that he may ending up his ankles so we're gonna talk about that about ten minutes or so. I'm today's figure people question about you buy at these daily and about to Chevrolet is up on the web site 957 the game dot com it has to do with the following conversation. Kirk cousins what's the best bet. Most feel that cousins is headed for either Minnesota or the New York Jets. And ask yourself right out your Minnesota viking fan how Dicey your situation just got if you don't land cousins. You're starting quarterback who took into the NFC championship game educates keynote he gone. You go to the Denver Broncos now so she's on and if you miss on cousins. What are you going to do bring back Teddy Bridgewater who hasn't played in five years Pollyanna Teddy most any trouble. But in news reports surfaced yesterday that it's not just the vikings in the jets that are going after Kirk cousins. Hello. Arizona Cardinals all and the NFC west according to Mike to Iraqis on 98 point seven FM and Arizona. The Arizona Cardinals have put together a package for Kirk cousins. That runs five years. 145. Million dollars that's 29 million per year ninety million guaranteed over the first three years. Think about an NFC west ministers Jimmy drop below Russell Wilson. Jared golf and Kirk cousins the only division that rivals that would be the NFC south which is Cam Newton Drew Brees Matt Ryan and James Wednesday. CUS we get nasty in a hurry if cousins as the Arizona easy any chance that happens and you know what. I did Tina mean that would become and send. You have to can you have to consider because they have the receivers they got some deepened the players I think you have the same clout. They made the right move but I see it happen. If they got that grab a Jack in the gonna pay that I think connect I can see that happening job because I don't think another team's gonna give you that. That's that's a freak and good deal or did you did you probably give them 2930 million. No I don't point 93 question is where would you rather Garza wanted to play with Larry FitzGerald and Arizona to wanna be in a solid in New York City you wanna go play for the Minnesota Vikings who. Making overtures to Drew Brees and according to reports Brees looks like he's gonna resign when the saints later today. I did cousins would rather go to Arizona where it's not as much of a pressure packed situation and you could play outlast. And playing a better situation and you had a Washington certainly don't go to the jets because you know you're gonna be second fiddle in that division. You can think about going to Minnesota but again you got two games yet Green Bay is gonna be outdoors a tough one maybe doesn't see you as much is going to. To a sunnier situation West Coast city be able to all the Baltimore successfully. You've got a situation Arizona his sister lives there he's got family in the Arizona area I don't know how much value comes in the play with that. I mean you left Fresno that was we're all your family was you played all around the country. Were you ever home sick how much is Stanley coming to play plugin did you do if Romo. Solid lead in points and Iago but a truck up north Iraq. And mama demo but that's why he ward. To exit. The whole incident. It's I think what it's better using later like I I enjoyed coming back to say needle from a mom and dad about Stanley could come watch me play when you get back to California. It wasn't it. Early in my career wouldn't admit the best thing forming just distractions and people pulling on you that way Alice known New Orleans could take care myself getting you know into. In you don't involved in community it's tough for young players to be will be around family and friends because it is so many distractions. Tickets and all the things that you have to get them in your way therefore away they can't fly because it's you know it's pretty expensive for your family or friends who want to come out there. But your view of your backyard. Of course they can just drive until they concede as so Kirk cousins and a great situation. And you think about. How much is that gonna play it that can be huge factor you know this this guy and you'll still drives his band that his grandmother was always always in the Stanley Kirk cousins a simple guy. It got its betterment self that's gambled on self and he's had success. I'm happy for the young man the cut the money. Is this Kirk cousins infomercial Gillick and Arizona are not a crap I I'd like he's got the same venue this what do you think should. He's a guy Joseph that's that he did this beat a lot of the sides I mean. He got it I don't think he's a great quarterback you know me I've got one Mikey out there and I was you have to pay gets 500 bucks and some camp at. I don't think he's a superstar hi guys I can you know I've I've accepted to this market you guys have brought me over from. A long way I have with I have been sold. Adamant that these guys are gonna get the kind of money that's being passed out I was talking about when. Jimmy gee who's gonna get that eighteen to twenty million singles out Wayne's group or game do you like her copilot three years twelve million either that was reasonable price very very vulnerable here. It may go on incentive in there I was witness to build it back to backs of rules and extra 500 can always give it got eighteen million from winning two games in known good game and happen without him. But that that's like the kind of woods affect in Vegas right now. Tiger Woods currently as the third best odds to win the masters Tiger Woods is not the third best golfer in the masters go away but because of the betting percentages because of how much money is going to come in the sports books can't afford to risk. That much liability so they put woods it twelve to 115 to one knowing they're gonna take as much action as they would if he was 41 they don't wanna get stuck paying out that much. You. Look at it as true it's the way I look at what's what might be the 25 best golfer in the field and a gust of maybe the fortieth. Those are the true watts you look at cousins is being marked 1820 million dollars. That doesn't matter. The true odds don't matter it's all about inflation in the marketplace in the market place for woods is that you have the price them as the third favorite because you're gonna take a ton of money. Four cousins got a price and the highest paid quarterback in the game because that's how the economy has set itself up that's why. You draft a quarterback you develop a quarterback and you re sign that quarterback. The greatest players that never make it in the free agency it's very rare that an elite player gets in free agency. This Drew Brees staying laughable. Aaron Rodgers has he ever gotten a host of free agency will Russell Wilson will Tom Brady Peyton Manning at the end in the apples is rebooting. That's a very rare scenario that's out wire the greatest players get drafted. Developed and and they continue to re sign that teens give them the money before they reach the open market. Khalil Mac is gonna be a perfect example the raiders are not gonna chance that they're gonna end up giving him. Sixteen or seventeen million dollars a year because he is one of the game's best defenders. You see the same thing now with the quarterback positioning Kirk cousins because if you look at the free agent quarterbacks out there we'll take Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers out. Because they'll likely say would their teams if you're the biggest dog. In the market even if you are aren't the greatest dog you're the only one at the pound your didn't adopt data and this case he's getting 29 maybe thirty million because. There's no other dog there there's the Google docs then three legs and one and there's little Poodle the lab a Poodle the definition you'll there don't want this. Schema and never realize they were gonna get cousins they acted quickening backing him what's team and gonna do for the Broncos it rate of failure got you'll feel pretty good about that scenario. Denver's gonna go a case to him taste Tina played indoors. In an offense that was run by pat sure sure it was a fantastic offensive coordinator he's now going outdoors. To play for bill musgrave. Straight not a bad coordinator beat out Shermer sure took all those guys into the next level must raise a good coordinator I don't know he's in the league coordinator. That scenario I can't wait to see with the deals are Mac contract yeah if you're paying him 2344 millionaire swing MS Denver Selena met. He's going to be a guy's gonna get that eighteen Tony and I look at Kirk cousins that you have occurred or is it okay I it's him getting that Tony 526 because not using the current car. Car and Stafford got so he's OK he's going to be there but like you just elated valuing kids. Poor little Chihuahua and then there's a dome featured the dog than the only dog is there the big put bigger dog. Is gonna get Martino exit you're gonna meet campaign had all the little more to go on fight so. I see this you know an analogy that you make is it makes sense but it doesn't you know I'm disarmament on the side to say does it make it necessarily right. Skies gonna get paid the quarterback mark is great. This segment don't we talk about these different players you saw him to know what they couldn't boarding and you don't and an old team so he leaves. It happens though it happens and I'm I'm happy for these guys breaking news two more deals have been agreed to. That's coming up next Jolo and did not present in the game. Chills going to its continue. On 957. Big game. All right now. One but two pieces of news we'll start with the less important 11 putting Adam chapter of ESPN. Former Carolina Panthers defensive tackle star look to lay allay. Intends to sign a five year deal with the Buffalo Bills went free agency opens tomorrow according to sources telling chapter. Itself Starwood lately headed to buffalo buffalo very quietly having an interest in off season. They put Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland for a high draft picks they picked up according to land the offensive linemen yesterday and they moved up in the draft. Switching with Cincinnati and grabbing the twelve overall pick were on the street is that the bills are gonna make a strong play for a first round quarterback. Because they're gonna need one. Piece of news numbered two. The New Orleans Saints. And drew removed. Raw so what does this greens which you are right we just never heard of them have struck a two year deal worth fifty million dollars sources tell Ian Rapoport of NFL media Brees will get 27 million dollars guarantee. So the vikings. Lose K asking them swing and miss on Drew Brees. If I'm Kirk cousins like. I feel Minnesota. What do you think about 33 mini that's. Right the price goes even further and now every bit the news that trickles out cousins can just sit back and watch the millions role in knowing full well that he's thirty you'd be. The highest paid quarterback in the league is just a question of how high he set the bar now. Geez so here's we've got we are in the legal tampering window you're gonna hear a lot about a variety of deals that have been sign. For example we opened the show this morning Alan Robinson the wide receiver to Chicago three years 42 million. Sammy Watkins a wide receiver to Kansas City three years 48 million. We'll keep you updated here at 957 the game you stick with us throughout the day will give you the news as it happens in real time we might even add a few hot chicks each of these pieces of news as well adults who knows depends on how we're feeling today. On this. Taco Tuesday. Updates but I am. All this stuff becomes official Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific that's when the free agency window eventually opens Drew Brees it 25 million a year isn't about that. I think Drew Brees you know here's a guy that say NA. I'm here I am you know he loves the city. You know they calling breezes there you know look in mourns a guy in the playoffs and it came they should've won you know it on TV makes a tackle they probably when meg game. You know it's it's interesting just to see. How Drew Brees you know the two year fifty million dollars. You think did this guy's gonna get more than Matt I I would think that he would get more than that because of what he's been able to do and I understand this the back and of their career. But the way that he still plan and it's such a high level. You think that you know that his guys going to be the highest paid quarterback but you get my hometown hometown discount. The saints against saint turned to play there and a good place because they got truce deal. What could they have been arguing about. Lately and we came out early and said give me two years fifty million twenties having guaranteed what was the argument he's worth. Right now he's out there he should be worth more than cousin Brian should be worth more prettier than crop below is not get more than grind while he doesn't worth more than all those guys if it's short term deal. I mean what would say it's offering. Big colonial and offered him like sixteen if possible saying it's possible that it. Willow took only ten year old got to start their so maybe that's where he was influences deal making was influenced by his time and Collins well Orleans surprising a very cheap sit apparently yeah well I think it would be eighteen million and a lifetime supply of a media of the amber and you'll local brew their ankle at the purple haze is really yet Perry's the delicate GO artist I shot dating given to your fifty guarantee. Why wouldn't only two years just fully guarantee the deal. Mummy knack it to mean. I would've fought for and maybe that was the sticking point maybe two in two years and fifty was always the offer but drew one of 35 or forty million in guaranteed in the saints. We're offering only 25 guaranteed or whatever and so that was more than negotiation led. What do jump in this Anthony's Slater from the athletic. Has a video up on his Twitter feeds and the TV Slater at Anthony V Slater. I Seth Curry recently turned thirty years old and the team had a party for staff I don't know which night the party was it was a surprise party and I am I wanna say it was last night if I'm not mistaken because they played Sunday. And they got back Sunday night. I doubt it would have been found in item and they don't play until tomorrow sadly that was last evening so party Monday he had Tuesday off to recover. And then Wednesday you're back in action against the lakers 730 right here on 95% in the game. The video it's funny everyone's having good time Klay Thompson as one of the individuals up on the stage and dance in and then. Clay slips. And gets up and everyone keeps laughing but according to Slater. Play Davis ankle up and is I think questionable to play against the lakers tomorrow. Now imagine. If you're driving around right now you were us. How do you react to us how do you react to his what do you do with this story do you laugh and say oh it's just. Boys being boys having a good time no harm no foul it's clay it's okay what do you say to yourself him. You lost two in a row without staff he's teamed up with an ankle injury bomb. You know. And again it's not that I'm saying this but instead did stained up and then goes and plays a gust the national and then comes back and gets hurt playing basketball. Fans are not going to react favorably to that that's just how businesses. I'm not advocating it but think about what Richard Sherman did in Seattle. And then the team Cottam. And then the fans burned his Jersey in the streets people are irrational about sports because they're very passionate about sports. Security deal with the one ankle injury Houston has widened the gap but now you got clay at a party slipping and falling to possibly injuring his ankle. People might get worked up about this sort of thing. Especially if you don't win the title because if Houston beach you people point to incidents like this and they say this is why you didn't. Wind is you weren't taking it sitting right in using we're not yet you're a situation where you're going to be the one or the two seed and it looks like Houston can hold you off because you now. A game and a half backing you lose the tiebreaker so. To me it's it's not that big of a deal because you're kind of locked in year seed now. As the two. You watched the video and Claes is clearly have a good time. He's having great time guy takes issue is awfully frozen in the crowd Steve Kerr is up there JaVale McGee KD drain on the whole team basically. As up there haven't thought on the stage and clay goes any stumbles and I guess he's listed as probable according to Anthony Slater so he most likely will play tomorrow but. You're right Joseph stand up. Losing to Houston in the western finals are losing the NBA finals but be a lot of things you can look back at and wonder if they weren't distracted or otherwise occupied. That's how works very not. Not saying it's fair but that's how it works they learn nest during the 73 win season. They might get suspended the end up losing the title people will always point that people always say. Could have been three and arrow or possibly four narrow it drama doesn't get suspended those are the things that happened I'm not saying it's right I'm just saying it's reality. Yeah it is it is then and it's you know as perception sometimes is it reality. Adding bottom line is. The guys empire and go to party don't dance don't get on stage just go and sit you don't have to your point 726 years a limited time. And have fun if they lose a championship this year it's not because in trying. To what to say Houston was better or someone beat them. Sometimes it happens it happens in sports that's why it's sports that's why you have a game that's why no one knows the outcome. People are gonna say whatever. They're gonna continue to do it always gonna play they play advocate and always communicate these guys do this is their. They want you to just do what everyone wants you to do it that you pose a do. And think it's that but there have no accountability and guys whampoa and they don't do what they need to do this is a good team. They're good men. And you know there haven't had to arrive at all about social media just just. MetLife very difficult for professional athletes because everything can be misconstrued this is a guy dancing on a stage yeah I'm sure it's happened with quite a few athletes over the years in your era imagine if stuff could have gotten what these. Bottom line knows what every year industry is you've got to take care of the skill that sets you apart in our business of talking so. If you have a voice problem in you miss a day at work. And the next day we see you out there screaming in the and a niner giant game smoke consider eggs yeah whatever people are going to be. Questioning wallet. Seth Curry hurt his ankle he plays a gust up and then he hurt his ankle again well does that affect you in the playoffs now we've got an issue it. How's that affect means is Walken playing golf and then. He's dance last night it looked like he was dubbed this the guy that ankle looked okay to me that I had video is not to say that it's wrong. But it's it's just look at the fans burning Richard Sherman George until it's completely I say that happens in Seattle it's completely insane. Just a side note here also debris Klay Thompson was originally also probable because of the thumb injury so he Regina was listed as probable as wealth that was also two days ago. So I don't know that he's slipping right ankle he did that is saying that sending also Jamaican noted too that he was already probable whether or not it was because of the eighth ankle injury now.