Hour 1 - Greg Papa Show - Jimmy G presser, John Dickinson, Warriors win

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, February 9th

Papa & Bonta react to Jimmy Garoppolo's press conference, are joined by John Dickinson live from Santa Clara, and discuss if the Warriors are back on track after the win over the Mavs last night. 


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Please okay if they can all do this. Stop why I don't know I don't know. Okay. Did Mindy my news from the voice of the warriors. Very us. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Life from the DG DG dot com studio. Atop the San Francisco's skyline the crystal clear and dad joined by law. Afternoon everybody welcome to the afternoon delight public and Vontae 957 game in the press conference is hurt. Was Jimmy G of course signing his new deal five years 137 point five million dollars partly he's a very rich man now. What did you take away from that press conference when John Lynch. How Shanahan and Jimmy go awful. Well first thing channel lynch is just extremely. Impressive. In every way and I know the quarterback. And head coach will speak to the media ad nauseam head coach has to do it you know once Wednesday rolls around every day and I. Quarterback has just four basis quote unquote face of the franchise but for me. John bland she is that he is the face of this franchise going forward. And he is just so capable. You know it helps that he's a broadcaster he's Stanford guy and Smart articulate. But he did she have a feel for his football acumen and what he's doing here I thought he he got command of the Roma initially. He's inside police funny will break down a little bit later on we don't have a track record on a I'm John because he's never done this before so you know usually guys are higher there elevator like Reggie McKenzie the Green Bay. Family so you can't feel like will be a Green Bay builder of a football team we don't know what John Lynch is gonna because he hasn't worked anywhere he's been in TV. I I would guess and we'll get into it later on he may follow the mold of John Elway. Because he has gone to Elway before he got this job and observed in the job failing in training camp and they had you know the stated joint practices this year. And Al ways been bold always a one got its Mabel jumped in and build a whole secondary through free agency typically free agency. Does not work in the NFL you have to sprinkled dies Stuart existing core honey should just see just how much Vontae he spends in the off season. Would they don't they no longer have the most can't spaces he noted. I think got a hell of a lot so they can they can buy football players if they want to but they ice and they have to be prudent and I think he will be. For Kyle Shanahan. He you know he more or really nice blue suit that I think they're gonna find out where he got that for every impress the warriors show in the portfolio warriors for us congressman good guys they're really nice fresh Erica. He looks too much like his dad. That's certainly appears that he's a little you know I EI is a little Joseph Levy has the word I would use a little football nerdy. Which I like say but that he's very articulate well he's still when he talks football. He really knows. Unlike Mike Singletary who never proved that he knew the inner workings of football really technically. Kyle will drop nuggets without giving you what you think and but you know all that he has high level. Football acumen and I don't need your dad is not vacancy at the way designs plays and calls plays and runs off fans in the jets' offense for others got RG three year. Or Jimmy whoever's quarterback is. But there's a little in old Sean McVeigh comes off as just so cool at the hot girlfriend Veronica on his side to resist the and Skiles just a little jewel weed B. Which say I liked it like Andrew Luck is a little dream be as well as a quarterback it means there and change their detailed. You have to be serious studious guys to be able to do all of that and stars they don't start the of the show the guy in the middle Jimmy your out hello we dressed understated way. Today very plain suit. I go Rolex on as let Frist rules as other at our disposal are pretty impressive. Yeah I mean to pay that much money for any any time she's on the John Miller what do you guys are for a project I'd say United Nations Janet Janet have a watch and what Alex your watch Jack. That is it time peace. Lot of shake up but you spend more for that why should I spent from I my car but in any event. Yes some people there and then it's fine it was beautiful but he was just you a little you know. But he's young he's 26 he wasn't like he was nervous and stammering he handled it beautifully. That is absolutely the patriot hobby is a select all races and therefore you're trying to fill me valley USA patriot. Those dogs die Bobby morrow phony bills fox moreover all decent cook you guys out there are New England why he's got. Because he's a little you know it's it's like systematic almost like program to say certain things Afghans like all the answers for every questions are tunnels listening to Tom Brady Belichick got charged is answered a charge could come as short. Not not long he doesn't. So it enables it reminded me of the pitchers poppy learn from the patriot he's okay. Through the data or there's nothing wrong with that having access it's not a bad way to be you know he's different than Tom Brady and I'm ready give long answers. In certain forums but when the six week of the game goes on sale what he's thinking I thought he was fine. You know again that everybody's freaking out. Over initial wasted thinking that you know assured he had taken it to march the sixth and forced the tag on Lemmon played hardball. And these the other side it'd Jesus only seven games. And a full body a word can be seen enough of this guy and we are getting more details of the contract now you know this morning. It's amazing how any you know we're gonna get into what happened in my friend Ron gorgeous today in the Boston airports should hold you there what is going on the reporting. You know I yeah I seen in the sports world which I have so much knowledge of and they wanna go in thinking here who are not vigilant go ahead and pop guy and you split personality that the guy that has hijacked the Oval Office keeps bringing up fake news CNET that's not fake news there. But some sports reporting their their lack of knowledge of the game and then miss reporting on some things to use the word guarantee. I'm today what what does that mean keel the means to guarantee means you're giving you all Brosnahan had it right or if you get the money right right you play so they keep saying. What are your yesterday's 74 million dollars guaranteed right now earlier warning behind early ninety's for the first Ramirez got true how much money is he is but now we have a new chair. In case has just like. Unique Buddha the word unique tracks we noticed that whenever people say most unique know there is no most unique unique remains one of the guys. Water there's not most wanted to kinda early misuse the English language now we're dropping into. Fully guarantee the fact held this Saturday cares he's here. They figured they're so does the actual age. You're up almost got a platinum marriage or upload tomorrow and I sold for divorce how much is careful what you forget about all that's what I want Bob let me get it. Apparently took 37 million dollar cap hit for forty yards and 2018. According to add a chapter. Any trust what's forty million dollar cap hit its when he nineteen campaign it's a different kind of filtered universities all the fully guarantee I had 48 point oh yeah point 74. What I. Have a lot in my right guy lot of more than Andrew Luck god. Not as much as Stafford got more than Derrick got. But daddy did you blow you away they do you know first of all 237 and halfway back and get necessarily all bad. So what's really cared to assembly floor guaranteed bush got really get a good all day. Right and then they get this like we were talking do Jill Cory from CBS yesterday well at the front loaded it. It seems like it will be front loaded correct and they get a pay him. The way the benchmarks are you'll get ninety million of lead again if this is accurate over the first three years which would mean a per man and a thirty. And the whole deal is 47 and a half so they had slightly front loaded but it's still not all guaranteed. Money I mean we learned that from the from the child. From the talent Capra kind direct years ago where there was news reported so. I wish they would just wait a little bit and use these words correctly now we have the term fully carried yeah how's that different than guarantee Greg doesn't make. Much sesame I wish they would just get the deal done away artists up because all these numbers stay with much this number has changed over the last 44 hours away from seventy fours you mentioned 47 point 548 point seven. I don't know all I know popped Israelis are rich and he could afford to buy a house in the Bay Area and he's going to be here for a long long dark hair and the 49ers record deal this season once it is still unclear if the deals inside but they're gonna have 77 million dollars in cap space that's what I do know. I know that number is not gonna change yourself good for the 49ers you know an 88 the budget to cap space with this deal here but hey it is better for a loaded because down the line here 23 years we got three sign guys like the force popular Reuben Paul search Adrian call we're gonna have money is being here assault it's a teen friendly deal here we had to get it done and that's all we heard pop he's a big piece of the puzzle he's only deal he's welcoming. He was welcome to the environment in EG talked about getting the deal done and get nearly all season studying so. Good on all fronts we'll talk more about this press conference we'll talk more about Jimmy brought low still later in the show here where the fun show Larry Riley would join us at 2 o'clock Bob. Former GM at a grocery wars JB a 118 and we'll talk to boots on the grounds down there is senate Claire at and won the scrutiny at 1230 here in the afternoon delights soap bubble talk will discussed is how does Jimmy G and a nine Ers that stack up against the rest of the NFC we'll discuss here and get to know why his problem Barnes and impressive again. Now back into the great accomplish at all. On 957. Big game. Coming homicide it's a longtime college this thing I Rihanna you have pretty good move on and I'm very do. You're out and some common sense who's next here but like just I don't know a lot of work to do so we're looking forward to it. Jimmy drop wells happy John Lynch is that because Jenna and is that B forty niner fans are happy as didn't Rob Lowe gets his deal. Five years 137 point five million dollars what 48 point seven. Only guarantee pop fully guaranteed welcome back to the have to divide us pop Obama take many 57 games so when you get a deal like this pop. Did expectations automatically rise to about her feel like it or not. 49ers tyranny NFC west there were six and ten last year didn't really play the NFC west teams until I ran the last game of the season. The rams against everybody so how do 49ers now with the quarterback and cell stack up with the rest of the division what are the proper expectations here are we do we have to look at this guy like Steve Jobs or whatever we have to look at the 49ers is a playoff team won thirty expectations going to sit Tony eighteen pot. I think they can win the NFC west there's no doubt and their debt where we gave should certainly hitch February finished latest Super Bowl on Sunday today's Friday. Can we haven't started anything yet we had to come back and we got to new league year in March we have free agency we have trading starting again you know some teams are starting live. And then he got the draft and then you know you gotta go to OGA Jamie has a lot of work to do but I I think there's no question. They are on there of course where they they could do what the Eagles did which is go from last place to first place and the rams won eleven Seattle won nine Arizona one day in the niners after an offer for most of the year got to six. So. I I do believe he's the best quarterback in his division. We don't know what Arizona is gonna do I am really impressed with Arizona's new head coach she will she. I didn't know I knew what his job was a Carolina defensive coordinator but I you know who he was I heard his press conference he is really. Sharp in every regard. I think he's on a level of Mike Tomlin I think movie that kind of a head coach I'm anxious to see what they do there they did have to address the the quarterback. Situation but I say it's just it's early in the offseason we don't know the night is clearly have holes to fill the last time to do and how much would they use. 177 million got a cap space that I like I think they have a real chance that they should set their sights and reclaiming the NFC west I think they can do what. We do have more details thanks to who's your friend it raided other great Barack. Haas he's been well volatile high stakes the raid Ron gets is from chapter I guess you are under day he's helping us out your arms shall we get a lot of people who send the stuff they pay so public really care about eight agencies Obama. Because this is gonna get it's it's hard I radioed as explained this but just the details of the contract. So by a by signing the contract today. Was charged I'm reading that he's gonna get a seven million dollar bonus immediately and also all. Fifteen point seven million of his deal is guaranteed a next year so basically. A 22. Point seven million dollars for deciding his deal. I guaranteed roster bonus also 28 to get a key to the base salary lol that's for salary cap purposes or some workout bonus and for a per game roster bonuses so. That the next year his salary it always is seventeen point two win against seven and a half of that is guaranteed because he signed today. There are a couple of a workout bonuses as 600000. Here's the key thing though Vontae in this goes back to that Barack and how shrewd he was. With the talent cabernet DL. The niners can get out of this deal. That there is say a a way that they could cost him. They can't remember I was talking yesterday about the trigger dates right per rod loves April Fool's Day he got together before so it's April 12020. That they can get out of this deal. Now I saw the money before that is gonna be largely guaranteed Hackett caught him probably the next couple years but. So when you look at it you know to five year deal really that they can get out of this deal without huge long term financial ramifications. After two years and that's made basically the way most NFL. Contractor are structured this is not a very easy go to Hillary gets every single daughter down at a matter how. He pitches or not it is not an NBA deal. Then the BBC these are complicated deals and that a lot of these monies says he will not get you so but you know a lot of conjecture about. Why did they do this I've heard though line of thinking the Florio thinking. He didn't take it far enough he should have been tagged enforced of tag on him one time internal driven and up. The other side of it is that he doesn't have enough of a body of work is sample size. Well the reality is he's got the leverage he was the second round draft pick of the New England Patriots a 2014 dressing wonder tart. Was and Blake portals and Johnny Mann Zell 62 overall pick. Second round picks don't get the fifth year option they get four years this is the fourth year so he is an unrestricted it. Free agent so he is he's you have to tag them. Otherwise she you know you're you're gonna lose him. And I think cousins we'll get more because cousins Steele now so attractive because he is on restricted it and no one team has bombed him. As similar to Washington his right now it'll be curious to see what the Redskins do with the candidates they tag him. And I can't imagine they while some point they're gonna have to release them as they get out of their offseason so. He's gonna break this market I don't think he's as good of a quarterback as Iraq bubble but you know a lot of people are. Nor Kageyama. Let's do it again next year the only reason Daniel Snyder. And Bruce Allen did that in my opinion is because Kirk cousins. Was there's there's second draft a quarterback that year you are charging throws you lose sales to be the men have rights they gave up so much draft capital. To move up and draft RG three number two overall behind Andrew Luck. That that organization Jewish state they orgy Avian wage being made one mistake here do we want to commit to this guy who we really Null. Let let's just played out will use that. Tagamet third time are you out of your mind it's no one's gonna do that so you don't want to do that. So with the rock below they. It's kind of like they won on five gates with a record the song some reminisce some men go on the first day you know that's that's the one right. It's so they went on five gates' statement around and they dated and even before he began to play quarterback with a date is our first day pop and I wonder no idea no they didn't kiss because they he didn't play soccer they're probably held hands right away carjacker until they you know they he came back and played after Seattle. But I guarantee they jumped in the backseat yeah Jacksonville BF IR so I could but they deploy it is indeed they both eBay Google+ about it later -- I have I don't know I don't know he's he's a good Italian as a mom and dad may be listening Tony you know Denise Dresser in the same same name is Denise York that's got to help please Italian. But in any event. People want this to be. Is though there's now that you sign him to this contract. That there is a guarantee. That he will play well and the team will win that enable go to the playoffs and they will win the Super Bowl that's not the play professional sports works. And it's certainly not the way pro football works there's no guarantee. That this will happen but when you look at him from a scouts. He is really god he is really has OSS absolutely great feat he has great hands I don't think there's a system he cannot Rhonda. He's the one thing is his lack of size. Is stir ability but he has the leverage right now Vontae so if you just looking at them. There's nobody out there you want more than him you brought Emanuel committed to him by giving them the draft pick so go ahead and a beautiful thing about pro football. When you marry someone you know Marion you're holding on life is just five years and you get out of it after two years which Barack shrewdly put in the deal everybody's covered. Everybody's happy. But I had but that the one thing is that John lanchin. And Kyle Shanahan. For the first time in their careers as head coach and GM they have put their necks out there they are going to be aligned to Jimmy. This is the first big bold move you can talk about the Solomon Thomas pick in the room and Foster trade like this is the one another's is a lawn you traded for him you gave on the deal. So now if it doesn't go well. That a lot of people are affected so they had to have a the knowledge of watching him in the acumen from the quarterbacking got from Cairo and and John and also just being around the quality of the person there's no guarantee that he's gonna play well. But when you look at and I hate to bring happening or a trend ball key phrase here but he does checking everybody suspects are hot. I got this is obviously we are now outside the saudis. In effect he got hurt when Kiko Alonso lit them up when he held the ball floats along on that play. He really does pass it I think he's a good deep ball thrower I know some of the numbers show no I think he is equality. Deep ball throwing arm and it will be fine there so but there's no guarantee. That none of snow that's hit all great right away and that's why it's great to have CJ bat third at the back of a guy who's gotten starters rats who understands the offense was learning as well she do better this morning cable walnuts and he's a franchise quarterback but he's more to cable will help the threat of the dolphins function here and out quickly pop rock Barack say is is reportedly saying that the forty earnest now has sixty suited to 63. Million dollars in cap space sector it is heavily front loaded deal for Jimmy grapple here it is true quickly back to the NFC west. He did seeding teams are set Porter ranch here. Seattle is isn't a bit of transition here. Their defense we don't know who is gonna be back is Earl Thomas will be back and chancellor Richard Sherman come off of off of a serious injury your errors on his defense is solid but they didn't see him in there office as you said. Their quarterback is in question there and and rams would have ran three grass here what was this fool's gold sank with the LA rancher with Todd earlier jerk off gas and cap is she feared at the decide whether or not they wanna resize any Watkins yourself before we never could catapult themselves from. Worst to first in a hurry here with the with the place pieces they have in place yourself. Any NFC west here way and what does the elect mentioned pop. He's now you know as the 49ers quarterback and YA tittle. Take a last year a lot of them look at British Hedo to campaign and I can today you have Jeff and Jeff turner tomorrow we gotta get out of our level that is just regarding alcohol thing. I don't think so he was a little. For my time machine not in the hall of fame I tell you watching really Anand had black and white videos and I haven't I wasn't war jealousy there in 1970 I'm Kara was born here but we got to get the boots on the ground who's down near San declared John because and sorted the afternoon delight talking about a 357 days so boots on the ground javy. We'll survive down there what should take away from this press officer would you be garage below. Well the biggest takeaways they they've they got the number one offseason move done but I think Kim Rhode was John Lynch or Kyle Shanahan or even Jimmy garrote low self they clearly. Have an understanding that that's just one piece to have very big puzzle what with a lot of other sits still have to be filled in this this team meal looks to move from. 86 in ten team into potential playoff contender and they they put. Five and al-Qaeda off to decide did you with Jim dropped below their the end of the year in and they're looking toward 2018 knowing that. They have made the most important piece at least they believe they do and a successful player at that position but they're still ton of work left to be done. Can't but I mean they they did when their last five games and they did beat two teams that went to the playoffs from the AFC south and back to back games Tennessee and Jacksonville I hear what you're saying. But that one physician. And sometimes I don't believe it but I saw what my eyes. Can elevate everybody and they can put a lot of pieces Iran and everything functions better offensive linemen don't have to block as long there's a lot of factors in this. The one thing is free agency now. And we don't have a track record or John Lynch JD. They did talk about the whether it's 75 degrees in hand saying declared today and sunny and he had the good looking Italian quarterback in. Just how how was there any talk after they they concluded a press conference and another dole one on ones now where the members of the media and what's your own take from being there. How bold whether it's 63 years 77 million whatever money they had to spend. They can buy a lot of good football players were typically that does not work in the NFL. But John Elway did rebuild whole secondary in Denver and won a Super Bowl right away with three new starters there what's your feeling. How aggressive they're going to be in free agency or are they gonna slowly build this is they say brick by brick. Why I think there in a position where they can do it to fold them and they've got to draft picks and and multiple picks ticket package together to try and do it via the draft I think but they're gonna do is take. They'll want her to players potentially at it each position of need. As far as free agency goes in and try and you don't try and attack the guys that they feel are going to be the best fit you know it's not necessarily. Who who you drier or the world to the media thinks is the best fit it's who they feel can be that the best fit on their board and I think though. They'll spend accordingly I mean there are any tremendous position now with this deal done and still having happily John Lynch sent the third most cap space available. After this deal gets done. Among all NFL teams that that there are set out to to go a number of different directions so I think they'll go I think you're gonna be very aggressive I think they're gonna take a look at it everybody. And they're in a position where you mention the quarterback and it it flipped everything at the although one in ten team all of a sudden looked like neither they could have been a and I'm at seventeen golf for sixteen. So if they hit. I'm a couple of critical players in in free agency and a couple more in the draft and they really could rebuild a lot of areas where they still have a lot of you know talent that there needs to be upgraded. Judy where do you think they'll go first what would be interior lineman on the offensive side of the football to be on defense is wonderful ball well they Carter corner anybody asks a question out there on what the next target will be after June grapple. Yet it's it's it's not specific at this point that I think go we all know where they need to go on and on the defensive side dated you know they need any more pass rush that you never linebacker. They can you know run around and make plays with with Rubin Foster they need to to revamp their secondary figure out exactly. You know who they want their their safeties to beat. I think they eat some veteran leadership does in the in the secondary if they they need talent that the quarterback position that they flat out just don't have and I do think. A primary concern once you have the quarterback popped. He fell once you have the quarterback's gotta make you could protect the quarterbacks it was is Trent brown really going to be that the right tackle the future to you need to go get an hour right tackle. Interior line could be something that that gets reshaped and then play makers. Of course you know who's he gonna throw the football to. And making a bad running game that can balance out you know the passing game that's now on the on display with Iraq let me tell Shanahan loves to run the football. And use the running game set up the passing game so I think kidnapped. Interior offensive line fixed figure out right tackle and and maybe get a running back they can add. Some explosive play capability would would do wonders. Two to helping even the passing game as this thing move sordid and then I think you could also say they they could look at at a number one wide receivers well. You know it's also interesting you know people as they were talking by detail why they so quick to do this fight why did they wait longer welding of the advantage you have now is you have Jamie your up close signed sealed delivered. And the whole league knows said. And now it out he can get on the phone and he can actively starchy recruit. Players around the league take to come here when the appropriate time has to be able to do that the new league year will not start so mid march or a couple of New England. Running backs and I think her intriguing sixty M Lewis and Rex Burkhead. I just wondered JD that that now that he's in niner. You gotta figure if they wanna put money in a certain area of the football team and I would think an offensive line backs and receivers tight ends. The people that'll work directly what ham it's going to be great selling point to have Jimmy you're up almost signed up and he can say come play with. Mean out yet you also know exactly how much money you have to spend you're not worried about what's what's that number gonna be is somebody else can get signed to a contract that's gonna change. The money that you have to pay Jimmy drop below that point it's it's it's no longer. Where you're working on this scale love you don't know exactly political B now you know exactly. How much you have been and how you can attack in trying to spend it what you have to do you know leave for your your remaining draft picks that you're gonna have so no I I think. No everything that was said in the press conference as far as. You know you referenced the north California it's beautiful you've got the quarterback you've got the face of the franchise. The selling point B and five and oh since Jimmy drop below took over. The the possibilities Riordan really are endless for this franchise right now as far as how quickly. They can get this thing turned around not just over the five games spanned over there that the sixteen game span so that there us. Well set up now you think is is anybody in the lead to to be one of those teams that. It happens every year battle with the Eagles happened. And no words you get last place teams become first place teams are to come playoff teams wildcard teams of 49ers are are set up. In a position where they can improve a lot of different positions on the field and NBA good football team again come September. Boots on the ground John Dickerson join us on air to the delight public bonds and I'm 57 game. I read it just Garnett Joshua Garnett was out to presser today. How's he doing because it's a key piece of former first round pick out of Stanford is coming off a knee surgery where's he had his progress to do get a chance to speak well Garnett at all JD. Now it's making the rounds between Jed York and and some of the other guys over there but now I'd say you know faith based slow played with him I mean he was probably guy that they couldn't come back last year. But they really didn't want to put any pressure on him to do it probably when they felt that they work. Again the all that competitive in terms of wins and losses they wanted to give him the full year this year. To recover and get my full offseason to recovery mean essentially. Dubbed the get a give him a full a full year plus off by the time he'll actually playing a football game to make sure that death. Everything is good to go yet he is a critical player Meehan do would you start looking at the interior line and and what the 49ers so. We'll look to do me that that's one box that that may even be checked by engadget. In large part it was a forgotten man hits over Philly last year Kissimmee that they didn't have for the entire his season. Gone back to training camps and now he's he's progressing. It's funny it's still February usually give the all this talk about phase one and and get with the team and all this if he were still about two months away before. Idiot that'll happen free agency obviously and a town via the draft to happen here in between and around those states to get current access key player. That then I think cadaver and will have a major role now for this team. Season. Check your Jeanette had an active speaking role today there was John Lynch it was Kyle Shanahan obviously Cheney era below you spoke to it to jetBlue or closure it's just thought we did hear from him actually at the podium treating. Yet he one of the things he really stressed was just isn't the fact that again they're still a long way to go that today he said flat out is not a day to be celebrated. Its its. Just one part of the process he was. You know jovial in the sense that you know kind of joking Mitt. In a sarcastic with Sam while united sad I don't I don't ever make mistakes having clearly you know and on that he's made a lot of mistakes. Did these last few years I think he was. He was affable. I think he young had a sense of humor. In that says small group setting but to also wanted to make sure that. If he's really stressed say they haven't done anything yet and I think that just go back to how we started this. Hit here in conversation is just the fact that it yes they're set out to do things. And quickly. But they haven't actually done anything yet and I just got the impression that he he didn't wanna be up on the dais today. As did you know having an almost perceived as OK everything's fixed I for one thing I I took the loss of Harbaugh hired Thompson look. No ball key didn't work out all these other things that I don't think he wanted to need to focus to vote today like he was. You know having his moment in the sun to say I've try to fix everything working decode now I think key. Wants to have that moment when they actually won a Super Bowl or get back to a Super Bowl or at least be a playoff team you're glad to. Channel intranet and just watching on TV. And listening Asia and he and I and I know I knew Steve Ledbetter the jab and a new job for broadcasting your magic so much is Steve Kurd you are. Around Steve a lot obviously with the warriors in the you're around judges can I I thought John Lynch was discharges stage Tuesday yeah commanding. Affable funny yet serious tone to tell me what you saw from John Lynch in the room today. Yes been remarkable and he really does set the tone he he answered just about everything that the possibly. Could have been asked that they can is his first little you know two minute introduction I mean he he really I mean they they have a high level. Room now and you're right it it is similar. To the warriors between Steve Kerr and and Bob Meyers and and you know he keeps Georgia lake have been there. On another city just do it seems like a room where. If it's just it's appropriate. That there's there's an edge to it but there's also an intelligence level to help understanding what has to be done. What should be said what should be acknowledged and I think he's human element to. In play that that makes. Makes makes them all more likable and let's be honest these last few years. When the 49ers were struggle on and they they became kind of an unlikable franchise as far as. Tell the owner in the general manager and an a couple of head coaches and even at the end Harbaugh is ten year. You know they weren't exactly the most. Likable. Stuff French person could just take calico heated dinner at the first president I pick up that stand in the a fleeting and add your name and little. Get yeah get stuff. NASA crowd that's my advice I got knocked it Soriano got a couple. JD well you gotta do it that he wants nothing to do that close at vilified. Kirk couldn't get my sludge like anybody that's like anybody you reviewed the pot you know poppy. Yeah by the jury keep you got me for 45 years senator Barbara power and got it during the war you got that night we had admitted having had a brick out of Oklahoma City for half a I heard the right are birdies sorry dad. I heard it was that it and I always good Kevin fox did defend she JJ nobody else was louder. I'm closed for about Lotta Lotta technicals getting knocked back on her I don't JD yeah we closed it and we re also play well a little bit closer to reopen it won't again. JD JD deisler Katie Douglas McCarthy outdoor court tomorrow night. Our gas franchises and our news reporter here Grateful Dead because there regalia areas why would you open above that we athletic who has a couple weeks ago public. Lot of fun down there Campbell California. If I simply gave cause that's the Bay Area sports hall of fame ball star fly away experienced ABA also weakened in LA roundtrip airfare hotel stay tickets to the all star game plus you and three guests who get the golf but the Olympic club's lake course. Followed by dinner with warriors legend Rick Berry who doesn't like that PD starts Tuesday February 13 at 7 AM all proceeds go to Beirut sports hall of fame opening at risk kids for more information please visit 95 so many game dot com and pop or the lawyers back on track we'll discuss right Germany 57 again. Now back to the great accomplished general on 957. Big game. Doran now weighs very deep backs up legal with a dribble out of the Q a until the shot clock let's replied yeah. Bird Kevin Durant. My best I'm great I'm great break free. Awards I've done a great Catholic campus that take. That's another jab at the great thing this C. Voided Dallas Mavericks were the perfect slot Boston last fight for to go to state lawyers also would start grape pop. Six of the six he had they have they started slowly before used to when by eighteenth hole on the way here and I don't yesterday Gary Ginn you were texted me about pay this is Philly park who would never got the sense that pop out. You know we think about today Philly game last season went Dermarr greens picking up TJ McConnell full court gave the west is making an impact other down sixteen late in the third quarter last season. Tear you know they they got control of the game the third quarter with what they're going away I never got the sense they would lose. As opposed to the Philadelphia game where were freaking out last year but it was good to see the lawyers bounced back last night beat the mavericks. Despite a short handed Dallas Mavericks seem pot. Yang and Steve territories for the year over that's not really what I was referring yours is indeed the opponent and the the fear of losing the game really is that. What I was looking at and there's no question I never thought the words are gonna lose that game last night the Philadelphia game. Last year is the one we referenced yesterday and we brought it up on the show us even occur actually where I was thinking about it was Steve Kerr. Brought it up before the game. That the worries should have a little funk. Last year when they lost five out of seven and three in a row but it was right after kept under Craig got hurt it was a whole different set up. Circumstances they were really adjusting to life without Kevin Durant donated and Harrison Barnes it was different roster and a little bit and and I sixers game was in May pop may fifteenth so knows others know a lot radar suitors. And that was Mark Morris thinks he's his remarks pitching arm which meant it on his party's fortunes march 14 but in any event. So that led to the point is. They began to play harder. And there was it was it was ignited by Dray mind green. Train I'm during that night in fact there was a time Andre mama come on the show we had some call the drain on green show of political week. He came on the very next day and we talked about I thought it was going to be a turning point the artifact after decade and they wind up winning their next thirteen they could have run the table. At the end of the year when every single game they didn't play that last Monday the year against you talk. Clay didn't fly they basically tossed again they want to go in sixty don't want any conceivably. That game against Philadelphia last year could've started at. A point where they ran the table. Arrest of their regular season they entire post season and they when I got your number 33 had they done that. But it was the way he. They came back it was in the nature of winning or losing their game in February or march. It was they began direct shoot out there energy and it started which re not taken that. At technical and mobile address strain on situation I think he has a point. About the delay game call you know they got caught. Well but they got a call it and I will explain it more later Jim artist to join us that there is a little subtle thing we see in the NBA. For years and years were a player world. Unintentionally. Intentionally. Hit a ball after he scores to make it roll away. So the opponents cannot inbound and plays fast now Dallas is not gonna run with the warriors especially after a made basket. But allows you to get back defensively. Set up your defense or cagey veteran players. Do you do that I did drain not he did turn his body with his left shoulder I don't think he was doing that but you really don't know on the officials have to legislate. Not so much the intent of the player. But actually what happened that's why train I'm gets. You know pop for Neeon they concise kiwi in the nuts. And I and all honesty and also want unemployment and off Andre much at much recollection and later on but you know going back to the same line of thinking. When drain on got so mad the other night. For getting hit in the mouth. Right any yet we get lined up wearing braces last night that and that's why go fairly sure yeah and and Laura holt come camp it did not call the file and I did think it was a foul. But for the same line of thinking I'm laying out. Why is that Metafile it doesn't matter what the players intent was and they were rolling around the scrum for a loose ball Jeremy drank out of he hit it in the miles Soledad that is that at a follow. You don't think so it was a sort of been blown out salute. Well but I when I watched it live anywhere is playing basketball and you know you can make a point to drain not smile pitching here meek race so I it's just you know it's hard. The end result was straight and I gotta put enough Andre not too much we'll talk about it more later on but at the big thing last night. Was the three wise men and David West is men. I'm ominously phenomenon is CI AJ like two bad games to write all year to us I didn't catch. He's been rock solid I think in US degrade every player based on their own ability and what they're getting out of their ability. I make rage David West the very highest and anybody on the team because he even again against Oklahoma City. The other night he was the one warrior that came in that game and one of the fight any throw a ball one of the guy said he heard for a fire for what he he he brought it. But he David West is solid he's going to be in the same role he's always been. It's Andre can you know it's Andre with me. And did it drive you crazy and Jim Barnette I thought made excellent point we'll talk to Jim Barnett. 1 o'clock early afternoon light we'll pop a month or notify somebody gave Jim Barnett made a great point last night. If they are. Are they develop passel the two threes were breast sequence where you pass I enjoy about us about lasted headed babysit shoot the ball what she's shooting a little care completely street sweeper episode I need you should feel free to get the rhythm for the playoff shoot you shot your initial. Saw that I was depositors and is part DirecTV he should do a lot of security a lot of bad shooter shooting for me. I was glad that was hilarious. That I can see both sides of it I had to defend Andre. When he is lacking confidence in his shot. You'll not shoot it he just will not be easy easy veteran version of Patrick McCaw maybe that's why. You know they wanted a title here at the trade last year Andre basically said a cause the next meet. And that he sees a lot of similarities. In his game and their advantage their just you can just tell some nights Andre. Does not have confidence in shooting the ball now Jim's point is how we don't care shoot it anyway right but a player does not want to look bad. You don't really want I'm taking a shot that he feels like he can't maker whatever the reason but about. The reality often starring would you ask of themselves as soon as sharp created must try to take into Don Nelson had this is gospel but. I understand what the players working through and I am I believe me it bothers me about has been acog does it. But yet he could get inside what do players feeling at this moment and there's a lack of confidence there but I'm I didn't get a look at that because Andre did make a three later in the game. It was just the way was running the floor. There was one point early in the game. When he got dated transition and you're wondering you know what is he had a dead at least he just kick to gear. Any team he just played harder. Now what his thinking is. You know I only got so many miles left on his legs I just turned 34 I wanted to while on a busted in February against Dallas. Or I wanna wait to Megan's Houston or San Antonio I get it. I know what he's thinking. But. When he competes at the highest level that they keep bringing up that game they went 24 now but there's a Saturday night game early in the year. When he won out and got a defense or rebound. He was just a beast and they said they're not lucid and I'd prefer they are not. They'd they were awful that night they got lucky when Brook Lopez missed a lay up remember at the right now we are absolutely anyone up and he was playing that hard it. Thank you get that elusive they are not. Losing out they're gonna have to lay it out like it's a playoff game to win this damn game. But they're not losing men now in their minds they're they're rationalizing nearly need to win this game but I eat but there's moments when a player. Begins to show an age 34. And he doesn't have these great moments then you start to wonder. Is he done. Is he got and I don't think he's done yet I don't know what are worried about August on last night there are moments we thought he still has it in him and has to take away from me less and. And the defense of intensity ratcheted up to pop in that third quarter you talked about eight a dollar and David West had ten points seven rebounds seven assists he was everywhere but the defense. He saw that in the third quarter shift that's the thing that separates the lawyers from everybody poppies are high level defense that they can barely saw a lot battles he had a flash is spot smile yesterday a TV because what you're locked in defense we said Elwood this one out led the mavericks coming here and win this game we're gonna shut you guys down and run away with this game and that's. That right dare show me some that they actually do care about how they look how they play at their word literally embarrassed by the way to play the first half yesterday. They were and people close to the the warriors who attend their practice told me. That they did what we want them to do on Wednesday and that none of the players none of the star players were available to the media after the practice and you could hear. Through the walls that they were. Getting after each other so I think they did it may be for one of the few times really have a lot of full court five on five scrimmage I'm not it's not a way to punish them. It's just a way to sharpen their edge they need their edge sharp and now. It is the Dallas Mavericks stated players and byers last night there are plans for each commercial on the floor simultaneously so there's some obvious. Areas to attack you could always detect dirt in the pick and roll. But now I'd like to see it against San Antonio LaMarcus Aldridge comes in just the sight of LaMarcus Aldridge gets strain mines broad. Real flowing you know so you wanna see that again. It was a step at this could be the Philadelphia game where they flip. Well I'd venture to guess they're going to be moments this earlier now Philadelphia game was mid march right where we're in early February is a long way to go here. Yet in I think it their slogan to be some walls for them. Later in the year but I am confident they're gonna be the number one seeded it'd be just fine. And is currently constituted I think they will win the NBA title but they do the main thing we got to see. Is Andre Iguodala playing and running the way he played in rain last night.