Hey, Bay Area – Can Silver & Black ever turn to Red & Gold?

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, March 28th
Will the ‘Black Hole’ be an empty hole next season now that we know the Raiders are leaving Oakland? Papa & Bonta discuss Raider fan loyalties & what it means for the team while they are still in Oakland.

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First of all empathize with the people of Oakland because I know what you're going through and it's not easy and I'm sure there's a lot of anger and all that I think the owners did what they felt was best for the league's part of me says I think it's good for us the faith and raider fans were opened for business you know can commit come a jump on archer and. If you are tired of what happened from yesterday if you are fed up. And some of you are two major opportunity to call and trade in the silver and black bikini team no guilt no shame no ridicule. Aren't switching teams are on green and their ownership never gone anywhere it is solid actor Robert yet hoping a change in nineteen. Channel rider I'm skiing. Period about loyalty. Not wanna eat you up at thirty when I don't owners inking. An. Act. Chow. PG&E. It. GMTV. You. Can. Because. It. It is highly personal deal mom. But your son or daughter's gonna pick which team efficient and thus far he likes if she can raise all your lines for Wesley reached a certain age you're no longer cool nominated to the order of the hilly want so but the point is. And we started with channel and she's sticking it to the raiders all over again after slow those seen in Super Bowl 37 but I I noticed say we're open for business. And this is what is going to be a choice now as adults. You have a choice to make and I spoke out about it it's an individual choice you'll emote differently. Now I've been around professional sports my whole life but I grew up like US sports fan. And you're asking me you know the Buffalo Bills my chin that I grow up they were rumored to be moving all the time when there was Toronto or wherever they were gonna goal. They never did move now part of me thinks the bill's main moved open. And take over out here I don't think they'd leave Western New York but. You never know. But am I gonna start stop liking the Buffalo Bills. Now so but that's up to Ely it's an individual. Personal. Way you to deal with this in aviator yank who react with anger in veneman. Disassociate yourself with the raiders that's fine. That your own deal some people will not choose to do with that way and you know this is a chart off upper deck. They're gonna sell the stadium out one way or the other you wanna give up your season tickets and Mark Davis rather generously said we'll take a refund back. We understand the terms of change they will sell the stadium out so I worry about that but there's going to be change. In a fan base and I do wanna address were John Lynch the new GM of the 49ers. Is saying and I think he's right I think this is a great bone. For the San Francisco 49ers there's no doubt they got the entire Bay Area to themselves. This is what the giants were. They they said they want this to happen but. They would logged in the Asian moved and conversely in the giants moved to Toronto or Tampa. Wherever they were earmarked to go in earlier decades the a's would love did you hear you have the whole marketplace to yourself. That's why the bay area's tough because you got to share in baseball and football. So as a football fan. You've got a choice to make. The obvious one would be just to pick a team from somewhere else is there not watch the sport at all justice about football. Pick another team are watching it without rooting for team or. Chop across the day. Now this is a little more difficult I would think. I don't get it because he's our example than a 49 years it has a lot out of wood of the day forty niners but the raiders may have been your number one right and the niners may have been your number two another raiders are gone. And I realized the raiders anymore I'm actually see the TV ratings this year for the first time since I've been out here the raiders they're caught them. Last year decidedly were winning the TV ratings battle. That's all that's all up TO but what it will deal. This is what we'll do. And I live out in these day they should be Oakley days. Oakland Raiders territory right there alongside the a's gain for fourteen years. United sea in giant hats at all or inning and then you know right around the time they build AT&T SBC pac bell whatever was an. Barry rises at the ball the bay now. Now see in Orange and black communities have you know they have Mulder Hudson Zito they have shoddy and and Miguel within our control 2000 Candlestick Park nobody were running it coexisted for 232. Years before SBC peck belly AT&T was built 32 years in the Bay Area with the a's move in 68. Seventeen of the 32 years theories are true. The giants the giants always beat the a's in the TV ratings. But then after AT&T SBC packed aspect fellow originally third thing China yes and affable Dario now I won't play the giants took over and they'd swallow them up. So now the the Asia like the triple plays in it pains me to say it in to watch it but I you know we're start talking baseball the Bay Bridge will be Thursday and helping you go around the diamond and tell you who is starting. It pulls a third Alonso at first they allow reback enacted do it. But this is Sydney enact but investors can't chew some reason really have to study right at me you know the guy it's his belt pander Crawford. Posted third area every problem but an idiot actually is just it just the way they do business. But for football fans now you can jump across and pick the niners that's up to you Toby business decisions that are made. This radio station when they leave here we're gonna have we're gonna be able to broadcast the raiders games either way if they go to Vegas they're they're. Our business decisions that are domino effects after this business decision to pull to tear Vegas. But what it will deal. You'll have. Generations. Of of football fans that don't know the Oakland Raiders existed. And I go back to I don't think this franchise ever. Fully. Recovered in the Bay Area. After they left when they went to LA for thirteen years before that they own debater coliseum was a different place 49ers were really good at. In the early seventies they went to the NFC title game three straight years 7372. Loss the cowboys every year government 1970 they host of that gaming keys there. And John Brody just could not get past the cowboys. But so then later in the decade obviously the raiders are the dominant team in pro football the entirety of the seventies he was starting in the late sixties. And and you know throughout they had just a ten year run of dominance from 67 through 77. Day on the Bay Area now the raiders leave. And just won the raiders leave for those thirteen years the 49ers breakthrough. And win Super Bowl sixteen. They become Joseph Montana later Jerry right to darlings of the NF with a chance to my guys have mostly fifteen straight years they won ten straight or more. They average in MA made the playoffs they won the minute she is let's sit down and gave my row in the various games in pro football they play them whether they want Hummer lost and the cowboys of the Redskins they ran up. This so all that time. Generation of east bay fans don't feel the raiders animals animal stabler. Politico who a day where I got jagr Joseph and Jerry Howie Long being in the about it and all the other so they they grow so that's a long time. So even after the raiders came back in 95. I'm telling you they I can feel it there was great frustration I remember. When you're the raiders rate to. Our host the Washington Redskins on a Sunday in losers on and any event. The raiders were not gonna sell that game out it was going right up until the deadline to 72 hour deadline they have the TV local black out lifted and the the the anxiety in the office that day remember having lunch and Amy draster Bruce Allen and A we're just. Can you believe this yes I can believe it there's a generation of fans. That just went over to the 49ers. And it that's what's gonna happen. So you know you can be. An adult now and be angry. As a kid you can be angry you can switch your allegiance but there are a lot of people that have been born yet. That is where this is gonna completely turn so whether it takes a year a decade. One a year at some point. The raiders will not have a foothold in this market at all. Especially be considering that when they do go to Vegas you probably won't be able to watch too rigorous locally let's go lots at a bar is there's going to be moms and dads are likely going to the bar wants a full ball inside a home in what's gonna be televised going to be black categories are cars wrecked that I think logic locally the teams will. There's stations whether it's fox or CBS. They will still broadcast the raider games for a while. But they'll be a point where. Like down in LA raiders were on every week after they came back to Oakland and after awhile I held. San Diego got good where they started taking the raiders off the local Seville there's still be a point. You're right where you gonna have to seek it out now today you can watch on your iPad your Smartphone you don't need to go anywhere he if you wanna watch Jimmie could watch him. But a lot of people choose not to watch and they will be forgotten. And there will be a time that John Lynch is sane right now c'mon over. We got a lot of room for you here isn't so let's just say it's good that it will happen via there in overtime. Every day that there are gone the other closer to leaving. It will end this will greatly. Enhance. The 49ers. And their business model all of a sudden they've got. Now off of six or 45 or six the Bay Area TV ADI. Is somewhere in that range now all of a sudden. You've got it all to yourself and your cash to share. LA he's got two teams and I got a thirteen close by in Vegas. Now Chicago's got the bears on themselves and then he got and the 49ers. That are. Profitability what do you think their franchise value would force comes out with a next year of the year after the year after. Go back go a lot like the warriors leaving open and I know you don't want and its latest on the moment they are. They leave open go to San Francisco franchise values console war but for the 49ers. And they moved to Santa Clair they may have lost a little bit when they left San Francisco but this went to the story about that the raiders. Leaving. Whatever they do leave by 20/20. The 49ers. We'll have a stranglehold and that the giants don't have that they after shared with the 80 giants dominate DA's in every regard but. If football's way more popular than baseball or the warriors are really popular but football still big and basketball obviously. The niners are going to be they're going to be the going to be the power now in this marketplace is gonna happen slowly when the issues that are not to be people born that you stone Oakland Raiders they play. Don't know if there are motivated Republican Wikipedia the the Anglican district.