Herm Edwards says the Raiders have to beat out Kansas City and win the division

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Tuesday, July 25th
Matt Steinmetz and Brad Gilbert are joined by Herm Edwards (ESPN NFL Analyst / Former NFL Head Coach) who thinks its time for the Raiders to start winning in the playoffs. 

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Now we have the coach on the line alive. Herm Edwards is joining Matt's time it's and his buddy Brad Gilbert to your peers and colleagues. Good morning how we go. Are you down in the DC Gary back to Chris. Well now I'm out I'm on the roads each get about four bit that we cannot hear too well. Postal and in Pittsburgh. Sports and special close all of its word and they're rival Q so. You'd be. I coach I'm gonna come right out of the gates and ask you. Is Colin Capp predict not on an NFL team because he's not good enough for because. Nobody wants soon because of what happened last year with the kneeling etc. Or well I don't know nobody want to Mikey they gears and understand you all hours ownership. Some GMs and coaches. Like more loss. Nick but you know excel. As good deal on quarterbacks going rankings this geeky there. Up to date and he's not one of on the look back at old. A lot about in you know in really standard of what would take it comes to competition quarterback position. Odd about it coach I'll hold my in the Arctic. I'm no longer vehicle so. He's going that way obviously I think injuries would be factories where politics somebody who probably go round will be shot. Coach I'm old enough to remember. As acute. The biggest collusion case Kurtz what. Are we seeing some pin I mean because he just. I'm not gonna say he's the top ten quarterback but there's some then not Kosher here what's happening where the guy Kenny got one look for a couple copy up in Seattle. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I understand which you say you know collusion but but I know. You know the final say belongs to do you know. In order and it mope more detail. In them. How this transpired I mean it almost. Shocked yeah like Vietnam. When you think about. What you did in nonviolent. Protest it. Actually to what did you. Commute with him and they are still on or not are used to playing in last football league. It's as they'll meet that day. Caught in this league is bigger than that. Is it because he's a quarterback and it's a face of the franchise. Going back will be paid to protect everybody responder. It is trying to compete. Mean goodness gracious. We'll let Jack compete. Has yet that you know we're trying to Wii game league coaches bait and we don't worry. You to rock to all the players it is computer competitive and Nicole Lee. You know make up bigger competitor that's what the league about but obviously right now standstill Colin. I think you were to open the senate it with a lot of a lot of talk about him not want to play football. I'd pick. He probably should be king mountain did an interview to an action that you'd say that Eli I'm actually still want to play football no amount. Obviously get tips a lot it would do lock all know. I was never good but don't like about that deal and I. It's happened humble and know. But when you injured by some coaches and some people look at lost or eat it but it's definitely. Backup quarterback was which terms and one of the debt. The other thing coaches what we're talking about a guy who won the land ash mono war. That's a team award given of the most inspirational most courageous so. Sort of problem in that locker room it certainly doesn't sound like. You know as if it's mine are all not at that spot. I think that they've handled the wall between the beauty. And that's what get this thing. A true. Which is you know he wanted to. Speak with the board should he do what what. Call he standup war ticket and he what what quipped when he spoke to leave bill. Exactly. But there Becky got on message as we continue to develop. If you Google my team out of their culture I was told look misses this is about war and also. Responsibility. In just in the team's response coach. And I could understand you want to protest but. It you know warm and quiet on Wednesday July. So what the scale locker room and and you come out you know when the games start start or back. I'm weak to Russell at wide not comment on the not a lot he'll national happened kilowatt. And that way. You wouldn't see all this. Stuff happened that yeah right. Let's switch it mat but that would have been like. He should because you by the way let's switch over to the day. You know my love of the raiders axis staring at a picture on the computer guy you know Jack Tatum but. We tell me about. As a coach when you know one side of the ball. He's way better. And are you are honest about what can happen on the other side of the ball are you hoping because obviously we have a great offense. And our defense is a concern. You just hope they can get better you can fill holes or you are you'd think he can get way better. Not what you. I mean that it that's all about you grew in which you look at your aching get better idea on policy trot. To make it better fact that. That now. You went out obviously acquire caught between two backs that are Kurt talent. A big Egypt tackles well. Helped them. In the epic schemes and change to chapel Connell comedy now a little bit of flavor of what one team and I think animals or. With these guys got to realize. That. Hat off and it's. You've got obviously learned a plea. You know that that problem was bumpy you know you have High Court all you say well what does that mean woman that would mean agents. You can get will be played every game. Actually bill Norton won't. They knew score in the first quarter so they were always behind. Yet yet and the and the problem is when he at least they couldn't hold Lee. So you know. That's what you call today this is what we were last year how do we improve so I think the way yours that's one thing you got to. Got a picture you sent but the next thing is that you gotta win in the depletion. I mean there are you we deal talk about cheeks like you. I mean the last for a leader or. When I got to go on the T soon this man I hate to think I don't you know day on us right now. But but they own the in the last two years and that's the problem that they are eleven and one division last two years to raiders six expect him while 66 and he spoke. San Diego LA chargers. All one in the lab. Kermit yeah Herman Edwards from ESPN join us here's the one thing that I think in about when I think about the raiders coach is. Sometimes when a team may be skips a year or or exceeds expectations. Then everybody just thinks the next year is gonna be even better and I think. I think the raiders. Twelve and four last year there were eight and one in one score games. If you are coach I think don't you kind of feel that you know twelve and four was a heck of a year a lot of things went our way. Yet he can't count on that again canyon. No you're exactly right in net to different double so that he stepped in to entry into and six. It is basically our points. To mention. Third place. He did you make those plays in your. Attention to that place is actually use it in there. And though. That was Jack talk about the law talk about the expectations that this team all that news. It's kick to be won mostly upper Echelon GQ rich. Which would be an arrest. Doubt they got one pop one that this could help. This can help would be tremendously especially at the playing with a lead yet where or topic take. They can run the football would crack and pop runner but here again. You know their schedule. You'd you'd want donkey. When you talk about in the late and you know November December when you look at sketch. They play the patriots Denver can't seem ousted equals in the last game yet so San Diego. A late charge so that's going to be in that. He's out he's got panel. Coach I told sorry we need to be three in one in close games as we need to win some blowouts which hasn't happened. How important is it from a coach. That he's never won the division saw how you heard that step for Del Rio at Jacksonville now disabuse thirty year Oakland he's never made that. Sent to winning a division. You know and and potentially we I feel like this year. Maybe management is looking got to win a playoff game does that put pressure on Nero or you just love that. But yet and yet you anticipate that that's what you expect that coached. Yeah yeah well. No doubt about it like these nets that's part of that the global summit gold set on all these. And the talk about that play whether it. Wouldn't look at me. You go. What are one talk well okay. We're talking about obviously cap them. He first album robbery right at the old guy. Who well. Well. Talk about what they're here next next month. It has worked on the board would be making music has put used to make a run now okay it's Bert you take that next. Pop up. Yes right well we got to patch on their. Own expectations and so. Talk about it don't. Not applicable to. A lot don't but not critical to an. Eight. Though the 24. To go go. Don't mean. A barber like no. They before Alex ago our coach. We think Marshawn Lynch has left. Ole boy I hope that he though. I don't picky 300 he cared anymore or treatment care out yeah I think he's about eighty to 200. 21. And I used to eat greens you'd bring physical part you're. On you war. Wait. Fans support fall when he walks in the next stage terror no more. All and that's what did you don't pay it I mean what what he went to. In there from our whole team get excited. You know the people at the player stand up and wanna watch which one football I mean that the try to bring in the. Coach thank you so much for joining us really appreciated and Trace. Safe travels as you as you going you're speaking tour. Okay I'm touched. I that's Herm Edwards of the ESPN.