Gridiron Gala Third Hour

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Sunday, January 21st

Chris Townsend, Bonta Hill, and John Dickinson preview Championship Sunday from Hooters in Campbell.


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Like what the San Antonio Spurs have done. I used to the New England Patriots in there you know back in the day with the San Francisco 49ers sixteen years of winning Elise. Ten or more games to have a long run when you're talking fifteen years or so. If there's just stars will get older and you're gonna have to replace them you know look. The grim reaper is gonna come for everybody at some point so the key is as you mentioned Leo did you. That's a look of on the right it's it's keeping the right young guys he got he got a hit on that. Because young guys get the right young guys is that they're cheap. There one year mistakes but they don't you wanna start looking a little mistakes but to me like. Retaining JaVale McGee inciting Nick Young would be bigger mistakes. Then not. Sided Yvonne looney. At this point I don't make young and the young it's it's funny he's actually it too big scoring games against the rockets are both games the warriors lost. Which is kind of odd Flutie played well in both games against the rockets but the warriors. Wound up losing. A good policy X-Factor though Vontae it just him not being able to play I don't mention drain on being banged up as well. So yeah I just. I'm not concerned and tell somebody shows. That they can beat the warriors more than one time in a playoff seems give me 22 series after four. Give me a series where it's 32 right and you're going on the road trying to close it out if you're the warriors and maybe X looks back door before game seven we saw that ended up working out of the finals. Even though they were at full strength at this this is a whole this is a hole the eighteenth the warriors have closers that's the other thing right and last night period Durant didn't close of eight edition of doctor Randall Wright or. I know that was a topic came up after the game that the warriors have guys. They keep getting gonna get a higher level more conciliation you know I'm I'm really glad I don't have season tickets in the NBA. You're on a line. Is all I hear is people tell me that those games and I'm spent and all the for a matter. So I'm glad I don't have season tickets and so once sport where you hear a lot of not none of this matters. Well that checks pretty big fear right this season tickets if that's a good weather like that he thought he did what he wants it glory pulled oracle guy you pay a lot of money for games is closing out this as a matter till June. You're not gonna get a lot of disagreement from me on wow I'm a bit if I do vindicate this week puts the idea every week. And I watch other games and as text you guys I was watching games. Having a brew last night at home and it's. He's done a night in night out basis the amount of teams that lose games you go. They're not even trying it's it's yeah it's right and you look at the cavaliers. Didn't run out by. And then played a good team beautiful 148 points at all while that's that's a joke you know the one thing and I mean I don't. He's obviously one of the greatest of all time it's one thing that looking back on it now. It if you can have many more respect for Michael Jordan. Today's basketball. Michael Jordan never went into the game it didn't matter any time in his career where he went. None of those 68 doll and Jordan party all night long. He partied all night long and every single game he rose to the occasion I didn't matter it was Milwaukee in January 5 Minnesota ended in December he came to play all 82 game any. Would find these to give them ticked off when there was a rookie chirpy whether it was a fans talking mess about and talk about his greatest. Jordan found these to motivate himself. You get ready for random January game in Milwaukee he went out there as a cold blooded killer until boom who pools always read when okay especially national television. Sunday Saturday and NBC would take care where it was in the road trailer was now they were going out there a way to that the the lawyers that's why JD you're right. Maybe more isn't the word here because the warriors did have that fourteen game road winning streak and I think when he looked at it they wanted to obliterate the lakers record for most road wins. Kind of feel like the niners and the way they usually when I'm eighteen gave broad street I think the writing going on the road quite a crowd so I think the lawyers wanted to do it. He felt it was just off disagree clay was of their rhythm and Patrick McCall. He's gonna wake up here yes all of these great summer league player. Well where's Patrick call cannot bounce our logo so in order body and whether he's playable in a playoff series. I think he is because he'll he'll still give yet a defensive effort and the warriors have so why be so much scoring. He isn't always going to be there in terms of having the confidence to take the shot that threes really got to grow he is and always gonna be there as far as it got it's going to be a a knock down and shot maker what you needed. In a playoff series and it eventually he'll become mad. 2008 teens probably not gonna be the year for that gun unfortunately. I think the warriors do get bored there's no question they get bored. I just don't think it last night tonight where that's. The right terminology don't say this for all the teams that it's I call it selective engagement for all the teams that are have. Selective engagement the war years. Eight they do it. Less than any other team in the league I watched the party in big games during the week teams lose. Horrible losses get blown out by bad teams look like they didn't even show up that happens every single night. Every single night you look at the scored QB like. Quit amid. Phoenix destroyed who Phoenix Phoenix blew out Toronto Sacramento beat the cavs going away Ike is all kinds of different. Orlando losing by one to Cleveland like how are you in the game with Orlando. First chicken wing. I sound good it's a party now Krispy. It's a first chicken leg the overruns counties wings in 61 pound bought one on board over the going over the job but going over. The parties are to fill up. I tried Italian. We've been doing this for years I've seen this it is 1106. You need to give here soon. The places going to be absolutely packed polluters in Campbell gridiron gala Chris downs of Vontae hill John Dickinson. As respect Jim Nantz is now showing up hello friends that they're hello friends is also masters that I really got all of the I ain't. And what's interesting about the weather today you know because last week they talked about can't remember how many guys. It was on the Jack liars had not played in weather has called it was in Pittsburgh right. Well. You'd think Debbie the case again today you know portals Florida kid. But its eight Oz we heard from Bob Bryan it's gonna be in the fifties and the jags play. But the jets play a cold weather style so ideally I'd get that it's Jacksonville and it shoot it's probably seventy in Jacksonville and a failure but each invade you and you could be on the beach it's at California. Kind of weather but the jags play me. Smash mouth football the jags play. Like each collected a game last week by David jags play like we all give the like we all pretend the Steelers play right exactly you and your quarterback and running back to throw the ball Antonio routed to and did he go shots from the hill yeah that yet exactly but of the Steelers are. The jags of the team that plays. Like we think the Steelers really are at and then and that's why they were able to go there and in place smash mouth early in the game to get control of it. And then things opened up for a late in the game I don't think the temperature and yeah that. Would affect the jags even if it was 25 and snowing. That's I need a chicken wing right there are you play the ball Tony that's a broad support terror you claim that offensive work carefully JD like to talk my way letter Barnett right last week. That game you know he'd been pretty banged up. They're gonna need him to be big if that he looks like you LSU winner Fernando last week that's a press is I've seen him in a long way down about him maybe be in the Heisman tonight. NN news it's an apology games and at times with the other guy Gary's guys down there at LSU whose gonna answer this year's NFL job updating the Brett are running back. At times for LSU before met last week he was he's running hard with a purpose we just think about the first drive last week. Cold weather eighteen degrees felt like bush and that's billed to your life fortitude they've made a statement there we're gonna smash mouth. Football and golf or if they get the deferred net and he bulls was way over the goal line and every Kerry got last BC Mikey just kept falling forward for harking thrown in the sixth. Five yard gain sort in the seventh that's a recipe for Jacksonville beach got a pink. Doing what's gonna have hate the box but connect airplay portal to be dome they can't play portals beat them. Especially New England it's a lead early make in late portals play from behind as we talked about in the first armored shell. That's beekeeper became Jacksonville play with a lead they go ahead and win this football game to keep the running game and if they fall behind. We're for that is not a factory floor in the going to TJ yelled at in the hornets got back to pass the ball these checks out of the game itself literally and it was against Blake portals rescue us it's trouble. Yeah good luck to solve that don't lock in if I was in studio at her plane a panic button right now without a contract. Rare air Erick involved as I look like Blakey got to go out now dual Tom Brady. So Tom Brady's stitches I guess winning and refining more information they win in four days ago you said they have that blue. That they can put over over its they're really keeping it. From opening up so yes take super glue gives Zachary enhanced player of the fact that it's not on the inside the thumb on the add or. What you'd call them live just in between your index finger here and I have it's on top of you the thumbs of such an effective grip pressure. So by looters and Campbell it's 1555. South basket avenue that's 1555. South Baskin avenue L. And got bloody marys happening over here reality series Dolan probably varies I know I tilt back there there's emails people get to drink it we gotta sit here and my answer back there it's capable pitches over there. Because you're gone wears her heart out although we're crown. He's Michael put the Jack libraries do that speak in my life was so we have hooters calendars. And we have the hooters girls in the calendar here signing big calendars. So I'll leave that doesn't float your boat I don't know you need yeah. I had an idea. Mike k.s had to be pushed back we'll get with him in just a little bit he covers the Jacksonville Jaguars and see what but really isn't Dem I mean I. Please stay on the television as is Tom Brady's twelve conference. Start. Conference championships are second straight seventh straight championships. And he just came here wells. With Atlanta's offense vs 2001. Well he's AFC championship game we pitted at twelve I think it's we're talking seventeen of them. I mean the end. Just the numbers on this guy's career it's just it's unbelievable and it got I'll take it and I'll add another to it that the Steelers have been to six. Over that time then the next closest team as far as. That's why they're championship games on the patriots and Brady have doubled the next closest to even turn to CNN down championship games they win today we're talking eight. Super holes pretty regular eight Super Bowl yeah. Have patriots put teeth it's like people in the NBA they always say they have a property. Because LeBron what did you do in the seventh straight NBA finals that you want them all of course we'll break it do you have. Patriots fatigue well liked to see the jaguars win and maybe makes it appear that he gave it plenty of easy day talking Mets. I mean it probably won't happen but do you wanna mix up your you wanna see that they could go down. Well. For my kids' college fund no that's. I thought I. I do not have 800 up to speed thanks Paula cannot open season Graham is somebody laity that is all employees live reports I'd miss center for my half. For my own well being I'm I don't know why I'm actually. A Dick Tom Brady fan today Biden sell the house should talk radio that's where the gave up let's just not ready to. Is the guy you can't. It's that's a pack 80 wait I knew last week I might you know what these guys are going to be so this from that article. They're gonna come out and they're gonna lay it on yeah and I kind of got the feeling. I mean just just look at the way it's going. You had that article you have the drama there's still been asked about the drama and you throw in the drama love Tom Brady the stages and everything ten stitches there and they're playing that whole thing. You don't have this I think just. They're they're just there is still inside the jaguars head right now. Just still. Jaguars who think he's ready to play not gonna play Cammie. It's honest I think they know Brady's gonna play yeah everybody knows break Jacksonville's. Look if my employer trots out there Jack good tax bill's going to be like this is the sex game but they're going to be fighting for the ball. Going to be going out to Brian Hoyer and look at them make them pay a B they know Tom Brady's playing this game they're prepared for Tom Brady's dimple painful break it's Rob Gronkowski. There's no doubt that I'm glad he got to property wasn't playing right now and now an Obama Clinton probably has played horrible display specific. As soon as we all found out that it was a time essentially. And you knew Tom Brady was gonna play and there was a point where. There wasn't a lot out as far as information as to what it was and I thought well maybe it's a broken hand and I've been a little different story David they were hi Matt. And they were put them out in their conditioning part of practices they keep calling limited it then. Maybe they worked try to set a way to play but as soon as it was like five. You knew he was gonna play it was just a matter of how they were gonna get glued together whether he's gonna Wear the gloves or not. But I think the jags always gonna play that. But the jags are a physical defense you know they're gonna try to get some shots on net and you know they're going to be try to swipe at the ball. I tried swipes at that hand and the defense made a nice room. As painful as possible for free I feel like Allen Iverson right now. Six years until about six. Is it just hit winners dance tent cities how many we got on your greens and got top goals week guys I'll tell you guys. Everybody out there on the road to better her you're thinking you're hooters whenever I'm seeing they can't not see it's not right is everybody else. Fried pickles we're what we're the ones Kerry in the freight and everybody else's is I had a good time being I blew out is all right. I see how this thing put up my guy over here is look at the group with the cavaliers out on. Oil is automatically the cavaliers sat. Proud bad. I you know I love how he's no I don't I hug you during a break conduct go back and I compliment we are heading back to new England organ talked to Mike K who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars what do the jags have to do. To be able to win this football game today we're gonna find out it's the grid iron gala others Tom Brady black tape on the phone these look at god alone. Yeah I have a glove on he kidneys spine. Comes CS scooters in Campbell 1555. South Baskin avenue were having a party. 95 cent of the game's done. 57 PGA. That's right it's a gridiron gala right here on 95 to seven the game looters and Campbell John Dickinson Vontae milk. CDs finally got back tied to eighty plus you're worried about he wasn't a little worried about TJ you know when he's gonna have a doughnut hole. Coffee I don't like to eat before the show and I can I come captivated the Iraqis are got there's no copyright I. If he gets a bloody likely the only guy I don't still threw rocks are by the way but days like today. It's well it's a double because they've got one day they just don't be sponsored by the it's a golf ball with a drink goes. And so that that substitute the coffee like the coffee but that's that was substance the content and on I only eat during the show but. Bloody marries fair game. So I was still don't wanna wait got you bloody minutes later all. Well Mike K I don't know if he has a bloody but he covers. The Jacksonville Jaguars and he joins us here as are getting ready for the AFC title game needs in Foxborough Mike how we go in this afternoon. A wonderful guy Chris Brown or nick. Well what does it say EU here in Foxborough right correct. What is it like I was brought up. Yeah because right now we're looking at that they count down to kick off at sold out Tom Brady is get a starting it's not wearing a glove. What just is it like right now in new wave length and the whole hysteria Tom Brady in the states it's. All I think. I think the fear they could never win the patriot band aid from patriot media never weathered. Whether you can player not to eat cake eat I'm gonna play the jaguars knew before the play that room holed up Friday that. Tommy we can play we know that that was cool for them in jail ray and he also do it though. I don't think it's really changed anything I think you with the stereo mode early bird. A couple of days but we'll be made clear that he can play you do it can happen. Mike can I look at this match up that it end if the jags with their lead defense are gonna slow down the path to have a chance. It's about pressuring Brady and it's about trying to figure out a way to lock up Rob Gronkowski. Do you think the jags a put Caleb Ramsey on gronkowski today. I think certain situation big equally well I would look for new cover remotely in the red glow in the pursuit make you bracket coverage. We need public option but what about our players you want it eight Kuwait news the high road. You can handle that I think for the most part will be covered by Sean you've been and either miles Jack we're help. You know we talk about the offense did the Patriots offense vs jaguars defense we're really colleges jaguars off between them. Move the ball on this new and improved viewing the pictures defense I mean they've been right. Not gonna say lights out here but they've been vastly improved some tape really had a neutral since its first month of the season and Kim last week shut down the Tennessee Titans. Shut down more Leo the measure heating get out of the pocket here that defense has to be salivating if you jaguars offense. Poetry when you look at their overall average yet they may improve the people out four point seven yard area I think that's the way it can work look to. I'd act and patriot with plundered her dad which he fielded. Hard to pick up work odd yards per carry and that allowed them to be owned company that she and it's always operating are you eat it. Alex I'm Bob Ryan earlier today tied about the pressure on Tom Brady was little without coming with a blitz. Give us give us a scenario guessing game plan. How do you in your mind sitting there before this game how do you envision the jaguars play this game what exactly has to happen. Well they have been created we keep turnovers they have to meet cute he beat up might do in the turnover battle and four point unfiltered over they get on the board in point. Off those. Turnovers they've got a real shot because in Italy where he offenses or are you touched down the navy field goal all I think if they get over 24 point become a real shot that game. It got to drive the running game like rules dictate what the defense gives them. Like he has in the last few games you've got equal ability to beat any team they have you played. I didn't believe that they also have been made the clock well I don't need you make I felt well. He hit the jet was in the situation where they're trailing by eight points in the quarter that bad happened there. Mike you know when you look at it there where the jags that as far as their run defense goes and always. Often down at times they struggled against the run. That's one area I could see the patriots really trying to hammer Roma in the running game. Are are they up to up to task. As far as their run defense. They were horrible merely going to make pretty remarkable Ari it betrayed get lighting you made dinner party are a lot better. It be great no it be good probably not but the you know it it. It's been an up and I think. They're more concerned we have. The running back catching patent then probably go up the middle order Kurt Kurt. You say in the edge. And I think didn't project interject or he can get the running game no the really good shape I mean you got it pretty pretty out of 78 weapon. Got big weight than the other that that make one dimensional. We do it says bring it looks swollen to soften series kind of had it open down here he is explosive. But at times he disappears and at times looks like the best receiver man up in the NFL what comes to a separate accounts were all just pitching softens your. Well I think you can get matched up with eight people eight to be quite good at. I think he's the guy did you want to bring you look pretty deep and how you look at the top off the people who eat exactly the guy that you bought. If you could patriot a without all the Gillibrand DNA that you waved both struggled to get straight line Ed. Horizontal speed and crop in the at all and keep a guy didn't really big advantage of that I think you'll you can present. Co workers hoping he'd be more one on matchup and get open. Well. It's got to be really antsy to see how well Blake morals plays Tony this Alley earlier this week talked about just. The internals strange that late portals has the confidence that he has inside you don't want well what is late portals really life. Well he did as advertised TV guide he's very good OP doesn't really heavy criticism or at least I'm back I think. In my youth are in the NFL he had do you believe. Speaking criticism added any player I've ever covered. Anything up I mean he can they get here he's extremely durable and he's been guided. Rallied around him just because yeah and then he. You know in overall personality. Guy college. Cute hours away beat growth throughout the way. He could keep the local guide him he flew it back to improve his game he's. You know the jaguars are headed noted that threw an interception that they know any operating overnight indeed indeed could that be if you keep improvement this year. Mike thank you so much for the time we appreciate it enjoyed the AFC championship game. Broke open certainly. They're coming to us from the press box again that that at seven a no marked as I've mentioned to you earlier. Win Dion Lewis tops a hundred yards from the line of scrimmage patriots are seven and now. Jaguars. Are seven and no one portals has no turnovers. It's that's the key to the game right there X-Factor linebackers. Miles Jack Tobin Smith. Covering those backpacks Dion Lewis he's right Rex Burkhead and then the offense went portals yet that not only take care of the football just to put up points against the patriots. Even the pits fill holes even if it's three. Just keep supporting its team because you know the patriots are gonna go all those warriors like run what they Bluetooth for two quick touchdowns here and how do you respond there so you got to take your ball which got it on the big plays like they gave mark Keith we can live off your bike can poll believe. If that had to dig deep shot last week in the fourth quarter really I think gave for the jaguars. Those guys at the big plays the game winner for that you've got to find ways to create space for him give him in the open field officials linebackers which I think the patriots are deep if there's any weakness it is also linebackers are JD. I I tend to look at it as what's the worst case scenario if it if you that. If the patriots offensively and it's still probably scored twenty to 23 points so I think you're right on the money and the very least. Even on a bad game the patriots are probably still gonna punch you did. Two times for a touchdown and at least two other times for a field goal maybe maybe the jags could hold on the one touchdown but it's still gonna eat. Three or four field goals so I think that's 123 point range is where the jets probably realistically can keep it on a good day. If they keep sturdy defense and score like he did that might be able to flip the game but I agree that it's gonna have to be a situation where. They're creating turnovers for sure is as my teammates it. Well I was up I saw earlier this week Tony miceli really coming out backing Blakemore rules about how just how strong he is. And not not physically but many elite inner strength that mental strength. And you're gonna need to have that I mean these big games right here. This is what makes careers as a talking about Tom Brady. Good starting for the twelfth time in the AFC championship game a lot of people of dog morals hey. Worlds has an opportunity to make history today going into New England lead his team to victory on to the Super Bowl and my god I mean. And it did change ready for some of these guys you think about case do you have. He's taken about Nicole's. What this does for your career to get into this game. I Brady has all the rings he has the legacy has all that the other three guys. I gain some want somebody's going to be making some serious history today for themselves. And their careers and of course the chance to win the Super Bowl yet there's got out of body to play portal when news came even a different stratosphere. And now you may be talking about Bentley portals quarterback of the future projects we'll jaguars make all. Human case you don't get a lot of play or you're gonna be a free agent after the season if he thinks about here because from Philadelphia Eagles the Eagles out there for the week. I just crashed the bad. Gonna cost itself. Millions of dollars here he's I'll try to get that nice book contract for himself. Going into the future here but I actually look at that and gave you jaguar patrons can afford to move on to the NFC championship here. We haven't even really talked about coaching matchup the home Bill Belichick Josh McDaniels against DC how Washington jaguars and end. That there are you happy blocked all caught a great game last because of Pittsburgh Steelers host Jacksonville putting like we're out of position. Succeed here but it's Matt Patricia and that defense how to keep created on on the defense side of the Pope offered little pictures that defeated deciding factor. There as well and I just don't take a lot from the jags game against the Steelers because of what I mentioned earlier and that's not to discount Dan the idea as well as they played. But to lead they had something on the season. No one ever read right there in style played a play colleague. Their players they had this huge numbers clearly people move out in the regular season they were able to move the ball score points on and make big plays when they had to. Last week as well hey it's just got back channel. That favored Jacksonville. I don't think any of that necessarily carries over for either side as far as the taxpayer. Well I said earlier today points per game is simple points that you score or allow. When you look at these defense is. For. These sports teams are in the top five Minnesota's number one only giving up fifteen point eight. Jacksonville's number two giving up sixteen point eighty game. Phillies number four at eighteen point four Joseph fort revised down here his Philadelphia Eagles he's fired up what he's actually dress today to afford ball's gonna leather jacket on. Slack Susan jays on my press number finally. Number five his new wing Glen at eighteen point fives or defense or defense got roasted early but they've been strong. As of late so both these teams are stingy giving up points how about confidence. Points per game. New England's number do at Tony eight point six. Philly is also 48 point six surprising is much is sweet dog Jacksonville. They're fifth in the NFL when he six point one a lot of blowouts but put up a lot of points both teams. Right big break T is breaking down the fuse state breaking state where he had just like the 49ers a few years ago where they it was great defense. It's an as they would keep control of the game things would open up for them on the offensive and they'd be able to score you write content they would turn a lot of teams in the blowouts. Late just by imposing their will on T stats. The formula for the chads it's gonna be tough to do. It tougher than any game they had this year due to Brady doing it the Belichick and fox. Casey can't be kick kick off with about thirty minutes away here you see Tom Brady out there warm enough. Actually let's don't go up no colonial I'm a black state opposed got to give some up to the NFC championship here because I think this may be a better game. Can be physical. Both defense is on fire yet the journeyman quarterback in case he you know nick poll sort of revive is career what goes on the Philadelphia baby at the link. What gives here. Well I I. When I'm really at his seat is the way they played defense in Minnesota where they take their two inside linebackers they line him up at the age gap right. So if you look at the senator you got. You got a guy lining up to eleventh and I got to land here right and they have the ability to blitz they have the ability not to blitzes. They trying to confuse you and it's the same defense that the new defense of coordinator gut there's going to be bringing to Oakland. So what you're gonna see in Minnesota Oakland doesn't have those players. But that steam is coming to Oakland so what you're going to be watching today with the Minnesota Vikings that are Zimmer. Is pretty much the same scheme. Defense and scoring to be is gonna be the answer in this one because as you mentioned Vontae. Please give him is a far different guy outside data used inside. I'm not expecting nick pulls absolutely. Lighted up. So old I'd look at a situation where defense scoring is gonna be huge. That entity to handle the pressure which quarterback is able to handle the pressure better Folsom struggled. Against pressure. She lives held his own and being able to look deep pressure enough to make plays like down the field keep the chains moving and a few well you and I just look at the play makers studied the great teams have. More playmakers in guys that can catch the ball in traffic when you look at feeling good looking digs the those are guys that I think if if either of he he gives him if he's asked to put out there and let him go get it they're more apt to go DNA I think in the eagles' receivers. Sigh I am kind of leaned in Minnesota they write the same time it's a thicket gay you Eagles defense is is excellent and I think under rated. In terms of the way these games have been evaluating a lot to anybody who's gonna win this game we got. I don't Eagles you're gonna fly Eagles fly on the Eagles at home. Plus I'm near the Super Bowl nose Donovan McNabb did TO caught up in the huddle remember back yeah quarter this went out of gas is let's do it for me as far as the vikings not been as good on the road. As they are at home I think foale's it's not like the guy's been a scrum that his career and he did have a winning season previously played well in the second half. But they gave against Atlanta and they are at home son I'd I'm thinking Philadelphia peaks this one out. Thirty point game. If I mean Philadelphia's underdog again there where an adult mask in Philadelphia it's us against the world everybody come this Al if you look at their defense we're talking about Minnesota Jacksonville. But not teaching kids. Rodney McLeod gentleman mills did a hell of a job on Julio Jones last week he gets them and a Ronald Darby he's physical he's nasty Philadelphia would hit you in the mouth. And look how Rudolph is a nice tight end hurt vikings but the Eagles matchup well with the vikings. And continues Murray won the ball it's just fought the L train. Eagles go eight deep on defense of life started with what you Cochran's. Who may be one of the best he could tackles in football you can make that argument they're so comfortable with the Eagles at all. They give financial field both Peterson sellable play caller I was very impressed with his creativity last week because playmakers the ball. Look out for Nelson that a large field announced on Jeffrey I'll walk Weickel supplies while. Not me I'm gone purple rain maybe. Only real on Thursday laid out I don't know I bet I'm gonna go under the first game. And I'm still trying to figure out I mean this whole kind of creepy kind of as we look. I am gonna go under the first game on the go vikings the second I like the under I'd roll the Eagles are like younger and some people like under both game hats jackets for sure how about drafted Brady just by the right now we're seeing it on CBS. Eighteen and three at 21 career. Home playoff games for sounding very heavy even for. With some game called tough road game should have been only one should've been all want to aka. Percent to 200 war could well I want to play that one play changed so much appreciated Brady warming up with that the black eight. On that right after throwing a can and can't keep everybody updated on the hate it. The results that give us also secure the black people to truly get the dog and everything. Play football sorry he's got to stick to took stump albeit I get it's Tom Brady puts us all week long with the patriots in. Reporters asking courts you know the patriots American delve into any information they're not giving reporters and media members up. In the Intel I'm actually surprised how much did leaked out more Borg did leak out it wasn't necessarily. Wednesday Thursday and Friday night and once the practice week was completed. They did little little get out off the record if you will he had sources. While there is sources. That weren't correct members if I need. How did he actually hurt the well. I know that I'm talking more like yesterday and today you out not Izod our new leader yeah why not earlier in the week got no I early that we can't make everybody was. I guess and nobody was really talking but I think once we got yesterday. We started to get more definitive answers. Ten states is could be it was more of a cut that anything again I was they can broken hand. Wednesday Thursday and and went beyond even Friday when he came up and you know wouldn't answer any questions at the globe over the over the hands and everything I was speaking. Maybe they're trying to hide the fact he's got a broken hand. And they really are upset enough player to play in this game because he wouldn't be able to go but when it's a clutch essentially. I think it's a little bit of a different story you have. Have the report I don't I can't marry is it Rapoport is that there's ligament damage it was Albert freer who had yet had the report and it was that he NN ligament sprain in the right thumb. A collateral ligament sprain in the right com. In addition to the which required that the ten stitches and what everybody's put out there Heath he really threw it well at practice on Friday was Great Britain rated PG. He was he was sprawled all over all over the field on Friday. To a point where he had the confidence that if you would need to necessarily play with a glove. Right you know all while dining and we got fans all got raider fans. A C sharp that I think include Lecavalier pat I think the Baltimore Ravens Holland Garnett Paul yeah nobody gonna go to let's look at the field. Why you failed to got eighth they've got everybody down here who's. I told eat you gotta get here early if you wanna get a table and because. Is gonna be like this absolutely. All day long. We're out of looters and Campbell it's a 957 the game party 1555. South basket Babineaux. And you know we we we've had this gridiron gala gone for years. And every single time that we had done it. We have packed house and we're gonna have that today come down CES we have the hooters girls we've got chicken wings we've got Beers bloody marys. And the calendars we actually have got. Roll out to the hooters girls on tour in the day given opening of the values that you think supports. Every golf. Prairie golf. Marred by everybody took for you until four ball blues you're also no word on good match. Importantly. What we know we are going to be here all day long having his party here 95 cent of the game it's scooters in Campbell self. We're getting very close to it and I think that the thing that's. I just I just wanna see that the jaguars pain in this one state is the worst thing in the world is when you have a situation where there. Where the team just doesn't show up with a multi gets to be too big as you know the moment is never gonna New England is what they do every year. The top racial careers in the AFC title game. I don't feel like we're gonna look back on the David say at the moment was too big for the Jack's spot that you might disagree you because simply get out of hand they I'll let you speak yeah yourself on it I don't. I think the patriots lined up waiting. I don't think we're gonna look back and be like on the block the jags just couldn't hang at all. Another moment won't be too big for them I just worry about him I think he hit in the mouth earlier play. Played what was turned the ball over the first quarter so key producer Jacqui. Defensively they feel like they're best being out there. I mean I got an arrogant players got physical players they have speed on that defense they feel like a matchup with the patrons while some are worried about their defense for the sake. But early in the game how does Blake or is quite good I do think they're taking an open it up the game eight the box and they say hey. I know you beat Pittsburgh which you knew that she Margaret delta common opponent for you guys you beat them back in October what about us and welcome Butler Stephon Gilmore. But court EID act defense is solid yeah it at the first quarter keeper be held to the jaguars come out on offense in our first. Water yet that's the thing that really has changed from the start of the season. To where we are. Hey it's easy to now and we don't really talk about it all that much it's how good the Patriots defense has performed. They've been can't. Yeah and they put it together in the last 1011 weeks to meet its those first couple games to be the saints. And everybody saw the game against Kansas City where the chiefs really ran it up bottom. Now Peta does that game went on and they played the saints is well early in the year and that was a high scoring affair they did the patriots essentially woman their offense. Not ended yet you keep moving from there. And they slowly got better as the season went on and end were able to get to the quarterback and a higher level that was the thing that impressed me the most. About the win over the titans. And look I wanted to see kids Indiana there was going to be a better game right based on the fact that. Who would have the three matches of the chiefs went in and wanted to we literally at the jets went in won it Pittsburgh early we saw that would play out a second time. But ID. That was what impressed me most about the patriots in that game was how they got after the quarterback. And created pressure it's sad to carry out any. Cadbury owner in the pocket. It gets Kansas City Marianna got out of our pocket peacekeepers out of his legs and soliciting you mention or alive yeah five quarterbacks quietly portals of its buffalo. Got out of the pocket god himself going to that game did that it's Pittsburgh that's a key scramble for our kids is backbreaking scramble so the patriots who probably file. Kolb then knowing we'll see what they do with them and then Roberts do you patrons will spied worlds may compete from pocket I can't wait or to see that that's the million dollar question here. Complete portals beat. The New England Patriots from the pocket he's gonna have to. If they want a chance to win this game. I'm not going to be surprised though the portals does have that ability because he I mean that is and I know the way delayed at eight sacks last week against. Markets Mary out of the due date they may have he had. He has the ability to get out Enron and we'll see if doing going can contain him and that game and then you look at the NFC title game when you start looking at these two quarterbacks which one's gonna write will one rice to the occasion. If I can one of them rise in the case you can't one of those guys lift their team up believed the Super Bowl. Or is this is going to be what it looks like it's gonna be an absolute slugfest between two really good defense it's gonna be a slugfest its DNA test and I keep coming back to which. Quarterback can handle the pressure and I wanna seeks even would be better at handling the pressure. Let the you have to factor in the home vs road and he sequels he hasn't been the same guy. Paul vs road and that's where I. Philadelphia impressed me last week they did Philadelphia impressed me last week I actually thought Atlanta was gonna win that game. I that they were gonna fill in the air they were gonna be all their way. To another NFC championship game to possibly get back to the Super Bowl with the way that the Eagles defense. I need the falcons it took control of that game is it went on. It plans to meet and it allowed Nichols to gather himself. And played batters and allowed. Peterson to figure the right throws. And the right places to make sure falls to be effective in the second half that stuck with me maybe a little bit too much but enough to partake in Philadelphia to win this. Can anyone McCain JD might move enabled through an open about it. Philadelphia turned the ball over twice sick equating gay guy you fumbles and Atlanta territory they got away with a turn over all a new turn over late in the first happier. And the key match openly with the Eagles nobody thought about it just hurts. All pro tight end. He's lethal and if you send a hole. Whether cousin last week got clear for the 'cause he may be matched up on him at times I do expect Harrison Smith could draw that assignment here but that's the key finally they love that hurts here and Doug Peterson play calling that because future. Pretty eagle fifteen at home though. Where to run try to run the ball. Slow down case keep them warm. March is prayers for more market out illegals and the Philadelphia Eagles last week. Take fumbled like four times. Got away with them and they drop was like the readers it how they got away with a lot last week. They can't do that now I mean what are what they dropped like three picks there. Four fumble I mean I mean you you've got all of the football if they if they had those nerves are the same thing. As they had last week against the Minnesota Vikings will be trouble. Then again I always tend to think the teams that could have that happen where they look a little nervous if they get past it if they overcome it. I think they're better fourth of next week so I actually don't think I don't think the nerves will be an issue many people look at that as well. Dodged a bullet there. Move on to the next and everything will be fine so I think because I look for the Eagles to be much more relax. That they were last week out. Usually in the NFL you do with Eagles beating Keith TP. They didn't get a beat I think they come out. They play a more fun doubt complete game Chris Hill all the light poles may be crystal Crist goes off you think about next smoltz. Came out and had that unbelievable year with Chip Kelly and it's never been Hussein. And talked about leading football talked about retiring and really was like his wife. Who kind of talked and now you need to he's still make a little more disastrous effect get out of here that I've plane pulls all you have left and a and he of this opportunity for him. If the knicks bulls rises to the occasion. And then who knows what happens in the Super Bowl nick pulls you go from a guy who had one really really spectacular. Year. And then I was thinking about retiring. I don't know maybe it's another shot even. Do you risk plays well today plays well Super Bowl obviously he's not the future Carson let's get in the future there but this cold is playing. For a serious opportunity going forward yeah that's that that's the great unknown media at comedy franchises would love to get essentially a free look. How quarterback plays in a playoff. If the feds put on let's get right into the fold ball snapped but essentially it's it's a free opportunity. Usually guys like them struggle to the point where they write the other teams aren't in that position. Well they both had Stevens in the quarterback obviously. Throughout the majority here it's a different situation falls let. Every other team that needs at quarterback and I think half the league still be deported back to the US is trying to figure out you know. While you do or can these two guys he winners will be the biggest needs. As for false it's probably get a take two games now as opposed to one. You know Tito. He was up and down at the bad interception the played otherwise solidly for the game against the saints immediately Keenan has the track record. Played at a dome and playing well throughout the whole here both these guys that they could set themselves up. Pretty nice. They happened I think about Minnesota last week when we haven't touched on the saints game. Minnesota lesson points on the board. Pelosi points out there had to settle for short field goals they've missed the field goal that he gave the Antarctic could put that game away early on and let the same thing. In there to where three. Drew Brees gets hot they come back now to about Minnesota they have a situation you would quarterback he had Sam Bradford he had his team and you have trick Teddy Bridgewater. This is huge for Minnesota going forward. They even decide on who they wanna go into the future with at quarterback. Jacksonville State being are you gonna pick late portals are you really look back if you look at the look at somebody like Kirk cousins. Maybe even playing field could be appreciated it already did balls and those Philadelphia know that person went on the back yourself how to be filed by the latest got a report. For Tom Brady's foot and on appeal for one months Taylor Randy was out there walking around and got told life's little trash talking battle there senate to be fun to watch there. Taylor ran to talk there he talks. Now being no immediate family and it's fun. Actually you know go rove announced he had won the great you know. We'll make great points of all time we talk about these big games. Yeah as someone played five Super Bowls against. All that stuff. Called the Hong. All that all the hype wants the ball's kicked off. It's all about x.s announced its that's what it's about self and then going up against Tom Brady. Talk about the guy who's the most skilled as skilled. Let's get back to Blake mortars I can't I can't pick he gets Belichick can bring you this kid doing the sponges to the jets play the kind of style that you want to. But for me. This game is huge for more border excuse for your family. Funny because I mean he had his reasons I took the idea under the constant thought that with with its huge from the standpoint of his career because. It bore holes doesn't get it done today. And going forward. I don't know there's not going to be any teams in how we address these kids would make him first round picks we Russian and action we expect could be good. We expect him to. And news. To put up the numbers right away compared yesteryear where you want guys to sit for years to learn how to be a bro. And you know it's it's like what type EG Manny when he came to the raiders mean you get one shot. This is like horrible shot he's after this I don't know what team would actually bring into play quarters ago and you're starting. Especially he has a terrible game did answer I think it's three interceptions they get behind you know the patriots put in a spot where they have to deal that would be all that performs. JD I'm tired of talking football town he's been fun already go through some Beers maybe it's who we are going patriots and I'm going vikings. Patriots. And we feel. Eagles fly Eagles fly baby Bobby do you all the holes long. Yeah mark on the year. Got a couple judge format though they're okay political we'll just let you judge warned that and the guy jaguar at the thought that I would jaguar had. It's where your cowboys booty took off dead what's cool dog back here. That's a to use guys. That is gonna do a further grid iron gaelic comes CS where looters and gamble. 1555. The place is filled up we're gonna have a party all day long here it's a 957. Big game party coming up next. Her dad and tax policy but were you need to be is here we've got hooters girls we've got tears he's got chicken waste we've got calendar hooters girls. My older. Well below I think it's Santa did show some kid from looters can't gamble. Youkilis each of the gridiron game like Chris Townsend John Dickinson a bond today hill right here on 957 game.