Gridiron Gala Second Hour

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Sunday, January 21st

Chris Townsend, Bonta Hill, and John Dickinson preview Championship Sunday from Hooters in Campbell.


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Should be out here in California joined that. The beautiful hooters girls and a check point to us. I'd love to be in California and actually in Philly we just got settled a Lincoln financial Tora we're all set competitor all how is the weather there today. I did not too bad you know remind you on coming from Minnesota so if that's out of forty degrees here that we haven't Philadelphia I put on the country used to be shaped foot birdie it's going to be a night they overcast but directed the mile which can affect football much at all. You know what there's got to be at your staying up watching it here were actually the raiders flagship station. Is god there's come to town as the new defense of coordinator he learned under Mike Zimmer. Talk to us about this defense about the Minnesota Vikings attack. It's a terrific defense while the best in the NFL on more basic gonna see a copycat of that here in Oakland this coming season 2018. Who. Well I didn't get a copy cat out of that obviously might figure to get the right players in the fifth don't like it if you're in Minnesota. But for years and look at what my memories started working out really well obviously I wanna copy printed in the league as far as points allowed the best in the weekend ready though for the take another upbeat and tear but it. It's a fun defense to watch the aggressive. They are they like to put pressure on the quarterback and a note if you take away or you Jews so as far as spam go defense seemed to fuel more boring but Mike never defense is Gunther defense is should be exciting. And hopefully a successful for you guys out there. Give us an update ten on until the injuries that says the vikings have had this week at the UN. Has said that back to issue Iowa where they add injury wise I know some day help. Was in the kind concussion protocol. Throughout the week go where the Eagles enter our live vikings rather terms of their health. I don't put there and in in a good spot you know the guys who are little banged up are expected to play out on field. Took a helmet to the back that's what kind of I didn't expect them it didn't feel good. I but he finished the game I think it was in the second quarter when that actually happened I thought walker cross field as him about his hips. Why he continued to play and made that big casually big game went out there I'm stuck at the back was all over him. I'm so they expect him to come out place that they hope I look for the question of all and it sounds like favorable buddy with a concussion protocol you obviously never know. But it was a bit different when and they hope that not now last week I can't be here it came into replace and there was a noticeable drop off obviously that's when Drew Brees started making his question that second half. Bob Zoellick noted the big Lockett said Dave Cole can't go but I do think that they expect them to be that they're out bigger transmit. And that would benefit the better prepared and let them allows him to move around and do some of the things that you good at making you know runner or defensive player of the year. Paycheck can't that you get away with candidates about BN headquarters here your Philadelphia. Home of the cheese steaks or you're good and fair when it comes to food I've been affiliates are great food sounds but true when asked you about this. But the vikings on the road here it's also belong to any alarm split here AJ on the road dirty it's given up nineteen points a game that's touched down more than what they give up back home. Case Tina yards per cent is about three yards less on the road here so what how this team been on a row what what's been the reason for. They obviously at home you can always play better but on the wrong that's a little longer here to give up a touchdown more we look at his defense. Yeah they'd they'd bet that I can't hide from the facts are those that does that mean to speak volumes but. At the end of the day they lost two games on the road I mean I can't can't travel about that too much. Against the Philadelphia intraday obviously without Carson went the offered this dog a little bit. Probably going to be a low scoring game across the board so I don't think that giving up too many point two going to be a problem the question that you brought up. Is going to be are they going to be able to put up enough points on the board. Eighteen and struggle a little bit on the road to the offense is predicated around how he goes. This offense goes but there's there's I just think there's enough weapons with the dual headed attack in the back field the other two wide receivers out wide with bigger deal. Kyle Rudolph what the middle I just think there's too many weapons that despite the fact that Philly defense in the edge solid defense one I can but leak. They're they're just might be too many places to go for the vikings team that go look for them to stretch the field wide. I think that that's where they're gonna find an advantage. Against this defense I I just think. At the end of the day it might be a little too much fault the defense is there going to be out I just don't know that the Philadelphia offered that going to put up. Enough points to beat Kate in imminent liking the. BI raids in my cousin is actually aimed Minnesota Vikings season ticket holder and talking with him this week justice. How crazy it is right now Minneapolis I mean obviously a ray remembers 1988. Unfortunately Gary Anderson could make that kick. And they alas falcons advance of the Super Bowl in the last time the vikings are the Super Bowl 1976. By two coast here were even born at the time. Purple rain going on right now in Minnesota just tell us what it's like in the Twin Cities and just how crazy and he wants to last week's game. It'd been not you know I'm 32 so I haven't seen the vikings super war either. Found it it then bunkers everywhere you go. Whether it be retirement home elementary schools churches there and math back in Minneapolis I got a tweet that they get the school champs. Before this service broke out did it seems to be kind of spreading throughout the power obviously everyone excited. With the Super Bowl in Minneapolis is an extra added element of applaud that could potentially be at. And and the opportunity for Minnesota to win this game today. And all of it played super all the first team ever. They do it in their home stadium that there might not be a home game by a by the letter of the law they can't do it our all and they can't do the fans and all that stuff. Found it but they'll still have their home field advantage where there in their town that you go see their family whatever they wanted it in it is something that a particular city by storm again. Because we we really haven't had what happened just last week happened to look to you live effort against the the liking these are the ones that are on the other and might you met with Gary Anderson. Blair Walsh in 2015. Brett Favre threw an interception across his body. In 2009 it notebook miraculous wins are usually lock for the vikings went for the opposition itself. The fact that they got. 88 bit flat out miracle win last week everybody equivalent of large plots and different angles different replays for Portuguese play by play pops up late in the week or people that haven't closed within the MacBook Air. We're gonna live without one for a long time. To the vikings believe they have the edge at quarterback today though the two guys don't face each other but when you look at that the team defense is a donut holes is really struggled when he's been pressured the vikings can get pressure. Nobody said more pressure. Been able to generate more pressure than Eagles Bettina has been a little bit better at it evading escaping and being able to make plays. To the vikings feel that they have that all important edge in the two guys that are so inexperienced. Yeah I think they do and I think that if there's a couple factors that go into that. Obviously we talked about the weapons that the vikings have all in the back field and going out why it. In the passing game I just think there's more than what weapons or case you know I do ultimately obviously you've had more experience out though the wait. In the quarterback for this team most of the season so he's got that opportunity to build that confidence whereas nick alt. Everybody thought kind of doubting him in this in this situation worse case scenario went it Turkey understand. Everybody thinks that doll open it blocks he's still dealing with a little bit of that obviously have all built behind him. The one place where the vikings might be at a disadvantage I want you to compare the two opportunity to be offensive line. Are you mention that really does get after the quarterback so it really like incompetent why did you hold up I do think that barricade Tina minute like dolphins do happy edge. And like we mentioned a couple times should be able to put up more points in the Philippine eagle. And at the end of the day diplomat harsh. They did it may have been a silly question in. Three weeks ago. And I know it's college within national championship Alabama what's your backup quarterback there were struggling couldn't pass the ball they go to the backup quarterback can win the game. If there's a scenario where the vikings are down say thirteen nothing at halftime and they're really struggling with. Moving the football here. Any shot we see Sam Bradford go get his former team in my tumor just pull the ultimate trigger say you know what we don't win this game go to Bradford or it's that. Not even an option today. No I really negative option you know I don't know if it drives the offense stalling out at thirteen nothing if not I think if you're happy go monumental leap out of pocket multiple turnovers hurt its genome for that scenario could be beat talked about it really wait for this team but I do think that's. There is the leash I don't know how short the leisure but there's a leash for it you know in a game like this where if you're followed up and win or go home. I think that there's an opportunity that they're glad critically in the back of the mind I'm not sure how far back of the mind. I really do think it's you have to be a monumental meltdown or taking them with multiple turnovers to do that. But there's this team prove last week that they can they can do some special things with him at the Helm. And with the weapons that they have so I don't know that thirteen nothing lead. In the big enough product deficit but I I do think that they're they're there at the scenario that they have played out I don't know exactly what it is. But it scenario laid out where they will pull the trigger and go to Sam Bradford hit fifth and are working with fixed. AJ good stuff enjoy the game and good luck to the vikings. Sound good guy you need that double here win for UN meatball. Upload it fills you think you're one for your. Did a little bit of fall it's gonna be exciting there in Philadelphia as I mentioned my cousin lives in Minnesota. He's a vikings he's Tay an owner he is I used. You know they've been scarred me. We 1976. Like AJ covers the team he's ever seen the team in the Super Bowl media had to be born obviously before 1976. To see this I mean. Help we don't think about it. As we did so spoiled and everything that we've seen in championships here in the Bay Area. But that was a long long time ago 1976. When they took on the Oakland Raiders and they Lawson now old man Willie Brown with a touchdown. Down the sidelines loan iconic calls from the great Bill King but right now that town is fired up. Yet they've had the heart breaks obviously gone back to 98 minute in this field goal with Gary Anderson who had missed all season long and Brett Favre. I'm CJ mentioned dead net 2009 season where he was so good. I'm really had an MVP level player. For them but he makes a big mistake is is they're driving down to potentially win that game and the saints in depth when in their first Super Bowl ever. And at 2009 seasons again you look at it and I think any time did you go equity time there's a franchise that hasn't won. The euphoria that joy of that CNBC's it's unprecedented. But there's also that sneaky belief that government that's gonna happen so I think it's got to be a rollercoaster ride your vikings fans prepare. Blair Walsh anybody Blair lost a few years ago the wildcard gave chip shot field locals why you left your ticket which is never gonna catch a break we'll always going to be the first here. And actually peak. You know I know gonna make our picks later. But it nobody's given the Philadelphia Eagles shot they didn't do it last week you're an underdog this week. Good defense. That he puts oblige media they go eight deep Fletcher Cox Rex run games wrecks on the you've got kids it's in the middle. Running around silent a silent yet the secretary led by mountains gee can I love the coin toss I've always look at the little things like this. Got to foot the corn for the Philadelphia Eagles honorary captain dot Brian Dawkins now. Bryant got back crowds could be on fire but the bulk mass everything they told William priest younger roll roll. Could be another heartbreak. For Minnesota fan are you try to talk me into an under here's how would you try to do with your defense of time here you know I am just saying we'll let you know they're county general idea. Good good tonic Yonder. And it's not me lie and you know as you mentioned JD the quarterbacks don't play against each other. These two guys were teammates. With the rams battle for a backup job. And and what you said but today this switch like we saw the national championship game. I would hate to see that whole key Tina is gone this far I mean what he did in college being so prolific. And end and finally getting his shot and giddy is Tina I would hate to see dad I wanna see this kid be able to let's let. Let him play in the game forgot he's got it is an. I think the Saudi the other day on my show you know who who's got the most. When you look at these quarterbacks who's got the most approved because. As you've basically scheme could possibly be re place in this game. Nick poles fighting for his career. On the plate morals if it doesn't go well he ever started of the game in his career of course Tom Brady with all the content. First of polls is a guy that's had the most success of those three guys are named Tom Brady have media had a winning season led the team in the playoffs through. Seven touchdowns in a game. Albeit that that's a game that. Raider fans would like to forget the play policy of the seven touchdown and 2013. But he's had some success. He's not inept and that's why Ponte would you mention their defense. Well what I agree the candidate that for them to do what they did it to the falcons right when the falcons were coming in. Looking like. There in my event and we have gone yeah. Right and maybe make another run I thought that was impressive and I Kenneth. I think polls doesn't totally get the credit he played very well the second half dead to help them win that game. It's the grid iron gala right here 957. Where I live from looters and good babies their size at all and I've. It's if it's 1013 right now. Buying mood. You're not appeal to find his seat you need to give it here now I'll tell you need to get here now this place is gonna be accurate out of the ultimate party no station is a better party than 957. You need to be here we checked in with Minnesota now we need to check in with Philadelphia. And the Eagles on 95 cent in the game. Now back to the gridiron gala on 957. Lead game. This hurt our daily here and looters and Campbell. Chris Townsend and I got John Dickinson and we got Vontae hill come Dennis is by the way I've been formed. If you don't now they have these beautiful you saw Bonser did writing on Friday. The hooters calendar yes we have a couple of ladies who are in the calendar. Who are here signing calendars as we speak I'm not sure what month they are but they are here and they're gonna be signing calendars for you when you come to looters here and gamble and. Had these guys in the back here another retention attacks flying the Pentagon so I complex I asking for a comical told boys. You guys are lucky calendar ladies are here you get an autograph calendar your hooters you get. They can you get that you're here autographed calendar you get the watch football calendar Wayne this is get to drink Beers and John Dickinson who doesn't wanna have this kind of party. You can't may have course where you have the first came to Jacksonville Jaguars up against the New England Patriots JD you're just mentioning in about how. You know the jaguars came to town. And this was a team that you're looking at you go out his defense. Is pretty credible and Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy drop below porous defense up box when you look at this defense sacking at an NFL points allowed this year 268. Second in sacks with 55 and second in interceptions with 21 so a lot this one held a defense but. We've seen how you can carve this defense yeah and you gotta get ahead of them and that's what the 49ers did they got ahead of them and they allowed it they they made like portals have to try and make some plays and Blake portals when he. Realized it was going to be a shoot out kind of a day. He started turn the football over and it really what that game at a point where Jack's ability to completely fought their way back in the game so I think you. The jags game. They can take it on the chin you can run it a little bit against them that's that's the other thing I could see the patriots really do and is committing the run. Especially when with Tom Brady scary issue with the handed the stitches and everything going on there so. There's no way that you can frustrated Jackson if you get a behind. Davis served fight each other than me sir I like the patriots and they're a volatile group that analyzed through it yet a talented group they love the run their run their mouth. But sometimes they'll start run and each other if they get down a little thing. You talk about the jaguars fighting with each other we saw that have been silent at. Levi stadium they may win that it after the game miles in their locker room here agitated and potty Jesus is just a quarterback there were annoyed by that loss. And what sort of had a couple drives and again they were down early and illegals gonna be a blog Jimmy Key had that enters he threw an interception in the end zone. Jackson will come down to tie the game up. They were in that game plate portals look depressive that ties but like you said the bigger judgment third quarter really put that game. Then why she can do speak about the way what were those planes fourteen of 26 right. But the third down conversions the money downs. He was money on those downs last week he gets Pittsburgh but without why she's here that's secondaries are wolf. It's it's spooky that's taken there at Pittsburgh defense has holes in it. The pitcher taken there's Knight and day better gonna steelers' secondary. I think that doing the pictures from the play they have the perfect recipe to beat portals like he did last week in Tennessee the gang guys I think that's what could get ugly real. We're in this thing you can't forget to is that Jackson confidence against the Steelers is they take that they like the regular season it was a different game there was no. Fear factor involved. With the jags not believing they can get it done they went into Heinz Field and destroyed the steelers' early in the season. They knew as offensively challenged as they can be at times that they could score points on the Steelers and they did it. Scott Grayson covers Eagles got to join us coming up here from Philadelphia the bottom of the hour as will continue to get you ready for both the AFC title game. And the NFC title game. You know look the one thing you have to do Bob Ryan from the Boston Globe joined us earlier. You have to be able to pressure Brady without bringing a blitz you to your front pass to be able to move. Yeah the move his feet. You got to move him around. And the one Xena was able to do that. Obviously Tom Coughlin was the head coach he's now back with the Jacksonville Jaguars but that was the secret for the New York Giants. Their front four could put pressure on Brady enough to get him twice in the Super Bowl. That's taken as if you put something he'll eat you alive if they can't blitz and I actually think Vontae Davis. Again I could see it going either way and have Quaker picks later but I do you think is Monte you don't want to believe in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their defense is still. With the components that you need as far as a pass rush as far as have a guy like Ramsey. Who's a corner they they could have the potential to cover brawn you almost have to have a quarter. Cover Kron TV deal my big enough to ease physical exactly so I it yeah if he if they. If you take the name off the Jersey and you say this isn't the Jacksonville Jaguars that this was another football team you're that maybe had a more provident history. I think may give give a better chance that the thing more it it always comes back to Dolly's do I really believe the plate portals is gonna be like any quarterback in this game. And I don't so I can't quite go their but the actual match ups in the talented jags have on defense. They have the guys they can make it a tough day on the page. Now you make great point JD if you think about the way to patriots lost Super Bowls gets New York Giants. They didn't blitz better roses front four. Interior pressure. Keating Tom Brady off of this plot make them toward quicker than he wants to. By the jaguars have all the components together musicality in the secondary air call with a hell of a nickel corner. Can't wait to watch that match up with them in stadium a goal there that's a key match up their credit that's. AJ Boise gave up his first two touchdowns of the season last week it's Antonio Brown eighty could have played better defense now and a front for education Jacksonville they get to the quarter but you're a key match up. New England loves to throw to their running backs. Do you think Kevin's fault because she even read the gulls got that's not yet James White. Beyond Melissa Rex OK we'll just what tax you'll have guys look around look them up a hybrid linebacker smiles Jack. To help we split. Who had to close down our return last week and of course miles tackle that very acrobatic interception that's the key matchup for me how those linebackers for Jacksonville over. Dewey was right back to sprained left over the running backs up the flat so. JD you're right they do ethical pulled it to slow down and who don't patriot. You mentioned Louis. Louis when he talks a hundred yards from scrimmage. Patriots are seven and now and let me tell you want for drawn to romp last six post season games. Broadcast 512. Yards receiving and seven touchdowns this effect. I mean yes. A hurricane like they're gold dome. They're gonna go to ball game how you get a deal it. Yeah and in boxing you mentioned Birkhead divvied aside from the incident with Brady ground work for because the the other hand to be toward their within the bleeding and everything you need stitches he's good to go he's at Indian he's gonna play not to kind of feel what the throat two as well get out from all three go. Running backs Qualcomm. But you still have to weigh now and is it as a secretary there really go to one much. Funny coaches intriguing because Steve's expert but if you get his cooperating cooks he can raise himself the Miami game dolphins did a good job of covering them on Monday night game he got off later in the game but. Ready because he's their best yourself. Give tax bill I. I think if you could cost turnovers obviously. They they believe to score support it'd be like that's the debate but he did when I when Obama won a Super Bowl we're ready to play office stating debate they're sort of discount. And we go back to the house and put some points on the board for at Jacksonville office. Yeah they got out Jacksonville's got a hunter's chances but it's gonna be well we're gonna see early. You know because you do now wanna be in a situation JD. Where you're trying to play catch up at Foxboro if if you get down early. And the way that Bill Belichick and his defense to be so stifling because. Yeah off. They allowed 300 plus yards of passing. And the first part of the season so five and a first six games they gave up over 300 yards. Through the air. Zero times sense of the cells sense the sixth week of the season not one team has thrown for over 300 yards hit eight sacks last week. If you get down against new England and it's it's it's it's it's called game over pretty early and it's a bigger problem for the Jack horse because they have to run the ball in fort that's healthy. It has got to be a heavy dose him they got to play smash mouth football they got to try and control they gave. Keep Brady off the field limit the possessions. So getting behind you is not what you wanna see if you're if you're brew for the Jackson has won and let's head out to Philadelphia let's practice guy Grayson from 97.3. FM ESPN radio he covers. The Philadelphia Eagles. Scott thank you so much for taking the time it just. Set the scene for us what's it like they're affiliates we have the NFC title game between the Minnesota Vikings and your Philadelphia Eagles. Other no doubt the energy level is tied a band have been ready for this game really all we can acquire certainly you know. Jacked up forward as well did go to the aisle tell you that physically to get out around out. I'll put Crisco on the light pole due to chase the legal way to keep people Croat. Still quite Deloitte and their celebration so everybody kind of cure and support their weight forward and I'm hoping a lot of people can stand the wait much longer ready for this date. It would you when you look at Ed nick falls and how much more confidence it is the city of Philadelphia fed the fan base have been him based on. The second half that he had against the falcons say I know he's struggled. When he's been pressured he's been pretty good when he has it then can they can they hold up can they give him time did indeed he. Change the narrative a little bit with the way that he played in the second half. I think he did I think he helped put a little bit of a fan base could be it and you don't we have more vocal in the locker room well although the guy never tell the plate they hit. You don't walk through each offered it to nick despite who the key gauge towards the end of the regular season. All of you know that he definitely had a good second half but definitely set the tone it helps put things in the right direction. Our momentum is key obviously poverty to become more important particularly for him. I would be very good confidence builder and I expect the keyboard I continue. Play in front of the home crowd today and you know look I think Doug Peterson did a great job of finding stuff that nick. You know does well he hit the short and intermediate route real well with you are historical and don't do too much. That's where problems are gonna ride up so. We'll see if he can do more of that today at the Peterson had to geeky played more to the strength of nick holt Kevin. You have if the running keep going to help devout Jew but all that can be very difficult Iguchi got talked about to get this quite a feat that. If guys you mentioned Doug Peterson I thought he was great asset to have last week. Creating opportunities for us playmakers we see some creative running plays for Nelson that Allard now you do mention up that Paul's watch list field today. Last week early in the game because the falcons he almost got to get people pass an appearance without dealt with duck and in the wake up first half were turning point there were Eagles. They end up getting three points there but I should've been an interception to fathers leather ball soul. What what's gonna be the game plan I almost felt like he had been. Maybe isolated tree Wayne's isolate the kinsey Alexander here because you have Nelson that Laura who can't stretch the field here it's gonna come down that you can't just you can dog. He gets his vikings defense. No you're absolutely right they're gonna have to pick your spots to go downfield and nobody nobody absolutely including about expected. That the good on the first play the game and threw a pretty strong wind I mean you won't get stuck in the wind. And they got lucky with the pass interference call but you know I think. You'd locate itself and I or certainly on Torrey Smith who the guy could stretch the field. They've gone deep down the field we're also on Jeffrey occasionally you want the only ones that matchup with speaker wrote today. So I think you're gonna be looking for May begin to try to have a bit of the game well but duck. The other horrific guy to be that big advocate after practice look otherwise you get really well Bolden who knew what happened when he cool. Nearly between that joke it is a matchup in this gamers so speaking I think it's a fascinating political football fan. Who really look at the best team we take place between coaching staff. When you look at this match up person that match up who's guarding him the studio Kyle Rudolph on the other side of the ball deep and Stephon victory for the a lot of for the lump. What they're fourteen and three up against 143. It's it's get a big head one vikings and Eagles got Grayson covers Eagles. And he joins us here at the gridiron gala for voters in Campbell Chris Townsend John Davidson. And Vontae hill. And out one of the keys for the Eagles this year was being able to score with their defense and now nick pulls a quarterback. How important is it to give the defense is score today to help out that offense. I think if either defense does that certainly people can have it it'll it'll move through lawyers and even a roof on the building but they'll certainly you know great health barrier Philadelphia looked favorable ready to let it out and can you both accurate count of the biggest thing I Eagles coach our offense we the end pulled. Against BP records who vote but if the defense on either side GM who has definitely been great for potentially in. Didn't Kevin had won a little while they are poorly pets. They've let somebody do this one other time when the car didn't the you know the the lateral that the editor gave an evident a streaky media worker I've left on the clock but if they're trying to do it feels like. You know for one if they can get a sack fumble and keep them where they can get him to. You know have to move around and they get that poem in the week on the car and it certainly could turn into a fixed fixed and you know there's no doubt about it it's important rushing back kind of big vehicle that was Q a make or break. In this case and NFC title. You mentioned as the defense in the ability dated to create turnovers and discord you guys are talking about that and I think we duplicate. No we had somebody on the covers the vikings earlier in the belief that Minnesota is that the vikings have. More playmakers that maybe the eagles' defense can handle. Is this eagles' defense a little bit. Under the radar is it's crazy is that may sound any case this is far as their ability to add. To generate pressure and and really just put their imprint completely on the game. He. Yeah absolutely look what are Cox played one of the bat speed that I think the fact keep it all people last week. And he demand a lot of attention and everything try to follow down prepare what you don't pretend that he got. Brandon Graham a nine and a half stack these here. On you know those who converted a pretty huge free agent pick up we're talking about the beat back the white arrow really think that battle in the trenches could be what set the tone. What is the rest of the legal defense and they had a great year there's no doubt about it I expect these guys come out eat practically. But the really big chip on their shoulder could I think they've gotten try to RT your uncle the vikings beat at this that there are getting an upgrade to their own. You don't try to record people out so there was some garbage Gordon took place if you look at the Eagles terms of points per game. Maybe they would have been a little bit closer to European number one team in the league event category had. They not had some of the fourth quarter coup against them late game I think they're important wouldn't call them already come out here will prepare the better defense they certainly an acting like it all week and then expect him that you don't disrespect him in key. They are tired of being called the underdog to the team and they've really rallied around that I think deep actually that's going to be part of the femur while that. And this team has dealt whatever you do really well Scott. Talk about when Jason peers is centered on a Monday night game against Washington Redskins and of course you see the whole team get on on the field. Pat peers on the back later on a course Carson wins they rally in the polls tied. Take the leadership here so they've really taken its underdog role in brilliant underdogs see when you think about your deliberation it just you know home golf. At home where they're fired up at the leak I mean Eagleburger pretty good situation where it's us against the world. You're absolutely right you fit very well they they definitely rallied around that that he loves a you can sort of conditions do you need your dog follows in one breath. You know you're you're disrespecting us from the other route to play hard. Won't be happy to take on the world ought to get them. And you know that that China has furcal then what caught up being on me personally and I think they're probably why did he would be licking a vocal walk called mark. They fought. Spirits polls early in the year they treated for Ronald Darby starting corner he goes down and we wanted this week do you teach computers without us that. There you know special teams ace Chris Mayer goes without starting middle linebacker Jordan next out. We've had this next man up mentality. All season long it's worked well for them and when Carson went went down they've weathered all those other storms you can keep kind of look like. YQ we do this to help. He obviously anytime a team with the current quarterback and somebody quite well quite what we can affect them and I think they found a way they had a couple of games at the end. You know the regular season to really get over that I think that was important and they found a way to really turned into a positive or something he can rally around as well it's. If elected of being an underdog looked out. But they've rallied around that eureka city is captivated by that and other carry that out of the you'll look good prevails lower on the ball past go to comedians stand. Quite a site. Scott I can't believe that you're not joking they're actually putting Chris go on the light poles we we've now looked it up. And seeing a picture of it that. Steady build at Bay Area Crisco cops. Yeah I didn't. Obviously. You know there either I guess who leafs who completed we're taking precaution group perhaps her acting. Those kind of activity that takes place police here in the bat he hit another pretty well if you. You know does something like that innate people caught in the light poles they do whatever it and the city were you don't differ I guarantee they'll find the way to people think you're great you're another would be reply that this could happen. So now we appreciate the time enjoy the game. I will I appreciate your time you've got a picture of me. Guy Grayson governors the Philadelphia Eagles. For ESPN radio back in Philly that's pretty crazy I've never seen that crystal comes baby there tells it like we shouldn't make sure they got like these these perils of the crystal they're doing well I follow up big time job today. So I think I imagine that your priest your vote on your foot Chris go but yeah that's. And they have a new lows last week. They have like this. It's like a bar area it's across the street where Eagles fans can come hole and they had girls danced in on the tables they look like cheerleaders. For good out there it's like what oh billion played as they're all together it's all together it right across the street and we. Is across the street from Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies play the Dow hit a Wells Fargo cigarettes right here they have a complex it's a big party and I went out there. When it charged him. Carlos felt transfers came as a giant holes out there and they open up both parking lot to the tailgate at the leaked the tailgate at Citizens Bank Park it is happening down. There's always space depending upon what the event is if it's a Phillies game did you get the extra parking from the Eagles that you don't need if it's an Eagles game he got extra parking. Like this it's all three it's it's one complex there. Not commingled imagine. The policy of if they never figured something out like that I once saw an outside court their TVs that are now to just about Mitt. All that space in the making use of it now well that now I mean you know looking at a might man I I'd rather be out at that area probably be in the game. They look like they're having a great tightly huge area the at all these tables. And it's like one massive morrow Mike it's like a party of Phil. They have another barge at this is great part caught it fat each believer out of still getting emails from home Bopp promotion of the game and they got to get after the 215 reported a Philadelphia seems like cavity great time out there's a lot of great area. It's about three blocks away from the met the subway system. So he gets catch a train walk on down in her having a party out there Philadelphia. I'm 57 league games grid iron gala going on right now as we speak here hooters and Campbell come out CS mentality it's got to be packed it's gonna be great. The AFC title game then the NFC title game as he tried to tell you we have some of the girls here from left. Hooters calendar there signing it's gonna be. We're gonna have wings are gonna have Beers are got a lot hooters girls now the wings are here I'm Obama and pat work on our radio begala Humphrey to grant him going. You know we haven't even talked about it yet last night's game. Why is there any panic I'm hearing old panic we'll talk about it right here on 957 again. Gridiron gala continuously on 957. Big game. Coming up near the top of the hour might cave covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first coast news. And he's the host of teal and black blitz. As we'll continue the coverage here to gridiron Gailey gave you ready for the AFC and the NFC title game. What what has to happen for Jacksonville to actually take down the New England Patriots we will find out warriors game last night. At the apostle you guys came in here all hot and bothered about blowing up everybody panicked buying everybody rocky top better all my job. I'm kidding guys located helped everybody with an idea with dirty looks like are you serious look search I did have a list today I'm not gonna bus them out. But he literally was six weeks and at the warriors to trade clay Thompson. That's this upsets I think that is really mean I thought it below sixty Johnny it's eight it's. No lawyer fans are so. There is good as anybody I mean this is a fan base that if there was any fan base that it is said. Flip the bird suit to. To the team instead I'm done and I'm not consuming this product anymore. That's all quotes Saudi that rule. Is. I'll all the you all to your eye well I will take that thank you very nonspecific. The parties officially started here at looters it Campbell. Now I hear out this fan base has been so loyal. Some of the worst times edit any kind of professionals sports franchise has ever seen. And what gives me news is you understand. Powell. Different this team would be if you didn't have clay Thompson if you didn't have someone who played the type of defense that he plays. If you have somebody that is not that big ego guy allows other people to be the ego guy is Andy Dick. He is such a big part of the glue of this team as much as everybody wants talking about. Kevin Durant so specialist staff Perry's great the two time MVP and dream on brings that toughness man if you Klay Thompson off this team they would be in trouble. They would be an all all taken a step further I'd one point two that the warriors for his greatest they are everything to share the basketball. And Steffi Perry's ability to take over a game being implicated in VP level wanna 8090 seemingly wants you. Last eight notwithstanding the clay it's the shooting superior shooting right is the foundation. For everything else that the warriors do entity if you take quite comps it away yes. Easy eagle was sky yes he's a guy that's won your defense of acres but I actually think the offense isn't as special if you don't have. Three elite shooters is facing then players that are able to score meeting with a splash Brothers when they had two guys most teams don't have. Two guys that can light it up for deep. Like period Thompson now yet terrain it is mid range scheme and his ability to get transition. And no luck get a Big Three for yet. As we saw the finals but Klay Thompson. Is part of the warriors fundamental foundation where this all started. Which is it'll be shooting of the basketball they've taken it all kinds of different levels and there but I think if that gets off kilter a little bit everything else starts to crumble from the. And I wanna ask you about the death lineup obviously Andre Iguodala didn't play yesterday shall Livingston was and I went up Pat's book call. Who struggle to get big here to death lineup hasn't been as affected that as it has in the past two years and I wonder if NBA team to start to catch up. If you do look at the rockets give him credit here. They went on got some bullies they got PJ Tucker. Who complain the death went up but he's a tough guy he can hit the three can thrive in the play solid defense. Luc Mbah a Moute I love seeing and they had put either guy Ali we're gonna like that which are sitting on a synthetic ball Qaeda is now. Here. Took we took like five months to get that may down but. As JD mentioned having played content in this. Did he special shoes turner night for 31 yesterday the warriors played your seat gain yesterday they played hard but there were careless with the basketball which they can be at times special one. Detriment to their game where they just short term the ball over given away possess intense. Curry had a couple mistakes that we are too fast break free kicks about the clay instead of Haiti we can had a layup there. Click they were off yesterday there were all still barely lost or rockets and rocket took off and I'll put them all. All way to the playoffs at these teams beat up I mean it's it is astronomically better rockets team that hasn't done anything gets lawyers in the playoffs. In recent memory can pop off about a January game. Yeah this is a new version of the rockets I get a lead this team hasn't won anything and and it's always foolish. Take to add any candidates and it that he seems can't play again they played three times he can't play again and decent ones still layoffs. They want to goods no one when they had hardening Chris Paul to Chris Paul had played yet in the first game. Down the stretch to put all of this opening night as well and here and I was hurt decade later he left the game in the third quarter any kind of flipped it could always key against the rockets because they have a lot of guys that are. That are that size and just to have another defender on the floor around music didn't play Gerald Green didn't play for the rockets last night so. To me I still. Don't believe that the rockets have enough to wait players above blue jays score last night and Bob Wright hit threes. Out. Eric Gordon did so maybe those two offset. But but the thing that it comes down to you to be whatever you look at these two teams is the warriors have more two way players they have guys that can be on the floor they can score at a high level. They can also defended. When I look at the rockets. You know Chris Paul's on the floor you know hardens on the floor. You know Capellas probably Gary on the floor but who are the other two guys that are gonna be on the floor it's Gordon Ryan Anderson you don't have enough defense. If it's a bubble tea PJ Tucker you might not have enough offense to get it got against the warriors that's where I still think. The edge goes to Golden State today with the Jacksonville Jaguars they got marchers chance. Because of their defense. If there is a seven game series between these two. The rockets have a much yours chance because of the three. That would be the one that they bomb a ton of threes if they make those threes and they do have. They got two hall of fame players there are you may I have four hall of fame I know they have a chance I don't think the words would veto. Was in five lawyers and fight and that's fifth. I wanna say about don't you listen I will look to Q well how about this political why we're comes back now we don't know what's a book why went quiet Leonard. Oh I don't know I don't know what I'm going I if you tell you sent the rockets are more at the ATP by the spurs that they are repeat the war in the second round of the playoffs they beat the spurs. This first thing out of that three feet. I think eight. What do they annihilate the rockets by over thirty points last year in game six and twice at all. He did it played I can't sell their Macs they match up will the lawyers and I know and I know there are morally and the rockets are accessible beating the lawyers. I look past senate. They can't look past San Antonio with pop it's cool to circles around Antonin. That this is no when he was in Phoenix he did it when Heath Allen do you think he does it so I had to work the rockets should worry about just getting past second round. Chris Paul ever did pass check around Avi c'mon. And it's a different team obviously with Chris Paul the next to Chris Paul is Vontae mentions has his own demons to get over similarly to the ones that James Harden static get over. If Hawaii Leonard is healthy. And that's a big if but that's not a game here you settle our problems came along he's got what amounts to almost a lost season at this point they just shut it down again. But where he's out indefinitely so. That's a big if at this stage but if he is healthy. I hate the rockets are more at the blues to the spurs. Then the rockets are to beat the warriors in the series and be fair to the to the warriors isn't the end of the road trip. Spent a lot of time to Chicago this week it think of quite a decision yet either you do a lot of help us. Probable basis I spent an extra day there look I think the warriors wanted that game I don't think this was the typical. The game last night while warriors weren't locked in they were playing. They were the other point careless but I think he was just didn't have a good game yeah and the rockets I thought played. They played relatively well defensively to edit the rockets do deserve some credit. Four. Making the warriors played eighteen turnovers last night so I don't I don't wanna totally absolved that's getting carried away when records say it I think we're the better team quite the palace said that. He had their court NAFTA became talking about how they. Loved isolate PJ Tucker goalie Stefan curry problem and obviously on the defense and did exactly called on the weakest late Stephen Curry defensively. Made a couple of big plays down the stretch today game. Probably would have to post has an Iran comment you know it's what the thing gets me Antonio Ortega phone calls and after the games. These get these teams have prize. These teams have ego they're not gonna always they're kissed the warriors ass they should be saying we can beat the warriors a weekend they should be saying that right we expect that but right. They get that occurs the weakest link we just saw what transpired late night game and play well. Okay wasn't there he clearly basically Chris Paul's pockets. Those great deepest parts that curry could play better who's hurt you generally thought he isn't we get sleep what is it's almost like. They think he's. Barbecued chicken it earlier a lot of you're also believe that we get credit in the same right socket a doctorate UT I got out you talk about the Barbie could they are and I won it earlier this Saturday. Forget chicken wings go all right now you're talking about PJ Tucker going up against Stefan curry and that just that tells me that the rockets. They still don't get it went away it really does speak like you think that's something you could exploit known if the way you win the game. Is Zimbabwe Tay hits threes it the way he when they gave his team James Harden makes big shots right down the stretch like he did. With the Big Three late but that's how you win with Chris Paul scores. Effectively did they Chris Paul to score 2530. Game which I'm not sure he can do. 560 to the series in this well. Alone is sad and Davey talk about the pace they play at this is the fastest pace as follows ever played at how we hold up we know he's. He's had hamstring issues playoff time he's ice and up everything and he blasts in the club face that's what. He's always got something going on health like you write about that I'm not worried about the warriors. It you know lessen the man leading lady fashion and tell you who's blown out here and I'm serious. Everybody warrior one is done and tell the warriors lose two games of the series. A playoff series that's when I'll say on OK maybe there's something to look at but not before now. No panic at all argument you're already a major injury but I just felt like he's a born. I got my idol like. You have more on us and I can't which you just think about the turnover drills when the fans are much let's go to the polls Kevin Durant eighty just air mails it. There and since so many just careless turnovers like like the basketball at crystal you all audio climate that's what it looked like Eduardo conjuring his old and obsolete or you can use against Sacramento on Monday night at the cricket board eat ice I don't like using our. Or go to war against that against another YouTube just careless at times they got off to the flat start but they wanted that game. And once they turned it up they got back into that basketball game. Andre Iguodala to big X-Factor in that series. How long I think you'll be fine Shaun Livingston and you'll be fine gig what's it went quite well what we haven't touched on this the bomb load. Between lawyers make a mistake by not picking up his option because he's played a lot better defensively we don't know about George bell. He goes for pump fakes into the public he just seems like he's on playable at this point. He's a playable against the rockets I think for the most part I looney eye target called a mistake because he hadn't actually. He had actually showed it on a court in games that mattered. And the warriors are trying to save a little bit of money here where they could. Within unknown commodity at that point out now they believed in. Come on booty more than eighty buddy did for Guidant hadn't showed it but I still think you had to allow him to show it. Before you were gonna commit to a man and that may be wind in mind that being a player loses you're listening and ID 570 gain KGMC. FM and HD Weiner. San Francisco yet you know when you go on runs like this. And I can be able to keep everybody. But what is key is making sure you pick the right young guys. To prolong. If your look if you're gonna look.