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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
Football writer for, Gregg Rosenthal, previews the NFL season & training camp with Bonta and Guru on the Greg Papa Show.

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We know about Carlos hi he does he does have some injury history with the 49ers. And he could be a surprise cut in training camp as reported. By Gregg Rosenthal Writer he joins us here immigrant pop shoulder to guru Johnson bouncing hill Carmen five point seven game and Greg. You believe that Carlos Hyde could be a surprise cut and I get wide because of splits. Or pretty alarming here when a quarterback is under center. He averages over three point one yards a carry not necessarily good. In and his shock any Evers is about five points to New York to carry so you believe Carlos Hyde may be cut in training camp. Yeah you know. Kick edu let. In inherently a surprise cut in Iraq and becoming an even. Among let the way. Bro under of the entire Atlanta thirteen guys he would be that they get. Soccer and you have the one where wrapped around the people. Around the league for any names and you have to hide that came up that was the debt. Mean I think Carla cited that Allah that they would be editor or if they did decide to move on you look at the the investment that they need in Italy in terms draft pick perpetrated antenna emotional investment that we read about. In that Peter King Pete didn't think I'd do is going to. Or you're with its crew anyways even app that they can debate that crap. I'm with you Greg why not trade him in losing for nothing when you take about to hit this is the last service rookie contract and a forty niners are probably not going to break the bank. For Carlos Hyde any distracted. Out of each on the forefront Joseph Williams who is used to running in his own scheme he's better. A fit for one cut and go type assist on. Carl's heart he is talented but you're right. The 49ers are not going to pay him after two seasons probably Dessens is going and trading. Right and he has enough east that that that that I you want you so that the so how it YouTube. Feel you have a lot of untapped and Sonya played really make it by really any new regime netcom and how you look at the guys that are toward the end of their contract or whether they're gonna be guys that stick around and chanting and especially the course of his career he's built running game out of lesser known players in jail and even in high art that he'd decided to bring in I think that it and it go to wired. And again I think it's if they were looking to trade hide toward the end of camp. Especially that some injuries around the league and illegally or one year left that in deal but ultimately I think you could get amid a late round picks arm at the very. Brian Hoyer made his rounds on national TV stopped and talked in that and I sat back and watch stamina seems very confident. And I'm wondering which you would all be surprised if he had a pretty good year or is this just a guy who might think he's better did he actually years. Confidence is not a problem lawyer and look at taken him a long way he is always there at. I think it even rub some teammates are some people the wrong way in certain places Cleveland. Under crap in. And is become the mind that your guy like him I you've got to believe in your salad and eat and now ending career considering he's an undrafted. Undrafted player and if arm during that he has and I think under coyotes and I can't. He's got eight yard like game you know and at the numbers like that they'll probably get it going to be that when a lot in the I think in the unquestioned buyers not going to be a lot of competition I don't think you need look over shoulder like he had and the other places. And it wouldn't it be put the numbers put him number Lebanon problem even you'd that he put up numbers. Gregg Rosenthal joins us here and Greg pop a show in a far righter for Joins derby glory Johnson upon taking over here on a five point seven a game on the other guy on this list. Is Ahmad Brooks she sturdy three years old. He could be cup he has a cap number over six million dollars in this team is rebuilding and noted debris and Elvis Dumervil what they have bag on defense of line they trapped Rubin Foster. Right now that's when I wouldn't be shocked about because it seems like Ahmad Brooks every summer for the last three or four years is always been the subject deeper getting traded. Or cut. I know how do you view it as you can not hear. Blip but news that not a year or the year that the you know make it six million you know others you'd be blocked field issues you know that out but isn't I think you you know people that want the weary quote we know he's an underrated in in dairy player. That again at the guy you know at the end of the contract toward the end of his career and you look at the depth at they have. Out outside linebacker I mean it's really interesting to note that think who is going to be their starter in terms of that. Pass rushing linebacker Bobby. You got a lot of options at numerous million Mangini guys like aero idea arc arc it could end up playing that there at Uga wins adding that. It's a bit on that and I think it nationally. Not really talk about that. You have a lot of talent and that front seven because of that app for it. Could be the app and a. I was continue with the training can't cuss here. Brought costs while there is in Cleveland I've received there weird trade. From Houston Texas and shot Keyser was second optic. For the Cleveland Browns how has brought gosh why we're gonna survive in Cleveland and what's the situation there do you think you'll get to start do you think he'll be a sixteen million dollar back up. Yeah it. Operate to keep the guide me in how much money you know if you added the salary of either but he Butler. Who both got more first team wrapped. Then not Weiler in the off season. You know that there are gonna make about what 18 that much has Brock got I think at the cockpit Hewitt. I think it either that it'd they hoped. It wouldn't shock me if he gets the start right out the back and I think it Kessler. Who wouldn't you bat last year showed well in camp and they feel confident in those two guys I think. Like like Edmonton with Carla side that element they'll look around for trade he would be a lot proper that trade you even get any. Most of his salary you would be a lot proper betrayed that Carla I needed to win the prize yet if they cut them. When you look at the situation in Indianapolis and if your Andrew Luck who would you snow's coming off surgery. Are you upset at organization for for not getting enough protection. And you know having him do is endure heat after he. I yeah that would be you know they'd need it hasn't been reluctant try. And lack of coach dean and lack of non. Net and it in the right way out he popped it and they feel good about airline actually bring back I'll fight harder and you look at. Re in the spot really from the that are over at left tackle line at the not that bounced back. But they like pre op. The right side Lee challenged them as they try to build. Around him with power I think what the approach let it biopsies and you know it really helped protect them in it I mean come on out. Haven't scored thirty points the week it. Your problem like rock the world enter your quarterback but it with a great. Gregg Rosenthal joins us here on the great pop song writer for Covering the league for. A long long time here we Durham guru Johnson and Bronson hill a 95 point seven a game now this cowboy situations will lucky Whitehead. Who was proved in the central room not shoplifting. In Virginia the cowboys to say to heck with that they're gonna ages outright cut on. Dallas you know it's the same song every year with them seems to be some some noise coming in a training camp out attorney can Dez Bryant has already been late for practice. Cowboys leave our dueling for regression I think the New York Giants had a division on lock. What's your expectations yet I'm on the hi amber and Dumars to joining auto Beckham junior led defense look and he did sweep the cowboys last year I know Dallas has a powerful running game Z Ezekiel Eliot. Is a special special running back. But there's a sub about Dallas that doesn't smell right Greg. I agree with you in terms of the out taken at that act adding that that pop the it and where it could be yeah there even right. It diet eat and also Barry. I can prep it you look at what the public that dot when he experienced that that. They have a hard time following it up under Jerry down that every and they get up by the vaccine it ordered in the playoffs. And I. Independent lab they love reading their own press clippings that mean they've got men and their owner I would up there had been a lot why add when the news. Broken and he got currently. And you know even don't spoke the other quarters through different time than they have an elaborate media they are a lot of noise. They've had to arrest at bat that spent in hanging over them that opt in a big pack all of them that he'd spent. And that's like head. Story it's kind of emblematic of like. Print them that they're like they're like a tablet like no no news is bad news they loved being in the news they really break. Now how much trouble is good tale in because you have all those coming out now saying that Ezekiel Elliott has not been disciplined because the Jerry jones' status. And the fact that Roger Goodell is afraid to you know give him upset. Well that. The pretty serious accusation. It's been at. Strange situation in in geeky enough Eliot really been frustrated though I'm one and you could look like OK they haven't. And then yet on the other hand yeah yeah Ali. And some part that public they moderate this it's like and using. Why is it that hung over the team so long we report a network that resolution was coming soon. And about a week ago we are still waiting you'd believe it happened pretty early in training camp that I had back the find something now I. I would be to get in a by trying to figure out that happened because yet in Eden you know it's an erratic I'll admit that. Suspension. Are not easy to predict what's gonna happen from the. Craig have you heard anything about number 99 and silver and black. All the Smith what is the status on him is Roger Goodell leisure and a visiting that case we've heard nothing about it is there any updates on all the Smith. Now I think. I think that on the back burner right now I think. Elated. In the latest time in the news let's step back and I do not. Or anything not Matt and he. Do you think all the Smith has played his last down in the NFL is and always been in and out of trouble he's in that group with Josh Gordon. Greg Hardy who I believe we will not see an NFL again has all Smith played his last snap in the NFL. I think he'll play again and crap again and I mean. And mine adapt when he had. In his care issues I think it she in. In an improved in terms of Spain out of the news and turn it light around and so the maturity I think absolutely have. The opportunity to play and I think he did. Essentially need to keep your nose clean. To use the cliche as. That means they're gonna sign I mean the raiders to a lot happened back at some point and if they didn't another Keane well eat too young cute good. I eat it at the avoid trouble and sometimes sometimes that happens now I'm thinking of a guide airlock in not quite at our profile but what the Pro Bowl player. And eat it kept getting the bended over and over kept that in current crop and eventually. Career for years and 3030 years old and he never got back and currently. Quickly on Josh Gordon Josh score now as another guy who's been out in and out of trouble what seems like he's tried to take the right steps. Soon to get his life on track and relieve a marijuana issue was a big. Talking point in today's NFL her we are Richard Sherman talk about it over weekend. RE SPN. Josh Gordon would he be back this season and do you think he'll be OK to play wherever he goes to penalties are gonna be all over him he's a special talent. He I mean he's again among net really. Struggling with light this year that it's so much beyond the ball. With and they're they're and so many come back and that you had with and they get them. Chance after chance and wanting and they've come back in and it hasn't happened I've been crewman on a couple back and be back and I. At that point bubbles. And I yet and I do you believe when he returned it to your return that in not going to be at the number eight. Our Greg this is Greg rose twelve join us joining us here on the Greg publisher would dare to Cory Johnson Dovonte hill in Germany five points of the game I got that. Looking Whitehead is just being picked up by the New York Jets so he didn't he was an unemployed for too long but I wanna get you are here. Asking about the CT issue the chronic traumatic in the brains NFL players' brains were there would donated a scientific research. A 99%. CT CTE was found in 99%. Of the brains which are thoughts on that wolf football. Be around say thirty to forty years from now. I mean it's fairly. If if you got. You know brand their children and family members that are thinking about. Art them out out that not that they would play in major college a pot thinking about the growth I mean that they're willing. Not I. I don't think the sport going away really down. Because it in their. There's another very gain your livelihood. That are out there that people you know willingly. Go court because the rewards are great or that that fact sitting there is grave and that certainly cute. When it comes to professional football. I don't. And that even at that he's really not that many people that that the thing is we know about the rest now I think. You knock the players and very few players at any issue now with how the NFL is handling the cut in from it all was how it was handled. In the app I think the information and now all out there. And it really up. I guess that the players that they want it. EU being black players are eight in that summer retiring early. And the players that are plain are more aware of the risks than ever work. Gregg Rosenthal NFL writer for Greg picky so much for your time today it join in this or immigrant proposition that was very very insightful there. Gregg Rosenthal NFL writer for