Greg Papa Show w/ Urbs Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, December 29th

Mychael Urban fills in for Greg & Bonta - since it's the last show of 2017, Urbs looks back on Bay Area sports in 2017, what were the best moments, worst moments, and resolutions for next year? Urbs is also joined by Dell Curry & discusses whether Steph should get minutes in tomorrow night's game v. Memphis. 


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It's. Paying off. How do you stop or I don't know it's okay. OK. Denny and Eli and this is from the boys saw the warriors. Worries how. Derek Burton Jared Burton Gary Barden. So welcoming welcome thank you so much for being with us I am Michael urban Greg Papa. Is not near Bonn today hill he's not here but I am in you are Derek office here. A Labor Day is here. And it's like it's a reunion we all cut our teeth on inside the bigs are way back when were brought back together. Not exactly prime time minutes of primetime slot and I am humbled and honored to be reviewing taking all the way up until 3 o'clock before we ended up. To Damon Bruce we've got a terrific show of course every radio host shows you we've got a terrific show. Just once I'd like to hear hosts say and TV shows can be our guest list is okay. The best we can do but. When we talk about artists here on 57 again there are pretty much all they blisters for example at 130 surge 1232 will be Dell curry. The father. Of lawyers point guard stepped Currie who will miss his second consecutive game against his hometown Charlotte hornets who was able to go. When they were in Charlotte and he is not going to be able to go to my big question is does he play tomorrow the second. Of back to backs and then they've got three days off that and then another back to back I believe following that one so. Can be adjusting Steve Kerr said he expects. Curry to play on Saturday definitely ruled out for tonight will be talking with Dell curry at 12:30 at 1 o'clock. Future hall of Famer if I have anything to do that led to I don't technically I don't have a vote for a former giants shortstop among other teams of course you. Made himself famous would use wizardry with the Cleveland Indians Omar Vizquel. Is going to join heiress and I'm already when we announced it Omar was gonna join us I knew it was gonna happen immediately got barraged. On Twitter and follow me at bigger sports by the way ask Omar if you won't perform. Broadway is dark tonight there's an album I'm not sure if it was a security album what my. It's a major leaguers covered songs. Goo Goo Dolls I think was the artists Broadway is dark night Omar. Did an iconic version of Broadway is dark tonight and if you haven't heard it. You're welcome. What's the local silence a Ballmer missed their one time. It's beautiful. That is just pure you kidding me. That's gold Omar is also an accomplished artist and I mean for real like actual art art. Very passionate about it if you've ever seen the way he dresses as a civilian. That's our work itself so Mervyn scale. Is gonna join us at 1 o'clock and of course I'm going to ask the audience like I for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would not vote for Omar Vizquel. And the whole thing is that he's on the ballot for the first time a lot of the people who have votes have already sent their ballots into Cooperstown. Some say were these advanced metrics they're may be Omar wasn't as good defensively. As we thought come on knock it off sometimes you advanced metrics. Will help you out make you understand things you might see that a guy and he's not as bad as I thought or. Maybe use a little bit overrated not the case you'll never tell me I don't care what advanced metrics they're Omar Vizquel. Was overrated he was rated as one of the all time greats he deserves to be honored as such again he joins us 10 clock. And what do you do on the last show. Of every calendar year well you always look back right and I know some listeners think oh you do do that it's cliche it's try to block. Well it's just what we do and it's fun and it's important I think to know where your going you got to know where you band and it's always important to look back that's why. In a car assured the focus. Is going forward the windshield is huge I can relate that to my own sobriety I need to focus what's in front of me I eat. Just today get through today but it is constructive and helpful sometimes. To take a little peek back you don't dwell on the past which is why. At least when I'm making my sobriety analogy. The rear premieres relatively small so you don't dwell on that be taken peak just to be safe. Again I'm Michael urban in for Greg Papa and marte hill if you wanted to reach the program and help you do the numbers to dollar AAA 957. 95 semi again 8889579570. And if you want this up on the Penske auto sales down context line. It's 957. 95 we're also going to be talking with Jay Paris he's the author of the game of my life rams memorable stories of French football of course the rams have returned to Los Angeles. They will be laying down for Jimmy G and the niners on Sunday well not exactly laying down by. They're not gonna play out there studs NDP candidate in the early years not going to be playing Jerryd gospels cal fans. There's not going to be playing and I'm sure a lot of people are bummed about that the niners understandably I think they're a little bit bummed about it you want it look. This is going to all this is gonna do is give fuel. To the Jimmy G haters out there if you're one of the people it is saying pump the brakes on Jimmy G as the favored than Irish franchise. He hasn't beaten anybody even Jacksonville some people are trying to say that that wasn't a big deal. Because before they took the field shortly thereafter forget which today is there already clinched the AFC south so they weren't really playing for anything. That's hogwash that's poppycock I never use poppycock and realize but I use on the radio because it's a strong. Strong word. If you wanna hit on Jimmy gee if they beat the rams if he wins his fifth start RO. Go ahead knock yourself out but that doesn't change what anybody. Who really knows football and understands. That this guy has helped the franchise do one of the quickest 180s. You have ever seen and probably ever will see and I don't know that I've ever seen something this quake in the Bay Area. You might point to the warriors they turnaround pretty quickly that but that was a multi year process and it actually involved two coaches. Mark Jackson got him from laughing stock to respectable squad that actually pays attention to defense. This offense though tended to get bogged down and so orders management decided. We need somebody else take it to the next level so that when I got Steve Kerr and guess what they're the next level I use this analogy a lot as it pertains to the Oakland Raiders. Thank Mark Jackson for what he did he did a hell of a job you Omar great debt. That's the way I feel about Jack Del Rio on the raiders raiders were laughing stock he brought them to respectability. And thanks to last year's. Fantastic finishes engineered by Derek Karr. It lulled us into thinking they were on the doorstep of the elite they were trendy picks to go to the Super Bowl this year well didn't work out. I contend that Jack Del Rio. Thank you very much you help reverse the culture we're no longer a laughing stock where respectable squad I think it's gonna take somebody else probably someone else would offensive acumen. To get the raiders back to where they truly are knocking on the door of the elite. When I talked to Tim Henman he covers the 49ers we will. Getting to Jimmy G of course she never gonna have a radio show and getting into Jimmy G. These days but there's any other things to talk about with a man here's one thing that people are talking about anymore. Is water the holes that they need to fill. Still a lot of holes out there. Drop below has you know that the cliche which cliches exist as a rooted in truth I say this all the time the rising tide lifts all boats and he has helped. And I mean even at defensive guys saying. Jimmy g.'s presence helps make the defense better one obvious way is that he extends drives which keeps the defense off the field they're pressured Sarah turner. But by no means is this a finished product they got a ton of cash. For the offseason they should be players in free agency because all of a sudden San Francisco is a place that free agents are gonna want a com. That's another way that he's had a dramatic impact. Because if they didn't have him let's say they go through this season we've seeded bad third and they end up winning I don't know won two games get the first second third pay expanded on a quarterback. You're still looking galore. Primetime free agents they're still gonna say yeah they're they're not quite ready yet if journey if you're free agent. And you want a shot at competing for something significant right now the addition of ground below makes the niners attractive. It's just incredible the difference than he has had a question to the colors because I am going to be recapping. All of the big disturbing. Sad. Jubilant. Every significant story for every team in the Bay Area but my question to you guys. And I wanted to join the program I'm now American bag. But I am very much like to hear your voice at triple A 9579257. And what's your favorite Bay Area sports moment. Of 2017. Actually we have a trio of questions again what your favorite sports moment. Of 2017. And Derek are we restricting them to local sports stories or can't be anywhere our local sports stories. What was the worst moment and Bay Area sports and 2007. Team. And what is the new career New Year's resolution your New Year's resolution. For just one Bay Area team take your favorite team in whatever sport it is. And give us your resolution for that team what must be their priority. And 2018. Again I'm Michael Irvin. Until then for Greg Papa and Vontae hill I had done less time. The last couple days would bond day and Derek and Elaine and I and now I'm having the best time with just Derrick and knowing that they have trusted me they've handed me accused. And I'm psyched again Dell curry the father of Steffi is going to be joining us at 1230 he is a hornet's broadcaster once again doesn't get to see his board play but. Step finally showed up on the sidelines and they showed him on the drug Jumbotron and they're still college Jumbotron as are new word Ford now. But they showed an oracle in his street clothes. And he got an unbelievable. Greeting as soon as they showed his face on it. He was in the building everybody knew we use in the building but for whatever reason they waited till he was shown on the screen to go bananas about it and why not well. They should go bananas for staff curried putts. They're nine and want to attend 19 and one they've lost one game since staff went out I mean they have not skewed to be which of course. Speaks to their death and I think it speaks to their depth is the fact that JaVale McGee whose significant part of this team. Not a huge part but a significant part of the team. With the emergence of Jordan bell. He's been deemed expendable. One of the few times I've seen Steve Kerr actually sound a little bit band did something a little bit pissed off. Was when the JaVale McGee trade talks came out publicly. Nobody likes that to happen nobody likes to be. The subject of trade talks because well there sure is a look at it on a glass half full guy I would look at it as. While there's people out there that want me and if they want me they're not gonna require being to have me in the same world lawyers have which is almost a non rotation guy. At this point. So you say it somebody wants me if they're gonna get me I'm gonna get more runs and that's what every player wants is more run they want more cash of course but that more cash. Jim bell and his agent. Or taken they would get out on the market last offseason it wasn't there and I didn't think it was gonna be there. Because look JaVale went from being the centerpiece of shack to a full he was no more than anything. Despite his obvious skills and talents he was no more than anything. As somebody who just made bonehead mistakes that easy to make fun at he rehabilitated his image in a huge way to the point where. His teammates basically jumped to his defense. And told Shaq to lay off man. He's not that guy anymore you proved himself a serviceable member of a championship team so we went out on the free agent market. He thought there's gonna be a payday there. There wasn't in that come back to the warriors the words were happy to get him back. JaVale and sure is happy to come back to championship team but probably not happy with the money here's why he didn't get the money put yourself in another GM shoes. What are you thinking as it relates to JaVale McGee I'm thinking OK that was nice I was reminded of your skill set. But I need to see it again. You hear another season of not being the shocking or full centerpiece give me another reason of being. An unbelievable rim runner rim protector. And then maybe you'll get the big loop next off season. That's what he's looking for an opportunity. Via trade if he gets dealt. He's gonna get more run and maybe you can expand what he showed. Last season was kind of a showcase form this year if he gets traded will be even more so but how deep for the lawyers that they can just say asked. We can live without you felt they're looking for more outside shooting. I literally didn't spit take in my car when I heard that's what they're looking for in return for JaVale McGee when he more shooters. Did you think the lawyers need more shooters. That they're pretty well stocked. Maybe that was a way to light a fire under twenty threes but I don't think you need to fire lit under and Steve curve terrific interview as always. With Damon Bruce yesterday. Basically says you can never have too many shooters he also said I think you're given. Do Nick Young too much credit if you think. That she heard about these trade rumors and he thought it related to him somehow he just doesn't put that much thought into it. Why you three is a guy who just goes out there are balls he laughs they love having him. And he just happened to have a pretty good game. They've got shooters galore but sure go ahead and get another shooter. Anthony Morrow was a name that was thrown out he's out there he's a street free agent right now you can get him on the cheap if you're looking for a shooter. You thinking at the morrow in the corner. That's what he does that's kind of all he does but if you think you need that then Gauguin and take a flyer on him. She was Dell curry about that stepfather joins us at 1230 and again. Question I'm posing do you and we're gonna get right after the phone lines. 2007 team favored area sports moment worst moment. And for 2008 team what is your favorite team's New Year's resolution what should that be let's go to Dell more in Oakland Del Mar. You're on the afternoon delight what's happening man. That's smaller when the raiders can't achieve steady and strain into that game. Bet that their marriage is that what the what the the first chief's game that which is so incredibly. That's like in nineteen final place. You know we're just like how many ways can I just screaming at the QB edit doubled up predict that. Either I get a local edition of the mud puddle of a select the British secret about what the solution that would have bestowed page. Stop trying to build a new stadium in Oakland. Spent a 150 million dollars to biblical world greatest recycled green coliseum. I think it'd be like oh really get a way to approach it. And then also could like make it something that would be a tourist destination. As well just like another ballpark another stadium and others should reduce. It can be cut it down here. Yeah I agree take you Delmarva appreciated I am a big fan. Of the coliseum site although I differ from new. Respectfully so I think they should terror all down and build a new I don't think anybody would buy look no matter how much. How much of a facelift you give the current coliseum it's still going to be the coliseum and you can give it such a facelift. And it's unrecognizable. And it's green is hell and everybody loves it but there's going to be people that say. It's still the coliseum. I think you journal downing you build exactly what you want it's not gonna cost as much probably as the other places but the bottom line is you have the land look there's pluses and minuses to every site it's being discussed. As long assistant Oakland I'm OK with that let's go out to Fremont line holds out in Fremont what's up 10 how are you. Vocal are going around the bar yet there is no longer already like ours. Let and I help. Oh on the books are up but the high point seventeen. I mean obviously when they ran it back but he overlook on the ballot. You know it. Another when you can kind of big for me that there are the highlight that better for the terror op. Word all the that you can't eat it fine in all attic all the haters saying it's not gonna work out like that nobody else. If you run a game or rep for the joke that the whole other topic. But the other Arab. You know it that while the other is genocide and has bet it would later. All down the drain properly are relatively big ball mental thought. And prayers that I mean when we got hurt Greg while audits they can say that greater who by one point. That any Eagles game or what you want or it out but mostly I knew it. Gonna get back here and I'm exactly the opposite bill of rights and if there just. Wow we lost by one point that charted that that we've got to do it. Point out for me with that with this great bit odd anecdote is Katie. Three over the audit debris and it got the worst moments like that it it'll be blocked by one. Breaking point. And eight are charged with Joseph boring had there been good yeah. And what's your resolution for your favorite team. I'll read them and a market panic. But on the planet a federal data catalog or Kyra hey the prayers are dark funeral like they're gonna come back eight. It opened the final here because track argued contract everything out your contract the defense will be great I don't I'm not I don't know. All about it and it and how more talk about right now. Well I didn't did you look at grave get all of that is good but go back to last. Here to California a rare look I thought god it's going to be if you polish cheered look at them now I and the playoff. They'd get it or don't count it all game over to try to make sure I'm well all of it being. I'm not gonna panic and they let it and it looked at very low down my mechanic and aid. Don't have a stadium they have a PO KB it'll be all right. That's all going to go down go rated resorts. I love Lionel thank you for the phone call basically what are we saying really translate for your needs he said were all gonna die. It's gonna happen when all when I just enjoy right now. Although the resolution he gave was for himself he's not gonna panic were kind of looking for what you think your favorite teams resolution. Should be but hey if you wanna be selfish that's fine. I'm flying solo on a little bit selfish today myself. But I am a glass half full guy so worst moment of 2017 have been struggling without I'm gonna give it to you at some point but. I've got a couple of contenders and I haven't quite decided which was worse because I do look at everything this. There is a silver lining to something let's go to Seamus in New Jersey what's up Shamus. Hey Mike especially like all happy new year do you and your family is. Eight so what few things so my highlight long what lifelong New Jersey resident lifelong raider fan. Went to see my first game ever this year was the third night game against the chiefs to be hard not definite number one position for a couple years may get super ball. I think low point in hindsight I would say that. This Sunday night game against the Redskins. But it is looking back on it now is kind of based. Precursor foreshadowing to Mateen got that talk on the field right now. All of a sudden dead that they do that immediately resolution I would say Reggie got to bring an offensive coordinator here that doesn't make. I really wish you guys basis in hats car that would to a full potential I think it downing experiment. Was low ball it failed. And I really want to see them take the next week's training and such is not going to be intimidated. Our Shamus your phone is breaking up I appreciate we can get the gist they're bringing in a great offensive mind there's a lot of names that have been thrown out there one highlight the most. Oh we can't get dared Barton apparently he's not only are available but he's still has no real football background but I do love me some Kirk Barton. Flashing back to the and so big days every once in awhile but Norv Turner is the name that I like. I don't think he should ever be a head coach in NFL I think we've seen enough of him as a head coach you know that it's not going to work. I've seen enough of Jack Del Rio as they head coach of the raiders I don't think it's gonna work your thank you Jack for what you did you reverse circle jerk. I think it's six gonna take somebody else but it doesn't sound like that's gonna happen. Mind boggling. That they won't eat that if that's the reason they won't let him go is over money. It's not like Jack Del Rio is breaking the bank come on guys look at all the money that Jed York is eating anyway. Norv Turner. Is my guy is the offensive coordinator I think you get a brilliant offensive mind doesn't need to be Derek scars best friend. Because we tried that and it didn't work very well. I think Norv Turner is we've got to get it done. Sean and Campbell should we go to Sean or should we I don't wanna rush on through it. So let's go ahead let's go to John and Campbell you gotta be quick coherence is my friend. Real quick in detecting it still being bone. Like not winning any games at Jimmy eagle in there ain't gotten any. What is the worst thing was a car in the O line yeah you know I I don't think anybody though. Look no I look at. It although in Spain and in ten and all that and any other it is on the ground and how he needed an out loud. But you need to get it we're back and you got it made my drive around the Bay Area Sacramento. Really appreciate you get them. Yeah we appreciate you listening shine very much so. All right stiff curry is not going to be playing tonight against his hometown Charlotte but. There is going to be a reunion of sorts his father former NBA marksman himself. Calls games for the hornets and we are going to be asking Dell curry if you're making the call when when you bring stuff back. Yeah. So glad you are witness I'm Michael urban in for Greg Papa and Vontae hill this is the afternoon delight we got till 3 o'clock before we ended up. To Damon Bruce. We are thrilled to be joined by the father of staff Currie Dell curry a broadcaster for the hornets an awfully damn good sharpshooter in his day in the NBA himself Dirk Dell curry joins us live what's a Dell how are you thanks for your time and happy holidays. Are happy about it he's gotten it's it's great to be in the Bay Area my thing and that would be great kids right now we're actually our way to turn. A little Korean. Yes sure it never forty gig so it's so good. So tell your coming out here Seth has been ruled out for tonight. Does that make it how does that change things for you because I'm sure you look forward to watching. Your son play but I I would also imagine there's a little bit of anxiety and mixed emotions when you're watching this does this make it actually easier than he's not on the floor. I think they've done a little bit this bit about that before you know what I call a game when we're watching I watched. Built the warriors and whoever I watched the majority of the time but. You know what I call gave up got washed into the whole political or go out of your. Repeatedly independent broadcasters now with good. There won't what you need to on its global beloved ones in Cleveland. Delhi's surprise at all exactly how good the warriors have been I mean they were without KD. For a spell last year and it ended up being maybe one of the best things that happened the lawyers do you see this being a blessing in disguise our Kennedy's injury last year. Absolutely. For a couple reasons one you know everybody in Clooney's organization that coaches talk about a guy out. Plain ol' board. Throughout the reclusive and you wait Q2 I met with a patient to wait can't sort not start now. You know you missing a great piece in the other got sucked up. The most star players in the wrong putter that I concern about a week Coca. It they're playing you know the best basketball future maintain the tackle play according to start out. Until you expect that motivational fact about how thorough look at our desire grass. And we can do that let you don't only love couple would have broke me change my mom just took the view your rest there instant step. At wolf when you lose you live in a bad ankle and hopefully he can go build up your rescued or you're a real job you get star player combat ready to play. You know the majority feel that well it's a motivational factor the arrest record oil. Bush years out of Dell curry is a broadcaster for the Charlotte hornets and of course the father of warriors guard. Stiff curry Dell although step didn't play I would imagine youth took a peek at the Christmas Day game. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers I didn't see anything that I didn't feel like I already knew even if the cavs had gotten those calls played. Cinecast win that game by a point it wouldn't it changed anything for me I went into the game thinking even even with stepped out and Isaiah out. The lawyers are better team than the caps that even if the cavs have won that game based on what I saw the warriors are still a better team did you learn anything from that game. The no I ballot that they gain of course is not real and perhaps some time off to come out and then go do mcdannold holidays so. I'll spare that in creeping out in order to increase will play a lot in the east to order it there are really routine put. Com or is still best team in the NBA in my opinion. You go with little or chip it within the final two three elect. Two straight years until. You'd have thrown them in and they beat them there although they are the best treatment and to have stepped out there and what he brings to the game is still ability to. To dig it Cleveland team that home again I think it shows that. The versatility that that the fifteen. And you know whoever Warner's call eight or nightly basis have to play perfect basketball they beat thirteenth. Dell curry didn't have to join us on a Friday afternoon here at 95 semi game on Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and Vontae hill. Dell as as I mentioned a number of times staff has been officially ruled out but Steve Kerr who joins us once a week on the show that comes on after this show. He said yesterday that he he expects to have to play tomorrow do you expect him to play in do you think she should play because. They do have a few days off three more days for stepped arrest if they opt not to play him tomorrow. I think he's ready there are no would become clear that it be known as and you don't split could blow up Myers. Soldier they had acquired plate. The one thing. There you go to Russia got back but the word nuclear for the postseason outbreak of both there it looked so when gains dividend in that. Merck received duplicate they have got good amount. Hello Lou it is drug inquiries. Yet they keep huge swell up or he can play you can live with who and the carpet actually here and there were a little while. Well footage really like that playing in the back to back situations so big it's very Smart. Well for them to do that he would love to play your hometown team but we understand. The long haul here this or you know bringing. June and then not you know there whoever. Dell what what was steps to me in the immediate aftermath of the injury. She's been through that ankle stuff he he he's a bright guy he knows that any time there's ankle is an issue the fan base is gonna panic a little bit. What steps they're making bird did he know that this was something different. Then back in the day when you were always worried about his ankle. Well I don't think panic is right we're concerned obviously utility got to be a martyr at the final say about that built that structural damage there and spoke. A beverage grade will be. Look back and look at the pictures of me noted because whom. Turn ankles so. You know bless throughout their destruction there was there were won't call you very give able. I don't play OT where you can really take the time to make sure you're parades come back. Most teams don't have that luxury with star players who forgot you know is 80% and agreed to win games and my question about it you know game to go without a doubt that. Back to that big you know that they need doing games but there's not a case for the warriors. But so luxury. There any organization has a GT keeper got out installed player. Until we gain and then we'll handle it on schedule critics who wouldn't go further blows well they terrible business so don't. So to deal to have that luxury throughout the course ready to recklessly you'll pay dividends but oh well scope. We'll talk to a Dell curry the father of staff and a former NBA marksman himself and a damn good one at that Dell I wanna ask you about comparing eras cream Abdul Jabbar was good enough to join this very program. Last week and a question here all the time is. How would these warriors have done against your team back in the day whether it's Charles Barkley or at any player from back in the day moves on a really good team. With cream obviously it was a showtime lakers. And creams answer was very simple he kind of chuckled and he says. Depends how the rest are gonna call the game I hadn't quite heard it put that way it was always well. It's a different area its position was basketball verses. Back then there's guys with a back to the basket and who's gonna guard this guy that guy he went straight to house the game could be officiated. You agree that. Our I don't disagree wit and operate the weren't able to play 80 how the game and appreciate the smuggled to other great you're great adjustments. Allegheny would be call their physical players. But I think the thing that that had warned that the played any error. That the way picked up spin on nightly basis the versatility that they have been they have the best. God starting deposition in the NBA. And then depression they put on do you sort of basketball after they get off state court. Could bear guy that can create wouldn't go gaga make three got hooked up British. They'll play together they weigh you down without a quite so patiently on the opposite compared. So you put out there publicly. On the defensive end and that the pressure they put you up it's been all but you don't conquer our personal all the recalled the great they have guys who are Smart not to be able to adjust to that so epic. The core listing what we are inferior. Well it's great stuff tell we really appreciate your time before that should bounce. New Year's resolutions are you past that have you decided it never never works on a commander ordered javelin. You want I have not about that you're. Continue to regard Pollard do have been there and a great grandfather or your grand dad's been oppressed state. It's not too long founder of these girls avert crisis while portion of the Bill Cohen hang out with a they like you know due to edit well. Nice enjoy that time family's always gotten many cases mobile them forever thank you so much. Three time Dell very gracious and enjoy the ball games this evening. Robert yeah our heads Dell curry the father of warriors guard stepped who has been ruled out for tonight's game against the hornets Steve Kerr expects staffed. To be playing tomorrow. It should staff. You playing tomorrow they got three days off after that. Read accomplish Seattle. On 957. Big game. Thank you for being well listen thank you Elaine for bumping. Yet more flash back to you from the inside the biggest days I have gonna feel that music. Can be something with which the audience easily identify as a particular radio program mayor humor in me by playing some of my old school music. Speaking of the lame I know Alina that you're going to likely be blew 42. For the last raiders broadcast will you not. I will be won't be likely I will also be there with Derrick popped back and I want inviting you guys to join Chris Townsend and fourth time Super Bowl champion. Bill Roman asking for is special raiders' opening drive broadcast. Live from blew 42 in Walnut Creek this Sunday. That's right new here is he's starting at 11 AM. Then you can stick around and watch the final game of the season and the raiders hers chargers the game starts at 125 will all be there to watch the game. Coming out and join us to watch the game hopefully the raiders can spoil all the LA chargers. I'm chances at the post season and now the sun goes down this Sunday blew 42 woman creek raiders' opening presents at 11 AM the game starts at one talking five. Then once again Elaine will be in the house so if you wanna hear more of that voice and it's actually. And Derek what you are hysterical these two if you wanna hear this voice who. Food and you tune and it did 241. Every day as my youngest daughter Natalie. Enjoy so much wind you basically hosts the taboos are still that's a regular part of my daughter's Monday through Friday so. How much of the new could boost this ought to listen to this avenues about a year now to see our even listens you won't. Then they pretty much my rendition firm a good solid here every day yeah okay I will you'll be in luck because I think won't we won't we won't do it today but it. Boris on the call the caboose sees coming out. Lucy's sister blue seas where we do it ended the year caboose pistol we go through all the best caboose pistol stories. And we'll have a wards and everything in. Just what was sort of out of mourning the boost is within your favorite caboose pistol star let me know what you take a draft to dress up for the caboose Jason. Persistent. What is GO or C award look like to. It's probably just a big budget agenda but cracked yeah golden but goalie who are on slow and build them up. But herbs do you think it's death should play tomorrow night Steve Kerr mention yesterday's interview Damon Bruce that he's likely gonna get some minutes against sentenced tomorrow what are your thought well. If you missed that interview first well let's give the website to plug very nicely done away and then 957 the game dot com if you mister curry interviewed or any other great interviews great interview we just Edward Dell curry for instance will be on the website shortly. Jan 95 sim game dot com do I think steps should come back. I'm I'm torn on this. Here's my school of thought. On both sides of the decision. Yes she should come back because I want him to get some run. Some legit NBA round because while you are practicing with the best team on the planet maybe the best team ever. When you're doing a full court scrimmage. At practice with the warriors you still can't replicate the adrenaline and the game speed eventual NBA regular season game. I would like to see staff get some NBA regular season run under his belt. Before that big game that we're all looking forward to look there's there's certain games on the schedule that we all kind of circle and so that's going to be a big one. The last one obviously it was Christmas Day that circle d'souza schedule came out. The next big one is the Houston rockets' Daryl Morey the general manager has said we're obsessed with the warriors. Of course your sister of the where's everybody early should be obsessed with the warriors LeBron James makes no bones about it he's obsessed with the lawyers thinks about him all the time sort of the rockets. The rockets. Beat the lawyers on opening night and celebrated like they won the NBA finals. That was indicative of their level of obsession. About the Warners and their owner was on the floor. Hugging Chris Paul there tears were actually flowing which is ridiculous. Bad for ball one might call it. But hey. This is your obsession and that was a good sign that they beat him so I'm guessing the lawyers might have revenge on their mind. And if you're looking for revenge you want step that is absolute best and there's certainly an argument can be made steps will be at his best if he does come back Saturday. Because then you got Saturday get your feet where you got three days off. Which is a nice little break after that first test and then you've got Dallas on the front end on the back to back the Houston Texas two step. And after Dallas you have the Houston Rockets so he will have to regular seasons on regular season games. Under his belt before they take on the rockets in that circle the calendar days. Here's my thought on the other side of that decision. He's missed this much time they're nine and one without the well we miss him because we love watching the best players on the planet stuff is certainly one of them. The warriors have been damn good without him and because his ankle. Has been such an issue for so long. I would probably err on the side of caution and not playing tomorrow because if you don't he's not play tonight they've already ruled that out. It's likely he'll play tomorrow till curry said as much Steve Kerr said as much. And I would probably sit him tomorrow. Give him tonight off tomorrow again three more days off. And I might not play him against Dallas in the first of the back to backs. That gives you 56. More days of complete rest. Before you take some Houston Rockets in that circle the calendar to. Now maybe that's airing too much on the side of caution. I don't know Dirk what would you do if you were Steve Kerr. Well one thing I would say nerves is that you wants to have Kurt or Steve Kurt Stefan curry to be back to his form when he plays. Guess the second best team in the west and so were you thinking eighty rusty by the time we get to that there's a game. Yes and I and I think that's probably what Steve curse thinking and that's why he says he's likely to play because as legislated out. You've got to if you don't play tonight you've got two games. Say get your feet where I get back used to the adrenaline the speed of the NBA game. Two opportunities to do that and then yeah maybe your feeling a little bit more in the flow by the time you taken the rockets so I'm gonna go ahead and defer to Steve Kurz NBA knowledge. In think that he's making the right decision but. Part of what I like to do is hosting what. I think we all should do just so we understand every decision that's made is look at it from every perspective and one perspective could say. It's stepped Korean it's an ankle alarm bells let's hold him out and tell the Iraqi game but again I'm gonna defer to Steve Kurz knowledge what would you do. If you were Steve Tucker if you were Bob Myers Steve Kerr announced it mean for Damon last week. I asked him this was a few days before Christmas. And I said what a stiff curry came to you today. And said. Look I'm fine I wanna go I wanna play on Christmas. Coaching got to let me play on Christmas. I asked that question because I wanted to know. Does Stefan curry have that kind of cash aid does he get to call his shots. Buster Posey wants to catch and tell he can catch no more. Amber's boat she has said as long as buster wants to catch. I think he's earned that right to call a shot you would think that staff Internet right to call the shots I said coach her what do stuff comes Umar tomorrow and says. Power play on Christmas. He said I'd tell him to go talk to Bob. Just just passed and often that's part of the genius. Of Steve Kerr about what would you do. AAA on 579257. Against it and I'm 579570. I might air extremely. To the side of caution. Hold him out until the rockets. Steve Kerr is likely. And do what he thinks is best and probably is what's best let's see what Joey in Berkeley thinks is best show we are on the afternoon delight or tubman. I completely agree which you. According to Houston Rockets cord makes. If they'd be there at this this next game it doesn't even dating like what I'm it's your position is we should establish being your strategy based on it came look a lot each. If he's ready to go good if he's not. If we needed it from one net gain more from Star Trek X already doesn't matter when you have two championships and let there used came libel the Iraqi. Better than being any day. I think we should error or whatever cost shall we need to make sure that in the Basque. The playoffs he's proven to. This city's not gonna abandon them because you know we have a winning streak without them let them guide to help the LX one another championship. To get the rocket would see them in the playoffs if they make it. All right Joey appreciate the phone call if they make I think it's probably a lot of the Houston Rockets are gonna make it the whole Chris Paul. James Harden pairing I didn't think it was gonna work. Just didn't I just see two guys who play the same position for one thing. James Harden was moved to the point last year and had his best year ever. And then you go out and get an established veteran point guard who is also ball dominate I just didn't know how was gonna work well guess what. I was wrong. I also thought they were gonna be a bad defensive team I thought. Patrick Beverley Hughes kind of bare their dream hungry not his personal not as good history among green but he was that ferocious. Heart and soul type guy fire and brimstone that was him that was Patrick Beverley he made their defense go. They said goodbye to him as they said hello Chris Paul. And while Chris Paul has been on a number of all NBA defensive teams I feel like he's lost a step I thought they would have lost a collective step. As a defensive basketball team I was wrong on that front too this is a damn good defensive team and that's why they are right there. The warriors and the rockets are basically they're like two NASCAR teams. Swapping paint down the stretch. One seed today to see you tomorrow to see you tomorrow one seed today to see the next day they're gonna be the one and two seed throughout the rest of the regular season I think once orders hit stepped back. They all start to get some separation. Omar Vizquel is on the hall of fame ballot. For the very first time this year there are some people out there. It say advanced metrics tell us that we have romanticized. Omar Vizquel defensive wizardry. That's absolutely. Insane. But I don't have a vote neither does Omar Vizquel. But if Omar had a vote forty vote for himself he's can answer that question.