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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, August 11th

Roxy Bernstein & Mychael Urban fill in for Greg & Bonta - they are joined by Ted Robinson, Steve Bono, and discuss the Warriors schedule dates that have been leaked. 


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I think Malcolm's and a little bit more serious going to checked out now we'll have more after he does apple it. Pills until those and you saw the news announcement is after the season which means Ferrari foster's right in the start guys are gonna see some Rubin Foster Tim can now. It's. It's. Yeah. But we're here. No. He's cleared to go I'm excited to get him out there and accurate as a starter downgraded. Just. More room to improve them. This aka the American team got closer. All right with a good ma teammates to a that deal in the company. Niners get the pre season started tonight in Kansas City taking done and they jeeps. Along with Michael Irvin Roxy Bernstein with fury and provide data Greg Papa. Here in 95 point seven big game. They get to head out to Kansas City and checked in with the voice. Of the 49ers. Ted Robinson joins us here Downey five point seven game are you ready. For some football Ted Robinson. Collecting Michael yeah actually it opening day and you know like you know proceed in obvious but he feels like that. Even more area this year because what the people he knew a lot caught so. You know at her success like bowl teams earlier this decade this summer it also more. Exciting in the race come up to a year and the vibrant 49ers back in the wild so all that. I'm fired at the he would be the dozen to about that. Ted I don't know that the rest of the the fan base shares your your excitement in game one I certainly don't I'm. I'm liking what I'm hearing from the league office then talking about shrinking the number of exhibitions in forty hearing in that regard. Well it's gone up while I mean look at the beginning that we no games don't matter the whole point of these is not get people hurt. And the league they're pretty clear about one shall shrink appreciate the question is how do you do that to regular season games. The same time you work. Preaching and being. Confronted with that with growing medical evidence about art and so at that a dilemma that I haven't heard the logical answer to yet so I think that point. Until let. Can be solved and basically go to pick players to agree to go from sixteen to eighteen. I've natural law that seat that's just my opinion but until that app. Gonna continue creepy. And and you know honestly want to retreat. Are now at the top and force the game I wish they could just get rid of that your gonna be different because they're not cutting. We're report preceding game fans aren't aware there will be only one roster cut this year to be after the pre season. So you'll all night he got wrapped war that fourteen which will make even more property where nobody anybody to beat. Port opening bit. So any talk that you hear of that exhibition season being shortened does that have to go hand in hand if if they're gonna shortly they're gonna add to the regular season. Or can cluster. Want to be what it helped hectic but greater technical. Or difficult paper changing to hanging soul. The money should be deciding what their 82191. Up the question who's. Can you. Go to eighteen to which was the concept six years ago when the EPA were being done. That was located players just planted doubt that I. The Anthony Schmidt. The apple PA guy. Actually spent an hour which in probably six months after. That mediate was signed up for an at a different event. And he said to me that the the most important thing but he got his player was when you walk back into his war war room. After negotiating sessions that he finally got the eighteen game regular season off the table. The older crop he said that what these players will most. It was most important that. Now get that all six year ago in the lack secure what do we found that we got that anything that caught the players to change their thinking at all. I would doubt that. The voice of the 49ers Ted Robinson winners here in 95 point seven a game all right let's let's talk about the game tonight. The chiefs niners get the pre season started in where he had so much about these rookies and young talent. Head of the 49ers abroad and what are you most looking forward to watching tonight. We're we're appreciate one but he understands booking bill. Major scripting only joking planning to get working so everybody acted as always we cautionary. Fail to beat Brett would you judge in key. Exclusively in the precinct so sure wanna see how boring lawyer operate topic and to break huddle I advocate the line. And just look plate in the first quarter. CJ that is the guy that culture and want. And couldn't get a lot of run like it in the pre season and there's no question EU's. Neck and neck if not slightly and in my view right now for the number two. So watching him play tonight and for the same thing you're Patrick Michaels on the Kansas City treated. We get on the ground he could place second apple whole and to watch it will be exciting. Picture Roxy. 49ers. Have all the all news skill players are spread carnal side. A couple of the titans are back. Jerry curl back from last year that everybody quarterbacks running backs receivers all new. So to see how they played together all pre season's. Will be increasing and most of. Connection to project and most of the guys brought it. It would mean I don't Washington. Cleveland or Atlanta most of the scope to people so they are their boat with him in his op mode with them that need. Think the biggest optimism. To think he can piece all the parts together and get some sort of option offense. It is this offensive line better suited for run blocking their pass protection. Well let it been I picked a better blocking line. Over the last couple I mean this goes back it is typical. Of Russia Italy Joseph Staley things and during the shall court on achievement at six. And we ought I think ever football and understand that this operated a couch and Campbell were in here is going to demanding it would set. You'll meet up at the lines of what they called zone blocking thing which requires multiple athletic linemen. Right epilogue that won the district adjust it out with major O approval was he's incredibly athletic war. A left tackle what has some yours behind and so it's going to be a test to see how much of that you'll still has. Greg Brown who's got that. Joseph Daley don't lecture trip round not a global work you'll be on. Basically what you bought Hereford in the that we talked about how talented the other guys look at Trent brown but he's got Malkin is man. I'll be to see how we play in what Kyle demands of his office to want. Ted I'll look at Florida watching the defense and really the front seven I'll won a seat. The infusion of talent would Solomon Thomas in there and now Rubin foster's gonna get a chance to play considerably with the injury about them Smith. Do you think it helps his development head that look. A prominent player on this defense but how much will it help proven Foster having a whole pre season. And he'll be the guy next to borrow bowl winning getting all these threats during camp and get ready for game one. You know what. The budget by two cents. But I think that could be an interesting thing to watch pop culture and wait during appreciate it now. We got it down there is more likely that worked pot is going to be significant heat as a player for the team this year. He needs game experience yet but again you want to risk. The injury. But why don't want the second epic last night. To promote state linebacker like on his name right now but already the first game he opened the year. But it didn't Herbert football but albeit to defeat Al Williams lake that. With bought you watching it on the practice field and he just he jumps out and just shot that you understand why. That this result will guide why they're certain they would pick him Byrd had Solomon top pick but they're so. That's how I audible. And and couple other guys like tonight one guy George cable cited regret Iowa is likely not gonna play. But it did happen her name you watch world running back Matt great. I'm Brett can at Georgia southern he's another guy it just what you watch bracket you can't help note. Speed flash about the BJ at the watching. It with anger about your teen how to respond. What's gonna was Solomon Thomas. I've worked equally there. Bracket they get purple popping it though because of a war I just don't like he'll actually switched archaic in their. Yeah Solomon Thomas. Could not practiced in the in the spring with the 49ers and by the third straight year is remembered the previous two meters it was Buckner and Armstead. Who came from school like effort that. Worst classes don't until you. And there are not a lot practice he could restrict your reasonable regret it he'd like it had not had the pool or at least blow my mind but. It Solomon Solomon like he's going to be there this is that. Figured we could keep it keep it quiet 49ers a patent should be cut three straight years and number one pick they signed to establish growing old Mitchell that. Plain interiors spot. This this is a key at the line and you know the way. I think waiting game is going now yet it's a collection of what I'll call being played like arena for it pretty dark but now that the wind. They are at a bill ready it's there and start with a cup at a local dairy court. Absolutely but the white polish heritage and group Patterson expect restrict years. Crept into the lime and a part this is the year are expected to establish opposite or stop one better at. Dumervil. He liked Carol hopefully it lynch we're gonna pressure the passer and that's just yeah we understand that that the toppings deep into sort the last couple years. It did let's talk expectations outside the organization obviously they're not very high nor should they be. I think outsiders look at whittling statin they look at what Shanahan comes from and there's some optimism there but it's always going to be tempered a little bit I get the sense don't know this for sure this is why I ask you were 49ers guess we have. It inside the building the competitiveness of John Lynch the fact that Shanahan was just so close to the mountaintop. They're probably quietly confident in that building maybe have higher expectations you know then the outside world. That's good that's good or Michael I don't know ot Eric occasions I think. I think they'd been taken and partly it's their creation. Why enthusiasm avenues of this is just accident there were ten to 111000 people at least nice stadium on rat bite. I went up to acquire. When the trade was made in the four of the grass or 5000 people in the club we're going is there. 125000. Or so we stadium last Saturday you'll crack. Coming up what this team is as experienced the last couple years you don't expect that it could yet put it pretty clear there. The fans the core peels and link it Shanahan name obviously and a job which. Played for real effort and and there is public and it's been felt like no ego talked about this site saw Steve at a at a practice back in spring. The organization that need to reach out steep and back or that sort of thing that. I said that the fans especially the corporate feel much more now the director I can tell you this. I see it every day out on the practice field sought this morning near the hotel industry. Seeing Kyle and shot clock well time they're together. At the peak reached in I think like Jed York made the decision to hire them that's certainly the way it played out. And if you watched it you haven't seen yet 49ers put out on the first installment of their version apart talks about. Clearly done in house but it's it's. Its interest to corporate eclectic that 49ers dot com I watched it last night who knew what and it showed you again that the -- to five. Which you share. Created together which can be Tibet I felt around here that much much I can tell you that Michael actor question ever but he bill. Heckler I don't feel that this is the best environment. What. What's and have a great call tonight's. Enjoy Kansas City Hampshire will catch up soon and will be watching tonight. Our center the voice of the 49ers Ted Robinson will be on tape PIX and I ticked off at six. The 49ers and achieves is Tim Ryan and ten on the call on channel five tonight for the pre season opener. For the 49ers. And the. He can encapsulated my disdain for exhibition season when he says obviously the first one what you're looking to get out of his nobody gets hurt. Then why play the game if that's harder trying to get out the fifth but but but but the interesting thing and I'm glad you brought that up is that there's no cuts until the end of training Kia. So that guy like in the past. Here's one of the ways I found myself I'd like force myself to get in the NFL exhibition season. You watch game one and there are some guy who is. Out of nowhere you never training corps warrior and you see him just the last somebody years here you seem grabbing looks like Wes Welker for two and a half quarters. Or exit and maybe he's just the Gunner and like somebody yet so you kind of adopt that guy and you watch him. Through the exhibition season well. If he doesn't do what he didn't the first game in the second game you're not gonna see him in the third game now with no cuts being done until after the fourth exhibition game. You can you know adopt when your mini nine it's one of your underdogs and watch him do the hole for granted in game three probably won't seem at all and in game four you'll see a lot of them. That's that's the way I think people can keep themselves entertain. You is always a star the pre season and Derrick Todd Barret document is before the show. Colt McCoy has always been and a pre season and stand down like heat this this career numbers Derek do you have a playing here I was cleric could play Jabber is right in there in two but. Call the call is like three season numbers first career off the chart where it's ridiculous the numbers that he puts up a day when you when he turned on for real. It doesn't work out knowing who. But well look I've aged his seed these young guys in the oppression they can lead with meted out. It's had alluded to some of the guys who we should be on the look out for but for me honestly hurts it's the guys you took. Hi in the draft I wanna see would Solomon Thomas to deal policy rule would Foster tonight. Even CJ bet they're to an extent yet and not I Foster particularly excited to see I'm not sold at CJ bettered has a future residential star on. But. Look at Kyle Shanahan has really got out of it which Ted Robinson suggested. I let let's take a look at see Woody's juncture but. This is about how the team going to get better defensively is the big thing for me I want to see how they get better that said the football. Candy built candidate you'd be competitive because I don't have high expectations. For wins this year but I do wanna see is improvement I wanna see the foundation put down my Shani and and John Lynch moving forward into this team when they can't compete in get to back to the policies I think they're going to be what was the line says that 04 and a half I think that's rioted over under on wins. Maybe if Puerto halftime and I can't remember what it was and look. The niners are going to be better than a lot of people expect an academy world better result and wins now. I think they'll be debt and deficit what did I do I do believe it or result in wins and this is going way out on a limb people gonna think I'm nuts of them homer because the Bay Area guy. I could see them winning six games just the fact that look. They won two games last year is an absolute mess right. And if you make just a modest improvement you should trip your way into another a couple of wins four and twelve is not a good season it's an awful season. McEachern herself in a couple wins and then maybe the improvements that you made maybe those affect another couple games that you pick up I also think the culture change means a lot. Mean when you walk into work walking into the building every day you know you're gonna deal it. On my gosh it's in Toms who wants it. Call me as a specific or Chip Kelly so easy hurt her Chip Kelly that a lot of players you know come to find out didn't have a lot of respect for. They're gonna respect Shanahan there respect plants which in Shanahan get along. The environment that buildings completely different in a positive way I think that may lead to wins I'm one of those guys that thinks team chemistry can affect the product on the field. I'm not optimistic on the winds and just because. I I think they still have a lot of deficiencies they need to address more so when do I decide right no doubt because I think it's address some on the defense side. I. If they get to 45 wins I'm I'm OK with that yeah that being mean. It's an improvement I personally I wanna see improvement that I wanna look in seated at the body and factor also. But the four winds via yes it would be an improvement but still foreign twelve is an awful football sister had a question. No question I guess that's why I'm tricking myself I mean lifelong miner phantom trigger myself and a six wins would be akin to. The raiders last year making the playoffs right. It's a couple steps look at Amare wrong for it again and thinking now looking ahead that I want them distinct enough today. Can get a chance to get Sam Donaldson who could be a franchise type quarterback the united DeRozan and soon. I like the Rosen one. He needs to just keep Christmas well I don't think you can he said to Danes and some of them he eyebrows about Jonathan Miller was definitely wrong about news sorry he's Jim drunken Miller that I Q. Yet to Z Rosie actually is a brighter strike he is a very Smart kid I think he's supremely talent and I try to catch I just think Sam Donald's off the charts at his potential he's opposite personality wise he's very calm cool laid back he's the kind of guy that you could see. Delete his teammates love them right the whole offensive line all the running backs just he had those guys yet I've. Stand up form protect him defend him I don't know that Rosen screws doing the same thing is he's kind of puts himself out there I spent. Decent amount of time around sand are I had a couple of USC games last year man press and I do I do like him I would I would go on a man crush yet. But I debt relief. I I'd like to grab your bro hug level I would Gloria what's up dude sorry to see you read the back of his head. I had no I don't hug I have not done that's next level just like a tax level the there is revenue record I don't ever shoulder you know we needed abroad hey what's up man annoyed could see it. Like that that that's already re trying to get. But I I do think that he has the best for both of you thank you very much. I think he's got the only potential and I'm a huge sand Arnold just just people are now putting him above Rosen and I don't know if that's just because. Rose plus there's jot down a Wyoming and Taylor really hot but I think going into last year I don't think Arnold wasn't being listed in many publications you're famous started right to beat you Lester Mack Brown does article about the Barclays Kanye. And then that great run that he had of course the Rose Bowl game where he put it just. Video game like numbers but. Back to the point. I hope the diner turned situation where they can take him because. That is to me that it is a franchise type quarterback you can build around that like columns are Roxy. Yup this. I think it's possible I also think it's possible he could be right in league for JaMarcus Russell or I don't see any other guys title blessed I could be wrong but I don't see enough I love of the third tier firsthand knowledge of the young man I see Andrew Luck. Type. Guy with sand Arnold. More then enough I could be way off base that it JaMarcus Russell or Jim dropped him Miller was in niners' first round pick or Ryan leaf who was a disaster is a pro. I just you see a lot of upside if you're if you're spanking to specifically get one player. Like the suck for luck back and David occult yeah I just stay. What does that it doesn't work out you're screwed up wasted an entire C is true when you should have been developing talent looked and that they're not. Had he needs discussions and it's an eclipse does not happen in it. John Legend couch in an art say okay let's suck it up. So we make sure we get the W at the press has not happened. The question that I asked Ted that I said I answer I asked of Lawler niners guests. The expectations inside the building vs outside the building I would not be surprised and they'll never let this go public but. Behind closed doors or when to be surprised if flinching Shanahan lead each other go. We can get eight wins we will own this town if we get it went I don't think that's taboo inside the building they're not gonna allow any of us to hear them say that. And because of we heard him say it we were also in doubt they're sitting pretty right. A job glitches already winning note cutting off the drastic you know he grounds that bears there the way he fully Chicago to make you take all yeah we're gonna take me extra risky sure. And it Chicago trades up. Gives the 49ers and other first round pick and niners get the guy they wanted all along Solomon Thomas he got over it and Rubin Foster rule. They were probably gonna take a three Thomas gone too right so. He completely what the drafts a right. Now got over on a bunch of people and what was that the number one issue going into the draft was. There's never done this before what's he gonna do well what he did was he smoked a couple of GM's. He he is unlike king status right now yes going into his first regular season I wanna hold him. TUN read about dinner I did you come under Saddam after or pop is not even space. But so the niners get the pre season started tonight against Kansas City the raiders get to pre season started tomorrow. Against the cardinals who knows which could impact the raiders this is interest. That the jags. Breaking news an Intel they've just released Branden Albert who is going to retired Denny is coming back. Does that give the raid a little shirts with Donald Penn that if they went after Branden Albert to sign him to play left tackle because he is officially been released by the Jacksonville Jack. Course. Part of me thinks that this is already been discussed between your management and pan and the more I think about it and he just doesn't wanna go through all the training camp. And they're probably talking about this so if they did sign this guy if that arrangement now some people out there's. No wondering does that ever happen to never like come to secret deals yeah accounting happens all the time and it's probably happening in relation to the Gary McConnell Conley thing. I'd I don't know but I don't think it can this guy up this can creating leverage its not to scare Donald Penn one bit. I don't think look at the raiders. Aren't necessarily. Kicking the tires on out they may oodles. But I the I think every conversation right now that they're having internally is about Donald Payne in getting him back I don't think there. Looking outside the organization for help a deposition. Because. Al Penn had a terrific year last year. And they like what they have with their group and but Donald Payne has his frustration because he saw the money that was given out to gave Jackson had an assembly got Hudson's making. And he's a left tackle what is. Quote unquote the most. The only allow additional assets tied to all year and it was the sack unfortunately debt that was littlest. That was an old Donald Penn's fault no it no wasn't dirt car tried to make something out of nothing he could have gone down early in that play. And just absorb a garden varieties. Second nobody wants that. Say that car. He's like he's the anointed one nobody wants to say anything bad about the guy but if you didn't gone down early and that. Maybe it was in the playoffs maybe it's a different story. So just bring up an interesting. Topic for discussion that Albert is now available. Should the raiders want to put pressure on Donald Payne or rip their frustrate with Penn don't wanna go outside. The organization AAA died 5795. Set but he is never by the way. Colt McCoy career pre season stats. Close to 3300 yards and sixteen touchdowns in the pre season. For Colt McCoy along at Michael Irvin Iraq's neighbors there with you speaking of quarterbacks. A lot of former niner. It cheap join us next. Steve Bono. Over nighter quarterback and former Kansas City quarterback he was it was good bowl spots where limited opportunities the 49ers because he had guys like Montana young in front of them but. Steve Bono. Next and a five point seven game. Now back to grad pop let invited to a hill I 95 point seven in the game. We create young would again start for the ailing mom. Only to be injured himself. Didn't matter of Joseph Montana was in the game it didn't matter of Ron Amadon was the guy it didn't matter of Steve Bono was the guy whoever was a quarterback. It was expected to get the job done. Why thank Bill Rodgers third string of quarterbacks he. Came off the bench to throw a few touchdown pass. We have tremendous power. I'm in I'm talking about across the board. I don't know if there was one weak spot on our team doesn't have the depth that we had fought the depth on this football team is just indescribable. You think about this debt that they had a quarterback at a time and 49ers not yet Joseph Montana. Yet Ron Amadon. And you had Steve all three guys who could be starting for three of the top teams in the NFL at the same time. It's remarkable at the wealth that the niners had. Indeed the hedge they had over other teams in the NFL the title that's why we are now. Very similar very similar terms of what they had in almost the embarrassment of riches at the niners had a time along with Michael Irvin Roxy currency with the united five point seven a game. We the pleasure being joined by former diner former chief longtime NFL quarterback. Steve Bono joins us here on 95 point seven a game fitting seat or tot he knew the niners playing the chiefs tonight and I know yet success football teams. Divided loyalty free you know are you are sitting on one side or the other how does tonight work for you. Car. Mom go to work like our or close to him and people. I am not welcome. Although a lot like. They Steve it does it disappoint you when you see guys deciding to give let's use Kerry Irving is it as an example in basketball. He is demanded to be traded away from the best team in his conference because he wants to be demand somewhere. If my memory serves you never pulled a stunt like that I mean you could gone somewhere else and been the man you're behind two hall of famers but I'm telling you you couldn't push that because. You wanna be with a winner doesn't in that would every team wants every player wants. Who have good luck who heard about it and outlaw. About wise. On what could well well what are you doing and chairman job. Cardboard model boat owner of the Atlanta Georgia lowered ours. We achieved. And I am a bit more guarded well the couple at all about legion. You're part of Super Bowl championship team with the 49ers are also pro bowler wind. To Kansas City teams but year with a number of different organizations. You with the vikings in the Steelers before you got to the 49ers. Patted it worked out to you're able to finally stick and make something up the opportunity when you were severed Cisco. Well. It's when that opportunity. Are there any point in college and and under news group. It wouldn't work. Jim. The big ball there and well. It. This is a pair of our community actually you could. Gitmo. It could. In. The one. Oh. Steve auto it here at 95 point seven a game haven't had technical issues with the former niner quarterbacks will try to reconnect with him. Some of his own golf course of several accused at the top empower states to pick if they do in a wind tunnel right there but. It's it's remarkable does bill laws could turn OK Ian Jones and Joseph gets hurt majors to Stephen Steve got banged up young. That goes above. Alien and yet he relies you fools. That that would never happen in this in this NFL now and I could not afford to have that much invested in one position. The other cap or allow it and pay god bless Eddie. And yet it's similar I was defend George Steinbrenner. He's like public enemy number one when he was alive with a everybody who wasn't associated with the Yankees and the accusation was he goes and tries to buy championships. Okay and as a fan don't you want your team's owner to do that. That's exactly what you want your owner to do. That's what Jerry Jones tries to do that put George Steinbrenner did and and that's what we're seen everywhere in sports where owner. Didn't buy it just to have a trophy on his a trinket on his watch your trophy on a shelf he wanted championship yeah that's your job by championship. And we're seeing and you allude to the point where the warriors it's similar to the 49ers back then people take less. To come be apart of a winner with a chance to win Reseda what the warriors and we sought with the niners. That free agents would jump at the opportunity. To come play for the 49ers and knowing that not just they had chance to win. But it how great they were treated by the organization and ready to Barlow. Right you look at Deion Sanders right he came for one year did what he wanted to got done what he wanted to do and they bounced. And I didn't have any problem that because Tate he helped win a championship but those other guys like Tim Harris Maryland he taught us carries green eagle. On and on an on line with. Guys that wanted to come join the 49ers and have a chance to win it's very much like with the warriors are doing I mean giving dream David West and a parent or you look at even slack EP right now taken less to come. Takes these guys aren't anymore are easy Kia sponsor and so. I'm czar. But in not just him but armory cast beat. Taking two million dollars to come to the wars were. He could have made a lot of money elsewhere even to Ratner may Kevin Durant is taken at nine million dollar debt this year. To allow everybody else defeated the refined and hours about nobody should be so we're gonna try to reconnect with Steve Bono at some phony. She was in you know don't hear from him his. What was the dynamic truly what was the dynamic between Ron Amadon Joseph Montana because war on the outside we hear that they were. Not cool when each other I just kind of an icy relationship for a lot of time. Well when you have a quarterback like Joseph Montana. You'd like him to bring them back up along right. That probably didn't happen but did Steve Bono benefit from that did he just skip the step down the latter and kind of put. Bono and let's basket he's back Steve Bono way to send Steve again appreciate the time and Michael despite up a good question what was it like it knows quarterback meeting rooms with you with Ron Amadon. With Joseph Montana Bakken today. Off to a great you know what what can Michael from Burkle a well. You. Have a pretty good view it would record and an outlet does and here there probably was spectacular on the trigger an opportunity to come on to augment the couldn't. And now currently includes old computer error like a lot in April practical. Ask him what America or cola north and logical error know what what you Wear what are. Whatever. Joseph was. Or they'll they'll court because we were you'll goal. Local. And you were cool ball. Into. So what to do to recoup that Google more schools offer. Well you know course and about the history although it wouldn't word as can't watch it. Soul. It left after five years here. Well. Norman and basically rust lecture thank Rex. And your first son Francisco or warts and what's up well. Call. Fortunate we're fortunate to complete a great system approach. That's conducive to quarterbacks. And you know. Being able to play all aspects of one game play action to. Good drop out and the movement. Has enabled him all the pieces. Well. Was greatly in Portland college. And like Michael Whitman in a note as. And covered. And that's been warmly and Alex writes well. Oh. In the system and in camp and. What do you think Alex is going to be known for when his career is over another game manager got slapped on them very early and when it got slapped on him that was almost a negative label as time has passed though and he kind of success he said they give me game manager peeking get that production. Doesn't give region. In Britain. And do what. We can a lot of only. We may not won a championship which her emergence are partly. To. Go to capitol on call but when Alex and finished. Shoot her Bogart important part of at least forty. Law and you know extra chairman sultan. You don't learn on the ball now and contributory well. And or. Actresses working here so that he demanded the ball autumn. How did you know. You would like particularly blues game manager. And supplement. Cerebral player. Ruptured ball pop outs. Steve auto this here and ID five point seven a game former diners at longtime NFL quarterback. What is here at a show in. You're in the area Stevie you know what's going on now with a 49ers what's your feeling about the transition did jobless being the GM Kyle Shanahan now. As they head coach what are you seeing with December Disco forty niners organization. It's going in the right direction saw them. Arsenal could Gorton. Of ourself from Gloucester. Or care. So I think Paul called. Well you can call work on him credit card chartered air or. Burger part Karl problem. You know watching Washington and watched him. Oh. Obama and whatever and we might have been watching the well could. I sort of one. And it will briefly bring it all works tweet. And that's what was going to be what can we get that saw the terms of scope. I don't know I don't. Walter Reed. When you first heard that the John Lynch who's given and GM job never done that before never even really being in front office making decisions. Were you skeptical at first heard do you know him real well and yet no doubt he'd succeed. Well I don't know well I was surprised I got the ball by it but happy that it was someone who would play the problem that was still forced to regain. And and so wanted to communicate to go home what's going on and MB. I'll be one of the pieces. Off of the organization from the front office. The last thing for Stevens is your son Chris stuff supply base. It is you are used actually moderate Irish now. Wasn't the audience got like go back who and it's a law. And then Parker's column weekly earnings is like dumplings. Many feel welcome Padraig. Look at the best of luck to him hopefully it continues I don't deceive a budget UCLA and was always fun to watch him place a best of luck to him in your family. Remarked. Steve Bono former quarterback with the 49ers was a pro bowler with the TT CA FC player of the year. By the way also Steve Bono in Kansas City and so you go back to in 1991. Season when Montana was lost for the year with the injury suffered. Indiana CJ ABC game the year before with the giants. It's a Ron Amadon was the starter. Young goes down the midseason injury. Bono comes in to start six games in only does is go five and one as a starter finishes the year as the fourth highest rated passer Snead NFL. And everything I've heard I've heard about him was abuse an absolute sponge when he uses third stringer behind what space I mean he's there's almost like hughes' second stringer because. Ron Amadon certainly didn't consider himself a baca he and I don't think Joseph looked at Ron Amadon as a backup Peter looked at him as a threat. But Steve from people that I know the term of the team said he just soaked every single thing he could get at a Stephen joke. And oh my god but what better mentors that there's a text here. The full and five in about a third string quarterback coming in and effectively winning games the Salmonella saint. My point wise but I go to Chicago to percent one as a third street corner backlash to the page is my point was the collection of talent and in that one rule. You'll never see that again Mike Holmgren the quarterbacks. I think even their coaches were rock stars that was my point was that. The collection of talent not that a third string quarterback can't winning game now it's. I would until cocked with third string quarterback going and getting on the team trying to debate at a team like duly lived for example can work yes. When you have still Montana. Maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. Ron Amadon hall of Famer it's Steve Bono who was at all pro quarterback. On the same team. You're gonna see that anymore in the NFL and that's what he had the luxury haven't talked about how he's just soaking up all the knowledge he could for those guys and Michael bring Holmgren. Hello this quarterback did she said page it is all about winning because if you would've made a stink. At the time he probably can we got himself traders her and started for somebody in had a much more lucrative career. But I'm heartened to hear him say. I was on the championship team I would over removed no matter what Marlins I mean I'm paraphrasing that basically what he said. AAA 9579570. Is the number coming up next will topple NBA and the warriors the schedule came out yesterday in terms of opening nights. When they can get the rings and put up the banner has holes what to expect and Christmas Day. Should be warriors play the cavs again. On Christmas Day and should they open up against Houston will talk about the next 95 point seven again. Now back to grad pop let Infante hill I 95 point seven they game. This is an unbelievable night we're out on us players. For everybody organization and coaching staff front office joke Peter. But also for Doug nation you've got supporters every single night everything. We would not have been a good do we did last or without you got support every single night. Happening again here. Oracle. But the lawyers to get there ring designed hole putting narrates which is in mid October this year they've whooped it up earlier. This year some mid October it's Tuesday night writing when the rockets. Are here for opening night. Of course will be on national TV as well and go home for your world champion. Golden State Warriors 95 point seven again we area for Greg and by day. Along with Michael Irvin Roxy Bernstein with you AAA died 579570. Is a number 8889579570. And many people perceive that one of the threats or may be the toughest competitor for the warriors this year could be the Houston Rockets. Where it. Now Chris Paul joining James Harden in Houston and that's the team no worries a face on opening night but coming in the hearings. It's currently exceeding the thinkpad earning. But that's usually the way it donors. And it do you think that's a way it should go. Well it's all about marketing what they wanna be able to do is say look this is game one of 82 and it could be a preview of the conference finals it's marking that sit. I'm still look. I'm still sold at San Antonio is probably the biggest. Outlets say anybody's a real threat. It may be the toughest competition how's that. Turn to the warriors is still whispers how much that is Muppets. I think a lot of it's part of it should certainly call why Leonard who has emerged as one of the premier players in the game and but Kate Tony Parker's still there and Ginobili is coming back for one more year and I'm not a big LaMarcus Aldridge fan but you know he still is serviceable player and I think until somebody knocks them off when was it earlier. We knew where it was it strip that your road to beat a man you gotta be dead and there'll Ric Flair line right well until somebody can knock off San Antonio in terms of being a threat to the warriors. And maybe San Antonio should've gotten that respect. And been the opponent for the warriors. On opening night. I'm here to CNN. All things being equal which means everybody being healthy yes the San Antonio Spurs healthy. Would be in my mind the most direct competition. Like you said you just beat competition it wouldn't be I still don't think they'd be of any now close to be in the lawyers in this series but. I don't know I mean I've talked about this a lot in the past week. In spit particularly about the giants because supposedly the giants think they can contend next year well they're committing. The cardinal sin. Front office management in sports it's factoring too much hope into the equation. Sounds like that's what the spurs are doing you're hoping LaMarcus Aldridge. Figures out how to play in big games as he disappears in big games there's no two ways about it. You're hoping to notably can stay healthy here hoping Parker can stay healthy. That was a big hoax I mean these UK I could see the spurs looking old. Very fast. Who would you schedule if you are the NBA and you look at okay where we make a splash work do we get up on that. Pedestal where where work everybody's glued to this game and we're gonna try to get the top two teams in the west. You got Sergey a unit of the capital pre judge you would have done that. His uncle that Christmas Day that's fighting that's been become a recent tradition that you get the cats every year on. Christmas that's going to be when those two teams play each other and it will always be the highest rated telecast the NBA has to offer so why wouldn't you do it. Opening night and on Christmas. You could I mean really you're gonna draw so many eyeballs just because it's the Katz yeah in the warriors. Yeah I get what you say with that. But I just broke from my standpoint okay I'm. Well look I elevate it turns up for the Western Conference and put try to put him up against the warriors that's why they're not doing well less rockets there and so is Chris Paul. And James Harden. Against. The warriors on opening night if it was San Antonio. I'd be envoy over that and we got that opening night last year even the warriors weren't defending a title mean when he opened up last year. Out of it finally Oklahoma City down to be us with the because there was so much drama surrounding the thunder in the warriors last to a two rant leaving bouquets seat. To come here if you put them up now the Paul George. Is it Oklahoma City team in bubbles Russell Westbrook. I could have also been OK with that matchup on opening night to. I I agree completely and it looked like I said this is all a marketing decision. And the easiest way to get massive ratings would be to have bring back the cats I guess it any time these two teams play each other. He did big time numbers and I think they say that for Martin Luther King Day. And in but you're right. Because of the Western Conference in you don't want. Any basketball fan out there to completely give up. Until the post season start. We know what's gonna happen in the regular season we're funeral everybody a check him out the plans. But if you throw this team that just got a dramatic mic over. In the offseason ala okay see. Or the rockets then maybe get some people who are more that's the point given the chance and see how they compete within the worst thing for the NBA is if they go to marketing route I have an either or they're there already you do the rockets but what do the lawyers just drill. The rockets. Average bass welfare is gonna get really turned off and that's not good. The NBA talents and it was stunning last few in the spurs and opening night troll the warriors act I think it. It'll subway so it was good for the NBA. That oh well wait a second we have some competition here wait they blew out the warriors. And it certainly got the warriors did away his second this is not how it's gonna go what do you think was running through Kevin Durant says. That night I think more frustration and into the house and I don't think I bit too much into it it is them aren't well I saw this go. I I just think from from that standpoint it'll be different that. There was no panic and there was no I've made the wrong to so what was I thinking about coming here I just think that. OK we got to show up we just can't expect to roll the balls out just trample people and run right throw. I kind of like the rockets bitter. Like that the rockets are coming and I wish Melo would sign with the rockets because. Rookie stalking or saturated there yet that out. Everyone keeps talking about well you just need to go get four all stars and match the lawyers power. Well first off in IBW a four all stars that the worst pulled it off with some. Sleight of hand. Rabbit out of a hat also guys that fit together just my point you can go get seven all stars vs the lawyers for. Those seven are not gonna finish perfectly together is these four warriors do. That is a once in A generation type. Building job by Bob Myers. I mean he should what you should win the executive board and executive of the year award every year that the lawyers when the title because the work he's put in. That's something no other GM know their ownership group would be public figure out how to do and many got to make the pieces fit they're not going to anywhere else quickly squeeze. And Robin in San Jose Robyn Euro 95 point seven again. I. Out. At. The bar area. It on in. Iraq. I. Well. Well. Four. And I. I. Really. Aren't aware. Great stuff Robin egg a full Collins of good points right there know about the rockets it she's right. Dad okay the rockets have been aggressive about the way they've retooled their roster and where San Antonio just tennis to pat. The lawyers and drew over rockets to wait and oh there's gonna be geared up for that there's no doubt is even here at all Houston could be a threat used to could be a threat. To sway today it was in my rylander super silly and there'll tired of that stuff to go to next day it that he Slater will join us we'll talk more doves he's from the athletic. Says he has joined. Michael Irvin on Tim count Tommy's team that's of decks is 95 point seven again.