Greg Papa Show w/ Roxy & Urbs Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, August 11th

Roxy Bernstein & Mychael Urban fill in for Papa & Bonta - they discuss Ezekiel Elliot's 6-game suspension, and are joined by Soren Petro & Lars Anderson. 


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Yet. No bond today but still no great pop. We're here hold down the fort for the next few hours and more than holding down the sort Roxy give us some credit. We might be better than that promise we will suck today are anchored along with Michael Irvin Roxy currency with the taking it noon to three on this Friday. Which exhibition football getting underway the niners get it started to nine. Against the chiefs in Kansas seeded raiders' first game in Arizona against the cardinals tomorrow. Lot of news around football I guess it technically started last weekend we had a hall of fame game moon but Ford gated that. Personable we haven't done this together I think we have a cigarette I was trying to run through my brain cakes thinking back. Maybe maybe the completely into busier stations. But you know I. I was thinking of actually pointing that out but last time I did that the text line. Swiftly reminded because they know right swiftly reminded me that you know that I did some obscure show once upon a time a million years ago that person. So I'd err on the side of caution and don't say anything but it is nice to be working with the in this format in this time slot it is that's definitely a first. They we've done it where you posted it I've come on your show or I've been hosting and you came on the show I was working on but. I'm trying to rack my brain is see if we've ever done this together Olympic we have so. Just heard the sake of it are you bought today are you Papa. I guess I'll play the role Aponte because I'm in this chair right here. So I guess your play the Earl grant him apart are we sits physically and this year ethnic and eastern soon all right I think he's over here of the when I've cleared out his duties leads like covering overreach and mr. so I great portrait or exact place. I really taking you through the dynamics of how the studio art here and nobody listeners. Person now wanted to bring up with a U in the breaking news in the NFL today. It is these eco Elliott situation with the cowboys and before we get the niners raiders this is something that really sticks with me. In May be more prevalent now that I'm a father and I have a daughter Wear look. It was a big deal before but now it really hits home because. The easy kill Elliott seeing is very disturbing. Troubling. Upsetting however you want determine be ties. You just don't put your hands on one I'm sorry you just don't do it specially. When your prominent. Professional athlete and somebody of his stature you. So it's a horrible example for the youth because a lot of them look up to Ezekiel Elliott but it's just disgusting that he would do this and it's not just one timers. This is repeated times that he physically. Touched this woman. And now no charges have been filed and he's not dealing with any legal issues as of right now as far as we know. I. The cowboys issued their statement saying we're aware of the allegations and Long Will have no further comment that he approaches to put the peak oil it will help him through this difficult time day put that it's just I mean. Look Roxy I get of course anybody with a heart with a brain knows that this is an awful story and we shouldn't stand and whether I've got two daughters amount. Where they have daughters and not this this makes you wanna vomit when you read something like this. But I don't know. Haven't we done this before I mean plug in a different name pleasure a different team name plug in a different area of the country and as long as NFL stays consistent. In that story it's we we've done this before I'm not saying I have domestic abuse fatigue. Because our product could be perceived by the outside audience but you know I mean. And the I've steroids fatigue that doesn't mean I think steerage or good for people just the NFL gives lip service to this and nothing ever changes. It's horrible and look Ray Rice what we suspect well his career we haven't seen it since but he was suspended two games and when he had his terrible. Horrible domestic abuse and then they went back and suspended him for the whole year exactly once the public outcry got so well. My thing is why isn't easy though it suspended for a hole he should be he should because Jerry Jones just got inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his the most powerful all the orders. That's why he only got six games and because he's a very good player ticket get this guy was fourth on the depth chart somewhere. Could he be with the cowboys still much less ever have a shot look look what they needed more audio. Lucky like that. They're just even right. Elicit this identification with him heated now there was another reason why they released him. But upon the news of him being supposedly wanted for arrest which was in this identification. And and wrongful accusation toward him. They released him right away but here is a star. Who is one of the premier running backs in the NFL. And it's okay. To keep him on the roster who. It's the same thing would Alden Smith threatened 49ers did they kept him on the roster known there well he had a big time problem. And eventually the problem took him down and now he's completely out of the league it's like. Ezekiel Eliot should be. Standing behind Colin Capra nick in the line to get it back into the NFL right meets his is discussing that all. All cap Bernie did was take a stand now the way he did it. I think he should he could've done a lot better initiative you know can sorted with some mentors and you know Harry Edwards junior. Other got Herm Edwards perhaps. If you've done that right he wouldn't be the pride he is now but. That guy can't get a job yet Ezekiel Elliott can get what would this be his seventh chance if their six previous instances of abuse. And yet again it's not just one instance an abuse this is repeated. Altercations with the same woman. With this same woman he is attacked I know at times it's not just one time do we know why. This is finally Comerica right now I mean in one out after the first or second time that's a good question I don't know the answer to that. But what would. Initially I was speaking I didn't know this is a part of the problem initially when they're investigating Ezekiel I thought it was all for that. The bar incident that fight did right was supposedly involved in and that's why he was under. Investigation by the NFL I didn't realize that it was just. Domestic. Violence incident but multiple incidents with him and you know what he's probably go to appealed the suspension. And right now his suspension calls for six games and help probably get a cut down before. Which is absurd I agree it's. It's horrible it's it's disgusting but that's what's gonna happen you know the situation. In terms of how it works in the NFL. Jerry jelled soul gets so illegals support team Bebo get this is not a legal issue this is an NFL issue in a violation of the CBS and and they'll get the suspension cut down to four games and that is just appalling to me. Well they won't get protested left and right if that happens that they reduced the suspension may need to book the suspension out just like they did with Ray Rice. He needs to be suspended for a year that's the only way. It fans who I want our venture to guess 99% of them. They give Roger Goodell is just an owner of puppet if you once even start to change that perception. When he needs to go against King Kong Gerri one time and say no enough is enough we need to make sure that their swift. And damaging consequences to this that do dot for the year. And he's done it six times it just I think it speaks to the power Jerry Jones in the cowboy brand. Did it didn't come out much earlier could have been somebody on any other team. We'd heard about it after the first one or the second one because we hear about everything in this age of social media everyone's a reporter literally. You've got access to a phone you take your picture taken screen grab whatever record somebody. That person's done. How did they suppress this five times before this one. Triple 89579570. Is that number along with Michael Irvin Roxy currency with the addiction noted Acer and Petra joining us in about. Blessed ten minutes from now from Kansas city's host on. 810 WHP there to preview not just the niners chiefs coming up tonight but look at the chiefs this season to course the raiders play twice. Both being an AFC west Lars Anderson joins us Michelle from Bleacher Report he's also the coauthor of the Bruce areas new book that came out. What at least later stopped by as well who left right he was with the Mercury that knew very good group Bayer is good now part of a group that your. A prominent part of as well the athletic they knew him towel Tommy. Web site dead a lot of great writers including Michael have flocked to to be apart of it Robyn. Estimated the same as it marked by the dogs make crushed you know I didn't have many full timers they're I think all the full timers up to this point are citizen mercker guys he needed some of the great writers that they ran out of the brick street news resurfacing and. Athletic so it release later or stop final bid to catch up on what's going on with him of the warriors as well as. The niners play by play voice Ted Robinson will stop by the show former niner and chief Steve Bono will be with us on the show as well. As we get into. The first full weekend of pre season football have a lot of games last night. There are some interesting things last this is cited comments have a letter for nets comments by the when he says he's basically said the NFL slow to his post game. I heard I don't know where you study that's in the outside and talk about that that he base lease is set the SEC plays faster than the NFL does. I'll mention your American born edits the pre season can you imagine he's can get laid out a number of times in people are going to be standing on firm in saying some variation of fast enough for area. I asked her for him he's can hear that. All year long that it. I have before we get to Sarah petrol and run through a couple calls real quick one away and as Ezekiel Elliott suspension AAA 957957. It's gonna start in San Jose Gil. Gil you're leading a sop for 95 point seven a game. One afternoon. You have but note was. That girl. My oldest. But with the arc arc and get it when it Oxnard wanted racquet topic including. You know I mean I. They wait because. Man your dirt. The problem Gil is that guys like that have spent their whole lives being pampered and protected. And so when they get to this level they expect to be pampered and protected even mourn Jerry Jones is more than happy to do that. Let's move along let's go to CNN San Jose tenure next seven to five point seven again. Hang up the depth tonight. So I wanted to talk about maybe a possible connection between CPE and albeit the met violent and well you know. There there I mean it said that BP causes. Armed violent outburst then retired NFL players and by and that maybe. It increases the likelihood that these players are going to be violent outside of the game. And I don't think back connection I mean I've never heard about on. In the media I think maybe we should be looking out what Kiki potentially. Does these players outside of the game or off the field. In the community. It we've seen some of the ran its ramifications to damage as far as. Players that we thought are dealing with CT for example look at his Junior Seau who took his own life now. He was living in so much pain with what he was dealing with off the field and that. Kills himself but he leaves his brain attacks they can study them and they can figure out if he's got it. In the horse stories have you read the article last week about to implicate you when he deals with are quite a bit here so. There could be some correlation. And it's difficult to say lute if this is the motivation or not look the bottom line is whether it CT or not that is eco Eliot. He put his hands on one. And I'm certainly not a scientist that Ezekiel Elliott is. Far from being advanced in age yet young man so while he may very well ultimately be founder of suffer from CTV. That just isn't great taken for a long long time and at about the color made a good point I have not looked at it from that standpoint. But at the same time I'm not I'm not down when given CT use people as an excuse don't. It can be shirt could it is it possible that CT he is to blame jerk yes there's very tiny bit that it's possible. The much greater bit. Is that he's just an A hole who can't control himself and think she's in it they seized bulletproof. That's very possible and yeah I pulled story I have that look I do idealist dealing with a cost coach and you know as you know I call some college game to him and there is a the situation last year. We're a player was dismissed from a program because of a desk domestic violence. Situation. Where allegedly. He beat up his girlfriend as his starter. He was not the starter but he was a prevalent player Augustine are. And said the that's the first course and we did exactly what you're just you know perfect for background in for information purposes. Now he didn't end up getting any legal charges filed against him but there was enough evidence that this coach. Had on the incident and the situation. That immediately he acted. And through the player off the tee and kicked him out of his program. And basing this coach said to me was. If anybody. Puts her hands and a woman they're done they are not playing for me I won't tolerate that. And I wish that more coaches like this one would take that stand. Now at the end of the day I get the NFL's a business and there's no way they're just gonna cut Ezekiel Ellie because he's Ezekiel Eliot. But there needs to be a harsher punishment they need it come down harder than the NFL just dropping six games on. There's no doubt like you said they're they're probably and again and up on appeal dropping to those games he hit four games for that. The league and its fans cannot stand for that no way are. But Jerry Jones runs the league and he's probably more powerful than Roger Goodell while the guy gets in the hall of fame in Iran's lauding him. He's probably call the shots call he's got got Roger artists so far. Saying here's how we're gonna handle this Roger in the way that not you tell me Howard Handler by the way the college coach. Who kicked a guy out if there's no legal thing. No charges being hit the kid I would think that opens the door for the kid to hire a lawyer. And say give me my scholarship back right. Or were grown core. I I guess it's possible a wrongful termination I think yeah at the end of the day the kid didn't do. So. They knew there was something there that maybe they just wanted to Politico and he'd move on to try to go. Somewhere else because it was an ugly situation and look I applaud the coach for doing. What he did along with Michael Irvin Roxy Versa with the united five point seven to get it back to this and more. Would be in big news today the NFL suspending seek knowledge for six games. For domestic violence incident let's talk about some action on the field. And the niners get the pre season started to night there in Kansas City taken on the chiefs will commit my good friend from Kansas City Saran Petro host on. 810 WHB. In Kansas City for stops Iran appreciate the time are you ready for some football tonight. We aren't ER royals are gaps are against via cardinal import straight and catching everybody votes he's an old. We're obliterated turned and other wrote in and out. Well lay it Phyllis and what's going on with the chiefs how is this camp going whip. Andy Reid Alex Smith going into this pre season game tonight. Can't elect a welcome break from the Nazis maybe you'll echo on the work equally apart a regular. And generally at a that's not ordered their you know about it or recover. At all or you are right there are probably. Rebel war critic you call that beauty. The typical PO CA. Hillary. Pure. Circle about after all he played well tonight. Now we have big Turkey into city but they've got a good in our. Well time comes that. All right now everyone's. I would think idling. At age into the art of reporters and under under read your Acker. Acer and this is the time a year like clockwork that media types like us or to bitch and moan about the exhibition season and sometimes the players will join that chorus. But look you're getting your first look at football whether it's exhibition football or not they're gonna get fired up our magic era heads can be pretty loud tonight. Open and I and I think there they're ready to. She which you know really. Quarterback in the first round over the years so your your talk about him and urged him to go look at. Organizations that at this guy's order. A bad pick or. Even know where this year what is perhaps all could be. And upper level that. And there'll be a lot out of it a lot of anger on the prince got used to be out there aren't beat down. Out when Dallas aren't meant last year that nor did they get everybody out there bear market your paper and talent ready to be you know we level at which they're hoping to do now without gaining answered our core. Carrying two a year where they actually get via secure game what. That enabled the Agassi cheer your drop in gold bar open and achieved since the Cold War trophy. Have never want evident at the G a game since it bought them off or ninety or so we have trying to. It's great that injury or broker called again and winning what they Christine. Win in the post and dignity to seize the special feel to believe that it's that club. Sara this is it seemed other went twelve and four last year and made the playoffs with Alex Smith and you allude to the fact that they took my homes in the first round of people who may be calling for him. Do you expect that to happen at some point this year that we could seem all homes overtake. Alex Witt and beat his daughter for the chiefs. I don't eat and eat. That burger. Process and you re not. He started the war he went out a year. I think that eight is in oak outclassed Tyler bray who I would government cannot see him. Ought crab pot. And that it. It gives out a typical. Year. So theoretically are better so you know our people got to get a rare that we don't expect him. You're on a great. Out Gartner that. Game Audrey. I mean we're probably it'll ever number two quarterback is at some point out this year flat out shut him out the door I. Goes out or submit that played very morally it. Clear. Down. Buyout yesterday. Or last year and it's like that now capital. Were hurt. You. Allowed perhaps now that you're you're article you'll. I. Whatever you'll want to do it we gotta get some here giving anybody any regrets yet. Oprah accommodation. We got to get better quarterback. We did it only talent. Cupboard and let. I expect cards are played so this year. Take over the starter. But it is your your. Alex bit about where it should next year they're all over next year cap. Local art are much much cheaper to cut they sell. And figure. It. Out on the road one year. Is to keep Alex met. More likely route back out. On out there aren't X. As bad as the 49ers have been their fan base is optimistic right now because lynch in Shanahan have brought to kind of a positive energy they seem to be on the same page which you could always say about the niners had coached. In GM and they've done some good things since they joined forces. What's the outside perception like in Kansas City are they looking at the niners just disabled joke. Yeah. It's O. There's a team everybody's you know step up their game a little bit there's not a lot of baggage there's not a lot Arctic energy. Ironic are so that they would act at a rate that. It's your one of them Oak Park. Into committee of it at one game in two years pouring be read our ports. They're probably start the year you know however there are. Org web career or on the ropes and we want. Indianapolis and pepper and so out of play out so. Aren't. Oh you're in your country go out quick turnaround. Select the viewers will look at miners could do most of the bill in the old injury but he goes up a good game and credit ago. The question and it could be. And a quick market the only game in and get an up our quarterback could think that expect. The red Petro joining us from Kansas City is the niners play the chiefs tonight but you look back at last year's Iran in the way the chiefs ran the table. In the AFC west and many handle the raiders. In the UK why do you think that. They've had so much success against the division why do you think they had so much success particularly against the raiders last year. I think it starts with the injury I mentioned people part about it is clock management and purple just advocate suspect. Any talks that also play caller. I'm just you can't do both those jobs back magicians. And to minister also got as we as an east growing worse and car here and but he also and you know who. All the when he read. I've got a guy that that that's gone on and don't hate when people and I think that's where the personal rigor but it. Programs are there along the reading that I got one of the more on coaches on out here on underrated. People try to act accord saying that. I'm not. The perception out there and reach out has become. A plate and they're not really good. Football coach that plays a couple memory of all that you sent in a bad position and he does a great job of breaking down the pot and I think. What do I look I'm a big number we got cute that your Jack the real coach you would a playoff game. Would David or art on the road as your quarterback. I don't. Ridiculous decorated it Jacksonville and I expect them integrators don't want in any cat but I think CD read one step up our reject the real unity. A great coordinators in every coach Doug Doug your but are you reap on Google gotcha moments where it got a little back. Plate you're ever seen that he'll break out at the moment what does he need to. And that indicate that the raiders on the division aka. They've got the better quarterback. But somehow that at the turn into where he wanted to buy him out over the last year in our view would be to me beaten me I think you re. Year cycle American. Let you know if you can. The raiders are excuses though a substantial. I don't know which are better this year last year. Who are backcourt play here last year. It was that there altered Kareem on. Their third round pick. Your humble side dimension rat. That you read it and went back at. By the problems opera that one page wouldn't much matter that it helped him beat you have LP are used to what we don't talk or couple last year. First big step for so. They're out on our topic and goes. And used to go in the paper. Because you go out academic. No read you have created quite a bit deeper into their proper become a league because. Seventh in the leader here which are 26. Against art and predictable ports are all that matters. Well about an expert when it got the ball for the report minute when it happened on the old couldn't get with the ball wherever extra durable. So it the better you are welcome regrets you know nine and seven maybe 88 correcting. Marketing implode. It wouldn't be yield on the murder trial great. It decrypt it at come by and there have been good quote there and. Surround great stuff appreciate the time squeezing his sit on game day really appreciate it now thanks. It it's a red petrol from WHP. In Kansas City joining us the niners they're playing to cheat tonight they get the exhibition seed its season started. And of course the raiders start their pre season tomorrow night with the cardinals. Down in Arizona along with Michael Irvin Roxy person with you coming up speaking of the cardinals there's a new book out. About their new coach Kirk got about a coach Bruce areas. Lars Anderson co author of the Bruce areas book. The quarterback whisper how to build an elite NFL quarterback Lars Anderson joins us next on 95 point seven game. Now back to grad pop it in by anti hill I 95 points set in the game. All the equipment manager so you look coach. And we use them by is what. Build your house on wheels. One reason he didn't end up in hey coach for a long time Willis. He wasn't gonna change it was my husband isn't capable of playing politics. Football sucks we'll tell you the buzz it's. Voodoo so we'll pray the Dorset get a full. That shot I think after the hundred tells him you're no estimate to a better. Quarterback per person or player that certainly could not provide another person. We'll have a good thrower who's fairly good if Cavanaugh humble he treats like a man and when one's home do we see what you thought. It's feeling pretty much know if they tell me it's made by the end of life can call this thing would have no risk you know this. We'll try great shots. Well the raiders are in the desert tomorrow night they get the pre season started on K fox and KB LX tomorrow night the raiders and cardinals. From Glendale Arizona outside of Phoenix and will welcoming of the show large Sanderson for Bleacher Report. He's also the co author of the extreme book. About Bruce area it's and Bruce areas the quarterback whisperer. And will bring in Lars now who joins us Lars appreciate the time first stop. I want to ask because I fibers areas is a fascinating person in his story. Is remarkable. To becoming a successful head coach. What was is like for you working on the book with him alerting the intricacies of Bruce air areas are what makes him tick. They let that. Absolutely fascinating. I had no previous relationship with Bruce and his agent pat at the moderator eight I would not good at her. Two Summers ago or training camp and that associate. Chris and I would match and and collaborate. And I ended up just sort of shadowing him for a few days in. And every night around nine. O'clock capture the paperwork was done congress should retreat to is hot or sweet in that hotel that's right across street room on the stadium where are the cardinals hold training camp. Bruce would slot behind the bar in uniform bartender starts slinging drinks is that it's been. You the other staff members. And the story it would slow deep into the night as purses. You know it's on his crowning and and that an ice and at and it took me all of about. About ten minutes to realize aunts and not what are called here. At this 41. You know Bruce as a remarkable biography get kicked out of high school nurturing and was given a second chance by coach at Virginia Tech. Made the most of that second chance at clippers is a big believer in second jet that now. Averaging techies probably the only starting quarterback in the history college football which start on. On Saturday afternoon and sent Saturday night he'd be behind the bar order form Bach. Outpouring Beers and what he learned as a bartender is actually apply it to keep quiet. These years as a quarterback coach and and getting fired so many times averaging chants and yet unlike any other NFL head coach I've ever tell it. And you know. Just last year has added a game. With Bruce. In in in Phoenix and. And afterward numbers is also the only NFL it's pretty certain who does that tailgate in in that coaches parking lot after the game. Invite. Players in. And exposure to the tailgate. And the other team as a walk into the student amazing. Cardinal just want. And at least sit there you know having cocktails in a cat and Edwards it was amazing how. The other key players they lined up to give Bruce hug. There's so much respect for Bruce a crossbow Lee. Because Bruce is authentic as they come you know good or bad. Can tell you actively. You know the sun we heard before you came on with a large part of it made it sound like he's a man of the people which is the picture that you're painting right now us. Another couple things may be and we think maybe he's out on an island sometimes because he is so different how does he reconcile the tip. Well you just true to himself. You know he'd never my agent. Never make. And even if she says eat eat because the appeal. And I think that cost him job possibilities throughout his career. You know what side he interviewed for the bears' job after after leading the court so quick outs. Taking over the Internet carriage for chuck gone now when he gets that coach of the year and head coach of the year that the interviews for Chicago and who got the job. Aid that you are dressed and he goes out to Phoenix. Sort of his last shot. Head coaching job. On at the drinks relate. And his way to the formal interview. Did well looks to kind says this dude is the only guy who can use the F word at a town of bird and its subject. And end in. A versatile word. Clearly it is true reverence. I can head to equipment. That's the next stage during the formal interview again this is just tell them what you gonna view as head coach and and that using that very colorful language in and double dip goes into another room corporate stinky blocked his top spot chance at a job. And I've been welcomed back in and offers it to on and you know Bruce is that a head coach and a look at is not sure. But it's turned out quite well for Arizona. We're speaking to Lars Anderson here and ID five point seven a game he is the coauthor of the new book. About Bruce area since the Arizona Cardinals head coach the quarterback whisperer. And I let's read up on this Lars and okay this story about Joseph name. Where. Joseph David told Bruce that is clearly out kicked his coverage by marrying his wife Christine. And that she said she'd Lee Brewster Broadway Joseph in a heartbeat is that true. That it's your bet that that's correct taking it from current. Cheesy cheap supply data that hampers and earned it and I don't think or the egg echoed by that remind groups that he ought to remind in the early in charge of that out all that Tibet but but again. Let's you know keep it on bear Bryant's final staff he'd learned so many left from there. Went all the time she governor liked coach Willis Bayer's. Game. It's speaking out man we lose this game now and I'll ever be in the eight. In India's. Again the the extraordinary. People he's been around route is his coaching life. I think makes for a really compelling sort of biography. And it's not estate not to look this book is and it'll look campers were quiet but also how he's been able to. Folks quarterback that he'd been with tap their career years in yet cornerback he's been with the band. Extraordinary counted going from Peyton Manning to properly burger. See Andrew Luck and keep Carson. And that particular statistically. They all had their best years workers. Large how much gas is. Two Republican on the name the quarterback how much Carson Palmer I'm sorry Carson Palmer when he was out here. A lot of people thought he's done he's he's going to Arizona but he'll never get anything done there to he wasn't very impressive here in the Bay Area. How much how much gas do you think he has left in the tank he's a really good when he can stay healthy. Yeah I mean I think I think art's been in gruesome alertness Gerald. Bruce has put Carson on the pitch count and he did that in practice last year. NN that he felt that cursing at a tired arming training camp Ian by the training camp last C and. And that cart's web perspective during the season but you look at last month lap he's been Carson weren't as productive as any quarterback in the league. And to Bruce is sort of they've they've adopted Betsy clock speed this this training camp. And even you know admit that the key for the cardinals obviously going to be keeping course L it is your Google as art arsenic in it down. Budgets are spent a lot of time around Carson and he's at ending gates has ever. And again I'd I think Carson wary emperors all want to kind go out together eat together I would not be surprised if they have multiple years but still I mean it we are. Obviously this year and I think one more. Lars appreciates time great stuff today the book again and is about Bruce areas. The quarterback whisperer I love the name by the way large stakes again for the time appreciated. So much Lars Anderson for Bleacher Report Nicole author of the bruise Syrians new book. The quarterback whisperer all hang out adversary and now I know I definitely want to handle to go to work has posted tale it's that's I want I want batted by. So at this stadium just outside the stadium after an NFL game and head coaches took him up grabbed for his team. In the debate the other team it appears all save that story so good is at the opposing team came and got line just to hug the guy. I don't think it was just a senator respect I think they wanted to bratwurst for. That could be it. But there one thing that he brought sunny inching in use of post that question to rumors about super grace heartened by the way of the match. For all the we thought I had during that segment as we both had the off button and we started documentary on as a microphone was on that's all no other issues my it was worse I promise. Carson Palmer. Actually it does matter Greg is we gotta hit that button to be able to talk on the radio. Carson Palmer was sacked over forty times last year he was beat up physically and if you listen to he's advancing into Italy if you still up bright and getting things done and that we're we're telling him. How would concern me. That what Carson taller and 3738. Now. His backup the drafted quarterback answered in the they the draft quarter last year was last shoes drafts but not my point is. Tearrius 3738. Years of age. How good can you feel about him in his situation advancing because you got to protect him better you gotta keep them up bright you can't let him. Okay as low as forty plus sacks last year that means he was hit probably over a hundred times last year. Which we figured out who's backed and utilize this Diana putting Gabbert. That's right it's kind societal he's always had a pre season hero your heartbeat away from. We we see that actually. Jackson you'll tell your quarterback your heart beat away from. But. It just. It's army offensive line for them they got to keep him up right. Because he took a pounding last year how little he can do that again with Michael Irvin Roxy bursting with the as the cardinals played the raiders tomorrow night. What's going moderator camp right now because there are some issues that are really bug in meek. About the raiders we'll get into that next right here and a five point seven again. Now back to grand pop it in Ponte hill I 95 point seven they game. Talk to me if I guess I. I happened to have eight technique versions of and it's really this terrible because every top Bob madam. I had a chiropractor. Share this technique with me where you sit down counter. And let your legs hangover. And what you do AG just take your share and your your feet in good nice and easy. In go a light little stretch up and down you do two sets that. You the next day they're going on let's all you have to do it all got it now. No bills LA tried hard and help ensure they guarded and you know this area right here tell. We've got that we can make newscast right shin splints and a way to get rid of them if it is keeps a lot of good. That was yesterday they were refrigerator camp of course Greg Papa Bill Romanowski Lorenzo Neal yesterday. We're in today along with Michael Irvin Roxy currency with the Atlanta five point seven a game. Little trouble it was coming generated camp and there's there's a few things that are concerning to me. Because hurt just everything related to gearing Conley has been troublesome well not just that but there's a number of stories. Look when year. Expected to contend for Super Bowl. And it division title and years pose leak. We're the up and coming teams the NFL they clearly. May I think he's huge advancement laster by getting into the play the skeptical steps again would say there and but they're poised to win the division I think they've got a real good chance to the AFC west if things go according to form for the. I'm not to be a buzz kill but that's what a lot of raider nation people forget that still haven't won that division that's another step you need to make and but they did get the playoffs until I get a not like I said no blanket. But there's a number of stories and I've talked a bit about this elect to hold Donald Penn situation concerns me now because he's starting left tackle. On the Mark Cooper situation I think is concerning I would say it's alarming. But it's concerning that he's missed a bunch of time in camp as of late with a knee issue that's semantics concerning vs alarming. It's that it is it's not good that a Mark Cooper has not been out to this is your deep threat this you go to do you play making receiver. But then the other troubling news which you alluded to. Centers are on Jerry Conley. And it really has been an issue since the raiders drafted him first of all lot of people question Reggie McKenzie when the raiders took him. In the first round because of the impending legal issue daddy could be dealing with well it appears he's been cleared of those charges. Enrage you told us on draft night that they had done their due diligence and they're more concerned at all about the legal aspect of the young man's life. And it played out now is still lingering as they started camp but now it appears it's been cleared up and the heat can go about his business. But Danny hasn't been able to get on the field because. It doesn't appear he's healthy right now. And there appears to be some discrepancy. In terms of what he is Dylan not even appears to be there is a discrepancy he's saying he doesn't have since sports bowl Reggie McKenzie did say that's what it was and then this scenario which. Derek played coming out of the break. In terms of Bill Romanowski explaining how he could help with shin splint to Garry Connelly I thought bill was reading from the Kama sutra. Other conflicts that. Well bill and Hillary's from a lot of things. But. He was trying to point this out to Gary Conley who watched by the air set yesterday. Off the practice field there and happening Gary colleges Cadillac that ran away or jogged away and because he didn't feel want to come over wanna talk about this but daddy did send out a cryptic tweet. Later yesterday of just kind of questioning what now I got shin splints which would concern me that not everybody's on the same page up there. Now the strait of denial about the shin splints and it's. It's so raiders though right it's like here's the year it can't should be nothing but sunshine and rainbows and lollipops. And it's just not because that's just not how the raiders do it even when their you know winning Super Bowls they're perennial contenders. There was always some sort of trouble brewing around the raiders and why you would like there to not controlled burn around him. I think raiders fans in general like is this is what we do and it worked out. You hope it dies. But are those three story pens got a signed book let me ask you let me ask you other three stories which winding is that most alarming to you know story. It's a good question. Let the little alarming to mildly concerned. So which one is the alarming. Alarming is the Conley one I'm with you because some with from day one it's been a circus yeah right. And we have no idea where it's going and anytime you have a rookie. Who showed not on the same page with the management. Right after signing a contract which was delayed because you had to get through some legal issues I mean that's. There is no silver lining on that I mean up on the glass half guy. And I cannot see glass half full at all on Connelly I see an empty glass right now and that's it's tough because. You don't spend a first round pick on a corner and not expect him to start. When your previous season's defense was a sieve and quarterback was a big time problem this dude they're counting right. So that's why would put that number one. And again it's not just the legal issue which he dealt with and it appears he's been cleared of but that that we can't get a straight answer what's going on. Is it shin splints is it not. What's going what will we see Gary Connolly on the field and that's them that's really troubling right now I think for the raiders because they have so much invested in. And as you alluded to they're expecting so much out of in this year. Yeah absolutely I think two for me is probably don't plan for way different reasons I just I mean I went off the other day. I'm one of those old school guys then you can probably hear old man across the country since you signed a contract. A year ago live up to the contract. In just because discuss a couple of the guys got paid Donald and feels like he can go out let's start this contract I just. I mean and the new wave athlete they do it all the time I should be used to it a bit and sports media for along time but I can't did you sort of think it's BS but he's gonna get what he wants a guarantee. Because of the way the NFL is. They take the other side and arguing you guys. If Donald Payne was useless to the raider and if he was slowing down group B of a liability America and they cut his ass tomorrow. And he would not get it done and that's why I always been this argument Robert that this but it doesn't all it is the NB. NHL I'm with 200%. I agree with you 100%. But because the way the contracts are done in the NFL I do not have a problem. With what Donald Payne is doing I had a probably the timing of it. Now I know I get the sense of urgency is there he's putting some pressure on the raiders to get this done. I would like distant to have been addressed if he had a problem back in April or may. Hey let's work this out now let's get it done. Before we get to camp. So we can clear this thing up. So we're not concerned about this and you can move on and so that's the timing I have an issue with but I don't have a problem with Donald and doing this. Just because a way contracts are in the NFL. I am mildly concerned about a Marc Cooper situation because he hasn't he's practiced barely any you know last week. We still have time before the regular season starts were still about a month out so I I just going on the assumption he'll be okay. When the season gets going. And I waffled between the tense situation in Cooper which I'm more concerned with because I'm with you I think to dial tense situation we'll get solidified. But the Garry Connelly thing to me is a very troubling in terms of the off the field issue he dealt with already. And now we don't know what's going on a warmer Tennessee. In the bottom line is they're. Them being on opposite page is that it contained so why he's being limited. Somebody's lying right. Either either of McKinsey is lying or Gary Connolly flying and any time you've got that between. Viewing your first round draft pick. It's that Paul was and it was Chris Isaak at the sunk somebody's line not yet. Right here somebody's line dead they're not paying kids and they're not paying attention where this got headphones on and they don't know it's. But somebody's lying and it's is it Reggie McKenzie is he gearing couple of notes with the problem we don't well. And what the motivation be for lying if Reggie McKenzie was maybe two. Or maybe they're playing then maybe they don't wanna play Conley until the last couple exhibition games in this is the way they justify not playing in these little bit banged up and. And I put this more on Conley truck making Reggie McKenzie looked bad. Because. Reggie stuck his neck out for gearing consulate drafting him at first round had a lot of faith and confidence. In common that everything was going to be okay. And now. I'm just saying he's getting thrown under the bus because. Now he was a cryptic tweet he didn't come they did this really say what's going on with him. The only thing that we have to go on is what Reggie said. But it doesn't paint Reggie and a good light and I built that for it to be Canty in this situation announcement it's theft from the Penske auto sales dot com text line and Josh in traffic. Makes pretty good point guys and just doesn't wanna go through training camp and our investors pull I think dead there's a lot to that there were some jerk I'm with you on that. I'd be Penske auto sales dot contacts line 95795. The phone number Tripoli died 57957. Along that Michael Irvin. Rock seabirds he would be coming up will shift gears shall toxin niners. They have their first pre season game tonight Derrick Kansas City so as Ted Robinson. And the voice of the 49ers joins us next and 95 point seven a game. Rex he rarely steam. That's a great Steve. He brings.