Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta & Tittle Hour 2

Bonta Hill & Rick Tittle are in for Greg - joined by Chris Simms, Mike Klis, and will Sonny be traded this week?

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Play calls come in especially in the system order in. You know we would like to weigh in into the play clock quite a bit play calls for long. That's just one of those things we have the opportunity to change it I'm sure we all have liked to have done differently to the outcome so. We all like to have played maybe that series differently but we did it and and that's one of the things you have to live with you have to deal with them. Hopefully that's one of the things that as we move forward we don't do again and I've learned from that so you know I wish we would have done something different but you know such is life and we gotta be removed from the. That's Matty ice AKA Matt Ryan quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons still reeling. Over that big Super Bowl loss of its New England Patriots when the Atlanta Falcons had to trophy. In their hands and of course questionable play calling at the end of the game there which I didn't necessarily disagree with up up there are some miscommunication here on the offensive line of course stuff formal. That Donta hightower were forced a party remain. Flat out missed his block capitals going to be a big play a dodge a Protestant. But good friends with Kyle Shanahan who might Ryan is basically talking about is Chris sands of the Bleacher Report metal analyst of course former NFL quarterback Texas Longhorns well Chris thank you so much for German republic shoulder afternoon delight I'm five point seven games good to speak with you and discredit chime in almost comets and what your thoughts was when Matt Ryan came out and said that about Kyle Shanahan. Well listen I think what you what you just read. The little. More expensive then when you actually figured out immediately that that was my case I heard him actually say it. I did think it was necessarily at or demeaning. Mean to your new anecdote about it and now I don't think he should we visit the situation I think there's other ways. You know he can that may be fully. It called plate also got Matt Ryan Ian he'd be up applause well and operated guys I've. I really don't even understand that first of all my personal pot and let the Atlanta stop and often. When the defense gave up by a guard in at 25 point lead I had never seen unit averaged eight scrutiny. Mortar Danielle an up and the bad. And as well as well they've just because I've been about my whole life. I've never seen an offensive coordinator held accountable for our managing to pull in more I think about it again but he at a docket I mean. If the New England Patriots did the same thing in the reverse. No one would be blaming Josh McDaniels they would be blaming bill Pallet Jack because he's the head out the damage act. Sport so for some reason. Kyle. They're there's that. A regime of haters against Kyle in the world but like that takes so long before he became head coach. Because his background speaks for itself but. To me is where it's confusing. 500 yards total offense 25 point lead. Yet there are things that option done differently in the last shot of the game but last time I checked it they had to stop them an example on game. And tell the opera to coordinate the deal would happen in the situation so. That's where I get fired up about the subject you couldn't tell. I don't get why some coaches get blamed for some things. Are some players get blamed for other things and then we go where other coaches and players get away with it that that might my big issue. Chris I couldn't agree with you anymore I agree with 200% there. Because she was what the Atlanta Falcons did all season was be aggressive they stayed aggressive that's what brought down to the Super Bowl they kept their foot. On the gas pedal people were still looking at 831 mark when erupts when 128 to twelve. The party free minutes is a block up plays a touchdown but I still hear people say all they should've ran the ball there or one date and realize that having Coleman. Was out at that point he got intercourse Alex Mack was planned with that big leg injury I mean it's just ridiculous at this point to keep talking about and blaming Kyle Shanahan. Yet really it and I think you'd you'd you've hit it right really mean that that the big thing first of law. You know take upon the agreement he picks up they eat picked up Donta hightower. First thought it would be a touchdown like I heard you say people where I mean every is going to be a wide open game going to be over. Other thing it even if he did get in the way that become the fact that an incomplete pass the biggest punt the ball away there. They're gonna win the football game most likely mean it's going to be really hard but is that. New England got the ball the twenty yard line they got the short field they scored quickly doctor and that gave them the opportunity to come back in the game so. Yeah I don't really understand it. Just the continual blame Kyle Shanahan. But regardless hey I think a lot of Kyle whether it might find or not he's one of the best often the minds in the game there's no denying that. And I really do expected things from the campus fiscal 49ers under his and his regime. They Chris it's Rick Phil here when you were doing the raiders W is over CBS and you got your first look in the silver and black of Lamar Cooper you couldn't contain your enthusiasm. And we were right there with you that you. Said this is the guys who might have been not and the hall of fame. You as you said you've been around football college in NFL your whole life what what is it about him that separated everybody else from the pack to make you think that. Of course first look at the value waiting in the you know who is that guy and the leader in Atlanta for Bleacher Report you know I do the draft which is a great thing that really get to dive in the college you know college development. He was special and I turned on the dome Alabama but I think. But even that even more you're referring to is tightly you know Bleacher Report about the training camp but the Oakland Raiders and luckiest human person. That even just to raise the bar even higher to where I went wow. Like. The first thing that jumped out to meet with the quickness to the line of scrimmage I think that the thing I look at is that what that's like special quickness that like. Marvin Harrison get off the line of scrimmage that type of talent. Thought I'd see the kind of walker he is really there's no mega. Is that his game really the hole out there that he got to have lapses of comp concentration protecting the people bought because. He's looking to make plate after the catch too quickly in general but. Article put my money would help the it in the conversation but what the pot that receivers the Pope father really phenomenal runner he got speed. Beat you deep and really with the ball in his hands. I mean almost never does the first god make the tackle he makes people miss in space and that's really what I loved about. When you're one year with the Broncos was at 09 the raiders weren't very good in that year but you knew when you went to Oakland you're gonna have to face. The black holes as a two part question what was alike coming in whirring up bronco uniform and Oakland. And number two do you think they're gonna have anything like that when they go to a new city. No they're not gonna get that. Atmosphere in Las Vegas when it's going to be a bunch of people from all over the country who'd just dot com Stewart three picket debate. Spent 5000 dollars in the poker table the night before her. And now they're from Miami Florida but they got front and take it that the raiders game in Las Vegas. Now there's going to be no atmosphere compatible that you write when I was with the Broncos that was amazing I'll leave that one up back in 2004. We came out there when I was with Jon Gruden take an eight shot lead with an interstate. Experience either stayed the nation is unlike any other end. That ban the sell our unlike any other but at the same time all say that it's the worst stadium professional sports. The locker room in the coliseum in Oakland coliseum to award them high school locker room iPad or New Jersey so there's certainly have to. Be something done and that the second part of your question there. Well that was then what was it like you're facing the the black hole weren as we would say a donkey uniform. Yeah ally he had got it. And eighty. You know the one thing I like about the raiders fans whether I was with the Broncos of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean they hated the same silicon that middle finger they told you shut the hell opted out of down. But you don't Iverson I got done playing and I'd been around the raiders I'm a huge fan of Reggie McKenzie Derek Karr. A maori Cooper Khalil Mac. And of course beat the team itself the rescuers hope all is better when the raiders are in the mix for the playoffs. And I'm extremely excited for the team this year I hope that you got to turn the corner kick that next step into the into the playoffs so when he gave Mattel. We to report NFL analyst Chris says and holster descends on the left call podcasts are very good listen joins us here. Greg publisher after delight fraternal bonds until 95 points of the game let's look at the other team in the Bay Area in back to your friend Kyle Shanahan. A there was a big report yesterday I don't know was validity it has Crist but. There was a report to say Carlos Hyde may be cut in training camp now is looking at the numbers were Carl's Heidi used to play in the pistol. Even at Ohio State in high school he's always been in the shotgun and splits are astonishing here when a quarterback is under center Carlos Hyde only averages three yards a carry. When he's in a pistol shotgun five point two yards a carry we know cal Santa and the zone read quarterback will be under center he'll run and gun. But it's Carlos Hyde actually in danger of getting cut in training camp due to the new system here didn't run schema Sanchez broke. You know I have a hard time believing that really at the end of the day but I think qualified at the count at running back can mean he's. He certainly starting caliber and a now money back in my eyes as yet at the exact. Style of what maybe Kyle Shanahan has looked for work and running back in years past now I think when Kyle. Get it type of guy in there he looks where you know that happened colemans who use saw last year that compliment the body treatment. I'd show Williams who was drafted this year and he Utah. Which are more like fractured right guys where. You know okay that stretch out the zone if you see you see the whole picture what the ground in usual war to port police beat just wide there was there in front foot seventy yard touchdown. Call pot a little different from that that point. He's a little more physical type of runner he's a little more. You know he he's gonna make certain jump cut and goes I decide meeting more than ocean again. Usually like the running back position but I think Kyle will coach him and really help him get hit the scheme and I have a hard time leading. That he won't beat you won't be on the roster because look at the running back position for the him to go 49ers. Third there's really nobody. Hang on a trust rather than call at five. I hope he can they help the yours that's a valid. And I would even say that I don't really care where he wasn't isn't what we're nationwide. The often the last few years in the call hi this he'd been trapped in it that indeed been very good he had about a lot of talent around them yet have a lot of how help in the pass game to loosen up the look the problem. Run the Pope also obstacle ban act pilot I haven't got the deep subject to deep conversations about it but I have a hard time thinking he won't be on that roster. You talk about the passing game the last two years of four members at Torrey Smith as the number one receiver we note issues a cap or make any offensive line. That in turn over in the for in the front office and coaching staff. Can this passing game with now Brian Hoyer. Your personal mark he's gonna one's going to be lined up opposite appear assault in and of course Vance McDonald they gave an extension to the season ago. Can this passing game loosen up things were Carlos Hyde in ten high towering Joseph Williams. I really think it will mean not only in the genius positioning and run system engine. And rolled that can help out the offense we know that but. I mean look you just look at the numbers build a cop out shooting and passing offense does what what dictate active. When used off the court in Houston Texans under Kubiak some of the things he did for the Washington Redskins the Cleveland crowd into the Atlanta Falcons. This is going to be about so often the 49ers and in a law. Long time not just we're optimistic that maybe the Mike Shanahan days. Since the days of bill loss Kyle with special play caller from me from me to chew on patent Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan has the three that often the minds in the game right now. He is very creative in finding ways to get exposed that. Asked plays down the field to receivers and you that you guys might not have that light go to talk well inside the talent but. Kyle Busch on the ability to spread the ball around whether Lee would go into the trap of Benjamin that the world. And I think really Alter Robinson getting in their mark he's Goodman with a guy. God like Pierre Garcon. Yeah I mean Brian we're out of these long term fix that you guys know that. But in general aren't times that you're thinking that the dolphins will be light years better than where one. Under Jim Harbaugh which often don't you guys Jim Harbaugh adopt a dog issue that was the best team and pull off that quickly on the field. And that ship Cali. Refused to go vault into the Ana valley intently he called an organ. But the thing that played he called and those without it ever does go into the different animal without any in the creativity formations and everything else he can throw out. No more questions for Chris Simms when you look at John Lynch you call Jed York and said hey consider me. For GM we put so much and he wasn't a scout he's never done a draft he doesn't understand how I. Front office works but so far look Kelly got over on the bears in the draft or the trip this key thing. Everything seems to be very bright and this guy is so charismatic we know what a great player he was. So on the one hand are you surprised that Lynch's seemed to hit the ground running with no experience and number two it is this make you think hey I know football maybe I'll be a GM. I know I know football I don't know it you know GM do it looked and that we cut this that you got talent that subject. But that I know like I'm capable of being at GM Bushehr. I normal out of my act like a lot more than a lot of people haven't teams right now I just I'm not willing to go try and do that to order my career justified me got the other problem. Don't lecture on Al layered John Lynch a borderline of being cut the player. You know those guys get handed those that the jobs where somebody like me who at a lesser than stellar career. Now I have to work my way up the ranks forever and I wasn't willing to do it and I want to be around my kids and my families alike got into the media business but. As far as the talk with John Lynch being. You know qualified to be at G yet I mean that's just. Total knee. Media be it bull crap about what that is I mean I don't know what you mean Joseph I'm legend and to be able to figure out how to fix this outing boards. A and I kept on telling no I mean John Legend ultimately technique looked like AK warned that he knows the defense and looks like that you know right. He knows what date he's been. Which middle linebacker Rubin Foster educate Derrick Brooks. So to me all the outage at bull crap talk by the media and then Shalit. Front office that Alex that it is now the player coming in infiltrating by. My area I don't know what to do so that's my take on big guys I think he's more than qualified and I think you're great hand. Chris since here NFL analysts on Bleacher Report also wholesome sends a left cope podcast. A Bleacher Report it is funny because people dismissed John Lynch being in a war ruling would timber. Want to discount he come by taking notes would John Elway and being around their guys very very Smart but don't want to be general NFL owner who had a season here. And it seems like this is the patriots. Lead Toulouse. How can I mean how the heck did they add bread and cook's tour already explosive offense DR Lewis James White we know about Julian have a big rocket he stays healthy Dwayne Allen and he had Stephon Gilmore out of buffalo and Brenda flower just it was in talks with the pages are still retain model leader. Hold a deep who's gonna touch this team how can they not go pitino one. And win the Super Bowl run in a way. Look at hi I'm with you. You know for the first things first like I've talked about it on the some local podcasts that I appreciate the plug in there and making video the Bleacher Report a lot for the law. The NFL have to stop doing trade with the New England patriot than Bill Belichick at their one weakness we get down to build out Jack. It that he doesn't always drop that well and you just go back. In its history and recent history board and the line he got hot and the second and third round but now I understand problem out he's in their Brady then there. But for a guy who were recalled about jacket and down the greatest coach of all time in my mind. The one week that he dug up at about making college players and when you trade. With guys. To get branded cooking clearly you're playing right into the wheel out the Bill Belichick because now he's getting is he the guy he got that. Branded coach Tony easily step on guilt war against an adult height talent he knows the exactly what they our at this point in their career instead of protecting the actor. I'll be and that they'll drop. So that would be. But you're right take that at the start holding themselves to the standard of the New England Patriots put that your division. Forget like or the Baltimore Ravens that we got to try to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. You're not the ANC and let your holding yourself to the same into the New England Patriots are. They have gotten better they'd won the off season. There I don't even without the. A team like special office like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh Baltimore Ravens in who we have seen go up there and not be afraid a tightly and maybe beat them out. Out there that area but it Bill Belichick I tell people all the time I looked at for eighteen months and when you're around him and databases he's a brilliant man. It Bill Belichick was on Wall Street he'd be running Goldman Sachs people Wall Street he just a brilliant. I adequate margin and he had no family at home so grinding for eighteen or nineteen hours a day is just the whale like him it's not really a grind. Christians will get you out here with this one on one look at the NS zero quickly. Who represent them in the so I mean early on I know it's early we have Linda got a training camp yet but I'm high on a New York Giants hoping to Dallas Cowboys are for big regression and receive up all the turmoil going around with their franchises is a circus over there the Allan robins I do think will be a playoff team again. What's your breakdown and Tennessee coming into training camp Chris. Yet I had to get there it is a comedian who would you look at it is up for grabs I would you know as well the New York giant that you made me pick the Super Bowl right now pick in the giants and New England Patriots I mean the giants' defense we know that was special last year. Are the secondary is really good if not that simple thought they added Brandon Marshall. To the receiving corps that avid editing room ticket from old miss their first round pick who is up but nominal like Jordan reed. Type of tight end so the offense is going to be better the giant on the team I look at today. I don't think the Green Bay Packers toward the AM but as long as number twelve was that quarterback there he can make anything happen and I'll say that Atlanta. Probably view as part I think that playoff caliber team I do the big ticket step back because they lost their biggest weapon in my eyes and Kyle Shanahan. And I do think doubt in the NFC south gotten better this off and as well. He's he's now calling plays that I had to be an adjustment for sure. That it has been adjusted to me that 1 team I am looking at that. You know we all know is lurking but if they can just get this one area that the Seattle Seahawks epic. Can get there often to line and run game going. They had a top five running the offense and pull off from 2012 the 2000 at fifteen and last year they dropped all the way to the 25. Would help you brought the lord and they can get the duplicate they got some good at all but the line in the off season. They get it down we know they got talent on defense. They are came out look out were built vikings they have now been caught into local want credible. It can contribute on the often does does the Barbie in other team might watch out for because their have a Super Bowl caliber defense that would be a brick at the end of the you talked about the cowboys. You know the tablet to be good but I do think they take it like that back. Chris may you got me ready to run through wall right now man thinking so much shorter time today here immigrant publisher Arthur to delight. We could have some. They've elaborate to love it thank you have a. Not a science is great stuff court Chris sands NFL analyst Bleacher Report also wholesome it sends a local podcasts on Bleacher Report. I joined the chairman Greg Papa Sharpton delight retool for lament for Greg pop on Vontae hill Germany five point seven a game solicitous react to that what. What do you know it wrote he says it's kind of funny because when I talked about you know lynch not have an experience and people get all mad out I'm a lot of people had that reaction when Tony Romo took his dad's job. It's like look at all these young broadcasters there in the trenches and you just handed to elect. It's about ratings it's about success. If more people to an end here Tony Romo that's just the way it works from broadcasting and when you look at all these guys and Herzl and what the warriors and it's like if all they can only get Dave towards it the GM from Charlotte. He'll turn this team around. Later asked Todd Fuller is that I can't wait for their Coby Bryant kid to develop we put so much and experience but a lot of times it is someone who just has the the type a personality. They can do it the other thing I thought a bond today as when he set a bill bell check. Was on Wall Street he'd be the wall full Wall Street well I think without the cocaine and hookers go there now I should imagine the hoodie showing up in a meeting like that. Could you actually will be trimmed his cult I imagine him personally because he does absent there's Natalee he doesn't show it's was often. But he does have some personal tasks are numbered Halloween party Randy Moss or be dressed up and if you look at all the NFL's. Films. Items on NFL network will Bill Belichick and going out there on his shot he does thousand personality maybe there is little sniffles OK I don't Woodrow. You think that netbooks by Brooks bros makes it pinstripe hoodie. Effects are an idiot three do you study let's ask George Zimmer who recommends they saw the Men's Wearhouse is still around and I can afford a disarmament ago I guarantee it yeah I don't go vote and we dig guarantee that we'll talk. AFC west football here Celestica would grow on its US. And look at the Denver Broncos workings of the division when Peyton many Eagles quarterback. But now other quote there's question marks at the opposition. And into offered to scheme longtime reporter for the Broncos might cliffs will join us here immigrant probably soaked afternoon delight ritual for Greg pop on Bondra Hillman five point seven game. Now back to grad pop it in Ponte hill I 95 point seven they game isn't good. It's. Up with the proper. Touchdown. Dovonte Booker going crazy there are New Year's Day. Well the raiders face we lost eight C west divisional crown and Charlie Houston we know how that wild card game went the course Greg problem going crazy or somebody. All of DelHomme. Nobody tackle in Denver Broncos ran away with that game of course rigors had to go to Houston. Welcome back to the afternoon like Greg publish original film after Greg pop on bond sale here on any five point seven game here we are breaking down training camp. We're breaking down AFC west we talked a little chief show us today. We're talking Broncos so who better to talk Denver Broncos football with him might Claes who covers the Broncos for nine who's been doing that for a long long time and Mike this is jump right into it. New head coach Vance Joseph. The quarterback position still unsettled. What shall we expect from Denver Broncos this year other than a very very good defense. Yeah I guess it starts there so we can't write that stopped. At the predictions for Christina band now. But he may only net and that 79889. And seven so. How much expectations. Compared to what they've. Let it the last few years. And at that it goes to show a quarterback will do. Hurt 20. That that story you guys are plain and bites from the last game of the season. In the story there which Trevor Symbian and not the first round draft pick. And 11 some analysts gain for the Rocco they had no playoff implications they were. Already eliminated. On Christmas we book or at Kansas City everyone thought. Actually it's the first round pick would get some mop much needed point in time. And instead Gary Kubiak what was Trevor Ximian. And now a lot you know waited to use startled were here in early that Broncos what to expect from a 2070. It did you know kind of depends on what they have a quarterback. And they're going in the training camp even Stephen. And we'll see what happens error. Two different quarterbacks on traverse union has deployed the experience the accuracy. The savvy. Excellence has all but now. In so. You know I don't think it's really eager and its difference that's what you want. They take cryptic they're guy right now but other articles through the exercise the competition that. And not. Political. Weren't it's one of those things were preaching and truly is gonna matter. As far as how the Broncos are gonna look receipt. Marquis covers struggles for nine news into an a for a long long time and we bring down a differ brought calls that he is US rival of course of the Oakland Raiders. And what can still salute he scrapping the zone read system. We saw the zone running scheme their for numerous years Mike Shanahan of course Gary Kubiak and get away from that are going more power. And brothels did our best in the softened to line it Pryor Jim Davis and as a position calls. Every era wrongly read from the cowboys are course. Former raider tackle men elect Watson we're gonna expect more power here. With CJ Anderson and Jamaal Anderson behind us off its line and a shift in a running philosophy out in Denver. Yacht Jamaal Charles and not Jamal Anderson. I hackable running record deal and now it's back. Mom. Yeah up by a quarry and not not much Ghraib as you know eat in the Skokie quarterback coach. An interest in medics bill musgrave you know and Mike McCoy my core columns from. Josh McDaniels offensive system. Which is Josh McDaniel opt out of it in new England and that is a power running game. And so. That that is what they're going to use Jeff Davidson got into line coach. One of the better ones in the National Football League. So. He's going to La I used more shot on. Then in yours the last couple years. I had little more like to Broncos off cents. Although he got to change quarterback here from 2013. 20122014. That's what Peyton Manning was struck the ball low art. Eric Decker manuals Sanders to leave comments. And of course to marry his comments. It's it's supposed to look like that now the difference of course is going to be. Great nanny and isn't going to be a problem football. Soul. That they're there's a lot of excitement around here a pop the knew what that new offense can do this. Because. No one liked the old law sets no one liked Gary Kubiak conference you know Akamai head coach. Any dead dog died this skiing to the Super Bowl fifteen title two years ago. No one was ever enamored with his offense. And so recorded in New England style New England continued to have success. Would be offensive Iran. And so the defense plays like an advantage in the offensive moves. Brought go out some ma. Every cent per hole. My guess rates at all when you look at the Montae Booker a guy who has really a first round talent and then slipped to what the fourth because the some. Knee injuries and when CJ Anderson went down mid season he kind of detected the rains and and you know may be a little bit of a ER hitting a wall there until that last game against the raiders when he broke out. If you look at the addition of Jamaal Charles. And you saw that the kid what De'Angelo Anderson there's been some rumors I heard that may be CJ Anderson. They might try and trade him and get that three million off the books what are you hearing. Yeah I'm not here now that rumor has been out there. The way that started life as you know someone destroy our blog that that would make cents. I com. I think first things first got in which you got Jamaal Charles. You know he obviously it it's a great fine. Artists might not find YouTube it's out there for everybody. But it would be an act of account at Jamaal Charles is right yeah. In it has what 880%. That Ortiz should be in its glory days with the Kansas City Chiefs. But. That goes back to 2000 and fourteen. Should she was that the top of the game I he's been hurt each of the last two years and HE challenger to. HEL injury each need. In his career in when he had a meniscus last year he couldn't come back from. So all this contract is the guy that. The Broncos only am honored thousand dollar or should they Cottam dale Dickey got it. The team makes you opening day roster one point three million. And then incentives and bonuses and everything. What would take about the three point 75 million that he hit it did it. Quite an all sixteen games. Gets 14100 yards and a team makes it optional. It's one of those win win not type contracts make good time contracts. You know what he's right and and he's on a percent. Yeah maybe they do go it. About it Booker and and De'Angelo Anderson but you don't know which you got Anderson either. And not it's it's way premature. I would think right now. The plan is for. CJ Anderson and Jamaal Charles. Somehow makes him a nod Dovonte Booker so you have to re running backs and and maybe De'Angelo Anderson starts on on the practice squad. Or you know inactive on game day actually Archie at right now. Not a broad goals on the defense this side of the ball lose weight films as it before too coordinator he goes to LA rams a Joseph woods who's a DB colts last two seasons. He takes over in our Romany Prius and beef because we know teams like to run on Denver we know about the great secondary bit off front. They're little light in the middle so they bring in Domata echo from Cincinnati and agree is that Kurd a boost up by the bolster the middle that defense steep it's going to be justice solid put out wasteful so Joseph what's right they're gonna be any big difference there. No by the way you guys are about the most informed and not studied. Radio interviewers that I buck come across these quite a. I thank you. Trichet that we do are we door for our work we do our researcher. The valued you do your homework so. The other. I think you were 28 against Iran last year and they were murder for a year war. And we can't stop the run it and work really was almost was that first game gets a reader tell local. I mean you guys just can't take that defense to line up front. End. You know out of I think dirt car and it buried modest gains statistic wise. Like he would have to throw the ball are you guys church to go up first down after first down on the ground. So that's where release shall not. They did get some injuries in front branch walker who's going to start to eat sensibly and and replace Malik Jackson. Walker went down and and training camp. When NE CL and he Brandon Marshall or inside linebacker. Who's been in Iran game. He had hamstring issue at all last year so he went and backed it. Der Walt was hurt. Often on so it did I think they were not out of all against Iran in your right pants that's where adults start the secondary is good at all. Well pro people respect here. They all made at least one Pro Bowl should years. The no fly zone they call themselves. And it's still got everybody back flat spread a little bit quarter. But yet up front is what they concentrated. You know I kind of like John Elway. Know he's a quarterback in you know you'd think he'd be about steel positions. On all addressed this offseason was the man prop. You got mad on the offensive line which you guys are articulated. And then it got man on the defense supply and it's not sexy. But it's worth the Broncos were we last year in any fixed them at least on paper now we'll see how it they all excuse. Mike let's covers a Broncos for nine who's been doing for a long time real quickly before we get out of here. John Elway says an extension he'll be there were 20/20 one Gary Kubiak former head coach is now scout advisor I guess we're gonna plays have a mountain Texas scouting. Rule quickly the news they're kind of expound on that. Yeah I'd spend it's been a nice 24 hours for the Broncos fans I always. Contract did then something a concern that it drag job. Com noted that the fact that they thought it would get it done rather easily. Com. Unsure. The speculation that meaty. Elway was tapped in for an ownership stake. Initially because there's some uncertainty in the ownership are here. It's in the trust was at all and haven't not alzheimer's unfortunately. And the others there's all kinds legalities and and great to meet with that trust that. The Broncos just can't it can't shall Porsche about it so I think it is straight he'll come may be a lot of bonuses. He used the highest paid general manager your general manager. In the NFL I got that guys like you know Bill Belichick got worse too at New England. He makes more but most of that you would think is as a coach. Who knows what Jerry Jerry Jones. You might tell one dollars general managers might insult twenty million edited general manager depends on. What works transform the books. But as a pure general manager always nom is the highest paid now. People are excited that I mean you know I always walks on water around her for walks on mountains I would like whenever he. Cope with. Croatia he walks on Coors. Yeah. It. It could affect the course of public announcement that Michael is estimates from time today and a doubles dope got a little will be talking to you soon as the Broncos will be compete with the raiders and what should be very very fun division watched this season reckless banks try to time. Michael it's covers Broncos for nine who's been doing that for a long long time. Now we shift over to baseball here rates little Sonny gray. The last time we can assume an Oakland a's uniform. Up in Toronto owner Roger Centre will leave the pits today which 41 pitch we'll talk about it here. We have to delight to Greg pops over to win for Greg Papa on bonds Hilemon five point seven again. Now back to grad pop wet and Vontae hill I 95 points set in the game. At here at the coliseum they rise out of their seats at appreciation not just today but the body of work that sunny curious provide the green and gold. Sonny walks softly. Takes to measure what's happening around AMC's the crowd. And makes its way into the aides dug out. Corso was Sonny gray welcome up to fill last week the coliseum last Wednesday when the a's beat the race seven it's who was Sonny gray. Five straight quality starts form won its last 51 point 63 RA. He's been a big talking point out here in the Bay Area on what Yonder Alonso to a lesser its extent. Welcome on back to the afternoon delight Greg publish over total full and effort wreck pop on bond sale 95 point seven game and Sonny gray will total now on the night in Toronto it's 148 now. Burst its set for a 7 PM Pacific time. We think that Sonny gray is gonna be an amount today and hopefully Billy Beane doesn't. Trade him as you mentioned earlier in the show Rick VA's head team control over him over the next two seasons but to Billy bee can get a return like the White Sox did for holes like in China. Chicago Cubs you gotta think that semi Grey's is good is gone. Yahoo! and I don't like that return the cubs won that trade so hard they got a proven all star pitcher on their Taiwanese with three more years a team control. And the White Sox got prospects yeah alloy him and is is number five he's an able. You know I just that I don't I don't understand this whole thing about giving a hall. BA is my AA is our bus stop. The giants are home you can actually buy a house maybe if you go to the giants and it's this gallows humor. This mock hall make up if you on the days you know you won't be yearlong. And I'm all for trading guys who are not going to be on the team next year guys like Redick in hill last year they were not going to be on the team Alonso is not going to be on the team next year. So you should trade him Lowry is not going to be on the team and are gonna pick of that team option he's should be traded but when you trade guys. That are the epitome of what they're looking for cheap cheap cheap. An all star caliber like Sonny gray and makes zero sense to me and this whole pie in the sky thing about oh Sunday only get a stadium that's bull crap because. Grey's value is not gonna go down you look at trading bends over us who has an lockyer you got the top pitching prospect from the royals he talked thing about. How much money they're paying country breakfast that I didn't play for the is eleven mil they gave Ben Sheets ten mil they gave Jim Johnson ten mil sunny right now four and a half next year what may be eight. Third year maybe ten at the most. He's exactly what you're looking for and you gotta throw a bone to the fans at some point. If they make a trade and it's guys who are in low pay. It better be guys like pass them on. Florie off from the Yankees the guy that I want if there is a trade and listen you have to answer the foam on take. Wayne Gretzky got traded in his prime kings you have to Hanssen who there might be a dumb GM out there. But if you look at Al verdugo out Purdue goes 21 and he owns AAA he's hidden 353. Home runs eight steals. It has to be a blue chip dialect not I don't want a guy and low way we've got a million guys a low way. You can look at miles had general rule Contra and match rock in these guys that they pick up Casey my Isner. All they're great at low way in the Midwest League. But if you really are gonna trade the face of the franchise. For just a bunch of guys who are in low way. I don't care how how much these guys are valued you gotta get someone back who is going to be like an Alex verdugo. Look at the GO trade go at an all star going into his our Beers dealt. Tommy Malone Derek Norris Brad peacock AJ call I would do that trade back Donaldson. Oh and Hindus are the next three or four years we control silly. Silly now maverick does an inferior teaching that. As an ace fan you guys sweet Indians coming out of break a six back while core I know there's a plot to teams we frock the thin. Billy Beane goes out penetration on two little trees Ryan Madson. And he's like hey we're four rebuilt world. We're wanna team that's gonna be here for a long time when we could this new stadium now you guys have been duped with the stadium talk for so many years we heard about San Jose and attack is not England clutching their territorial rights we heard about Fremont was the big big joke. Does that inferior to word it like you're sitting here saying hey we're six back young team. Why not just flipped it to say you know what who cares about the stadium let's go up there and win it I don't that I don't agree with the whole rebuilding just like Philadelphia. With the whole trust the process that you make your fans sit in four years of losing seasons based on the prospect of being good one day we don't know Joseph and B it's gonna be healthy with no Vinson is gonna be helping us like we don't all these these days in Saudi gradient. Barreto and all these guys are gonna be healthy. That's gonna (%expletive) you off a little bit. While this is the thing a bond today. Is that. Day is our goal of the playoffs this year and they of their last and just about every category outside of hit home runs knock on a class I was actually okay with the Doolittle trade. Because he's never healthy I almost considered him not even being on the team and and he's gonna break down the next five minutes I hope he doesn't like him he's a great guy. He really is a really good guy. But he's even when he gets hurt he's its three months he's not on the ten day DL. Madson had a year left and team control but he's doing so well this year in CRA's just over two. I think it is Smart to cash in on him because the a's aren't going to be a playoff team next year either. But you talk about the young talent. Don't listen BA is I keep hearing about when they get the new stadium that the leopard is gonna change its spots and I don't think so a huge army of Franklin Beretta all. When he gets ready to go under is RB years. In three years from now. That he's going to be let's face hitting 330 and hits thirty bombs a hundred RBIs a year write it in the eyes are gonna give them a 200 million our contract now now they will never do that. Self that's why if you're gonna trade Sonny gray thing you do like you do at the rhetoric you wait until he's in his class star beer. And you know you're not going to the sometimes you hold onto a guy like when Zito is in his walk year. Do we try to we're not what we are doing well and held on no matter work he beat Santana at the glad bag and I got shelled against Detroit before he left. But they're all of the playoffs and by the way Billy bean twenty years one playoff series victory. There which is the definition of futility are care about payroll whatever if you look at in wins and losses. That is an app not enough mine basket they got the one playoff victory that's an elf in twenty years. But when you go to your fan base you say hey everything's different and all portraying Sonny what you are years left that makes zero sense to me and 99 times out of a hundred you're getting back garbage. Sell if it's not Alex verdugo then you should get out your pitchforks and he's you know you're porches. Yeah I I'm I'm with you I say why not keep Sonny gray for another year have them teaching young guys and to row cotton grave and when dial whose peers you know this this young staff is okay. This offense. It's home run a bus we know that Chris Davis and Yonder Alonso novels that's what. I just don't get the philosophy of being on a site with pay we're gonna rebuild we're gonna put stinks just announced to Dan stadiums artery. What's taking so long this this team this franchise. Has basically. Run out drafts of a new stadium for over forty years what is taking so long how do you not know what is we're you gonna put this data on that and why is every deed based. All the stadium it's not like. The open is gonna draw 40000 specially if you don't when you get 25000 may get dirty old coliseum when he Rickey Henderson Jose Canseco Mark Maguire plays is backed but also beautiful park. Just announced to stadium site lets get on with the but the whole rebuilding thing has got like like I said Rick it's got the gist. How determined toss and turn in your bed every night about the case yeah. People come if you win I mean that's been proven he'll want to play for the a's and bashed by the ears listen no one. Wanted to go to the niners because they like candlestick when it was Ken Norton and and rod Woodson and Deion Sanders they wanted to ring dating go for the stadium. But the one thing I keep hearing is that all the new revenue on the new building. Look you look at Miami you look at a Pittsburgh you look at Minnesota on this day the and on the bottom third. In in attendance. And so this is the way it works with a new stadium Monta. You know you go 123 times and on the fort time some of these like you wanna go to the new stadium it's like I've seen it I've been there the a.'s stand song cool. So you have to win that's the bottom line if you trade Sonny you're basically giving up on next year to. There Woolsey if this is sunny Grey's last start we don't want assume anything but the trading deadline is next Monday. Regain its biggie with they would Joseph stiglitz of course a's insider for NBC sports. California also a lover buffalo wings will get a stalks a DA's wanted to tree down my right here immigrant publish over total. The lament for Greg problem Vontae hill Herman five point seven again.