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Good afternoon everybody on this great Tuesday afternoon just wanna start to show off by saying court powerful will be out today. Has some family things that he has to do with the family comes first here 95 point seven became so great will be back as soon as possible we do not want to miss this show he is fired up for. Football season as we all are so great hopefully will be back tomorrow but it's definite place at the last minute. With me Vontae hill is a one and only Rick Tuttle think he's so much for coming in at such short notice meant by that. What's up be it's great to be with the as Estonia before the show we should just say Greg Papa has the craps. Because now people are gonna say I hope everything's okay don't now he's fine. You're right about that I'm fired up to be here and waited some shows last football season so it's good to see you again and congratulations on that everything this is say your show now and I'm. Or were all very excited about -- excited beer over the next three hours. Yeah we have a functional member of the talk raiders we know you love your raiders are we gonna get right into the raiders right here at that started the arrogant. Jimmy Durkin it's wolf thirty from the Bay Area news group he'll be up there and apple covering everything about the Oakland Raiders about Gary Connolly OB Mel Fong who course checked our real joined. Jolo and did this morning and will play some sound from that interview later in this segment also talks and 49ers Carlos Hyde tittle. Apparently bake it cut. That's a hot rumor now and we know Joseph Williams at a U tolls more one cut and go guy that's better from his own system. We have some crazy numbers Carlos hard when he has the wind up when a quarterback is under center so we'll get to that it's wolf 45 Chris since. 1 o'clock of the Bleacher Report he's good friends what coliseum and then of course. Those comments from Matt Ryan recently about hey in the Super Bowl the placed into wanna come and we could probable. I don't know how much mayor even plans are how legitimate that is because. They had 283 lead Atlanta Falcons don't care about play calls it in slowly I don't care how fast they can beat the tortilla that three Matty ice don't play shinhan now. You need a lot of people to contrive to throw away that kind of thing and that's why once sometimes I think these teams. When they get up and can be colleges well even high school. You're about to win at all and then you look down your Jersey and you're like. When I'm wearing a Jersey of a team that's never done anything and you look at the team across Leo wait a minute they're the team Expos be winning and some think subconsciously. Just fault that's why like guys that stepped up when the bright light shine like I'm not a Yankee fan but Derek Jeter his career average went up. In the playoffs I like people who step up and as you saw the falcons collectively. Choked as a team. This clutch gene I love the clutching at 1230 this at 130. Mike Clancy covers of the Denver Broncos now. Rick we're we're breaking down AC Westchester we know this is going to be a dog fight this year San Diego is going to be a sleeper team Denver has their defense but there's a lot of turnover there. All that LA chargers I got used to that recount since San Diego and so not used to what's gonna happen to the San Diego. So. Let's well I still say Baltimore colts so if I. Well I won't fall we want that trophy ought to be playing at a soccer stand albeit the Alley galaxies arena and Carsten Charles in our bonds panel certainly ship 30000 deep there it Carson California so we'll talk to my cliffs will get a preview of the Denver Broncos. Then steals the first year head coach. Other gonna get away from his own running screening schemed. We're gonna go more power and still had a solid defense but Gary Kubiak is. Obviously is not carry Kubiak bill musgrave as quarterback coach up their Mike McCoy as he offered to coordinator and do. Out here in the Bay Area course we know about the trade rumors with sunny Garay. Also will get you'll stick with tarmac at this today. These are degrees last start in Oakland uniform opened Serrano. I hope not but it's burning a hole right now through the Billy Bean's pocket he just cannot wait to get rid of Sonny gray and I think it's a stupid move. He's got two more years of team control. People say always value is gonna go down I don't by that I mean Ben Zobrist was in Milwaukee are you got the top pitching prospect from Kansas City Inman I had. Last year with a daughter attic they were free agents he got three good prospect from the Dodgers. So they just they cannot wait to trade Sonny gray and it's gonna keep the system the systemic cycle. Of getting a guy drafting and developing and get into an all star status and then getting rid of them either before or during the. Does on with the race so we'll talk about that we'll talk about the serves which rights and got her start last night AT&T park in the three. McCain gave a six runs in the first two innings and go to Sochi blew an adult birds boy I would try to get a kick out of every game Watson at team target play baseball and the base running blunder by Brendan Bell his last two weeks. I've been atrocious his body language is bad. Arenas teams it stinks there's going to be moves made. And a front office try to paint the picture that hey. Ports weaker tool away from being in contention well I think Bruce butch your minds nearly eleven when Danny Glover said I'm too old for this asks Patrick all I think over applicant archer and I told dogs guides will talk aid we'll talk graceful Waltz targeted to. This whole fiasco and Cleveland. Mean just a year goals all good written down just a year goals all good. And all the sudden carrier wants out they can gate Jim Butler for energy and David Griffin LeBron James is on its order be an extra Eddie he's going that it was Stephen A Smith this is just a and that's all talk about that 145. And this reminds me of when people say all in all the wars of their healthy they're gonna win for the next five whatever. I always say there's something could come up and like what. This what if all of a sudden out of the blue staff says you know what I really don't like Katie takes too many shots and Katie is Bible you know what. I don't wanna be giving you the glory I mean we would be shocked beyond believe. But that can always happen so I saw the shuttle recovery and LeBron I'm like please don't let that happen here. Please don't let it happen but. This is ritual for women for Greg puppet last minute we take so much for Greg Greg will hopefully be back tomorrow Monta you'll hear immigrant puppet show afternoon delight and five point seven game. Rookies reported yesterday in Napa Rick yeah practice for practice starts Saturday. There's two rookies here who were on signs two rookies who. We are expecting to play a big role for this rigorous defense OB mullah followed a second round pick up the UConn and of course gearing Connolly now we know the cloud overcome these head here. The sexual allegations are sexual misconduct allegations back in Ohio. That hasn't been subtle yet how reject a real did say. That he expects both of them being can't bravery shortly here sound on Jack Peoria on will be no fun to Geary county. Nothing changed from from the way we feel about it we understand the process underway it will make finished up process that we feel confident about the decision we made in the person that we have what does the rules and construction are such that it is not a great concern now on our league I think of these these issues get all shortly and not join the team. That's the hope here because. Carly is expected to step in to fill one of us quarterback rolls one was shot Smith and course that TJ carry out their slot and Carl Joseph did battled some injuries but it. Obi telephone. I expect him to be a big factor especially in the nickel package 6444. He can hitch a guard tight ends a what's your thoughts first of all Rick. On Gary Colley situation does are you a little worried that he may miss training camp what does allegation over said. Well it's a mean gearing Conley picked to this day remains a really stupid pick because yeah I love the talent. But there's Ruben Foster there he might be banged up this this team still has no Mike linebackers. Or other places you could go. The thing that killed me was when Reggie said we did our due diligence I set right from him we didn't listen unless you talk to the young lady who accused on this. And she said one of two things number one. Let it never happened I made it up or two it did happen by knock in a press charges then you didn't do your due diligence if you talk to him. And his friends who were there. And his agent and his coach and his parents and they said he's not that kind of kid this didn't happen that's not doing your due diligence so this I'm sure the raiders thought would be long in the rearview mirror by now. I remember at the fox the rhetoric when the pick was announced. The crowd just fell silent because. You knew the risks by driving Gary Colley and there was a guy out of there from hellish future Davey is white. Who is also old guy who was expected to go in the top when he. Now he's you know now looks like wow two babies white babies should be distracted and then. Stay away from the noise that's Connolly can't play meals at top ten talent before this news broke but you think it was a bad pick. Does dude everything surrounding Garry Cobb. I have no problem with the talent he's the best corner on the team you can argue right now. Of course it never taken a snap but you might be able to make that argument just on pure talent but what all these red flags. I just think it's too big of a risk for a team that went all on four. And is on its way to another playoff appearance sell not gonna cry about it we'll see our Tom as you mention holding off on Lou. Really like this kid a lot of people thought he be a first round pick A work out freak but I got the talk to him that rookie mini camp. In Alameda and I said is it too simplistic to just say you're here to cover tight ends and he laughed and he said that's what everyone is telling me on social media. But yeah I'm going to be involved in all schemes that you and I Vontae now. That he's here to cover tight end up what I do the DB of that size and that's strain I'm looking forward to see you know be up there. I was. Impressed with OB to Senior Bowl Zito coaches say let me play on the outside and and cover receivers then and he does he's big and we know the fate rot you big receivers and NFL. He can't get asked his cool welcome today's NFL game. But Obi is a guy who could probably disrupt receivers off their routes with that initial jam so to be interesting to see what are rigorous move him around which up gondola fall. On edge are we gonna we had TJ carry here. Greg published on Friday and studio he talked about maybe they'll be a little more aggressive because we know the pressure outside a little Mac. The slot and there Mario it was junior was offered extended period time several with a seven sacks he had his moments. But. This defense is the one thing everybody is talking about because we know about the offense the linebacker position what's gonna happen there do you believe Marco lead. Who TJ carrier expects to have a big role on this team first and second down agreed to money deacons. It's gonna happen here with the middle linebacker position. Isn't a big deal. It is a big deal a first of all the blog on all things John gawker for San Diego. To me that that's not worth I mean that does nothing for me it just shows that they're trying to address things. Well what you've done is you've neutered Ken Norton junior now because you've given Madonna the title of assistant head coach. Norton knows that he's on a very very short leash right now. If Madonna can get things going in great but I don't like this two shafts thing it reminds you Liverpool with Roy Evans and Gerard Hui servant to give a shocker he figured out. But I mean July Jenkins is to me he's gonna play the will and you look right now at heaney and Corey James neither those guys can tackle on not heaney guy not a Corey James guy. At first I thought James I have some I've kind of given up on him. Mark I'll leave the the the rookie that's a lot to oust of a rookie right now. But yeah it is a concern because they didn't do anything about it it's like giants same Bobby Evans why didn't she get a left fielder raider fans saying why didn't you get him a lot. Backer now actually inject Dario did join. Jolo and is this morning his this is what Dario had to say about the linebacker situation. We've got some young guys that are excited about the opportunity to compete there. I think that we'll just let them compete let it work itself out we draft this young man. Mark hill and we got a couple of guys returning my core games and so you know little little little compete we've got some young guys chicken run and they're determined to learn and apply himself and let them compete and we're gonna grow older you know you got a couple wade through draft you draft high you can get a free agent and I didn't pay a lot of money or you can developing guys look at developing guys it will it'll continue to. To monitor what's out there as well about how aggressive the shooter and it. You know it's funny Monta is are your coach Treo that I just wonder if he goes into McDonald's an expert I am now number three Rosen resigned and I wanted Diet Coke. Is that his cadence every time he talks in. That's colts beat up just like let's let's just talk man's coach speak that's what we're gonna do now Perry Riley junior still out there. In free agency right now Wada for Cincinnati still out there Zack or is a guy who wants to come back he was all pro with the Baltimore Ravens. Any of those guys interest you Rick I I. I like Perry Riley because remember when he left Washington he was on the street on a Tuesday and then he started for the raiders on a Sunday and the almost never see that in the middle of the season. And when you look out the of the oral iMac reply I thought he was one of the better ones. So I don't know all I mean name that they have more knowledge on this than we do what I'd like to when I get to camp on Friday. If he's not dared to attack asked about that I might be is agent might be an attitude brought I don't know what it is but I am very surprised by that as well. Not very surprising there and we know about mark Kelly we know by courage as and they did try to doctor Zach brown Al's big name everybody wanna from buffalo and he did come in to visit peer leader wasn't enough money on the table. He goes to Washington play with the scans which the raiders will see. In week three now what surge are urging earlier. You did say of course for totals effort Greg propping your immigrant publish or afternoon delight and the five point seven game. On a hill minority said playoffs. Playoffs are expected playoffs raiders open season with three your first four games on the road. Playoffs HE calling it when you're. Right New England in Mexico Seton the second half of the schedule was loaded New York Giants coming into town the Dallas Cowboys wiping. We'll take its take a step back Richard Pickett playoffs. Are you dig playoff sorry well I'm I've always been a realist about the raiders and basically for the last fourteen years towers told people looked at knock on of the playoffs until last year. When I said this year I think there is a go nine and seven last year they played a lot better and I thought they would. Now your home for any value had one Connor cut disaster playoff game but now you're up there with the big boys. And there are no more excuses. And ice deal like you I'd look at the schedule an hour ago loss loss loss lock I love you were used on win win win right. And I like alludes that a lose that balloon that. I'm not even really looking at the schedule because now I guess I'll hold the raiders to a higher standard you are now 812 and fourteen. I no excuses about regressing you can only get better at this point there are no excuses. It would have been nice to win the last last year I just want to make sure they make the playoffs that's the most important thing bond today. But yeah I'm I'm not gonna look for any regression whatsoever you now have to win at least ten games or it's a disaster it's it's playoffs are boxed. And there's so much excitement coming into the season about the so Oakland Raiders team there's opponents were now circling the Oakland Raiders on your schedule. They snuck up on everybody yesterday in Newark air to cardiac kids or is a lot. Up and down games are beatable. The most complete game for the Oakland Raiders last season came. When Derek Karr was in Germany and India in this Indianapolis Colts game they dominated from start to finish. But there's a lot of games like the buffalo game Carolina game the saints game week one Tampa Bay game where they have like a million Turk a million killed easily in overtime come home so they're gonna have to be. Fresh start to finish in her first came to Tennessee for the third year running at the go to Nashville I think it's gonna set the tone let's go to calls here broke quick request ought to tool eleven. And free money want to talk raiders here we're we're total upon a hill a 95 point seven again was a 211. Bought it we haven't really. Something or during your when you're you're you're one. And Eric. Are you wonder who called for a man. On the raiders. Released eco on that mandate. You can go to mostly Europe and we play well. In the week pitcher like record as well. It can be dropped if he's. It will be tough and they say it's a majority office 211 even though you're in. He said I was at a chill drink of choice in junior high I don't know how old you are now public and shinji retired tool elevenths it's too early for that. It was conflicted guru is determined to correct at all. Right. And ever since that call to let him benefit noticed that. I just don't want to about their jury came in. I'm not out it would. A place while equal weight their welcome to crack down the ball art actually. It's good to note thanks to a letter from a phone call I wonder if he also hates the new most interesting man in the world. On you brought some up on ten about the raiders last year and can be and sneaky. The raiders last year. I'm needed to get over themselves in the first game in New Orleans and we went for it on to. And then thereon in every national show lookout cheeky we were we went for two. You know did and annals grundy is gone and it's we're so great. And the next week the falcons came in and spank the raiders as you saw him. And I think the whole thing was. You know on the big kid the but I can deal I can Wear big kid pans to and I can pull him off and on mommy well okay now you're a big kid now we got it. So they had to get over themselves and I said you no longer have to be so fascinated that we went for two hours so cool. Now Europe there are so you got to deliver. Yet no one especially since your walk. And out on your town but I think from a raiders that was really important because coming into the season there's a lot of excitement. Their car of the year before when he went seven and I'm room a lot of those losses. In our member Denver game receiving Chris Harris do Augustine and a session. Raiders dominated again for start to finish preterm overseas Kansas Kansas City Chiefs there was a lot of gains a blue late Chicago game. At Soldier Field when reports warning or an. The race so called coming into last season about the had to go for too because that defense was not stopping the saints in a big deal because it's unorthodox coaches are nervous to do things like that and del real wrist wrist at all. What for to any got it now you did follow up. The falcons game was atrocious that I smacked down and I agree with you I but he should go for too which is almost like a set of sort of being the stoic Andy Reid face and the raiders who parade. After they did that like it or wanna know warned first place. And yes we did need to graduate from blaming. An F sixteen for a pick six as well last suicide don't ever come to view it that I hated that he had Roberts I believe on Gerrard broke why. Now open on our winners longer when they used to throw at a south Roberts. I do not anymore believe he makes that team will become a call I thought. I think you'll make the squad self Roberts will be there we know about Cordero Patterson from Minnesota he's gonna have an impact on kick returns apart returns. SF Roberts is still there still bring in Jerry Cooke. A beast mode Marshawn Lynch is and so what's the expectations for office because he offense average over its way to game. Cheney reached the thirty spot because to beat the patriots you look at it like this. Richard also an effort Gregg popular group assortment five point seven game about a hill of course. I mean. New England got to be in division Greg Greg Greg and I talked about this wing was mounted division with the Oakland Raiders. You don't wanna have to go to Foxboro Stadium when a cease but you may hats. New England is that welded here bloated across the board defense offense special teams whatever. What can the raiders to. Who really take the next step offensively because they got to keep their foot on the gas pedal at will cause I think they're gonna have to score a lot of points to cover his defense cover for this defense early on what is relatively young secondary relatively young defense. What do you expect every office were. Well you make a good point I mean they're gonna have to outscored teams like it did last year the defense just hemorrhage points in hundreds and hundreds yards every game what 26 overall. And I'm not really worried about the the offense a couple of things I mean a thing about marsh on. He's not going to be a belt how you're talking about a guy that averaged like three point eight yards a carry two years ago he didn't even play last year. Bomb he he will he will be useful the great thing I like about marsh on. Is now that when it's third and two you know the mayor raiders might run. With the cage trained in relying and they gonna let Murray do it or not. Now Atlanta it's like hey it's certain to we have every confidence in our offense aligned to get those two yards with. With a win she's not gonna get thirty touches the game the one thing that concerns me with this fantastic offensive line you talk about the most. The highest paid senator and then the highest paid guards now people league in jacks and EKO. Is right tackle. Because they give a lot of money DOS and Howard they've flipped him around but they brought in the sky Marshall Newhouse. Who I guess right now is the starter. Now if you say Reggie how four excellent offensive lineman and one. Mediocre one I'll take it Marshall Newhouse played well Lester with the against all take it but I'm still a little bit concerned about how right tackles in a fit and right now but to mean 90% of my focus. Is this porous defense of the raiders. Porous defense are gonna have to play team defense and I'd give up the chunk plays that they gave up last seasonably last year they gamble 38 pass plays. A 25 yards plus brutal and you look at the teams that are coming in and the team that they have to play tennis he's gonna pro ball a little more. The Miami Dolphins they're gonna throw the ball around they have some studs or received a biopsy Parker Jervis Landry Kenny stills. The patriots we know are gonna put those great running backs and receivers and they add imprinting cooks. Has that is dynamic the cowboys are going to be their in LB a little more power but to New York Giants with their receiving trio that defense and that's secondary. I mean you're gonna give up yards in his NFL it Decatur city the rules cater to the offense there's no doubt about that they're gonna give up yards. Well what can they do to limit the big plays this too little Mac does he have too much on the shoulders should we expect all the Smith to be back at some point is I don't. I don't think he's plan another down on NFL Rick. Eldon Smith has done for all intents and purposes I really don't think he's gonna come back and you and if he did it's been so long I wouldn't expect him I mean I was really route from to come back I was thrilled when the raiders picked them up. As we ought to see what he did for San Francisco is actually fabulous at least on the field for a few years. I'm looking for a lot from reserve and as well knowing ended up at like seven sacks by the kind of came late. Cologne Mac can only play well according to all pro two years ago he was all pro at two positions they say you don't play one place that I. At a time that if you're if you are a offensive coordinator you're gonna attack the raiders are gonna attack come up the middle on the hook on the look ins because. Their linebackers can't cover anybody eagle on the flats a little shake and bake it especially when they get into their covers three. If they can just run right I mean listen Smith. And now arson they make a lot of money and that's why we were kind of hoping that they would pick a corner linebacker that can come in and start. They pick they got their pockets start but as we mentioned day he might and he can get to spend without being charged Ben Roethlisberger suspended without being charged and he's a whole lot all the bigger name. Then calmly so these are concerns but. I'm not concerned by Derek Karr everyone I've talked to said that he's looked fantastic. And the leg is completely healed and so that was a fluke play the only sacked and gave up all year it was a fluke plays and his fingers crossed because without car we know what's gonna happen. Absolutely we'll talk to Jimmy Durkin about all that OB Califano gearing economy when they expect to be up in Napa he's in Napa right now of course he's a raiders beat writer for the Bay Area news group Jimmy Durkin. We join our tea break right here on agricultural afternoon delight and five point seven again. Now back to grad pop let Infante hill I 95 point seven in the game. You know really really talented. Core that people playing man or zone he's. Football junkie. And lo he loves to compete in. Well well respected with the people who I've spoken to personal about him. That loves to compete good teammate and a really quality kid he's got great length speed. Rude with a strong work outs about the spring and in the state that the source what was really clean players that you know fortunate to get him so here they. First round. Course as raiders head coach Jack bill Rio speaking about. Hearing Conley who is yet to step on the field he still wants China as a reporter to Napa quite he would do. Whose sexual assault allegations over his head back in Ohio. Course to jagr real joined Jolo and did this morn as well. It's talking about calmly talking about open all be mellow fondle as well loses defense they have some big holes. At middle linebacker we don't know about the pass rush but we'll get all that insight from the Bay Area. News group raiders beat writer Jimmy Durkin has been kind enough to join party Hillary tittle her immigrant publish a 95 point seven a game and Jim this is here right into it Garry Connelly. Obey mollify we'll still missing how. Quickly do you expect and the being rigorous training camp. Yeah I mean I would expect him off on what really don't get why aren't signed be on Alec even no real mention this morning that. It has slotted contractors who are not a whole lot to negotiate with those heels well. Indian mean. It should be Corey applied the fact that no we won't be kind and I'm sure would would Conley. You know they would like to have let the the charges you know have been allegations cleared by the time they've gotten out of line in the penal that. It does escalate you're not getting him under contract but. Yeah they're they're gonna wanna gamble works rather than later so even yet they don't quite get in what apple with the eight. I would think by next week. Actually start training camp and other rookies Europe and I went 60. I would think both into the yup they're ready ago. Market beat her complaint maybe stirred up. Yeah Collie is expected to start alongside Sean Smith I want cornered us reason why was brought a it was a top ten talent before the allegations and Obi is expected also. Have a big role for this team summed up linebacker position here Jimmy. But Corey James I hear mark Kelly is making a big impact he may have a role in there then there's a July Lee Jenkins. What do you expect to come out of this middle linebacker position here Jimmy. War I mean I would think chink in Espionage Act at 34. Career starts when and you bought an entry he wanted to hear you know that the if you move that they need on defense and create you'd think he competent starter you're weak side linebacker. Or bad could that Mike's spot you can be really like a cork in his. Haven't for a little while last year. On and then they went down Bryant. You know Perry Riley. Mark Kelly even gadget he's he's he looks kind of apart. You know these big and strong. We'll see what what he can do you know they're still eating well. The county children watch at the end when he did he. They are really excited about it and go out. Can you all got beaten. Up movement antenna gain on TV at the apple cup a week maybe it yet they. Media give up the chance that they're in the power of the latter but you know I kind of maintained that I'm still not convinced. Gags start at middle linebacker maybe not be one of the guys start to the Latin actor with team. Somewhere down the road might not yet be on the proctor they're gonna you keep checking that we acquire. And they check back in Perry rightly pointed if you decide that the money righted the comeback but. And here they're going to be gallery in the C pick it up a couple. We had Jimmy it's Rick here and it's amazing to me that this hasn't been addressed yet Delaware works out and Reggie is favors if for some reason mark Kelly go straight from Wake Forest. Starting at MI linebacker but like I wonder you know how Germany plays the Sammy mostly puts his hand in the dirt. I don't know if he could be an option because delicate Jenkins you're right I see him as a well. But how do we know that he's not just another road Shura Lofton are you know another ray ray Armstrong do you have faith in this guy. Yeah I mean he he got a not particulate poignancy what you can do obviously. In missile but it kind of upkeep of programs well. Site you know. They think oh hugely valuable about bringing in you know. They've gotten a lot of money that they aren't on Garrett at that position ranking in Jack no Rio and. And Reggie Evans played depositions and court made it feel like they can get Diet Coke stopped at the play well and not get. Yes especially with and the best in the popular pick developed awkward conflict you know they have been Angela Park where there are six he beat out there on the Caribbean that kinda. Capital One will be a little bit of a hybrid of the safety slashed linebacker. And so. There'll be more likely to match up that is taking on the exit matched these guys. You know may give you played in their topic that community what you guys and they're. Be 120 tackle middle linebacker. You know you look at Joseph Hart award and the high pick that he was. I'm looking at him at though TA is that look like maybe he was hobbling and next thing you know. We we hear that he had surgery and now he's I guess is gonna miss all of camp at this point what what does that do for the the plans now on the on the defensive line is I guess that would be good news. Two by the Dendy Daughtry is of the world and you know maybe a Darius lane at some guys like down. Yeah and it certainly puts a little extra pressure that anymore opportunity. For the guys you know. Utley and that it will not. Robert Brown you retreat on have to restock and that they. The end of that meeting him he would get first team reps from the heat and the white. With a few guys out weekly standard what a lot participate chippy with you feel label still in session. So there is their guy and you know we all know people like IPO. A lot of guys if you can if you get production manic panic I keep them ration. You know I think ward with a guy probably a lot more now last year that the reader he'd expected. Certainly part of that injury Mario Edwards junior he could about that you hope that that Edward PayPal Ian. That you can kind of app that a lot and walk down and we're playing well and quite often. That you can mix of action auction that kind of it really development a lot of plays he's got a knack for not a good pass in the line of scrimmage and if he's done some good and the time that if he'll eat yet the issue with that. With the injury last year in training camp but if he can be healthy in tablet wouldn't let me be. That he can panel that more oval. Jim Durkin raiders beat writer for the Bay Area news group kind enough to join us here immigrant puppet show up in the light bouncing hill Rick tittle. We're talking raiders' training camp analysts look over to the other subtle full on the biggest news there. It wasn't Jericho exciting but I which I thought was a very underrated singles Marshawn Lynch beast mode he comes in to replace Batavia is Marie. What kind of when can we expect the similar workflow that look TVs Murray had a with a 195 carries last year or will just be game by game the Florida game weathered a raiders are behind and they go what. The artery Washington and jailer was sharp what can we expect from Marshawn Lynch this season and raiders uniform Jimmy. Yemen I think if he can give them but similar stat line it would they'd be you know 190 let Kerry. Yet last year what 800 yards in that in mediate in the called Kutztown I think it's. Big bat at a I can pretty happy I think he proved to be a guy that. It really good around the goal. Someone well between us down range and immediately you're like that get under article one scored a lot England it. If they can. Get lead early and be able you can aware now decrypt it in the second half and to use that physical while. Running ability that he had I think that you would want to use that you know you're not gonna wanna Wear them not to want to overuse them but. The department. Of all equal in a product crowd he'd get by I think that. That might have a drive him to not to run over actor tackler to. Adding that it be on the want to leave it to respond client. Yeah in the Covert black especially in the call and let. You don't want over them but it is the pact that would decrypt our our that you used to kind of Wear them down. Will be that typical runner that being mean you know I think it's going to be an acquisition form. Todd downing new offense coordinator for Oakland Raiders we know you as a quarterback colts last year and Derek Carr it down and have a very good relationship with each other Mark Cooper scratchy day comeback Cordero Patterson he's espy's her. One was self Roberts then you have Jared Cook. And Lee Smith coming back a tight end what will the biggest difference. Be in this office this year under Todd downing will we see more no huddle what we see more power what do you anticipate with Todd downing. Call them plays this year for the Oakland Raiders. Well I think one thing they will try and say you know leave a little more power run in the trying to you know that was critically at Del Rio had built bunker and the they went away at a time that I think that was probably part of the conversation with oddly when promoting and that. They would like to see that board and certainly don't numbering in March on begin in the power back help that. I would be applied to the going to a little bit more now although I know they wanna give your car a little bit more control the opposite feel like you are dead certain. Still you can go to that now. And let him call the plate let him. Kind of he would he sees it in and pick the right spot to take chances that I. You know even get that he'd been so good at protecting the ball well still mean that wouldn't make it played that. You know they have the confidence in him let him go out there and rebuke that little bit I would expect that you know I I think. Talk about Jared Cook and that kind of been a huge acquisition like I could really be a good one because you just won't be. We have not you can program it looks like they're gonna have a real over the middle let their tight end. But they haven't had so our arch and I think big event that connected quite a bit that maybe they can open a bank over the battlefield drone the cut. You wonder what that's given duper Mark Cooper Crabtree out on the regret they it's often in the past singing could actually be quite a bit better last year. Jimmy you mention Eddie van or does and I think everybody outside Auburn was a bit surprised the raiders took him. In the third round and remember seeing him at rookie mini camp basket about how he. Lost all the way I thought it was very undersized for an offensive tackle that I lost my the people is so that they actually like him. Now that he says is skinnier but I and that antiquated rule UCLA is just too funny. That they are in session so he didn't get the practice. Like he's gonna take a final or something and anyway. With the raiders front a little more 34 out of Big Three four guy like middle linebackers accelerators one Super Bowls that I Reggie Kim lost the nose if they put jelly and at the nose is that where you see banner does kind of taken minutes when jelly is not on the field. Yeah absolutely you. And it is it important. It is you know it kind of trimmed up little away about 340 that he claimed that last turn to you more about. No 300 arranging to meet the demand side. You can panic on those in the showed an ability to be able abstract than that you get in those before. Packages in your you can you can move them around and get it inside and outside EP at that have flexibility they love. You know really meant a lot more electric Junior Seau debuted at the guys that. You can play both inside and outside the Pentagon back there and in being able to do what little movement around the and just you know being that would mix and match to pass on that it is. Well there because department it'll like just. They UK Europe purity and your tackle they wanna have these guys that move around in each England do a lot of rotating. Tarmac. Have not need to happen. It'll come down bikini meekly we need to at our current period collate it and have a bomb last year. And that he you know and he's certainly an article on into. Jimmy Durkin raiders beat writer for the Bay Area news group breaking down the Oakland Raiders as we hate and head into training camping gear ready produced only seventeen. NFL season a lot of expectations up there in Napa Jimmie we'll see up there next week will take the show won a rolled will catch up with you hopefully next week Jimmie thanks somewhat from time. Jimmy darkened area news group raiders beat writer and Solso thing during a segment here. We thought Oakland with the lineup changes and hate lineup has been changed a skating. It's made them stay how the day's BA's Seattle based steel case they made a mistake the. Okay yeah because of that just put the fear one of the good lord Rana. I think that that's Sonny had been dealt to during the show. I lower the gamer can sake it was treated out of the on deck circle. Yeah I don't wanna go through that again I'll let me cry when I'm off the air and who would we have Rick total meltdown if that happens I wouldn't melt down hard but I would get rid. I would get really really upset. Album I wouldn't break stuff I don't wanna get fired over it I don't break out there opportunity we need telephone plus three set this reset here talk 49ers here. Others big news out of Santa Clara yesterday there's a rumor. About Carlos hi potentially. Being cut we'll discuss its rich and went for Greg pop up on Bob tail here immigrant publish a weapon in the light and five point seven game. Now back to grad pop let Infante hill I 95 point seven in the game. He's aware program that matters are right now someone looked at beside vaccinated whichever team between the niners and the rams. Sweet the other will probably be get a flight four playoff spot with a belt out. Yes tells Eric Davis yesterday and Greg publish you afternoon delight her many five point seven game. By tea hill pre tittle shall live for Greg Koppel who we hope is okay and will be back tomorrow. Eric Davis. It's seeing comets there. I don't see announcing the Fort Myers William Moore to six games they're Davis was a lot more confident. CNN who were personally to each other will be at the Dallas Cowboys were the last playoff spot yeah that's why else I know why. Arts. Listen Dante I Lovie and we work together are part of the day one here it's 111 when we first start of the station love on many might be right I mean worst the first happens more. In the NFL than any other team but death and the niners have so much hope. That they haven't had that since Harbaugh laughed led dead now they're not gonna playoffs this year it was just be realistic. It's his be realistic DPP Dave defense has improved the offense will be a lot better because Kyle Shanahan is a great offer to gain caller. He knows how to game plan very well we saw that with the Atlanta Falcons despite what happened there late in the fourth quarter. But the big news coming out SEC and that there's a report saying Carlos Hyde. May be sleeper cut in training camp. And a lot of people. Her arms up in the air Eric orders an uproar all colonels title while police so good he's so fast but this is this is the reason why. Carlos Hyde since high school. In any went to Ohio State they want you replace senator Jim council. And Chip Kelly he was lined up in shotgun that was yards per carry splits are. Astonishing here in a pistol shotgun. Carl's heart averaged five point two New York to carry a season ago. Oh when quarterback is under center. Which we expect in this offense what Kyle Shanahan does only blocking scheme that we saw in Denver all those years and in Houston with Texans and Gary Kubiak. He ever Stew re point three yards a carry Rick three yards a carry when a quarterback. Was under center now there's a couple of reasons that I saw the lack of vision and finally running lanes because when you're in the shotgun pistol you get the ball and you tell. You explode is only got to be patient is already scheme you gotta be patient got to fight to hold you to go is all there but it may be outside may be inside. So Carlos Hyde. And you. You really think about this the forefront pick out you talk Joseph Williams was a one cut and go guy. He he ran Shanahan scheme it you talk he may be a better fit would you be surprised that they actually cut Carlos hi from the 49ers were. I will be surprise and remember Greg Knapp told us in Oakland that it takes three years to learn as CBS which I think is the dumbest thing I ever heard you can learn the Delaware double wing and a week. If you have good coaching. But what I heard this all I could think of was. They're just sick of I'd be in birdie tours MCI all he's in the last year of his rookie deal. They're not gonna Cologne Mac him though so maybe they'll say let's just do this now and it also made me think about Tim Hightower who they brought in May be right maybe they really liked how he is looking. And the all go hightower. And Williams look in the NFL if you're the least bit injury prone you're always on the chopping block cell. I'm a big Carlos Hyde guy when he's healthy I think he's fantastic sell I think it would be dom to cut down but then again if they wanna save money they could do it. And foreigners also breeding Capri bids from Denver who knows a scheme well attend high towers into Sudan because he finished the year strong. Down in New Orleans basically took mark England's job. It wouldn't surprise me. I would be more shocked that they just outright cut carnal side because I do think there's value there you can trade Carlos hi to a team now we knew we do know running backs of value here. Has been dipped now on the last two dress we've seen Ezekiel illegal in the top five. We saw a guy at a LSU winner for met. Gone on the Jacksonville on top to and so running backs are starting bid valued a little bit more here. But Carlos Hyde he's one of your most explosive play makers on that side of the ball I don't see anybody else that's MacDonald Peter song is. I don't think he's in his prime anymore he's a serviceable guy who knows Kyle Shanahan system and they need to run a bit special Brian Hoyer at quarterback and if he gets hurt then you have Matt Barkley. So you have all the hats that you can have especially behind this. Very. An experience off its blind here Rick what do you think about the wide outs being gar Sonnen mark he's good when that your starters don't feel good about it. You like the fullback but all the consonants I think he'll be good blocker will be okay. If you are right I do like to fullback is Kyle used to it right deluge check on her Baltimore he's very good he solidly onitsha. He's a grammar. He's in that mold of Warren's own illness and gas to come up to smack you. So we're gonna have to run the ball a little bit more so I think I think the report is preposterous I think it a day cut collar tied to be a big mistake I'm not saying he's you know he's gain changer he when he's healthy. He punched the ball very very effectively. But like you mentioned Rick. Knocking the franchise tag him after the season. They'll probably just let him walk because running backs coming diamond doesn't in today's NFL so we'll talk to Chris says more about that who's really close what Kyle Shanahan of course. As we segue here we'll talk about Super Bowl and the Atlanta Falcons. Point that's when you could three lead and Matt Ryan had some very interesting things to say about that the play calls coming in slowly. Our people about well I don't know right now what I know. There are a lot of people specially Atlanta that are conspiracy theorists and believe me as a lifelong raider fan I've heard all can spears and I do believe and a couple of whom. Let's when it comes to that game I don't think anybody was on the take this thing that was an ultimate. I choked and they you know what either look at a guy in the championship like guy Louis and Houston. Five slamming Gemma second half let's just slowdown we have the lead on why would you go away from what got you there and you could say Shanahan it's like. He didn't wanna go away with Korda why am I gonna slow this down a star run the ball. When we have this big lead and of course when you lose our business say because you idiot so hindsight is Tony Tony I don't think anybody was on the take. Tom I got a chance to forcible fifty miles on radio row. Matt Ryan sat down on me he's one of the nicest guys that are mad and faux pas was really written form last year except when you by others. I was really -- forum and of course the MVP. Had a at a absolutely great year but. Yeah I mean you're gonna wait until training camp to start complaining about what happened in the so I guess all these things get on earth you know you sit on it all off season and it's like now that I think about it. Yeah we did throw away the one chance we ever had to uterine. Let's discuss Matt Ryan's comments about Kyle Shanahan. Would also discuss Carlos Hyde's position and in his 49ers offense with the Bowie Bleacher Report NFL analyst Chris Simms of course former NFL quarterback to debate bucks is an assistant with the patriots also. Texas university Texas number at Angel too well ruptured spleen and we'll speak to Chris sense here on the Greg puppet show afternoon delight as were two willful and for Greg problem Vontae hill here on an five point seven game.