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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
Bonta & Guru in today for the Greg Papa Show! They are joined by Chad Brown, continue the conversation on CTE, & the caboose pistol with a Papa....Derek Papa. 

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It could go to go to yard line. There's a play action city itself goes back. That's right I was lash your New Year's Day Woodard division and fell through Oakland Raiders hands and went to Kansas City Chiefs and of course are raiders had to go to Houston. For a wild card game that we know what happened there in Denver defense is gonna be a good one and who better talk defense. Did Chad Brown former linebacker. The Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks of course what Pittsburgh used. Part of that Plattsburgh defense Levon Kirkland. In his honor to talk to Chad Brown who's our radio analyst. What to Denver bronco was going on Chad thank you so much for joining me Greg publish O here many parts of the game under guru Johnson by say Hillis is get right into it. That defense in Denver despite a coaching change looks like it's gonna be strong. Again it's 117. I think it really will be in the have known. My former caught he made Bannister and you can go to the Broncos are Smart god recognizes that the stripped of that team so by placing. The coordinators this year we're in Joseph wood and coordinator. Didn't do. And they can't cute cute things are similar while we can a little bit. The Broncos secret Capcom the issue curling games last year there were a little too predictable. An early part bookings so outside of that changed. I think it's still going to be the no fly zone back in the secondary. And Bob Milligan got a quarterback cup car. Right you mentioned Joseph woods who has been with the Broncos for two years oblique cause in the secondary mainly as you mentioned a secondary would credit rally Kobe Chris Aronson. The key to leave TJ ward Darian Stewart they're gonna be solid as ever that is a tough secondary but Shane gray now. Spotlights on him he's gonna basically replaced DeMarcus Ware who is injured prima often last season. Chain crazy ready to step up to be opposite of Obama because he can't rush the passer we know what he did. At Missouri then we came to Denver really slipped in a Broncos and attract shangri looks like he's ready for breakout season hurt Chet. I think you're the great great opportunity former pass rusher the job. I know almost that your job is when you have another. Question on the other side machinery will certainly benefit on the double team that Bob I was going to draw. In which and it would over the last couple Hughes and he's already Q. Step up to a bigger role now that you kill democracy wears used democracy we're going to be all sanctioned rape not quite that level right now. But I certainly. You can be a double digit fat guy with a double broncos' other going to be aggressive currently has had been captured. The creature advanced. That is great is a Denver bronco defense is its its struggle against Iran it times mainly against the raiders are a member of the Sunday night game in here. I'm as a former defense of player did that shock you at all. Now is big in the for. As they gave him that they lost. God created treaties from the year before. It's simply a stronger on the deal will come back this year will be factored in Atlanta defense. The got a bit more. Followed. I've linebacker position that also help. But I think the biggest thing is going to be. Just simply need more offensive firepower. To career with a bit of a leading. So teams can always issue their running game as you know over allotments late enter into ball. Luster offered. Mean where they work. There was no time where he offered Wells Fargo prepared to put the a potent offense in June predictable topics and situations. So that you can really going to be mostly. Despite having better players are better player linebacker position. In the impact spot it's mostly going to be helped by more offensive production. And more scored by the. It Chad Chad Brown joins us here. On a Greg publish on any five point seven game gear to guru Johnson filling in for Greg pop on Bonser hill and you mentioned how the Broncos lost a couple guys who were. Malik Jackson was a big name that really left the season ago joined with. Assigned double to Jacksonville Jaguars and Andy brig and Domata Peko tackle for Cincinnati he's now when to fold Gil played at. The division could be bears they're very easily. You know it's a bit there's. Can. Slash. The raiders aren't your car emerge at the bench you know special quarterback and you know well it's going to be a battle and you know majority leader. Huge injury blog last year they can remain healthy. In a lot I don't think they will win the division actually have a chance to upset subdivision opponent long wait so. It would be. A year and if you last year the Broncos out of the question mark off the ball. I think these sort of deeper into the issues each no the raiders again though. Also will be our album debuted and how much improvement community that you can camp pretty. Make a certain topic which now and it'll make. A healthy roster so. I think B block those people here in Denver you know half street debacle but they recognize they look at the landscape if you left that it's not gonna be very easy this year. You're exactly right and with the new beef it's coroner Joseph woods as you mentioned not mean things will change and had 34 scheme they should be as physical they should be frightening in the secondary. As they ever was that the last 56 years let's look over the offense knows reported earlier today. By ESPN insider Adam chapter match ever seen in will be the first quarterback to take first team reps. Paxson lynch will get a chance to practice with the starters how would quarterback position play out this season from Denver Broncos. It RP communion is going to in the hot mentioned you know I'd Caribbean. Earlier in the field there have been later. Trevor immune I think they fine quarterback. Bush he's very safe doesn't cross ball downfield and really put a lot of pressure on the defense. Was excellent I had an opportunity to. Call them in games that interest asphalt improvement you made. From year to year you can make that kind of a lead from last year and this year I think early on the field. Probably in the morning that coaching job on that quarterback job. With the number. Former play callers they have on that. Oracle's offer of staff. Mike McCoy often quarter was watching head coach to call plays. I think they'll come up with some creative ways you. A lot factor in what could become the guy to be aggressive. Also you know keep it with me as well as quarterback not too much scratch. Had not only are you a former player but to play the game at a high level when you see reports about CTE. How what what goes to your mind do you think the NFL it you know you could see pierce not having their kids sign up for football. I think it's already been a football number the numbers are down about a conductor can Christian. Quote board across the country war will use global and Patrick how concerned are. Armed with heavy on her mind. These studies that have been headlined the last couple days. I begin very very unfair. Study and the headline news. Also particularly. Unfair to put all these were all players who act. Significant issues. And so if you look at their boring chants aren't going to be something wrong with their brain you'd be like looking back now deliver. A hundred alcohol anymore by none of laborers well. You know it people helped obstacle to find more problem I would just ask. The Gene Upshaw. Memorial golf tournament can't go out and Lake Tahoe couple weeks ago there were sixty. Former players all the same guys most guys for the long long time. And I betcha your pick example built the result would be be exact opposite of disparity that being applied across the country so. I'm not as beat GE did not I'm not denying that we have to continue to. Take steps to make the game sleeper. Make the Mall of America called with what law but I think that steady presenting a picture that's not. Really accurate. And end frames the issue in a wave that is unfair. You know football news fantastic. Developer. So when these values. That we admired and Americans that we admire as employers. Artwork talk. Discipline. Sacrifice himself for the ball bold kind of things. You know the game UGU and sport mom to be would be scared for little tribute to play football because. Two guys completely gained decade to decade ago. Up from the issues. Should and I came into lessons and not recognize that in a pill and also Arctic and should step. To make a McCain's better better equipment better tackling coaching techniques. Have their planes or is it better so when things are better than what they were decades ago so. I do think we have. Oh wait to go steps that need to be taken not denying. It he's got issues I just think we your American games safer and we epic Cotchery. Will be worse off if all you don't talk more about wondered football and beat mostly boys and girls these incredible life long lesson that laugh or faster time on the field. Chad Brown former Colorado buffalo former Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks and now analysts on the Denver broncos' radio side joins us here and Greg Papa shall. Articulate her glory Johnson and was just continue to conversation before we ship up. Back over to the Denver Broncos. I don't know you personally chat I don't know whether or not you have kids. But is that a big thing in your household if you did that kids into little play football because we've been discussing. Guru here he would let his kids play football at the peak about it. But I did play football and I don't regret. Play I love the game alone being part of it always and still be plan now would you how how resistant would you be of letting your kids play football. Elect someone will be seeing your comfort pressured politics you play blu freshman year. In high school. In the end she didn't love the game. And book also have to play a large covered true Bob passage work. But I had. No no concerns. Completely well you know defeat treaty issue. In fact he never had a head injury on the field he. Got a concussion lean into form back cherry class. Chair so you know life has its writ to. You know kick ball up like. Women's soccer has higher concussion rate. Football yet no ones clamoring to ban women soccer so I think football become fairly easy punching back. Are somewhat in the media. To paint a picture but I think he's not actually accurate. But to answer question mark on her desire to play after it's. Our. I actually would allow. My wife. You know that was the one who pushed him to play. You know longer and not put in the play out of former players are obviously difficult for your children cute. Can step to yourself I recognize that moment like spot all the benefit that I talked about earlier. And how he you know continue to learn those lessons typically high school kid. So she pushed in the play. And in I again I think. Understand. You know. I want concerns. I would recommend that become a little bit more educated about issued. Not fault or the headline. And and creeping Wednesday as they really are a game that's. Definitely try to take huge steps toward domestic perspective. Game sport what it was just five years ago the last two years I've done coaching internship. In the NFL. And the technique. They're they're taught the deference and coaches have to be trying that medical staff now particularly head injuries it's it's huge beat protocols places so. Things that are placed now to protect the players sometimes even problems so. So we don't have the repeat of what's going on out all the players and issues to players in the generation should not have issues in the future. Chamber opera can bounce TTE and this is going to be talking port for many many years as we move into the future delicious stuff. Shift back over to the Denver Broncos and you mentioned you had cause to instill some of Mike McCoy formerly of the San Diego Chargers now LA chargers in bill musgrave will be called to the quarterbacks up close he offered to coordinator and opened last season. This offense they're gonna go away from ad's only running scheme that Shanahan brought to Denver hitting Gary Kubiak of course ran in Houston and then in Denver they went Subaru role fifty. A CJ Anderson is still around Jamaal Charles is there look at four spot Dovonte Booker. How will this offense change from last season we're gonna see more powerful ball out of Denver more running and you still have the studs on the outside to merits Thomas and an end of Sanders. It's going to be number one of those real kind of enjoy being used to talk to a lot. Offered to line. Illumination for the last couple years for the Denver Broncos so they didn't have the a line that really run that zone blocking team so I'll be. Coat their line up this year out they're able to get those guys are simply a new offer to block from last year to gel together quickly. Durable these first round pick at all to tackle. Block and count Colin from Dallas so there's a number of new parts and to get up to speed. Pretty quickly to be able to run the ball early in quote young quarterbacks. A young quarterback's best friends and their running game two they can avoid. You know storage and their twelfth situations and confine themselves and bird for our beat him. Don't know what our our football so that's going to be really important part as well as he talked about the boat guys on the golf coach. They've all been pretty creative in the past. Trying to come up with schemes secretary Mexican band of their personnel. Or Gary Kubiak it was pictures that you were on the range systems and I wouldn't go on how you feel you ought. Played against the Denver Broncos look back about a couple years it's exactly the same system for musgrave. Or Mike McCord there are a lot more flexible flopping don't look at how that they have particularly how well at all until one group generally call played according to. Not those players into the bowl. Campbell the current players. I think we'll be much more successful tradition. That ought to be. Chad Brown will get chatting here with this when I know you touched on the division LA chargers are sleep in our people our people slipping on LA charges we do you know about my. Williams are first round pick we don't know whether or not he's gonna play this year due to the back injury Kansas City. Last year's AC west champions is they lost Jeremy Maclin they may take a step back and saw the turmoil in the front office. And in Oakland Raiders were hearing a greater country this is a flagship for the Oakland Raiders there's a lot of hype operation and assault but their question marks honesty cancel ultimately. When we look at week seventeen the first week in and NFL playoffs. Who'll be the top dogs in AFC west I know it's early we haven't got tray can't yet but what is your gut feeling here about the AC west. Yeah I will the cabinet on victory early appropriate major injury or should Borger training camp there's. We're asking though oddly you know upset the apple cart effort. Think the pop actually of the raiders. Unremarkable 12 as well. That the red carpet what six step forward. Dare call it another step toward Iraq clearly. The hot team late in the season last year until their cart and they can pick what they left off to get some improvement before. What they're big all of them live on Altamont are publicly held certainly had them go last copiers to. Do we more. Attacks more than packaging kind of attack and curly on the field last year when that readers often cannot just. The Broncos defense I think that the formula that most teams just don't have a physical response to pitch and they try to come up with schemes. But they've drafted players to be smaller more coverage kind of guy that defensively. And when you go down bully packet except my. Denver Broncos. I thought there's very few teams that bill. That can adjust and adapt stop that type of all the raiders play that way. I feel good being that the clear leader when there's. Just made a lot of raider fans happy hour here in the Bay Area Chad thank you so must first round between the Broncos or raiders will be October 1 week for. At mile High Chaparral that you so much for to time this is a fun fun genetic. And certainly on god. Appreciate you know I'll come back Coca we have got. Absolutely we'll Duffy have you back on here and Greg puppet show Chad Brown former NFL linebacker. Rushing the passer and a Plattsburgh beacons Lamar cardinals have some very very fun teams to watch of course then moved on to the Seattle Seahawks put page as well. It's just covers an Airbus tells you where you see the phone lines searchable in 9579570. Everybody wants to talk about CT now so let's go ahead and tackle it actually but. Before we do that. Just Denver broncos' radio analyst pick in the raiders to win the division. We've had two guys now pick the raiders to win the division even noticed Broncos team I'm looking out on on paper. I'm having nightmares now about a no no more than. Inconsistent quarterback play which tires that defense out and did you hear him skate at the raiders. And they did this they bullied debris uncles Toledo and here last year and Oakland that's when house like whoa. A risk Wall Street's high wrestles certain down their throats or river at one time he did pats at Donald Payne which. He went nuts. To tell all he was plan. One of her cue ball run the for good ball because that off it's a blind then he gear really really nasty so we get another guy picked in the Oakland Raiders. To win AFC west who believe the defense take steps forward and it softens will be. More potent running period a year ago. Chris got to be feeling good right now let's go lots of phone calls or let's go up there Ryan. In Castro Valley he wants to talk CTE here agricultural bonds into it by points of the game are right. Another month ago. Good good good good good. I saw. They draw applicable law. Vietnam. The super colossal oh. It's our role I play well again. Now. At a lot of these kids think about that way because. You know at a pivotal game and big money. I understand. It. The money is great but you play because it up again if you take the risk peninsula again. You develop again and topic or. We've got trial will want your Josh and Oakland he wants to talk CT immigrant public show what's your take on CT Josh. I. ET. It's. Let it. Can. Opt. Out on it. We're. Fair and what. And here. I'll. You're quite a while it looked more like they all ought. To get spooked. Oh late late single LRC east Indian health help. In mind. Here. Player like top players like I'm at an all out beat your contract that million. Look and yeah it it shouldn't be got to make it's that. Widget like. It's it's here. Why. Chip away at it like lip out the that they can really became speaker everything flat out due to player complain. You know Martin in sports betting it's no I don't. I'm not at the bag while. You have to be it a complete aptly played it to expect mock rock. Absolutely thanks reform always know what he was trying to say here happy to get out a little belly and in baseball audio. You can have you can be a little out of shape that's what they say Padilla fighting to play once you've seen two baseball you don't realize that it's fat mental grind. As well as physical. I'm together some innings where you just and to run they are good stiffing your cold because there's no action coming your way. You still have 162 all the travel. Comets and apart these guys are apart. It'll say the gays have a seven a five game these guys are the market O o'clock A Richard yeah you know what we mean it when you watch NBA basketball game or football game it's nonstop I mean you know football the whistle you get right Baghdad it. Baseball you get that. And we just take a breather. Let's take one more phone call before we reset go on to the next six segment breakdown is C. Copper says hold the AC got to American assets she wants to talk CTE here immigrant pop missiles going out tomorrow. High on line. And pardon my dad about it actually and you know like. One. Organizing it and thank you termed it in some communities are terrible so if you've come from an area. Or group that and that Clayton more by on athletic ability more than anything. And that kind of what you're iron on the whole time and with the cost of tuition going to college continued we rising. That might be the only option. Ago. No you know and then on the collegiate level settlements on income alumni how much revenue comes into the cool. Which is directly linked to were all alone and I don't think that's a ball. Over the going anywhere and acted like declared a public health issues and and focus on and Monday the money it brings and somehow diminishing it. I salute thank you for the phone call in the NFL we know is a revenue juggernaut. Their ratings juggernaut even though ratings were down last year recent dominate on the intriguing and so much income. So yeah I don't think four balls one anywhere I don't either I don't know but the numbers are down. There's more a little there's more kids playing soccer or kids now playing lacrosse in the NFL will feel that brunt. Years down the road so yeah I'm sure they're trying to teach new techniques I don't know if you saw the report yesterday the teams in the NFL got the new helmet. You know like Dan might you don't help alleviate you you know collisions. They're trying emit heat equipment has better callers hang on the lines we'll get to your calls and excitement segment here immigrant puppet show sponsor hill Durham grew Johnson. Here on and five point seven again. Now back to grad pop let in Vontae hill I 95 point seven they game. Again I think. Understand. Everyone's concerns. I would recommend that become a little bit more educated about issued. Not fault or the headlines keep things as they as they really our game that's definitely try due to acute steps toward domestic perspective. Gangs are bigger than what it was just five years ago. I was Denver radio analyst and former NFL outside linebacker Chad Brown. Discussing CTE. Here immigrant pop a shoulder to grew Johnson felon and for Greg pop on Bob tail here many five point seven game and we're rolling along here. Ari 230 guru. And a big talking point and a note that this was gonna hit off for not but the new CT sturdy make a football. Look more dangerous to the mass audience and a lot of people of China and now whether or not to have and her kids play football solicits go right back to phone calls her to blade are 579570. Let's start her off a role in Richmond he wants to talk CTE. And Rawlins just ask you. Would you let your kids play football and does this new study concern you. They're M Rhode Island odd but football. It. Yeah our sounds like there's a lot going on a return right now some constructive so. Go ask him behind it's a passion behind it duties kid that does so go ahead calls back or older to back on. Get a better connection there. It away from construction zone out there in Richmond California and has got to David channels A who wants to talk CTE and Dave would you let your kids. Play football with this new study that has been released about CTE. Absolutely not I'm unfortunately. The prior caller. From the Denver Broncos is part of the problem. The misinformation that he's communicating. In the NFL. Hierarchy that's communicated people it sure is it just abominable. If you just look at the research that's been done on PGE is the first virtually reports that came out. So we years ago it's not concussion the problem if there's a cut since it's happened on every single play. The brain in the one organ in the human body that does not recover so whenever you're bringing it inside your skull. It creates scar tissue in the east how approach and build never recover and that happens on every single play pro line. The NFL doesn't want you know that they don't want kids to know that they don't want parents you know it took to get guys like. You're Denver bronco caller that that try to put him permission permission apparently. Women's soccer has more concussions and Opel. It's an absolute 100% or could in the make comments like that that's not true. Not only is that not true but it's not the concussion that are the problem. It's the nature of the sport the sport at a problem that's certainly put comment from people. Helmets will never well never caused. This problem go away and unfortunately the NFL has not been. You want and would you want Dave would you want. Players to play without helmets at the snow that would play well. Want is that for every but he to listen to that the research that's being down into the doctor's not listen Padilla well. Megaphones or keep saying that the sport in the paper it's not getting safer whatever their teaching kids that their techniques. They're they're trying to put on the making the score tinker the sport is. Injury it's own occupation. In the history of the world. That means its workforce look at the study that just came out 99% of adult players autopsy. As Fiji name another occupation. Aren't I more to their days but yet to agree that there. Trying to make an effort to make Robin safer equipment safer and you know that was back in weather equipment. The equipment it's so advanced now Dave I'm I'm I'm with you in terms of like being educated on CT and what's causing the issue here but. I gotta think that the equipment is better and you know the stem and they're more prepared to work out everything but it's a car crash that crane what he mentioned that's not going away it never will go away Vontae. And that's the problem with plans such a violent sport. Thanks for phone call Dave let's welcome mat in Petaluma he also talked about TTE Europe TTE here and Greg Papa shall. Matt would you let your kids play football. I moved in and make sure that it was properly to try and brush shoulders up there. And I believe that land. I'll let you know that monetary gold. And you can go and read it now and currently each person. I won't let it go and I put a school yet to survive or will. I signed. Walpole high school who were tried out for twelve spots so the only of people moving away from. -- with him I'm with him that the numbers are down people are now planned parents are saying hey I want my plate could play soccer or baseball or basketball. So I'm with fear will see but there's still kids out there who wants to play football they can make a living doing it. And what's scary is the proper technique of tackling one op play Nawaz a high school James Logan everything was with your head down it's what I saw on the NFL in the NFL games in college. And now that is the death just really not how you do upon date but. I don't think that was being focused on backdating was to Ronnie Lott paid down our I'm I'm pushing back in that's for people hurt not only hurt their hand. Brain the neck. Now I'm with you there in form tackling when I was in high school we did he gave priced differently now to yeah preached keep your head up keep your head out. Keep your head up you put your head down and that's how we see guys pre god the last the guy with the jets is lasting spurred. He went out there head down there are urgently idolize. Jeff Fuller receipt for forty niners at Stanford stadium when their plane at Sanford stadium. Go in and I'm an earthquake. Damaged Candlestick Park. That a staffer Jeff Fuller got hurt never played it down again and so. Keep your head up when you're tackling because you keep your head down the effects spinal cord fiction back in your done let's go back out to roll. In Richmond California go Errol your back immigrant problem she'll. I've met up happy that we backed but that's just. In my experience you know my like two years old bought by and create. And you know a lot of doubt they'll need that kind of like you know I'm a little bit sketchy at times though. All mark mark my ballpark that spirit I still like it like European. And that it won't let the water by lag it. That they'd lead them to understand what the Obama about about it and understand it yet it might wanna play it then that would let it aren't you are wearing a bullet. The kid you know China and a movement made up about what to do a little loud these are Cadillac one pressured cheated the like to add that the that would not go to our Internet because then negate it or not but it I'd still like. It's a really important I think our luck lucky an awful park techniques that kid that he'd eat and then you know what chat about how. You know an about it like new techniques now more popular. It appear at all. Any minute no not like our little regulation not this like low income city you know so that you are at school. You know help on how to keep it real good coaching going out and. Yes hero not. We're year old thank you for the fall party makes some valid points there. Let's go to chase rule quickly in its ST San Diego organ calls from San Diego. Who knew he wants to talk about CT was born march issue immigrant publish O. That they too technical. I got its murals on the you know hopefully hopefully he wants to play football on deadly and educate him. That within the PP thing as a problem in this is that this is the reason why there aren't statistics showing that their parents not the older kids and football. Football never gonna go way. But the reality of in twenty years mediocre players in NFL right now we're gonna be super stars because of the talent. There's going to be a lot of people playing injured just for the record you don't have to get hit in the head to have a concussion. You could get life that you can get little ball in the chest and your belt it would not as well also there will always be a concussion such as the golf form. You can't smoke on the field all the way along here you can console from you looked at battery population throughout the mostly conscience veterans. Why because of all the talk tools the training. The falling out of breath at some point seven miles an hour on the water. And and bam the belt it's wrong so that both ways you can trust and does not just about had. But I think it's helped one bit not going to be the same and that's going to be ashamed what conclusions or football leaders in the account until now because one day. It's not going to be the same level topic technical. No problem chase scope points Darren Guerrero and ask you this question. You don't have the every kid played little league football in Kuwait might actually gets in high school play. Junior varsity as a ninth grader freshman ball to somebody squirrel bodies more mature bodies more mature your little more grown up in the in there and have a little bit more understanding don't want to sport is about. You could still be a good player Lorenzo Neal says an all time. You can be a good player are starting off in high school football home I'd recommend it almost recommends some kids play they don't play until their junior year in high school saw. It this is of Harry's very and to seek our and we're. We're caught hipper creates because why am because I'm saying I won't let my boys play. But yet I sit down on Saturday and Sunday and watch. I'm I'm not I'm not looking at it from that perspective everybody has a choice Vontae and if I choose not to you know have my boys participate. I'm not frowning down on the sport where it's a swap meet of all joy and entertainment everybody has a choice so. MR wrong to enjoy the guys that wanna play and getting doused or on the collegiate level high school no that's my choice not to have my kids play but it doesn't mean I love the game any. Less I shall we must take one more phone calling your guru for aggregates the caboose pistol will and Marie and what's talks ETE. Immigrant puppet show boxing guru so well. We will have that basic my quads were they from personal experience you know what you call that goal late getting out. And a lot of people that two football no longer considered even caught. It wouldn't work out about it. But that would release date my competitive that I did get back AP rugby and a lot like. Football or rugby that state but really at all aspects taught how to. Well it awake at art but okay but he. Not that big an issue at all built like a medical form and like who was saying earlier I was. You know that I had up in his boat and for the numbers can't read at. I just feel that in other. I would think that without patent and a lot of people think would be dumb would people ball I think they learned how to properly maybe it went at it wouldn't be leading. There they were alone. How to make became he'll bat because there are rugby might be a little bit safer and our biggest rugby so they'll be there. Not thank you will offer great and I and I thought about that what he's written players he's big boys with big heads and big years big shoulders. No equipment on and they go full force but this conversation about CTE is going nowhere I'm sure we'll discuss it. At length. In the future and for many many years to come out. Folks. Back. Back. Eric part of that is our. Yeah we're out. Oh news I was excited. Is I was excited to enter pop is back from the concerns digital your immigrant published on 95 points. Other kept it should be good look at it like today. I got. And now it's time wound for the can be used this to with great Paul pulled in bone retain him. Minority five point seven the game. It's still the open which has a few stories and almost slipped. As someone tonight and you've got. Right now on the afternoon delight. Do you five point seven. The game let's gig goofy little too much CT to dock here brought the mood down and then move down a little bit. Way I'm not laughing because I thought Koppel was back now well. When did you consumers and these are we need a good deal which you feed off the deed. Here I don't think the veteran tracker. I don't gonna go to Knoxville garter aren't. It is week clean fairly from the caboose pistol and yes so we haven't talked about the CT east definitely OK the conversation on. With Chris Townsend for the bunting it'll show it's back for one more episode today it would go another ten. An awkward but it's of course to around have you let you share Wednesday exactly on the web T shirt lives day to be an interest counts could talk about you know all the discussions he suffered in high school football casino. He suffered a time he was quarterback and. He is going to be a star I'm independent of them might be great quarterback. Got fifteen concussions. As macro stands impression. Anyway I was younger quarterback and we look up as high school's fight I don't I cannot. Not Boller and caller I just remember did. He compares to questions with the Roman asking before pregame show for a fact that it feels like hmm that's that's pretty cute yeah drug cash definitely set out. Our lives. It was dead some weird wacky news Ambon to European this year I despise that show callers call amazing big gore is about a dramatic here. On TV knows that this that saw TV I love how ranks in this dull dull. Now Scott David I'll toss your McDonald's snowfall on at that X snow fall actually character HBO. I would be really good to turn that on just by its no no no it was an an a okay and and and and are now guru and not heard of I've not seen snow Albright heard of snowfall. John Singleton is attached to correct by wanting absolutely it's about how crack was embedded in the eighties I think I hear it's very good on some hole is so those separately turner I don't. It breaks but Boller should be on for now and that is not right thirty minutes into the joke I've become more now Michelle's anti war. I'm actually still bothers. In my opinion history trash no one is unrealistic. Sports porn. We watch it because it's in between football season in every talks in in our every speaks in nicknames yes boards board room and the like but don't call them Terrel Suggs has to be T sizzle. He can't call girl. Well do you any real bandits and finally revealed an agent and what these guys do with their money well and how they expect the money did right bill amount of our problems did regular it's a little while I'm schoeneweis will likely remember play makers on ESPN. Used they may still and that's Joseph got to know that ESP it's edit I mean NFL city ESPN one air NFL football games. Absolute shell well playmaker of the amazing. I do like ball as before this happened as we talked about by about before callers incorporating the raiders moved to Las Vegas in their plot which pisses me off. So the city of Oakland don't watch dollars its its trash. Unless you elect stepped curry and you wanna seemingly guest appearance which he did and I Asia and Asia and they had this awkward moment on the show up. Curry that baby basis that then let's go to our brother in the united she got a couple days off from going down today how many in the Bahamas we'll. Hey Ben yeah Linda hey. Well there right now I assume a little light on travel companion and things. Don't blame me not by you on your game the other night international's. Love not even talk some business to become a slight digital media come out. Love it I'm beyond excited that we'll see you tonight Cuba he wouldn't touchdowns and travels there today. Okay played less slime bag Jerry just said. When you go to great. How Bob this week he cleans out all racy for HBO or control them yeah. Polarity Seattle cells dugout to slide a snowball stress bought tapes movie way to slow its themselves. It what do you what do you want the plot what did he harbor. When I eat at all helpful that way no literal and their role but he let it rule. Yes so. Staff try to get IE issue in the mile high club that's one is pretty funny great relaxing acting re running on match you know great Franklin maybe he should do a little Netflix in jail or maybe not. That we don't know about Netflix and chill you. Drake at the chick over in and do Netflix and syrup goes from there that we've all been there but maybe Netflix is killing Netflix and chill. Because it's according to bar stool sports. Netflix and chill in the study done by fortune magazine. Fortune. He. Sex is down apparently sick people having less sex. Nowadays because of Netflix. Well you didn't do it would not to cut you off their but it doesn't make you little sleepy start title when you start watching Netflix in the heat you know you're in the mood to do you start watching the show we kind of fall asleep a little bit and it had married and don't even need Netflix I'll fallout so as I turn a team deal that don't live and well OK the report is that a group a group. A group reported that having sex sixteen fewer times per year. In early 2010. But compared to the early two thousands and quarles sixty ties that's it yep so much camera time all sixteen jurors sides of better entertainment is more entertain as more it's entertaining now it's more on demand you can access it anytime you want. So people are on DVRs and everything and they. Had their compelled to stay at home more than turning its duty truck for. So against some booty are good some boo yah I don't know about blew because of by I don't mrs. dole arteries. Anybody want to buy eloquent anybody out there on the slope. And speaking of boots off of Monday's slump bustle around just like what's America as well. I. Michigan at the registered driving who remember the guy we sort of I guess yeah yes were you and here but yesterday this guy who reported this driver. Hating any female I thought the unity oh exactly Suze gets a little mouth on the bionic penis action. And now this guy has responded. And and yes he was talking about how. That this guy called him out for saying that he was being inappropriate with a female in his car and the guy who drove it respondents saying. The behavior of his former average of certain over respondent the behavior of this form rumored drivers appalling is not tolerated on the cobra. As soon as situation support has been neatly removed his drivers access to this guy is no longer. On Hoover. Which you kind of sad I mean like all the did was just you know a little mouth action and now he's. Not able to drive over anymore and -- to talk about the guy that was too high. Do operate his Subaru vehicles he drove himself sometimes is be quiet to the ride. From within yours is declining ticker right now it's unfortunate for him around. But but you know what over in lift all these starters I did for a little bit form off for years. And it's just no money and there in Woburn lifting mortar so many cars out there are so many different car services you look eagle on the streets of servers Cisco you just go to one intersection can be nine cars for us a lift sticker who was sicker lives sticker who was sticker lists sticker or sticker river airport fears used to be 65 bucks about four years ago for an airport here. That are like 35 dollar so nope you're going out there for five hours starting around now. They can anything new media consultant evil over our job everything in this story trumps everything else I just said. As I've huge news if anybody knows me I love old cartoon ninety's shows when my favorites from back in the day hey Arnold. Is coming back yet river parents who remember hey Arnold. Hey Arnold I don't. I remember I wasn't the biggest and good you know those are on the about it yeah it was it was up I was about kids in the intercity and how they. Yeah LA river here in rates of how Palin how you doing there and great Harry to be here for you think so hey Arnold. It's coming back later this year with the TV movie called hey Arnold the jungle movie trick or thicker and the other meetings. But yes. They can look like give. I theatrical version of the journal back in the day after the movie was kind of bad. But hey Arnold is coming back and I'm excited. Yeah. Your bought the only one excited as you know I. No no no no to anyone who has it. Kid in our time is excited while so I don't even think as the final had a really good life lessons and Alex duke it's afraid to leave astute. There and respect bird people that you're afraid to leave their room and watch Netflix and that's and getting examines him wave exist on the word meant so just cancel the Netflix. A suture subscription. As Kennedy program also I should just cancel it because booed he's not gonna come into my life more probably nerves and Naomi does he think our gentlemen very. You could lose there's still those who fought and now we'll stick around for that ten minutes with speaker go to the article it's the best part of the day two but they don't show. Featuring Chris Townsend and yeah strike up that they are there. Arrow guru just it would Giorgio the body heals Joseph as we get ready for little aids baseball. He gets the Toronto Blue Jays right here on 95 point seven the game.