Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta & Guru Hour 3

TJ Carrie is live in studio with Bonta & Guru, then we have the truth machine & caboose pistol w/ Derek, Ileana, & Gianna!

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You know what I'll I'll do the girls with our writers you know he might also ordered at Baylor game and he always or did. Got to be. It's funny because all eight. And everyone needs to keep attitude and we love these. We have fun with it you know Joseph Arnold would be now he's he's funny funny guys. I was you talk about the slight east potter in the NFL market keen. Where's that seven my way to greatest number one of the greatest members ever his partner. Market king joins us here McGregor publish so that he five point seven game Derek Johnson bond sale in TJ care here in studio market weakened juniors to the G. Despite the next week in that book. Has done better with terrorism and unethical but also certain. I'll mark Libya appeared. Total mark but not alone and then. Who won't be until we're told would have to be here. Where we can now. Few poorly to look at what's gotten you been all over the place is number this offseason as it's era. Europe and China and the Bill Clinton's Morse there's from the saint. Now a lot of people that kind of donut from the is. It was a bullet I think it was like when it told him a nuclear. And I'll do it and you're so mad out there I would like a it was such overdosing them as corner mobilized. The. But. Where there's this sort of naturally give. The disenchantment. With the accessible almost all of it and. She and girls men. I'm. Part. You have to expect that so with a leg curls he doing leaving the leg the leg press or doing attribute that leg right. All of them all the committee quicker as the book right. I mean we'll have your range of motion denouncing so over the and so that would. So is not good to lift weights with the legs as opponent you wanna just. That the arms right nargis stretch their legs out. A little ways in order. At a cost of flexibility you have sort of open mostly true. What's it like four runner how long do you just leave the game. Can't preserve your leg and don't kick or do you do you have any downtime or you just keep going through the whole offseason. Certain. One at. A color it a little bit apart. Poem. And I played well it started. It was wasn't it looks as well somewhere somewhere then it's. Determine likeness Oprah about the limits on the Tom. At the right like this is Christian gospel. And the other plant inlet of game. You do this until lightly. On the late night. And loan. As a result of relief at the top consulate it would this year anyway will be later than usual in and outs of us department partly in. Who does not go to target retirement and I've noticed among others assault on the score. Like two weeks after the seasonal like both to disclose what it. Certain birds since. It doesn't do your problem. If that opener but a lot of credit do you and I until. It's the obeying punts man who would like kids in a market can plot a man the he was a lot of title ms. salzman of calls. When. We've got to if you are not I got another hour. Not that that. A blood. The thing. Is this admittedly hard man because he has a couple different balls he kicks in practice so. Kicking and he takes on a regular basis and it's. Don't want him punts in practice man you know you ginkgo style but it coaches and in things like that I don't really like take that too lightly but. What was that. You and market's gonna debts are you doing it he's an election Obama well yeah he's he's doing them for you to drop in solar exists nowhere else for what all is what you Qichen birthday cakes in the pies and in a messy met them all up on the foot of man let me give you look at Lee's mind that. Men noble try to do and that's and as a camera and referred days and little while we do and lenders on it but forgot to. The raiders put their market Keane joins us here immigrant publish a weapon in the white haired guru Johnson Phil and for Greg Papa Bonser Hillier let me by point seven game. TJ carry live in studio and you know what's it like playing market king we saw last year dances you flags on the market reach gets a little bit of bad news service skills he scenario there. Looks like reliable market keying it's probably as we look at on his or like other boring yes it off to decide. Markets complete opposite of that definitely. Well you anything it was a partner you know you see a guy thing led may ultimately it seems that the illegals back east pundits I always immediate punt. And so I mean I was thrown off Monday in the first place. But then you know I think. Leckey I think he really huge is really let's head down and annual you know you you you beat you he was used in who you was. On and off the field and I think man you know I think we had a kick woody everybody had a kick would you do is being so thin. And being that not afraid to really be himself on the mean in having fun on a few dancing and those would make great players great man when they can really be themselves in and do whatever they was thinking in. On the field and and have a kick wood in and I think his his play speaks for itself you know let him keep dancing into always dog is he's Kagan isn't punts man and we're good editor. You disputed march I didn't beloved opera. You selling human weakness battles beg him and he gets its. Don. About these kind of like you don't you think he's up there and it's my main lesson I would going to be outmanned arts how to make this lives but the and you go back EC's plan is on our. OK don't wanna go about it with any kicks on the on and it's like. Is there anybody in the league who can get this I never had a kids point this out before and so you get a good respectable. Way you know as is great practicing would have because. He's got he's the best that we does you know and I mean Soviet kids in his client to be doing the things they you don't with him when you won't play on Sundays is alive he's. Marquette last time I seen you in studio you were dealing with two Kim K rumors. And I see Twitter have been treat you okay dot com. Ultimately then it will vote. That's a good thing what it is tell us about hanging out or slightly Peta and it was lawyer slash it's wacky PAK nick now on. This you know sports on different shortly and while. That. He's here is about like. Bob and in you know. Should step back. Who would put it wherever it. Root rooted so body and I would think young and tough play you really see any cameos some videos and Ellison collaborations between these two men that would have. Really like Bay Area our fire here are Marquette. That. It's a coincidence slow news this could receive a commercial on LA and brisk which summit saying get ready for the season I think also is apartment so don't go. Now market last year you guys had a great season. That's Walton for you make the first round of the playoffs. A lot of expectations coming into this year but I got to ask you about your buddy Sebastian genachowski. He's coming back for what the thirtieth year of its NFL there's been a leak forever. But he. Actually won a little bit edgy as he talked to a B tech in Jersey utility got to tackle little bit so when guys are telling our skills coming down coming down filled you got to lay some wood on. The message into double on the attack was. Just could not appropriately cuts are units. Home well we're strong. Armor tech what to do what is art Cleveland. A highlight them and appreciates her. Got an hour. And it also public afford and so. Missing so this is is funny Merkel. You they are always at Stevenson when when he's retired he let me and I never returned. You enemies so. Just to see a man you know we SO was I was in the game he still do and very Ireland will messiah. I like to think is doing you know in and. He's different and what is he like playing with a meeting but he's quiet he's pudgy looks like he's doesn't work out at all and I'm sure. For you got a look. Book to all yards that's sort of the oil spill like what do you like better. Yeah glad Goya mark. Not to say. We do lots of chances out in the likeness. That's what Russert are supposed to and you can demolish ADRs. Not at that you guys about. Be smoke you Marshawn Lynch. Actually that news when it efforts reported was here on this show. Yeah who we gave some little hint science and tennis tennis headsets and sit sources as they say yeah. Now the other beast mode and a full we saw that video of him on the field looking good run at the decrease we saw the beach workouts I ask you first market in a go to UTJ what's like heaven Marshawn Lynch and how does he look. Here and a raider uniform. Yeah you think you can offer some distance at that. Well all all the good that was elected to review before you mutually game or outcome and so are the triggered by three phone. What about military base. Oh it was good a man. And the other part senator but normally they and so. It'll sort of the season calavo. And then deftly managing it looks amazing and an odd thing I think com. I'm excitedly everyone's excited but you know just the city of Oakland to have him. In in oh win and have the city behind him man it. It makes it that more interest and for him to come on him played in place for his hometown in. You know he does a lot in the community too so is his room big fat and he's excited to be around man a lot of knowledge that you savvy guy. Understands the game and definitely on use XP's office. Now Marquette we're getting questions here and we do have more kicking here immigrant publish O 95 point seven a game on a pitch he also stuck comptek slime Marquette. The fans wanna know who parties harder you or see deaths. Our rock duo did you know part of it is. They they got them and also pulled over and you know it's. A flow like it is a big part of salt walk around me supported once reserved. TrueCrypt that attitude to catch up that. Two you ever party with you that you've been here four years. And I don't know don't doesn't you don't go with a law to order a. I'm we I don't likes his cars though. A league licensed growers Nancy has licensed cars so so it was an agency legal pull out men. Now Marc yeah this is for you had TJ I mean expectations. Are through the roof for the raiders. Is that just I know this is you guys career job but does that just make. They can about the season about to start knowing that people pick in the raiders did you know not only go to the playoffs but you know fight for appearance in the Super Bowl. Yeah all. No well it's sort of awkward I'm not sort of treat everything the theater. To put the marker of the home. I'm all well you know. Just were currently suitable. And be blocked it. Which I do every day just so let everybody. Do better. And our. Builder that we. We'll catch of which you next week market sounds like a phone line is going down the drain. Here loss a recession and market king kind of to join us here today immigrant pop show may five point seven game. He'll be in Kelly he's on his way to California from Wisconsin market keying in Wisconsin. Must have been a trip triggered the natives in Wisconsin must. I would have our cake you very un that is this guy. Madam and Lister has this invective UT's. Your from here who do plan and FL mouth before you're coming up. Talk about plan defense of Bakken NFL because we're talking during the break here. How is so tough to garbage Youngstown NFL because of rules cater to the offense yeah on and I was asking whether or not to like the property but like this and let's talk to slot. Of playing safety with just talk about how difficult it is to card his receivers and NFL because it seems to come baker. Faster jargon elegantly a look at the schedule I can't help but look you know Terrelle Pryor and we Hillary you know we once housed a sharp. Eric Decker Corey Davis this hotshot rookie out of central Michigan you know Baltimore are some guys sent. Los Angeles charged and yes she says I minimum loss and pray I mean they've got these guys I'm looking at to schedule meant to be playing some heavyweights Dez Bryant is boy who's a cowboy fan but could you talk about playing corner and safety and NFL how hard it is. What they want it starts with the quarterback position. I think they're making an extremely hard for a pass rushers to one tackle the quarterback. Soul you know they can't hit them lol they can't hit him high. This like this. His gray area of of of how they can tackle quarterbacks so. You have our past bush is stinking and want only Afflalo fourteen but I do need to sack the quarterback. That in itself. Helps offense with timing because now you that an extended time to guard receiver. But then you go into. From the contact with the new receiver you can have can't take down the field past that five yard. Five yard line you can't have contact but yet you have receivers that he contents you down the field. Picking grabbed pool pushed. And in that it in ninety called soul. Ford deepens a bag may you craft that's to be it has to be soul sound all one. Either one you know exactly where to place your hand or or tool you have to have to Craig body placement and three you need to have the creek feet because. You know your feet are going to control. Basically were you going to go in so you have to stay ahead of the curve. And in and put yourself in the best position to make the best play. And it in the today ought to include full bloom and flag is gonna be called on things and gonna happen but if you go out simply timid. Think in what will give a flag effect consumed. You're not you don't really play a game it gonna mean so you you have to just go out there and play football with its its voting for let the rest have to always make a tough decision. And it'll golf. Men now speaking their craft you've got two good receivers on your team would crab in the Mark Cooper. Do you guys ever talk shop like when you go up against each other. In OTAs do you guys talk shop in you know he might tell you something you see your vice Versa did that happen definitely. Definitely. You know are sharpening iron curtain and soul you you definitely compete against him two guys every day not even including three. Com cassette problems is is a pretty dang good zero well. And them we just had a cord L so we have a good a group of guys that we we always pick questions about if it's. You know him come and asks us what all comers did you play that time why did you do this against me and or if it's mean you know why did you one discs have a row or why do you do adversity he was you don't movers him. You know knows the things that she tried I'll threaten just so bad. Where were all point to a common goal you know I mean so they're going to be facing different quarterbacks every week and we're going to be facing different receivers. And the more knowledge that we can give about both positions. Allows us to be more effective won't let them play against those those battles. She discussed playing behind two little Mac defense player a year yeah he's a beast. Posturing and invest outside linebackers in football today you can argue Von Miller will mechanism upstairs. But talk about playing behind them how much he helps you guys Specter and back and. I think him and you know the the total unit you know don't forget about Bruce and as a religious Anna Nicole pieces to our interior. A line as well and I think dim as a whole. They bring a different elements of the game you know definitely Coolio is. Is a special guy just because of what he can do you know run pass you know he's seen and took off interception take of the six last year. You know he has IQ it's good to be effective on. Going against different schemes you know cause they're going always bring different have always to block came to trying to stop. The penetration that he gets so you know he's very Smart and savvy on understanding. You know might be first quarter indeed they do with some to a different. It becomes a second third fourth quarters says OK I adjusted. I adapted to that now I'm you know I'm going around here Ambien. A monster on field. And then I think it it definitely helps that we have Bruce hurdle of aside who who dominated the game last year as well with. The number of force almost that he had you know BC can't forget him that makes it. Ten times more harder for the images double one guy not worry about the other side of the line. And now Anderson into your pieces you know don't have to worry about allow more. The other guy you that it was to Ronnie Jenkins from Miami nearly all three downs and of course Corey James what have you seen from them at the linebacker position because that's a big question mark. From the outsiders here yet last year Michael Smith few solid. But the tide is really sure did you guys right all season long. Talk about the linebacker position which you guys that what you seen on July on aging can score James. I think for Cora Jane's I think you know last year was. Was his first year or so companies you know like I said you always have wrote that could mean. And this is seated two things either of the you know we shut down and show because it's so much information as so many situations. And I think now he's kind of grown into himself in the inning as the confidence in the ability. To play and in July you know definitely. He's been a guy and has been very high energy high effectiveness out there on the field. And then there are more Floyd forced to ya can't forget about him Mark Foley now it looks like at the upper house note comes is it plays all on the same day he's the he's gonna definitely have a role he's a very exciting guy. Tom high energy fast physical. I'm has the abilities or go to guard as well and now he's picking up the system very well so. Once you get down the system be known next he's you know let's hear all fired and go out there plays so. I think we have a good court talent and guys that will go into training camp within and see how we can all come together as a team in the unit. Now a lot of people think football players are robots and did you know you had your helmet on there's no feel limbo when you come out in front raider nation are playing in the game. Does that noise how do you feel that you know and that high is is that real is that's not the Nittany you know get tiger fatigue. Is does it really work. Man it works man and you know I can't speak for too many other teams work. Our fled the raider nation is the best nations in the world and and T you play in in this stadium in two youths who live by would have panes the stadium rocking and the music we play you know they did this incident did I write you know what I spent the whole game ended up playing forty basing an. And dome that crowd makes so much of a difference man you know and in. One offices on the field you know they know women do you know be quiet it was some instances in their win. More on defense you know they they make sure that thing is rock and out their mass I definitely feel like. We couldn't do about the fans man. Definitely due to figure out TJ carry large studio here and I'm five point seven game Greg puppet show afternoon delight during Cory Johnson the last for Greg Papa boxing hill here. On a nice Friday afternoon she's gonna ask you about elements. He's a guy who could be of game changer. And we thought we all assumed that he would possibly be back last season you didn't happen. Do you have a personal relationship with all day and do you guys expect him to come back are you is his name even being mentioned in Alameda there. You know I don't really have a personal relationship would on I did get a chance to talk won't when he did the when he when he did come and play what does couple seasons ago bush around. You know I don't know school know what this situation you know I definitely think that we would have him to the addition it would be on it be unfair is mean. And so you know I think. As far as the team you know we're definitely on a sigh with wood with whatever situation he's going through and we hope that. We give back as soon as possible so that. We can at that'd be sensitive piece in in in deathly maker the big stand on defense but around you know hope all's well would've and hopefully we see his own man. The number 99 is a beast he is a factor in game changer. Talk about a quarter crack a franchise leader to Scott chipped out. Who saw no you're gonna be asking for dinner and for Derrick Carter pick up couple tabs he definitely talk about and be in the leader. And how much he means to this team and he really came on last year and a fourth quarter yes and two games. He's got ice Porter and his veins as a struggle are having a leader like Derek Carr what he means set offense into this team yeah. You know I think. DC is is special because. He has a relationship with everyone own teen you know I mean like. Even in practice squire guards you know army unit and so I think. From a quarterback Sam point when you have a relationship with offensive. Defensive. Corners you know all safety's. When you have a relationship with all those guys I mean it's is very is very being and I feel like that. Alone is is a big leadership school in trade that he carries and it has been able to be poised you know. He's he's a very. It's veterans every guy as far as he stays the gaming Knowles would defense is are trying to do to home and how they're trying to attack on Indian Eagles out their knee. He makes it look very easy Manny and in so. Very thankful for having him in you know they they did bring the don't choke. Won't hit good drive his truck I think at Cornell professor yeah I think that they used to put that man. A loan to a Mac looks like he'll be next on MS Kate Jackson he size and all of human talk about practicing real quick before we get to out of here and or go up against of the practice and get shut off and so what you see. And how dynamic picking B you're right the area of practice and I guess and it could go no huddled I think. Bring in the beef Almonte and run behind the wheel peace Mona jailer shard gathered in Washington came on last year talk about products in the gazette. Offense what to expect government come up here and it's 117 season. Com ice bag even more from from last year in in the actually they gave you alive you know a game elect's seat. Boy you know we had a lot of pieces of the puzzle and I think from that they're gonna be able to have a lot of options to put players in different positions to be. Very successful so. That's an exciting piece of the puzzle just to know that you know they have a lot of firepower you know remaining goal against him and I in training camp and OTA is always hard because. You have one good player on defense and in three bad plays on defense because of how they shredded as seen in in a particular situation. A home but it's always good because we're always barrel against each other. And from that you know I think that'll make as great as a team. TJ carry man sounds like you have a career in radio. Or suvs coming up lobbies are got a lot of football left right right by the football this is is when there is something that you wanna do did this is someone definitely wanted to man now allied mean. Now on radio and in talking and Brock has in general is something that I've had a passions for. And map out took some classes he announced that Ohio U and that's how you you know some of the classes that we offer and in the NFL they did offer some classes in the offseason so while I want to local blue camps and things like your high schools like a top ten. You know what I this is exciting man in and I have a passion for download to a missile at us at thanks for having me on and an English only and don't think you. For spending time with us man we were sinners you know we work. Happy to have you here that he's made a dislocated my right now we're out with a and I didn't give everybody thank you so much for joining us here amendment 95 point seven game would do it again we're real soon to that you have time to stick around for mr. particular thing might be in the pop it on in a car yeah. A modified seven game because it's cheap machines coming up you are a lot of Greg Otto is to him Vontae guru here on 95 point seven again. Now back to the Greg pop the show with binds to a hill on 95 point seven a game probably my guess I'm not going to be Alabama. I have never used steroids period. So it. That's right ladies they'd do a little bit it is Friday after boom 230. In the know what that means. It is time for a little truth machine don't know Reed Johnson. Phillip for Greg Papa are about a hill here on AB five point seven game the current puppet show afternoon delight that your machine is driven by. Stevens creek BMW checkup or five star service rating. An exceptional offers online at Stevens creek BMW dot com terribly well. That's right pinky students who for sponsoring the truth machine and we got a good one here I don't know how it's gonna top last week guru. We threw in their pop aperture which happened at that does all time classic mount Rushmore truth machines. It is and his dad didn't hear or maybe he did but it will be saved for him here oh sure you like it it's funny you mention is that. Because Greg Papa has been on vacation. He'll be back Monday. You ready for raiders' training camp. It's milk had T trust worth toward Greg poverty there should receive but here is Greg pop up on where he was going. Or where he was going to visit on his vacation. Are boring you know gore for the summer vacation and he's important big idols and fitness it's the teachers. Take it literally the big event I don't talk like that strictly but I will say turn your turn your machine off but what you Leigh to when you're part of Africa. It should it took it. My dog and yeah welcome back you know we hear from again. Mr. tam. Greg Papa. I think he was given a bit he will be back at it is being. It's as us here in the afternoon light that you eat. He's been tweets every day every single day all absolutely. In his office. He wasn't but that's OK it's probably better to listen to was drunk not to run solar Everett. You all for whom we don't know much half cooked perfect jump off. Thought the somehow someway we've Philip three hours accounted for the last two and a half weeks put pop he did not think the truth machine with them because we had it last week but he let us borrow it and we still have at this week's you know what that means guru. What only god father. Greg pop up through the truth machine. Yes though too is the great pop out enjoying my vacation. In my vacation. I mean I'm sat around my house and my Barney Rubble pajamas all day holding my hand we're trying bill. The shower the toilet or even while I drive Tennessee breaking down patriots film. How good are we going to beat this team I also watched will Farrell's new movie house. His best work yet in my opinion. I give it Kris tiny yams. I was fine not working again and then on some my boyhood hero has returned. The juice is loose and back into my heart. I think I'm the only one person who thinks he's innocent. I mean listen to him. Doesn't he sound sorry. I'm not a guy who lived there a criminal. You know look pretty straight shooter and nobody's ever accused you Poland any weapon on them. Post photos have been pretty good people and basically its bit of conflict. Free life. Because you know. Okay. Never mind obviously he forgets he murdered his wife but I still love him old I can't wait until he's back on the streets in October. The readers actually played the bills in late October so we'll get him on the show by the way whenever I see will get a certain guest on. That means my son slash producer needs to get off his lazy ass and go with it being gassed if I can wait to get back to work. Oh my show needs me. And I've really missed my cohost Kelly Johnson. Yes believe it or not I'm still doing that show with her and re rattle off the radio show. Not. I'm good. It seems like that Monty guy can handle it what the is his name again. It's. And yes good rule or we've always done riveting radio together and it sounds like Katie may play at a bar yeah I'm excited. Aaron Tim Roy's gonna join come. The next thing it's our bureau all right guys figgins. Led me here how he's doing. The tomb of the for day. On. He's in the lyrics are okay fine. I'll come back conceived this show up once the show called again. The Greg puppet show. I don't remember signing off on that. All all bad. I don't know that's mount Rushmore. Dell's pretty been pretty limited. Johnson all of Kelly Johnson. Who won't meet the right forget about me he loves. How loud it's just voters opt out was had been deleted and give it is that I think I did to the archive I. I hope they never delete the audio I. Do you saved all the mishaps and blunders and leaps and com and Greg couple will be back. Monday I don't know how I feel now these are would pay us a lot today aluminum I just do not know minorities. Amanda dear right now what is that. Why this had met together no it's me it's yeah he would visit of British library she has in no pain to do go to troop machine everybody gets mad at me for the truth machine right it. Would whenever and wherever they reported that is what have rights group blocked that is what happens. Tommy call was here last weekend. Now so how could they're they're couples and tax our idea on allegedly UN Scooby Doo man appeared Texas and you do still. Pressures that a lead. To really be going through two machine I went through it and ma ma all my horrible sign off when you were god does not go over at the blocks away we majors the world you have year old little hey this is the truth is she not know locales. And we can be it's you that's our couples greater can be put us out of there are actually listening to a little bit of that so I didn't solid shoot I had that like we're at the bar sits there your exactly did you study jettisoned shelters open and no I just said. You know peace very that your machine driven by Stevens creek BMW check out. They're five star rating an exceptional offers at Stevens creek BMW dot com. Terror to roll grew and it sounds like Katie may play tomorrow yeah I'm excited. And Tim Roy's gonna join us coming up so that'll be next its own bureau all right you've got to duties should have. Well very good about these guys had. I gotta give me at least we got to get a lead it. Do you want you I don't own one has yet I did we got those interior deals are still weighs you by the way you confine our video on ways and how to maintain waves. On ninety bison and game dot com and I'm 57 game FaceBook page. You can see how they maintain our ways how we don't waive caps. You don't even need a rush to swim. Soil and be totally made up yesterday and I don't know all the young lady came up to me talk about that way don't slide away were you you're in shape he look like you you're fit you work out. You do at a Taco Bell in the state case of the tuck can do is make extra cheese tart who you're Taco Bell fan. I was drunk and doesn't have you run into is there anything larger. Lastly there is a mess with the system metals. About thirty minutes and no less that chipotle now. Oh yeah that was you guys fans it's Paula off I stood out anymore and I have an accident and learn earned. We'll tell the truth was she began her by Stevens creek BMW. Grip problem I'm not good reliable at all we will about the truth machine would go a little harder Greg pop. Probably would he went hard on us he went hard Derek possibly went hard on. A slider puppet and he probably does still have that your machine he rigged it he tinkered with it. I appreciate you guys having me and and pop I had to sign the big hop on a little pop up. Signed off to bullet I appreciate you guys have when he Greg now on the truth machine down just east of what it is okay you guys did say I had decades earlier in the week Ali once it's it's gotten some Indians but it was be realistic here at all what guys talk about I get haircuts every week Cameron for your bed every three days. A leader and that we can lead to weaken c'mon coombs pistol which he drinks ready get the heck out here guru has been enough it's been a real boost fiscal knicks are maybe five with seven. The great puppet show. I don't remember signing off on that. In now it's time wound for the could boost its two week break Paul pulled in bone retain him. On only five point seven games. It's cool. You could wind has a few stories that almost slipped through. Bring you know on the afternoon delight. Do you five point seven big game. Is seeing low. Aero news. From. Grace now for three weeks. Can. Scientists say without your body. I got a release its finding new rock to go get under keys. Next Monday's shooting the show and yeah. Yeah I like this in my street cred Vontae people really thought I was so hot for the last three weeks when the good. Music gets to the audience here that they don't have to hear me talk so much at a Gretzky and all. Look you're gonna miss him myself to effort on the message to thank him TrueCrypt I don't know what guru will wag it back whenever you like. I'm gonna tip went calendar can't awhile now for a night it's a good force it's still waves DP it's to waive some ways Bob we don't want downing next we shall live for definitely know that they're blitz who what does that decisions I'm cavalier family how low sexy that khakis Nazis by the way. Fireball Friday yes it is it. Tony will be coming up here a little bit and we Tony Jonas for little Al player wrote to the pregame show all so we'll see here we actually don't have we have no solid play out we have no idea were you for the program history at 3 o'clock will forget that there's got to let it play out like to Adidas exactly. But let's talk about the caboose distill legitimate do you use on your iphone's built. By tea human iPhone guru you went to be at seven plus Boone seven plus I'll better than mine and yes. So you guys use the thumb thing to open the password. I do not and I should've full fingerprint time. The fevered but I do not I mistakenly I deny I will be switching to the fingerprint and I was just started to do that elated do you use the thing that fingerprint ID yes it did. Gionta do you use the fingerprint ID I do well yeah why should it Stubbs on the and what's the other in America get a lot because now they're raising new way to open up your phone went by using your penis. All you have to do it's called penis so metrics and actually kind of making it radio friendly but that could do liquor is a hold your penis up. Who your camera take a picture and want to defy you. Open your phone to join with that whole process of opening your phone and that's just ridiculous Dudek a fly here like if I need to get my phone I'm just in the sports covenant was like yeah what are you overlook Michael now. And call Lisa immediately pick HR it would yes. Our species any fingerprints those unique. So I've sort penises shooter fourteen guys the plural yet the truth should catch up sinking of genitalia. Well I ask you China. As a pregnant. Wife caught her husband sleeping with another woman. But if she got very angry but it didn't there have an art exactly can arts and some is real is real footage by the way is it really Kevin Hart. As deserving of this mean there is video is he's poses even hardy are guys who 05 for three is free short aka. It was black as hell so you can't release of this it's that nights you can't really tell that to the story parents are this woman track down the mistress. And while she was asleep. She shoved. Stern's show and she shoved chili peppers up this woman's vagina. And told her never come around my husband again. How does she should give it. She obviously she was asleep broke under house. Well initiation of chili pepper chili she didn't feel that way to give us at what point do you have an idea like you know again I'm going to do this. I don't pepper. Aren't really about that but and I don't know how you get away with that that's. Sensitive yeah I know that side I think since you know what else was in oil sensitive an issue that Alina has with the school board of San Francisco related to take you to weigh Allen of the article on Friday but I saw that the school board of severance Cisco is seeking only chocolate milk from a classrooms there. Student lunches kids lunches and I don't know about you guys that chocolate milk with something that I looked forward to Levittown was shot commit hours Klay Thompson I grew up in the Zach is a public school. Disparate and did you did you smell them I'm. Johnny go go oh yeah. Well which will quit early shaved wood surfaces goes turning into this cities there's flip out is I read an article I've read it that it's one of the only need like snack foods they're. Drinks that are still left in the system making the vending machines are out and they're taking out two tried it you know have a healthy kids which is a good thing but chocolate milk my. Moderation is fine it's just a little carton. And milk is good viewing a small portion and you see Klay Thompson endorsing chocolate milk. And it quite content in how the month and I want my kid featuring talk. Right and we'll also endorses what's the other the thing at the read all the time by camera body armor and so he wrote children gaining payment did say they. It's talk on the of his game San Francisco how dare you. It really year she just got to let kids be kids can't be kitchen on as the only mother if you wanna be deep nobody else does dancer. My whole goal is is kids get sugar and so many ways I mean who knows comic shop on the pick any when they're at home I do think. Soda should be out. It's each day it juices may be summer to kind sugar rich milk is broken a lot of effort invited anything calcium so I don't really see it to be that much of an experience our timing and time again that they got talent the key they're reading relief small car and it really is just a couple of drinks exert down and so yes I can. Little extreme green eggs are. I'd say a milk houses diabetes. Chalk moderate amount of I contact Eric moderation kind of early for shore sell tickets get in school I should give it to them Helm moral spokesman for the calcium and often I'll. Almost embarrassed to be from the city balls some birdies on the senate colleagues here. A CNET in his Frisco you by the way is the bridge before he gave me start gear. I saw another FaceBook status the other day where life. One what do people call for skull and it's all these people from outside the Simpsons got you people all these people from like Chicago lower mill break your it's well on. You can always did it go to caught decision copper for its own right. San from Illinois I'm Qaeda is doing doubted Chicago that caused the partisan body that broke up Chicago person that brought it up it's it's an Illinois I. I got the when I get a burger is in the pudding and proof visit to put it. All right let's end on this ride Gionta in for this particular story so let's meet. Only from the story here real quick let's meet Melanie it's gotten a clear they are very in love how when you look well. Just the simplest touch. We'll get them going. Mounting most of you went ecstatic part time job. There anyway or you don't actually have to be fat. Our job from me. You mean. OK. Okay. And the whole body or out. And especially when you start reaching higher if states are aspect of the every inch here or yeah. So Melanie and Scott simply get off alone by having a nice time. Ladies your hats. The problem it it kicked and hit three. God I love their married I think it's balls the video maker honey she's got a huge smile on her Fay hits can I know I think she's thinking. Yeah I'm saying she's taking dancing women do that all the time wow. Spontaneity. As a winner take with you probably now with fines he's kind of a sex automobile and whether or yeah it would does that to your relatives. I'm married. If I. Yeah me thorough gentleman look Rashtchy who thinks it's sweet. If we're gonna hug then more power angrily I wish to hug did work in them. That's the good work it's actually it was to him yeah dangerous yeah. Yeah studio and I hope people right go to sleep now and I mean do you pubs and responsibly dealing Helio wiggle out of a hug. And Penske and it should be there and he'd better guru man is the further you give. What do you gotta tell me around so irritated by the struck the building I'm gonna go on gives you aren't right now. Well I know would offices as bad as some people are forced her to the offices state. Did it puts it back in the system here are our kids need to free wants the free chocolate milk. I will hold the phone or we may be doing another fifteen minutes erupts equipment with Chris towns who wants to do here what are what does he get the site does not guys don't talk about we're got. Abandoned him lemon ice but either way it will come at a Chris Townsend welcome back have a good time. Either way girl it's been fun this fifth longer running the mushy man I hope. That you get whenever you want to. It was a radio business and hope you get we deserve in life yes but to harm our tissue Jim fights. You're always welcome back here's a. To issue because this has been a lot of fun and two and a half weeks I'm not dying and you'll see me next week it cost you next week you hey I'm only half an hour. Yeah I see the RB plus one republic comes back. You may have heard this over the last two and have Wii's original tale to sponsor a kid wants all and got to be about government and law was the only brother until you show the the grins O'Neal's. Everybody is limited. OR California I guess I don't I don't know offered out of wow don't loan while gurus include but it's been a lot of fun injury clear and Herman. A home while I'm. Out there that are hurdles sir there not gonna go. He's a very very nice guy and he's a very nuts cut a plea yet your bills is lack. Sure that's what happens to be delivered to Adidas and a lot of fun Greg Papa will be back July 24. Now I think I'll be back and may not done. Oh boy here we go Greg Papa cut but we'll see you next time Chris on the coming up here on 95 point seven again. May god also demand and a mustang Powell name.