Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta & Guru Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
Bonta & Guru today on the Greg Papa Show! They are joined by Gregg Rosenthal, then discuss the Cavs offseason downfall, and take a deep dive into the CTE/football study. Would you let your kids play football knowing what we know now?

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Close my little penetration. By this move we've seen how or recent acceleration but throws tied. Well. But holes tied the bill felt bad for the San Francisco 49ers. He's gotten. And we'll go about their cause they deny it felt good. No it was really up to me you know us Huckabee treasury tomorrow security Mollison aren't they do a great job of zone blocking and make these from you could hit those cope by ourselves in we need to be patient pretty good chance it will be a whole there's got to hit. Carlos Hyde is gonna be hat he's gonna have to be patient in this new zone running scheme. That Kyle Shanahan 49ers head coach who implement into the system. We know about Carlos hi he does he does have some injury history with a forty niners and he could be a surprise cut in training camp as reported. By Gregg Rosenthal Writer he joins us here immigrant pop shoulder to guru Johnson Vontae hill Carmen five point seven game and Greg. You believe that Carlos Hyde could be a surprise cut and I get why because the splits or pretty alarming here when the quarterback is under center. He averages over three point one yards a carry not necessarily good in and his shock and the average is about five point two New York to carry so you believe carnal side. May be cut in training camp. Yeah you know it. Strict edu let. Inherently the the price cut in Iraq and becoming an even. Among let hey bro under of the entire list thirteen guys you would be that they get. Soccer and you have the one where perhaps around the people. Around the league for any name and US side that came up but yet it. Mean I think Carla cited that Allah that they would be at the editor warm if they did decide to move on you look at the the investment that they made in Italy in terms of the draft pick that the traded antenna emotional investment that we read about. In that Peter King peace in need to think I'd do is going to happen or you're with its crew anyway that you can they can't I think to me that crap. I'm with you Greg why not trade him in losing for nothing when you take about to hit this is the last service rookie contract and a forty niners are probably not going to break the bank. For Carlos Hyde any distracted. Out of each on a fourth round Joseph Williams who is used to running in his own scheme he's better. A fit for one cut and go type assist on. Carl's heart he is talented but you're right. The 49ers are not going to pay him after two seasons probably best to just go ahead and trade and. Right and he has enough he's fit that system I you want you so that the so count it YouTube deal. You have a lot of untapped and Sonya played really make it by really any new regime netcom and are you look at the guys that are toward the end of their contract who whether they're gonna beat guys that stick around and chanting and especially the course has. His career he's built running game out of lesser known players been Jolie and even in high art that that they decided to bring in collecting it and it and it go to players. And again I think it's if they were looking to trade hide toward the end of camp. Especially if the injury is around the league and illegally a one year left and deal but ultimately I think you could get amid currently round pick arm at the very. Brian Hoyer made his rounds on national TV stopped and talked in that and I sat back and watch stemming he seems very confident. And I'm wondering which you would all be surprised if he had a pretty good year or is this just a guy who might think he's better than he actually years. Confidence is not a prop a lawyer and look at taken him along the way I. I think it even wrapped. He made some people the wrong way in certain places Cleveland. Undercount in hand is become the mind that your guy like him. I you've got to believe in now I mean you have now ending career considering he's an undrafted. Undrafted player and that arm during that it has and I think under our outstanding hand. He's got eight yard like gay you know and at the numbers like that he'll probably get it going to be that went like in the I think you the unquestioned starter is not going to be elect it's and I don't think you need the local or shoulder like he had and some other places. And it wouldn't it be put the numbers remember it and probably even you'd been. Gregg Rosenthal joins us here and Greg Papa show in a far writer for Joins their glory Johnson upon taking over here on a five point seven game. On the other guy on this list is Ahmad Brooks she sturdy three years old he could be cut. He has a cap number over six million dollars in this team is rebuilding and noted debris and Elvis Dumervil what they have bag on defense of line they trapped Rubin Foster. I now that's when I wouldn't be shocked about because it seems like Ahmad Brooks every. Summer for the last three or four years is always been the subject deeper getting traded or cut. I don't need you like as you again not fair. Split that you've been. Earlier where a year you know it make it six million in others you beat the mafia bit is you know that out but it's in I think you you know people that lacked the weary quote we know he's an underrated in in very. Player I'd get that guy. You know at the end of the contract toward the end of his career and you look at the app that they have. At outside linebacker I mean it's really interesting to note that think who is going to be their starter in terms of the pass rushing linebacker Bobby. You got a lot of options at numero ligament in value by aero IKEA. It's a good on them and I think it nationally. Not really talk about that. You have a lot of talent and that front seven because of that India or it could be via and a. Now let's continue with the training can't cuss here. Brought costs while there is in Cleveland have a seat there weird trade. From the Houston Texas and shot Keyser was second optic. For the Cleveland Browns how has brought gosh why we're gonna survive in Cleveland and was a situation their do you think you'll get to start do you think he'll be a sixteen million dollar back up. Yeah it. It's popcorn to keep the guy making that much money you know if you added the salary of either but he Butler. Who both got more first team wrapped then not Weiler in the off season. You know they're they're gonna make about what 18 that much has Brock got by I adding that that have been doing it. I think it either look at it and they hope. It wouldn't shock me if he gets the start right out the back and I can get a Fuller. Who wouldn't you bat last year showed well in camp and they feel confident in those two guys I think. Lake Catholic Edmonton with Carla side that element that look around or trade you would be a lot proper to trade you'd even have any. Most of its salary you would be a lot proper betrayed them and Carla I ended when the prize it is they cut him. When you look at the situation in Indianapolis and if your Andrew Luck who just knows coming off surgery. Are you said its organization for for not getting enough protection. And you know having him do is endure heat after he. I yeah I would be you know they'd need it hasn't been reluctant try. And lack of coach gene and lack about them. Net and it in the right place that you practice them they feel good about that line at actually bringing back all I ardor. And you look at re in the spot really from the center over at left tackle line on that bounced back but it like a spot. The right side when he challenge that they try to build. Around him with power I think what the approach that bit biopsies that you know it really helped protect them. It'd be I mean come on out there and scored thirty points the week it it. Your problem like rock the world enter their quarterback but it with a great. Gregg Rosenthal joins us here on the great pop song writer for Covering the league for. A long long time your return to glory Johnson about say hill a 95 point seven a game now this cowboy situations will lucky Whitehead. Who was proved in the central room not shoplifting. In Virginia the cowboys to say to heck with that they're gonna they just outright cut on. Dallas you know it's the same song every year with them seems to be some some noise coming into training camp out attorney can Dez Bryant has already been late for practice. Cowboys believe are due in four regression I think the New York Giants had a division all locked. What's your expectations yet I'm on the high Albert Dumars to joining auto Beckham junior led defense look and he did sweep the cowboys last year I know Dallas has a powerful running games he Ezekiel Elliott. Is a special special running back. But there's a sub about Dallas that doesn't smell right Greg. I agree with you in terms of doubt that. Aiken at that back adding that pop that it in where it could be yeah there even write that. It diet eat and also Barry. Impressed that you look at what the public that dot when he experienced it that. They have a hard time while. Quit being that mean they've got ice. And then their owner I would up there debate lucky why add. When the news broken and he got released. And in out. Even don't. Spoke the other quarter two different plan than they have in the amount of media they are a lot of noise. They've had a a story is kind of emblematic of my. And haven't been there like there like a tablet like no no news and bad news they loved being in the news they really break. Now how much trouble is good DL in because you have all those coming out now saying that losing Joey Elliott has now been disciplined because the Jerry jones' status. And the fact that Roger Goodell is afraid to you know give him upset. Well now that. The pretty serious accusations. It's been a strange situation and in geeky enough. Eliot really been frustrated though on one and you can look like OK they haven't ended and yet. On the other hand you know yeah I'll end and some part that. How quick they moderate at liken using wide at that hung over the team along we report that bell network that a resolution was coming. Noon and about a week ago we are still waiting years later it happened pretty early in training camp that I backed them buying something now I. I would be to get in a site that figure out an app and eat and yet in it and you know next erratic delicate. Suspension. Are not easy to predict what's gonna happen from. Craig have you heard anything about number 99 and silver and black. All the Smith what is the status on him is Roger Goodell leisure and a visiting that case we've heard nothing about it is there any updates on all the Smith. Now I think. I think that on the back burner right now I think. Elated. Is related time in the news in the setback. And I do not. You're at it they not not any. Do you think all the Smith has played his last down in the NFL is and always been in and out of trouble he's in that group with Josh Gordon. Greg Hardy who I believe we'll know in NFL again has all the Smith played his last snap in the NFL. I think he'll play again and crap again and I hung in mind the depth when he had. You know this year issues I think it's key in. In improve in terms of Spain out of the news and turn it light around and so the maturity I think absolutely have the opportunity to. Plague and I think he did essentially need to keep your nose clean. To use the cliche as that team they're gonna. And I mean the raiders though it will what happened back at some point and it made in another team will eat too young and good. I either have to avoid trouble and sometimes sometimes that happens now I'm thinking of a guide airlock in not quite at our profile but what the pro ball player. And eat it kept getting the bended over and over kept happening current crop and potentially. Your four years and thirty all and he never got back and currently well and. Quickly on Josh Gordon Josh score now is another guy who's been out in an amateur what seems like he's tried to take the right steps. Sued to get his life on track and relieve a marijuana issue was a big. Talking point in today's NFL her we are which are Sharma talked about it over weekend. RE SPN. Josh Gordon would he be back this season and do you think he'll be OK to play wherever he goes to penalties are gonna be all over him he's a special talent. Look at here I mean he's again among not really. Struggling that light it's that it's so much beyond the all. With and there are there's been some many come back at ams that. You look at the company you can have. A chance after chance and wanting in the comeback in and it hasn't happened I've been Krugman on a cup. I'm back and be back at that point bubbles. And I yet and I'd do you believe when he returned it to your return at and a not gonna yet remember it. Greg this is Greg rose twelve join us joining us here on the Greg publish oh during Cory Johnson of Ontario -- five points of the game I got that. Looking Whitehead has just been picked up by the New York Jets so he didn't he was an unemployed for too long but I wanna get you out here. Asking about the CT issue the chronic traumatic in the brains NFL players' brains that would donated a scientific research. A 99%. CT CTE was found in 99%. Of the brains which are thoughts on that will football. Be around say. Thirty to forty years from now. I mean it's barely got it if you got. You know ran their children and family members that are thinking about. Heart out out out it is not that it would. Planes into college of odd thing about the I mean that it. There leading. Not. Item in the sport go in no way really down. Because it in their. There's another very dangerous. Widely. That are out there that people you know willingly. Go court because the reward they're great or that that fact sitting there is grave and that's certainly true. When it comes the professional football I don't. In that even at that he really gotten that many people that that that thing in. Is we know about the rest now I think. You talk the players and very few players have any issue now without Vienna I'll handling the cut in from it all what outlook handled. In the past I think the information now all out there. It really up. I guess that the players that they want it. At the scene left players Arctic in summer hiring early. And the players that are Planar are more aware of the risks that never work. Gregg Rosenthal NFL writer for Greg thank you so much for your time today it joining mr. immigrant pop the shuttle's very very insightful there. I. Gregg Rosenthal NFL writer for Talked about Carlos Hyde potentially being traded in my Brooks. Brock ice Waller situation in your Dallas Cowboys some red how the some were saying he might now make the roster. Of the 53 man roster. Yet you let all the other religions do away with everything in the U wanna flex her muscle when a guy that was in this it. It was a debt load but about four bar rule quit my take I got friends say it will be a fills in trouble in the next ten to twelve years I'm like Sloane at these guys know. What they're risking to get out of their situation if that makes its and there are good continue to do so. Too polite I'm 579570. Let's get your reactions and Gregg Rosenthal. He did say that he expects all dismissed the play an NFL again the same with Josh Gordon. Also he talked about football and has he mentioned Guerrero wanna ask you would you let your kids play the game of football your father here you have a young man who plays baseball. Plays two ba two. Would you let him play football no. I'm just you know. There's apparent. With what we know and now you know all the parents what they did know or what was with payload. Dante I just can't do that I feel like it's not worth it. And you look at baseball. And the lack of law car crashes but the guaranteed money you elected basketball there's other avenues it's almost like the barbaric sport of the NF fail is not paying him like it sheared from what these guys are risking. So it CN neck injury anything can happen I know this neck injury or or the CT with my son's. I just couldn't live what myself. And the wise as having no part of it is. Well the first on scandal to say they've got. Their freshman year high school JB's. You're playing junior varsity or altered double days and say dad. The just try to play football once in my school career not let them play in high school at all either man Dante I I think I would review it but I know ultimately. You know I don't Wear the pants. So awesome and overruled a packet admitted rooming animated and I or be overruled but you'd be one of those days to where I wouldn't be too upset because. Do not go to these games now basketball in his appear you're always want to like you just hope nothing wrong. But football's a violent sport it's a veteran pilots were not play football. For about seven years slowly football high school football. Loved it loved the team the team unity there Howard brings together communicate yet to play as one. That you're right if I have kids. I'm going to have to think really hard about let them strap on the helmet and going out there hitting because look at the athletes now are bigger. They're stronger. There faster. Smarter. In east collision church's absolute car wrecks he's been honored to raiders game I remember stepping on field. When McGregor played in New York Jets Niles on the opposite silent and geno Smith got app salute all the story and wireline. And I just remember mark Brennan Marshall standing just kind of walk by me I'm disliked his game. It's very very violent I mean hysterical slump he's here to contact. Your right I I would have to think. You know twice about letting my kids play full. Internal bleeding you know we don't even talk best stuff we don't see with these guys have to endure with hits is just. Drew Bledsoe we saw him you don't they got he survived dabble we could do we could be here an hour on on groups and hits the bar take it's it's real it's serious. And right now I just I've got to tell a young lap dugout and in flag football right now how funny is that I got him in flag to get that experienced. But it's just not to say yeah man it's not saying Shepard on a show that I detected about what we've learned. About what they with hailed him what football players. Are in dueling for their time on the grid current and as you know it's not pretty man it's not pretty it's like boxing these guys takes only the hits to the head so many blows to bed. NBC the speech is guys like Riddick Bowe he still is she can't even understand that the time Mike Tyson and you saw what it did down leaked. All this great food that great is. The greatest of all time and that's why people get mad at Floyd Mayweather. He's one of the smartest men never bond down note box and you don't taste he's he's not taken as many shots is a lot of these these warriors have. And he's gonna get out of the game. To where boxing did you know it did for him what he needed to. Dow risking his health absolutely on the Penske that'll sell stock comptek slide from the 415 what are your son's. Wants to be a police officer potentially put his life on the line would take that over football grew. Allowance that's going to be. Would you rather him be a cop or football they will be that I put him in the same thing because I know when they would leave home it's not easy anything can happen again that's Smart remark. But my preference but anything can happen and knowing. What you were fighting daily bases in regard to crime in in where we are at in our society. That that would be a tough one to look at the end of the day they're gonna get it to a point where they're grown and made their or their own decision without pops hormone. Also on the Penske out of cells dot Comtex line from the 510. My seven year old is playing tackle football for the first time this year. Games start LaMont and I can't wait he's playing for the snoop youth football league to try sneaking times. Big time distinctly snoop does a great job he has a lot of guys that don't let it in college Greek and earning scholarships to these big time universities. I would take back plant little league football to know and highlights in my life. One of the highlights in my life I loved it or not played in high school when you. And Logan's pretty good global balloon wowed me I got hit one dime I'll buy back to the new cork trick that the measure barbaric and it also further to Seattle cells dugout that's what Bedard to five I twin sons are going to be seventeen have been playing football. Since they were six and had. Had no problems and pro that they stay healthy. You can get lucky. Don't have how hypocritical is it for me who loves and if they all watches it all Sunday and Saturday to see here is how well let my kids like I just understand how dangerous it is but take. And I have a friend police. Not to get gruesome she lost her brother in in in high school football. On the football field he died in this story just resonated with me like you think they want out there to get that that was even a possibility. Mean manage serious. In this series terror the guru Johnson for a moment for Greg popping here immigrant publish on Vontae hill on 95 point seven a game with short shift over to the hardwood. And look at what's going now with Cleveland Cavaliers who just a year ago they couldn't stop with the 31 jokes they were on top of the world. Now kite re apparently wants out. LeBron James is going at it with Stephen A Smith. Stephen A Smith has annoyed they fired their GM they low ball Chauncey Billups. What is gore on non with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It all makes us happier to be here to see on. This crumble like his guru but c'mon we need down to entered final sort of for funeral we need. Four we eat ground over four to settle the score I got to slow not are patently did GB. I got a bone to pick with Ty re do you now it will get to but we'll discuss immigrant talk show here in 95 point seven together. Now back to grad pop let Infante hill I 95 point seven a game. They've done LeBron James and that a two week. About me respond in the slam magazine talk about not that people boo get enough still talking about me. Talking about an hour but. What that it. Ain't what their front of the earth and he would be attracted to what is acts is that the blue jays always had this had to displace them like that about me. What's our rule when I broke the story that he was orders of what's wrong. What about I want here we go about lead and I just refused to believe because it helped wannabes eight. But I am it and he's gone back to Cleveland. What I've got to the real story about what happened abroad Dave against the book that you all want that ought not on explain when he finally does. Leave Cleveland and take it out of the South Beach. Don't want to get an act. See what. Makes LeBron look bad. This thing LeBron that doesn't wanna comment about carry the same LeBron with an all season they wanna talk to the media may sort of talked slammed into. You make sure to take a shot at reporters that you LeBron James has access to London if there was almost any other super stock in the leak. Out of her from them did call me directly I'm not bragging but I got it like that. A letter term you're Barack. It's Stephen A Smith no you don't kind of liked and that Machiavellian or. Whether that it Stephen A Smith do you believe earlier that if he sets up the Bob stupor super starting gonna cost them directly. Tomas Stephen yeah. It's not about she's Steven mates about the Cleveland Cavaliers and how they're crumbling. Right before our eyes and we'll discuss that here on the Greg publisher Alberto guru Johnson kind enough to join me. Here in studio and I'm five point seven again of course some boxing hill great pop is out of the crap so he's. Sipping some pepto dismal at the moment. There's not they are old stopped at the carrier Gasol start with carrier ring wanting out we heard reports lassie last week group. That Hariri Irving wants to get treated. Now I wonder why. Because before LeBron James came back to Cleveland. Cleveland was a lottery team and and hope won't pick a major advantage Wiig is basically it's swapped him for Kevin Love Cleveland was not good. I read Irving was in terrible they're terrible. LeBron James comes in makes carrier things got easier. And apparently he wants a bigger role but this is what I don't giggle. Carrier ring. Of resume oil spill bulletins on the team last year. Average of holes Google does he ever is nearly four shots a game bridge Vontae the average over 25 points a game. Six assists. If I saw LeBron James a more mature older LeBron James in crunch time. Give the ball in the keys to Kyra we urban. To go skiing and he indeed the clothes are so what dynamic it has to be something personal something happened that we don't know about because on the basketball court LeBron James gave way to curry are being to not take them out one of the most shot a teams in the league but also be the closer court's time. I'm not with car re here in this is why to that list that static list did he put out of teams that are not winners. And you're saying you would rather after winning a ring go to New York in start over Favre go to Minnesota. That tells me you don't want to win in a blown away it's all about the individual stats but here's why. I side with kite re a little bit here. Because we all know LeBron James will not be in Cleveland after next season he's already plotted his exit route he's RT. Plotted his exit his escape to LA. LeBron James will not be there are so fond Tyree Irving and I know LeBron James is leaving why not get a head start I don't wanna be stoked interest in towns and I don't wanna be stock. Who puts it rather go to New York tell Vontae out. I don't give outs Corzine isn't great I would be on the martyr G yeah that's what he wants right that would tire Regis sing and he wants to be the number one. And if LeBron leaves the and you have what you have before LeBron came back with their reports that he was grabbed at Le bride get practically. The and I would not a when not wannabe star Patricia Thompson though guru I would not want to be stuck when JR Smith in my Shumpert. How core result there Richard Jefferson just retired I'm looking at this Cleveland roster it is not sexy at all blush on Kyra you're Irving Howe won out. LeBron James talk about. Teaming up with Chris Pawlenty noble Carmelo Anthony and they're trying to make this trade in Cleveland did say notes will Paul George carrier being in trade. The phone Tyree I don't I don't I don't like the way he's done this. But there are rumors that LeBron James week this information. How petty does LeBron James Lucas did about everything that's happened this summer. With LeBron James who gets smoked in five games and NBA finals Kevin Durant was the best player on the floor he took its who projects. The data parade out here in Oakland California. LeBron James poses a video of him working out BM ball headed. Talking crap doing it and doing the little debt. It's it's just every time something happens LeBron James seems to watch. He seems to want some type of attention. And it's if he's the best player in the league in my opinion what. Some of the diva action ends in the subliminal messages. With a hole the meat Mittal the meek mill video where he's rap and heavy heart. Babysitting our snatch at it just it looks childish. It can't end though they're the audacity of LeBron James. 210 lead is what kills me Vontae because you played shield. You're the reason they reside Thompson and you're the reason they re signed JR Smith now. Did they have no capital you wanna get on the first thing smoking at a detailed. LeBron this is week this is tragic moment Ahmet do you want one solid. I think nothing will happen with Tyree are being in the NBA finals for the fourth time will be. Your hometown Golden State Warriors vs one Cleveland Cavaliers I don't think higher res going anywhere. Derrick Rose is now. In the stable former NBA MVP back in 2011 he's now Cleveland cavalier. He'll probably be the backup point guard if Tyree Irving stays on the roster but this is a mess and Chauncey Billups and his and it mentioned this the other day. He knew going into that situation when he was applying for the view from the GM job in Cleveland. That carrier iguana now he had people do researchers knew that. There are some warm term. Inside a locker which is crazy I need to know why bond today I do I do I look public carrier figured LeBron James has all this power. And how would wanna play like you know if you are getting you wanna be. The fifth at the moment it's got to cells are context line from six final two words fellas passive aggressive. LeBron James that is and guess and that's when he's referring to. And I suspect you're right with the subliminal it gets old it does you know let's go up to Joseph in San Jose you know jones' drop off. From San Jose Joseph if you wanna call by calling it too late night at 579570. Here immigrant publish shoulder to glory Johnson from them for Greg Papa Bunker Hill. 95 point seven game and we're discussing the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fit. When really the warriors. You look at NBA as a whole the lawyers had this whole league turned upside down. What do mob Dietz a shift this year according to shook ones to NBA the other sports deputy that are the show accords. He's in they do make a move Chris Paul I like it like it they may get Carmelo Anthony must take its home. What's apparently court Somalia it's what are you supposed beer rocket at 5:45 PM Pacific time. I can imagine has mentioned right now quokka. Five dumpsters yet. It is bad right now so mellow okay see we heard Bill Simmons talk about that I'll take that with a grain saw. Don't really believe that the Carmelo and oh Casey would be interesting with Paul George Russell Westbrook you imagine that ball that ball as. And they got being stoned guys pitch Kantor my boy Adams that would be Halle Berry very sexy. There who aren't there the first movie to. Who problem back to young Alley. It and a trio was in tune now of salute. Well we talked about Cleveland here Kyra your hurting average in the current nineteen shot attempts and wanna got to Cleveland looks. I mean I'm ready on day nineteen supposed to the most. On the team and you want a bigger role let's call them hobby of the Leo he wants to talk cavs basketball here immigrant publish show with boxing guru here and I'm five points of the game was going on body. On what would let go. By the that much broader element talk about them about the agents real Barbie bandits but you know. And allowed everything that it would because there's nobody. In the war. Don't put a woman gave him. When Rodman will make it to the final that always. Because nobody can you tell me you market to other people can go apartment have been the culprit on the wrong week to. Eat he would. But I'll pick you got comet wild and let department broad. Thanks Bobby in he's right the cavaliers who have. In easy route to the NBA finals. And when they were blowing teams out lashing an. JD when he came to an NBA finals. Cleveland didn't play to tie the competition. The a lot of people say Boston and then who the cavaliers play in the sector around those of play whatever it was they just went through. So. I don't know I wouldn't wanna stay in Cleveland because you're guaranteed basically another spot in the NBA finals also doesn't scare me Gordon Hayward is out they don't austerity. Any triggered a wave of rally a guy who can. Really was your best defender on Kyra your team. So are you falling for. What seems to be. Westbrook doing ran Kobe Shaq because LeBron came out. Stephen now let get his death but LeBron came out and said that you know gets a gets some news sources. That that wasn't true when he didn't leaky. Yeah you are you where you let the where's Vontae Gil are you side with one of these guys because I'm not following for what I call the banana in the tailpipe I think Kyra you are being will be will be with the cavs. Once is next season's dark I saw on siding with carrier group for wanting out. I'm citing what carrier ring because I'm looking gear down a load he beat the big picture LeBron Scott. Year in salary cap hell during the tax a longer eloquently are now why what I wanna force a trade right and then it went up to San Antonio. What if you end up with a young timberwolves team would Carl Anthony Townsend Jimmy buckets manager weakens our noted decided jets I would be yeah that will create explosive right or could go to New York what Chris house cruising is try to build their in New York. I I don't blame carrier regarding have a championship he you have your money. Why not one out when LeBron James and leave anyway and by the way to travelers winter pacers raptors in the massage to run in Eastern Conference finals but let's get. Back to the CTE discuss and a CT study a little more NFL respond to the study would there ever be a day. Would there is no more football people we wanna hear from you do you think there will be. Whether or not derby no more football and thirty to forty year from our effort may be twenty years to blame apart seminar part 70 it has to Greg Papa Joseph Lieberman by points and again. Now back to grad pop let in Ponte hill I 95 point seven they game. Now we're gonna go to a troubling new study about the risk of brain injury in football resurgent to find that among. The brain of 111. Former NFL players donated to science. Nearly also signed the brain of these known as CPE and ABC's call affairs as he would be killed and Paula that this study children not just professional athletes where. Risk you're right Mike all you mentioned although one of the former NFL players had chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE but. According to this new study high school player showed signs of the disease. And did a staggering 91%. Of college players. Welcome back to the Greg puppet show here on 95 point seven a game during guru Johnson for whenever Greg pop on bond sale. And we're discussing CTE and were talking earlier guru about whether or not you let your kids play football. He said no emphatically. If I had kids I would have to think about it very brief that he deeply. In terms of letting my kids play football. Not NFL deal responsibly report. Quote we appreciate the work done by doctor McKee and colleagues for the value it adds an ongoing quest for a better understanding of CTE. Case study such as those compiled India dated paper. Are important to further advancing the science and progress related to head trauma. The medical and scientific communities will benefit from this publication an NFL will continue to work with a wide range of experts to improve the health of current. And former NFL athletes as noted by authors are still many unanswered questions relating to the calls. So the NFL and Suisse it's being placed a hundred million dollars in support of this researched it it may 47. Rule changes since 22002. To protect the players we all caught the NFL soft nowadays because they throw flags on any type of hit any type of contact. Close to the head. So this report it's very V three revealing its now trickling down a high school and before you know it it's probably trickling down into Little League. Football yet you had some former NFL players come out Danny kanell. Mainly in say. We've written this report does initiate any new light on what we already knew about CT but Obama tell you this in a while won't go away. And I'm not discourage using inner city. You know a lot of young men use sports is an avenue to get out of what they deem a bad situation or an opportunity. A what life financially offers them. And they're gonna go in to plane NFL football college football. No win the risk. And the reward is so big Vontae that you probably can pull some players and I think they have in they would tell yet it's worth it. You know did you you look it up a life of crime. Drugs you know what comes with that but people are so obsessed with. With getting what comes with that that's running fast money in this is a different fast money you each get a better life in regard to finances. I think a lot of guys would take the risk it continue to play football. For that gain further families for themselves and I just don't see it to where. You know people would walk away now we're seeing the judge's error judge in Stanton called guys he boys you know show. You know excel at baseball to where did naked eye is not used to seeing guys that big. So now I'm wondering with these reports would you give the defense of lime in the tie the hands. You know bigger guy saying hey forget that at contact. In the head collisions maybe our trauma had it it in baseball. And I'm wondering knee and would we see a spike you know. A downward. Spiral in regard to you know people sign in their kids up for football but I just don't see it happen. That's a great great point guru and remember Todd Helton for Colorado Rockies use a quarterback it's in the seat. Decided played baseball and look how that played off for him Adam Dunn as well aren't as good money guarantee muddy Adam Dunn as well was hot shot in football. Any decide to play baseball in the worked out for him as well as lots of phone calls here guru on the current pop a show. And the five points of the game is thought to Joseph again and sandals they want to talk CT eat with boxing guru earner by point seven a game was a joke. What I want to go wrong with you 1%. And Mike eight. And they all light and and on pre break. They hit it great here in the senate in mom dollar. And we're like okay it's October. You smack in the united played. And go to a component now sophomore year seniors that may. You'd think that matter and I believe we beat down that it gave Michael a boat Alberto pulpit at the white. Watcher report. You. Know and he got out you'll. That coat and they get back in. Better walk the that he market Mort what should. So Joseph do you get concerned though when he does play deeply concerned about him getting smacked in May be coming up with the injury was it tough for you to lecture us on play football. I'd get it should be issued shock. And its. Orbit. Around that picture. I'm. And then. And then every vote. What you don't need it they said. And now Cogent on it in that seat belt out. Their you know him in straight. Some of the moment. Or like in every county late watching it because that that you are. The more coach would. I get too caught doing sort of phone call Joseph Ellis got the James and ultimately wants assault CTE with parting guru Germany five point seven game a sub James. I looked on. You know I totally agree with a group that you know the one that does say. You know I'd be football or the year just don't think it'd be easier entertaining. You know I think. You know it's gonna you know they gonna come out with a lot of safety rules and rules that we do any players it's. Not. You know the semis and then at one time backlog are so like that so. I know you're gonna be that entertaining I do think it either. And the noted being you know luckily I was born and older you know even though I didn't make it to delete. I would trade that there you know because I get my degree and I know a lot of folks out Oakland at least in Richmond and some areas and Crisco. I know that betrayed it and eaten or. You know a college degree because. You know at least that and that you. Respect that. It's so. Yet that that small point you know Eleanor and I I also have folks will. Are gone over to court say sports. And and yet so basically there's. You know they continue to be poverty. And and distinct that there's always going to be. Local school book as folksy issues and has a way to sort of say relies. Thanks in a phone call James and I agree with you we do have some breaking news here at this to stand. The raiders and second round pick. We know fun to have agreed to terms. OB's on this when an apple signed his deal he will be on the field. Saturday. And raiders had their first practice as a team and JDR wasn't what it was too short says he would trip and he says they'll get a handle it and that's one down now we will wait. The news of caring column will wait wait on that he's one guy. CO. Is unsigned. Due to the sexual allegations. I don't know I don't know Obi who made the force be with you will be made the force be worked. The Oakland Raiders Obey vilify and movies sometime. Usually do and delivered sealed and delivered let's go back to a former president Axel listless let's move over to Chad Brown will take a look at the the AFC west rival for the second in a row the Denver Broncos will look into their 2017 season. Would broncos' radio analyst and former NFL linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chad Brown will discuss the Denver Broncos and we'll go look like in 27 team here and Greg Papa shows ponting Goran five point seven again.