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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, July 26th
Bonta & Guru are in for Greg today - they debate if the AFC West is the best division in the NFL, if the Raiders are the front runners of the division, and look closer into the Raiders defensive holes - joined by Jason La Confora & Susan Slusser.

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And AFC west I think top to bottom going to be good this year as far as the raiders and goals they got to take back the AFC west and we're talking about level of expectation the raiders are you all know that now when they AFC west since 2000. But the fact. The long drought is over. There's area that could chaos. I think Kansas City is slim I have the utmost respect that achieves the raiders are just not been able to meet that Jack Del Rio or board. Against them. For a flat return touchdown. Tough love again wide open. But I am sensing. With the Kansas City Chiefs slippage this year obviously it would not shock me if the chargers contend for the AFC west this year that's a highly as they do their personnel. Surely those first Denver I'm always worried about damn. This is totally don't know its advance Joseph is gonna do Mike McCoy coming in with bill musgrave is the offensive coordinator the the safest stretch left they both sit there. Draws it did for all for today. Tough they pick out just took over the job bailout bad lie to me this has got to be the year the Golan setting up this team they've got to take back the AFC they've got to win this division. Alex looks right. Yeah. It doesn't provide. Plus down there. This second sack of the okay. After no life here in San Francisco DG DG DG dot com studios here top. Twelfth floor during Howard root beer category Johnson for one effort Greg Papa who still out craps here immigrant pop the show who was from well. Take care at diarrhea Turks and that the abysmal. Pop some tepid SE AC. Or whatever to edit pad that acid or whatever yeah whatever you gotta do not need to devote whatever you gotta do to get over to craps we want you back as soon as possible course on boxing hill here. A 95 point seven in the Greg puppet show and guru as you heard. I was a montage of all the highlights from the EAC west teams Terry keel returning a punt on the pars and a football game which we thought broke the game over the course the raiders came back. Made it game at the in their course to throw on fourth and one. They go and complete raiders lose they finished twelve for alongside Kansas City Chiefs. But they lose the division due to getting swept by chiefs of course to Denver Broncos new head coach there and still suit. Joseph west is now defense coordinator. It's going to be interesting to see what happens in this division and we can't forget about the Los Angeles chargers no longer Visalia culture. And that is not a popular group San Diego San Diego did that did it out our snow Morse. And the eagle super chart there's none of that but this division is going to be like opened its gonna be a dogfight is wanted to. Probably to give. One of the best divisions in football you look at the chargers here Ken Whisenhunt is he off its recorded her alongside new head coach Anthony land other gonna move to a 43 when Gus Bradley who is of course in Seattle coach and a defense and of course he goes on Jacksonville. Doesn't get it done there he gets axed now he's done in Los Angeles to restore remember him as a white debacles the niners who we call two special teams beat out Los Angeles Joseph woods is what I meant Nigel west. The new defense recorded for Denver Broncos who could be because the last two seasons while Mike court called the offense. In our good friend bill musgrave who is often scored later here in Oakland that last season he'll be coaching quarterbacks. In Denver and of course I'm Schechter tweeted earlier today group. That brought goals. Will still have a quarterback competition Trevor Ximian will take the first team reps at start of training camp. Paxton lynch will give him work with the stars that's gonna be some look at I believe Derek and I were talking earlier before the show. To receive me didn't impress me last year he's a solid Smart quarterback. But we need to make the big Toro in only when you need to make a big plate as he had that it factor he did have a last season at all I didn't see it I did not see it at all. On the we're gonna talk Jason welcome for its wolf ten talking about the NFL. Kirk cousins that that's out there Washington. A great Rosenthal won a clock. A break him down on the Carlos Hyde who's with the 49ers team and between that and you know forget about Susan slots are these insider issue c'mon at 1230. I know you watch Sonny gray yesterday pitch is six straight. I wanna watch. Art pitch I was hoping they didn't pitch him like that guy is gonna get traded yeah I do know we're just you know yet some turbulence and now people are looking like okay AZ all the way back to you feel is fine at an error in the second Ani it opened the floodgates with other than that Sonny great pitch fine. He was a cable talk to Susan saucer at 1230 as I mentioned Gregg Rosenthal. At 1 o'clock to talk about Carl's tiger rumors are Shanahan wanting winner format. In the draft and how Carlos Hyde may not fit this blocking scheme moved splits it's like a two yard difference. When a quarterback who lines up under center and when he's in a pistol with carnal hop Carlos Hyde Joseph Williams do you talk more Todd shelf. He may be better suited for the soft it's a one Catan go guy so we'll see with that. Also what's will clock or to talk to chat Broward liberty outside my burger for to Pittsburg Steelers signed before Harman I'm for he's now a Denver broncos' radio analyst he'll bring down a broad goals for us. Here and Greg publish on their glory Johnson to limit for Greg Papa are boxing hill here and I'm five point seven game. And I see got to pirates Iran. In regard to gaming you call them all we had to call an audible and you chewing your work first. Work first forget the rubber match downer but when you look at to say it's US guru how does this stack up in your rice is the division from the raiders to lose. Who's the front runner. Believe it or not. I wanna say it's the raiders to lose. But I don't know if you know and I'm sure you do but in Jack del Rio's team your he's only four against Kansas City Chiefs. So before we get to the Super Bowl you gotta win the division. You got a death has to be your goal coming out of training camp. And right now I wanna say on paper I feel confident that the raiders can beat Kansas City but when they play. I just feel like Andy Reid and his scheme. Out schemes what the raiders are doing its chess not checkers so when you ask me right now who want to win it's obviously the raiders. But deep in my gut. The raider coach and staff as a whole has to show me that they can devise a plan a gay plant took all three special teams offense and defense to beat the chiefs. In the and we look at the patriots and home field advantage in operation Minnesota but until then I'm gonna say it's Kansas city's division. Lose I'll even with the loss Jeremy Matt yeah our it has some turmoil when the front office. Alex and it has look over shorter pat my homes. A tight re Q is he ready for that no one role as a wide receiver we know each. Last year as the number two guy the attention was an honor and people are going to be certain tyrant killing game plan around him. This season guru side with the top holly tweets over the weekend with him going crazy about the guy you're playing time. I'm not sold on Kansas City quite get grouped U and now. You didn't mention defense defense defense that's true that's what scary here in Oakland is the defense he is too young still have yet to sign. That's scary to me. And even if they were in the mix and we were about to see him as you are and that the next week. You wonder what it's going to be who's gonna be running the show in regard to the defense Obama take. I think the raiders have a lot more question marks coming into camp absolutely Kansas City Chiefs who you talk about 12 receiver we can get that fixed. But the raiders got to show me and make those necessary jumps on the defensive side of the ball to go here and win this AFC west which I think picking it. Are you talk about the two rookies Gary Connolly out of I'll state the social allegations over his head that investigation still lots going on there that we don't know and then of course OB mollify Wu the second round pick out of UConn who's gonna have a big role on his defense they need to get it can't. First practice is Saturday open Napa a rigorous training camp I would look at page US and we look at the last ten years in or just take it back to 2006. San Diego Chargers won forced radius US championships. Can see the cheese one minute 2010 and a Broncos take a stranglehold on the division for five straight years before achieves slip back up. Last year take over the division you look at the Broncos you talk about defense defense defense. I think the Broncos have the best defense even though they have problems against the run well they they did sign the moto Domata Peko. Domata tackles guy from Cincinnati to give them some peace that Kerr also deepened to tackle are you still have Derrick wolf in there Von Miller in the secondary is Nash still able beats you up Darian Stewart are free safety he'll smacking guru TJ ward he'll smacking the key to lead will get your face it he may richter chain off we saw that on New Year's Day it is an Oakland Raiders a Chris errors junior is the study he'll play in the slot sought you out that I make a wish foundation was found is it -- six yard interception return a couple years ago at the coliseum the seal that game did. Brennan wrote we we can't forget about him he's your fifth corner he's urged his upper corner he's coming up against plan in the medical. The Denver Broncos defense is going to be solid and not much is gonna change from when Wade Phillips Wade Phillips is now with LA rams. How much is gonna change in that scheme related beefy your argument gets out. It's just a question mark about the offense in the Denver Broncos were gonna shift more toward power off and are gonna go to song running scheme. Are gonna be power power power power gonna try to beat you up to invest in an offensive line in east a couple stud outside areas Thomas and amend Sanders yeah. And we were at the game last year here in Oakland. And all I saw was defense of lime in from the Denver Broncos with their helmet off. And you know I was off. They were getting gas that he wasn't Derek Carr put it in the air forty to fifty times they used another recipe to running down the Broncos throat so that leads me to the broncos' biggest question mark their quarterback if they can't get consistent play from the quarterback your pardon you're going three and now you're not sustaining drives so that great defense which it is. But susceptible to the run. Then he gets weak and that's why I say gear cars the best quarterback in this division. And lived if they don't get that necessary good quarterback play. The raiders can do they're saying and I say start with the division in the end you look at home field advantage for me. Absolutely I'm with you there and Allison chip down elated chargers are a lot of people sleeper here nobody's talking about they're always in games always easy games. De wolf they will be in shootouts the injury bug has already had a will Mike Williams we don't know if he's gonna be out for the season yet but let's talk to Jason Parker for us nationals NFL writer for CBS sports dot com has recovered nicely for a long long time we welcome and Jason here on the Greg Papa shall we dare to glory Johnson Abacha who are maybe five point seven game and to jump in our conversation I was starting with AFC west. Do you see this deep this division. Plank out here Jason I mean the chargers are tough the chronicles are tough to chiefs are right there and of course the raiders have all these expectations opera operation Minnesota IDC that it is checking out Jason. I think the leaders in the best team in that decision I'd pop up on our question. They'll be better I liked. What they continue to do that your that. On the strong. A much changed well. I. That wingers are all that significant ops. Thirteen you'd better better in the media having a young rich order so I. I think it's being. And then you know achieved so to an honor and reap the tent well one year. Don't know that yet no and that's what else announcement. Will probably be in this our sport policies in. Cadbury got shall we got a quarterback first and the actual bank start it was their job by our you'd score acute locks them out especially early part of the city in the charter card. That account. They've seen no beeper if you don't hurt the same positions apparently. Lied about a decent chance to be true that it. Well nature didn't pass well and absorption in the league giving him votes. Philip Rivers. You know he's made their stand on orders close their experts instrument play. And murdered intriguing team can make our Arctic may surprise some people. Although Britain epic a better year if they can avoid the car wreck the injuries. That really it's impacted. And the cost and my record. On with the there must shift over to Washington wrote quickly and our director piece just. Couple days ago about Kirk cousins and the fiasco with that contract situation is kind of died in an. The guide us what's really going on every can we believe Bruce Allen that there were sticky three million dollars guaranteed and he we want him here or. Or is Kirk cousins in a right here to just sit back and take this franchise tag and who to blame here about the situation. Well look it adamant that the loss. In their system in their organizations. That some. Opportunities for years to extend. And it hasn't happened that means that you reminder you can if you include. The 24 are making this year which. Only guarantee. It's going to be getting that paycheck every week. You know dot signing extensions usually the key factors how much additional money thank you not. The per already hand and art. I'll you know the contract act itself. Actually it was a disingenuous. I think it was. Shoddy and Barbara down there either formal war over people by our and it Taylor back partner and now it. You know secure and under that librarians are Kirk cousins in January. Commit their guy or. They could very well. Our third year over certainly in the South Korea that another ignorant slights the core of your. Just let them for sports round compensatory pick since what in nineteen. Each will not let you know in all political cultures universe. And that should be doing so it'll. Jason were home of the Oakland Raiders here on 95 point seven the game and expectations are through the roof. And Gary. Look at a time guys aren't aren't. Right away and that there and it's given the word CPA who works. Or surprise because it is very lecture the only. Legitimate poll that was boast of the last couple years before that initiates. I can't really remember anybody sheet. How outlawed that action. It continues to go. I think so at all. In short order. You know that is missing now to become a situation like last year indicate idol. It's possible that. But it's what you do. We're going to talk about it and the multiple weeks and confidence of the Truman trying to show that. And inevitable and straighten your passengers. Mothers. Small tissue injury in any problems but right now I think it's in its IPO though. Not anything that got its and back end. Jason rock and Ford joins us here and Greg Papa Joseph dirt guru Johnson Vontae hill Harriman five point seven a game in those re your piece earlier today about. The white old school super scout GMs aren't endangered species in NFL we've seen. Assume GMs get fired tear people for training camp the chiefs. About six weeks ago at a course last week with the Carolina Panthers sky diving and what you wanted to relay there about the super scout possibly dying and NFL. Well actually just the idea that you can just trying to beat Graf. And you bureau saying it's finally here answers in settlement. And just be you know and who burst out and you know you're gonna make players valuation. You're gonna watch more on the outs. Not. Not really. Holding water which. The owners and mourn the interpersonal dynamics politics making the opt for lunch the week. Connecting the connective tissue between football operations and marketing side. Being willing to engage with sponsors. Ot speaking the order language looking art. Being that seat you know try out having those sort of communication management skills. And it's now become much more I think what they're looking for they want somebody who. When you step on the too important to them accurately you've you know you represent them and sort of look at. Yeah player on wage and all that matters which point one searched outs to do that as well so. When you look at a gentleman who can do himself any favors were medio oil which it locker room. Which other people in the opposite. That has a lot to build why he's not there anymore and Taylor wanted to go another direction on Dorsey much more personable. An affable. No. More comfortable where Smart shirt and shorts that he would. In the senate and I'm not a given that it's not a guy who really came back Green Bay Packers are some sort of school. Of valuation with which is very much being out doing the work senior Arturo. But not necessarily may be being in Euro. Get people together and now tonight on. You look at what happened in Indianapolis supplying groups. He clashed repeatedly with coaches and people on the option. He was it what in up to experience a lot of world college aren't. It's already got in the Dublin Ireland in buffalo really trying to get along. Picture for some gaps that you look at who's replacing them. All the time it's young. I'm clean cut strategy cute slot I'd argue I have won there John Lynch who. You speak that language in there and connect with voters and who do. Different sort of communication skills and they. The old school for all agree. By our burst in analytics and studying different ways in more modern sort of problem solving obstacle. Here and then just what he's seal itself. Now that's interesting Jason because we do see guys in this 49ers front office guy like Prague marathi have a lot of clout within that organization have a lot of say so and accordingly according to John Lynch arrived Marat he was a guy who made to deal to trade up with the Chicago Bears when it. Bears triggered a from Mitchell too risky once spot the niners fall back on sponsoring Solomon Thomas so you think there's gonna be train of more guys like John Lynch not necessarily coming straight out of broadcast Booth but guys who play guys who have that slot that's swagger that not a business look. And guys who can not only relate to owners put maybe we'll players took is that something we John Lynch I'm noticing here Jason Teddy can relate to players really really well. Yeah I mean you don't want your GM to be a distraction in the locker room and you know we saw that some years back. In Chicago. And it about blowing up we we we've seen it in both hello we saw certainly in Indianapolis. You don't want. GM's job security could be a topic of conversation in your locker and you don't want. You know and to have difficulty getting along with coaches are getting along with people on the business side. Of the building and actually purchased bookings for some different attributes in the subconsciously some advocates and these these owners but you look at Brandon being in Britain beat these guys to get suspended in those jobs. It would Kansas City. And buffalo respectively you look at Chris our. Who replaced. Outline groups in Indianapolis young shark smooth guy someone who's been in. In the office for six or seven years now as a battle grossed out. Go out play your game understands interpersonal dynamics that all that it carries a lot of weight. Jayson Wacom for CBS sports dot com NFL national writer Vicky so much time are you doing the little rainstorm or some dinner you all the wind. I'm but I am adding onto rich and correction. You attorney can cause a grander hi Jason drive safely thanks for coming on so today. The court. Jason rock for CBS sports dot com national and a fellow writer Chris formally at a Washington Paulson FL network covered this legal long long time covered a Redskins for. Over ten seasons guru but let's shift over to baseball. The Oakland a's guru. I know you looked or seven and a half games back now to while court as it ain't happy now after last night's loss I don't know but you do you still want them to fort fort I have something in my pocket. And it's a Al white flag. What I I'm ready to wave dad being waved the white flag I know I sound like a broken record here because we always talk about Sonny gray is the last start is this last one is the last one. Ironically yesterday. Could be his last start in Oakland a's uniform his first career start happened. In Toronto as well when he came open 2013. So let's get to Susan slots or are these insider it we've asked this question numerous times and sure she made she made to hang up the phone on a school roof we ask her again below laskar whether or not last night was a last start for Sonny gray in Oakland Athletics uniform lessons lesser. Eighties insider for essential chronicle and our insider here on I five point seven game this is to Greg publish on 95 point seven again. Now back to grad pop let Infante hill I 95 points set in the game. They did they should kind of pitches you're kind of pitching. You do everything came to put your team of this win for yourself in the position to succeed on the mound. It's it can be. Difficult at times who have ruled. Notice pursuant out. Chris I was Sonny gray after last night's loss to Toronto Blue Jays in what could be. His last start as an Oakland athletic you sound like a broken record here guru on the Greg publish so it's Vontae hill dear to grew Reed Johnson. It would bring in days insider from assumptions were chronicles Susan slots are covering the scene for long long time and Susan we sound like a broker record of fifth who what's the latest. On Sonny gray and do you think he'll pitch and a's uniform. Appearance when he seventeen. Well lucky. On that one. Can make one more it right now on our. And get it it not only act and why. And again. You'd but at. All. No absolutely NEA's in Dodgers have done a lot of this is together we know about the news what Clayton Kershaw missing for six weeks of that back injury. We suspect in a Washington national poster Stephen Strasburg. We can't take that he's really rightly because we know his. Injury issues and they're looking for starter course to yankees they have all these prospects. Not based you have control over something great for two years for the next two seasons than what I hear is that. Billy Beane really loves great so why not just build around them and resist the temptation to say you know what. We're going into this new stadium let's bring in our face of a franchise Sonny gray. And not be sole. So quick to trade him. Well I. They're pretty aware contact on contact Eric good starting pitchers like. Being your attack on order you know aren't at eight under. Bark but that they're not there but one I think a lot of it. Though. At the ears if they really spectacular deal but that's and I am and other. I think we're looking like that I would act Politico. Wiki but it but it request. And what that there's an idea I. Think could be backed away from. Susan I read your article Friday in the chronicle in regard to Chris Davis and Marcus Ximian a multiyear possible contract extensions. And I think both of those players are worthy of that in would help DA's move in forward. Do you think if that were to get done down the road did that would make DA's look like they got some census stability towards the fans. A packed with me and you know younger guys Chapman. On diet. It is why we're here Leo. And you're. At eight Ike and I'd that they believe a lot one. N you know many. I like it at the local. Art barker. It be. Able. Souza slow serves serves to chronicle a's beat writer since 1999. Joins us here immigrant publish a terror group were Johnson Phil meant. For Greg problem by Taylor on 95 point seven game now let's look at some of the positives here's Susan instead ought to straight talk that we discuss every week Matt Chapman. Other young man first round pick and Tony fourteen is really start to come on yet to insure against three homers. His play defense Leon hot corner has been amazing talk about that chat and how he's coming into his own here late season. And the defense is at an average it may be even better and so gold glove went out your bank. It got out about it yesterday and dump the remembered that day out and buying that first round pick it up out the end that bag packed. All that it would count but it will bite that you keep an eye on. I'm that you put out by them you know that first night. On Friday. Really spectacular plays at the moment. So not at Alec crap that scorched kinda thing but anyhow I'll have some background. You like you're baton. Yet Chapman got the power that the defense. Every average guy but I think is a cholera and lot. Susan I know you've been covering this team froze for some time. Did sets but this is comments about one to retire and Oakland they did that surprise you at all because he surely surprise me. You know that. You. Pay for it that. Everybody knows. How this love. And I'd made you love but. At the amount. The deal in oak. And expected that they are saying it. I need a little. That. Topic that they act in New York about it I don't think people. He met. 38. When it came back it. It went on. You every year. And you de. LA any. Add at every. I don't know. A lot about. You know you remind you of all those strains in that season and are I was in Boston's who's in the days. Assessed for this streets that are Red Sox armored refresh myself on thinking what deck of gore and body here I doubt about the giant cross today should they be made a play for UN assessment is. Somehow be a great story if he came back to open as well you know Josh Donaldson knots on the series so much that you don't just Donaldson the way he left he was sad. A music fan favorite but. In a talk about the softens because Senseo an assessment Issa says Josh Donaldson have left. This offense is basically been home run a bust and they're not swinging the bats right now in Toronto two hits on Monday and yesterday he struggled a scratch cross Iran's. What's going on what this offense is more specifically we Yonder Alonso he's in a slump right now. Yeah not that after the game yesterday keeping everybody a little anxious. Which made at the K I under lock and cornbread are acting. Right Google too much. A Matt and you know the current event and at that lineup that at all but then. Quiet it up and the Diane and Aetna and the guy behind it. Not a big threat if not bringing it Ellen. They. Really that everybody that Condit that I picked it up but it will take the block but that it. Needed you know they have got in and run it but what I'll just get. LSU shoes in the Bay Bridge series starts on Mondays is the latest to Bay Bridge series has ever started. Good question and that they're crammed it back to back it you feel a little more route I knew it get BD one up a bit early and not a happens later but it does well late. He had a death would be an interesting Bay Bridge series because giants after BC last night featured a water and years some margin could be on the block we hear about Johnny Quaid Ellen and of course what Oakland. What ordered a light that's going to be like but if you had a forecast it would just could look like out here in Oakland on Monday night. Well Matt. But it burial earlier round out Yonder Alonso the marketed very unclear. There's been reports that and then being eat at its best buy I. Yet to hear that that easily the show. Yeah yeah they do because they liked America. I read that and act like it and it happened not. Our Susan thank you so much for your time we'll do it again next week and we will have answers actor to trading deadline next Monday have a go when Susan. Or. No problem Susan slots are covering a since 1999 for essential chronicle Ariza insider here and I'm a five point seven game. I join us here immigrant publisher known as we shift back to full body here guru. Talk about the defense of the Oakland Raiders. That's a big talking point coming into its when he seventeen seasons course we had TJ Cary here last Friday laden studio. He thinks her defense is going to be better proof they're going to be more improved a job Donald's. Instilling some things and still back him or junior who unfortunately is looking. Over his back. This is to spot this is just this is that unit that has to step up produce for your team especially at this offense could we saw at times I sure do expect office would be better. The last year between sixteen era bit inconsistent they'll start slow it and boom boom boom that you would restrict. Dries for touchdowns. That offense is probably about securities defense early on in the season. Yet you talk about the defecting to Norton junior who does have a Super Bowl ring as a player. He's not out there on the field in any cleats it all and I just wanna ask you with him Anglican over his back. Do you think it's more the players in the silver and black. Not get it done in regard to the output on defense or is it the play calling the scheme because I'm curious to see you gone oh. In coming in and with the help of Norton or not to. Devise a different you know scheme and would you see a different raider defense because you got clear Mac and then after that bond take to me everything's a question mark. Preserving seven sacks last season a memorial that was junior was her most of the season. He'll be back healthy hopefully for his raiders in the past for us to be a big deal because you need help by the young secondary. With a passer as we saw we see teams with a passion as the Denver broncos' hopes on their secondary for an tremendously. New York Giants are she had a pass for us last season so we'll get into the Oakland Raiders. Guru we'll talk about how much could the raiders defense. Hold them back from great great potential operation Minnesota possibly we'll discuss it listen to Greg publish on the B five point seven game well. Ku and bounce it and. Now back to grad pop it in Vontae hill I 95 point seven they game. Nothing changed from from the way we feel about it we understand the process under way and when they finished up process that we feel confident about the decision we made in the person that we have what does the rules and construction are such that it is not a great concern now on our Leo think of these these issues get involved shortly and not join the team we've got some young guys that are excited about the opportunity to compete here. I think it will just let them compete led a workshop out we draft of the young man. Mark hill and we got a couple guys returning my core games and so you know local political level compete we've got some young guys can run. And they're determined to learn and apply himself and let them compete and we're gonna grow older you know you got a couple went to a draft you draft time you can get a free agent and I didn't pay a lot of money over you can develop the guys look at developing guys it will it will continue to. To monitor what's out there as well about how aggressive the trigger and it. Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio joined them weren't show Tuesday morning Jolo and Dave's the discuss scaring Conley the defense the middle linebacker position. How that will play out of course Perry Riley junior is still free agent Corey James A draft more kell Lee. Out of Wake Forest so we'll see what happened with linebacker position we'll see what happened was Conley. Mel Fonda Lu it should PM by Saturday for what we're hearing but I'm not making any promises your guru but the spotlight is on a defense we know what the offense is gonna offer. We know what the offer is gonna offer would Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch DR Andrew Washington and jailer shark go on and on about. Michael Crabtree in the Marc Cooper and tied in addition. Jerry Cooke Lee Smith is back as a blocking tight and Saudi often should be in good hands. What is the defense led by a cool little Mac Padilla went deep into player a year a season ago Levin sacks Lotta people look at eleven sexes say that sit. Yeah the league leading 96 quarterback pressures he does get doubled 73 tackles five forced fumbles a pick six. He was a playmaker despite not having a lot of talent around. And we talk about the raiders barely winning games last year. Khalil match shows up when it's time to show up. We'll have that Lawrence Taylor type of play that signature strip that signature sacked so it's not about him Vontae is Jesus his play can be infectious. And we can see Bruce Irvin get eleven sex. Or if not more Mario Edwards junior I mean how many years have we been talking about this guy staying healthy because when he's out there bond de Jesus stood. And he makes this raider defense that much more potent it so I'm hoping. Did you know what ails him making either rectified so we can see a different raider team now as far as the youngsters. Did or not in camp Connolly and OB it's 43 days to big NFL football kicks off. And I know people leaving Jack Del Rio on the morning show our token you know they'll be here. My calendar is a bit different I'm a little worried you know these are rookies if they don't give in by lets you say Monday. You're gonna get behind you there's star player pre season games and then we'll look back and say all that down time. Did you Ralph for whatever reason. You know led to you not having a great rookie season don't just take it for granted that these guys aren't here if they don't show up on. You are listening to Greg pop a shoulder to glory Johnson to limit for Greg pop on bond sale here on in five point seven a game. If you did speak about the linebacker position here which was a black hole no pun intended last season Malcolm Smith had a hard time who's now. In separate so plan for a forty niners had a tough time covered attired in last season and still you know a lot of fans letter raider fans don't think deposition was really. Rectified July Jenkins does come in. From Miami he's a readout buyback plan in nickel package a Corey James of solid. In Kimi still linger and around a mark Kelly who TJ Carey said ominous have a major role what do you think about the linebacker position position a ten day. You know cover up for for the lack of linebackers lack of middle linebackers. What we have to seat the last two years they have not been able to do it. And I know you wanna throw something that we Vontae but I. I I I got to do this because when you're desperate not to like the regular defense is desperate to detect those necessary strides. All Dean Smith do I just get that out among men told dad giving Saudi assistance over there's no doubt your system got to go into training camp thinking and number 99. Going to be around was out there for the few games that he was Vontae owls like this is that Super Bowl defense that Tom Brady will stay up midnight they can about so you're telling me forget about him. You have to how can you count Donald Smith right now we've heard nothing about him. Errors you know almost always sometimes no news is good news right well there's reports that we all gift from different people spotting all the Smith going. Such march oh from what I hear he's is still not a good place. He's just still not a good place so. He told NFL's take your time on that we were expecting him maybe to be back in December all the sniffles I'll pair Scopes and him coming back but really we can't count on them. We can't count on Ambien and Oakland Raiders uniform and when he seventies he got to forget about injected. Game plan as if you don't have all the Smith now a few Roger Goodell steps in the say. We've reinstated on Smith back into the NFL. You throw a party in San I'll watch how we got something here because Castro shopper down like in New York Giants. When he beat the patriots in the Super Bowl the first time around liquor and had a defense of line there who lives in. Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck Osi human Norah. Be they had some guys and now you look at all the swift does come. Generators yeah Mario eastern. We service healthy Mario. Now you got saw them but you can't count on all of Smith. And without all of Smith you're gonna need to secondary to really cover the seaweed receivers that are gonna face this season you look at the schedule. Q talk about Tennessee keep talk about the New York Giants the Miami Dolphins aren't as we saw what Philip Rivers did here in alternate show won the game Tom Brady in Mexico City. They're going to have to cover so and this young secondary can he's on BBs. Obey Belafonte will Gary Connolly be that much of a difference maker. And help his defense. Move into the top fifty gonna say hey this is going to be top fifteen defense last year Eric 26 to give up but to yak yards 38 passing plays last year grew up 45. Or more and that's because that lack of pressure. You know a secondary is best friend is pressure Bonn today and I tell you what houk who you won't be able to blame this year. One DJ Hayden. Because he took a lot up in front of what was dis functional with the raiders secondary he's no longer in ten don't so you you know next man up. And I'm just hoping that this scheme can make up for May be. Do I dare say it some lack of talent in regard to the linebacker position right now we look at the middle would seriously don't dig jelly down there. Just an Alice. Big boy big boys they're gonna have to step up to get some interior pressure because that was lacking as well wee bit surprised. But they've been addressed in defense of line and only got two young guy at a UCLA Eddie van hurdles but. A cold is that enough yet Delray said he couldn't believe that they didn't. You know they didn't give more attention to the front. You know coming into camp. To meet its steel a glaring issue and if you look at the radar sack total for last year Billy's a lot to be desired so it's almost incredible. That they were twelve and four. To kid going to this season Dickie you're gonna win the way you did in New Orleans you eat you went toe to toe with Tennessee the brakes which are way it sort of thing happening to me and what how many Tennessee game excuse me Carolina Cam Newton here in Oakland. That's not the formula I guess I want the raiders to utilize this season and now that you get more sound lynch. What does that tell you last on disarming last week I think your best defense. These are all this is the may be keep them off the field will ball control. That is a great point guru because. You may need to do that and I thought the Atlanta Falcons and a great job of that last year covered up nine cents a billion now breaking New England Patriots their defense. Wasn't a great issue that a season ago Belichick is a great game planner for talent wise. Ami talent there actually talent wise are relieved to go about senator did not yet Stephon Gilmore after. Think about the patriots being because I've felt like it's their leaves the loser coming into the season like to go to stay warts. Thought she's elaborate how sorry I can't help it I can we not think about when more rings if that's if that's if you talk about operation Minnesota. You know Ole BAC's probably going to go through Foxboro Stadium. You have to stack up with the patriots now I get it you need to win your division you need to beat the Broncos who need to be to achieve she need to be to charges. Owned for loan program now under or forgo some Kansas City Chiefs it's Andy Reid. But if they do not get a consistent pressure it consistent pressure and rushed his quarterback and leader BBs after trying to cover using the receivers for five to seven seconds are going to be in trouble and they're gonna have to ask your car in this office has put up 35 to be and it almost should be perfect. So they're popping your I'd pop DP let's go and I think some popular presence on the show this it is agricultural of course prop bet it's. So not so what is the realistic goal for the raiders this season do we while I mean obviously they won in the AFC west but what what is a realistic goal to be to seat. And to get shellacked. In New England cut left right after that but there's a what is the what is a realistic goal this season got to win the Super Bowl right. Eagle twelve or in lesser hands with her loaded the patriots. That's problem. That is a problem you gotta go for you can't think like debt that is wrong top process it's real DP but the right was got to worry about what's going on in their own backyard. Did better each Sunday so when you do allow yourself to get to that showdown with Tom terrific. You feel confident enough that you can take him down because right now with the way were talking about the deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball it's like why show up because we're crowning what do Denny during say aren't Pete didn't want to try and you got to go face and Derek and you got to get better. But it does look bleak when you say the patriots in brand because it's in. The key going off what it with a BA here you can keep gore and I crock but the raiders is a good thing it. Backing is a plant in Mexico City and I was like who the good these generators will have two weeks to prepare for the patriots have a bye week. That could go to Mexico City take on the page it's a two weeks to game plan. For the New England Patriots that will be fought and in no games November 19 we collect. I'll be fun here we are thinking about scandalous look over at the other side of the Bay Area. And the news came out about Carlos Hyde what is Carlos hi its future on the 49ers won last Gregg Rosenthal about that situation on census goddesses Greg Dobbs show on army five points a game Google robot to Narnia.