Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta & Guru Hour 1

Bonta & Guru in while Greg is on vacation - they discuss the baseball moves made over the weekend, sending Doolittle & Madson to Washington for prospects, are joined by Jon Morosi, and rank their Top 5 NFL QBs. 


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No and everybody welcome to another edition of the Greg publish show they can pay the afternoon delight not my man. You're glory Johnson Phil and for Greg problems until July 24. I am of course our tail we have a great show guru today show coming off a big week in a baseball the Oakland Athletics week the Cleveland Indians. You're in a Tizzy right now because of some trade did the whole word rebuild. Sat just me it's lot of people here. They're gray area there is lot of people talked to Susan slots are one dirty about the open athletics at 1230 we'll talk to the one and only job moral soon will be covering. Every team would when it comes adjust this so margin to beauty traits of the Houston Astros pummel sent a ball will we ever play. In Major League Baseball game he made his way out of Boston of course to be tree with the athletics at nationals I don't believe the nationals. Aren't done either garuda still in the bullpen help also to Milwaukee Brewers who played the Pittsburgh Pirates. This week's big big series sort of resentment for departments because of the pirates swept he'll be silent the brewers look for more pitching help that'd be too soon to see there also 1 o'clock Randy cross former forty niner it's down in Atlanta has been to an Atlantis were sort radio for number of years now also analyst for CBS. Was analyst for CBS for twenty years we'll talk from about Kirk that he's always honest either he's always artists in I wanted to do you direct I want to be completely honest about Kirk cousins and why he's worth. Point three million dollars a season we'll talk to rich array that will clocked. But the Serbs scores are has put more specifically about the return of Madison bomb garner who we watch Saturday went seven strong gave up to two homers a hunk to curve balls really and l.'s all the damage he needed to ninety guru. How did you feel about his velocity Saturday right in San Diego. I. I watched a game and I'd want anything to go wrong so I was OK with the velocity ya know pitching coach. What he's still got adept they are and that he hasn't been doing you know pitching for so long he's got a buildup is all arm so to me. That was not on my checklist in regard to what concerned me. And mab almost made a bomb you know we didn't see a dominate shutout performance but you have to be happy if you're a giant fair and giant front office that he went out without their injury free. They gave you a chance to win at all he did when he. Yeah they didn't when he lost to a three down in San Diego course Hector Sanchez for Regina it's two run walk off home run to win the game for the Padres beat yesterday just a margin. One was rumored. There's a rumor Friday saying that the Houston Astros were interested in just from Mars at Nippon Bobby Evans and Brice stadium like sure take the ball far heads take the money off our hands to begin with good yesterday gave up to three run homers Torrance whose. 701 also Marc Berman and the New York Post. Converse tennis will talk about we're a little bit from Venus lost in the Wimbledon final Roger Federer is even go grew. It's looking that way would get into it well but Marc Berman has also been all of Carmelo trade talks you see CJ McCollum. Mr. grant picture of Carmelo Anthony in the Portland trailblazers. And I don't know if this is just a new era of social media but we've seen this in Orlando. To where the players on the team. You know we see being used in we'll take snapshots. Went to a locker with that player's Jersey. And then you get excited thinking is gonna happen and it doesn't come to fruition so. Can they stop with his Vontae and they averaged indeed you know Adam silver implement a rule to where you can't do that so what are we supposed to not think bond take these not go one. To Portland. Yeah I love that's actually an interesting move by that can be a better fit that in Houston. Carmelo to Portland and Portland has markets now a lot of people forget when the lawyers faced him he was only out there half a quarter before you know before you found out he couldn't continue but Portland is not as bad as a lot of people take absolutely AAA 9579570. Will take your calls while Madison bomb Werner and the big trade yesterday and Oakland California Sean Doolittle. Ryan Madson contribute to Washington Nationals for some prospects. Of Billy Beane talked to Susan slush or receptions chronicle and the that would depress. And he says that basically they're the total rebuild mode and yet I mean it feels like they've been under rebuild mall for last week's seasons guru but to actually field. Here Billie beat say that. That hey we're going all in with a rebuilt we wanna have a team ready to go that we can in a lot of fans to buy jerseys. Of players ever gonna be in Oakland California for a long long time. You know fans buy jerseys in Oakland California don't know if they're gonna be here two years three years one year. A lot of that. Tegra air rattle would bolt it in sports club. Guru bought assessment is Jersey in a week later he was traded to Boston so this was this was a little shocking here considering that the Oakland Athletics we had this discussion Friday. That their six games out of the second while parts spot. But they're committed to rebuilding is basically saying you know what we we don't care about the standings right now. Care about developing the young talent and we're gonna get as many prospects as we can afford the Sharm little Sean Doolittle. Ryan Madson got washed and how about the NASA. Sport grew and to me we've never heard Billy being mentioned you you know that phrase there weren't a total revealed. If for race fans who were upset Monta I say don't be upset. Look at what to watch now the president that is your future you're looking their bread or you're looking to chat menu look at me he leak. And you talked about the standings the standings for the die hard at the core Oakland eight stand. It's deal they are to be had my point is. I think it's addicting to Billy came out and said this. About the rebuild because when you look at the rebuild is already in process and it's too low points. To where we talked about it last week the a's are exciting to watch you see the future right before your rise. If if you were to make a couple moles get rid of a couple veteran guys like Larry what did you give back but I think what happened yesterday before that 1 o'clock game. It's people went back to the Donaldson and people went back to this SP this trade and they win back to that pain. And to meet this is different this is a different type of pain may not even be a bruised. Because this team. Is it to meet in a good spot to compete moving forward. So props to Billy being used in the but if you look at what's going on on the actual field but take the a's are competitive right now and if you enhance that massage is that what you have now and in gifts and good prospects in return. And in regard to that trade yet today two top ten. Costing delay ya know we we don't know but it's the ads more hope to what you got going with the green and gold right now so all mumble war. You're more what do what about let's flip over to Simpson's coral quickly taught Obama some bomb Werner. The giants really playing for nothing or last place pride. Pride against pride and we know that it's among burner. We'll still put butts in the seats at AT&T park or something go to depart for whatever mab bomb pitches it's an event. Even when he goes up that that he won a seat and hit. Because he does have the power slug one to left field. Saturday here at ninety he was consistently has fastballs right around ninety miles per hour cut fastballs common in our right he's the look good but his breaking ball stuff. More specifically the curve ball wasn't as sharp Saturday and he got he got rocked for two to strike curve balls are early in the game at San Diego but. If you're Bruce both Jeter Brian have you bright Zabian Bobby Evans guru. Do you shut down bombard her say after a mosque say OK I see you're you're healthy. Throwing 9091. I've seen enough shut it down or how do you feel about them bomber on a golf for because he threw. Our heart and it's wolf it's it's. In his return to it in as sensible jars in the form. Right now. For morale was good to see blown garner out on the blown. But if you're looking for the future and as you know mathematically they're done there's no chance. You would think the front office would look at this hey what do we have to gain. As opposed to what do we have to lose. And we have everything to lose and we could start possibly 2018. Without mad bomb our pace if something were to happen you know down the road so to me I would let him go about. You know another month but tea and I was seven days don't. And and the giants front office just really evaluate this team. And see what did you know if this was just a fluke or was it more to wit and now you hear the Stanton rumors. But mab bomb is all that you have to me right now. In regard to your staff your rotation quite Dole's a train wreck that you have to protect your fine China. And you do that by Clinton in a way. And that's what they need to do will mail bomb. They're mad bomber 102 pitches now that Arnold's 12102 pitches to sell logs first time that first time back semi strong 102 pitches. And watching him really closely that fastball. You know Bogart urgency around 9394. Times more consistently 93. And it was ninety all day Saturday night which maybe think while he's he's hit ninety. Now they had the movement on their cup fastballs moving in on a right east is that a concern for you to see the velocity. Not extend could use he starts slow velocity comes in and RT one as late later in the game but we're pixel screen he's finishing the game in 9394 miles an hour with a fastball. It was consistently ninety Dora the. Right now Monta I'm nobody's pitching coach but did velocity would be something that I would write down. And be eager to see more starts to see if that picks up but this guy almost killed he'd almost to himself it was a tragic accident his career could be over when you're talking about shoulder rotator cuff and labor rom. I'm just happy to see him back and to answer your question with a below. I'm not this is Major League Baseball in in sometimes we take it for granted just how good these guys are not no we call my worst. But at the end of the day I'm gonna give him a chance to work it out in the in May be the third fourth or fifth star if dad below is in 1991. James Harden Houston we have a problem. And I hear you triple A 9579570. Charm and with what we're talking about here would you ship Madison bomb Bernard downed it for Bruce Bulger and also. 86. What are you felt how do you feel about Billy b.'s recent comments about you know rebuilding. And get a good team ready for a stadium that. Let's be let's be honest here he's been talking about a stadium for fifteen years now but this is different this is different you're jerking the cool. I'm sorry yeah I'm drug off the coolers are up some way Biotech because they would not risk embarrassing in themselves in losing trust from the fan base. Like with her Campbell come out and eloquently just say. We're looking for ballpark site in these are the options. And I can't wait to that day that they have that announcement and they get that attention that I feel like they deserve so why would. A guy like cavalry in the days. Come out in the media Vontae when they can get second guessed all day if no announcement came. I don't think it's happening and that's why I think. What we heard from Billy Beane about you know the stated the days it's okay because to meet their past the beginning. Stages of the reboot and look what's going on now there's some reason to be ex. There has stirred Cory Johnson filling in for Greg popping your immigrant publish also known as the afternoon the right here many five point seven game home of course. Partake Hillary may stay barely on the show. Could be Walken does here I'm here jets your markets your Marcus from appeal the outsells dock objects like for a 51 Null. The guy has no old confidence in the league being whatsoever says he has no confidence in these guys they're not as good as they should be creative teams were keeping. Doesn't have confidence and I heard from a lot of a series history or its what are. Text. Senator don't care they've heard this before I've heard this song. If someone saw Hillary are tired of the guru so likeable. We just appear like they're. Really don't he announced wanna hear an announcement now we hear an announcement two weeks from now I. You've done you can lie to London trade law I don't feel betrayed her life too but I'm just thinking about this front office. Has been talking about a stadium for fifteen years I'm no Campbell's and now and wolf was out. How much neither should be a blueprint are radio networks stadium should beat. Should he spot oh let's not like what can people it's good to go to Toronto area Laney college into. Did you hear all the environmental task dubbed those are big deals a bond today so that's wanna say and they should get the benefit of the doubt in regard to the insane. You know telling people that the test in the land or whatnot. It could be aligned. But to me it makes all the sense in the world and this is not you don't throw a party your mom's house if this is build in a brand new stadium and you wanna get a ride you look at deny there's a senate Claire I did you know a lot of people weren't happy they wanted the baby came out now would you Donna was gonna look right so that pays to me you're doing their due diligent -- and I believe an announcement would come now when an announcement does come if they're Tony thirty games out of first place are you gonna say hey this is a great season. The team on the field still look no promise in the future but we know our stadium's going to be no I see a young exciting team. And I'm known announcements coming. And win that day does happen I feel like discover apartheid that's when you stick to check us out as an a's fan. Or part of the organization like look this ship is headed in the right direction. And it just went to Cleveland Indians and they do have a lot of young talent we seen the we seen this before record Giambi days and we go how the day's air sobbed his day's big three days they've rebuilt. Rebuild makes trades may treated one playoff series in the last one year of school. One. Eight in there you go because those are the score you just tuck those are the bruises. Now that the thing is it's not Billy build in a winner it's just retaining the unit you know that team. And when you hear temple now out front say that is a new era in Oakland a's baseball bond take that leads me to believe. This next winner that they do build. Will be some pin. To where fans can grow accustomed in feel confident to go out to the mall or order online a Jersey in no bond tea heels going to be what DA's for the knicks team years you know I think it's a new day. And the only way we can take it that way the bad days. Is give on the benefit of the doubt. Our here's a quote from Billy dean misses us closer story yesterday after the trade Sean do little right amassing huge ship all the Washington for prospects here. Really what's been in this in the last years is keeping these players. The frustration isn't that we've had success of frustration is that after success and we haven't kept the we need to change that narrative by creating a good team ultimately committing to keeping them around so that when people buy ticket. I know that the team is going to be here for a few years Ernie. With the weight on this now they had control over Josh Donaldson and that's rates seem like. Personally being part of personal assessment is tradable weevils forced and I get it Billy dean was one for BA's own corn for literature major cleanup. And then when your team is in for a fan favorite vampire with an all with an armed with a back losing lecturer in what happened. Brendon moss numbers dipped in the second that just dallas' numbers it in the second half or wonder what can. Bitter. Late Easter is that we get a Giambi left on figure greener pastures when new York and he got today it had a candidate happens to veto the budget their small market team. With the stadium hopefully that will change. Now what to stating it's open pasting an officer and against 1000 people out there. That is on a location right because if you build an on a coliseum location what's going to change this thing easy to be by the water on hope and employed by the water Howard terminal Jack London square where does a lot of things happening. Yeah and a lot of things happening to Wear family. Or a couple frames can go out and say you know what we're going to the game. But also we're going to you don't enjoy beyond beyond use you know if there's stores around bar take there can be more incentive binges baseball sought the team is not up to poll our people can still feel like they're going out to have a good time. Call an end of the two you know where you can do more than just baseball. Well with this total rebuild guru. What are some of the moves that you wanna see happen now with the Oakland a's and a census which so start first with the Oakland ace Sonny gray he's been rumored I think he's as good as gone. Do you expect him to be gone. I Yonder Alonso the Yankees are looking for for space I think he's done in other words not done he's done the all star a like his game it it's just did the number his age diversity of acute. And it doesn't fit right now when you guys when you have guys behind him like Healy who can play first it was talk about the Dodgers and their left field prospects swing the same way the a's got some right handers power hitters top slowing the same way and that has me excited so I wanna see Yonder go to a contender but most importantly I wanna see that he's. Not give coupons I'll want to do to give something back in return and if that. Is the same situation with sunny great hold down 21 Sony looks like he has his feet under rump. And who's to say he can't be that that veteran presence to these young rotation. The human not yet. It makes it's just don't be desperate. And you can jab Larry Wright broke could be playing his position so that that's the debts would back up would be at least talking about the record by take. I think the days are past the beginning stages and that was really what is said it about to rebuild because it sounds like a senator from ground zero and are not that Tim Timmy. So some degree you would hold on to now you don't beat believe beats all the return. That the Chicago White Sox got for Jose in time which command he got who top ten prospects roles they cantata. In Sonny gray with its pitching better than Jose Caetano and there's no doubt about that Sony Grey's found a hot streak you recovered are still little in this study who -- are still looking at Sonny gray. Billy Beane is looking like hey I can get him he'd be returned Sunday what. Don't worry that's his job and I hope he's doing that what I'm saying is don't do it. Don't put too John Hancock on net don't do it Vontae in English you get overwhelmed with top prospects and that's what I believe has been missing. When their a sell off is they say. Wireless look over to the other Saturday. Dissenters go giants have we mentioned. Our sellers for first time in a very very long time. They're not. We thought would get treated. It's Johnny quite. Out yet some blisters on the speaker is gonna miss this now live sterile blessing errors have commented on and blame and a new baseball SOA to. Charlie quail boost trade talks about Jeremy trio student journey quite don't. It's not exist. It's absolutely nonexistent and the as a about that at the end of the season he can hop back and give his 42 to 44 million dollars an hour contract. Job search trouble here they can't first of all they're not gonna get much much return for our acquittal if they do trade on. You know caught Derek dangle Hunter Pence do you try to trade Brendan don't try to get prospects what do you do to your if your assumptions could giants are group. It is again it's just bad weather it's that same dark cloud that has formulated over third keying this whole season. The one guy you try to move to the contender can look at and be attracted to quite old now is damaged goods. You have to be kidding me that's just another ballot for the giants now what do I do. I look my team. My front office in the mirror I have a serious conversation to say hey is this a fluke. Are we as John Carlo stand away from competing if we hit the reset on the record button. Which would we be able to you know no mirror of the team that made the playoffs last season. Or is this in Billy Bean's worth. Words a total rebuild. And Montag got to tell you it's not a total rebuild if they give ultra aggressive. They go get a sitter filled or left fielder to add to what you have now on a good day I think December Cisco giants will mirror of the team that played Chicago Cubs last year and when they sold their soul I'm saying they did in leg guys like a gun and Pablo walk. And think they've all we have that we have you had nothing to do with this. I think their karma instantaneously turn bad and I would cop have lost people he would be right here. Or thirty Julian lob problem. That error right now despite and because then Jerry I don't know Larry how his career were both doing bad right now let's see what Hannibal. In Boston dot got love proposal abolish it and he should walk. I caught a career suicide going to Boston Globe awards at poppy within zeros pacified now here with this media market. He could from authority he has that look. That toppled a governor. Some reason why problem walked was because he was little envious and harder Penske as countries states and so earlier listing your two cents is a giants got a Pablo steak and they are glued to his farm system I grew up with this team. Problem with them. He's gonna tweets while between fourteenth last remember tweets in real dollars real game one World Series but too often Justin Verlander. But you'll breathe hobbled back out in the in Texas simply wouldn't surprise me he came back because I'm O'Leary bear love the marketing they Eudora policy and the ball. And a hat and reckless project and he gets his girl stellar forget Stella tableau got his groove back come back to San for Cisco in the generated all that it they owe it to the fans to do their due diligence in that say oh this relationship trouble were better than you we need to turn over every rock and stone to see if this guy can mirror what he was any sort of started third. He was and talk about reclamation projects received giants charitably by Mike Morse Travis Ishikawa. Pat Borough hall. Probably a bloody synar real problems. You know Monterrey Cody Ross was a recommended that homer and then check that their work so you're gonna short if your delete it your Bryant's eighties music group. Bringing back Pablo Sandoval. Are you trying to Trace margin goods or Ramon Ortiz nationals where is the biggest one and I and I can't believe they would take a flyer we will talk to John Rosie necks about this army afternoon light the great pop a shoulder to glory Johnson one of regret problem bond sale. Earning five point seven again she Carlo Stanton. Jean Carlson what would you do. Engaging Carlos and would you call in the trial would go all whatever it is it took I would do it in you know why. Because it was embarrassing what the San Francisco Giants did this season. With the left field situation to think you could compete with the Dodgers. You see the Rockies in. Tom OC will break all this down next right here in 95 point seven again. Now back to the Greg pop a show with bonds. 95 point seven a game. So pretty good for the most part for socially. You know first time back in three months or whatever sort of William does go through and keep us in the game gives a chance to win and just reported that workout for. It's really cereal right now it's a kind of sinking in. Hasn't really sunk in yet. Now I know if things work here understand the business aspect of it there's no hard feelings you know I spent ten years my life this organization. So it feels weird to. To be leaving it and obviously I'm super grateful for. All the opportunities that case gave me the way that. They allowed me to transition. To pitching not only just. The idea of it but. You know the way that they've allowed me to do it take my time in the summer of 2011. And workers union and really. Really do it the right way you know everything since then played for Bob and and I'm a little bit in shock hurt us a little bit. That's not to say I'm not super excited. To be headed to where. That of course is John Doolittle who is trading yesterday lifelong gays may guru. Traded to Washington Nationals alongside Ryan massive for prospects in the first guy you heard it was met some aren't but are discussing his first start since the holder pike incident. Back in Colorado earlier this season that's about one was strong though seven innings of a 22 runs on hanging curve balls. But for the most part solid and with that we welcome in our correspondent. Comes on afternoon delight every week in LB network. Charmer row seat John maturity season is already gotten away gotten underway as you missions was last week. Jose can Tana traded to Chicago Cubs for too high level prospects we see BA's making moves in Saudi nationals and yankees and be in on the action were here and Justin Verlander were here in just so Mars to our moral see what is next on the docket when concentrating daylight scene. I'm digger that. And a lot already. Certainly there are minor. Second and away the key to have a deal that the early yesterday. The big trade. Accurate but the aides betrayed the nationals and I actually told today in fact. The nationals are still. Looking herbal plant now even after getting too little mad and really wanna buy that part of the they realize that the ball has been their downfall. Idol or policies here in this decade and be very very aggressive. Inevitable and right now the big names there Justin Wilson. I would tigers getting enters number of different team's eyes that were also with the Orioles in name it somewhat supplied now available there on the trade market as well. Human chipper council last forty or so. The tigers aren't packed and it actually a little bit of money in it. To make it there are a bit more palatable accorsi makes twenty million dollars to the next two seasons that berliners so I think that's one possibility but the tigers they're at it. Cash in Berlin or contract. And help make accurate Wear leopard burst. Charmer OC join immigrant publish show here with boxing guru Orman five point seven game now another dark and Orioles and I just saw the name it's this surface and he's a free agent in our high power class and 2019. Many in the shot well. With the Baltimore Orioles actually. Entertained talks remaining which model annoying that they're having a down season and he is a free agent it's when your team the odds of them resigning Manny Machado. Look pretty slim. About bigger question actually checked on this earlier in the earlier rather. In try to figure out how the grass Willie. Are the Orioles to put him out there I was told that point time. They are they're probably not going to. Trade in the channel this year has never eaten every year but it looks like they are reluctant to do so begin Tuesday number one. Really. Fundamentally change their club for 22 clearly you'd score that team he has stroke but he eat or other team and it's departed. You've got one of the five or at least ten best players in the game at least in my opinion over the last several years. Do you really want to trade him when he's having his worst seat I think that. A question of the world as we we cannot take an asset about that we have. And trade him when he now delighting in promotional reasons. On light in which operated again it's civic happened. World there's there's a couple of nowhere. But from what my sources told me guys look there right now. Job by tape mentioned mad bomber came back Saturday and when you look at the 2017. Giants. And the fact that they came into the season. With the platoon situation in left field and didn't Doby Irsay to bring in a freeagent. Do you think that essentially doing this team and maybe there was a bit of arrogance thinking that it did they can do it without you know bring a top tier talent in. Well couple that with the giants. Then. I think what. Bigger disappointment that you point out in the entire. IPod that National League and a recurring go wrong. For me Bob Evans has taken its approach Douglass reports it was we saw it as you point out we have a good club we thought we had. The right mix of players. That base we were revealed Spain we have done in the past. But if that happened. And I think that they have to get on this thing out of the world. And again in the World Series chip reaches to sort of saw in the world that. But they don't we're talking about the Phillies a few years ago where they would let go they trusted their court at one World Series. And in never really eat. Were proactive in changing the mix to keep things fresh and that you don't get that it's really crucial time. That daddy you're really hit down the line and at that point two on their. No it was saying. When it almost forces that game against the cubs last October. Go. At least on the anybody in the industry receive and what did you acceptable loosening up to get that they. Well away. From almost you know which a break there in the game so for me. I'd certainly give. IBM and bright NC you know ownership like give them albeit almost gone on last year or just rather. Is that okay now via look at being creative where may. Go to trading at some margin trading Brandon belt. They have it almost everything on the table with the exception of trading Posey or corporate or probably Bob Barr. Charmer LC joint and Greg publish O Harriman five point seven game guru Phil and for Greg problem bond sale Herman five point seven gaming commission just margin John. He's on the hook for nineteen point eight. Million dollars over the next three seasons. I'm in the giants actually what what would be involved how much money would they have to eat if they were attribute gesture margin and that is that legit but the Houston Astros. Our Richardson to jump the shark so Mars or or are they just store smoke screens up because they really want Sonny gray. Well I do think the Astros have number on our radar they re hire a lit some march. No question about that figure Cole also higher. Then it's Marcia. But some margin is someone they've been scouting and at a a year because you know given the giants. Six plus innings in sixteen. Of his nineteen starts which Doug. It sound like much. But in today's game. Terms as explosive and are currently ranked top in the majors with those sixteen starts and that helped spur some. Yeah it'll record this year will record has career yet he has been. Winning pitcher over 500 over the course was which and it certainly does give up team pause as does the area of our close partners in art fort right now. So it. The number the record numbers don't look good put at least. I don't know I would think about five million a year. East seemed to me to be about it going dark which I think that we all. Consider it helped track record the stuff. Eat to me it's still a a about it and warrior player. He'd probably doubt that that money and then you maybe there's an interest in right I would say. August 1 just the market is still there is a giant but I do expect it to be at least some level counties between now about the possibility of trading. All right well the question here coming up John one. Who who you expected charge to trade do you expect Brennan bill to be assertions which are in August 1 it's who would Sonny gray. You heard Billy bee yesterday say they're in its total rebuild mode they're getting ready for new stadium but they wanna announced. At the end of the season. Can we expect these get a return like the White Sox did first sunny great. A couple of duck and noble thing on the giants I would say Nunez is it is likely to go. They knew him as a very good chance goes somewhere I would even say it's somewhat like. Like a Matt Cain and begin to be put things together over the rest rest of the month because of the track record. Course Indianapolis it is no not really a lot of needed to kind of keep going through the year so to meet Eddie can really show some consistency between now and in the maybe it seemed like cement as a back in back of the rotation eighties guys. The support what you're going reported he'd probably also clear waivers in the on the bog B Coventry candidate there aren't I I don't think the odds. Are in favor of belt staying put and in panic staying put as well there and explore a lot of things. But because of the money do those players that I think that the odds are give the trade although belt goes somewhere I would say. There are a number of teams the angels the Yankees the Mariners albeit a lefty that state to what those teams their. On Brandon belt and Johnny gray I don't do that you're going to go they get a view buys you referenced the comfortably beat eight. But he buried strike you about where they're at right now the organization so the beat teams like the Astros the Yankees. The brewers in the cubs the cubs even Africa thinking tablet org project so the cub and gray are one more possible that the watch your Port Authority. John Johnny Quaid oh is dealing with the of the list our situation blue stars excuse me. And he's delighted in on the baseball. And that no he's just keeps getting louder and I'm wondering how big of a deal in your estimation. Is this baseball and blisters for pitchers four Major League Baseball. What is that it what did you make because it is becoming the Aaron Sanchez is that the issue this year. Market stroke has spoken out about it earlier in the season. I think for baseball. They've been concern in recent years when it Tommy John surgery Wednesday that would best players off the field. Well that's and so when it went in baseball's control. If the ball is is the root cause big at least has something to do it. Well. To get to work on this issue and an address whether it's the scenes. Whether it's the density in purpose of the law. Whatever it is they have got to be aggressive and very proactive in this a lot of things good and general category of stayed in the game. Overall it. Quality of play issues in terms of pace of play ball in play ship being conversation among a lot of things are now in plate for baseball's winter time. What the law itself at a high priority begins you well Johnny quid out. It that it left in the giant of the organization. It needed on a blustery you there might be at least some percentage and that he traded but the July instead of DL and probably at that point that guys in untreatable pitcher because my health concern there. On top of the contract so really it's actually changing the way the equipment operating. Which tells me that the he time based rest ball slash team last blister issue is well past that right now. John Rossi can tomorrow MLB network and fox sports charmer Rossi are going to be a busy man over the next two weeks they're sort of time it will catch up with the next week. My blunder. Like Christmas look at July yeah it. Well. Will be followed me to want Twitter follow German Rosie. On Twitter at John rose CJO and and old are all. That's why I can't underestimate how big of a dark cloud continues to be over the giants with this point oh blister issue it is shopping season. And he can't he's he's Qaeda to get him off became engaged in what a year it's Craig's attorney quite a was possibly a Cy Young award winner last season. This series has been a shell of himself he looks out of shape I guess a blitzer is not a giants may be stopped. Would Charny Quayle who may opt out adjourns may not receive nothing horrible guru. We've debated our top five in season pass and of course WA knack conversation. Every single time but the ball all season it is on the horizon Duncan do you. Conrad would debut a new segment you're Greg pop show I got five on it right here on had a five point seven again. Now back to the Greg pop the show with binds to a hill on 95 point seven game. From a back room with that cool doctor jury be character fiber from not mistaken at a courses they're probably was back. From vacation Tommy called it a great job last week so we have 11 half of the pop posse accurately afternoon light. Let's show 95 court seven game. Ergo we Johnson might want part of my keys will limit for Greg pop will be out until July 24 by Ambon tail and you're my guru. It wasn't my fault it was it's are for about how has. As little pop a bit act is that he would do the troops machine after them the latitude little bit out of what is it about midnight premiere the cold shoulder and it hasn't been brought out. But it Ingraham on line here Richard Bushey by the way the mount Rushmore to negotiate at their one of my favorites. Preached. Inky hallelujah. Let's go toward the second year I got. Why won't it. Wouldn't pop back on top and a day. Not it's all up space. Rocked him. Rock kid and and I let me get in Essex and as LL cool jet. That's right he. Money there's certainly segment here and Greg Papa show today Google. We're gonna choose our top five the quarterbacks in the NFL as we get ready for a new season training camp just weeks away and aren't your family first you have hugged it stopped thus I get there so. Since early guest here to live for Greg public you start off with your top five quarterback is her. Lee in today he's in F fail at number 51. Derek car. Right now if you look at the stats the last two seasons dare car right now is one of the best throwers of the football. And he's the real reason the raiders had a resurgence so I got I got dark art Democrat out of plastic is to be great. Doors of the full blown out OK numbers are guilty too just attorney during their future if you're number four mr. Atlanta Matt Ryan. Number three big being in Pittsburgh. Can argue with that number two Tom Brady. He should have been one but I cannot ignore. The uncanny. God given abilities. That Darryl Rogers mr. Chico was born with. And heat right now to me is the best quarterback in the NF fail when you take everything into consideration. Would you six man deal a top five. Russell Wilson rule. I had him is honorable mention art. Are and I'll go iron dirt car a little high he's a much tots and but not quite why are you down on him I don't I don't I got on to where I can be in this club champion this club soon open he's just not my club right now gushing out to see more jerk right now my number five. Russell Wilson up to Seattle. Despite a porous offensive line is can he runs around he placed two injuries he's developed into a nice pocket. Passer as a Rome has arraigned Russell Wilson dismay what he makes place he has that it factors are Russell Wilson. Is number five for me before hello. He surged last season and fled the scene to the Super Bowl. Place would be Allen falcons' Matt Ryan Matty ice I thought he negative duke he got a lot of flak for Atlanta. Coming up short and he did have some bad playoff games before but. He's helped lead that office in and had a defense Lester finally have a defense ordered in Quinn Matt Ryan before right now for a number three. Loved his. The key doesn't get his due when it comes to. The top quarterbacks in his Eric and has been brothels per day in Pittsburgh because unseasonable rains he makes plays it now he has an off its applied to where he's argued except as much. As he was earlier in a scrum go big barely throws a beautiful. Beautiful deep ball. Number two. This stuff. This is stuff mango error Rochus I'm rob and do we even need to debate why. Aaron Rodgers be armed and accuracy we saw extraordinary stuff hello Mary mr. hail Mary does make plays up the number one to go to Tom Brady. I can you talk to Tom Brady not be number one on your list right now. He just care and the reason is Vontae life. He had a horrible for he looked human he looked old he'd like he was going to be on the caps would do Zale in a half years in the first half of the Super Bowl was this impasse is 66 not or they do the show but he was don't pick six in the game. Andy come back in that second half. And show everybody. Hey Tom cool Tom terrific has it under control. And to bring that team back with. All that on his shoulder while he just reminded everybody why he's not Peyton Manning he is Tom he's number one analyst that's your list is fraudulent minus credible. I want this criteria columnist. Well okayed yeah where I don't where Drew Brees where's my little brother Andrew Luck your greens brother now on my list there a couple of Drew Brees is number seven skews the number six. The the reverse is number seven. Andrew Luck is number eight. Inaugural dirt car governor Andrew Luck is a turnover machine. Okay he is the new Tony Romo fumbles and interceptions. Not feel when Andrew Luck. In the when you look at. Drew Brees watch a saints day. I mean heap that all or is getting just a tad bit weaker and he gets. Happily give us an artist can definitely help me every game I don't have to do its core group. I didn't tell people I'm not gonna fight. Back it up fighting dog did that on the list is great interest as fraudulent the trouble willow look a lot will pay exacts his problematic six reference that I'll finally end. Positive out there Kearns a top ten spot on to say that hasn't been here awhile and I want asserted to Parker a little thing here again or do you don't want you I don't think your your curb along the top ten to the next and next segment and speaking about quarterbacks who didn't list. Did a lot a lot for some reason people look this guy I don't see it in his Kirk cousins who's rumored to be. Mean he's gonna basically declined to franchise tag of lead in the next few minutes here the deadlines at 1 o'clock. This is the same Kirk cousins who couldn't beat the New York football giants too good to the playoffs at home. Guys out fraud mail was the deadline has passed a Kirk cousins as the one time deal. Should be really be an option for the foreigners in the future. Former forty gonna great Randy cross will discuss here on the Greg publish also know and that's a little like right here maybe five point seven a game.