Greg Papa Show - Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, January 12th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Sam Amick (Warriors Insider USA Today) and Kelenna Azubuike. This hour features TRUTH MACHINE! and Bonta's Hill. 


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Gala this. This Sunday why is this guy obviously that Sunday Sunday the 21. Champions Jessica championship Sunday a watch party recruiters in Campbell California. -- going to be downloading wings will be critical voters by a fresh off with Jon Gruden Mark Davis as they are big and suitable for come on down the 1555 self Bassam avenue take out with all your favorite target price at a game on their personalities web presence what's enjoy food and drink specials all day Long Will kick things off with a special three hour pregame show which apparently Amman. John Dickerson is on Chris Townsend Zahn about that. I don't know I'm just saying. That will be billions of big will be held for the first gave precise search out look out on any specific treatment. If you. For more info or. There's nobody by somebody gave dot com and you are listening modified seven game KG and CFM in hasty one San Francisco. We go from Logan Murdoch the same name security afternoon delight. Broadcasting live from San Francisco yeah they're great publisher Dell up on the Bay Area sports station. Not 57 big game. Employed full court. You know us so. That's LeBron James he has been playing the fourth quarter staff doesn't play a lot of fourth quarters but it's the opposite reason. The warriors are normally Wu winning games 133 to 99 at losing them. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost last night in Toronto. 133. To 99. Now if that was an isolated one game deal we we we shall talk about the last had a little baby would react like this. But the previous game in Minnesota Vontae they lost 127. In 99 in the previous and the game before that they beat the magic won 31 a 127. They're giving up a lot of double lot of boys and since the warriors beat him on Christmas Day they have lost six of their last eight process rider on a child Isaiah Thomas came back and they integrating him back is not a good defender what is happening. To the Cleveland Cavaliers could they make a trade to get. NBA the warriors are gonna see them on MLK day. On Monday in Cleveland 5 o'clock tip off after they opened the road trip in Milwaukee and Toronto so let's bring in Sam aim act. San from the USA today is whether C official JBL a Z official's son other warriors all our warrior gestured. Approach you about JBL headphones MMA Johns is here every Friday on the afternoon delight so I think. What is going on Sammy what the Cleveland cadavers right now because they're playing like they're dead. Gentlemen good afternoon. You know what I mean part image is shot that we got to be used to by now they're not sending. They've got regular season. Just you know frozen patches if you will lead to Denny got the next level up you can hear and LeBron boys talk about what quarter. You know you play it raptors team would know Kyle Lowry mustered a vodka. And you get smoked like that I mentioned two bad blood cannot do what you gotta look at little bit at the end did comment. Immigration as a factor you know he was pretty good the first couple games terrible last night. But a lot more going on through them that I yeah identity tragically you still. At the core of all of it just they're just a terrible defense team and got that's been the case term almost seemed actually. So so one day you a one way to improve their defense would be to make a trade. And the hot rumor on the NBA we saw on it and out of the ORACLE Arena and I thought he defended on the perimeter really well I thought it was mainly a paint. Weak side defender shot blocker largely impressed with the way DI Andre Jordan moved to shade and Enceladus which is against Kevin Durant under escort on and Sam. That he can opt out of his contract this off season and the clippers are are falling apart now. So. Julie you would think Jerry West Tracy Andre Jordan we heard Milwaukee as a possible landing spot doors you see in the night. Are also here in Cleveland how could. I know they had their Brooklyn tech but how the salaries match was have to be the 20% of G Andre Jordan salary how would it. How would the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled us off what do you think GI Andre Jordan will be traded before February the eighth and where are mighty gulf. I mean if I have to handicap it when Bob and I know you had talked about this a little bit you know I I think it's possible probably not. Probable in my mind at this point in there and surprise ruling if you wanna look at the Cleveland scenario Bergen County start. It because it has bile accounts that remain stubborn to give up that Brooklyn tech. And they need want about it as a security blanket of sorts of LeBron James leaves this summer. I absolutely that's greatly because she's the at this point you're talking about a I think it's gonna fall somewhere between ten and twelve and and may be Brooklyn loses more game jam stretching. That they get better but don't wanna give a ticket for not giving up and take you're not getting the uttered Jordan. And my change would be he would not only generational player he's in the conversation for Crabtree of all that. And you've got to do everything you can't keep them in creating cream I would think. That would mean going after guys like gander Jordan they'll all do or does not on the market. They'll maybe you can get the market doesn't signing get under would be a better shape. So the Cleveland could first thing you were gonna hear more about this. Leading up to the predatory trade deadline Milwaukee. Like he said there in the conversation to put my eight information merited. In other just simply not willing to give up some of the young patient that the clippers would have interest and so I'm not sure they get crowd rushed over there. Sam Cleveland six and had his arm balsam from top seed a clue what it's like the lawyers in the sense that they don't really care about to see that we saw two years ago they didn't have home court advantage may smoked rafters in the Eastern Conference finals. But will clearly do you think in all honesty they claim will get desperate enough. Know that LeBron James is going to be a free agent to give up their Brooklyn pick for DR Jerry Jordan comes as a team is constructed now look at first and Thompson he's just got the same Cheney Fries is a one dimensional player to a point shooter doesn't play defense have a lot of one way players multiple stores but have a lot of two way players so Pete -- gonna come to a time here coming up to trade airline where Cleveland gets desperate to get rid at Portland Pickford yards or Jordan. I mean but they're like yes and I don't think so which is surprising how can he should you know it and then try to talk about the lawyers and all the great players. And applause and all the one way player to have all will be under Gordon's by and large a one way player you know he can score you know come off pick and roll and obviously just a monster the red. But DA is in the center and they can use it 11 player that goes the other direction. And yeah I mean you're really not any one better in the league I think that in terms of a good fit the guy gives them the camera protection they don't have. And you know and and maybe they're kind of late in the weeds and and just plain awesome right now because we had time between now and the deadline but we shall see you know the other thing here that we just. Are not privy to and that would be just you know very helpful to know is behind the scenes. You know did Adobe on the MacKenzie have Christian finally communicate with LeBron. And to get it inside his perspective on some of these different possibilities because you know yeah LeBron told him. A big day is a monster hell I'm looking and yes that would help. You know my mindset going into the summer then maybe their culture and have moved those are always your house. Kind of waters to navigate communication why they're not sure you have those arbitration. Sam and I from the USA today brilliant NBA writer joining us sunny afternoon the life here and 957 again and lower your guests there. And product JBL headphones the officials some of the warriors. Why is the trading deadline this year before the all star break and other seasons started earlier this year. But the deadline has always been after the break in the GMs to go to the all star game start to work on trade and then. I think last year was under the first day of the second half starting the deadline was that day why do they move the trading deadline to February the eighth before the Australian Sam. And slid the markets showed little pop member last year he had built the night of the all star game probably came to the pelicans. And they created an absolute circus. During the game the rumors started flying to mark issue after the game head into questions can literally in the middle close when that deal is agreed upon. And principles you have reporters go into the market change PR man. Chris Clark having a whisper in the market in the years that. Did you know try to better essentially tell and that played very different team and Betty Davis was asking or answering questions about. Getting the market I think. If you help for the lead. The all star game you know it's a top priority for very important event for them. And that was part of the incentive was to not have beyond these things hang over the players heads. At all star weekend like Dan are so many years that's part of it. You know I don't know what else went into a good but I think by and large that's the main thrust of debate last year side or Canada is perfect storm but they didn't wanna see again. And then they just tweak the schedule a little bit except. That is interest to have your jog my memory and it's the reason they would do it speaking all the SP it's bigger the all star game. These seconds. Fanned returns came back yesterday and voting does and on MLK day midnight eastern time 9 o'clock our time. So and changed it says she got this in the east as far as being a captain. For the all star game and has the fan vote the actual starters are 50% fan vote 25% players and coaches refers. Mean they captain saw on the same inside an interest in the staff curious fast. Kevin Durant right now the warriors strain on her you were talking about America's dozen Sammy. He's faster in my Greenspan asked America's cousins are right now we're voting ending on Monday the warriors would be the first team. Since the 8370 sixers are Julius Erving Moses Malone a Maurice Cheeks says start the all star game in three players start. The all star game is right now would be staffed and the Frontline would be Kevin Durant Anthony Davis and Raymond green and he had staff. And James Harden I guess it's possible. If Harden can't play. How would they. How would they appoint a new start there's a possible play Thompson could sneak in there and Sammy and the wars and therefore. All star starters. And then they get a relocate to gain from table setter to oracle and then they get a good pop on the broadcast I mean it's all lawyers also are we. A at a bit of that it's crede. He not think the rest of the league bureau had guys I don't think it clay would get starting out it's only for political reasons. But three out of five would be pretty incredible. Westbrook in the US for a good now. If probably yeah I would. Seared in the hopes that the old. Daylight and then back in the day that day. And they eat little how layers to this all started voting guide to try to look at this call. He mentioned. Fourteen games I believe me more than that but you know Chris look like you would you gotta lock working real hard game down he's got a racked up. I think enough games to get the coaches consideration maybe knock somebody out. Like a Damian Miller nor Carl Anthony Downs you know there's there's a ton. Debating that we can do weird Lou Williams popped him last night. You don't sound crazy but Lewis could not crazy numbers and I think may have crush I'm just really you're searching on the roster and look look at. And and and we talk about Westbrook. So saying it's it's Durant. They're wins the the player they the fan vote. He ready to turn our staff but the really cost legal way. If it Stanford KG and then James in the east and they're they're not gonna put this on TV when they have this track at all. It's why I don't know I know we all reported the doom and and and everybody thought incorrectly that that. Man they're they were gonna share the draft and I'm disappointed. I like him so reliably a big bank and Rondell beard. And I think if I had to blame anybody Matt price as bad on the blame Chris caller. I gotta look individually at the bottom of the Chris Ian. They had in the players' union. My I think his voice he tried and heard here and he acknowledged it's disappointing it's got actually calculate. Think you're gonna go down the road you're either share the draft or you just keep it the way it was. Because you're clicking sir we look at them handicapped and obviously everybody wants to know good more like 12 Russell get close you know. Alas I'm back yeah. I thought I mean there's no way to Alter dissent or to Connecticut they pulled the plug to say we're gonna all of sudden televise this slayer candidates with that I. They tell you I think what they don't want to Blake gave Adam silver reiterated yet they can treat the starters in London stock at a Chad embellished on the on the and number of the other league network. And he'd be just flat out said we're not gonna change your outlook that was interesting as watching NB ATV and former players union head. I Derek Fisher. What dad amid as to why he would not want to see the draft circulated account of the green light from the union at least at the top. It they don't want this to happen but what they're shifting it then LeBron come out publicly and they would do and there are some other high profile guys. Have as well the the annoying part from a media standpoint is you know we got the trade deadline behind as an all star weekend so we have less to worry about. In terms of working your banking and now I think what might happen. We might be run around under Burton stories and find out who voted to and how did you go you know because they're they're not going to be won't share. Very interest in the way you'll be on top of the new Sammy makes USA today and thank you so much for child talk to you thanks for Sammy. Thanks Sam. Us open CP three and two got a new way Damian Miller did you saw that goes up for a permanent layout where I'm up seven nobody could resolute the spread was sent and I think he pushed it to nine all for half a harsh CP three election. All in this guy Foster actually you know. Home ABA dig it did so you know I really don't watch all the misery doesn't want this on TV is CP three unity pick 24 he might not be picked Manu Ginobili right now fifth in the Western Conference. Standings for all star votes here but we're gonna talk about Bubba Bubba. These problems and well you liked that the truth Rasheed and blue jays hill right guard Eddie 570 gave. Greg Connolly shelves. On 9573. Game. Great passes from Santa Cruz. News dot made. Ron kicked soccer looks defender helped position when he took a step back. And I know that noise Fontana we'll play by play guy if you solid. But the analysts Kelenna Azubuike was fabulous she is in mrs. saga Ontario Canada's outside of Toronto for. The NB AG league used to be the and days of former G league you're also an NBA star and we've loaned them two NB ATV for a couple of days is gonna jars from Toronto anarchists are outside of mrs. Augusta Kelenna Azubuike and we miss you on the Mubarak but it's great having you back and welcome back to 957 again in the afternoon delight and tell me how cold it is and this is sock Abbott the basketball's been pretty hot they're boutique. Yeah it's freezing out here would have been fun watching these. Do you think players compete they're basically quite well I've got out there for the got to take it every NBA team here in represented they got table for everybody didn't. There have been a really good performances it's been really under color. Reacting to the game in and call I got the. You usually do when you're doing a great job and I wanna get your thoughts on Quinn cook and what he's doing there we see him obviously with the warriors for canceling games are warriors recalled in a with his staff curry re aggravation in the right ankle sprain. A couple of me on the roster tonight in Milwaukee and ironically go back near to miss a sock on tomorrow maybe a player dull letter. But I and I watch and I was watching the game you guys did the first day it was intriguing me. Judging me more solely the rule changes from the NBA. And they use the geely as you obviously you know Kelenna as kind of a laboratory. For tweaking some things. The one thing that we need is the coach's challenge like we have another sports. How does that work out in in the G illegal what are the other things that they're playing wet that the G league level that we may see in the NBA level there there's been no intriguing to you Colonna. The challenge Caroline is remote entry to be out there probate really thick coat can challenge. Any Paul. Anything that called it or not called you can't count so. That it be based on got balloting call that you can't top that but if they make it all do you think of about all that you can sound that. And the main thing about it with a coat pocket politicos Eugene Burroughs. He go to the Delaware 87 orders. And that that may strategy you wanna save him from late that you college talent one obvious you get right you don't get another chops. Yeah it's just one challenge either wrong your right. And so you don't want it David Brody and they gaming tape the game of quotes the rep called bump in. You don't agree that enable a child in the big relief at the you're beautiful let it eat you know what that is and then never felt that pop up so that that's basically what they don't want so. It's a bit incident in the near about forward. Did. Refereed you don't get into Al as we don't wanna have a budget called overturned a delegate called overturn it. And we know that deity they geely keep track of that though that's one thing I'll learn about orbit. It here you'll evidence they can't refute it. It comically bad all they'll overturn it glee. We've seen them overturned here I'll watch the game probability gain yesterday and one got overturned late in the game as pretty critical so. I think it I think of one thing that may end up yeah they are you that think it would end up in the NBA but I do like yeah aspect. You can call you can challenge a they get the calls so out of bounds row whatever the case may be thought about outreach is staying there and other opinions. One position once the once she did and the ball hit the rim. And they get up and to read on that our new set of fourteen then go back twenty core target the distraught that. BB game up a little bit that may end up in the NBA we'll see but. The challenger Roland equitable DreamWorks. Saw I guess how does this exactly works on the NBA they don't have a challenge system obviously but they do have a mechanism late in games where you do have a replay review when they. Do you stop they got the game for. You know Bubba flagrant fouls so obviously when you're talking about clear and obvious. We're not gonna be stay you know challenging whether it's a block or charge and a judgment call. But if this would be used in the NBA. You already had the mechanism late in the game where there's automatic video review oh. How would you use this in the NBA coaches may use it earlier in the game would you give them like the NFL. Two if you get it right you get a third how would you doubt that in the NB AQ ankle and a. Or at the turbulent victory in the MBA yeah. It about all it up like that don't think they really review foul all but a lot the minute we get insult I think. They got the NBA coach who would still be able to use that at the end game. Make gone out all they'd maybe not a thing because that artery reviewed like you said it to go that about that they can't regret it out about they go. To review. But the part about called go that route but they are you now so. That would be the biggest change their I think coach who still can't use bank strategy kind of data from late games. And hopefully get a call we go there way that they didn't agree so the fact that the biggest thing for me I think it took one of those things are Cogent. Have a little more. Strategy involved there aren't making statements that they are early gains and we got talent to go their way at several of them when they gave him. I'll help you it may be. Down here he really date bended that may be compounded the brutality that does the how that worked because that they felt like a lot of coaches drill like and it's something that. Because they're really you got here late game. And there's been in critical call that let's go to bed that Ratner and development doubt he would do so. I've recalled they make you a great call quality base that we met and called it you've been there they're doing the best they can but. I think the challenge ruled that keeps them in check and he said McCallum Woolen. They understand they made a bad call liking to overturn it doesn't look at our members but here you know they date back to go with what they saw the replay. Jacqueline as a booking form more your chair and brilliant broadcaster joining us on after Miller a pub in Montana 957 games away we missed him and basketball are was sadly. On Wednesday he's a nemesis saga Ontario Canada they serve for the NB AG league's showcase. Is going on doing some broadcasting for NB ATV I just just to be clear here because I mean so what you're saying is they do. Challenged plays that are foul calls which to me is a judgment call so for instance. The Christmas Day game one Kevin Durant. At his situation when we James LeBron James at the end of the game. Is that something at the G league level they could challenge and it is that that's a knee is not clear and obvious it's a judgment call now they officials conduct. They're glad that. Are they know they can not doubt that bidding colony thing. Demi and call sciele saying yeah right beta I'm all about who they can only challenge. A call it something Nicole. Emmy so. Ira Lou can't go back and they want outlook valued at caller I want you I want to challenge. And it that about the company can do because that there would call legally challenged company called so. Say they did call out these occurred in big go to foul that speaker which out during. Yeah. There's still a judgment call there's a gray area there and had that's interest. But yeah yeah I heard the at that being at that beard Gil edited the bad that loud kind of skeptical about the order putted the judgment all. If there's any got a little contact you directly got on the replay you'd like Walt stick with the water into and I could look at getting. At but the one part it's a little older they get will it be their but it is just big. That is variant you see Davy Jones is down there are also in the G we showcase Kelenna. How far is he in this development how well the Brady degree Davy Jones as we see quite cook coming up and down from Santa Cruz a Golden State here. Where is Jamie Jones sat with his game went. Oil well you played well the game I didn't and well can we talked about and when he got adapted well to react iron and Molder. And I feel like he's gotten a lot better at all go to Eric. And you. The game I didn't use Roland about these parties finish in the Bob Graham. He was working on the defense then you reacted to the ball a lot quicker that I remember and reacting to a ball. You gonna be spent decide. How quick hurried to take you think you ball quickly jump up and get rebound quick off the ground are you. Contesting layups that the rim maker talked on guard to try to come in there and jump in your chat you know I felt so. He's got a lot better in both those very really worried really worked hard on both Ben. And uniquely well I I like his development I think get it to Warner want the game I did you watch this mob that they are obviously because it. You played really well it is motor high and ending and claimed that they're really an excerpt or read a lot of pick and roll clay because clay extremely well to be start out. The game not shooting as well but that he worked himself into a game at night scoring game that it had new build was really that's what. Yet until tomorrow buckling cook when you watch him at that level looks like he's the best player on the floor and he just dominates any you know he's back because this stuff Currie. Career aggravation of the right ankle sprain which curious thing happened and in a shootaround. The other day before they lost in the LA clippers as you know Collette on Wednesday. But quite a Coke only has 45 days of service she's a two way player were trinity lead Santa Cruz and that and the warriors. And he's already used up sixteen of those days so they have to be discerning. As you watch him play at that level and you see Obama in a really dominated when you watch him play the NBA level. What what areas of his game do you feel he really needs to grow in that in order to be a solid NBA back up point guard. And adjustment on a ligament problem. Playing regularly and then going up the play in the pro player like Kevin Durant and that Currie and why and I'd vote. Other really great players where. You're not going to be that score card that he had UAE's. Into monsters scored the ball he's great newspapers jumper units and all that they're all equal and and corn ball but I think that being back and really transferred there in the NBA it's an act you do eager really really good Canaveral where you don't there's. A commentator Lola NBA go if you can't let. Need good decision maker at a pick and roll make a pocket Batman to skip that the weak side to have great did you understand. Way to be considered yet be able to read defense. And thank you could be bought it would your jumper which he has the a pretty good jump or shoot the ball up from three point range. He got a low midrange game. So the kicker spot there it when you're to be aggressive and then went to taker shot and then there's gonna be open shot from your plan would require court mortars have. It can do all those that let it Patton was really what it crept need to quit ability to conduct the crap you with the pick and roll game sometimes he would he would. Hold onto the ball late. When the weak side defender came in to take away the role in the week that couldn't would leave. And then he would throw a lot of the damion Jones so they'll build a little bit bit tricky things that not all point guard pat down and you think. That's something that NBA out and eat a lot of who ordered love about Quinn couldn't do the ability to play out the general but think that opened back in tried Kirk and and it NBA guard and community more facilitator but. Image really evil I think you want to understand our marketing score market scored G league. In the NBA I got to be more so better than just knock down open shots. I think that the media do and they gonna give yet heard on the defense the mentally not gonna be a weekly on the court I don't think there's that many. Big quite guarded the NBA post stuff and I'd better really urge united and night out it really. Keep a guy like Blanco got a lead because this side so I think he's gonna be okay they're cute. You know one guy is actually I was roster Shaun Livingston and he's back in X well. Zesty dating game who made me regular practice round that I missed an exposed man when he when he comes back to us now. The warriors go to Toronto after this game in Milwaukee so we're gonna have you on the show tomorrow from a Toronto Ontario Canada correct. Yes sir we really got from Toronto on and I'll be back in there was this so in the studio. LA back do you think about it. Both people. Big game on Monday MLK day game against LBJ so great work in the geely Kelenna LC on Monday and I'll talk to you on Saturday. Our read it you gotta party so thanks for your bookie. Announced after the Cha as she popped the truth machine Friday here. Should a bright spot yet we still have responsible it's refreshing German mark Stephens creek BMW check out their five star service rating an exceptional offers online SE discrete BMW dot com terror of the rolled. Mailman. Gotta go in this week Kuwait but drove Steve Kerr Steve. Did you get a Jamie and hurts the quarterback for Alabama I'm all that have got to hold at halftime and you're on gruden shatters presser check out what took you through cursory death is a superstar judge he's been who's going to be true when made may break Jim Harbaugh is all time record about a Chinese done here. Yeah that's a huge Sharkey sees encouraging words let's start with Steve Kerr here's a audio from the David Bruce show I believe and it's an adult is she's Steve Kerr press conference Steve girls press coverage here. I don't see anybody get me a ten year contract. But I am planning on coaching for a long time I low when it I had he shouted out he's being honest I did somebody get the ten year contract if you want if he's back is out healthy and he's over the panicking and Madera memory negative ten year contract tomorrow unfamiliar and her hugs are more and more more. Big Mo 1213 not here makes eleven a while. While the ladies he's pretty good too scared outrageous here apparently Scott I want the real studios here let's hear from the UST guess here's a real Kurt too preachy VT. I would love to coach this team for ten years. But I don't think Bob Myers is willing to give me a Jon Gruden contract then sorry Bob. But when you think about it if I played in the league for sixteen years won four championships. Became general manager of the sons and work is a broadcaster alongside Marv Albert for years. Oh and I have been to the finals every year I have been a coach in 12 mother and championships not to mention I never sued routine doctor's head up my back. The least I should get his ten year contract. But I guess some will say and have an easy job and Luke Walton and Mike Brown would do the same. Really. Not to knock those two men but don't ever doubt my own humbled us is the reason why this team is unselfish. So raise your hand if you coached this team to two championships. Okay down. Yeah that's what I thought. Besides I'm pretty bad ass for saying trump sucks as our president to block foreign ball needs to show them. Sorry Mark Davis Jon Gruden is cool but I'm a bigger Ing deal. He bought five champion doesn't affect as a player dreams Chicago and two in San Antonio moved out. Plus thirty united forward Mike Brown was eleven and now eleven and though maybe they should get the ten year hundred million dollar deal poll he says provides stated I get the extension of the public that I can about it are still you're already you're honest you're the guy that it has got to be too good to see if his back does hold up what's up to deal he'll get. I'm told do your dollars a year for Steve Kerr possibly maybe. Now while La La Jolie can just drove off the road and sure sure sure he's willing to me he's got a New Orleans nobody got critical because down tells us is good here let's move bodies jailer hurts. Goddess who got hold of the vessel Jenny did come back at the very end of the game took the once snap to get it between the hash marks they don't win the game without him right well let's get the field to secure our again I'm left without a pop and not just felt like I guess they're everybody they've probably don't get I'll get. Well here's here's kilohertz or to get ported to actually check how do you think he's guided Tula not an end on there not to go we're just gonna called to a wooded lefty big tool in the hole they figured out it's a yacht as his last name I don't that in up up and do this to look here's David Kurds entered a subject Egypt. And hurts jailing and just you shaking your head about that smile on your face. You your reaction when you found out who was gonna start the second half honestly. They've been doing his thing. You have like thousands you do know that clearly well he's he's that inning did his thing. Did did everything. Every offensive totals you're right there next to him throughout the second half and overtime what was your message to him ball. Play your game. Please visit with a club like this you know the stuff like this you know yes they did back then and so have bomb had hit his name. What does that mean you Libyan national champion is on the new. I do about this. Congratulations to him. Comfortable pause yes that was Jalen hurts I wanna hear from ego her side factor to get back at it goes yeah it factor classy kid. I love is. Celebrate kids but I'd like to set record it and by the way you nearly pitted and I've gotten so that's tool they have. That's you know you lovely. Lance led skip a bullet here is the real deal rehearsals girl Dellucci appreciate. I always dreamed about this moment. To play a first half a football game bench and see your freshman replacement throw the game winning touchdown. Yes that's what every QB dreams what was your message ahead I said bro. I don't know who the UR I can't even pronounce your name honestly I have been quarterbacking this team for two years now 225 into record. Didn't expect to get benched. I guess I actually had to throw for once so you knew that wasn't happening I have. Have a hard time completing simple out route so coming back from a thirteen to nothing deficit was like being down fifteen to nothing. Jalen it's sicken airhead you've got that smile on your face. Yeah dumb us because I'm realizing that my quarterback career is over. I'll be the backup on this team now and probably have to change positions if I want to go to the pros it's okay. I'm just sad. But I don't get over this one game. I guess you can say everybody Jalen hurts. Those are good. Taylor I can't handle things yeah related to look at it had no idea what it can't forget that he's got to figure the real truth of the clintons any deals the fifth and congratulate got the idea you know get a coach take years for regular Atlanta got to add that up. Wicked do you actually believe lay cable a couple of I don't believe her word. He never says she got obviously a disingenuous. Off Paula thought oh well that's there. But I you guys would take about there's a rigors of fear where about well. 76 yard field goal a good idea in the white jerseys at the coliseum whistles at you validate themselves crazy all right boom about appeared to jog group your body jogged. Chuck. I never wanted to leave the raiders. I never thought I'd be back but here I am I'm ready to work I have a lot of proof there's no question I have not coach since 2008. I haven't won a game since 2008 and lost in either so. I just wanna keep that in perspective I got a higher grade coaching staff that's been the number one criteria that I'm trying to. Bring every place I've been as intelligence about the people once about the staff it's about the temple that we establish as a coaching staff so with that said. I got a lot to prove I know that. But the game is still excited by players between the lines and we all have to adapt every year. He hasn't lost a game since JaMarcus Russell and Michael Bush ran all over. Monte Kiffin stamp it two before it lands taken to Tennessee tyrant out I do remember that aren't there well that's why Tampa Bay kind of struggled there underline it three lost that's say hey hey dad couldn't it to the C. We started working to job as the debate remember talking about it in Tampa that it just wasn't the same Defense Secretary pitcher of shops Michael Bush a blast from the right elbow a shot shows a. Do you believe if you dealer you really bleach I never Waterville and like Barry Bonds I'm not red tie. It says so tells me they're current wasn't really PH awful slow starter broke that you she'd. Chucky is back beaches. If you know who else is back. People on the readers bandwagon. What happened to only negative breeder talk. Where's all the Jimmy G talk. Seems that all Joseph blow in dims want to talk about is merely lay. Funny how that works in this business. Regardless Johnny G is being back BB. It took a lot of thought on whether I would come back to coaching. I was actually kind of annoyed about it since mark called me every week after the loss this season. But after careful consideration and a ten year 100 million dollar contract. I decided to return. Plus I got tired of working with this guy. Yeah I'd rather coach. I'm glad nearly every revision history showed up today. But there's one guy I'm really missed. My good friend when I coached 1520 years ago is still with the organization. Great pop pop status Jacob. Greg. He's not here. Why else okay then talent on the I know a lot of people expect me to run a lot of spider to my banana. That's incorrect. That song and running with this team. I can wait to use this fullback ten minus all the oil say his name up there's a lot of guys with funny names on this team. Obi Melo from who. I like fat man Sunday names aside. I look forward to joining the team I was wrongfully treated from sixteen years ago to wreck Havoc on the league again put these young sweeper Sampras Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVeigh in their place and given 957 McCain something to talk about. Also I really hope I live up to balloon needed hills and every other radio host explode and just. Because we all know there's he's truly matter. I'm back. We'll be I hear you say. Jose. Anchor there yeah proud there had spotted alive and Adam Coker it's all okay. Love who took ITV is to repeat them be sick of the fires are administering an exceptional offers I'll live to see discrete give W dot com tour of the road. To their heard Steve current owners shelty Jack would even say nullified and I'm not go there I'm not going there like we won't say tools lap. It has settled down after I. I won't loan deal to say below farmer Wu. While one lonely little pronouncing guy from Alabama to look like him in for now sir John is antithetical ball. Or pop abide by to get your hair done he's had down NBC sports prayer to get ready for warriors and bucks pregame show there way out the warrior as warm up here on any price of the game at 330. We did a little something special here senate political boost pistol. Wanna take you long for a ride out on today's deal. And we'll have the he and Lou is. You okay. Do have a son here ahead in the news this week I'm atop buzz Hayes spin. I'm Maggie sideways at big games. That's right that's right welcome to the steepest hill games San Francisco bonds Chase Field Germany fired seven games. Hey we always use a segment to kind of get some things off our chest here there's some things are my Chester has been bugging me recently. Mobil one it's a little Teddy was probably miniscule. But. This whole Jersey thing in the NBA you see a lot of home teams wearing their dark jerseys these heroes he was wearing a white jerseys. How much traditionalist. A while the home team where their home whites and want to roll Timor in a row jerseys. Like yesterday Toronto is where and it's a black jerseys at home Cleveland where an RY eight. I don't like it. I don't like it that's an above to be all season now when we play NBA two K which we've all done once or twice in our lifetime. We do that we mix up to jerseys like sometimes a four player man will Wear white jerseys at home said in a dark jerseys no and ABA's too much of this nonsense. I want to home jerseys at home. And I want the world jerseys I want the world seems award erode jerseys so that's number one that's a little minor thing they're getting off my chest. Number two. LA lakers. And as all of our ball situation. Doll we all know about Lamar ball in the big bowler Brendon he's gonna run his mouth in yapping. Just in the last week he took a shot at Luke Walton. CNN hated lakers have now bought in the Luke Walton page he's lost a team or whatnot now. Not control what you can't tell wants a ball who's forty years old who's not even legal enough that even legal to drink in the United States. Can't tell why until ball. Go tell your father to shut up that's that's a tough thing to do you can say hey dad chill it because he's been around as that is that is Colson basically his whole life. This is gonna have to come for Magic Johnson. Or GM of the lakers. Is gonna have to come from upper management to help ones on here because this is Gejdenson. It could be Dicey situation for not only once a ball before Luke Walton now you can have your opinions. A one Lugo is as head coach whether he's over rated underweight or whether he's. Lose and a team or not this is a young bucks would bring in Ingram and let's. Larry Nance junior and Kyle comes my Alonso ball course usually is Randall a tough job to coach young guys in the NBA. What helpful Molly your bid Magic Johnson. Couple mild with a lot more ball trained about run in his mouth fear button into the lakers situation now there's a report from Brian when a horse today obvious PSA that. The lakers. Are not necessarily backing Luke Walton. They're looking at David Israel as a potential option to replace one watt next season which. Wouldn't be bad we all love defense still hear me afternoon delight. This Doctor Who clawed at the colts are pretty circumstances that we get it just the lakers you know kind of like the Yankees in the NBA here along with the Boston Celtics. Everything revolves around Los Angeles in the lakers and they're always on national TV even when they stink. Help you blog now here it. Kamal hereby controlling the Lamar ball train. That's just I mean this just didn't outrageous here now he's able to walk with Dwayne deal with his youngest son well mellow ball in the middle son we Angelo. So why is gonna control this guy and okay come from while the ball. That's come from lakers management some a little disappointed. And lakers management for the whole bar ball situation especially when you know what was gonna go out not to be trapped and launch a ball. Three guys on Dante's hill that's been buccaneer. Quarterback play Derek they're pop favorite quarterback played portals last week. Marlene. OK we have a little discuss about sweater and I just think there's somebody is not just colored cabinet but there's somebody better quarterbacks. We're gonna have to be subjected to watch played portal Sunday boarding pitted divisional round playoff game had a very Dovonte. And happy about it how do you look at strokes is last week decade abolish some would say her Rocha is ferocious. Very. Look last week we all we all agree or Derek. Buffalo Jacksonville that while RK does some of the worst quarterback I have ever seen in my life on video level. Any level or what about last year when Connor cook had to play against Brock gospel and Musial wild card game brought played OK and did you expectations for how to cook solo. Because he is on a practice squad all season long that we did expect Ted. Two to play well for the Oakland Raiders we put out a long shot Afrikaner cookie was inactive for most of the games since obligates Denver plays. I wasn't enough experience we kind of expected comical to play atrocious weak armed. Last week Tyrod Taylor wouldn't let go the full ball he would brought down a feel he missed receivers all day long and played portals one run. Shaq I don't what I Jacksonville defense rules no lobbyists and I mean I mean that this is the right the last drive. What whiny run who's throwing to on the on the bills receiving corps. Kelvin Benjamin Tuesday's show that's about it my friends age old Dionte Johnson. Charles clay obviously Andre nobody an active forums are you she too was a double valves that salt hopefully this we gave we give some very good quarterback play here de Derrick got to get your picks for a playoff games. Playoff games this weekend who you got no Papa speaks you know my picks what's your picks. You know everybody's talking about how and when is just gonna go and embarrass there's Philly. I don't think so people you forget that Philadelphia was one of the best teams all season long. End. Is because they Carson once is not playing they still have a great running game and I probably the best run defense in the league so. In this upsets sleeper. Which is kind of weird considering they have home field advantage. And a number one seed and there are a home dog. Aren't taken the Philadelphia Eagles. Well you know most funniest last week and all the underdogs covered it while car. All the underdogs Carolina. Buffalo covered for nine. Atlanta covered spreading the syringe or six point underdogs and the first game last week it had to see it Kansas city Tennessee obviously. Covered in wonderful ball goes on spreads are remarkable spread out doing little Sally -- for guys like Joseph Ford bar right out of but Atlanta right this is a tricky game because Philadelphia does play good defense. They go eight deep other defense applied to beat this secondary is very good. I just worry about Nicole Smith falls factor here Hoosier other pick here for the rest of the week at their. Well let's see who's on Saturday. And ladies. I. Sunday Pittsburgh Jacksonville or says I'm a big fan of played morals no. You know it's that they they see this and this is why this makes me mad because the UCF I was I don't wide open the season would discuss some part teams. So that the raiders kind of pooped the bed and went six and ten. Is a supporting but. Moving on. Movement known. Kind of talking about different teams here so. Okay. And relax I was lucky this weekend aren't you happy unhappy about a matter about it but again so it's. I believe that you favorites the UC when I'm not confident about my Philadelphia take but I eat. I don't say I I don't think in win is a very good road team so all I'll see what happens there Sotomayor was real quickly you know. I'm and go with Norman's. It could go to data. Got to be lucky daddy I see you don't sit and you're a smell your. By the way snub by the way on the opposite of Alonso boggles my dad showed up you will I've heard I'm telling you showed up. I don't decision it's. A good. You're you're hill by hill who's done it goes over. We brought down his hill for today I will be back Monday and the special in my okay date with gold from ten to twelve. A David was coming up next he'll have a show for thirty minutes before the water is warm up as the warriors. Get ready for the Milwaukee Bucks without staffed Currie. Have a great weekend everybody stay war and enjoy a playoff games enjoy the lawyers I'll see you next time David Bruce that's right here many fires and yet.