Greg Papa Show - Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, January 3rd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Bob Myers (Warriors GM) to talk about Curry's hot return, preview upcoming schedule, and get injury updates. 


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Good teammate it's different situation. Certainly but. You know I I I don't know I you know it's February 8 is the deadline this year. And it's up a little bit earlier but the last bout he'll assess rob actually we're not gonna ask you mentioned that you want SER do what I did last week anyway president of basketball operations GM Bob miners. Bob Myers two minutes earlier to our problem by an unprecedented. Pray with the tire blow. Gary has homered twice. Gary got done active curry and the main site comes in. Dribbles up we usually about. Very early in the month. That's off the flight just. Jury. Railing guys flakes. Since December the fourth comes back on December the thirtieth when he does that it was very. 38 points in 25 minutes he makes ten threes out of thirteen thirteen of seventeen overall. They look just amazing let's find out with a president of basketball operations slash GM. Fellow warriors Bob Myers has brought you by July construction company celebrating over a hundred years of humorous solutions and excellence thought until the return of staff carry about in your wildest dreams of how well that would go would you ever thought stuff would have played that well. His first game back after being out for 26 days right. No I didn't think that would be he was. You'll see you guys have seen him for quite sometimes you can tell when he's got a rhythm. And I think he got a couple open looks early. And then he was playing as if it was a tough for him because he'd been away so long had an extra pep in his step which meant he had his legs there because he'd been ramping up pretty good. And so when you have your legs and you have that kind of energy. In a game where a lot of other players may not. He got off good early and then when stuff kind of finds that rhythm much like play in any great shooter. It's really hard enough command of it specially home and so heat in the teammates were looking for a month I think what was issue about and I don't ever go back and looked at that but. I think of those he made he made ten or twelve week at ten. Kind of searching on the 313 to seventeen overall I don't think many of whom were the crazy ones that he makes. If I'm right in that I know that he made ten but I I if I had to go back there's been games where he's made ten or more. As some have been just the crazies the crazy ones but I think only one or two of the work. We're kind of like whoa a lot of rumor open good looks which is credit to his teammates and him. But he I was great and it was a good time for him to be back for us we Demi had planned seven games at home was great but also there was. I think there was a little bit of complacency. Of not having to go to get tested on the road because there's not accustomed to being home alone. He had to your point. I I did not washed again alive I was in LA with the raiders and I watched it back and I knew what he had done and I I didn't feel like a 38 point game to me I didn't feel like he. He did things outrageous like you're talking about worry over just took the game over it seem like a natural flow but I love the way his teammates tried it tried to get him involved so. I know you worry. So now that he's played that game he played 25 minutes Bob what's the plan for tonight. In and Houston I guess we're assuming he'll play in both games these guys know games for. In the play and yet there's no plans not playing in Houston he's gonna play tonight I think. The minute restriction remains but it's kind of a fluid thing I think even you some politicking if you watch the game. It for more minutes. But I think he's probably more freely go to Nate then will be any specific thing if if if somebody saw something. So we that would change it but I imagine he woke. Probably ghost you know close to full boards if not you know I don't know I don't know that he played forty minutes but I could see him go 3035 without issue and and edit and again some of it is how you feel it but it's been enough time now for him to have played a game had a couple days. Had gone through practice yesterday that should run this morning's optional you went to that so. I think it's kind of like go out there and play with anybody sees something that's. Gives them a little pause certainly that would be different but I don't think you can see the 2.5 minute deal that I. Bob is there any plan in place to may be scaled back Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant just a little bit here was step back a candidate has been going hard that's something that's absurd part of stern again looks like he's not over that ankle injury and in some points she was her best player in the world so is there any plans in place to maybe rest Kevin Doran here. On this next throw short and you guys got to fight game coming up later in the mafia sold may be resting Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant in the future was Jeff curry backing Clinton placed there about. Can tell you about those guys it if you look at her injury report that I get. It's funny they're never on barely coming clay is no knock on wood I mean we've taken for granted because he's he's he's just he's always healthy and he's always. He just takes care of himself and he's got. Obviously have a great body and he can. He can play and he's been again it's been one of the health his players we've had the last 56 years so. We almost have to kind of ask that question and ask clay do you need some time and they the good thing about Claire's I think he's got to the point where I think. I don't was last year earlier this year I don't know if he's rested and all this your but I think he did go to Stephenson had could use a game. But he's kind of like the baseball players that you put in line at every every game and you don't really think about it because he actually is capable Kevin had some bumps and bruises. But we got guys more banged up than them to be honest so it went Andre maybe being out no marine. He he can't really we were a little bit short on the wing depth but if it comes to a point where. You know we need to rest those guys are there they are banged up we will the good news is that it may not show itself in minutes played but having stepped out on the court. I think you guys know. It lessens burden that lessens the load for Klay Thompson and a Kevin Durant as far as what they are being asked to do offensively. And usage wise because we have stepped out there. He's so good in manufacturing offense by himself and and four others because he commands much attention so after playing basketball is his death curry and this goes for any player. Your your demands upon you are much less because what he does so. Just by the fact that he's out there. Will give clay and Kevin a rest at least on the offensive end that they didn't get before and you saw Kevin. Have to handle a lot more in that there's some fatigue that he had he saw clay. Take shots that maybe he didn't wouldn't take before Warner has opened so we stepped back Vontae I think it helps like those guys loads. Paul Lawrie gestured grouchy about JBL the officials sound of the warriors urine and if I said the game is the best of all our joined by the head of basketball ops in general manager president of basketball us Myers joining us you're in any person again. You mentioned Andre Iguodala and Omri Casspi they're both out tonight admitted that strange for all marina I saw several times Andre reach around and trying to massage is lower back strain also did strain so what what's going on and Andre Iguodala right now about. He's just got low back stiffness and hit stiffness. He's it to his as more of just that they kind of exploded this season I think we've actually played him more. Then we might have fought up to this point. Because of the injuries we've had and we we haven't been that healthy this Cyrano stiffed every gets fixated on steps injury which was. Which is a big deal but we've had a lot of guys with a restraint on B announced a little while. Armories out again he was out for a little while. They chone missed a few games here and there's odds on this to cover many games. We've we've had a kind of a little bit of a shortened rotation and so I think countries workload went up and I think some of that has shown itself a little bit with him but it's nothing cute it's nothing. It's nothing. More than just a chronic kind of Wear and tear stuff it's not like he has a specific injury that you'd be concerned about the report about. The hope would be that he would play tomorrow if he feels all right I think. In his place that he's in right now a day of rest can go a long way. It kind of gets you back in order because this is three games of forties and an etiquette three teams that are playing pretty well with Dallas Houston clippers. So what Wesley update on Andre mind you guys hardly ever have five on five scrimmage is and he had plenty of the day and he winds up with an ankle each weekend there was what straight in my situation for the game that I bowed with a sprained left ankle. So he gets yet when you scrimmage anything can happen but but you know you hate to see things happening scrimmage but they had to play that in practice and a couple pace of Steve wanted to get him out there to get some rhythm back and I think it was a Smart thing to do but GM. He got taped we had the shootaround this morning went through it. And hill he passed all the functional testing and then tonight. He'll go out there as he always does a warmup and assuming nothing triggers there it'll play. But it'll be one of those deals where if he's if he feels like in his pregame routine he can't cut it can't movie won't play but. I'm hearing that it's it's it's probable. Not questionable so. Knowing him and how he operates I think a played but again if he goes out there and somehow it's it's got smaller sum than. Will be will be shorter than we are ER so hopefully can go. And Zaza simpler words what's the story was us and he's sick but he's gonna play I think he's just taken medication. We could make this. Whole medic and how you did you wanna be a doctor when your kid now I'll call on that big canal zone and that's what you hear his journey many on even added that is hot right now he can't ever that your interest and a little bit and I just had a lot of it's requests a lot of those apply yeah now expand it eventually did call my bookie right now. And they know it's better to ask you about trades Bob I don't know that it he's had his back it is better yeah because there. You you're you you bring a different depths to it is what I'm saying and I just I just astronomical not a good thing he's not. It was higher or lower angle. Especially wanted to do that you wanna know where are you I don't you you get some shots up right now none of the autism and go to. Number I'm not on the trip I'm gonna go to cal you a seeking an MR I haven't seen USC. Some common task. I guess some stuff to do here and I might go to the game in LA. But it's up in the air right now. That's at 1230 tip off I have on Saturday afternoon and then we usually that is weird but the clippers do de do do that they do they've done after awhile. But they're playing better now Blake back and he'll listen I think it was written you guys playing know it but this month for us is going to be a real test as far as scheduling goes. This is our toughest month saying actually gonna use sincere friend Daryl Moret in general I hear he's just an obsessed with you about these little. Because I'm calling on my. Irons well yeah. If that's true he's got to figure you're gonna make some changes its success with me is not a great leisurely. Heart disease and says for your basketball ever see monster you created. And we made a statement they lost five and early. He's accused us Obama because they're lawyers well bigger game on the their Gooden their I think they played tonight to go but they're yeah. I would say that'll be it could and we play them again it was Hardin I mean and how I wish she was playing because. You know I was a great game the first of the season but you don't put on a stock India. The first game of the season snuck it in this hasn't been for us indicative of much. The last few years but that was a heck of a entertaining game we didn't win it but them the amount of offense that was out there and and interestingly enough in that we'll see what he does to Steve if you guys remember he threw Jordan bell. Kind of into the fire in that game against Houston this James Harden in which is which is a really tough thing in Jordan. And you know rocketed waste your time and do this but we Jordan was so afraid of fouling James that he was so conditions. Don't re still falcons teams so this is so good at getting to the rim and draw fouls that even after big and Jordan would admit he didn't have his best game defensively. And he after the games that I can't play like I can't I have to be aggressive defensively I can't be something I'm not. I will try to be disciplined enough Talbott in addition to seek and I know he'll play tomorrow night. It's too bad James is in Plano resistance still puts on an island and then you will switch screens and so. As we have fun game Chris Paul's he's pretty darn good read on the show too soon to be fun. Need to see Yemen and sixteen nights after me gotta go and a couple of Saturdays on January the twentieth and ABC CUC and twice in Houston coming up so yeah. Are added there are no more injuries should mean that some other questions. No no I'm older I'm a little under the weather here you do that you are you settling a fellow aren't. I don't know if it's an upper respiratory. If you present. Upper body armor above her lower respiratory and yeah. The mixer yeah the next. He's Tenacious D PS we continuously be so a fashion that we can conclude the interview with my help and I guarantee I'll open next week and we visit Ireland and ask you let any injured were you say hello I'm less sure and I hope so too is the yes now they must hockey national guidelines on my dinner here Darryl Morrison's. You I guess they care president of basketball operations a general megs or other closely lawyers Bob Meyers will say what's at a basketball are here a modified seven game. All things being born here. Everything seemed to. You hear financial. But why did crossover dribble down. I've always goes up. Granted there. They did. Okay. That would Billy Jack curry. They're going on this. I don't know was in his best game and here in he had played in eleven here and played 26 nice sort of thought he would have done that it is a warrior one. Stay Roger about Porsche Walnut Creek which one to seventeen. Premier Porsche dealer pop and Vontae the F northern and if I said in the game. And I do believe they are here telling tale I believe Jon Gruden will coach the raiders is a chance if there's a chance to learn Azubuike and Gary saying she will talk and microphones I'm. There. Dapper look at sue Bailey let's get ready soon go to guy on TV allows only out of their reason for thirty. Our Sunday in sweats like saint I want a foray at 4 o'clock. We are in for a good thing it's only your good times and no fly thirty wheeze hey there O'Brien did we fortify you entirely our guys are non. Annoying. Yeah Ford thirty. I got out here he's got an idea that you guys are on over the weekend when I was gone in each you know the whole staff Jeff pregame ritual I wanna you know he's changed a little bit from before our initial thoughts on that. But you guys said he's really spruce predictions. She's you know what I thought I collect Kama. Who would've thought the 25 minutes we all thought that. Who thought they come back his first game and scored 38. Points. Make ten threes and thirteen of seventeen overall hotel that after not playing Bartoli six days is incredible as Steffi isn't a normal human being. But I'll still surprise c'mon you haven't played eleven games whatever happened I think called rust. By the way Isiah Thomas came back as I played extremely well Julien seemed to have any rests on you know back to step. Staff didn't seem to be Hoffman ponson is the wind was fine his conditioning was grade is smooth out the balls on the ovals Neuman with the ball was incredible. And you saw Lee came back to energy in the building. Just went through the roof stuff fun is back everybody on the war they're flying around the offenses look so much easier basketball just looks easier they scored so much easier. Staff when he's there the gravity doesn't talk about the so much for granted defense is just shifting towards him. And somehow he still manages to get over because the way he moves without the ball with speed. It's incredible you we have to replay that that played good Zaza through. The pass between his way enacted in a couple cited as the only went from one side to the other that you guys they didn't hit on screens are once on the floor than he's going the other side and people are getting downstream there's three people defended them on that one play. So that that's the kind of chaos that that staff. It is responsible for. When when you're going against them on defense today and and then he says a problem so. I was impressed a we shouldn't have been surprised I kind of was surprised the 38 points and then he's still want to play more is crazy many yanked. Marc Gasol space soft that that was fun to watch too. I got to share would you guys. I don't know. 3500. And between 3504000. NBA games as an assistant coach coach general manager and now doing TV. That's one of the coolest games I watched you know it really really was and he is just a Cohen has said he just looked around and everybody. So happy. How simple it Steve Kerr always talks about joint. And they weren't they look like the old warriors you know they had that titan of the defense. They played a more methodical pace. Shots were harder to come by and people had different roles. That guy comes back. And it's like you know Santa Claus came to town everybody happy mania he was. The shot making was amazing I I I type diet 2000 shocked I just didn't think he could do that. It's great because Memphis probably played their best game this season so amazing from three point range our whole when he is always a monster. But all his friends are probably talking about is seen them on the highlights moment his face yanked dock he like I union once again miles Killen. But that's all people is awesome there's another side by side of that when he got to consolidate Spain isolated with says the stifle job. Error for everyone go where like ourselves who is worse go there either I always bug crawling around and finally I'm also sigh well I play here and I. Our feel good to be back to Spain and there was another little evening triple Lutz who became the triple klux. It all out you know at this sudden about about it about tires and he. When I watched it back and I knew what he had done in 38 points and 25 minutes so I thought he was gonna have just a. So below January shot at it actually felt like he kind of did and in the flow I and we need to eat. He had moments where you score a lot age of seventeen shots but it didn't seem like. He shot and every time it just seemed like to they believe it's 38 you're seeing pretty amazing but did their day in the front play all Oliver was. Was the way Kevin Durant deferred to him and even apply your talking about world Samantha Gasol played would have been between the legs. It's a rant a couple of times on that sequence wanted to get the ball to staff Currie then he made a real effort to get a tomb again the second time coming out the based and we circled out. It was just so beautiful to watch is the first time that staff had to come back into Kevin to ranch warrior team and reintegrate. And now so now word we got. You know offers for 26 days to ran deep deep and there are a lot of a lot of guys played well obviously they did a moral defense but derail it really. Took on the burden. But now the little guys back he got to rant humming so now lord we goal. In year to because what we didn't see it at the start because they were off camera they're awful but to start the year ago now from this point four is the calendar year cherish and try to seventeen to 2018. What are we looking act. Kenner has talked about being fine with gone back into his role. And I think everybody on the wars understands that they are at their best when staff is handling the ball when staffers initiating the offense. You side against Memphis a lot of pick and rolls. The way he moves without the ball passing Ky so. I think. Everybody on the team knows OK once staff has the ball it's gonna be easier for us to score. And staff is also an unselfish player he has the freedom to shoot the ball he wants but he's great at. Figure out when the make plays for others and just basically reading the defense is not even come into games thinking OK I gotta get Katie shots like Eddie clay shots. It just happens within the flow of the offense this is the unselfish culture. That the warriors play lists and and staff is really the reason for that innately he's unselfish he's just gonna shoot the ball because that's his role and he's great shooter and you wonder she does not shoot the ball. Yeah he's not helping your team as much as you can't so. As long as that's has the ball Katie we've talked about this Katie general out of bed and get twenty points the guys scores like injuries and it's no problem for him. He's gonna sit in wary since then he's going to customize those here or there because you have to take advantage of his iso capabilities as I want capabilities. And I also moves well out the ball he's also great passer to soak. We've seen them play really well together and they both understand okay yeah I'm not gonna get. Thirty points every night Steffan Katie understand that I'm not gonna get over thirty points every night. But I can get around 26 point seven. Like Katie you're 2526. And together were better in his four average and around fifty points or little more than that that's better than one of us going for thirty in the other one didn't ten or whatever. That the case may be so I really think that Katie is really happy. Just comment deferring to step and I didn't really deferring just let them handle the ball more he's had their neck the shoulders so much of the load. Handle a ball more they've had to go through and initiate the offense. Given the ball in the mid post whoever is on the elbow and let him do his thing. I think she would rather. Let's staff initiate the offense and at times so get as iso is a move without the ball the playoffs the staffs that's a drop to maybe to run your 13 pick and roll. Saint and and they go with that and then Kate he's gonna do his thing on defense and NC so he's gonna impact the game. In so many different ways so I think he's trying not handling the ball as much as he has been. Well you know guys. He is the point guard and that's a guy who has the ball the most in his hands. There and we talk about how he's revolutionizing gain visibility to shoot off the bounce we've never had. A wing player anybody that's been able would do it quite key can. With a range that he has. Now we saw a lawyer draw a lot of point forward for Kevin we saw surmise sold. Off the wing. Some dumb box against mismatch is. What I respect most about Kevin has been this defensive effort. I I truly believe he's the best defender most valuable defender in the league right now. And then you know Leonard may have might have a great last fifty games. And maybe go bear comes back and he's terrific but right now. Kevin Durant it is the guy and for Drake Monica mountains say that. Is is really a testimony to what this team is all about and touch and are what cause said. You know there's a dud is there's a disease of IE in me and you have to watch out for that. Kevin Durant just fit in here perfectly with these guys he was just play basketball. And if he's caught he knows of guys are gonna look for him. If Steffi is hot they're gonna look for him but they just take what's given they play the game. I tell you guys. It's a rarity to have your best players like this be such. Such open guys to coaching too to not act like they're the top of the mountain actor they're part of the team. And when you got that going out with guys like that. And everybody else just kind of falls in line. And that's why you see that chemistry that this team has. Did you know you guys touched on some and made me think about something satirist. I'm walking out Garcia started the morning watching Oklahoma this young man named Troy young. Came to step Curry's shooting from half court locals aboriginal studies on everybody's Smart draft. My call to Walgreens and afternoon and I'm looking back social media everybody's been excited about stuff curry be impact and just seems that occurred before he's up. We've been out for eleven gauge doesn't come nowhere around and then it's red guards yelled at me I was wearing gold supporting geared up to because hey. Step back and I Davey says black and this may be realized it impact is Jeff currently has on the Bay Area. So one of the most influential athletes we've ever seen earlier this region but this nationally how he's changed a game of basketball. That right dirty dog while some pit employees against Memphis lump taken. I've seen anything like this and all sports it's just impact he's had on. Youth basketball high school bus while college is just the impact on as we get to go watch him warm up his warmup routines. At oracle is just a game in itself isn't it's an event. And you never got that were during cons Joseph Montana Jerry Rice. We never seen anything like it does and tackle Justin came it just sports in general and guys saying herb back dues gui. They do a little Google. And then I had a lot of blood under glass and does drive tonight he's back in the news articles news. He it's a different time. But he is the most popular athlete in this country and I can't speech internationally my son knows soccer players more than staff we were. At the garden for the Nixon sixers game on Christmas should noun and a soccer star was on before oh my god he's been used after I don't you never heard of that stuff but as far as the world that we live here in the continental United States in the fifties. United States step curry is well I think without question. The biggest star in American sports and he's bigger than Tom Brady. Just because you know Brady puts a helmet on and you can't get a look at them you are forced out all right he's wearing shorts and and I say you know. Legendary basketball Jersey muscles Tracy everyday and he in effect he's not you know LeBron James is size you Shaquille O'Neal's size. That he's approachable. And as far as the Bay Area celebrity it's just different. You know you can't compare to Joseph Montana or Buster Posey. I air key aiming Kevin Durant Arizona teammate but I I think the guys and it's part of when he does come back and I loved the way. I don't wanna say Durant deferred to him but during made a real effort to get step back in this year chamber other I came here he is your night. And I wanna see him play. But it's just the way he is as a person. He is the star any she's the biggest star in American sport right now and I think it's times we do take him for granted. Because she's here in we see him every night and into what he was a teammate of yours is to do if I remember this day when he NF IE Sheikh Ayman NBC sports players' contest than. He wasn't anybody. And they were just a bunch of kids they won't even yet they weren't married yet and they were young and they were fun and I you look at him now on their America's sporting couple. I mean it had but he you're exactly right he is he's transcended the sport. And when you think that an internationally I mean American football's not as big as American basketball the NBA playoff so I think it would yeah he's the biggest guy in this country. And you can put a month on the selected say no soccer stars more than any of us. You could put him on the on the biggest stage of the greatest at least the most well known athletes on the planet right now. That's all agree that when he. When he came as a rookie I can tell there's something different about business is is joy there's this light ability. If you ever balls on this kid is this going to be a monster and he's the kind of guy that. You want him to blow up you want him to be a superstar he's such a good guy he this year pair and and you want your kids a look at says to someone you come a look at staff look at the way he lives look at his priorities look guys of faith a man of faith he's a fan we made takes care of his kids. He has fun he's not getting in trouble off the court and all these different things and you talked about a popular I think. Kids love him so much because. They can relate to him more. If they they think they can maybe beat him maybe he looks like Danny's still looks like a kid he's got a baby face he's had so wool he's not 6869. And then jumps through the roof he's not the fastest quickest guy on the floor so Q is it dawned on. Well what does he do he worked on his handles his jump shot. They may be I don't have to be its fastest guy maybe I don't ask me it's Hollis got me on us to jump aside maybe if I really really work hard just maybe keep the basketball my hands all times go to class led. And work on my jump shot and maybe I can be staff. And and I think I think Jim Barnett had an on line tonight they and that they in the Memphis came out again here's like. Not only is staff good for basketball but he's good for people couldn't. Right now at Millard for a short while a small step for. Yeah I had carried through it. The guy hey he's he just brings so much joy even if you're not at the arena. You're watching the game you can't stop smiling because a lot of help set breaker right and we're watching the green room I I couldn't stay in my seat. We're just haven't just a great time Watson Watson celebrate Watson chenille lake of her base is it's just so much joy and and fund when he's back on the court and I think his teammates. Just feel like okay who you'd rather have a here because his basketball's easier Kevin Durant society how our own needs Ted's soul this what I wanna go back till Casey. The way I played there I don't additional is all I wanna play with a guy that's gonna make to gain easier for me even that means scored less than the points you gonna be easier. Less contested shots more easy dunks and then layups in concert to ram. Thought I had seventeen points just off of easy buckets screen for staff rolled the basket to really go staff. So it's it's it's a wonderful the impact he has on his team the impact he has on. Bay Area the impact he has on the world. I and kind man and I don't like the guys. Scars make the game easier for their teammates. And boy that was so evident the other night but I I loved what we we did the other night NBC Bay Area covering his whole yes should routers. Practice segment. I loved. And we got a chance. It was almost like talking about the parade so we sat there and just kept them right on the dial and we just made comments about what he was doing and you know he made some changes. Gain before that he was doing more kind of spread work where you go almost a three quarter court and come hard to the elbow to shoot in he was moving. With his ball Hanlon drill more than a stationary actions he's added some few few things to it but. It's just it really is what you're right it's something to watch in those doors open at six. And we explained how what goes on in the NBA now on the white board you know which coach is your partner. And so for example. Q might have just a guard's three might just have staff and whereas. Collins might have Kevin whatever and they have a tiny segment up there while I can go back when guys didn't even go wow. He is ran two lines and that was it we play and especially if you played three nights in a roller fortified nights. But these guys do this all the time. And I just I continue to talk about it. I wish we could show the whole ten minutes. The joy and happiness that that he brings to those kids. Pop you you're the historian I never saw Larry Bird I never saw Michael Jordan I never saw a magic I never saw Korean. None of those guys clearly don't go on what a before anybody got there but my point is after he yes he would be your former fireman or given the bus was Allen and Larry B that was eerie piano as you'd pull into the old Gardner and it was big rats run around it was freezing cold and one was named her head yes Erica I don't Freddie doesn't fall. And you open up these wooden doors and every was fresh played at sun and a guy he beat us here. But my flight was about the auto graphs. I'll know signing I have heard I've never ever are you guys in pot you know not on David Robinson would do yeah doesn't grant okay. And eight. Gave a couple of pairs of shoes to kids one kid just completely broke down in tears of joy. And like you guys are safe and I mean this team that brings a lot of happiness today Gary. Is a warrior Wednesday brought you back Freeman supplies are trusted name in the Bay Area since 1920 tipoff and bonds and the astronaut Lisa who powered the San Juan and I collect. In studio here in 957 game and down you know talking about status pregame we actually. I went out there are few years ago I just got so involved that one of the plea put it on TV you guys and again the other night but has changed. From what used to do he's not doing the two ball drill anymore was Q that's where released. When we started on short notice him doing that to ball drill yours on the road I'm like what's he doing that we went to the arena one night and he's not in nineteen it was amazing and then you see a lot of guys are on the NBA do that you. All drill but now he's doing more movement with them with one ball up and back which is interest in but the other thing that he's doing. He's not just any election start in and you start to his left tinian. And he goes from the block to the L mole then they'd left and then right to block gras right elbow right blocked. But he was she is taking actual jump shots. Or elbow shots when his left hand. Wish I knew how does then yeah I know left and lay up around the cup he's got to finish lab data never seen a technician jobs Chad any game and has led to and what abhors the ability. To take that elbow shot with a left yeah and. It's incredible. That as well as ever Dexter is unfair there's instant tea they usually does when I'm when I'm watching his pregame workout. First volley it's it's entertaining that there's not a lot of guys around the league that you could put their whole pregame work out a new ideas and entertain it almost felt the highest rated thing we can say right. The game right. That there's some guy who does go through the motions in jogger. Says born Eliza just got to work on exactly what they do staff. His his entire rapids walk. It is almost on display in his pre we're gonna stuff that he does then he doesn't do a lot of in the game I remember he was doing. He starts was back to the basket and he was taken fadeaway jumpers ally in the post. And is it the sense it there's. There's a library of books that that staff has sometimes he uses the books on the shelf and sometimes there's votes there than just okay. Just know is if I need it I can go get it in a certain game and so that it in the game he doesn't let us think hit in his mind changes goalie you just need to create as many just know is that whenever he needs the plug a magnet it's in there there's there's whatever he wants. To do and game it's in the bag if he wants he'll get an end. So you talked about his his his left handed. Floaters or whatever those are if he's due and the game is he's coming now on the west side as you drive into his left in and that's the only way to finish don't even think about start up there with a left and is liable to going to this. You work on it and these things he works on if you wanna shoot from half court. That's something you work audio melee of if you really need to get it are really really really high. You do this in your pregame so it's it's not it's not foreign to him he doesn't have to think about stuff that's why. Any game. EC and worked on his handles during the pregame workout you get a guy like Marc Gasol and then you don't even think about what the mood easy just kind of react in go to your legs and then cross over and behind the back then there's yankees faceoff and always on your wide open in June a jumper it's. These are all things he's worked on. And I think it's the most fun pregame work out I think I've ever seen. Well I don't know if if NBC Bay Area whatever do it. But if he does twenty minutes I do ten minutes every night. I really look at how infatuated that people aren't we just like I spoke at the lawyers can't yesterday out in San Ramon. Oh and I just started talking to kids as you tell me about staff Kirk you know what what you light duty desk and I love these little Q 08910. Years old. He's such a nice person. Did you hear it doesn't it was awesome and it's always loved the way he dribbles and NIC can you should like camp yeah week we can you know. America and they're going on and on and hit it's. It's an amazing thing to watch in the end. He. Yet he stays here that that's what I love about the guy he stays level and you know tonight you got a couple toy cars this young rookie Smith is coming into his own start to play better. Highly touted great athlete. And and I called a thorn in the side that little guy Barea Becker yeah. JJ were now Hussein he's as they did knowingly guy went escalating it northeastern reveal. A good deal. And and you always respect Wesley Matthews junior and you got no which DN in our obviously Harrison they've been okay see your best shot you know what her role pop when I look at their team and you tell me they've won Florida Rollins five out of seven. I got to add some new years he beverage I mean I I'd like I'm looking at this team and I'm like wow. Here's a better one they were to a fourteen to start the year eleven and eleven cents that's impressive. If you look at them like the last seven games there one of the best offensive teams in the league well I. Like us and games or number one and three point shooting. They've improved there. Defense can get you somewhere a little bit offensively they've been spot on Kelenna now you know tonight we're gonna get it Jim Carrey there's no doubt. Every agent erred it okay now Oregon again eloquent how about the second big German from worst merger are. Why then did I thought they did Gardner ran but I didn't list Iran at all. So he obviously turnaround. We've looks nice I love there's order whereas they were having fun here Greg Papa Vontae hillside link on joining us and any size seven again and I. Tonight they appetizer. How nice the meal alone James Harden yet is not gonna play. So Ezra gushing overstaffed very. And I you don't kill a Kevin Durant storing and say at least you know charting for defensive player of the year which I think he clearly has been I'm not sure the voters tag watching with a discerning eye like we do and every single play. I think he's morning MVP category but this is James Harden. Hamstring strain. When they say two weeks with a grade two he's a great show is a partial chair correct. Yes and so do you really think he's going to be out nearly two weeks or might it be three or four weeks the warriors are playing them. On Thursday yet which is December the fourth and they play Emma. December the twentieth is get a message both of these games against the warriors how long do they card will be out with his grade to a hamstring stray. He always tried to ask for five weeks I know. You hurt your hamstring you come back early. That is really really easy to recall that hamstring or breach fairway every wanna say I love. And multiple teammates that I can string issues Cormier was one of them yeah it couldn't shake it for awhile. And I think at times he came back it may be early many fatty should of and he thought he's feeling good and that hamstring just goes against so as all of those things is it it's tough it's. Territory habit you don't wanna stretch into early because that that's that'll be a problem for SI think he could be out for awhile bit. They do have Chris Paul back they've had some injuries that think they finalize the won their last game. Yeah I think James Harden played I Gagnon like forty someone again they're they're he's not going to be there Chris Paul has has really been playing well he's been with the team nicely I think. This is probably have. This is probably the best shooters met Chris Paul has ever played with in his career. And and now he can. Run that pick and roll and he's got his pocket passes got to skip passes got shoes all around he's actually shoot the three ball really well also. They're happy to have him back I think Appel has been back for game. You guides and Eric Gordon your Ryan Anderson all these shooters so. Again they can score. Usually that's not their issue can they stop. People consistently and then can they stop the warriors I don't think so I think the lawyers can stop them much easier then than the rockets can stop the warriors. They're gonna struggle without James Harden he's their guy he's their main score he's an assist guy so they're gonna have some issues here. You know what I look at your team. Capella had a facial fracture he's back and he had a heck of a year now he's the recipient. A whole lot of pick and roll action because you rolls right to the rim and there's so much awareness about where the shooters are that the wind has opened. But taking nothing away from the young guy he's made dramatic improvement so Chris Paul is that the one. We'll see Gordon start well. And he can fill it up he can stone cold fill it up but he's not a real good defender for me it's up front. Because it is and and Ries are really inconsistent to me. And I've seen those guys had big big big games and they brought in coupled defenders along with Paul. In black. And PJ Tucker Tucker and those two guys could be starting tight ends for the niners aren't a 49 are good though raiders. So they got tougher more physical. But wait him out I don't think they function as well as the warriors did without staff. No hit and Luke ma a moute is I don't know I don't doubt for a while forward and here's the deal with the rockets and he almost did they will try to force James Harden back sooner because their soul and sets and on getting this number one cedar choosy lawyers right now on top seed San Antonio is creeping up on Houston. You know Houston wants home court advantage of that second round against the spurs and what doubt James Harden slipped teachers and we know they're done they're done even really care I are gonna lose out on home court advantage here to second round possibly have in Minnesota screwed him up to is up four seed salt. That's in trouble here they're dates slip a little bit stressed that the more he said he is a Cecil the lawyers what they dog move partially games guys I mean rockets are woody who we thought they are you know I do like PJ Tucker on the defense event at the same team. Aren't wired why should the warriors will go. I never did that in your iPod no father didn't live yeah you hear people say no rockets were probably as. And a gaudy record for most of the women warriors have been kind of neutral. Virtually any better obviously lately but this you know Stefan KD of announced. I don't stuff so much Katie betray much missed a bunch of games I just missed a bunch of games staff missed eleven they still have the best record in the NBA. And they haven't dropped the hammer yet on this league I don't know when they're job to hammer but when they do drop edge. No instruction is too high and I don't I don't care what they did so as a San Antonio be the team but the warriors there's no sir there is nearly thirty years ago people lawyers the senatorial screwed it up here now and have had quite Leonard basically all season. Right now and flew rockets the seating can ever be priority or over health and you gotta make sure a bad guy gets back to congress and the you. Listen whenever teens have pot starts. Everybody stars going crazy in and saying OK maybe this is it seems something's different about this rocket Steen had Chris Paul now than maybe they got. Another guy they can depend on the clutch in the fourth quarter when James Harden is just having a weird game where he's not showing up. In the playoffs but. No one defends like the warriors do. No one can play both sides of the ball like the war you do consistently and you set than the words are still kind of thing in coasting mode they just kind of apple. Hang around here 12 seed whatever it maybe saw how the one seed for awhile now we have the one seed we're not even play our best basketball yet only really kicking into gear. It's going to be problems for the rest of the league and now people are talking about okay Cleveland's guys they Thomas Mack now are they are made better are they good enough to beat the warriors and I still think they are does. Defensively they're still not super consistent today and I think. Isiah Thomas yeah he's he's not the best defender is not because he doesn't try instances this size. I do think can get the free throw line in and scorer inside will help their defense out. But. They still have some things to figure out there is still Leo no they still got guys injured deer froze when he comes back where is he gonna play. So. And then you got it in months Shumpert and trying to figure out where he should speculate as facts so there's still a lot of fun though that team but they they are better I just don't think. Anyone defends like the warriors and plays on offense like the lawyers so plays both ends of the floor. So a teen does have a tough time being this thing. You know it's sad. Where we park we're getting what about 35 games somewhere in the ballpark tour book it has close to halfway there. Any east I'd been pleasantly surprised by Toronto they Mason serious adjustments they've been known as an isolation. Teen doing Kasey yet. Great Casey and that the Rick Carlisle or partners they were. You know most assistant coaches together with George Karl. And both of and that really nice successes head coaches I always give coaches credit when Nicky changed their system and he's opened up the game. And their really lend brawl into this how many touches your team has you know like in the past quarter total touches. They've really start this year the ball the baucus finally start no listen to somebody playing like he should invalid unison. You know I'm CJ miles is given them a list so there are quietly Washington's touting themselves vision always is already in the finals. And Dan Fischer and Boston you know just seems saline is not I don't like him JJ Barea is now. You know that's a lot of this talk guys I'm good Italian. They've come down to earth a little bit but boy they're doing a good job and I will not be surprising that guy plays come April I really. Won't be stored anywhere they would today that I guy going hey I tell you what he's a good talk about it here yeah 46 months what I have and it was Oprah was October 7. 33 threes right now to hold onto last year. He had 32 he's expand his game you know so so that's talking about the east. Due west of me you guys you know I love what would Thibodeau is doing he's got he's got Butler and Japanese enjoy trying to journals does help you go and attack you all doing sort of 42. Derby there about. My dad he's into spoils her. I'm betting that that this is well. You know I I really like their team and well we're well past Cleveland the night by the way god oh yeah 5 o'clock start and he found. So I watched clue women try refight. It's not plan. Those guys Sotomayor today well our viewers watching who rose into the woodwork to play in Cleveland coming up a couple of weeks center located just lastly here and a warrior Wednesday. And I it it you know for us it doesn't matter much to the outside world makes a big deal about it. And I think that's part of the beauty of Durant coming here was they were gonna sacrifice individual accomplishments. In the ranch fifty points away from 20000. Right career and he's joining I still think if you averaged 25 game. Trading games you 2000 volunteer I still think he has a chance. At the all time record if you place ten more years but it's a different debate but with that James Harden injury. If he's out 2345. Weeks I think right now he's the leader. For and they most valuable player now than they got the other Gene Lamont LeBron James split their Durant outplayed him. And they won that game without this yeah yeah you know and it didn't the at the hardware they want the Bill Russell or to malaria they want that. But they give up a lot of personal sacrifice to come together. There were talking about during as a defensive player of the year which is fine but it MVP. With this James Harden injury is it open and out for Durant or staff Colin entered to win the the Morris told a loss trophy again. In my mind it does this I just don't think the voters again. Are gonna do it soon because they gonna penalize them for players initially plumbing around here as. There pat my colleagues until four guys on the road or is there a good tone because they're gonna penalize them for play on each other but if you look at those three guys just mentioned before guys. James Harden LeBron James. RR Kevin Durant who who impacts the game more. And Kevin Durant please wait a better defense in both of those that I think I think he's a better on ball defender then both of them and I say a lot. Is Kevin Durant is seven foot you know why because of the extra thirteen. He impacts the game I think more because defensively. It's these people who score and his rent protection is wonderful. Weak side help he's alert there but he's really taken emotional defense aside I think LeBron James is a good defender. But I think ten under as a better than I still think on ball defense LeBron James can get off balance. Pretty easily. Not easily but if you give him a good strong move we saw staff carried him a few moves in the finals there he got off balance. Kevin Durant to crossing over a couple times he's gonna jump. If you fake bad direction he's good John bad directions so he's not as discipline of an on ball defender and I think Kevin Durant. At seven foot tall. He's a really good defender in a pretty good on both enterprise bed and to LeBron James so I'm looking at both ends of the floor yeah LeBron James James Garner great offensively. But. The guy who plays both ends of the floor and really can score with the best of them is Kevin Durant so. And then staff Currie is arm obviously amazing team the way he impacts the game make in the game so much easier for everybody else so. Two lawyers have a great case to win MVP in me I just don't think either of them will. Problem is there's three hour time change to the East Coast of and I got a lot of family back there and lets him record the games. I don't see the lawyers are watching the warriors say the whole world's watching there enough about it laughter bill. Does not stay up that late and all these years Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to track could have gotten them. The voters are probably I could do this seems like within VP award real quickly. Scenes are the award is once more offensive players look at. Chris Russell Westbrook last year he played no defense at all. No defense whatsoever and I look at them both sides of the court here. And that's unfortunate Steffen KD NC best offensive strategy thing I think they can be played defense I think that there's a perimeter player Katie is an interior play of the two best offensive players about MVP DP OY in the same season I mean I I just don't think -- ended jury and it hasn't made it all NBA defensive first or second team in his career so with the weather this season started we just wanted to get one of those is he had bypass all that good defensive player of the year NH Chile guy shot he had no will we watch every night without question but I just. I just wonder if they were when the heavy favorite huge bonus points they're probably gonna cancel each other around and and may be honest which they can grab it yeah well yeah Dennis and Dennis and a year we're international nobilo on the next Richard Dalton put lawyers talked to last three years already 24 mill street gave gave my first loss say years at home or away. That is a way away by road crews on us and our direct to validate coming home red white guy in Milwaukee and Toronto. Yeah Milwaukee Colorado and Fuller schedule open though that's a club that's always it's okay forgot to say where's the long athletic you know can get older UC is brought us to be brought back eighteen plaintiffs lawyer Andre why not blown off I just I don't think that for nobody really onions and peppers all lights I'm sorry I want to Mark Parkinson and come back you have all Milwaukee an element of Bay Area so march 29 I got to learn -- -- on that I got to get a heart darling I don't necessarily it and recognizing he's got to get well and apparently only around here rotor -- get their model lines poking my C all sharks it is there are other new year happy new year everybody you're brews coming up next exit for us we'll be back tomorrow same time same general Benny Parsons again.