Greg Papa Show - Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Tuesday, January 2nd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Michael Lombardi (The Ringer) to talk about Gruden getting back into coaching. This hour also covers the Shanahan and Lynch presser, recent player retirments. As always, we end with the "Caboose Pistol."


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Pop you know what they say when their own country in Lima always say Rudolph to die. Then called got a Rudy don't rule would his nose and get his food we don't die so typical of how much they are now deer caught another guy maybe. Kirk and I got on the mission lull me until football arledge the wildest launching its. Are there a plug in your voice that sweep of football are presented by Livermore Ford Borough. Announced you weren't the milk happy new year we'll talk again next week right now you're listening and 957 game Ki GM's he had spent in HD one. San Francisco. You know look I certainly could start this season you know John's gonna always have offers to come out of boot I don't know if he's actually line up assistance and Eagles don't do that assistance. It all predicated on their contracts so you can line up all you wanted to have an action here on a contract you can't get themselves. I'm not sure that that that is the reason why he'd be you might think he's coming back his relationship with Marc Davis the regulation and what they need to fix with the quarterback situation could always be a pillar of some and make a decision would Jack Del Rio. Has Mike Lombardi joined this last week on the after the divider not a size seven again as he always does he moved him up until Tuesday with a hot. Port around the NFL and Michael Lombardi is included as anybody he was with the raiders and Jon Gruden was brought in any was with the raiders and Al Davis traded him to Tampa. So he knows both sides of the story so happy new year Michael welcome back here's the football are brought you by. Livermore for you are as well connected as anybody we know in the NFL and not only a member of the media with the rigor but. You worked in the executive offices for so many franchises so you know the movers and shakers and the people that make these decisions right now. What is the very latest that you are hearing about Jon Gruden coming out of the Monday Night Football votes coach of the Oakland Raiders again Michael. You know Greg I've often been so it has somewhat podcasts all she's a good job I think has emerged to get back at the culture and I've been very. Open about there's been a lot of situations. They ask about taken coming to your jobs boot. Become a back into the NFL because established coach who want to. All true relative exposure all our our hot commodity dish I felt like I was hearing from a national compete toast. You know it just was the time that and I think that the operation should have gotten himself over to all of our owners you know a great achievement made up proclaimed her calmly I think that he's compassionate Bob Packwood be leveraged buyout but. He's always been rendered. You know there are trying once a great girl doing I think that this opportunity. Is waiting for him and other it's the corporate got two or hit the click on. They need six dirt car that he because that's situation looked out into it would appear that this is somebody who coached at quarterback and jacket and that's so. I would be really really really really really solid enough shock but he didn't take the job. So why why is the timing right for Jack now I thought it would be just 21 more year won his last son graduated high school is less sun is going into his senior year. Is that the economics of the ESPN the Monday Night Football Booth as it is new. Partnered that he has there my friend Sean McDonough vs Mike to Rico why do you think John is doing it now in May be not a year from now. Are well I think it openings well opportunity right so addictive if John does come back he would always wanted to get the situation that was reminiscent to where. He wouldn't have control over everything all of the well itself open that. You know those situations have come out perhaps not with the amount of control what this one. At Oakland where he took command on the treatment basically built achieved with the quarterback out. That's the key capital partners a lot of things don't want jar group of people has coached don't have a quarterback. So it's a tough job to take it to cup situation walking through when you don't have that I think at this one now. They've become too purely because hey go out the ability to open organization out how how and what. And beanie has the quarterback follow or subcontractor. Of a story about getting a chart. Michael Lombardi was generator executive and Al Davis trucks gender burden in about twenty years ago coming up on the twenty year anniversary I think they should have an out now retired exactly twenty years to the day. And he was there when oil traded and do Tampa joining us he does once a week on the football hour here in 957 again brought you about Livermore Ford. You know Michael we were talking I was trying to think earlier about the coaches that also had a piece of teams in baseball. It's happened you go way back when the early part of the twentieth century with Connie Mack the Philadelphia a's John McGraw. The New York Giants. But in football Papa Bear callous obviously with the bears curly Lambeau with the Packers and then Paul Brown after you don't really restart this Cincinnati Bengals. As an expansion team in the AFL. The irony of ironies here as you detailed him coming back and having the power. He would come back to the raiders Michael essentially an Al Davis role when Al left the the team to be the commissioner of the AFL came back with a ownership stake. Is that was what's gonna happen measures here he would not only draw a salary to coach the raiders he would get a slice of the ownership and is that reported. And then as far as the approval of the other owners. Is this gonna open pandora's box that the other owners don't wanna open where they start giving their head coaches Michael a slice of the team. You know I don't think that's gonna happen virtual bargain was the last coach to because shown to the team he got a percent of the Redskins were better Williams. Brought him from Green Day to Washington in 1969. And I think that you know this story has kind of manifests itself well just don't see that I would say were. With a high degree of certainty that jock on won't get equity in the team why would be a meter just got to pay a much salary and a critic of equity eighteen year. And you know one's super mommy didn't get equity in the team must go Belichick. This creek are OK you know I mean. It'd fill jobs walk toxic empathy seven at camp agreed that the walk into a situation where all of the sudden. You know he's never you know he's one farcical polls look at darted to England shortcut cartel that that becomes a local or propaganda from the agency. I don't see that what happened at all. Parents of Michael Lombardi Chilean sea is not think that Jack group will get an ownership stake in the raiders but as far as the control over personnel. From what I've been on to told wonder when they did reach out to chatted 2012 and 2014. He also wanted to run the football operations and a very have a say in that and I Reggie McKenzie he's got a elevated in that regard. There's an opening now in Green Bay would Ted Thompson no longer being the GM and Reggie can resurfaced there. If John does come back Willie insist on control over player personnel the draft trades free agency and what is that hitter Reggie McKenzie Michael. You know I can't for the second part but I don't think jobs are coming back at the began a felon out back to patrol want what. I mean why would he come back coming you know DHL there's always all of personal don't vote for all of the personnel job always wanted to lower Kershaw. And he had all the personnel were out there was a true about all player transactions. Other if your junker and you're gonna leave a really good job they get really good money you're gonna wanna be able by the brochure each and cook the Kosher salt. I think that's just the way to get a solar try Al how he relates it's all a culture of respect each to be worked out and find. But I think clearly this'll be a coach driven organization. If he doesn't affect the Qatar which is why I think he opened much does that. Then I think Reggie went up to evaluate the U wanna play a wuss or what kind of good but the idea that registry that dictate partial now to John. Are there ain't gonna happen. Michael no and I John groom is out there Ted bay living is studying the game full ball when the sun go instruments last year high school are you surprised at the bay announced that door cutter was gonna come back knowing that possibly they could meter run at Jon Gruden again for the second time around knowing that they have a young quarterback in place and a franchise receiver Mike Evans. Why are thinking that can be a really good detectives the reason that the raider thing happened so quickly as stated John told camper he also Patricia. Maybe that wasn't the right coach I don't want about what should they although we're here although. You know from the organizational fired ones are always hard to go back there and I think there you go over your situation may be what the belt or all of October. When the raiders were we're viewed as a Super Bowl contending team but now. Here we are December you know Mark Davis was a great affection for job and that comes available basic job cut that god by what I my first election. When they're cut out for about apple was obviously John orphanage and I job. And may simply be he'd rather coached Eric Pryor the endgame is when standpoint new and you've just found out of the whole situation have been such a quarterback driven. Head coach Michael Lombardi joining us here in the after the let and 857 at the game of the football our Russia about Livermore Ford. I was reading actually stirring there after the Monday night game and I Derrick in Philadelphia and I played the worst game I've ever seen him play he really. With the exception of the slain go to Mario Mario was wide open. Really struggled he played a little better in LA but then threw a double coverage right after the two minute warning. Very simply Michael can Jon Gruden and rich candidate he's a quarterback coach K and they fixed right now the broken Derek Karr. I think that's going to be the challenge of it looked job I've ever cruelly. It'll look all of judge successful quarterbacks such Contra guys that haven't been that I took action guys that have gotten a lot of money you've got always had those guys that are going to Atlantic it's screwed up all of Eric Carter is here guard because he won't be there early in the morning luckily Tate if you wanna get that army choppers approve contract worker of whether it's Ty Detmer Bob. Or even though Rodney can. Which gathered on the list goes on on the McDonald house on Quebec which first Europa the hallway and get into an auction gained so god can coach Cordoba and it's almost all of our. Derek are hungrier now does he really wanted is he willing to put parish you quoted a finger at each could do to create great back in the air Caldwell the traumas preparation whether trauma surgeon. A motor trouble opening the altar black economic almost pediatric. And I think juggle the river it's rather car wants to be that kind of guy. Michael how do you see Chad. Being different maybe having to change after being away from the game for almost a decade and Lendale hired I'm almost forty years to the day he was in his early mid thirties and now he's in his mid fifties. Exactly have bill Callahan amino bill ran the running game when he was here and Janet ran the passing game if he does bring Johnny Morton in a you know John is more of a passing game guys John take more ownership of the run game how do you then shot will be different than he was when he came here twenty years ago Michael. Well I think you'll be more confident I think I think the questions will be how will the lakers big moment you are I was almost all the time as much success he Pakistan got mostly social development is a young coach amigo. Now we've got confidence he's got obviously he's gotta attract a coach so I think it's going to be to wait for the organization they're Sheikh the same guy. Over and the there was red carpet it's got to find a way to work together I'd like to challenge really jobs will be his patients are all becomes the player personnel. Will you be willing to wait and get actual young Portugal and look at what happened tackled the content they get older. You are actual a veteran players that know what to do and I think that's what he's gonna have to really be disciplined with an insult. To create a roster allows them to have some dude go out and has the bulk but it. And also allows them to win right leg is jobs competitive or win right away what it changed our roster that austere. As I look at it as a personal bad who's gonna go eat and those supporters. That was still right now is not conducive to the kind of players were job watch. So what do you think he would bring it along with you know if coaches we mentioned called on Thursday rumored DC Johnnie Morton DOC. Bruce Allen's in Washington and I don't see him getting out of that deal. You were close to him obviously when you're here you can you make another comeback Michael who's gonna come which I don't know how to help run his player personnel wise and if it. About commitment I think that you know what I think the most support our it will be golf but. Like coach Larry talks on your comeback that was like coach kept a very. He's an older guy whether you can talk about coming back ever go to a key higher. Defense so it'll all go out there and try on clothes and other generate. A lot by a lot of people saw Paul go to potentially could go to the Redskins. If in fact he would because we've got a contract this year he he willingly gave that contract Coco per. If you're rich got its output of sitting in the endless summer of everybody got to go or I think it would be a cop. Situation the king are going to be the O line coach that's going to be key what job will do a lot of the work I look a bit about Jon Gruden show or caught and he should do that they got to do to help the people it and he just beat off a one coach that coach that understands them. And can read is fine because that's going to be the critical component. Not even talking about this for years and I go to really seems like it's gonna happen Jon Gruden is coming back to coach the raiders can you believe that. Getting your relatives that's factoring out from start up of all got what you gotta gotta argue people could coach the quarterback. Eddie procure can evaluate him a job to coach. Quarterback get you know job like spectrum quarterbacks that's what he's always had and his career and Arctic which is going to be a challenge for Imus gets after their car. Acosta a lot of ability and job concede that job I'll make a better look I think Jai does watch the senate bill which had years. And I think he's got over the last couple league I think keep those people are the top coaches who leaked admitted he walks back and I think he wanted to come back because perfect actually what it has a leadership not a legal a lot of that you had success tech coach has a job as one Obama articulate complex at. Fascinating Petrino earlier Michael we'll talk to yourself I do your time is always art. Take care for Michael heard that we got a lot of news to get to in the NFL public couple retirement here a couple can't circumstance since the first we'll break down John went to college and has meeting with the press today. And I'm a rams niners have top teams moving forward in NEC was we'll discuss Serbia to live like this problem Bonser maybe 57 game. Now after the great accomplish all. On 957. Games. No I got a great deal of pride with the way we finished that's so much to. Who. Become a successful organization is finished and everything you do and I think god. No I am really proud of the way Kyle and his staff. Your fifteen. Positive and upbeat but but at the same time. Never lowered our expectations of what we expected out of them and they yes our our goal is going games and I knew there was a site is visually you finishes. On the season five in a row or. 607. Pounds we understand that but all I also know that that doesn't help at all so I'm gonna help you play better I know one thing's for sure. Only gets phase one are we get those gays that. We won't be exact same as it were right now we will either be better will be worse than the only way you matters if you work. And if we don't and I promise will be worse so we had to go right back to work or just as hard as we did last year and I am proud how finished just like what Jones does. And why does that same mindset going in and. Sure the other GMs a grinder the head coach is a grind of the court alleges in her eyes they're they're charged steadily until then the input of the best thing into the season Dante down here. Think where the smoking hot and I if I don't know if they were loud and these playoffs right now an election near buffalo in the and this is 49ers were due in January but. You have to take into account the on nine start and no doubt about other back and get in the six agenda and they hear the way they ended the year I mean they they ended the year on the heat. Years with the best six intention and I can remember way and you know almost begging for Jimmy got a problem being inserted into the starting lineup pogroms and I'm what does he does god play practice is that enough we don't get to see practice but we know how practice is now in the NFL there's not a lot of hitting a lot of studying and quarterbacks are overly protected there but to see Jimmy go problem going there for five straight games against five different defense is and car Belmont Sally had its flaws in a global miss pearl's you to be does sort of faded and tight coverages that times. But man we do indeed does I was as good pop Jimmy drop all makes the niners he he bashed all the flaws they had. On offense I mean trick Taylor all the sudden became as a valuable slot receiver. What you feel when the formalities are looking as an OK yes we want him part of our receiving corps kindred board come out of nowhere near York Osama be back for a few days and just made whole team look better pot there and hot streak right now and they're free agent destination now with the rest of the division getting older who would wanna catch passes from Jimmy Barack blow right now pot. And they got some money has spanned that don't go back to your point about one to play him I think they did it exactly. Corrects when they traded for him and they made the deal on October the thirtieth he got the building at Halloween. He was not ready to play right away and and I think CJ bet they're earned more playing time although usually bad against Philadelphia. He played better against Arizona he beat the giants who come out of the buy it wasn't the right time to make the change I think they did it organically use Philly being set. Catch phrase is they they didn't force it. At the end of that late stages of that Seattle game. There was a time to make the change they truly guy in because Beth who got hurt he threw a touchdown pass it's perfect any just wound up. Getting hot and it does speak in Seattle. There's a changing of the guard going on in the NFC west and it's obvious to everybody here to report that did Carson Palmer. Announced his retirement from the NFL just moments ago we saw Karstens for a little bit outside with the raiders are always admired him. I think at one point he was a state of the ER quarterback in the NFL it was different when he came into the NFL the early and mid 2000 use a prototype pocket quarterback. Go when he took that first knee hit in the ACL in the in the playoff game against Pittsburgh. He just wasn't quite the same player but he still played well. When he had the second ACL chair. He was in the same player and then the year they went to the NFC title game and lost a candid in Carolina. Here finger injury late nadir in Philadelphia. Any play the post season hurt and he's been up and down. But you look at the NFC west now Carson Palmer retires. Bruce Syrians retires. What is Larry FitzGerald due to see move on. Place in their franchise or the retired she signed that extension earlier this and I assume he's well aware there is all well aware. Yeah IG's Garry Betty can retire Carson as one more year on his yes walking away from money. They signed him both. On the same day that this year but the year before. And they knew they were getting old but pretty serious health is just not good it's a shame that he got in our head coaching job so late in his life. But he was so qualified as a play caller put itself is not going to serious health issues so. Arizona is gonna have to reinvent themselves. And likewise for Seattle. Pete Carroll we heard rumblings about him retiring Jimmy he's the what is he 6566. He's the youngest middle sixty guy I've ever seen on the is that HGH the fairways were running around he's got so much energy skin looks great that. He's older and you know he came out and said the day we we had. John Clayton who you know us cover the league forever and ever does a radio show or if they're on the Seahawks sidelines that and I did not know was this bad. He totally can't chance there's never gonna play football again. May never declared April Clinton event if they could be just Donna it all of a sudden they're dog. And then Richard Sherman we know but alas all she's a popular look at Detroit did they were taking phone calls under which are certain Richard Sherman excuse me the trade weighted cornerback and he's going to be coming off a devastating injury will he be back. Earl Thomas entered Dallas game with Seattle then the Dow's we saw the video world Thomas quality Jason Garrett today if everything goes awry here in Seattle bring needed Dallas Burton bring need a big heat so Earl Thomas and Bobby laggard there haven't ballclub there could be offensive line is she's. Seattle stunt and I think the rams took that sort away from them a couple weeks ago when he would appear beaten down to see all spot. Does the visitors turn so quickly so fashion now you're looking at maybe LA so does this go carrying their NFC west for the next three years pop. Well for years it was Arizona and Seattle. And I just it's never liked those two franchises that cardinals of the Saint Louis so they are Chicago cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Phoenix cardinals with a hell are they. And then Seattle's an expansion Tina your younger but I remember when they never existed it. They were in the AFC west forever and ever so to me follow I appreciated their defense is and I think Arizona. Was just a wrong behind Seattle in Seattle when they were all fully healthy and Roland. They were as good as I've seen in the modern NFL with their secondary play their natural pass rush the speed of body Wagner KJ Wright. I respected that team. But it's still an expansion team that has no history at all the Arizona Cardinals are a bunch of tight lies with the bid wells so I for 1 am glad. That it stay 49ers and rams. And I can go back to a four was Saint Louis and it was the Los Angeles rams in it was John Brody against Roman Gabriel. And chuck Knox in the seventies before Joseph even got here they would it down and achieve and I think we're seeing Ed and we didn't see it you know on New Year's Eve day. Because rightly Shawnee faded plays guys. But that would've had a hell of a shoot out to watch Jared go off inside early and Andrew Whitworth play. And airing Donald and all of them go we saw early in the year on this Thursday night game September the 21. And yes I will remember the try first night of September and even though was. It or not that is wind up losing in Iraq the gold led a fabulous year. And he mission extra point that hey they're forget about it's like any other corporate worker and Trent Taylor is one of the China route where do you go to China. Pledged Clinton right. Her first playoff game six of their beer will Bryant Dwyane does not so good that it would go look at that was a sampling of what we what we're gonna get there. And I think that's why it's so exciting. And with Jon Gruden coming back. We got play callers now we got played designers. We don't have Mike Singletary. You know beating his head against the wall in dead assailant we got offensive minds and Bill Walsh started all this. And it'll Mike Holmgren brought it and and it was Sam Weiss took it to a new level with the with a quick game and showed her Hubble. And they're good coaches that have taken narrative from from what Bill Walsh started it. But really in this generation of coaches John gruden is DOG. And Jon Gruden is a guy that all these guys looked up to. Any starting with Kyle Shanahan and started it was Shawna today you know being out his staffs in different roles in Tampa. And now we're gonna see it with the raiders energize you to do what is it only guy in his mid fifties but now we get to watch these two young guys in the NFC west. And I used to have an affinity. Hurt head coaches that are also play callers and play designers has gone back and forth telecheck doesn't do it there have been times you wonder do you need that Pete Carroll didn't do it. But I just seems to work better that way. And we're gonna see it up close bunting eroded the seed in the NFC west right now the two hottest young play callers in football. Our Sean it today and Kyle Shanahan at the beginning of the year member routers critiquing its. And I like Sean explain a little better than Kyle let the personnel we head. But also it's not just play designing and scheming and when you kick off at 105 but the plays they're calling its case coaching. In teaching. And the one thing Sean McVeigh did this year. I didn't know what year golf to play. In the NFL I saw this skinny guy KL. Light up to connect twelve but he won easy way to fifteen really from fifteen lever on the center anybody play. And after his rookie year I didn't think he can play. Well that guy can play now he's may have a much better player. We told we call the running back who may win the MVP this year the girly man but why is he a single great rod from died early even as rookie year. I didn't think he was that good last year everybody sucked. And now I've watched it on and the screen game on what he looks like Marshall Faulk was speed out of this guy get so good. So it's not just how they steaming up the dark nights and you know dark rooms and it. X.s and I was but they got a coach football at this is no question the NFC west is changing and I think Seattle still may have I can't believe can't chancellor has done it. I think they may give us one more boom. But it's not going to be for long the future of this division and happened overnight overnight early we had Eric Davis son. And in trading can argue these as they're very said that the rams niners are like well. Bless and that series will make the playoffs unless data. Let's all look at what we did get him back up because the read what the flick division and a host of the playoff game Saturday night against the falcons and didn't feel further your point pop they looked at a salary caps the situations within division 49ers you know they have a 116 million dollars a play what they're going to be spending over the next couple seasons and they had a hell of a toll seventeen draft a lot of those guys contributed to this team that wins -- since then but to look at Arizona salary cap now without Carson Palmer they're gonna have about 36 million dollars in play with it but they have to go out there try to get a quarterback due to go out and try to blur Kirk cousins to the desert are you gonna draft what do these were all college quarterbacks while not impressed look at all sand darn old jobs but I don't watch video bomb plot. Nobody from the class that all Lamar Jackson day due to erratic bleaker mayfield may be too short Seattle their cash strapped they're gonna have about 617 million dollars in play with I don't know political world there eighty dolphins lineman they need another receiver they can't get their running game in order so affording an influential position right now pop Lambert and have about fifty million dollars disbanded and had to make a decision that's remain Johnson. Air Donald gonna have to get paid at some point their position now for an extra four years and take over his division and really show off their very play designed for our culture and and that Jacksonville Jaguars game winning get to talk about a pop but he at least check why don't get tied and leaking out into the flat get Logan Paulsen taking cup but blocks how should I handle that is decimate came here remember what some big are higher now late hired to LA the rams made a move so fast because of niners interviewed him and this name all of sudden -- in punish it you know what we don't need to go to you give us we have hired a sky right now and it counts and has now served Cisco. McVeigh down in LA is going to be a fun rivalry for years to come pot. There are question has fop and I'd say here now a nice high seven game and that the rams are just a little bit ahead. Because they had to be any Jeff Fisher was at the end of the run they went out and got cheered golf a year earlier less need traded up and they did all that. To get to number one pick and they had a flame out here. But they already had the pieces in place so there there a year ahead of what the niners are not niners made up ground fast by getting to rob below. But the rams they had the quarterback they had to develop and they did they had Todd Gurley a high draft pick they had to develop and make him better and they did. They changed their wide receiving course and one offseason it's unbelievable they sign Robert Woods they draft Cooper cup and they Trace for Sammy Watkins spoke. He had a whole new wide receiving corps he got a young tight ends you bring an Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan at left tackle and center. And you're good to roll. Now John Lynch. He's got some big decisions to make where we know the quarterback is. We know who won wide receiver we know many the wide receivers are Pierre Garcon is a good player. I there was one thing you regret I have I think from their perspective they would have liked to seen a healthy Garcon is feeding get hit on the sidelines Philadelphia. He wants a claim with the rumpled all and you get that vibe going but just think what Jimmy's doing without fear of our Sean is it true X wide receiver. And then he got the move guy mark he's good when it. I got the slot guy EST one angular guy tall guy. I like kettle that he kittles it was like the players Alex a player you may wanna get more one more side and it he had a fortify the line they like Daniel Kilgore I'm cool with that Thomson's I am thinking more guard play Jimmy gets a lot of balls tipped there's no question. He hits balls deflected in a connect to get there because he gets it out so fast they're gonna pray on his lack of size that. Factors National Guard military garb Poppins basically didn't play these his rookie year he got hurt to hear just from Garnett is expect to finesse team moving forward I saw. Technique issues where he's a short setter at a Dayton coach what you're right the Stanford guys there they that the position and we talked about it I've gone back and forth I'm Carlos side. Carnal side is to meet an excellent running back he's in 1919. In ten. You know chuck Knox got a running back we're gonna ground and pound I wanna turn hand the ball to Carlos side. I think he's got better the outside Sony's not as good as breeder Brees made for it. How high it's gotten better where he's lacking. Is didn't catch the football and he's got a little better. But not great and you mentioned some of the routes I think which is both the interception Jimmy threw an LA we're on the receiver. They were on mark he's good when not coming back to the ball they were on board not flattening out his route and there were two instances are Carlos side. Have nothing got tired late here what the hell he did it but in his route running as a back. Is not good any critic flattened out is route and caught a couple of sideline balls that Jimmy through and they missed so the point is. I like Carlos side. As a first and second down back I don't like it was a third down back so how much you wanna pay him. And that's going to be the ultimate call in free agency because we saw the running back marketed it was more veteran running backs last year Marchand and all day Adrian Saban is a team as Marines or Williams who's still out there to serve as Jamaal Charles ill will anyone find them not playing. I wait and see what the market is for him. I the that'll be a call being around them they like him in the building I think he has limitations they can get better with the outside zone but still. It's not his natural thing so they need at running back in and one other wide receiver clearly red zone target. And then Eric three. And he can talk all he wants about kneeling in that camper next nod and only because he can't play. That has nothing to do would kneeling these guys in this league if you can play they will hire you Eric Reid can play I don't care he's kneeling the other. And actually care about that now what is he. At an early in his career I thought he was a free safety. His rookie year I thought he played only twelve years he was so good look at all so bad angles your second year he got he starts to regress what's wrong with concussions frequent causes as first -- your fellow was and that's our digital laid out bad angles. So now I don't think he's a free safety. I think he's and it's not he's not us linebacker he can't be in the box he needs to come from death. He's a strong safety. Who's a hybrid in the way they run their defense cover three cover one. He's a good player I would sign him now how much will make I think he fits now you know what do they do a charge. Jamie ward I haven't seen enough of really know what the holiest I'd say come on film your article has I don't know what he'd like chart chart has range I like tired blitzing. I think he figured altogether out and will go through the whole list of free agents as time unfolds here. I don't know what they do with Carla side I think I'm gonna look at the list of free agent running backs I could let him goal is to get ever get that Penn State kid in the draft and also. Irregular week. What are visionaries of around for him a look at some -- want to I looked Osama to want to go Mike Shanahan was in Denver name -- moved on Washington with Kyle Shanahan Shanahan never took a running back in the first round had the only the only on the back to get a cigarette it was Clinton part of southern I don't stir around four from fifth round they don't take money backside and I love sick while Barkley but Georgia has a couple much money bags T -- Sheldon sending Michelle a USC has Ronald Jones there's running -- you can get later -- -- -- hell do you wanna bought their free agency make -- play a Levy on bill you have the money to do pop he's going to be a total Pittsburg is gonna franchise him again they probably will you don't wanna lose a guy like never let him go I don't let them help but does one guy Eddie -- your not gonna -- and what about play gore could play gore returned to the Bay Area up. Free gore tricky she's still looks like he has a half years left in his. Actually I'd I'd I'd actually does the whole list there's other guys francs older I I I hear you they transcend you know he's a third down back as he can catch and he can block. He Fitch sees decent on the outside zone. 88 get AG get more into it that outside zone is going to be in the rob hello Roger it's so well under rob hello can do a lot of things. And I was look at the numbers are the pro football focus people look at those look at them as he. Is he better understand her she better in the shotgun as you better and it just all the numbers are almost identical in all areas I think he does struggle some. To rob hello when he's under center. And he has play action and it's not in outside its own boot. Where he gets you moving to one side that's for Jim Ramsey talking about scheming that well that's what they're gonna run let it run that a lot in if you're not more disciplined. Hell you know probably half that seems a league run that jailer and if you can't play it. Then you're the one alleged scheme problem that the niners and he can get into a shotgun and do what I think iffy iffy play actions under center. And turns I think that's where some of the inaccuracy. Comes into play the one corner rout against. For guy watchable back together I can't remember which game you missed a couple of corner rush that was Jacksonville game. Where he was under Saturday turned icy inaccuracy in him when he's under center and it's not the outside stretch game. But I think they can get to the full Kyle Shanahan outside its own game now. With this quarterback has his feeder so good plus she got to move him the one thing. He's got to have balls tipped he is this going to be once or twice a game and you saw the latest Campbell do it. He did it twice in the game before it since he knows Tennessee game one time he caught a drill Casey chipped it he's going to have balls they deflected is that going to be a huge problem. But they're gonna try to obstruct his vision so you want him to move a little bit but standby today the guys really. I mean I well I think we all we sought in early on I I made a comment early in the year before they traded from New England. Directly to win the Super Bowl where it would any injury they had including the quarterback in Brady got hurt I doctor rob a look at still. Be good enough and if he took them away from that system and plug the man. And you look at the pieces around him. I I don't I don't know it was to be a fascinating offseason to see how aggressive with John Lynch is with the free agency dollars sponsor I would buy probably guard. They like Kilgore you may wanna bring him back and saying you know wide receiver in the defense you need more corners is no question that they got a couple of guys that are prospects here. But I'm not sure. If he needed jobs data and throw a lot of money around if you want this bill this organically and a lot of these monies dollars you're talking about. It you have to pay this quarterback a lot of money there's no doubt John he's no fool. Even if you French are horrible part. Yeah that's 24 million and we take 24 million away from 116 I mean basically York and went over ninety million dollars are spent and I would go crazy when it comes a receivership because crop always shown if you add personal to this picture we're more keys go when cantor born truth teller I believe that's good up the win football games to get one more child yeah it's all I 1008 or that but you may have to wait a year for that pop I mean maybe they can try to make a trade for Josh Gordon who looks good looks like people out of Cleveland there. That's going an idol and I would do much how about the next year pop. Although Beckham junior Mike at Egyptian god. Allies want him around there mode I like my guess is yes she's she's more is better off X people are like play elsewhere downs. He's gonna take playing time away I'm talking about more the situation a red zone guy. Well let's get old like a Brandon Marshall prizes for God's own yeah yeah I think he's done and Nicki can't run anymore I think the other guys care Sean. Mark he's good one and Taylor can do it in Eddie's gonna use the fullback is gonna use the five village of those. It's getting fast thing to see how they how they do this whole deal here. Yeah and then you talk about two corners you're OK while Williams and Weatherspoon a play well Dante Johnson because gone to reward you don't know what may happen there but Eric Reid is intrigue and an hour I would mind seeing them back because despite everything that he's gone through this organization. He's played well for this team they bass and do they move linebacker he's done it he ethical played anthem being present something but think Eritrea does play well and up to their contracts was a year in search as we said you don't wanna leave so we'll see what happens every pot it's time. For a first caboose pistol toward the eighteen. Now let's. Who's pissed yeah yeah you don't. News stories that are almost slipped. That game 1998. And seven years old and Jon Gruden is a rookie head coach of the Oakland Raiders. And back then great gotta go interview I guess every Saturday before the game. So this is endeavor Colorado where I lived. And I was visiting my daddy came to town for the Broncos and raiders are playing each other I go down to the lobby. And he's being John Rooney in the interview when we sit old time. It's about like key talks about twenty minutes including those eggs don't break plus and that's your sons are right there anyway you know Grassley questions. So he does Derek pressing questions to junger and echoes the raiders and that is simply said what's your Katie bar. If you could cut back and they recruiting goes I'll Minnesota good god he's gay bars out there you got you know you got your three musketeers but hey. The one that satisfies my hunger the most are those Snickers meant. Yeah. But a lot of good bad right there. I got your Nicholas's Snickers yeah exactly and that's he's been my favorite head coach ever since it's only here in your brother candidate for Christmas to you had to work Nicholas yes twenty years later comes in May he had chick for the game in Philadelphia at Brigham and the votes in the Jon Gruden. And giant Eads the scene expert for 32 spot today. And he's already tell nick how much she loves them Solovyov mantra for the oldest you've got this guy that he's. He's an advocate. He's back got a guy and I just wonder. He's she's older now he's you know he's gonna he's fifty dollars and 54. He was 341 male hired on in Derek which indicated that Derek younger brother nick is off to college NEC a judge an older guy die I just. The question I have is how is she going do. Changes ahead coaches have to be his he can he be that crazy Jon Gruden and challenge he would challenge and talked to players like I've never heard. Unbelievable. But he was their age now. He's 54. Is he the old guy and Monday Night Football with a cheesy references Jersey contemporary enough to to deal with the modern that is my main question. Okay died at quarterback class Rome although attract prospects we sit there with the quarterbacks and sit there all American practices or whatever they grew to make the adjustment to the modern eight Ashley for sure I mean you sit there been doing this for what he's been out to gain since 2009 taken its mills looking at schemes involving the players. I'll be got to be a problem for mr. burden at all. Was questioned whether and I don't know that as a head coach and also co owner. A great you said that Don Nelson I guess is the only ENBA coach to also get ownership as well is that while I just wish I and John King. A new road you know Al Davis's book misty core crew and I have a lot of people and I've respected and does covering a lot of sports and John did a lot of research for me. He only came up with those lists of names. Connie Mack John McGraw. There was Paul Brown it was Papa Bear hellish it was curly Lambeau Mike Lombardi chimed in did Vince Lombardi. Got a piece after he left to pay actors. Vince was only with the Redskins ish for one year Annie had cancer he died. Right after that I guess the Redskins then my right game apiece and then Tony had the Dow was listening. Any mention that John Nelson when John Nelson left the Milwaukee Bucks and came. 21 serve is the the GM and any line and get ready George Crowley on dipping coaching. But he got. I believe that. 10% equity in the team at that time and the warriors also had to give the Milwaukee Bucks a second round draft pick. Because John was. So the coach of the bucks to let them go and run the they for a front office for the warriors and I think that second round pick became Tito Horford. Go way back in time that Tito's vodka with Tito's too that I loved he does talk. Also our offense our guys are probably thought the ad deal or there and everything and get a Al Horford and it was a Tito Horford also an idiot but I am sure other other names and a hopefully people will reach out to us on social media all the platforms to get more. But Mike Lombardi came out straight out said Derek did T does not think Jon Gruden this is a puffed up story from Johns agent Bob LaMont. That he will not affect it ownership of the radiation well. We'll see what happens but there's one name were forgetting that was not only a coach. And an owner. And a player. And a missing one guy he coached all the way back in the seventies in the 88 and that person. Is Jackie moon. Yeah. So yeah by heavy traffic into the I'd trust the pledge trumping what. My wife and the Catholic bishop is what the Flintstones. A look at a book about Jackie moon was not only great singer. But he also had he was a player use a coach he was the only true scope he has moves that. Okay and they're they're part of the program wrestled the bare breasts of the barrier Russell and again you pull up a little earlier to. It was weird about that maimed and I love you know I love him Will Ferrell but. He was a little on the portly side at that time in his life and how how do you how does that jacket actually professional basketball the role well. To be fair how could Woody Harrelson and also on through 2000 from outcast boy that's what they're also could help turn the white flag decal that that. It's at least you didn't play is just smoked cigarettes asylum always I've never doubt even though the picture Nellie at the end of his career. He's sitting at a trainers table with a beard what had a cigarette video editor but a food that's how they did exactly mood but he was also the best owner because he would offer his own life to the players so I didn't sleep with specialists say that that is a very giving odor out. Pleasure that I never would she ever thought average for fish tailed Avaya here. Finally there's good times Jackie moon a great visionary and EDA. Mary New Year's everybody is our first two. Deuce has till 2018 so gentlemen how was your New Year's. And a lot of food and poppa nice big bottle group. I am on the rim to sweep through go Gregg when he came home from. I flew back with thirty football coach. Up and invited me that's enough for them tested open that small flag I don't I would I would. Have a holiday this year crimping noted that occurred in the years he was all they weren't it was we what you do and using their well I kind of played low key as well because as I said before I had to pay for our holiday party so I did that during the week. And then I realized I was out of cash by the time on New Year's you started so half way to open the avid radio guy if he's. Put this into some other producers so we have good. But but there was some bowl games yesterday real quick as when you thought some you do the games. Aren't you the results of baker may feel that I got to say this guy is joining hands fell two point I'll. Jordan saying. These securities looks at the sixth one he's probably shorter I like his moxie I'm not high on this quarterback play normal saline hopefully I don't know what else have down South Africa no doubt about George and his Trojan horse from LA what do you do go -- Kendrick Lamar but it was all right I mean you look the best southern everybody saying darn it looked awfully good files state gets pro concepts of British Lamar Jackson can now for our Jackson throws fastballs five yards away he's inaccurate. Josh Rosen didn't even play Josh Allen film YL he's been hurled in season I'm not I'll mail and this quarterback classes and underwhelming if you John that you got to be happy did you take. Consumers say that they mean the group the best move everybody in this quarterback during the season absolutely. Well I I I do on examined Arnold more because I does this for Stanford game he was so on point in his skill level I don't know why he regress I got to fuel his games and table you're closer to the draft. We'll look at it put it this strange thing. Yesterday and I don't think they feel complain they should see what rowdy strapped to did his lack of height is a major problem major problem. That the Timmy and I was actually thinking about because for the first time in my life I the schedule lined up for it could go to a Rose Bowl. That was one of the go to the rose boy grew up watching as a kid and that's a big reason why I was fascinated with California man he was a USC cheerleaders and a choice encouragement and the Rose Bowl is just so cool and we were there yesterday added New Year's Eve with the raiders in Carson and I was gonna say and watched a. Rose Bowl as they can they ruined the Rose Bowl having come on TV AJ Oklahoma and Georgia and I know always a great came back and forth. Let you do what have they done do wired to our bowls you don't want all those other teams aren't I want I want you I want you see it played around okay. I know I want Ohio State to play in the Rose Bowl I mean that's why I'm here Georgian change from the red state to get playing in the Rose Bowl I got you got an enemy they rule in the Rose Bowl. A little bit I'm I would agree that it would. And better to see USC and Ohio State despite the fact it was a bad game. That should in the Rose Bowl game. In Georgia. And oh Oklahoma she's been played somewhere else is Clement a Fiesta Bowl yeah mom with a growing up seeing Big Ten pac twelve you groped you eat your customer that. And a couple of years ago they did squirrels Florida State now we're in a national championship but the roles polls so weird but they still had a rolls bowl game preferred OK okay I can do it day after day. Like that to a playoff game and do the rolls bowl it was weird to see Oklahoma insurers available fascinating game so no complaints here. Well Greg we got to celebrate here because of Buffalo Bills adorns the playoffs for the first time since 1999. And now Patrick's. Athletic Federer I don't know I am and I had. Although. I he had that they can beat Jacksonville. Was not question I think is to establish some of corn. Well I think he makes life and Nikki Stone or I shouldn't because a great player earlier carted out and hurting so maybe able to fly and it's gonna be dug Maroney will. Got the the bills on track and then. Fond of abandoning them and they had the ownership change let. The end of the game and when I was still in the game and LA with the raiders chargers game Gonzales games mattered to return the chargers I had a different screen and every game. I actually saw the end of the buffalo game that ending pose a fourth and twelve. As a Baltimore Ravens are gene T set around citizens affords install slot for the twelfth they know they got the twelve they ran up the sideline that once. Safety took the bad angle. So I think buffalo which Tyrod Taylor and his movement scale even though he's a very inferior thrower the ball. The waiting niners beat Jacksonville was moving Jimmy and shading the tree and moving the pocket. Buffalo does that all the time Tyrod Taylor so I am I am pick in buffalo to be Jackson really knowing your little team on the rise. The bills will will find a way to beat him in the dug. A rumble by the way you can never kill Marvin Lewis because of that game if if he's he's coming back is the bank's head coach what does Mike Brown doing I mean these what are these kids out there. It really marvelous hasn't won a playoff game Tuesday he got to press the reset button. At least one if you're aging very well if you're AJ green I'm gonna do they get Biondi here. Adolescents and adults into the key adult now let AJ McCarron well here's here's the question Paul come on now are now that's what Jon Gruden won his DC. So we'll get a little blood amount that it is okay yes no contract is kind generous. All I don't know dining area what do Bennett head Marvin Lewis not been brought back they may have elevated Faulk on third head coach. But talk confidant there is no contract so he's free to be tired more. Did you get there what's his name Paul Gunter. Talk on the fifth pile real quick there. Did you guys see the ending of these scenes Buccaneers game merger cutter John Payne and we're going after each other and pushing each other was awkward awkward deal I guess it was last and the two teams play when James was they came off the bench in Marshawn Lynch fashion. And fox or C Marchand Lattimore of the saints. But reminded me of the good old days when Jim Harbaugh looked his son Jude. He supports what you're diablo Harbaugh won him although he Carol. There is parallel to deal. Let's just chaos and gloom landlords can't convert his ideals that are. Our education alright guys that's a good boost bizarre first our 2018. A fellow chicken and plays up do you hope we are 2018 his grades. What every Bay Area team here as you got your Jeannie Jean we got our Johnny G they lead to. You can boosters don't be so good to see any good mood I know how you're gonna be this week after raiders also LA we'll pop if you do. Weird things are starting here in the Bay Area so we'll be back out of tomorrow David Wells contact for your money by sending game. It's.