Greg Papa Show Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, December 29th

Mychael Urban fills in for Papa & Bonta - he is joined by 49ers reporter for the Bay Area News Group, Cam Inman, then we go "back & forth" with the best sound from the 49ers & Raiders, and the last caboose of 2017 with yee 'ol Derek Papa. 


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You live from San Francisco. She's been great public gel. On the 957. I'm Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and bond sale this Tuesday afternoon delight grabbing a delightful time a delightful guest covers. The San Francisco 49ers and he joins us weekly if not a couple three times a week because he's one of the best in the business for the Bay Area news group. Cam Inman Kim what's going on man happy holidays. I think I'm happy for ideal happy Eva Eva near six. Did he know can't that cobalt Fridays are brought you by Dolan lumber doors and windows lower prices better service higher quality did you know that. I might need them because we've started a a halt. First floor we model our house two days ago so likelier than a bunker cherished. All right then you need to head to Dolan lumbered doors no windows seeing the synergy going marriage it's far so good that we can you and I go way back squeezed to get to work on the desk together. If the Contra Costa times that was good times I'm guessing. You're having a better time. Covering the Jimmy Grupo host San Francisco. 49ers if you've been around the Bay Area and the your your entire life so why. I'm I'm trying to I'm trying not to go overboard with this. But I really don't think I've seen anybody have this big of an impact this quake on any buried franchise have you. Well I was actually it's funny check that was big about this the other day on the package should watch them sorted staffers by how much. Comparing the co opt almost phenomenon see happening in 2012 when cabinet took the stage and how. Everybody else aside and let them all on board with pollen and but there's still such a great buzz about that you know the play asked she's right here she checked overcame. That had been of the playoffs. That previously united midway through the air. And and that person starve them out according manner can get and gore all bunched that just each met teach. A few other guys. But Jimmy droplets are overcame. That was not good at all they were one intent. The star power would not there. And now niner fans. Hurry and get excited about Kim and have a star and not only just started the star quarterback camps anybody that has grown up in the Bay Area knows the forty had a quarterback commission is probably the most. All right celebrated. Most pressure packed most revered tradition and all sports betting action it would be right up there I would say what you like the apple CEO. What else to announce another barrier monument which the golden gate bridge and Bay Area sports positions. He is came in many of the columnists say covers the serve Cisco 49ers for the Bay Area newspaper group you can follow him on Twitter at Kim and me in the last name is IA and M a and K am I talking about it. Little bit earlier in the program what we've seen him Jimmy what we've heard of Jimmy it's all to the good but I've never Benning and the man's presence. You have does he exude that kind of charisma that it that everybody is talking about. You haven't had a low key fashion he'd ever walked around like she's huge she doesn't strut around the locker room he. Very much about dog out of the nest but he doesn't keep has had found little smile to a banner that she may each. He'll it is like as in York Vermont based the next what purpose. And I think people see just how well he carries himself and he got along and everybody so I attacked with everybody from receivers defensive players lineman obviously love them. Everything they hit and he's been here for two months. I can't give priority number one. I'm going forward to getting him marked up the no contract and yeah that they have basically about just over months. In about six weeks before they can apply the franchise tag on the they want they can wait until. The first like I think the deadline reported early march strike if talks created cheek. And they're they're not gonna last and now they're they won't they won't keep Jimmy and child somehow the question as. Now that the planet can never think that they should have a lot of unanswered Chiba and a salary cap states so every forty niner fan retrograde you know the money goes trying to. I don't plan a lot of guys and it just I mood I'm really curious to see how this. Ownership group well do you because they have then I thought they can with the person but such is up about that she got massive contracts. And you're Rick Rockwell has got to command line and it'll be attrition and see what other creative it's obviously the niners are on the uptick of people on Google you know they've generated interest to a lot of time here. Again at that matter you have to realize we're gonna have to pay a little bit more than other team because the state taxes. All of those factors and about that fact that I look at so far potentially critical of them out there and yet they've they've won five of their last checked but they're not there yet. Bush years out of camp and many covers the nightmare for the Bay Area news group foam on Twitter at camp. And mend can this man contract extension there manager said you know they'd they want to sign him to a long term deal. I don't know why I go back and forth with the franchise tag. There's at least an insurance policy to let let me make sure this is real because as you mentioned we're talking about a five and ten football team and it's going to be a lot of money load Jimmy's gonna get paid big time next year. One where another revive the franchise tag. Or via the contract extension. But have they really seem all they need to see that they're the franchise tag is. Is it kind of viewed as a last resort if we can't come to terms with Jimmy because people forget Jimmy got some leverage here to. Jimmy got a lot of electric chair. We diplomat they don't have triggered a long term deal he can I don't shall. You know make 25 million about how well the franchise tag. You know it's okay it's it's a safeguards so that they can they can call back at Utah. They they can't undo a long term deal to have it's and later I guess you don't want them to do the year the year. To hear they like their red handed down what Kirk cousins. Just it's sapped the confidence. That the franchise. But seemingly haven't quarterback and everybody's on board would drop clutch. You know they they spent a lot of money bring in Brian employer in here this year figured he could be a nice bridge. I can the next quarterback and eat dinner last six game it's. He was benched you know by before halftime of that six came cheated aperture and managed to go okay. But he's not gonna hear me give the 69 dollar guarantee you a couple of winners and if you're at an NFL franchise has you have to understand certain section of your salary cap is going to be devoted to your franchise quarterback if you have a lot. The nine count one now and that's kind that they have to pony it up the challenge when they get collar Catholic an extension I think that in 2000 court she'd. I cannot acute getting 63 million guaranteed everybody was going bonkers packet they do that each he had literally took himself after one half seasons. And it turned out it was not paid such a big contract and a lot of that was due to injury guarantee related I'm back up and he's really only made thirteen million guaranteed posture Miami mayor teach our money goes nowhere -- whatever it actually we're which go Rockwell will not be getting that kind of deal he's going to be able to hold get a real contract through real. Franchise quarterback. Cam Inman covers the niners for the Bay Area news group by Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and Vontae hill here on the afternoon delight make sure you stick around at 245. Where we go back and forth another blast from the past that inside the bigs days great sound from the niners and the raiders the raiders the niners back. And fourth but. In the present champ. The rams have decided. Sunday didn't mean a whole lot to them so they're gonna sit others dug her legacy golf. We're not gonna CNB candidate MVP candidate Gurley this to me lucky if the niners win Jimmy's five and no as a starter he's seven and no overall as NFL starter including his two stars. When the patriots but we know there's always going to be skeptics out there. And when they beat the rams if they do beat the rams the skeptics will say well it's because the rams Warner's full boat in that respect. Are you getting a sense that the niners are kind of bomb they're not bring in all their horses. Now I have we've got a lot of guys that have and I'll give it a cliche answer that well or play touch football players probably would have liked the challenges facing earlier. Gonna get down Donald I think there are so focused on trying to extend that's when street that they don't care who they like because. And they don't feel really good Jacksonville Jaguars team that sort of touched on talk and write out our confidence is sky high. So they don't care who their opponent stated on a place somebody get the win and get them the option. Always seeing Kyle Shanahan any new light because of Jimmy gee I mean you had the shoot out. When the rams played the niners last time and that goes through the first time I was like OK there's the cow she and there's the falcons cal sharing him play calling but then it kind of disappeared and you can now in retrospect now that Jimmy G here and it's back you think okay. Shanahan had to Dallas played a backers hurt or something. I don't know what it was but it did disappear now to back with Jimmy G as it could Shanahan now has a guy. But he has confidence in or they can actually throw guys open or take advantage. Of the playbook because the playbook it's the same time. This is still scaled back a little to Jimmy's Jimmy he's still learning. Oh what it is is that. Go off alone and not have driven to sustain drives so. Now I'm done with third down and even money on third down let's first start in Chicago. The issue has grown and on third down is especially good friend tried Taylor out of the slot. On third down any tweet gets in there little punch somebody else that's there are so the defense category would actually contact. So that's a lot of interest in next year's how that the county fire had to figure out which guys. How trying to really get that sat in played up to end. Just shut them up in need more than moderate to close the series to do so you need church say that's why they're having these long drive and really made in that period. Chime that that's that's the way and I heard word 2011. Our first came out orders are placed others' creative play columns. Alex Smith who were able look sustained drive there though put up points. How with a really good running game and it will get detached. And right now that's what our defense has stepped up really well that's that's really been overshadowed the last five games I was sick and that's how well. That mattered he can't just plain and fight playing well they're helping drop on March 1 so that's why that's why it's football player that's what can sport. Tim amyloid she goes this does Jimmy gee he's arrival did that make you better sportswriter better husband better manner. A my wife does not happy about the McGraw well actually situated that such a not pay me any better of a man Omar Al Iman get it like completely expects it touched so. Well. What. You're a hell of a man and a writer to begin with so I don't give a damn whether Jimmy G is rising tide raises your voter not thank you so much free time Kim happy new T. Thank sir you are that's cam Inman of the Bay Area news group you can valmont Twitter that cam Inman. In the niners are looking for their fifth consecutive victory would Jimmy G and understand their and there are still people out there that say. Settled down. It's five games settled down. And I give up there I completely get that. And I completely get why raider nation in particular. Is saying settled down. The ironic thing is that niner fans when the raiders signed Derek carting his contract. They had cause to say boom. Settle down. Have you seen enough of their card to give him that contract granted we'd feel a lot more of their car and we've seen in Jimmy grow up blow but it is interesting. The wind Eric Carr got that contract extension. As the highest played paid for the moment the highest paid quarterback in the league. He was to the raiders what Jimmy G as to the niners right now. And so he does kind of service a cautionary tale. I mean. Pump the brakes you ask but. It's always yet but. Mean he just looks show good. I mean this team was awful. The niners are the only team in football history to start the season 019. And when more than three games. They might end up with six wins that's double what any 019 team in history has done to Jimmy you deserve all the credit no. But he does deserve a lion's share. Let's take a look back. At 27 team. For the raiders and managed. Derek I asked you this is jerked up our producer. Son of Greg. Most memorable moment on the field. For your Oakland Raiders. That was a positive. Yes Amanda had an easy one come up with chief came. Yes but here's a problem with that that was after a four game losing streak and while that game was exciting he was and during a time where we know this team was going so yes that probably was a great game I Lehman also a game is better than when the raiders were oh win ten. Back in 2014. When they need to be king's teachings on Thursday night. And that game was different for different circumstances but I think they came back then show where the raiders were going. There's a lot of similarities with the raiders in niners with the 2014. Raiders in the 2017 49ers. Or both teams turn out. The raiders only ten in 2014. Niners only nine this season. And they are both finishing very strong towards the generators out this season the back then 2014 non member of the raiders being. The 49ers with Jim Harbaugh. And we all saw that as kind of see growth for the raiders in the demise the 49ers. Word change that's that's me that's where flipped that's where change and it seems now that it's flipped it's flipped back him unfortunately. Unfortunately for Dirk. A lane and Elaine as raise your hand like the plight young lady she is a winner would you like to speak you have the foreigner I think. The moment I was looking around like this is the best moment of my life was during week. To. Go home opener when the raiders were beating achieves Cummings his meetings the jets are on his doing his dance. And I was sitting icon at. In with the crowd in at the fifty yard line and when I was going nuts and importantly to me that's at the peak of the season. And I think he knows is the beginning without the moment when I was trying to say this is awesome. Yeah I mean it was a very Oakland moment and everybody at the time thought. Life is good in raider nation and it's gonna get even better and because Marchand was the prodigal son he would return. There won't put up on the jets and it was all candy canes hearts flowers rainbows whatever you wanna call and it was all good. That was back when everybody. Like Todd downing. Everybody like Derek curry everybody liked our show on everybody light DeMarre everybody liked Crabtree. Now you can find a lot of people that don't like all those people that I just mentioned and oh by the way the offensive line is involved in that. It's not so 'cause you can make the argument that the raiders. Looked like. Themselves of last year in the first two games and then. Something happened and Washington when he Kennedy alluded to yesterday we'll get into a Mora when we do back and forth coming appeared to thirty but. Something happened weeks three in every sense then I'll say even during the Kansas City game where that was a fun game still wasn't the same. Something happened we three so I would say the highly of this season. Was pretty much yes week two when the raiders were arguably needing one the best teams in football they had a high scoring offense. And then all of a sudden. Something happened to us and I full bonus Washington Redskins were everything else just did not measure up to those first two games and meet O'Brien's. Thinks she has a screw pool find out whether she was right or not don't worry you'll here's the deal of neat programs I I understand that yes there may have been something going on with he and found Manhattan that Derrick wanted to do something different in the line. You know did wanna do what you want to do there may have been that situation in house case with a bunch of locker rooms wasn't just the raiders those with the Steelers every. NFL team had to deal with that that day. Oh what Donald Trump said. Well Lincoln Kennedy I mean this kid got and I don't get owns a former raider Muslim here the team for him to. Now he's couched it he said this is just a gut feeling yeah I don't believe that part of it I think he knows and he just doesn't wanna throw anybody under the bus. So if he's telling me gut feeling. In my 25 years is sportswriter. I've had a lot of people tell me. It's a gut feeling but they actually know it's a fact they just say it's a gut feeling so doesn't it traced back to them and they don't look like that the source percent. Yes and I agree with that I I know someone give Nikko Grimes any credit card you don't hear what nobody here's here's the reality. What she's suggesting. Is not the fact that there was an argument about the anthem she is suggesting. That the raiders offensive line that saw Derek Kerr broke his ankle last season they wanted to not block. I pretend the par to usually editors which is absolutely ridiculous I got you know I I completely agree with it from that standpoint but something happened in Washington. And I have a feeling that at some point in the offseason sooner rather than later. Either it's going to be a coach or somebody on the team that's told they're not preempt being brought back someone is gonna aired that dirty laundry and we'll find out. Exactly what it was the reason I asked their proper what is most memorable moment was for the Tony seventeen raiders is because we're asking you what are your most memorable moment dove. 27 team was. Can be for your favorite team can be just in various sports in general only get your best moment of Tony seventeen. AAA 957957. Or get your worst moment and Bayer sports AAA 9579257. And I want you look at your favorite team in the Bay Area and give me one resolution but you would like them to stick to. Triple A 9579. To five send me phone lines are wide open we have several more minutes left in this segment go ahead and hop on it we're going to be doing back before. With some of the best traders and manners sound. At about 230 and then of course the caboose pistol comes. At 245 somebody on the Penske I'm so stuck around to excellent. You can throughout your top moments your worst moments your resolutions there as well that would be 95795. Somebody throughout for the giants their top 2070 moment. I sit I was struggling to come up with a long field moment for the Simpson's co giant that was all that memorable too the good. Somebody pointed out Madison bomb merge two homers in the opener know that got disqualified. Because Mark Mullen send crews brought in to save their crappy bullpen. Blew a save. The two homers meant nothing so maybe it was memorable for a couple of innings in some lawyers and blew it. Many have heard all year if anything. That's just sour memory. For me is the various sports fan that doesn't count. Publish animals walk off homer in the season finale. That's more of a memorable moment to the good. Couple people on the auto sales Penske auto sales dot Comtex I have also thrown out Matt cain's farewell. Yes that was a nice moment that almost falls into the off field category. Although. Matt Cain pitched very well that night that was really cool because of what that is meant to the franchise. What he represented he's one of those forever giants. We're gonna see Mac came grow old not an giants uniform but I guarantee we're gonna see him girl because the giants are better than anybody. Making anyone who's contributed to the giants' success. Makes them feel like they're part of the family and continues to bring them back so for me yeah probably met came pitching pretty darn well. In that finale that was the most memorable moment for the 2017. Giants and isn't that just a little bits that. No it's not sad. It's harking back to the good old days. When we did back and forth and inside the bigs will do it wooded area NFL teams next now back to the red carpet show on 957. Big game. 30 in the morning. 30 in the morning Fergie London bridges is playing bad smooth the accession to thirty. Another blast from the past from the inside to big time Michael urban aim for Greg Papa. And Vontae knows you haven't noticed some. Sometimes you've just got to let her ego just give Ers face. And let her go. Yours base however as is the Penske auto sales dot com takes 5895795. We've thrown out to the audience. Every radio show every TV show that he does sports or entertainment is gonna do something like this. And about this time give me your best moment of 27 team. Your favorite sports moment in the Bay Area Torre seventy New York worst moment. And various sports reporting seventeen. And your favorite team what should their pony eighteen New Year's resolution beat. I'm gonna go to the Penske auto sales dot Comtex like real quick then all throughout the fall and then we'll get back and forth. A sweeping the Yankees comes from the text line that was a good one. Best Tony seventeen mile what was Katie shooting that late three over LeBron absolutely great moment. For lawyers trans fats prize that's pretty damn near. The top for me. As a Bay Area sports fair. Let the we've got the raiders now. Off now no no no raider nation bids open. I'm not can do more than Baghdad matter. Why wouldn't niner fan go out of their way to kick greater nation while it's down right OK. That's what the raiders and niners fans do to reach out there correct. Don't do it enjoy Jimmy G focus on the positive. Light just happy life is good for you right now. Don't delight in the negativity. Of somebody else don't. Rub their nose in misery enjoy yourself some Jimmy gee I hope it's DC gets right that's what I hope. The team best 2070 moment. I mention Pablo walk off for the giants Penske auto sales are context why insignia well. That walk off homer cost suggest the number one pick imager I have to pretty much sums up Tony seventeen for that giant. Let's go to the phone lines of go to Eric in Bilbray Eric Kim mil brave what's going on man you're on the afternoon delight. What ever may. Up. Or he would be decades by looking at media projected by doubt most electric. Final bid as beer and get better than any sporting event. Work more about it appeared that each other greater now they are putting them they were a busy couple. Oakland look good. Eight. Commitment. I still wake up you committed to this core or get a guy that beat basically what that planet he's going into. All crystal or saw PG AE curry clay and early models. Our court order together earth all they can't. Opening it did AJ better at everything go out and make all all idol all pretty. But it can bet any sport don't hopefully that commit their day but unless you have bit site. In fact you lose it definitely opened up and other guys are contract for. Yeah that's good stuff very thank you for the phone call I appreciate that. Absolutely you gotta keep you keep that forty get a look we can't talk dynasty just yet warriors fans. You gotta win two in a row to be a dynasty that's like the baseline right that's the bare minimum you have to win 20. Let's go to Eric in Oakland back to back Eric's what's up fare carrier. I'm good merrier. Since that's what's got just a moment there sports seventy. Graham for me Marcos moment words they into the Kansas City Thursday night games children June even bigger for me and so more electric in the marsh on financial system. A close second. But there's none like him and I can't stand achieved so we need to one. And worse someone go to previous caller. Cure. My first series season tickets in it's it should girdle man Bernardo accurate that I wanna take Janus. So I have spent. It lingers what's your resolution. My resolution and I just hope they play. Block out no extra picture mandate they've put the issue behind them Chaka bit of that she's in and move on and move forward that's our that's all you didn't do. All right thank you for the phone call Eric I appreciate it one quick trip back to the Penske auto sales dot Comtex line. Favorite Tony seventy moment I was watching the age rookies come up big in a doubleheader sweep of the Astros. A little bit sad that that's your favorite moment I own. I actually feel good about the season's not about the giants' season feel good about the season. I always feel good about back and forth because I know dare Papa and no way and a has selected wonderful sound Frist to kick around I believe the first bit organ here. As our very own Lincoln Kennedy. He was asked yesterday. Plug on the hill and I what was the catalyst if you had to pick one thing one thing for the season. That affected the Oakland Raiders what was it. There's one thing that was who I think had sons underlining effect. But I don't know how it's just feeling it shifted got bridge filling the holes anthem controversy. I think effective. Mets would. Not so much that you know you heard rumors about what we arrived on this because that would mean it was a unnecessary distractions that warns that so much coverage so much questions you could necessarily focus on football everybody wanted to know why Marshawn Lynch sitting down. Everybody want to know what is the protests and what he's protest at about one know how you now please Teemu are protest having a bit together. Look if I was an unlocked room I'd be the first was so I'm not I'm not here to talk about seven you're talking about apples all the kids UT the Denver Broncos. Did you football related questions don't ask me about you support social consciousness. Yeah Lincoln Kennedy is a man of integrity who is a former raider is on the sideline with the raiders. And I believe. He is right I think it's sad that he's right that something. And look I'm not. This is such a touchy subject I'm almost afraid to go to bird damage. If the anthem controversy brought your season down you are a weak team mentally in you have weak leadership. If that brought you from Super Bowl contender. Back to a laughingstock with which lets face it that's what they became. Then your week. That underscores the need for stronger leadership. I wanna see dale like. That's not his personality okay fine. Is Jimmy cheek personality. You be the judge here's Jimmy G on the sidelines. With his teammates courtesy NFL films. OK. Okay. Running around. I can't handle your equipment. There on the usually fine. And joins us. I knew if you. Ten long yards. On the menu across a little bit he's playing on top believed in you want to leave it's mango. This feeling out there. I remember the day that I heard that I was on the air shortly after I heard for the first time. And one of the themes of my show that day and it wasn't just Virginia G but it was I've seen enough. Actually part of it was the raiders' I've seen enough to know that Jack Del Rio isn't that guy to get them to the mountaintop but I've seen enough of Jimmy gee didn't know. He's the answer for the 49ers. Went that sound I heard enough. That my friends is leadership. He knew exactly what tone does strike. We beat each individual he's clearly spent these two months since he's been here learning different personalities. He clearly knows the game he knows how to inspire. Is there anything he can't do he's nice to put them to the elderly. Kids' trust him. Timmy G can do it off let's go back. To the east bay a little bit a JV are on the future of died down and. We obviously a lot of things have gone in a negative direction but I I don't think the guys super bright he's going to be a real to coach in this league. And I believe it vols are not things that people want to hear right now because Lou. The reality is we've underperformed offensively this year and we'll have going to be that's good news coming watch. And I've been well and I there's millions news. But doesn't doesn't change my. I believe what I know him. You know what there have been some. Tough set of circumstances and thousands of logon real smooth and thought overall performance. You know I just heard the name is will have been Derek Burton Derek Burton they're bartender Burton I didn't hear anything right there he didn't say anything. Todd down things can get the boot is he not he's gonna get the boot there's no way he doesn't get the boot. So was that JD airs vote of confidence. It sounded like a vote of confidence to admit it but it stopped just short of it. And the guys can't get fired. And he gave musgrave the same. Namely can be voted confidence last year and then musgrave got fired one last time let's go over to this different Cisco dot 49ers. Garrett Celek tight end says. If that team was is united is this team guess what what happened. That your food harmful. Com we had a really good team. But something I should know after you know be out looking beyond the inland route I felt like a teenager quoted as missing something but I doubt words. My beauty I don't think we have unified team I think we're getting your country and hurt her or her government bonds silly little ones are already here. And this year under the have been this year. The type of guys that are on the Siemens and how we're OG and whenever. We're told pollsters can't go. To me that I did a good ability like less. Yes Drupal is because I think that's fifty million of them features there's going to be also. Remember when Joseph Staley after the niners won their first game of the year this year said this feels as good if not better. The morning NFC championship I don't know about you but I was like once. Are you serious. Give me a break now that I hear Garrett Celek talking about that 2012 team being broken I'm like oh okay. Now it makes sense. One quick class text the worst sports moment Torre sitting teeing herb reminding me that Jared Burton played for the days and welcome. Guess what's next. My daughters can be bombed the last caboose pistol. Of corny seventeen. And now it's time for today's assistant director Paul talk you don't. News stories that almost. The game. So we have here we you know ten pounds and you can see this the original. TomTom club genius of love younger version no way foreigners. Okay do you now. You know his own I'm feeling that no this is a red men and sample the song wow. This is well here. Because I didn't have to stuff like this. High fifty myself I hit 49 year old but then you guys must miss out on me and I'm reminded that I am woefully behind the times. Now I have done he's well read man's been around for quite some time but I don't know if odds isn't good old herbs. Inside the big change from back in the day and we actually had a good time last night as we had our. Own thrown. 957 the game. Pollination dig. Yeah we did not get a party thrown for us so we had to come up with our own party were very proud had to throw leave the domination did you tell your third person I know I did. Why are you comfortable that I'm I'm like I'm like they're just I mean now Jimmy Jean Virginians are engineers figured hey Jimmy made a lot of shots here proper attitude of his own Christmas party. A layer of you have heard a third person. I'm sure have done it before but at first is not an ally often herbs in the time is right you never know I. Urged thinks the times never right. Planned way so we would arid Q pandora karaoke last and a few of us from 95 cent in the game I wasn't able to make it I'm sorry thank you for the invite was a good it's all right it's fine and I'm not mad about it too unsound manner at all. But we had a good time and we went to pandora karaoke and and oh and who would you say amongst us was probably the most. Memorable singer. All that's gonna be a tossup between three people okay. And that's general was mills to board jobs more yards west dirty white boy to your wife or his game he does ES wawa. Want my mom. Alex it DA Gil was. Hughes on fire Euro zone far you want you want to rappel like he wanted to use a lot easier and a happy tweeting and he's he went in brag you'd know shoes on Twitter said my vocal chords are sore. I can wrap and then we had the one and only Alexander Scott who is our warriors engineer and and he came up a little like all these needed a little loud Lionel ray C he did and I you're and learn. I'm way anyhow does that mean there's generation that I can't get out of my mind. I mean I was that sex yeah in exactly. So bad for ball was good for ball. Allen went away in a way it was it was great but I will save the best the best moment of the night was very PT Rick tittle. Rich Little. Marvelous announce some childish Gambino. Every leery key new and Enola bonfires to be out at Rich Hill doing childish Gambino tittle busted out some bonfire we have the video of an eye on the weather we played on the Erica is the disarm is two exclusivity. On. I'll mention to Dino Marcelino for doing your arsenal R&B but here's the deal with pandora karaoke fine place bite. Some of the rap songs they have for karaoke they do not have the lyrics accompanying and so Rick. Was able to rappel bonfire that had the lyrics but I mean Dino Marcelino other board operator had nothing but gee thanks but no lyrics are the top of the dome look at that some fresh greens presage and I know I stumbled on for our forgot about Dre yesterday and yes. Redeem myself guess share of the karaoke rendition with. No lyrics and they're probably just took a little liquid Bloomberg can tell always does have those vocal always drives always does Serbs is in press thank you made by the way I know we're about to do the final caboose pistol. Of twenty said yes we are I've already told you that my youngest daughter Natalie I'm picking her up at the exact time that you guys launch into the caboose pistol every day do you ever like forty something like a gallon cell wrestled to my standards I've I've turned it. Time the second and I think this is what the textures get met Brian and senator Claire. Might does your daughter ever ask you why it's called the caboose pencil I hope I'm waiting for but she never yes I think she gets hurt OK mold breaker. You know may before the caboose sees what you will do next week will give the origin of the caboose pistol OK you know what it would thrill Natalie to know and if you could like thrower out. Participation. Bluesy okay. Liked she's probably only per well Logan I got Jay Guy Egyptian pilot when only people that actually enjoy the can be especially early nerves would like that of papers alleged that. So Sierra karaoke there's one man who our next I guess is okay karaoke was our first RC guest actually Omar Vizquel. And I guess you could have time to play this out rendition of oh what a group does this do it I was afraid I think it's a new dolls Broadway is art let's let's listen to with a Mormon. Is Omar Vizquel from back in the day good. You know this is Jackson. Sport. I think major league baseball players did an album for charity. It's a bigger musicians. Are you guys. It's wearing yours turned to die that. For all my friends would you agree yes that's very good for ball by the way on the serious if yes please. What is it that Damon doesn't Steve Kerr is Oates give me some of these another thing or you know mistakes yes Omar Vizquel as the next manager of the San Francisco Giants. Gimme suck. You're you're really pushing for that aren't I am I think he's brilliant baseball mind and the hall of fame first yeah. If GM and thank god the text Glenn agrees would mean there wasn't a single person on the Penske I was still stuck around to excellent. They've tried to say no he's not a hall of Famer trying to get out of here with a Saber metrics he's a hall of Famer where Obama boy Iran motors them. I don't understand why he hasn't gotten so I didn't know he was on dusty staffed since nineteen any. I'll herbs is puzzled by that yeah so Robert Byrd can't stop going third person right now curves this. It's snoop dog. Actually it's a few dollars or euros from sir karaoke but Snoop Dogg is. We sort of Eminem's selling out these days and snoop doesn't sell announced since I didn't think he'd be to murder rap but snoop doggy. Has the show on TV SEC did jokers wild he's a game show host now I haven't seen that the last time I saw him in a sellout TV show he was doing something good Martha Stewart Alia that seal we get a generation that they called doggy fizzle tell visible. That was was that like you MTV reality thing alleyways it was sketch comedy shows town like his own Chappelle's Show a little bit herbs like the idea Martha Stewart high. Okay me too don't. Snoop dog actually has his own net I guess combo meal. I Jack in the Box now and by the way Jack in the Box real quick urged you ever had their egg rolls Jack in the Box. I've not hidden treasure. The ball that got me through after karaoke last night and I'm saying that the tacos at Jack in the Box that's my go to Greece and you nasty and cheap. That was my go to throughout probably the case that they egg rolls of Jack in the Box are so hit and they're not on the menu you gotta ask for them no. And then at any old man. Are there on the menu and select Derrick feel special. Well snoop dog has his combo meal it's called before twenty meal in only cost four dollars and twenty cents and what you get is three chicken strips. Two tacos. Five many euros. French Fries onion rings and a small drink no liberals. No I rolls which I find highly dubious but yeah I useful carry on. Why they're no egg rolls is by what about your building up to that glow that's why you were that's the reason you brought it up no understanding that CIA have those liberals last night I wished he were in this meal so Jack in the Box legit Kirk. There's a 420 mil on Jack in the Box yes on their many its new dogs fortune when he Stoner combo. Powell Jack in the Box there and that's the amaze you telling our they really don't care I mean I'm from those ads back in the day they're giving zero I assure you exactly did the commercials are amazing. There are times where it. They actually like encouraged owner mentality they know the idea yes they do they act bloodshed when there's room play to the room exactly rook but everybody. What is your favorite moment sports Bay Area known for Tony seventeen real quirk. Watching Jason page bowl. He hides himself as a potential professional bowler. Rest in peace Jason Terry he's still you know he's alive okay well he's done that night on the ball. No I don't know no comment when that guy. I might Ares said it was Mars on dancing for Oakland a week to rumors the jets when everything look sunshine lollipops for the raiders season I thought there and do it for Oakland I love Oakland that's. Okay I would say the best moment and the caller said earlier was Kevin Iran when his game winning shot in game three to go 30 can I change your mind. Okay I'm gonna go third person herbs favorite sports moment was when Damon came back from his stroke journal and friends is good for ball very well done. Our guys as you can boost pistol herbs and fun. This on the karaoke last night ridiculous touch home that's always Eric burns walked the music Damon Bruce is that connects. I have. And you know. Yeah.