Greg Papa Show Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 28th

Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban in for Greg Papa - they are joined by Jon Morosi [Fox Sports & MLB Network analyst], Good for Ball / Bad for Ball, and the Caboose Pistol!


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FC live from San Francisco. These are great public shell. On the Bay Area sports station. Nothing like seven. During this week like Billy Hamilton linked to the sentences Johnny. According to JP. And in San Francisco. And Cincinnati. Better and better as time has gone on the offensive front saves. And save nine this year. Also offensively still a guy who's on base percentage is below 301. Thing I'm sure loves them as I was still sixty basis this year. 56575859. The there's this fiction this year but unload the question was who opened my didn't really help her absolutely I think. Where the world would tell me think of the giants hit more home runs they're going to be a better team babies born two months without the home run myself. The sound is courtesy of MLB network as we've heard all the rumors. About Billy Hamilton possibly being traded to San Francisco wal command to be after the like Michael Irvin bond sale might buy some of the game. JP morose he AKA bubble first of all be happy holidays. Happy new year and congratulations are welcoming a new baby girl into the world. They view the vague about their Michael had now they've they've been figured it ought agility and their families tests are urged. But it called third daughter outsold both got a very very exciting look at December. All the girl getting along great and it it matters of course bill. Willing to work drew level at a press stories. There how are but I I think art art all right so far but they've abolished. Everybody. JP I have two daughters myself Tim Hudson his first two children or daughters his theory is if you have all daughters. You're a dog of a man when you're young. You pay back. I I outfitter I want. I I was sure you actually had broad Edgar sort of think about if we have a third I I I love my daughter so much I bet I would say out loud. I'll be ecstatic. I had I think go to I think the good lord critique. He'd grow. So are happening in the attic you Parker and Michael good Karl. Why don't daughters are all old about a third of very happy. Exactly and so I have ever played in my life all the time. I am most proud of by email Greg at every day this girl and so I'm very very glad you're that mitigate. He spoke it into existence JP how about I read or heard about it graduates is fairly good as a baseball loses here a bit. A little slow her last two weeks ever since the Longoria trade to San Francisco. Billy helmets and what are you hearing on that. Is it a done deal where he's gonna come to services go or you're not believe how much different here JP. All they're all about our conversation about food or adult children waited they look at every one of 00 wire bankrupt uncertain are. There's no holding out some degree of hope. And Alderman Judy Martinez. When you say they're at right now what I eat your Judy Markey did. They have a very dark of going out there between the Red Sox and you are JD of course I 17 years. Other Red Sox so far been reluctant to go early for the Dave Ebert it's got want. I've got in Red Sox urged that Kerry got us going now because. I thought I believe our. It's already getting better national like the giant order Diamondbacks won gold at an earmark because of the Richard thought and eventually going to be DHL I think wrecked car are somewhat secure order that I don't go short. Fact awkwardly ethnic problem are not a quiet person if you arrange our. Internal. Parking heard. Our help well I think that's ought to keep our otter I could bottle let that Christian. Surely must have been great order can hold billions that are built quite the believable. JQ what I'm here and around the gaming and not that this is gonna make it so. But whether your NL RAL. And GM's and owners would love to see this trend of seven new ten year contracts get reversed somehow because. It allows one of the few people here in the San Francisco Bay Area that didn't like the idea of the jacket and John Carlos stand for as much as she would improve them dramatically. In the short term that back end of that contract scared the hell out of me and I think the back tandem most 5678. And beyond deals should scare the hell out of most executives if the player we're talking about isn't 2122. Which obviously will never happen. Because he won't be out there on the market. Target point in Arabic one thing that's been senator Jeff asked about this Yahoo! recently are back. Erica. Oh lead off fear may be on the part of some agents that chain dark using high. To their advantage and by that I don't know. Look at the local sports calendar and really by Powell. Baseball player just like everybody else the get together a colleague or family. There aren't always that ball hard that bad players like to lower order going by Christmas that's that they'd longstanding belief that one's. Apps crash occurred that urgency. Wanna know where you're gonna go to tiger friendly chat there in order beard or daughter or spring training look at our place figured out what our RY situated. I think there are certain on Michael Medved. No hole that. Did get a little if you don't have a nobody. Of course we could send hard fired the middle of judge or a little later January. That the longer you go oh. The more anxious the more fidgety players might get and I think that they are understanding that may be that will be. And then at the club fired back go laying a marker on and they have. Overall price tag may come back on their ears and dollar Altman come down equity may be a bit about. So oppressed market just been got tied it. And early it's an error or let the baseball marketed different. The market or hold up they are the market or else. Erica calibrated so I think our players they eat but don't bet right now and keep it may be up there aren't that. About to find out. Just how exactly players are Qatar coronary so it wasn't. But bastard can't by the temperature you're I want all of our adult clubs current triggered it. Have very it has been our problem Mike I think that I. Welcome this play out a real partner with real lives of people out of the government wait. I'm Hiroshi had MLB network fox sports join and his army after Miller Lite sponsored hill Michael Irvin garnered 57 game sporting her managing Bruce front obviously giants are in the market for outfielders who is why we hear all the Billy Hamilton topple we also heard Jay Bruce linked to the giants is well apparently his agent came around said he's really looking at the Houston Astros or the surface is good drives and there seems to be a natural fit. Here in San Francisco where you hurt on the Jay Bruce front jump ball. Shortly until it by then it academically. Has dug it back to June marking as a our guard Joba. There are sure they're not going to be able to get apartment block out that own. By signing Jeanne moos but I equipped general. Exactly good arms at you make a lot of sense also caught they're the type of gun. Expect a substantial amount of money out of Evan Longoria. Opened in terms of sort of the prospect of a about the players ought out of salary commitment. As a big. Chuck actually go forward and I think the view that it market on top well. Evan Longoria. That's pretty expected that the judge well we have our own government of god that have the largest payroll but the dollars. Or eighteen already that's a battle did that about other builders so I think we've always cringe pop group. Called western marketer. That many people write what you. It cost standpoint and a giant. Go to their or the weight of this clarified that sort of built as well. Circled by Appleton. Strategic areas. Bob Evans said to tackle for a backup shirt sat out ordered or else. When he. I would track or senate bill beat back a short covering a bears toward seventy. That's shows up and relevant parts summer a couple of all of it would acquire all of a tactic that all feel good. Our autumn. Go ahead and I've cut back occurred at that are covered baseball all collapse or you look at Auburn played defense quite at that comes back out. Yeah J. D. Drew Bobbi said something similar to me too and at their post season press conference they basically presented a checklist of things. That they felt like they need to address and one of them was defense hormone. Almost half lettuce is among them a morsel led by to get a little bit younger obviously. They'd like to get some more power and while Hamilton. Doesn't really excite me he does check off a few of those boxes anyway it sure would be great if you could steal first base I mean the guy had what 299 on base percentage last year and I believe his career highs are to sixty batting average at 320 something on base so that concerns me but let me give you a hypothetical JP if you are given the choice of adding. Hamilton and Bruce or just JD Martinez take money out of it. Who makes them which which of those two packages. Makes a Jackson better team and tormenting. Question it's a heat out of the picture. What kind of struggled at a mosque in our iron and by. A couple of money. Part of all of Cruz and Hamilton beat Eric I I wild animal medical exam only under. Biking in a power. In marvel I have to really economical part of that lineup which I think that shot yet you'll pretty good. A Major League on overlap or by Britain's. Actually eat the bad back really strong article I don't. That scour our early and order may actually. I just find a bad. What appeared fine brought all counts or you're not about all that well coming back to eight. I don't care what you hit it. Doubt everything Petr help. Our records are a lawyer there and to protect security marketed. And our Alberto. Production I've only Courtney only after Trout chuck call it a vote could. Figure out the cart and apparently irked. You gotta be into shape for the giants move forward who will play center field who'll play right field obviously we're gonna make some moves here who Libby will be Billy Ahmanson. All the DJ Caruso will be JD Martinez that's interesting because what I'm here instead JP. So Judy Portuguese and wants one million dollars or we know Scott Boras is his agent. It seems like. Well we should go to Red Sox were done deal there to leave or the club files but there's a standstill here there are wild card team in the picture because just like John Carlos and until the last minute we can go to yankees are gonna get involved in that lets you know Palin stand zero wild card team out there was gonna go out there try to sign JD Martinez. Mark a play that have been very important I like the cover off I. More than thirty years and I guess above all else that went and got all of quiet could balk. Urge all of them streaky so somewhere that that their first. Lurking somewhere I could hardly speak. I don't think there are Ortiz. In all our our defense. You Red Sox giants and Diamondbacks got to be somebody else and all of their. Whether it's good blue jays potentially I. Thought last part of that overall picture though what really caught the proverbial hump or to read the article about beyond and they did that so. And it came could be out working and are not sure who would do exactly it is by I'd go out our order to vote creaky involved. But it can't go Red Sox that possibility. I bought I call it this production. You'll find are less than two million dollars I could the market the number of camp they're not quite Kurt pushed that level that. Number. You'd think about what it can get there. At eight sort order at eight don't want IRI. I I don't see happen Purdue but I think it. Maybe it's six or seven minute it predatory credit coach mark. That particular album don't watch 6165. Bridge I think that's all it took a great group. I thought I don't think you know I'd go opportunity at cornerstone cute. JP and interesting off season in that in the past a lot of teams address their bullpen last this year the most movement that we saw at the winter meetings. Was guys were 67 and eighth inning guys now. Granted that the judge probably feel pretty good about having lawyers and back healthy they're gonna get Will Smith. And they've got some pieces there but. That market was rich those relievers are not expensive I look at both period baseball teams while you were giants in the days and I think. That's an area where both of them to do you significant upgrades and I fear that they've missed the boat on that talent rich market this off season. There target Portland Oregon are still are those. Reliever Scott Carter bill look at a acquired a better record quarterly why your record he. Who. Ordered ones are attributed. Integrated sought. Public aren't morons sitting around a ten dollar that you were so distraught when somebody your bed and published in the past. I think that people generally work that we're going to be two years ready airs right in the act. Sort of seventy I had an outrage sometimes all of America and where I. All call all black arranged it Egypt much beyond manner I think it's not such a volatile market went. I think Regina. Kurt I'm at a loss but also back out and not all be better than what I've heard I don't understand Al. A credible. Bounced back internally for desired until pretty good about although I I agree one more on that well but we know a lot better but. How equipment so okay so the giants that are. Got a crowd but don't they got a big outlet built a lot of respect a vibrant third pretty. Lot aren't yet up I think they realize the ball. Short of being. But are they accept all of our as an advocate their glibly sure they're unsure of their resources to address. Check out John Palmer Rochelle fox sports Have a great great holiday again congratulations on the baby girl. Three daughters and a household you're gonna have their hands full JP but you know we don't know what was one on your past lives alone. Dog as a young it's official all of. Are all. Better that that crit I don't want our record I don't. Try to read today's game. I. Would they get it but I thought it out on the board could then I struck a rock out all ought to pay up or the. BJP cliches exist because they're rooted in truth my friend. That's why Abby Abby how they'd look all the Uighur that would blow all over the dirt. On our Welker Anastasia have all caught a bad. Absolutely hugging your bubble trouble morals you. It's good as it gets in baseball where mantle baseball I said earlier in the program when I was on the B with the a's for He was just coming up I think it was actually his first year and you know you you see them cycle through all the time you see first year. Baseball writers every scene earlier your receiver problem right and they are all eager are all dressed better than everybody else because other veteran writers realize why the hell my dress nice write this well if she started dressing nice right about the time when riders started getting sunshine on television. And what's happened with the JP with the combination of his work ethic and his knowledge and his present ability and professionalism. Believe he's one of the top dogs and engines are here love JP efforts discovered them on high she believed or not what I grew so few years ago. Like who's got so passionate. Talk so casually ask energetic clubs and I was a fan right away John Paul Moreau she gets worked out Mobi dot com is just breaking news as well stuff per week. Is out Friday gets his hometown team this hometown team Charlotte horn as he's out with us for a right ankle however Steve Kerr said. He may play Saturday against Memphis Grizzlies. Armor cast beef is questionable of course he sprained his ankle yesterday the same right ankle he sprained it last night against Utah Jazz don't therefore it is off after Saturday. We therefore days off time. Not UConn without him this long I shouldn't Saturday I'm gonna manage for six days I said from day one at the moment his injury happened. Only to Russian. Human Tony eighteen they played Dallas Mavericks and then Houston Rockets and that's where you wanna I wanna play execution rocks at them rockets saw similar will be out. Again but we expect at all this many may have played I would were again I wouldn't risk on Saturday just where this goes is this game of time off. He's looking good he's been out their pregame warm ups running around cutting jumping sperm aging and he'll be back before we noble why push and what. Some very natural Bob Meyers told us yesterday right here on this program a few minutes ago and I'm five Sen McCain dot com that's for our great interviews. Our our guys analyzing blood nice plug and why. Because you run the risk of what if he turns it on Saturday you're opening yourself up to. Guys you have four days off I think it's four days off I'm not Pozen are probably shouldn't be talking about this before I verified so we Mike you've got time after that and you just you really do you open yourself up to. Why did you bring him back then when you had time to arrest him and it's not like the sky is falling for a golden ticket orders are roller right now damn good right now. 187 best for him and NBA. Since that loss to Sacramento back on November 27 they won thirteen out of fourteen I won't lost to Denver on a Saturday night. But lawyers have played Friday night just a hornets Saturday this grizzlies three and off until January 3 against the Dallas Mavericks and it'd be a back to back. Dallas sitting Houston at a B TT game against Houston January 4 and you don't wanna bring him back at the front end of a back to back so you essentially you have forty is off you have three full days off no game sit in the Dallas game. Bring him back for that high profile rockets exactly that's going to be TNT is love and that your ratings galore so stuff Kerr will probably be asked he'll be off for sure on Friday nine cats beat play well yesterday he'll be out. I think I don't think they'll potion now what do you do when cemetery gets backed comes back say hypothetically the Houston game. Then I traveled LA to take on the clippers on a Saturday afternoon January 6. We do about Canada or because he's been going harmed. He's been his usage rate is very very high right now. The arrest came before cobol gaze once that gets back or do you want Katie B key goal on the bill that chemistry back with staff curry Klay Thompson I. I don't think you rest him for a couple of games back to back but I think. You talked to the player by now they have an idea how much they can trust Kevin in terms of one more when you're asking god when you ask certain players. Are you good do you need to arrest certain there's a percentage of them will say. Know every single time they'll say no grew among greens probably one of those guys Klay Thompson at that no I don't wanna sit I'm good I'm good I'm good I'm good. There's some other guys to be honest with you. And then there's some guys you know they say I'm good but they're not being honest with you so by now they know what category QB falls into. And that's conform their decision I think they'd love to dial back a little bit. But at the same time. He needs to get used to playing with Steffi again and vice Versa so you want them playing together the hope would be that bringing stuff back makes you. That much better and they can all sit together every fourth quarter going forward. And it's important for Steve Kerr to get his rotations back in order you know he wants a second quarter lineup where. You know we saw this year for the first time where he's resting Cady and staff curry at the same time and bringing them back at the same time now also my second quarter lineup where he she Katie Klay Thompson are joined the dollar shot only recent. David West do you see that combination so Steve Kurt can get his rotations. Back in order was still curry back out of its broad base has been all over the place. We've seen Jordan bells start we see guards and I'll start with you got the call to all bids stirred bill Kamal the bits we scenes are about now implemented. Implemented back to the starting lineup we should on the street clothes so just to get their rotations back in order. Will be good for Steve Mona. Luxury for him to be able that we can experiment when his rotations. Because there really is no falloff no matter what fight he's got on the floor. He's got a damn good squads and pretty good squad by the time the playoffs roll around he's given nodes I wouldn't be surprised if his irritation. Runs like historically deep in the playoffs I mean last year we saw Patrick McCaw. Rookies that nobody really ever really heard of unless you're a draft make going into last year getting kids ready game five the final serious playoff minutes and then clinching game in game 5 of the morning to see Jordan Belgian serious twelve minutes this year that's already been established pass. Believe how we're gonna do a little thing that you do on a week into thirds cup we did. Can losing Kooks yesterday. And went so well and went so well we're gonna do good for a ball. After ball right here we are delighted sacrifice and again. Now back to the red carpet shelves on 957. Big games. Welcome back to the afternoon delight Gerri it's Thursday afternoon. Michael. I am Vontae hill on this wanna throw us out there folks. George Crist out of the bill Roman ousted this Sunday for I know. Broadcasts of raiders' opening drive that blew 42 sports lounge in Walnut Creek. This is on New Year's he could go blue 42 thirsty Thursday that's right without. County and mobile on New Year's he can afford to go on the crew to broadcast starts at 11 AM. Followed by raiders chargers watch party at 125 with. Their top on the wane and that circus boy it is good guitar pop you one of the more economical that is kind of comical plus some surprises throughout the game for more info visit the events page at 957 in game got. Com. The little funny shirts yet got. What do we do yes or kill those are Kooks out am I gonna do little good for ball bad for ball. Time for. Bad. Here is Michael her dad I. And now this started out. When I was just a writer it was a call my road and we've people like this so when I transitioned over the radio we tried didn't work there everything in life can be labeled Vontae. One of two ways. Good for ball or bad for ball and eight to ten times a day for either to myself or to you or to somebody else for instance I'll give your real life example. I used to not sing along to tunes in my car. Because I thought to be embarrassing if somebody saw me right. I've never reached I don't know if it's an eight German charity level to where not only will I do it now all rock the house in my car but when I see somebody else doing it. I'm happy for them that is good for ball that means they are free look you're stuck in traffic too miserable to begin that you have no control over it. Maybe you'll get your groove on that is good for ball bad for ball. Oftentimes my dive for balls come from downstairs. At Starbucks four times now I've been told we're at a coffee. We got a Bruce mark your Starbucks you're at a coffee your dive for balls what about when they're out of breakfast sandwiches and after a ball that's not it's not called breakfast sandwich doesn't called Starbucks and Starbucks is their brand of coffee so that's. Sure it's value I think it's it's a you started out there okay and understand the topics that are giving get thrown out by a lame as she is going to be a host of good for ball back from Fall River that has to be. A plausible argument on either side of the aisle or either good for ball or bad for ball John Whelan. K so I just like to add on your singing in the car situation I find myself and I'm walking on the street title belt out when I miss walking is good for you did. We take our time and is well I do it all the time on the right now. Do it now it is really logically that's on the say number and I wouldn't admit inept and comes out when they move philippoussis should mention Jim Gray just last. Volume was relevant and a solid rappers last supplements are gonna work. All right good for ball to Derek who's comfortable bus in that out better ball but he couldn't close China knows it. The fastest guys. The legend your badge for ballroom. Assets and he's got a new album stress you out on this car wash and current buzz okay so let's start out. The rams will be resting many of their starters including Todd Gurley and Jerry got this Sunday. The rams are resting their starters and not giving the niners are a real fight on send me a good football or basketball. Well since this is kind of a home game for me amyloid you go first sponsor. Powerball but bad for ball. Because the rams are assuming that they're gonna get past the wild card game they take on the flaws Philadelphia Eagles team without the starting quarterback. And resting the other guys and hey we don't care about seeding we're getting a home game more rallied. LA doesn't have a home field advantage they haven't sold out one game all year and I guarantee on New Year's Eve could be a lot of red jerseys there plotted for your fans in LA invading. LA coliseum so I think it's bad for ball. They should be playing our starters for at least a half. I'm way view on when you first slightly different reason I'm with you because. If and when the 49ers. Beat the rams. It's they're not gonna get any credit for it that everybody who wants to hit on Jimmy drop below. This can say well just another example of him winning a game that didn't mean that much you can do bush in the jaguars game. They had already clinched the division so it didn't mean that much now. I mentioned that there needs to be a plausible argument on both sides of people out there might be wondering how can anybody say that's good for ball. I can see rams fan thing that's good for moss I don't want Todd girly getting hurt in the final game of the regular season but for me. Bad for ball. I don't think that we won any other star players to get hurt this season it's already been such an injury thank you Allan it has shown in 11 you want to get into the playoffs. Healthy stuff. Good for all of the on going good for moms connected in argue shirts I don't settle for ball because of ticket prices have dropped under a hundred dollars for the there's positive there and I are fans go to LA until you go on. I am not going to stand up here and bears for yourself it still fits about worker radioed the gum ball a little more expensive to go on your knees. The moving nine. Deion sanders' office use each yesterday good football or basketball. Look Deion Sanders is huge for me he is like Lavar ball Fasano what I intended wow. We'll hardball for me now I've done 180 I used to say in general he's bad for ball now he's good for ball he's a modern day PT Barnum. He's a circus she's a show her I like watching the show. I feel the same way about Deion. I don't care what deal is doing and interest today and he's an interesting guy he may be a jackass sometimes. He maybe you could put on the field he was a killer he's earned that right to be a group. I just I just love everything about primetime. I think the world needs more cats like primetime not alas I'm going good for ball gopher ball even though I'm disappointed doesn't have to Jerry curl or more of the dry when they say. That and have any Jews when he swung his neck but then moved Jerry curl. All the gold chains when he is with the Florida State. People of Florida State on the map there that numbers who jerseys iconic it's an iconic jerseys will be once and to help our young kids a Florida State while mall for that. Deion Sanders is gopher ball come on you guys. Do you think well. Deion Sanders I thought was probably the greatest quarterback of all time but as far as on television I'd say he's bad for ball. A source let's go back coaching exactly does everything is all about not David. Couldn't we got a bigger than it is hey you yeah. Well we get old you know. Will look cool he's all about. I gotta love drives are very gotta love him all right this Sunday after Todd Gurley is huge game. Between out your welcome fantasy owners now leave us alone. Talk Delhi's tweet good for ball bat to ball good for ball herbs because all. These fantasy players are always telling that these players you should look you only had 39 yards on fifteen carries. You may be losing game I can stick in their control that they can dictate their strategy massive screw and a global Tucker we did you guys. Leave me alone now that I got to what you wanted a championship my best friend lost to Todd Gurley in this jedi should put up 55 points. I do votes next week was great I loved it good. Four ball you can call great football great fur ball all right. This is for me one of the rare ones that falls into both categories they've started out for me. As bad for ball because. Todd girly you should be above letting fans get into your dome by tweeting that out you let these fans know they got into your dome you should be above that. Bear go bad for ball good football because some of the fans in response to that tweet. They tweeted back yet Todd girly. They found out what Todd Gurley security organization is doing donated their fantasy football winnings. Todd girly spirited how's that anything respectable but I'm. Unbelievably good for. For ball yeah and that's a very nice I was I had never went into. There and I money and I someday soon join us some days it's good good good. All right moving on. The rockets general manager Daryl Morey has been. And came out and said he's incest with beating the warriors so it's his obsession with the in the lawyers and overtaking that top spot. In the west and good football and basketball. You know guru and I went back and forth with this the last time we're on on the weekends together we always play this game had a good time doing that I'm gonna say look. Guru thinks it's great page. Let's just say what it is everybody knows that Enron's themselves for the worst LeBron James has made it clear he's obsessed with the lawyers for what a couple of years. Yeah that's fine but I still I still go back to that thing is don't let people know win their game fjord domes. I mean the word searches in Durham or is dome. Very in this dome they got their feet on his coffee table they're drinking his beer and they're making now this girl I mean you just said that to the world. He should all we think about are the warriors. You're disrespecting the rest of the league I think that's bad for ball I think it's great for ball and. How Mori is not lying here and I've seen them in the locker room whenever Iraq could get a chance to beat the warriors and they did the last couple years or or call. Wanna double overtime last season one on the first night the season. This year he was pulled this thing because the lawyers the (%expletive) They heard a barometer. That is since he that you need to be to get to where you need to get sued which is the NBA finals and so when the judge Egypt you're not winning the championship without going door to go to sea wars I guess. I agree it's a little respectful to San Antonio to Minnesota to Oklahoma City that you know what they're Maurice he's going for it and he sank I'm obsessed with beating the jets and super obsessed will build a good team I can beat them so that is great for ball der Maurice speak your mind cute at 100 I'll love it what did you think of the way they celebrated the season opening tomorrow and come acted like I want NBA on another co owner was on the floor there tears in his eyes. As he never second straight here. Amman great deal when he kings beat the lawyers and I'll get under instead early grave digger was standing go could score a stable put his arms up. But I think they want NBA finals soul who would Morissette was grateful. Irritable art. Wolf Elizabeth seemed to be running out of time and actually have an enzyme that quickly Mike Gundy Molly good football basketball. All along it's fantastic for. Anybody rocketed to a guy and he's another one of those guys anything he does because he said I'm a man I'm forty is gonna be good for the ball I'm not saying he's necessarily pull it off but if he's comfortable enough to rocket that's confidence that's good for all love it so much swagger when Mike Gundy now believe he's fifty years old. Alain at fifty years old brought to the mullet Muller's all. All good fun animal life or death moment how would you look at did you rush to move before herbs I've tried to get a permanent morphed into a bad bulletin that was back Jack no purpose for me here. We are still there. And for you herbs or had taken its its stations properties itemized property OK bush and where you'll say their company guide Michael Irvin the limit for Greg pop on bond sale critical back political boost fiscal criteria to the life of sacrifice and again. So it's okay. News stories that almost slipped through. The game OK your nerves. Yeah. How are video yeah. Okay. Well I just sitting well. There classic from inside the bigs. What are some of the class who should get to tomorrow responses to denounces you he knowing my. And guess who's back in my garage here all right okay they'll hopefully issues will be issued in DeVon on then yeah I. Eric your knowledge that I should walk up music. What is the Tom Tom Club that. What is always what does that tell you got used you have somebody you love. I believe he's a love yeah used to love it's I don't club yeah party don't read an example my Mac Miller song can't. Damn hole I does come in and due to solar cells are now. While every other area. Home. And then it's. What does show you know you tourism and there is Michael who's known for our incredible baseball knowledge but it Wahlberg. Funky cause. It was tunes it was the tunes back in the day had a personality man and I think shows developed their personnel on the Santana deep and music he assumes all of our usually in this day laughing Greg is taking the day out despite the fact he's still hosting pre imposed for the warriors did tell when she finally cleared and don't station she remembered I. Golden era when we had to go in and out of every break with classic rock. He dragged in oh I mean that's classic hero runner months and it's. A couple of glasses of drugs and planning now we got there herbs. Aides back but Greg was on pre imposed last night Agassi got it right at noon he can do the show today and it. He was joined by the warriors outsiders last night and this led to an awkward moment on the warriors post game show. Already cast he sprained his ankle. And I'm not okay but there's a lot of you know me that's my god please find value is at X rays negative armor is good together I didn't even X rays but it's still worries me we should probably send them a care package to make sure he's okay yeah we might wanna do that also I know pop but doesn't think this is gonna have. Happen but at some point in time is. Dignity against our podcast I'll call her. You ask me that you yeah. I'm getting yeah. He's gonna have Didier get and the we appreciate it out yeah gonna Barry we'll show you that have got to be the one way to get me actually listen to your body can. Oh me on my life as I I like how one guy and they're saying don't watch stories basketball they'll have time good idea granted under the bus is low level and I know. The other side there's a highway thirty minutes and they show latest on all of the new regime is over it's all. That's like me. And after that it was thought that our drew grant just just this lesson for Greg is even do this show at the time. So I didn't think he'd come on your pod cast is little ridiculous thing you know the don't downgrade pop those road you're bringing a Taco Bell plus export indoor gun fight he is gonna have got most of the time. Tell us now live I was pretty good lawyers outsiders I got to back UAW ET Sami Al it's gonna go do lawyers pre imposed a cheap honey just another Jack did little guy. Drew Shiller yeah not only was he a point guard at both USF and Stanford but when he was that Burlingame high school home. She was like are all world and all three people are almost all American I wanna say Clinton yeah he went to school healthy and we're. I ending when I mention that to him on the Ernie cities there would have been five Schwartz is they let me push while Comcast some Americans there while you know as soon valueless and numbers like us. No when I watch the show I and let's not go there by the. Way so key. There's interesting moment where staff and Katie talk about the times before they were teammates when everybody's hanging out in Turkey. Four I guess Olympic related stuff and dare I say Katy tried to talk staff at a marrying are you sure. Do I just realized hey and and Sergey really wanted to first do cancel that out about some close calls go crazy. That's a nice lead though I know I need some good listen and then doesn't make a good thing is that there. Live and out of the Dutch government and we're talking about the way I was just you know I got Americans are got a thousand proposed Momo way. I've told them that there had been sailing his millions I was unfamiliar but. I'm. Yes and Katie pretty much say do your thing I'm gonna go back and have some fun great Tony one suggesting that stiff current set period between when does not get married. Kind of reminds me of local town means he loves to say don't get married in the minors yeah obviously staff wasn't in the minors but the point is don't get married before you blow up that was before staffed fully booked so I understand the sentiment I guess I do as well I mean don't get married in toys got to find the value system. Seth Curry has a lovely wife and I he's a perfect family to lovely daughters he did the right way if I was an NBA or MLB I would do that. The girl was with a high school. I'm rocking with the city and to the wall's fall values they let me show you say that oh yes I want you send. Stefan IE show works they are by committed to their religion and that they are both really good people they had a beautiful family it works some guys in the NBA I wouldn't trust is much. With AEU having a wife at such a young age. My career that I actually to wholeheartedly believe he is a good husband and a good person. Allied merits of the high school sweetheart or pull a Derek Jeter went to dunk well you know I think some people wanna get married young and the punt this could happen to Jimmy garage below he'll get married next year. And then bombed he's heart will be broken. No way Jamie geez she's Smart for that now he's 26 is gonna get through the Bay Area I know you're kidding yourself and read marina area through the area. The marine as Santana role. First Fridays and Oakland Jimmy he's gonna do it all notice often Bunton mentioned Santana row boom. Santana role I've never bet you're also a suspect Frisco a lot of party first goal yet this is a way to say not send I keep hearing all these people. Say they are yes and Hillary everywhere and drives me crazy character not ever call of San Fran Kerr smiles at your local if you Suzanne friends in the area. Establish that you know whose local my segue there always DeSean Jackson used to play account in he's in a little bit of trouble he may not be in trouble but it's cars a little bit of trouble. It was abandoned on Christmas Eve. Found with the bullets in marijuana inside that wall. And to show on only had to say it was yell at the cards in my when my buddies. Everybody at himself and ensure Iran. So Desean Jackson's time the Tampa Bay has been a little bit and not great I would say I say that you know we always like about the raiders being the most disappointing of the season I would say Tampa Bay's up there along with in your giants yup. Doesn't always soon will Shawn Jackson do you think his time in Tampa Bay is coming to an end. I'm going to sign that big contract I know they your jail and they can release and they can deathly release them I mean. This is a tough situation here I don't know how he's how he's been as a teammate Ivan heard him being a cancer necessarily with that Tampa Bay Bucs came to they've been a disappointment and bullet holes than marijuana I mean. May not mixes. All which is what little Chip Kelly traded DeSean Jackson when he was coming up in your city was an gangs and gang so maybe they gang life is followed he decides are good that day isn't that could go to normally used to go to for high school kid when they got busted I'm just holding a first draft and or or Michael not to defuse Michael Urbina Michael earned him yes. I often get confused and I know Marvin my head it's a risky and then yesterday was like oh we're pretty cool ties and urban own. It's important to think about it I'm finishing number Cris Carter what he told the rookies. All bad a fall guy whose are decide Jackson has a fall guy. Mario real quick did you guys Washington zoo UT game yesterday lost a little bit of an l.s welcome back to fortunately you smile he goes that far as well did you see the quarterback. Drew block after he threw a touchdown pass kinda like the horns down I did seem happy to touchdown pass and then my boy Tom Herman when they won the game was all of in his grill those boys on the sideline doing the horns down. Making fun of them so talent Desi the coast ready and in basket from all you open. That prize and reaction when you get in someone's grill be prepared for them to grow your right back real quick last one for to boost this or good football back from ball. Daring Davis. And Laura dinner and wow this'll Sharif for me this was seen each other to get a little lower journeys she is in Jurassic Park. In one engine is also fifteen. To dress the part one mentally there bear davis' 38 and there's a picture I see on the lawyers post game show is still very new news school loans long download Rome new. Walking in the park that is just such an. Hung on holidays come ready we all know that Karen Davis has designs on being a player in Hollywood I mean like not a basketball floor dirt. Tapes she's connected right she is a well renounced her dad's a holly was like a prisoner. Error this hero guy and the birds great movie of the birds yeah spears turns awesome person knows that we're not seeing a movie that bird watching guitar. Names Bruce Dern yeah that's that's not gonna do it not gonna watch anything then neighbors that you want people next story yeah I mean I wanted to Puccini's comedy now. This is our past and I think this is career climbing for better. So look I'm married he's not beating the number one seed in the 2007 NBA playoffs it will return Laura not. Checking Olmert AK 47 existing should share. These gentlemen Laura turn in the bedroom and it's your caboose to install and that's it for its curves. This. Fun I had the best time and thank you so much I'm the only guys who know you can't wait another week. You went by so fast and busy go by so fast thanks very go to C Lister like myself that's Indianapolis who's telling myself I'm big happy years everybody gonna listeners. We're having a fantastic week seventeen had a lot of fun with you gonna do to get it's we eighteenth. Until then herbs and hold on for tomorrow that's it for me David Bruce that's right here and an approximate.