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Wednesday, December 27th

Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban in for Greg Papa - joined by Bob Myers, Killers & Kooks, and the crazy caboose!


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Guessing life from San Francisco he's been great. The Bay Area sports station 95 set. We just like I love pregnant now being taken a moment. In new. That's all they love. It's once they leave town homes. We haven't won and they show. Is there is obviously that's sort of the fun and they're right looks forward to hey I've been out there and let you know. Things quite amazing. Let them I love you like. Lou we miss the most news. Fell Seth Curry Kevin Durant on the jump would Rachel Nichols the show you can watch on ESPN. Welcome back to the afternoon like Michael urban Vontae hill. And we're gonna be joined by president of basketball operations in GM I go to C warriors Bob Myers he's brought to buy two lot of construction company celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. And bobbled just real breaker happy holidays first of all it does all the playoff game. Would step curry be on the court against Cleveland. What are. Proudly and Andre actually. We're real grown oh what if here if the game number three on the rolled in Cleveland Ohio. Personnel pretty it would be included in the current travel can be cleaned and obviously but he's. Elsewhere in the parliament I would not mean much larger cabin had a little bit of a cap thing in the trench around. We didn't quite a they would try it or what. Because the couldn't make it through the final moment. You can't have a lingering injury it's too hard so you try to aid that has been appropriately final edit the good story but in that good stupidly. Question what did you Blair did he wouldn't it wasn't that part of it isn't and it wasn't even close. And 90%. Lillian a waiting game is now can not. I hope not for regular season game or even or even an early well they're probably Kuwaiti have to play. And it's different now we got good players could do so now it's been pretty call. So there's one report says he'll be reevaluated on Friday and we've been seeing them before we came there oracle. Studying kind of take its shot to start in trouble he's out there warming up before games but. Could you return Friday gets his formatting armies could Vegas is home bouncing in Charlotte hornets in front of his father dale curry. Alia Charlotte yet if you let it showed twice. I don't know I think it annoyed when they are I don't think it'll play Friday come. Glimmer back to back. And so that would put them right go back to back situation which you know it probably not good very critical enough. I'll spend a month or go to Cutler being put. I don't encourage that likely patter I don't know that defeat. I know it opened it appeared. And that we're being and may I mean really what some like it. You have to kind of go through it and measured and had an anomaly you have to go through three and three and hope we have a I would I'd image. Getting through it doesn't into the question because they have to feel your ankle responds to what equipment so. You can if you guys showed up and watched single country or I'd like I have you can grade way to go. Well the next morning bagel look swollen that that probably could not so. Could it have been different score I mean when our bid to keep coming so not a good you know you're football player. We get to Sunday and then you can read the lay up good for 68. I'm I need to gain golden boy could I have so drugged quite a different thing. And down and we want to be Smart about it and I think we don't wanna make anybody want from the game we play into early get hurt connect where they're held why would we. It was important that. I will air on the side of caution. Above as you said that the schedule keeps coming match in the games move quickly and while nobody's gonna argue the importance in the hired an intention that the Christmas Day game got. Once it was over you guys get the victory. You're looking to move on but then here comes in BA when their final two minute report and Bob all I ask your she'd seen this earlier because some armed. I don't get what. Who benefits from that final two minute report Cleveland fans certainly don't feel any better for the cavs don't feel any better about hearing that you guys it does nothing for you guys I don't know what purpose. The final two minute report serves other than okay transparency can be a good thing but you're also thrown your officials under the bus I just don't get it am I missing something. That's what yeah I mean a fair point and I think what what. They counterargument to that Michael would be if you wanted to make a reason why I won in Abu Griffin wanted to placate. Yeah I think that I'm I'm not one of them I'm not somebody to wait the more important. If you really want to be here and had been blown out portrait at about two of every other team you're gonna be on the could try to bit. I'm able bad credit and not professional scored and an old going to be low balled it strikes and they owe it to. The target debacle came a guy can bake at clinically if you can bigotry and Roger Cleveland. Different court can open jumpers and filed directly it didn't name in the neighborhood called and could have called bad maybe not. I think Michael why. It began. Would be that it would can be in maybe it is maybe you can cold. How you can stick a little bit like I don't know an incumbent here and not one of them would of course they don't. It doesn't it now compare that should it cycle recognition but can't. Quite sure but I think that was the thought behind it. One to provide that transparent they. For the NBA he showed no picnic and a lot of people thought Michael but I think it would straighten it all but there's some kind of I can parakeet they would slippery and that he'd want certain outcome that could mean. Can focus Coke like I don't put any document that by may be just thought that some of that they're good candidate could look what whale out they're quick. It's not perfect I don't think they're in they could include Google com and what what should you do. I don't really get Smart early good Smart and absolute great it wouldn't and they didn't change rules when they don't like it change the schedule where actual players that about it. So I think this is an upturn equivalent to look at it and actually the perfect solution work. Bob Myers tortured by JBW official some articles state lawyers. And July construction and celebrating over 100 years of teamwork solutions and excellence. Bob Hart district congresswoman around our team now big territory rumors. Say apple. Itself around. Little social development he's stuff. Follow what's your goal of the SF chronicle we all O'Connor Michael moles on her face confirmed. That you guys are open tree JaVale McGee so go ahead bring down the turf wars right here bubbled to the warrior that Africans all greater. Yeah. They're getting hit and I can't do that for you would look like it it doesn't you know Centre being the origin though are paying more than Milwaukee Bucks or anybody who could talk about that publicly I didn't take. We understand iPad app Kook. But I'm not gonna give them to a global equated it it's not like they're concerned about well I opened and the move would understand that did. Judge judge decide what we actually do lord don't do it. And not what we're rumored to do or not do but I completely dead and the media and the job due to intimate question that I can question. Collection name. But maybe if you get me out what would you answer the questions being a sudden. Probably not bomb the no they're. Your absurd if it. It is interesting you know Bob because it seems like JaVale McGee has fallen out of rotation is sensitive Jordan bell the will get bored and played really well Zaza Pachulia is coming back also you guys have a plethora of big men here Kamal low need damion Jones down in the G league. So it's Gmail we keep currently just totally out of the rotation here or surf city here for JaVale McGee and in this system you're gonna stay because of bell was one of the last guys signed with the guys and there were reports that he wasn't necessarily happy about the contract but to his credit he hasn't made a stink about it at all pop. Aren't thinking about it in the pro last year you went through a period where it wasn't quite and I think that program pure woke. Oh good swing your way but one thing I think our players and about these which are Christians well we're gonna look and incurred a bit. Convey very small compared and he's not an illegal goal clear McCord you know you can look at them a good matchup Gloria insight Doug the Pachulia being available quickly went. And things started doing well and didn't play or not I'm nick and all of starting tonight so. I think for Duval. The fact inexperience being in that rotation. Certain here and that in not being encouraged not an agenda guy not a place they would guys. You can be in the rotation could be out of it looked like a good point I think we do have a lot of that when you have Gordon England oh it certain that it. There a logical way in the play in the game again to Marc content that the actually gonna get more minutes. I can't gamble in England you didn't I didn't move within the county vote in the game. Again then an alibi the sport to go the way but like yourself in baseball starting pitchers going I didn't outrage that the new phenomenon. I think when you may third and bald kid. I don't know if we're he became starting lineup but I haven't caught by the name under amid so I think that it may be a couple of days where. You're starting a different guy based on who you're playing I didn't even in the regular people didn't get a crowd period. But my job our job in the province instead build a roster that can play big. I can quite flawed can play fast. Can play half court declared and that pinnacle court. And with our senators would be ideally yeah that they got into a little different. Can't even though did he could Jordan can combat got a no yet they are different player though Jordan the different type of player which a little bit. On the on the criminal and indeed and well known to have much of that by. Again. God does not. Anywhere near the player or similar and very different than a guy like my little. David Weston a little bit like the numbers a little bit got immediately get out there and shut up when got a lot of on the military. But we're happy about it and I'm so far were were when bill weld can go a great job coach Novak. Bob only two men in NBA history have won the MVP and the defensive player of the year award in the same season Michael Jordan. And Hakim Olajuwon interestingly enough NJ did it before the balls tunnel runs while teams came in the other rockets won the championship. JD's defensive prowess is coming to light more and more and more. Eight gotten too right smack dab in the middle of the spotlight against LeBron the job that he did on Christmas Day do you think it's it's possible that he could also like got off this season. Our men and their part and I think it comparable certainly Michael comparable baking glued. And we yeah I think the question in the comparable you know you wouldn't get into what once you wouldn't would bring it up so tell me yeah I mean it's not coming to throw away in no way. I want to look what's really fascinating that you being to go to the people who are here for a guy that. Yeah iPad when that part of it being about alerted now to the fact that you go second shot blog Luke Ford Laporte and Jim. I'd cremated and Lincoln could that requires an effort you nobody laying in blocking shot. And the wind spotter didn't call cold spot and the way he doesn't want to watch a game. He did naming paint. Keep rotating. And dream rotation deep into the rarely. I'm being downplayed. That it's really an evolution of god and and the player in commitment to a coaching staff. One of the best the Coca coaches who have actually and and my ground and I'm a good thing about speaker what I I'm so fortunate and bang you are in our organization that have a coach. It Harden had error because Mitt couldn't go couldn't the military. Head coaching era do what I say and don't ask questions we've all moved unpacked into the generation coming up a player that's not good enough so. We are fortunate to have got to keep her cool having one tribe championships. I hadn't played in big moment for the good good shot there you go career. And able to communicate and coach you guys Kevin Durant decorated among green on down the line. Because he can get them look guys I've been any moment. He doesn't say in an arrogant way you can very humble way all of let's try to hit the trying to make your career that it can be and so it circled back. Seven will be Coast Guard even that he wanted to come to being coached. Who think they're coaching little Cogent got demand then we'll look at the rotation. What you're starters on what was what would happen one handed. Coaches are afraid to comment sort of critical with the stars twelve fortunate for us we've got to go I think that curry and Kendra leg. That little here and we'll happily. Being coached and not a unfold for a religion to watch a player got a good. That won't show a couple of other old and aren't great but watching they're better. I really don't limit our Cogent got into that creek on the lot. Yeah Bob it is fascinating to see Katie excel at both ends of the floor here seems like you guys have unlocked just total skill set here are just one wishing a happy holiday leave you with this some. Please don't trade JaVale McGee Bob because. We wanna see that album come out with and hundreds of Thelma Keane collaboration. And that's going to be number one on the billboard charts bulk. It's quite I don't know album coming out. That's a good point I didn't know about it coming out you know it did in the next month in terms of where where in the summertime. Even the studio about. And I want to title of that album Bob you just dropped an expression that I absolutely love in reference to KG in his defensive ability hunting down plays that's an awesome expression takes you to that. I'm gonna steal and Michael you're not going to hurt us. One more caveat that they're part of his when you know. We also wouldn't CJ be the rock that Cheney anymore courtside the swing plane that's the outlook until. About. I don't diluted don't pollution. And into effect in Canada would go so it would put all of a million plus he's going to be back to buck. My Jesus now I know the real or I don't regret it all back on what do you expect. Are there. Hey Bob Summers from Jordan is a very happy holidays you guys are rolling right now the best record in the NBA we'll see opt out at the arena tonight when the lawyers take on the Utah Jazz happy holidays and happy new year prop. I don't have noted take care today. Bob Myers president of basketball operations. And GM of the goals they lawyers they're breaking down faster Curry's ankle. Development key. Can't hurt they just digging. Never say the wrong thing they always strike the right tone no muscles aren't heard about always. And it's not phony it's not like a fun. When Kurt does it it's not coach speak when Bart doesn't it's not GM speak it's just you're talking to a regular dude who's related ball. Who happens to be the among the best in the world what they do man we're lucky we're here and I knew Bob he's obviously not gonna ask you a question about trade talks right about Milwaukee's Bellman keys or is this your videos you had asked the question and he knows that as well and I'm asking you do you see do don't we keep being on this roster come playoff time because he's been out of the rotation. Jordan Belle looks like he's about to grab that starting spot comes out fighting and -- love Zaza to Jordan bells out he's got rolled out on this team room. Kamal lonely now place he's in a rotation that times' David was is another big. Damion Jones down in the geely cruiser crews lawyers he's still there and I hear that the gap is closing between damion Jones and JaVale McKee here. That's that's what I thought at first when I heard the developed might be on the block and now McConnell eternal has confirmed it again I'm a type of guy and sometimes too so might. To a fault I'm a guy who until you give me a reason not to trust you. I'm gonna trust you so Connor has not swung and missed on anything significant in when you confirm something. What team you're covering your put your neck out there a little bit if you're wrong you look bad to the team you're covering that can infect you dated a performance of the job. So I'm gonna assume that he's right in the they are talking to Milwaukee. If they're talking to Milwaukee knowing what we know about Bob Myers I'm also gonna assume this is a move that would make the warriors better. But I did take immediately damion Jones and he is at a point in his career. Where it's it's a huge developmental phase of his career and if they feel like keep the use. This development will be accelerated by being at the NBA level where it's important whether it's getting significant minutes. Or just getting to be on the court with the best team on the planet. Then knock yourself out like seek them deciding. Yeah that gap has been close enough to the point where Jamie and his development is more valuable than just having JaVale. In reserve right and it does I wonder how would the effect lawyers off the court on the court he'll be fine. There's play without Bellman he's OK are you going to use because once why sale the corpse because it seemed like Kevin Durant. Curry you know last year would you on the gate capturing can't invite you see him on the plane said the nexus Seth Curry who have a direct or wall JaVale McGee has little parking lot chronicles now that you have bought because our YouTube. Nick Young the natural blood chemistry between Nick Young JaVale McGee are very good dollop the kind of bittersweet for acting for some of his teammates the sea and gulf. See the boys jettisoned JaVale McGee out sound there would be good don't you think you could say that about every single member of the wars isn't that what medicine special that's very good point very good point dared to seemed construe the best in the NBA if they never bicker amongst each other me maybe they do behind closed doors but for the most part one don't fifteen. They all get along with each other. Looking in every working environment if you take fifteen to twenty people usually. A couple of clicks will develop and it looked the numbers just stared out in any business units horny workers. You're gonna have some that don't get along you're gonna have an a hole or two or three or four. The lawyers don't seem to have that they don't seem to have clicks when you see photos of the lawyers. Like on the team plane you see all BC thirteen heads an art photo right. It's got a couple people over here couple people there they've they've got something special there and and again yeah it it would suck to lose JaVale because his personality. It's these such a likable guy he does great things in the community but again he could say that about every guy on that roster. You can Michael around Phil and for Greg Papa haren got to the delight I am Bonser hill 957 game it is oil Wednesday brushing by Porsche or Walnut Creek that's 117. Premier Porsche dealer and free multiply into trusted name in the Bay Area since 1922. Or go back to what she said you asked Bob this about NDP and DT LY ten player of the year. There's only been two players who got attained both wars in the same season Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. Kevin correct. Has the ability certainly to do so. I don't think it happened because I think James Harden is playing at a high level right and I did I mean he's gonna cater to James Harden but. Kevin Durant is playing got a MVP level we've seen just about stuff curry their aching wallet ouster of Cory he's averaging nearly thirty points a game nine rebounds two blocks by that five and a half assists. Put the blocks and the defense and intensity that Kevin Durant is bringing to the table with collide later. Basically missing most of the season so far to go there on and off the court jury Mark Green has had a stent or he's been out with a shoulder injury. I can do Kevin Doran is at least the leader in the clubhouse for the DPR wire award urged. Yeah I don't know that anybody is is. Ahead of him certainly I think he's at least even. He's he probably is the leader in the clubhouse right now and there's steps ankle injury were much worse than it actually is if you were out for the year in KG continued to do what he's doing for the lawyers. Then I think you have a real good shot of being that third guy born in the MVP in the DP OY. But when stuff comes back hate to say it but I think they kind of cancel each other out as MVP candidate or. I mean you can't ignore what Harden is doing now although Chris Paul has been a valuable part of that and look the rockets are amazing their their defense has been much much better than I should have PJ Tucker than I gave her credit format I thought when they lost Patrick Beverley. Very little that is offense is elite defensive team was gone well. They're the reason they're who they are is because there is good defensively and call us mesh better with Harden that I thought he would but again. I think Kareem KG being on the same team. I don't know that either one of them however when an MVP you other teammates. Not a bad thing it's a good thing for the lawyers as a whole neither of those guys are about individual awards. But I do think Kevin can win the DP oh why would turn on the team did. How to be an amazing feat there because we think of Kevin Doran as is often too jargon not to act defensively he's been an absolute beast broke Coakley on pins -- all star contest slides here for giddy from a 510 you're forgetting that's Bellman key toilet paper chase Mark Green made to remember that led to bill McKee. Countered that with a blanket would you mark greens they actually do murmured I don't forget and I'll forget that we just didn't bring enough enough enough time here or do so that's stable. On your show are the debris into the afternoon delight here. Killer is L I X will make its debut right here audio to the lettuce herbs are they notify somebody doesn't. Now back to the red polished show on 9573. Games. Our plan boning up a bomb because a lot of people. Mistakenly call me Bonino yeah that's facing large and I knew it them pop the idea of like a. Poll and the T today but doesn't that come from didn't comedy clever something humorous style and think near big time did you preserve Shih Tzu. I thought picture posted on Twitter everything. Guess I was my great producer Jerry you are. I know we can add outs in the Twitter world. May I Shimon Greg broke quickly. So. Yeah we went to bodies are working cobb's comedy club back in the game he was against seeds for the GB smooth shell. He was talking a big game about how he was gonna wind mean dine me in taking out for a nice time casinos. The people at cops. It was good and I show we we knew we got it for free freezing all cops yeah we get in there than on. Little nameplate was was since his been needed. I know that the he does little for reminders stay humble PSA a little down. Be humble useless because of its young muscles thank you can try to carry so so cook put his tales of dugout they're fired errors I see bonds a with a B. I CO Vontae I see Don today a few months today. I guess IRV curve I get here B. For herb. I've actually had people that one guy called in and said. This is what's wrong and your station. You've got a former NFL wide receiver hosting a baseball show from thought I was Michael Irvin and the cowboys go home on break right. Oh yeah and did you wrong wrong. The father Michael Herbert with the greatest quote ever lose out there at Lambeau Field goals cold man we was cold. We went out there COLT we was cold. Our levees are holding this up though Michael. 957 McCain and this is the staple. And I didn't I didn't anticipating being part of this segment for a long long term. Herbs killers are cook's. Leadership though Gilbert Goodyear. Well. We do have I believe a pre produced intro and Dirk Papa I believe there's two versions out there. But deep pockets said he preferred the old school one so. Play whichever one you would like and then we'll get right. Nice okay. Nice yeah in fact that it listeners it's nice all right listen to do is quite a way to get out. Haven't dove deep enough into. Yeah I'm mixed up didn't. Look I got a Spotify in the old school playlist hard and it's all like 1995. And perform could be a fast sorry. Jose Cruz killer's self explanatory if people outdated just killing it you get on the killer's list. Big smoke for the most part performance space cooks is not performance based. Coaches is surfing term if you go to a break and there's a lineup of locals who live in the area there's a pecking order. If you're not from the area and you don't. Pay heed to that pecking order and you see a drop in on someone's waving that person is a regular. Get called a Kook like six weeks or if you show up in a neon. Banana hammock or something I know you're surfing half naked your Kooks so it's another term Kooks are not performance based typically. Pitch for jackass is you'll earn a master's jackass three but if your on the killers include two episode we've got a list of bold. In the pre show meeting we all chipped in this and of course the killers list has to start. They can practically endless series but it's got to start. When Jimmy Jean is Fiji is always always always going to be on the killers plus Jimmy G Goosen garrote Jimmy GQ or is he said there. The Disney princess yes I would never call them that he wears like ripped jeans illegals wires on hello I'm telling you look at a mug shot Jimmy G. And look at Eric from The Little Mermaid but it's the same person it's like the artist took Jimmy G and drew a cartoon version Evan. But I mean c'mon you're a killer for what he did against arsenal we didn't expected to get to number one defense serves he lit. Dumped up all day long and the reason and we keep giving tone for non performance thing too because when Carlos Hyde. Says that we could be a Super Bowl team next here dealing Jimmy G news slow year old girl Harlow breaks you're dead. I'm I have to talk to him about it and I like that because look yeah we're probably going overboard on Jimmy gee that's what we do here five. I thought that was a sign of leadership look Carlos I've been around longer than Jimmy gee he may be gone next year but Jimmy gee isn't comfortable. Saying I'm gonna talk to this guy who's been here longer than marriage that's what you want the quarterback franchise quarterback and leader staying with a forty niners. Mark he's good when man how can he not be unrealistic killers. You look at what's gone on in his personal and fun to break I'll walked in those shoes in terms of losing his child at birth I've been handed the birth certificate signing. Give him the death certificate ten seconds later in signing. He went out on a football field and performed at a high level I thought I couldn't tie my shoes for three weeks many loses his father. A few weeks after that. I mean just to be doing his job because it's his responsibility everyone would have forgiven him for taken. A week a month take all the time you need marquee but not only easy out there. But he's changed our perception of a race to see him as just to go route guy trying to speed guys that even if he runs by guys. It's 5050 whether or nobody catches the ball never see him run the underneath routes duct tape can hit I mean he is now part of the solution going forward. When before income again give Jamie she's from credit. Before he was seen as one trick pony now he's seen as a viable part of the future our song comes back. The new and improved marquis is good worried you might be working with something there working with some think about this more keys go 154 catches. For 934. Yards Ortiz go win. Has a chance to be a thousand are receiver. Nobody would have done that around here now nobody no way he's done mourners Simon Jimmy G and he did it ever before his career combined. You want paerson Smith on the list of kilowatt players and Smith will be getting Green Bay first small hole scroll ball. The voting system a need to revamp its popularity contest doses meant storm Cindy from Minnesota Vikings on the very treacherous defense their Super Bowl contender. He gets now for the Pro Bowl so what did you do at Lambeau Field. We goes out there has eight tackles six solo that tackle for loss and two interceptions I know we can spread only I know Aaron Rodgers on the sideline with a big. Park on trying to stay warm at Lambeau Field but they're true Smith is an absolute kilo weight gain he had Saturday night because back. CLU not a Pro Bowl snub unless you go out and fallout after you've been snubbed and he did exactly that. John McDonald is on the list of killers we were told that the defense was part of the problem. For the raiders and it absolutely was it still the fact that I'm I'm looking him up him on the list just. It's we all worked up again as to why they brought back Ken Norton junior knows a life of me I know him and figure it out especially when your head coach is supposed to be if anything. He's a defensive guru non offensive guy. How they let that happen and look it had to be a strange dynamic with a going to be in there looking over our solution or junior shoulder. But the defense is played better. Just kind of been in charge who's got to be really shut down the halls of Philadelphia controlled the line is from insert a Monday night because she deserves some tunnels on wonders what this defense and this might be bittersweet for you but just in case JaVale McGee does get dealt. Before we get to do this together again let's put your bail on the list of killers and ask you Vontae. When he leaves what will be on this JaVale memories. I'm gonna say given out turkeys got to see firsthand. Well Saturday I sold out and he's good enough Turkish and homeless T shirts is wide from a save that one right there that's my fondest memory also with. A host of the softball game for us calls joke lighten. But that helps. Kids and Africa get water right on the softball game at the coliseum great turn out JaVale McGee is done a lot for his community so those will be much who fondest memories but developed yet another example of the lawyers basically strike striking right now and every front in the community. On the court with the media and they just they can do no wrong they're Damir. Perfect all right gender obviously Eric Joseph. I was to kill Todd Gurley too thin catches a 158 yards against the titans police who cares a 118 yards these legit. MVP candidate in the NFL we're gonna get to Brady for Todd no cursing when is hurt I think he would have been a candidate but he's gone so yeah I think arteries fallen all right let's move over to the crucial they'll let you take over on this one too. Because you're the man speaking with the I prefer in the Jacksonville formally known as Jacksonville not so much got the niners Nomo no jaguars. No love jailer Ramsey all pro cornerback Kevin Smith stuff linebacker out of Florida State. Miles Jack got a UCLA. Talked all of mass and hey what is your thoughts on Jimmy problem there were annoyed about Jimmy to ruffle any kept emphasizing the word system. He's very good for their system. Is very good for their scheme obviously nothing we never seen before and that's just. That is so bad for Obama to steal a bid from another one of my result. Yes thank you that's all the needs to be said that's just sour grapes that's you've got beat up and you don't know how to handle how to handle it so you're basically. Name calling like your little kid. On the schoolyard February Cooper and we hear this all the time in pro sports act like you've been there before where you have success act like you senator. Before unfortunately. Todd downing has been their before winning time Vontae. Gifting we. That's the sideline looked taken away by just how bad that doubles. Back look she gets a pass for Denver game. Because over fourth game of the season the raiders individual they need anything to get excited about talking I'm standing young profits quarter getting psyched up about joining Holden. Heard loud and he's given up a domicile IDC Josh McDaniels get a domicile BC culture and skidded down silent type. Downey without their starting argues common McGregor I could not believe it it was comical feels embarrassing you are cool. Kook. Very well and I don't even think we needed just keeping to put him on the list of countries based on what the raiders. Offense has done one last one that we've got a couple we always have a card left over. But we've got to go to the NBA. For putting out. The ridiculous two minute report nobody benefits from this when you're faced with a 5050 question in life. Ask yourself who benefits. If you kick up up up come up with the answer don't do it nobody benefits from the gym minute reports have fans feel even worse. Warriors fans say what about 2000 miss some stiff courage or on K deep all you're doing is throwing your officials under the bus. Air go you aren't Kooks that thought Coke sold. We'll have Kooks below that. I was told good thank won't let you know don't we may have to slip through you to firmly on the afternoon delight your your northern lottery too I hear it. Good thank you Romo we move off the killers are Kooks. For the couple's fifth don't know. Proximity game. And now it's time for today's testimony was correct total income. 07 again. There's so. News stories and almost. The game. He always knew. When the sun came on. I love G hopper is making me feel at home you guys been so gracious. In the press time it was humble beginnings for me in doing back in the game and even inside the building to search for a better return the favor I pick up my youngest daughter from school every day. It to 41 and shortly after she gets in the car. And we're listening to blues songs he's grown to enjoy it so much. She not only worried sick and says when it's particularly good but if I pull up and I'm playing music. She'll say dad is they can boost Mosul about to come on. Ten year old girls keep that in mind you've got a thirteen year old girl while the regular listener don't let it stop you from working blue but okay how that okay. Now do you regale her with details of the better days of the caboose passable for free to air problem. No I don't okay not at all because it didn't exist in her mind so why. It's always remember about other got to be a there's this everything good that that the DP of a caboose pistol before Papa days which are good times poll or just a batting practice and now the real show. Who lives. Yes. So Barton before we did to boost this Leon in a bad mood O Randall mentioned that everybody their grand game against the niners yes their bench seeing. Jerk off our Todd Gurley carriage Donald. Now for a second here herbs. A dig at the rams are trying to align themselves up of pace to Philadelphia Eagles in the sec around because it Eagles won that falls look very very beatable and I just had a game at Delhi Rouse him where they're razor written nearly knocked off the Eagles. But then again Eagles move against the cowboys in Minnesota wins Minnesota look at the number one. I can present doesn't work that. I heard you always wanna win you want the third seeded so emotionally down only Jenny she would again good I guess I guess Mary C does I don't like I magistrates ever had a batter Ramon another promo on Monday after the gaining 15 and road I don't know the ramseys and no big name exactly I thought that she. It's it's pretty weak because what are the whereas maybe and it's you judge Egypt and say Carolina at the as a five C or Atlanta or Seattle to succeed there and play way way. We let slip. Let me get this straight does another team's playoff fate. Is it can be determined by what happens with the rams is yes yes yes slow the lawyers and exceeding its so easy. The cinema necklace tier I when you do pop but I'm annoyed you because. As much as I don't like the pace also sanctimonious and traditions everything at least they do patient in our attention to the integrity of the competition. It's the candidate at the end of the season if there's a series against the team. Playoff hopes. Or or even all not cheating necessarily wild card verses. Division winners it's all maligned. The other manager won't sit people don't play it like it's an important series for his team to win the the rams are doing that again. I've football coach your choice in what order flow Todd Gurley what it does cost him the MVP because points that is the only good point that we are. So back to seven years ago when the bears and Packers are playing the last game of the season and in order for the the Packers even when that's Super Bowl they need to win that last game. They are week seventeen game against Chicago Bears the bears everything locked up they won the division and still. They played all their starters because they want to be the Green Bay Packers a division opponent on the last game of the season so that would make the playoffs insured up Packers won they went in when a Soldier Field and beat. The Chicago Bears and the great Packers won the super ball. Absolutely so Sean McVeigh is gonna lay down engine AG's knowing his his fifth win it will go all crazy on Monday morning the next game though you know we will or two yeah. Unless it's. I doubt figure out why debug everywhere you don't know why did I don't know why he's worked up now to make even more send us your thoughts are embittered. We're we're urging you to school northeastern Illinois and eastern Illinois northern Illinois played at duke yesterday and Vontae this tickle your fancy yesterday and what sport. In bowl game that I hope awful parent and the Motor City Bowl or somewhere else. Crap bull crap going after and there was an interesting moment there was a fourth and eighteen and that's when he just pull out all the steps sure. These. One other team leaders to. And this good team very dangerous for anti U. I wasn't even close it was a fourth and 18 on their own morning. The point it was like it is n.'s own. Throwing any meaning to it it did even come close the receiver Kurds as happened in the first quarter of the game would northern Illinois down oh I've got another thing desperation you know I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't say this side is pull up this job spread. Whoever is terrified of the coach is Dave your dislike you know that is that's that's a coach you know she's not coming back next year and he's like Michigan in my playbook forever I got a call really. Rod Carrey is a cult whose name Barack Carrie not locker room rod care all hall of Famer rod career you know he's not that guy Jim Carrey not Jim Carrey either this title before they can you think what an important upon. Will hook territory it. Inside this one yard run the one I was good at the goal line here throws it out of bounds to receiver was covered but not one but two defenders. This rules we can make later tried to fake punt which I mean I think Phil goes well that got nowhere is an incompletion their assault Ted has got to go for its own guards all the he's a trickery to our whole country so I miss yesterday Shelvin really good job yesterday Barnes and all I appreciate that back means a lot to do a great job odd percent better and I. Heard Elaine had to fill in yesterday for caboose pistol as she did she talk about the details of Alonso ball on full their house. And first of all former house on the we need it anymore and I thought the full the original full house was just meant in uneven I good kind of corny T another. We knew Bob shaggy it is. In her room. I'm not buying tennis Canada anymore but he's not. Not only is he on it or is it just I don't know I don't know why chances on it I Johnston emotions honesty all right Olsen Twins are not on it but everybody else DJ's Stephanie wired crush on the young age they are still on there. Okay well we don't want to wait till my dad came back has apparently lawns no balls appearance was very fear related O'Meara finished. Let's just listen to the idea OK so there's a. Oh who knows what eight years. He felt the Bay Area production association. My girl can. Well tomorrow. Well you okay. Saw the look at the seminar here you know today you've been ones are strong here James learns are things we thought is right here. So we all us. For a noble com. She'll. So pretty tough Clinton. All right. Really weird I know that's really weird I just plummeted in my mouth he can I would definitely not be running home watch for how slow it's uglier Alonso shot or is acting ability or his feast that last track. Yes I'm not a fan of any show and like. I tolerate signed filled with a laugh track but any show that has a laugh track I mean none of those plus I found funny and I know that's the way that sitcoms are made back in the day in the old seven is but I. Do you think topple like Basel balls feet Crowley that is. And probably you probably sends. I'm Chris as that was you know it's bad acting when it's when your only getting the audio because usually it's a whole package been right the visual makes it bad acting tube that was so bad just. Just the audio area you know else's bad Eli apple we should have put him in the bill so we did that my. Earliest we never get to the hole is I was. Apple has been such a bad apple in the Big Apple. Like that's what drew that I little and a Twitter yeah you I'm Manning reference in that two were no accident they're somehow put a little Collins. Went on a New York radio show yesterday and said that Eli apple is a cancer in the locker room. And not us. What happened that day was the giants released a statement saying that they're suspending Eli apple for the rest of the season due to many. His obvious problems including which I find the solaris where he told reporters sorry can't talk today that's a good dude I got Dick a Dick sukur got covered truth. Do you remember who also happens also called the cancer on the team and also I guess his mom was exposed for. Cheating on who are you by apple stepped down with the best man at the wedding while so allow only seems a small mobile. Bad apples and low by apple. These days like a fine line Eli Apple's mom but he's a mama's boy and so we basically just has no regard for anything he refused to go on the field and take part in practice as a scout team member here refuse to stay at the stadium on game day when he knew he wasn't gonna be able to address that he knew when he was basically going to be an act of Eli Apple's been a terrible apple. And we're. Online gadget distill that Al's very very corny com you can yes well Eli without an IA and he's clearly an I guy and all but he's a Seattle home. Oh no one's on. And loyal donors and well done there's a lot of boost this along narrow right now. That might come out and drummer Eli apple the third surgery and rents game where he just refused to tackle or is that Robert Woods and Eagles -- yet or sixty you have such you know when drew drove Craig crazy here it is so that was a bad ones yeah I think we should probably had a caboose Kessel. All right we're getting more according largely due to Eagles know we have a lot more to boost does that get to I think we'll see some after tomorrow's. We do good football ban for Baltimore which is from the trend to hold Serbs are nursing Obama out of our goal all. Tomorrow we'll just have me ask me a lot of good and well. Man yeah you feel listeners you go ahead I'm predictability. Bounce our. Bigelow is milk may and in this team needs. How do you like this song but I do not like there's no shows terrible disease so now. Our guys if you lose this whole Damon Bruce is back today he's back he's got ill he's healthy he's ready to go. This could it what do you want this room where new movie you saw there. You're alone all blue or long live until you know your small mind no no no we're losing. About ten months and didn't do.