Greg Papa Show - Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Ian Eagle (NFL Announcer for CBS) and Dave Kaval (Oakland Athletics President). This hour covers a recap of NFL Week 1 and a preview of Week 2. We touch on the A’s stadium site and as always, we end with the “Caboose Pistol.”


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This is 95 point seven a game broadcasting live from downtown San Francisco in crystal clear FM. Now back to Greg Papa and Vontae hill on 95 point seven in the game. My. There's not a grounds. But say if I was due give you five guesses. Outside arriving Anderson answered I any ill now that college devious to New York feature article the other raiders in New York Jets for the big CBS along with the great thing thoughts. Comedy New York jet wide receivers could name. Now look at the depth chart for I'll leave. Rodney Anderson that your Rico because he does cuts early it made me yours it's our job outside of Austin. A dog Maynor. Hit. A big if they absolutely shouts you altitude is that there. Nine ego Liz let's bring united go to the college game on TV is TV. For the New York just amazing they're such. In New York City team and you look at the personality that's a great personnel on and the defense decide but the offensive side. I'm looking at that depth chart and I you know I guess I know Rabin understood in the guys who the hell are these getting settled in the column that the. I think Wesley walker was nowhere aimlessly walk yeah yeah again in yet and in the air Calgary. Yeah pot you want nailed it on the when you start working on your chart to get ready for these games. There's a certain expectation level you've been around the league for a long time that. Some of these names or maybe there's some rookies some undrafted free agents but normally in the pretty good handle. On personnel currently. Did that help when the jets do not. Right now at the bottom of the barrel critical player for player. On 53 man rosters and they they made at the worst roster in the NFL Indianapolis might be there with. And look at usher Erik Dekker of seeing him on line and I too deep here and I'm looking for nickname golden Darrelle Revis and governor prior David Ayers and Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson. I can go on an so in any other sport you're so great at basketball we know we know that four letter word exists tank. In the NFL I don't know high you do it because you know guys get hurt anyone what do you do there. But all I'm reading about the New York papers as sand Arnold nobody's talking about chats without. So just where where that yet said philosophically. With their football team and they're slashing their payroll. And you don't just exchanged lapping off you know six to eight really good football players. Yeah it's completely hit the reset button and you're right it doesn't often happen in the NFL because switch places. Guys are not playing for three years they're playing for two days no guarantees in the NFL can't help player about a way. We're thinking about it. Next year's trap so take it easy today at work that way there's there's a Mac truck coming at 200 miles per hour you can't wait winner on the field. And for the majority of the guys on this roster. They're not worried about 201820192020. They're worried about two days. Making sure they're lightly with his intact that's why usually taking as a war on. When you have a roster that just can't compete quarterback. Position Josh account Greek guy and you know great wonderful. Now with a vehicle and you want to be a coach will be coaching my coach in the NFL. One day he's thirty years old he had not won a lot of gains is starting quarterback in the NFL he got very lethal. Received an action because they're trying to see heavier and Burke stepped forward neither did enough to win the starting job. And they're asking Josh McCown to direct it's out with guys that just got to the team you mentioned. Of the likes of curly. And colors and we hold high he's got on the roster and receipt may log is you're pleased. In the crease he's got picked up all the weavers it's a tall order right now for the game. Yeah we love Josh exactly big Cheshire has shown a short show tomorrow after a's baseball in Boston a beautiful shot from Alameda. Friday from all of the raiders and it would Cheshire authority of their fly into Friday so. I'll try to work it up but Josh is a great guy idealism town will be in town to a caller with a great and thoughts on CBS TV. And he knows the jets so well from work and their pre season games the last several years and he joins us setting up and let it pop and bunting and had a five point seven a game. We don't we don't Josh we know he's he's a veteran guys are very capable player the other two guys check in Bergen Teddy. I don't know as well at. But do you think either guy. Is good enough to start in win in the NFL line. No I don't and I've seen a lot of them petty is competitors likable he's now in the meetings you could see one maybe Preston. Pre draft conversations. They used a fourth round pick on them. I think it was a flyer of mine a backup quarterback and I think he can be. Showed that in species and he can roll on the opt and sufficiently. I don't think he can ever be an equity store in the NFL. Achtenberg there's no ought to go on inactive people sixteen teams left he's called Richard year. Pre season this year they spoon fed and first game against Tennessee look it was dink and dunk it was all it was to the flat. They were just testing it out the beginning of the West Coast and being so they hand in the key to the car for the second preceding game in Detroit. He can't move the team in fact they're moving in the wrong direction sacks fumbles. Third game against the giants seem yielding want him to do well they're giving him chances. We just can't do it he's not accelerated. To do it at this stage. I wanna say that he can't play quarterback in here felt meaty meaty can hang around. A long career the rumble which scene right now. Now they're gonna take a quarterback in the 2000 each entry there's no out of my sand Arnold that it's Josh Rosen and it could slow march action accidents and Josh Allen one of those names is gonna pop up and the names could be on their court on draft to read it. Eyeing the shirt quiche on Johnson Laveranues Coles wing chrome and Vinny Testaverde champion Terry sugar about walker drugstores and placed on them if that the fact that. It was that or guys you played a highlight leading into the conversation that was their only pre season. That was it is certainly it is certain we. Win every week I watched every snap a tie their lot over the that was like your first series of the year consistency. And. It wasn't elected twenty Greg you've been around so long that we understand oh work it should. With no note and a pretty long I know that now. Lot off. The oh. You get a quarterback like their record in the sector and you get an impact player of the aspirin be and it's in Khalil Mac. The next year and now you start to put the pieces around them. Mari Cooper on the critical through the litany of moves and Reggie McKenzie has made but at the blueprint now. Initially it jets are going to try to follow that blueprint. The difference is that the readers found the guy in the second round if they didn't have to be knocked over their head. To take them they believed in him he led in a row. Through the pain ten losses to start the career that still believe and when you meet them. You'd seen the price since you've seen the Robert are you can seem like someone in the organization in and and you know. That's the guy trust me don't worry about that result. That's the guy. Egypt at the following that that's hard which really to ultimately there's a reason life. I hadn't been a consistent winner but it has the story that does not think deep down organizationally. They note that. I'll start bowls but right now I have I mean you talk about Luke McCown there just what counts is the being in a situation where there or do you look for the franchise quarterback even though these. Only where only one game in its way seventeen any troubles. Couple years ago seemed to have this franchise on the open up and now seems like he's gonna be actually won't be able to concede this to for a actually if they do at the top five traffic. You know guys I don't know the exact dynamic I've tried to to get the bottom of it might be in tight lipped and rightfully so maybe they'll know. I don't know if you're tied to that hit attack in the GM old head coach holt was actually higher floor tactic which normally doesn't happen in the cell. A couple of days literally these four hours between the two hires. I'm not sure if this news. The mentality that organization has passed down from the top let's reset it to reshuffle in the tech is just following through. Warrick he convince them that's what had to do and that ice him a couple of years in order Reggie McKenzie. People were getting a little antsy after years three and start producing some results here for five. Here we are in your sick and everybody thinks he's done a great job so again it. I understand. I just don't know where bowl opportunities on four or if she's it's going to be axed because. The record is what it says it is you can avoid that goes on your personal record and he they could be a wonder to win team and smoke clears us here. You know the voice he's been broadcasting for years and years and years decades. Longer than. A legal it's. From CBS TV audience out this weekend to work with a great pains out and the raiders and jets you know as the jets was insane. Covering of the pre season I watched her do what your broadcast decreasing in there for Sunday. There was one note he had against Josh account I guess I knew it when he measure later years ago but all these years later it's still true did you say. And he's been in the NFL what fifteen years object to the or two draft ten different teams he says that different offensive coordinator ever. Is that incredible that actually use the kind of situations. In and night when I stumbled on that note. I had a double check their historical from the years two years the yes every single year that it's hard to do. And it's not that he was on a different team every year. Thanks in yours together a team. Still which as coordinators so he knew what he zoning of forego a six million dollars guaranteed another clause in the contract. That gives him another 125000. Dollars for every story may. When it's all said and done he's not going to be the starter Chris sixteen games which is not a and they have to see it petty or Ebert can handle the bright lights. But he's gonna make a nice living and yet another chance to start no other teams in the given that opportunity. I hear back in sunny California this weekend's election years your broadcast last week and you and integrate chat the culture just in disarray but wanna ask you about the ranch obviously the united your face then coming up a a week from tomorrow on the short week after the go to Seattle. And your thoughts improvement we saw the pre season game in Oakland just amazingly better. Sandy lot and is there intact early running hard. Hard. What I mean the rams and the culture disarray as we said. At the rams going to be that much better based on what you what you saw you also ahead of an appreciation in the fight for LA and they played the chargers. It looked like that one's ugly. Out there this event that at all. Yet much better supporting cast that they've put off in the position to succeed when your aunts or anyone in and you add Robert Wood she's wrapped Cooper cup. You draft Cheryl Everett. What you improved the opt into line with Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan. And yeah hire an op and to coach trumpet playing Bristol this is your job meet him into a player let's find out that he can play. And I think they have a nice thing going hired other. People on that coaching staff can work with Jaret now when Lauren apples and got in through a war with young quarterbacks. Or better there's no doubt about it it might be a little bit of fools gold because Indianapolis. It is really in shambles right now even with what I'm not sure the colts beat jury it. But the rams are better and that was clearly a better human and as we said earlier when you start putting these charts together. And start writing down the names of players in background I knew just from that process that the team would improve based at. Credible players on their roster in the last year it was a real struggle for the and they put out the opposition lost seven straight games. It was it'll add up into the line no running game. And a lame duck head coach it's a different. Why there no doubt we met with them I think it's very positive and they feel as if they got at least the makings of something now. Similar to what the raiders fell a couple of years ago when things start to turn unlike me he's way. If you guys. Would would get a kick Adam if you need them he's got all sorts of energy he's rude and ask. In the way he goes about his business and it's resonating with the players. Can't imagine the weapons and obviously a signing Robert towards the former bill making the trade. To get that other former bill Sammy Watkins but we're Cooper cup this repeatedly sought in the pre season ago that he is that Atlantis and your broadcast on the bus ride the air and airport waiting the F fly out of Nashville. And did did did file say that that Cooper cup is gonna catch 99. Deep passes this year I'm reclamation night. 99 Indy you did not stutter did not Paula she didn't give me like Korean afterwards like hey let's socio people react to that he believes it. He is so high on this young guys and I was blown away to you talk to the coaches you talk golf. They say he is not a rookie he doesn't act like a rookie he doesn't think like a rookie. And young player like a rookie that that's something like Italian from watching that game the other day practice as well. He does something about it carries himself with different weight he believes. That. He's going to be an impact player and those numbers that he put up in college we thought were inflated based on the competition. This guy he doesn't hear anybody's going up against you might label to what parents but not ninetieth it's gonna be pretty close going to be in the vicinity. Icahn agreed to post poster on the back end up for a touchdown and like five minutes after the outset that he dropped the ball so I thought maybe in the ninth. You market should definitely I'd eagle. That's you audience isn't out for raiders jets on Sunday he was in LA. Last week for the rant demolition the colts just one thought on Andrew Luck from the talk to the cult people you have any sense of Wayne. Andrew Luck is gonna come back. You know complete mystery and I'm not sure they know trip on I was in a very difficult position to new GM. They didn't fire and these because he had years left on his contract that bank if it came down at that. And Irsay didn't want him like he could get fired during the season he's though. Wonderful guy and then on the plate form respects them. I just don't think he's in a position to two win games and succeed and they're trying to reshuffled the deck. They don't have a strong supporting cast for a lot of shoulders surgeries stole. A little bit. Fuzzy as to what the process is going to be. Talking to some people it seemed like they were under the impression. That by August 1 he would start rolling it didn't happen. He hasn't practiced. At all. I don't know peace even soft tossing those warnings out for week two bit acknowledged there. And they didn't want them on the populate the start because that would have meant six weeks and I'm not true they wanted to chew come out publicly. And admit that it was going to be six weeks it may be close to that number. By the time they they figured this thing out I just didn't get a good feeling from talking to people that we did that outlook is coming back and talk and sent. It's a sad situation over there Ryan in it in Indianapolis and I think about a player who has are going to be here for so long Frank Gore. I'm sure he doesn't want it in his career like this mean he's you know he's going to be in the top five when the salsa and done in. An all time rushing yards I mean did you meet with them last week blows his vibe like on the team that looks like it may not win 2232 or three games aren't. Now we're reading meet with frank I was pretty blown away wherein I was doing the wrapped. We are key years and where he's eventually going to be because Franklin come to mind when you start thinking about top five rusher all time. But you're right. He's going to be better. He's climbing the list like he's not a scene there is not available on the ball. Certainly it's couple things in there and I think they might just magical percent at this point even though it was just picked up. I told seeing it was just not ready for prime time and it's interesting in the NFL that position in particular. The raiders went through so many quarterbacks through the years the backup. Quarterback position in the NFL often times. You are in better. Shape. Per your career if you don't have to play. If you don't have to expose. What your ability truly is to the rest at least got told CNET Angela was helping. I didn't miss a snap pictures apple being in the back all year Hollywood in the act up again next year or another team would amount to deepen a elsewhere and they thought about it in the quarterback room to battery and will pay him one point five million that the backup or. Now that you actually see that failed. I don't know of anybody would sign. You would have been better off not getting the start. And banking and four more years in the NFL as opposed to his career possibly being all for the end of the season because teams look around and say. We don't wanna play at. If it's hard Geico I gonna go with that. So if I find it really intriguing in the NFL how that works some guys can step in. And at least manage the game and others that just can't do it. With Frank Gore that situation at some point girls and younger. Mac while we get an opportunity this team. Went only to retreat games there they're gonna wanna see younger. He went there is such like fifteen years people thought he was finishing piece in the Super Eagles made blockages. Hand NC over thirteen thousand yards rushing. In his. Thirteenth one cent I have ever brought to the first time that any just a freshman campus and Q which grades. Here here and that's that. I grew up listening. You know what we're covenant and when he Kevin it's a fairly standard. I commend try and meet with the raiders middle of the day on product look forward to a. We're over actually our show from Alameda friends who have really. In the for an. Oh. Yeah. Travel out well thank you thanks for I the united thanks and I think about the romance and I go broke if it's ethnic or. Alcoholic or a connection. We're waiting no I never got a hug from pop you know you don't like touch me blessed feet graduate. Anybody out here you hugged me off thank you so much aware degrees are aware decreased fixes. These topics factories it. So I certainly hope details now listening hold Dave Cal's violent civilian feeder probable bloodless in his new stadium. It's very what did you think of the news real quickly Bob before we move on day travel. I know we've been talking a lot and all over the years you've obviously. Have close ties with the Oakland a's have to talk about bill in the stadium first of what twenty years now and now telling their battle on cash and as a manager and say they are my meals a senate and a member of Fremont to whose wealth remark Allen and that. So now Laney college out of cannons. On the three sites and we were wondering if they announce it at the end of the year or food being in the off season in the eighth the big news that we actually leaked out last night and the Asian head several press conferences today dazed and John is coming up Somalia from the line and Nia. Flagship of your a trader at a five point seven game. At the a's have settled on land near Laney college is their preferred site movie at 35000 seat privately financed stadium today. They explored otherwise the existing coliseum site so Annie in reality. Where they move and that part it will be several years to get a break crowd of 21 and I hope to be there are 23. It is giving everything's going to be gone and in the red raiders love that site. Printed out and out burger. So it's it just get a the did that's going to be vacant there they also talked about Jack London square. But they felt that this location is the best they've got a few more hurdles. They've got to jump over so they have a gives the particulars is going to be 500 million dollars what's gonna look like. You know what what they have to do to get to where they they are going at to break ground and 21 and and being in there and 23 so. If they gotta start somewhere but they have I would prefer they stay where they were go to the waterfront but that they've never reason why they checked chose the Laney college site. But. They've got to figure I don't know a model I guess the question now be how much for their business model changed when they have hopefully increase revenues will be increased revenues actually beat. Where they can started to put him back into payroll in and put it back to the baseball team physician. Farai I'm proud. Franchise he also here with they're gonna do next year free gave a little rivets fiftieth anniversary of when they moved in 68. Now that could this be like Disco demolition. Ball I've I've the government out of it 55 cent Beers or something immediate or an update the ball park the masses and anybody could. It's always secondary. Levs has that go about a by the latest is broke through. The timeline paddle shift of reporter Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suspended without pay. For the team's next game in the gains from I live in FL policy or performance enhancing her so much he had Hedo it's about ten game suspension rank this. Next up a.'s president Dave cavalry here earlier to glide is proper Bunton it was a game. The Greg Copley she'll continue us on 95 point seven game. These are proud and rooted in Oakland we want to build a ballpark bigger than baseball big gathering place to bring art community together. With nine world championships a dynamic history. Our fans deserve a new ballpark in Oakland. For the last seven months I've met with hundreds of individuals. To discuss really what the ballpark needs to them. How does create a location that could be a win for the community as well as the news. It is clear that the people want a ballpark that is authentically Oakland. After all the community meetings and really understanding what people in the community he really felt that the best location these new ballpark. He's the wall to side right in the heart of it. He's a man of the people that stuff is on Twitter page and president of the Oakland days and he's been great things on here. David Campbell joining us and the afternoon delight your home of the Oakland days here in 95. Point seven a game to talk about the news that leaked out last night and they had a formal meeting with the median David's been a busy guy so we do appreciate his time. Welcome sir creek puppet Vontae hill just telling first of all started jumping off point. While the upper also plan was chosen in this situation this site that is at lake mayor. And I eighties so why did you ultimately choose this site over the attitude that you had to that you had pursued. Over top. So much in the act as I appreciated great preacher out for the and then and get poked perspective in your debt but as well and he brought the proper thing that a lot of really exciting attributes you know I think. One of the most important that it walk Kabul to downtown. If you look at the ballpark in Major League Baseball. Midway Wrigley and then. Course yield you know with the adjacent to the downtown location where people live and work it to that was huge consideration but the brought the night. Secondly it's right next to the park station pretense of a mile closer than the coliseum. Current. Ballpark to the actual coliseum park station and so. I agree with it to reach public transportation. Yet other acts that the eighty either it's quite get a at the ballot he. Each piece of it and it finally the view there are term and he get Oakland middle east lake Merritt EP meeting downtown skyline. It's really signature backdrop the American happen. I doubt it there's a lot of things that have to happen before you can break ground and we wanna get endeared to your time frame is well the Perot also a community college district. Where the site is and has the headquarters there I've read that you've already reached out to them what what what are some of the the hope you're gonna have to jump through David actually to be actually break ground on this if you're planning and 20/20 one. Well the next nine to twelve months are critical because we're going to be working with it. The property community college district Levy college which is one of their four colleges. The surrounding community enable it groups. In the future we identify and establish a project's scope. Did it for everyone and that can include up to the ballpark. You associated infrastructure. And housing including affordable housing retail everything that goes around it. In a way where people you'll like the plan to be successful for everyone and accommodate their needs. And part of that is the land acquisition with Peralta and working with airport. And making sure that we can advance their educational missions about two really key part of the process but next medical bond. And once that's complete we moved into the environmental impact needs. And then on to construction in 20/20 one and then opening actual ballpark into Twitter. So at what what are you to be doing in the ensuing years and we're talk and you know for years before your break ground that you could that you could have oversee I don't have a firm idea of the architectural plan. If you already traveled all the ball parks in baseball do you have a firm idea of how you want this to ballpark to look David. Like I. That traveled all the while protector of the book article this summer that they've baseball. And so I've I've seen a different stadiums that I think from that experience and also produced pocket or fans I think Kentucky pieces of our ballpark of one. Intimacy so making it smaller 34000 seat stadium where your close to the action. You know I think and wait secretly maybe in the in the in Pittsburg and then secondly a ballpark it's uniquely Oakland. That it characteristic of the local community here weathered having local food vendors or work. To be creative ideas become not a whole clan in music feed into making it feel like. It's part of the idiot not to AT&T parked in Oakland he needs to stand on its own and naturally important aspect. President of the open days Dave Campbell David Campbell joining us on the afternoon delight with pop and Vontae here in the harmony is 95 point seven the game paying for the financing is critically important. And what I've read this ballpark will be cut completely privately financed by the Oakland days is that corrective. Yep 400% a dual private financing and so the public is not gonna be responsible for that like they were with not gave us and has built here at the coliseum. As we think this is a really important part of project especially do you also considered it's gonna generate just 2000 construction jobs three billion dollars in economic impact. And you're good at this really vibrant gathering space the ballpark. Where people can come 81 dates a year and experience is baseball so it's really exciting. Opportunity for the city it's privately financed and need to work at about it in a big step. Congratulations on pick and aside gave up and those ballparks gonna be phenomenal but I need ASCII this has been away an army next year April 17. A's fans are gonna be able to go see game for work for forty. The public everybody you're free it what else is gonna be for our regular free beer it's going to be forgot dogs was born on April 70. I. Have ever we can't do that the big deal we need to celebrate. And at that door and in the community. Were avid read AA no no partying. No ticket. Pot he does come to the ball park and experience that I mean evening celebration marked first eight years here at Oakland. And before world championships that we've won here are so it. I think you'd be really special date were expected huge crowd and advocates it can be celebration you'd per party he's speaking candles on the case. Am the a's moved here from Kansas City they RD of the nucleus of what would become one of the great dynasties in the history of the sport all those guys playing together. And the miners and Reggie and cat Joseph Rudi and and there are Raleigh N. Cell day and on all of Canty and it you know they want you know obviously aware when he won the 75 he won the American League west every year won three straight World Series titles. The question I have an issue as you look at its future revenue streams verses where you are right now and where you'll be. Through 20/20 two and then when you move into the new ballpark. Annually issue is your projected out 223 and beyond. How much more annually do you think you'll be able to generate as far as a revenue flow in the new ballpark verses where you ban. Well it's it's profound I mean it is it the new ballpark allowed this to put it on par wit. You know like a giant you know not out and the Dodgers Billick and a record eighteen. But actually you know in the top work Allen team is we have a big market here. And there's the ability generate revenue and make sure that we on half the revenue to spend on players to sign our players the long term contracts. We acknowledged that not only did you do we need great feel and experience to the new ballpark we need to contending team. And so it's important that we establish. Who are good young players are kind of the longer contract. We usually don't have a problem to Indian players at the big problem keeping on and our ballpark is a way. Actually created new era where we had to look at for a long time. Yeah I elected to use that term it's a big market today a second here and it's a small market it's not any you shared with the giants and their you know there there are some disadvantages to that. But you do have a possible large at large revenue flow is it is it possible to quantify at this stage David how much we're talking about an additional revenue flow. Just from having this ballpark persons being its 66 and anger. Me hey retarded the exact number especially that it can you know we're back in a movie and right away but I mean like I said it's the substantial amount. Is it means that we can be in that top area of the top court tile in terms you know investment in players. And I think when you couple that with the success we had identifying young players. And you know growing Arab and talent and our farm system and being portrayed. I think that can be recipe for success and more world championships. NN that's the reason I asked the question and we heard Billy talk about it for a number years and dated as well. How does this change your your business model where you guys have had no problem identifying the best young players. In baseball and building up a strong farm system and bringing them to Oakland and they develop an overtime. You know once they approach approach arbitration eligibility inning a year to they become more costly they move. Are you confident that when you move in this ballpark. All the great players that billion David can fight you'd find for you you'll be able to keep in green and gold throughout their you their careers. Well I think it's it's a model similar to what the Indians to an early ninety's and that the Billy talked about several times. Where you establish that war. Of great players are and it kind of the longer term contractor arbitration to free agency. And making sure that you actually build your team around them and about the virus six key guys especially position players are being. And know who they are they grow together as a unit. And an exciting thing about the players right now the young guns we have like. You know on all planned it and you lead and Chapman is that they've been playing together are wildly one title now on the Texas leads though. Theory heed the extent he can have on players. Have that chemistry and there's a rookie work. And so hopefully we can continue that forward. And the fact we have this new ballpark his Canadian people billion gave it to have additional resources to use in the best way to seek it in ordered that to build the team. First success with that young nucleus. And you say the model as the years ago in the early ninety's and John Hart in the Cleveland Indians routed then Jacobs Field now Progressive Field and they you know McCain the best team in the American League and a great offensive team. Speaking at the Indians just your thought you know I did the a's games in fifteen years ago only one incredibly. A twenty consecutive games a record I don't think that their receiving broken out decade and a half later. The age or second longest streak in the American League sister Dana what are you what are your thoughts on watching the Indians whenever. I did shocking admitted he can win that many irrelevant as somebody they happen in baseball. And so which it. I thought it would not be broken as well as such in modern era. But I think that's the exciting about baseball and a player like games that these things happen and it gets. It's electric behind the hadn't either run and might this back to those great. You know they decree run that we act here and the excitement that comes with that and that that's just a great. All right David cattle big day for the Oakland a's congratulations sir on your choice of of a new ballpark activity and future visits enhancement like thank you sir are. The exhibit David Campbell the president Leo then he's. He's jacked up each couple rebels before coming on with society he plays like that all the time. It's like he's in we're like the late show was instrumental if it was instrumental in of eyes stadium being built and that is safe it's a totally different that is and I signed and you. It is a beautiful. Beautiful soccer facility longest out or aren't all America have been down there have been met and down there for the very first U jet who were back home. Now don't I did. Took a ball right in the head as I was drinking I was watching and the goal again Adams. So delicately ask this very question right elated I can help him out what will help a lot of free while everybody that I think it'll hit the stadium free they ought to think they would get a beer and hot dog for free as well you have a mutiny well considering got to make anybody here in 95 point seven became free 99 is what I'm all about free food in the press box recent a lot of damage caused an election is stadium preferring to actually get X that's insane. It's it has lost a lot of free food or whatever the free Weisman but I all of our budget and live in California doesn't work. A software he's got everything for free variety would afterward he years so much you have to pay for things went and that's just insane that is free when. Have two million people familiar to the going to be a lot of smoke in the year as active as believe that the free day that's it's free free free here at the freak. All right couple's two missile cover up that's perfect segue for that Papa bought terrier the effect was an aggregate. Okay. And now it's time wound from the caboose is too with great Paul pulled in bone today in. And only five point seven the game. Or he's been almost slipped. June July. Do you five point 70 the game that boat with the maturity that you guys here on the view of remote though just watching. Both events so. From there. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. Share. You first pop. And I I figured it is. You know he's very excite. I mean you can hear his voice vote there really wouldn't put it on camera. He's seen in his eyes to dispense it vet says the best thing you know a lot of times that reporters then. It is the best information mapping camera which is the first thing I saw is that users director producer. Football game. Get them off camera. I mean it looked like at Hartley did talk to go back what is his what is his background. Easy soccer analyst for a ESPN deportations. Were do you think they go back to the risk that. No regrets that he gave he's got enough this it you've got to produce write and I got a good note here truck traffic but at hand that he let but it didn't edit Sergio usually right after have to go to the silent report advocates over the coals for. Doing at all that was the only he had he had he had a great week during the game. He screech evidence so it's who going out to deal with pain. He needed to digital. AMIS or in a little both of them all but I'll say is he's noting ended. Up. But yeah and waiting for our words unknown their lives here or there you aren't going to beat you on himself but could it. On to talk on the air but their there was the only snafu that happened during that game. Dumb or during the broadcast that moans Wie entering answering to do phenomenal job. Well with her she got killed and now she was my agent with what she had to work which is a great job Rex Ryan soaked. She was not hysteria that's beat the whole time and then. Do you have that there was a weird moment in the beginning of the broadcast with a good Anthony Lynn. Of the Los Angeles chargers and the cutaway to. The other the other head coach us this Joseph. Other African. It wasn't what I and his yeah you have an American coaches in the debut. Coached against each and think down the pounds thereabouts that America gentleman's time lines like yeah he's always called lookalike. It may take a shot of just this camera and after that guy on the silent wasn't based just weeks ago practice squad it's like well it's it's like that's how they colossal coaches look ally and it looks like hearing he had. The name again. The others always gonna buy me after a year. Way that others that food is gay behavior did. To that hug her because now the bad weather and 00 yeah you're going to the official caught up to the charger rebels Los Angeles NBA. San Diego yeah itself that's gonna happen has had an all right this is a weird and had the other day back in the day I used to love Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey was an irony in my are well and these kind of fallen off a little bit when you say. And all of all the explain why the living color yeah actually it. Well she realized genius gene liar liar great movies Ace Ventura exits are blacks but I think like how old are you what I tickets in centered by three years old familiar. But here shakes is tiger do so so that's great parity ratio could trip broken that young I don't know why is this section please god don't govern the feeder to I think. He so here's Jim Carrey when he was that Fashion Week on the red carpet. It can carry. It as you're wandering the streets anytime they the party would. Now I'm I'm I'm doing just fine. Just you know. There's no meaning dynamic so I I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could finally come to enjoying. And and and here right now. They're not admit it's completely meaningless. Well they say they're celebrating icon does not a rating I like that is just absolute. Lowest. Aiming. You know. Possibility that we could come up where it is like I crimes what do you do you believe in icons. The personalities I don't believe that you exist but there is wonderful fragrance in the air. You don't believe some icons have an hour to make seems to think differently to be able to inspire. Artists to your hand. A good. Shut it down now. Yeah now I I I don't believe in icons. I don't believe in personalities. I believe that these. Lies beyond those. On invention it's got its young be read asks me where your chest makes bullets so. I believe it is to. Leave for a field of energy and now. I don't care and Jen you got really dressed up for the occasion you'll look bad. No I not a knock out hiding interest and there is no mean. You know we're not here this is the three students things happening. And there are clusters and athlete he is moving around them. So what's happening in our world and there is a lot of news actually is relevant it's not that. It's Spain it's not our world. We don't have freedom that allows it. Oh OK it is indeed if she were serial long you she was Jewish for the no he's not joking around Downey. Yeah maybe there's been no finish well and yeah it was sunny here's the deal about Jim Carrey. This could be immune Netflix documentary coming out called jam an anti the great beyond and it's about how. When Jim was eighty Kaufman for men on the moon he got extremely. Into the role. So much he went nuts when nights and ever since he's done man on the moon he's is not been himself. He believes that it ever since about every every every move he did before everything he was before men on the moon he's playing a character and now he's his. Roussel he's locked up here at. I'm looking at this video popped. To Kerry's service and your yes absolutely right out like themselves. Now he's he's lost his mind he's at like bakeries and he was until we did like I don't know 7 o'clock dared to the of this at 8 o'clock. I had dinner where it myself I can't tell if it. Again yeah he was all right let's impose this and I don't know what time will be on tomorrow due to these games will be I think will be at 2 o'clock 231 mystery our. Suites. All right so it will be on tomorrow who knows the tune in in that will be an element something tomorrow will be a star the other candidate I want. That and I you don't wanna be on massive pop that would indeed. Optimist that he does speak for yourself. I got I got Derek is true that affect the implant an altered state is a bit yeah I I actually I had a drum home that night actually from from of the old spice and revitalize again either drive homer yeah I remember you returned at the bar a little longer a doctor or bar in North America I love did not to have a couple of cocktails. I never become an evil bit. That is it for us we gave you back tomorrow we did not have I have shown me but that they have died instantly disposal and he reached. That we have Joseph name at that it's not a secret that. Yeah I'd done the day is now we have a great opportunity and it's got us in minutes or leaning right now to tell him the break the awkward tin right here maybe five with seven again.