Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, January 18th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Paul Allen (Vikings PxP) and Jeff Garcia (Former 49ers QB and 49ers Analyst) for THE FOOTBALL HOUR!


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Her grit our gala this Sunday for the ultimate championship Sunday watch party. At hooters in Campbell California 1555. South bass come avenue. How are your favorite 957 game on air person at least. When prices plus enjoy food and drink specials all day Long Will kick things off at 9 AM with a special three hour live pregame show Chris Townsend John Dickson. In yours truly leading up to BAC jedi chip for more information visit any five so many games. Dot com let's go ahead and talk to vikings. The voice of the Minnesota Vikings Paul Allen here on the afternoon delight. Do you live from San Francisco he's a great Palmer gel. Bay Area sports. No acquired the rights and I'll fight yeah. Wow I'll Shanahan had pulled out of play with what I call immediately after that play nice to find digs I thought of one guy isn't as though my friend Gary and his soon as my friend Falwell the voice of the F. Minnesota Vikings or the Minneapolis miracle I'm already where they have that once let's bring in that we've had a lot of they show several times the voice of the vikings up all over here on the after the delight I 957 negate that you had that Minneapolis miracle I read. He just in case we're Beckham from the end. Now you you know how it works ma'am I mean you Utah and walker saying you are. You know I use Scripps scene setters or at least I do look like early in the game vikings defense Cole Ortiz. Playoff implications and equity in history and everything known doc. You know games like this at least for me or not a big game calling depth chart game when it comes to likes these greens statistics and south. And down into that final drive you know why I mentioned the analyst. That the vikings are gonna need a Minneapolis miracle and out and he followed it up prophetic way by saying. Yup this is where legends are made and out so I I remember saying that taking out. And I said it again and then everybody seems to date certain ballot go to Kelly. I think you really study the game as well as any broadcaster there's so I really appreciate not only your play calling skills that your your acumen a football. So tell me what you what you were thinking going into that flag third third and ten. Yet you got ten seconds to go in the game obviously they yardage is not necessary she know how close can you get in the field goal arranged to kick a field goal to win the game. And you realize he had three to one side you gotta get an out cut there. Any number there's no way your ticket touchdown on that flight but what what do you think it is the place started fall. I hear our percent right Greg Yunel bit because it can listen now to be early part of the play calling immediately found that a deal I wanted to find the State's best scorer. Marchand Lattimore and and I kind of knew. Where where it would where he was given what the plan was during that day they were gonna go that way. So that I became fixated on the right side chief stepped up. Eat looped it to the right side and an acrobat standard pandemonium. I mean. You know my my analyst Pete worse which is generally pretty worse or he's not like say. Scott all lack for the patriot radio network who's who's just relate Italy and that equivalent a lot of things he does speeds. Pretty reserved and you know he went out of body and I'm glad he did because it really personified what the stands were thinking that the only net gear green and seen him. You know I can't I can't say about the team was gonna win in the backlight but I you know I don't really. Craft craft it into a play like that eighteen it's going to be a win or loss you know you just do it and open about. Has gone back years ago you had a Favre interception against Tracy Porter and no New Orleans years ago he could hear the frustration in your voice and that happened. And here this amazing call is incredible as part of the football are brought to develop a more for Paulette I'm. The radio voice of the the Minnesota Vikings joining us here on the afternoon light on 957 game you know I I I love the play you guys want and I was thinking he'll. But when it first happened the whole place just bothered me because there was so much bad football. Being played out just play and I understand Marcus Williams I think he was trying to keep take from going out of bounds he came up recklessly. Which is skinny and the other party that I did not love is to find digs or whether it is a great young wide receiver. What he was doing on the route because she's not far enough to the sideline. He's got a one it was a corner earn out cut he's got to be closer to the boundary turned back so early. Define case Kean and just gimme the Minnesota perspective on that play ball. Well it it was a corner route you're right and you know took further personified that a problem on the play. But for whatever the reason beat this saints ended up doubling type in Kyle Rudolph you know who broke up Ralph. I'd say about 89 yards from the line of scrimmage. You know so even if he gets out of bounds of the 74 year deal ball so I don't like Gephardt of either. Now I mean when when that street ball jump ball stop like that he may not at apple the depth of the route. Or beat the proper better precision cut of the route appropriate way. But the BA topic decision to make. Is when you catch it do you grow or do you do you were instructed and get down about. Because he was instructed to get out about. But he made that split second decision to recognize nobody was invited him and he just land and we want. You do away and now you're headed to Philadelphia Paul. How do you guys bounce back and get over this. Heroic. Heroic moment in franchise history for the vikings go to oh I bet that going to be told I weighed in yet what do you call audit. Egg case Cano didn't look case you don't really well the first half. But I saw some balls up that he cannot do we get said he eagles' defense not to say the things defense of slot is here but the Eagles defense legally people ready for the blind. The do buckle jeez that secondary will pitch in the mouth. They are not that there are not afraid you're planning underdog role how does Minnesota get over this real quickly to go be a tough Eagles team act only in that cold weather. Yeah and there at home and they're gonna have the crowd underside where we had our shot last. I'm honestly I I think the Eagles defense is markedly better than Marlins. And dumb I think it's more fundamentally sound I think it's more veteran Lleyton I think it's going to be a tough challenge. Specifically against the one on first and second down so you know after a moment like that you know looked up to the coaches to cheer these kids down. And build them up during the course of the way. And you know when they ran in the practiced one table for the saints game after an off week. Bet they were kids I mean jumping up and down screaming playoffs unbelievably excited. When they ran into practice yesterday and today it was all business I mean it is absolutely down to business to prospect. Everything that needs to be done. To beat a team that has not only the best front seven I think we've seen this year but also the best offensive line so. That they they know the cast is gonna be difficult remembered but getting into the Super Bowl not easy so they'll be ready. There Paula only superb radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings joining us here in the afternoon eleventh up in bunch and any size seven again this championship Sunday Jacksonville New England kick off at noon our time and Apollo have a call from the Lincoln. South Philly at 340 airtime so. You can do as well as any play by play guy in the entire league so just take you give me your thoughts on this gain some of the matchups you're looking for some of the keys fall. Well before this chat you know I I win all 22 hard on the eagles' defense a lot. And I watch back every run the falcons had against the Eagles just to figure out. Why they had so much trouble because the planet outside of the right guard I think are pretty good options are and then you got Freeman and Coleman with a Matt Ryan well it's not back. And and they struggled mightily I mean did this three technique Fletcher Cox if you don't double him every single play he'll work the game. In the first quarter. And now they got this diminutive defense today and Brandon Graham he's not tall but he's fast and stay out. And they use human side on nickel and he's unbelievably tough. The close mention Malcolm Jenkins it may start and stop what am I mean he's a converted corner and honestly when they made that move I'll wasn't as bad a bit. But in watching Malcolm played the way he plays everything starts and stops with him on the back end. And these tight end can't getting to the ground when maybe when they try to run on the climate. So like I said I mean we we played Carolina we played at we played around there and Donald we played a morally good front sevens. This front seven is absolutely the most fundamentally sound topless front seven the vikings have seen all year. And he's a chair in front seven you mean the Ford died Lyman of the three linebackers I I was using his replay these guys on Christmas night I was saying they have a front H. In their defense I frontal way they're able to rotate they'll bring Jared Barnett and Howie long's kid Chris Long in in the move Graham over a garden Fletcher Cox is their their best offensive lineman since the days of Reggie White Jerome brown. The one thing how all. And when you watch the Eagles defense more you can double move both those corners the raiders did it against Jalen males the giants did it with Eli. Against mills and Darby I think there's some there's some chunk plays for you guys offensively in this game. Wire you know I completely agree with you ma'am and I think it needs to happen early in the game. Because if there have been crowd's going to be nasty and it's going to have the feel of a bump and grind trying to get him now when we were at FedEx Field. You know Josh Norman or as good as he is. He can be susceptible to jumping routes and biting double moves. And step on date put a nasty one on them and in the first quarter even found and ended jump started the offense the team and they get. And and it there it Eagles are gonna play it that way it would Darby else. And then they're gonna have some trouble with the women digs on the outside if the offensive line protects you know. You know there there's a sticky match up with they're in that order Patrick Robinson and dom are or were receiver Jerry is right. That I really like our way and Jerry it's just played a season high thirty snaps and you look Willie Willie died so bad that's something to our monitoring and and it bears follow. Yeah Paula on the great for us certainly a Minnesota Vikings enough to get as full time off of furniture the call the NFC title game in Philadelphia Sunday joining us here in the last 11 o'clock and I'm Shannon size seven again. Lastly. Case Keenan does grow on you there's there's no doubt that he does not have a great skill set. But each history art and your thing in the NFC title game and you had a great year with this guy. But Sam Bradford is back and healthy right now they did activate them off injured reserve. I did hear your your head coach Mike simmers saying if they got down ten they may make a quarterback change and that sure would also be in the mix. If this went sideways early in the game on Sunday. TC they're making a quarterback change and invention came Yemen going to Sam Bradford fall. Well it would have to go sideways. Kinda like with the interception case squirrel. In the New Orleans again and you know case had gone 222 tasks all of which just to fix any hadn't thrown an interception at home and nearly two months. Now you know with cases shark or attempted almost dramatically better that. Or some. Where at six and I have so you know Kate held the ball too long. And then panic and just poor wedge and Marcus Williams intercepted it and as mentioned earlier here. He had a good three passes the next game we're kind of got lucky. And it people who receive a watered down or was incomplete or batted away. So it's gonna be like that you know and it's gonna be like that early and do we get some momentum you know I'd be surprised it happened. But but nevertheless you know they let's remember Bradford started the season I had a million dollar arm and he's back from injury. It's getting shot how many NFC title game is this for you at least number two and other. Visit my sixteen year calling vikings football greatness as they're walking two and. You said you weren't there for the area addition missed field Ohio you were too young for that no. Started note do we went six intend to get nasty lot to be and to be Oates preceding bounce from the playoffs. 09 we had to Favre moment. 2015 the kicker missed from 27 so we English Arizona. And other we have to Minneapolis miracle here we go we out worked they bird. At Philadelphia by Corey you know and I'm not I'm not big in the point spread like generating an equal money and stuff like that echoes or books. But this does to me feels like absolutely 85050 game. Where are running the ball and turnovers we'll predicate. Can be found Paul Allen thank you so much for your time enjoy championships Sunday thanks golf. Our Greg take care Paul Allen the voice of the things. Anywhere they go back to seeing red shirt I brought. This up on the show yesterday pop and after watching the national championship and would say even did. I brought to sub yesterday noted Sam Bradford is there and if they're down thirteen nothing they can move the ball at all what not shock me at all what not shocking and all the sort of Jeff Garcia we'll talk to him about these playoffs. Whether or not he's intriguing third. Certain quarterback job and much more right here are here to the white couple bar take many pars and again. Now after the red carpet show on 957. Big game. What we've we've heard the news about Tom Brady in the in the hand injury and being limited practice. Also concerns in the alarm bells going off. And bill Belichick's press conference wasn't that illuminating but this just added some intrigue to this game. He had the latest report about Tom Brady and we got a new someone's going on. Yesterday when he lost his media. Room recession. And he's also canceled his media session today and as saying he's gonna talk tomorrow but sometime during yesterday's practice she did not happen in their way. Said it never the Tennessee Titans he is injured his right hand and he was on the practice field today were in a glove the on his right hand he typically. Like Jerry Karr was doing light near a lot of quarterbacks wore a glove on his left changed that throwing hand and not the right answer something. It is wrong with the hand and I wonder how what happens in practice for the property like guest Tom Brady or anybody would charge. Their quarterback with the red Jersey especially after they traded dead the second string quarterback and a third string quarterback and they never did Hoyer. As they're only backup quarterback Fisher Belichick is not happy that it is the L football our broad Jiabao Livermore forward. Pop and Daunte here on the after a light on a size seven again we're joined once a week by former NFL quarterback you know mainly with the 49ers are four time pro bowler Jeff Garcia. His back on the show shortest it how would this happen. In a practice swing and everybody stays away from the quarterback how would how would Tom Brady heard that right hand in a practice the week. The NFC and AFC title game Jeff. All everybody's supposed to stay away from the quarterback doesn't always happen like that and who knows if it's fall through after delivering a role in their team. Team work out and they're in in their team they're group. Sessions that defense lineman or even an offensive line and getting backed out getting pushed back. And it's this was an accidental contact. About something for them chi Le. Deliver I guess they keep there now closes for those things are concerned by it. And I both Tom Brady is. Unfortunately those things. Can happen and I'm sure that he'll figure out a way to work around eight get through it and will be fine on Sunday. As memories surged serve chef I do recall you wearing gloves. And both hands and I think you're throwing hand correct your you're blowing your right handed. While it was something that I got used to do it in Canada and the reason why I wore them in Canada wasn't just because of the cold weather at certain times this season. But it would because. They glove. Circle wade be. The feel of the newness of football often times wolf especially at that time in the Canadian Football League. Big game football. Was broken straight out of the box you can have a chance to work the ball in. All week long to get it to the way that you like in Tokyo and Seoul. When the footballs were brought under the deal. They have that's what if you have and I started wearing the glove in practice and I got used to it. And it carried over into the game now when I went into the NFL. Unfortunately. Right before my first training camp and forty niners. I had an accident or I split. Or cut a couple of my finger on my throwing hand. So I had to go back to the glove or basically training camp. And the difference was that the NFL football is a little bit different designed a little bit differently than their Canadian Football League. Both ball and so I never really had. Regret that I like you do you live in the gloves so as soon as my hand feel about. I ain't used the glove on my right hand now I continue to Wear a glove on my left chances because. Throughout gains you're you're getting hit your hand get beat up and often Bob would have. Different sort of cuts are scores or whatever. On my left camp followed Wear gloves to protect it. So is there any way. Tom Brady would put a glove on as far as I can remember you know he does where the glove on his left Cheney does not Wear on the right hand. If we had ten Peyton Manning had to adjust to what I remember in Denver especially in playoff whether or a guy frigid and he he wore a different style. Glove I think a little tighter almost like golfers Glover was fit in really tight. But many other penny could see if the injury is that severe. The big Tom Brady would go into the AFC title game for the very first time and Wear a glove on that right hand if he's not used to it would have to have contact today's accuracy yet. Well I'm sure that it will actually end in some ways. I think that he'll have a chance to get used to it during the week of practice. I wanna say that he's worn gloves before his throwing hand and I could be wrong but it in cold weather games when it's gotten really frigid. Out especially at their New England. There may have been a time where he's. It at least tried. Before and so I don't think you would be that. Different for him going into the game I think that he'll have a chance this week to really get used to it. Q acclimated self Q utilizing it. With a different skill of the different football that he'll play with. An Intel just have to make a work of this have to go through it and handle it and some that I'm sure he can deal with. Yeah this will be a fascinating game to Jack because his defense has come in and the Jacksonville Jaguars are tough they're physical they're nasty they're athletic. But we have seen them get torch we song it's shorts on Sunday other data admit they did make big plays here but they have a 42 points Jeff. It gets to forty daughters were at that game and we must they don't give up 44. So can Jacksonville do anything the slowdown the patrons who look like they're there in top form here with our offense we do you put Jay weren't you are Rob Gronkowski idea flustered Brady here. We have about the day I mean we heard so much about Jacksonville defense throughout the season they were one of the top ranked defense has throughout the year. But then all of a sudden at the end of the year. Team leader sort of figure them out or they just want performing a I have a level. Any more and like you said the 49ers took a pro bunch of points they gave up a budget point last week against Pittsburgh and. New England has won out see if not the best offenses in the National Football League and I don't really see. Jacksonville. Slowing them down on Sunday I think that. What are things that New England did not do is rely on the running. And granted I think they can't run the football and and I have watched them or not to even know. This year but it really become a short passing game replaces their run game Mario would get a ball out quickly. So a lot of those little receiver they utilize gronkowski when they do not have opportunities. Q took slowed him down it seems split out wide one on one opportunities with linebackers are strong safeties. You know they put. Well then Brady's it's gonna find other guys. To throw the football Q and die and more utilize I mean he's a Smart guy obviously he's gonna spread the ball around continue to spread around. Like he always I don't think you can eat. I don't think you really go into. A game against New England say hey we're gonna take out one guy and forced the Russian team to beat it because the rest it seemed generally beats you anyway. They don't really focus on just one guy I've been a major contributor yes quality that great. Matchup while partying and Brady would you like that when he sees. A proper. Opportunity. They have other good corners though AJ boy EA and Erin Coleman can go on the slot they do debuted soundly than alma. How thrust ballot guy they have guys up front that can get after the quarterback. They have quarterback can lock down outside. But I think this is just a different team that they're gonna state sort of state to CNET. Doesn't so much go as much vertically at bagel laterally they work across the field they create. Situational football opportunities where there. Little guys their slots they're always moving their feeling boy it's you know it's like if you played no defense against New England. Derrick Todd that's fine openings in the bone and headed down and that's just how they make their offense work it's almost like. You're damned if you do damned if you don't and if you wanna play man to man because they have corners that can match up you know you're gonna get. Certain guys onto the field like your nickel defender like your safety that are gonna have to get and demand demand situation. That may may be on as comfortable. In man type situation and with these guys awaited move around and Angola cook all those guys that the way they can move quickness wise. It creates. Situation better talk to defend. Jeff Garcia 49ers great joining us here on a afternoon delight at top and Dante and had a 57 again all part of the football are brought you by Livermore Ford. It last week Tom Brady had to be the Tennessee Titans and this week he's got to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and I was thinking about this. Right after the Tennessee game you know Cheney Iraq below the 49ers had to play these same two teams in back to back weeks December the seventeenth and Christmas Eve. And he had great success against both. Did does it ever happened in the NFL because Jimmie JJ started the year with knowing Glenn. That somebody for the patriots either. Josh McDaniels sort Tom Brady himself for the head coach would somebody reach out to Jimmy you're out below and just try to get a little Intel on how to beat Tennessee for last week's game and then a for the AFC title game how to solve this very fast Jacksonville defense judge after they did in the NFL. Yeah I don't see why they would hand. Why not utilize relationships feud just give you insight and not to say that hate New England. They're probably had an organization that has. How they know it all mentality that a lot of ways I mean they know how to prepare and they know how to win and hate that it executed. Multiple times but it never hurts to you. Have a guy that would within your system per a number of years. And have relationships with the quarterback with the quarterback coach offensive coordinator. Why would you reach out to Ginny either Smart guy he's studied the game. He knows the game plan that they when he went against Tennessee against Jacksonville. And utilize. That as to. What war. What were you able to do to create access on the field what were some of the things that you focused on. In creating creating matchup opportunities. That would that would give you a chance there to win. On Sunday against that Jacksonville jaguar defense and I'm Sergio need more than happy to. This year that ample. With his old team and so yeah I would say that it is utilized that it's not something that's gonna go. Unnoticed Turk I'm tapped into and out while when she. Just jump in over to the NFC in looking at the conference championship game in Philadelphia the vikings would come in and of course often that miracle victory in Houston were safe but that false. Look at the way he played last week really surprised man and a women winning about their defense would get the false. Info would tiger we army got away with a couple back the roles were Atlantic the picture at all but once he got comfortable. And what Doug Peters is play calling polls look lucky guy capable of taking its eagle's chief of the super ball. Yeah I really thought what they folks on the second half would jingle ball out of his hands quickly and giving him. Options than what I mean by options run pass options let whether he was going to hand it law based on the book that he thought offensively. Or you got a cold at hand off the broad plan now I'm gonna defend export. A little play inside. The receiver dominant not allow receivers across my face because I don't know how many plan. He completed last week but I'm gonna take this plan game away from coming up sport tend to hold on the football. And door over the top of me and I think that's where things that. Atlanta did not adjust Q and that second half they allowed him to continue to hit those plans and get the ball out of his hands quickly unload one pass option. And that would the screen game they do a great job of the screen game. In Philadelphia whether it's to their running back for today outside receiver or even to their fighting an urgent times they do a great job of X. Executing the screen and now another way that it's. Cable or nick able to not over think this situation. In just get the ball out of it can't I think you keep sports that they keep peace for all on the well. In the pocket that is not obviously a strength of his game and die if he had to go to progression and if you ask define Holden bones. Doubt he'll struggle with that and so that's where Minnesota is just gonna have to figure out a game plan how can we take away that quick game not play game. And forced him to hold onto it go to a second air receiver and by that point argued that the line are rushed it's gonna get in its space. So Cody alike. Would you like checks all of them regularly and it's only guy you know NHL I know your colleague actually taken for the Super Bowl. Well I mean it how can you voted hockey gold camp New England Tom Brady I mean the guy. The guy find his way there every single year it seemed and so it's hard to go get that it's always nice to see a new face. In the Super Bowl I just don't know of Jacksonville. Is ready to be there and there are fueling a lot of fire over there are New England with their words with their confidence with there. With there struck sodas because hey it's it's great to have confidence which are going against. 10 all time greatest quarterbacks and teams and coaches. In that we went I think doubt. Lack of respect factor is get encourage and inspire. New England in many ways especially at home and that cold Jacksonville vina. A warm weather team going up north and northeast now on. Philadelphia. You know hey I'm a Philly guy for one year but it would be great year great experience out there Minnesota. I. Is that good football team they've got a lot of play or would be the first represented it in their home stadium minister football and that's something that I'm sure there. They're challenging themselves to a came but I think Philadelphia a lot of ways it's still like they're being overlooked. And and that underdog mentality that that that fight pay you to you're not respecting not. I think a lot of ways can challenge damned if you overcome this game I think it's going to be a great game I think it's going to be a key part of football game a low scoring game. But. On the pole for the Eagles in this one. You don't fly Eagles fly in here's a guy Eagles fly and am Philadelphia you English equivalent to see the Super Bowl forward Donovan McNabb feels like yeah you're right. Your right now she never on the floor the lastly before we let you go because you were around the morning show guys and I give an honest about this Tristan and said no to Jon Gruden and usher just can hire a quarterback coach he may not he may do it in time. Where are you in years it's due to do you have a desire to to leave broadcasting and be beckoning NFL's there's a coaching would you like to do and Jon Gruden redshirt him. Well maybe if I can be all which you're bonds pay every day and talk about. All kind of sports maybe a bit different story about how about military so I have to go where. You know I can get challenge on a daily basis now now. You know our dominos and just. John knows I'm interested in coaching. I've been interest in coaching I'm. I'm not passionate about the game I feel very knowledgeable about the game and have great experience and claim the game have a great relationship with great goals and but I also understand that there's a thought process of not wanting to many. Bodies in that quarterback room and my my mentality is look I can help wherever I need to be helpful. But yeah the word out there. The conversations have been out and it's just a matter of whether. Unnerved right guy or eight guy that he wants to have on its staff and that's her hand inside all I can do anything more about that. Yeah he's filling out his staff and they got a lot of great tires so if it doesn't work out and you want this jab we can make a trade although working good and I'll be able to tolerate an answer for extra time hundredth 4 o'clock in the morning anyway you come work with Vontae say we can make that trade as a baseball basketball knowledge just. The yellow tail all of read up on. All sources. But here's the day I played for Don for two years I know we've all about noble link which I noted that expectation and I've played her great. Multiple times in multiple places I know what he's all about as often coordinator. And you know I think there is a great addition to having a former player. Who started over two neighbor throughout his life and a grinder and somebody who knows how to work in dedicate himself to the game and who can help. Derek Karr in a lot of ways be the best that he can be. So. No we're talking to read okay anyway. Not Smart about it and I know states you don't either way we'll see in Alameda Orly had me on the radio either way so you know we can't lose your but we are pulling for and you wanna get back into coaching so they were suffering. Jeff thank you so much for your time is always have a great week we'll talk next week. You gotta gotta take care thanks Jeff Jeff Garcia and his the delicate since fluid situation I was really this whole thing has shown itself formulating his staff that. We shall see I don't know thanks to judge John is debating whether or not he needs to hire anybody with Greg Olsen knows Derek so well John. Is gonna be so hands on with coaching Derek and I sure there's a real need it. For a quarterback coach now say they're the people that are reached out to Janet live similar runs remains to Jeff and we'll see if at all coordinates and lecture. And I sure Jean's initially higher court than coaching may not this year. And Greg Olsen said yesterday on the conference call that the raiders are still deciding whether or not they need a quarterback costar really we won of course considering that gruden then. Also will be so hands on but it would be nice to see Jeff Garcia back in coaching but once we thought once we scanned and basically said no to the job. Kind of felt this way that they may go without quarterback coach and just had your work John work hands on wood or car sit for an hour deposition pop. He might he might I think he's still deciding to Rihanna should these guys so many other players to make NN. So he's gone through everything I think that's not really a priority right now he's had a lot of people reach out join you may hire somebody later on he may not. It's you know it can take a certain personality be able to mention because Johnny's going to be so hands on an excellent thing I like what goalie Greg Olson had to say. This is the first time Derek prior in shed an offensive minded head coach and he's got the most efficient I did it. Head coach I think it's obviously for obvious fog punters that are on the defense suggestion that. You know call plays designed plays however formulation of the huddle and you're not how much she uses the RPO is overseeing failure throughout the league at. They really Kyle Shanahan started when he and RG three is a rookie. And Washington. Judge gonna have a state of the art NFL. Offense there's no doubt from play designed play calling temple all of it the question is. Does he wants someone to work specifically with Derek away from that. You know sometimes you bring to many people end Dante and they just plow the message so if it's the right person and I think with a rich it would have been the right person for rich. Chewed just kind of lean on him based on his experience playing for John Jeff does have some experience Bruce Gradkowski our friend. And I had some experience and he's reached out to John as far as playing under John. That he can relate to it to Derrick but I I think it's a fluid Dili may not be as a higher he makes today or tomorrow maybe next week or next month. He may Nat firewall on at all this year you may do it next year I think he's still trying to figure out who exactly would be the right things. You know let's whiskey is here and talk about touch here next segment Andrew McCutcheon. Albeit some school jarred gesture count quicken Brian Reynolds for Andrew McCutcheon will discuss. The move here and yet the underlie this problem Barnes an impressive game. How bad Kevin Gregg accomplishing all 1957. Big game. And there is looking out. But not soon. I'm a giants six. Very in this segment. Javy every McCutcheon of 2013. The last couple years he's shown or her but I don't think there's not the winner because he's 31 I think it's going there I think Andrew would probably driven to prove everybody that he's still got. All. What a great job by Brian Davis and Bobby evidence to grind it out amazing when this deal was done. What they got a hired as a down to a half million just like they did when they got to raise the pay down Longoria. And it is a Jambo longtime Major League Baseball executives here Ryan Vogel song we thought right away administrative. Went down near the giants did get a little salary relief from the Pittsburgh Pirates elitist had to wait on chase for the pirates to say okay. Great trade Koch he's the best player we head in black and gold and and PNC park since the days of Barry Bonds are once they traded Gary Cole. On Saturday in the Astros are front line starting pitcher. You thought they would be in the mood to go ahead and do this. But so the giants we know they gave up out cricket we saw mushers are hard thrower whether or not as a starter or guy in the bullpen Brian Reynolds they outfield prospect we don't know. They also sent the book goes on half a million. And they had the international bonus slot but the key thing here is they got two and a half million dollars back from the pirates so issue salary. He is a little bit less than 1015 male I read 145 a also read fourteen point 75 which has significant. He signed a six year deal for 51 and a half million and that JP morose she will join us. At 2 o'clock from the MLB network NN on the deck bubble. Get this all the details if there's any wiggle room at all. Financially to go out and get a guy like John Jay who I would like to get to patrol. Center field but the initial word was. Was the pirates further to be reluctant to send any money back in the deal because it just is not gonna go over well in Western Pennsylvania the trade. The pirates' best players since bonds an also put money in the deal. But the giants did I think there was an appeasement they're with the international money going the other way and they took a two and a half million back. So you know I've you know I've talked about McCutcheon go back to last July and occasional outside of Marcelo is don't know we talked about the probably that you guys we talked about the most. I think they shunned Carlo would really ever be able to come here they may because the giants I didn't think could open up the salary like they did but they did and you don't wanna come here now as a Yankee. But we talked about McCutcheon. Now they are gonna shift positions let him. And that's fine to put them in right field. Early in the year last year he had a hard time tracking the ball at all he was just lost I saw on get better. Right field and AT&T could make the point that it's it's harder to cover right field and his center source I'd like he's getting a day off. But. He is gonna go to right field I wouldn't reserve judgment. On this moving cans from right to left and moving McCutcheon from senator writer that who plays center. Until you actually watch them in spring training. My point is Hunter Pence. Is weird to see is still watching he's a weird it's baseball player I've ever seen he is effective. Now last year. He lost his way in the outfield he was horrible. Is that a product of all the leg and hamstring injury scored he tracked the ball better. Then McCutcheon who throws the ball better you want to better arm and right that obviously left I'm not sure. But we do have a left fielder and we do have a right fielder for the giants and now we got to figure out who's gonna play center field this year about a. Could be John. He has speed. Plays very good defense John. I may. And you live what that our hope now the point is try to get a lead off hitter Gary Cameron Maybin does have experience there need to have about six million dollars here where you can get may be a camera may be in on the cheap. Four remove a little wiggle room here at the cap right now I intersection LA what they have talent for a salary right now I'm looking very here's 191. Million just over that and CBT I believe there's 190s that is. Soul. You can maybe make a couple moles here for bullpen arm and a cameraman out on almost camera maybe a wolf will demand here but we're getting closer to spring training Mickelson redid the more benefits to giants here to where they can get him move I was really surprised and Jay Bruce. So I'm with the Mets not only because of the Mets but because those three years dirty dark 39 million dollars or thirty get 151617. Here are thirteen years on the market is dying down we see javy Martinis yesterday the reported he may get a five year 100 million dollar contract we thought it was gonna be six for two larger so the market is coming back down if you get a cheap option is an outfielder blockading McCutcheon here. And now you have Longoria it makes the lineup that much more dynamic Elmo about people saying all this is an older line up here blob blotter 31 years old he's in a contract year is gonna play his ass off the charts this. Agreement I I would like to hell in a shark when I heard about Judy Martinez last week as he already has an offer on the table for five years 140. Million dollars but morals wants to get this sixty urinating bumping up a little bit I don't know what the five for a hundred. Is coming in that may have been that accurate what I heard was five for 140 was already on the table I'm assuming that's from David Dombrowski and he. The Boston Red Sox and gone back to your point about the six million. I was told that if they took my car chain. Last week they would go over. The competitive balance tax of 197 it would put it right right there you are a little dessert and a half million down. I'm not sure there's more than two and a half million factoring in the contract you had mentioned they gave her pain and. I'm looking at everything's been here Longoria McCutcheon every contract panic once they did last year and won against western US and everybody Gupta from what I'm look there right here says is updated. And it's about one idea one that when you factor in all the signing bonuses there assault. I could be anywhere on that has accused about last year when Hiroki. If she could get a player right and the two and a half I do like John. But if it's say is a combination of Stephen dug your Dugard I think it is pronounced Doug here. And Gorky Hernandez. Which it could be it could be simply that there's also. In a Billy Hamilton agreed to his deal with the reds Vontae Friday. And he got four point six. They're anywhere they can still a billion Billy Hamilton the reason I bring it out I like McCutcheon we've talked about McCutcheon incessantly. I would like to know from John Palmer Rosie I did watch McCutcheon obviously early last year he wished horrible. The first two months of the year I don't know if he was bothered when they moved him initially. From shattered in the corner to right. And they're starting a starting march 8 and then he got Todd marte got suspended thirty games and moved McCutcheon back to shatter. He played better. At his first two months for miserable miserable just I just could not believe this player got so bad but then I saw on turn to Andrew McCutcheon again. In June and July is obvious was bad as September was better. I would like to know he's never had any significant injuries in his career correct. Why you see why did he fall apart. The player that I saw as first six full years in the major leagues was late twenties. Typically players don't lose their scale. When they're running they're trying to think his career batting average in batting average is what it is today mentally it was still close to 300 hit 256. And sixteen. Last year he was horrible for two months great for two months bad for a month great for a month I think he will be motivated in Milwaukee are free agent year. But I I just wonder why he played so badly compared to the McCutcheon we saw this first six years. The last two years spontaneous and get hurt by it was a bad I think it was all mental when you hear your name. Brought up in trade rumors and you know your McCutcheon your your price for god you've been look its burden grown up a system he's helped this team make the playoff she broke the drought is trying to get them over the hump. In anger blame for not being able to have. Help this team get over the hump you know you're in your move positions are playing center on Sunday plan right you do well positioned changes your up and down in the lineup I think goals all that's why I really do it then once he got off to a bad start everybody rolled a ball said he was washed up. He got he got caught fire he caught fire and now he's gonna be playing for a team that wants to contain it about this. What Longoria as well look on Gore's plan for the 101000 people a night at the catwalk at Tropicana Field. McCutcheon on any given night a teensy part you may be playing for a 151000. He's going to be rejuvenated playing eighteen to park in front of 35 to 40000 people might pop and a walk here articles all mentor really doing what you got hot last year. He is the coach he can he and the double tornado runs. Well what do you think about his first two was caught the ball full Intel's way although last giant hit 28 all right and I know the answer Barry Lamar bonds got exactly and I and everybody did what I gave an answer the question about Doug green or keys look you can get away with after the first week marks the giants are in contention. We know say be saves and Bobby Evans. They will make a move that solidifies your feel that the huge get away with that is all the polls he's back. Bright adult you know he's gotten sixties didn't eighteenth when we all runs harder chances in the Walt here Crawford back he's not do and hopefully with a personal issues that he did he does he's an adult in joke and I got to QB fine for the first three months of the season. But thing you have to go on make them officer fields what do you think if they don't make anything happen here in the next month and sort of fill pot they can get away from gore keys they can get away with younger for a couple months feared and you have to make a move. And I think if they do that then you will have financial latitude that July 31 deadline to add. They can say publicly that ownership won't doesn't mind going over the CBQ competitive balance tax is just not true because there there are. Financial. Repercussions to doing that and if you're repeater you just don't wanna do so they can stay away from it so I think they'll go to spring training. Maybe they'll make a play for Billy Hamilton and JP -- shooting joins a couple of minutes here the afternoon delight identified seven game what do I get the feasibility of bad. In his four point six million ID used up almost all your money that threshold we have probably can't and maybe you would add later in the year first a couple of months. I started to do it for the full six months and if you're over that CBT just a sense. Now you are back in it it's it is a big difference between being over add it below I'd say have to be careful one last point. The reason I'm bringing up other people. What was the one thing Bobby Evans consistently said in told us on the show. That they had to improve was the Atlantis is on the defense and he meant the outfield. So I like McCutcheon. But his.