Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, January 12th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Lincoln Kennedy (Raiders Sideline Analyst). This hour covers behind the scenes of Gruden presser, who will be the QB coach, and we play the "Who Wants to Be a QB Coach" game. 


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I'm all right I mean when was gone back to shoot for most of your telling me and I told you that an obvious yeah. And they weren't sure what do you are all it though there and I. Whole pot because joy it is here at the fifth annual great our gala. This Sunday but next Sunday I don't watch party voters in Campbell California fifteen to defy south bass come avenue hang out all your favorite body part seven a game on air personalities. What surprises plus enjoy food and drink specials. All day law will kick things off at an idea what the special two hour live pregame show leading up to game one for more info visit 95 cent of the game. Dot com if you are let's minimum price and the game KG and CFM and hasty one San Francisco. Big link would join us for one last time for this football season early afternoon elect. I'm guessing live from San Francisco it's a great publish gel on the not 857. Just don't know. There knows very well. There is no trade blah. How wanna say you guys is it. Today is you guys always. It means the world to me that you're here and you're welcomed as long dominated goes all you're welcome here I want you guys be a big part of this. I'll read your organization. And I think he. If your attendance here today some you guys were actually on time unlike. But that shot Lincoln Kennedy showed up to bill Callahan is I mean he's a little later with a guy Charles Woodson when. When you fall asleep during his record what they did with Charles he would leave his playbook under his chair in the meeting room. Never taken out of there. So they were just leave it there are some of the guys stole this is way back there's a play books or not I think as for Riley looks and they Charles. Charles was not the most studious young players but oh the guy in the back of the room there there was screaming at them but the links and. I want to be the running get co. The fact I don't read a lot. Hard to talk about professionalism regardless good candidate what class time as the football or right do you buy it Livermore swords so just give me then they all live we weren't there. I'm Tuesday in the weight room just tell me the whole deal all the other raider alumni there we're back blank what was it like for Jon Gruden is reintroduction. Press conference on Tuesday. Oh beyond what you got going a little fired up because they had been hired Pete that odd error while credit check out Kohlberg. In the you know but other guys and then we have we have pretty much we all but a lot of good factors. Mister the senator would. You know you've always been skewed by little to myself the barest terms so clear about eager to a little while don't want action and then that they had woken up welcome to our receivers. Turned around and and then Jerry Rice started hardback or Willie brown and and Charles what should put the book. You know it was it was a look back wanted it was earlier a good time because I've seen a lot of races on the generation sort of transcended when you have guys like Allen won't come back. Monroe last summer thaw out at the facility vote. And then of course the usual luggage of popular culture or the so it was a really good time but literally get sort social port. Solidarity. Brought Mark Davis raiders are trying to do and I think it was released a little heart woman's feet. Walt met with little gem came back in which is a good cultural open writers. Now I can read even Rickey Dudley was there and show you got what are you. And we had about almost sort of like it's about 4042 guys. That would that would there suppose it was unbelievable. Sounds like you had the whole lost and CN anchor Charlie garner was there everybody would Baird Robbins have been very. Like a very athletic Vitaly but I unit was utter utter chart just about a month. Who was a big yelled in first of all who gave Charles that lines Charles is not that clever he had to have a ghost writer and got. I'd get a line about a no trade clause really think dead on his own and then it who wasn't they yelled some of the back of the room like is that you alone what general. Once told made a veteran treatment yellow graders like turbulence last light oh. He's each in other Republicans started he was yelling what are some real reason we got her. We can we without achievable overloaded she's shown public much if they have until I've. That's daddy did heavyset man about rope a bit out. I don't know who was whose whose whose whose making those little text just if you well our buddy of certain little things work. It was it was almost source port Charles just couldn't get on the top so. It's amazing how much Charles is mature and grown up and came and mean he was like he was Aponte and study and memory was to brag demand on some film I'm Charles Lewis and post a story about him leaving his playbook under share in the meeting room and it's just sat there all year did moth balls all over. What if you could get that would if you beat your child show up on the little girls. Everywhere boundaries at all about about what he's probably got rational thought so you can. It's a tough act upon your what did you. Yeah it's all blue today either play looking Soledad good but I guess not very bright idea our OK if I offended I could conclusion he has good cards can be very good. We have got to throw what's really isn't quite plan would beat up that was yeah a bit better you know watched bill you do need to have a playbook he's just that resemble by taking coach. And got back Parcells I cannot be quite so I doubt I'll loans for. Blake got askew here because we average guy and I that he broke the news that he was not going to be called culture quarterbacks from the Oakland Raiders just took time consuming. What what's your plays later he got to leave us here to get it is screwed including you two with the latest recruit regardless former raiders or to place your recruiter you could think was here a 95. I look he doesn't have a can make you special offers may well on the on the job to job but it you know ten years ten million dollars were coached like he did get a fracture that. That is far more than I'm making Norman outlook often I'll let you upload to certain items savagery. Chuck prosecutor who's got a two year old aren't hired an offensive line to himself but also get a clueless what what what's he gonna have a right tackle coached. Okay did he might give my thanks a better format out there I. Left guard coaches that are village. Inside linebacker Philip Seymour coaches and players now it's unbelievable lately Kennedy joining. Share in the afternoon delight it's part of the football are brought Jiabao Livermore Ford's let let's face serious for a moment. Yeah. The way Jon Gruden runs the football. And you know you love fourteen blasphemy was there. Loves the quarterback under center but he also embraces the shotgun and you know dirt running at the line like as CEO always see. As he described as from a running game standpoint as well as you know John and bill Callahan when he was here proudly ran the running game but John knows and as well here. How do you think the raiders will run the football and discharged. And do you think Marshawn Lynch comes back next year. Could actually go look for back sort of like Charlie garner yeah. More you know curly would also have out there and all of Peters have been down because you know let me talk about. Well regarded players. Let him in my opinion remarks about their bets and all down utility. Back and catch effectively operate routes better routes. Our Internet in the circle route on the back built more or leaking jet streams and also have the ability to run between the tackles. Now without the absurd you know bad Marshawn Lynch comeback I don't know why would not be success on the you know Marchand as much about love. His ability just plain shouted their desire to be great. He glow of a wild card and I don't know that fits in well. With what group is trying to do a meet yeah after all you remember what what what what they did about what would they get. What they didn't tackle very heavy element of the personnel that well he shot chart reports out all the all the all of the law. Talk about you want them up outstanding personality on the roster immediately you really have to wait see here. Yeah you make you mr. Marshawn Lynch and I'll stick Michael Crabtree you mentioned keys arms arsenal we got rid of down there Tampa Bay a DJ Moore Charlotte was a distraction for his budget belt like he wasn't intentionally try to be distressed about did you did provide on the field before your blood so I just like our car and a bar pooper too little medical Marchand Lister right locker room fit for this unit. It's really hard to say because in all honesty you bought say. When you have a locker room that lacking in leadership. Then be rational what doesn't start to swallow. I'm just so what they see as a percent of all working well or or the right way if it comes from a guy it was a ruffled some people serpent about. Chart I liked rebels. It certainly could be worse off while and that's not necessary want to distraction that you are. It's about what a distraction well you can't weren't you know quality provider by golf on Carl I. Meanwhile decreased where were the same time there's WW off script and take your. Head and I don't know air opposite result. Are a lot of guys collectively do that people are shot there. Traders says streets I'm told all right tackle Lincoln Kennedy joining us for one last time this football season rural come back next year we hope here and I discussion and that game as the football are rushing around Livermore Ford. Dirt track. In your opinion now we've had a little bit it's under breeze since the New Year's Eve day game. And just reflect on the whole season playing quote what what do you think was wrong what Derek was its a byproduct of the injury last year. Was it a byproduct of the injury early this year in Denver. And how do you see Jon Gruden trying to get Derek back to being in a leads top of the line NFL quarterback. Like the last sort of question person I think that's what most tackle all the players is that I think they're actually had jobs over here Eric. A lot of options like he gave rich. And how to incorporate the stars that are on the clock and remember all that was really clicked and we have to start across support. And rich you are a global operation because you're all the contour are always people coming off all your. Open double portrait my schedule although stuck yep well what received that yet Charlie garner always got to got. And end and you don't yet you only have one football. But there was a time we're solid able to appease almost arts and get a revival of all and other cheap ever eclipse of order so we'll work our offense I think you'll be able to do that would here. Because there is the type of the type personally we watched yet but it's fine. The last thing you want to do they get people to the catchers over opportunity. So you want that opportunity if the bubble ball. Let me first question national what I hear a national YE request I know the all expected that Tatiana was trying to instill order lump form. What are virtually producer credibility. And there were times where I thought he shouldn't do lightly won't spoke what do latter part of your soccer player. More than he did an amateur theater really played in my book was more to me was more medical but what's typical. What that metal that I don't know but it seemed to be more on the map of that it has. Generators to make an official with the hiring coordinators are Greg Olsen was officially hires Korn general John announced on Tuesday so I guess there was official backed down. All right I NS is did not say one was last one last thing content of the show organ emission rules out there long. And her suit. I'm you know and Obama Obama people opted out people's fears. That. Arrogantly about our jobs or all season I thought that we've got to talk to whatever John offers I'll give you one dollar more. And that's also in the Pacific Ocean water in the conduct of Africa a had a great off season rather stay inside shots aren't sure how basically Lincoln Kennedy had said for the footballer and we'll sort. Who works there was still leaves the word. We're big league talk at all to fly the defensive lineman. And then slowly started to back off for free agency go at least Alabama more than the first or the new league year in a come by and everything else you know and I start to get sand. It's not preparing for the games like during the week it's it's a lot of work to get ready for some wishing you just go in Sunday not after repair and just a little download to your brain call again right. But when the games actually get rolling on the weekends I do understand that there's no more. Our football media broadcasting and watch it it's not saying no I'm getting a little sad because there's filters that I thought was most is our complaint about the product that there is an iPhone ball. We sat last night Carter is filters and rifle volley wanna watch you cast it blown out by Herat serve the Yankees they got killed or spurs wills it's the lakers I electrical wants lob the ball all the routes what do you AT and let. All sad about haven't been all those I know when a third overall for awhile burn hazardous distort what we had the ball games also let you know coming QB third there's so. It's tough. Quarterback holds little skittish about could be the quarterback coach so who lost the deal quarterbacks coach for the old Jerry Jones large blow job George yeah. And you guys did you discuss security after the blood is Bob about certifies him to get. Push push push. Now after the red top shelf on 95718. All he's doing. I'm going to be involved in from different capacities smaller capacity of one of the around him and you want to look at it could have great respect for airmen cars there's he'll be away from it until her arm her work Brady always figured oh good what is critically sure I want a good parent particularly with guns because you have to be able to match. There's going to be able content experience out there are quite frankly. Indoors and I just didn't know that ability right member Thelma good cause. That is Rich Gannon. Wartime wonderful bowl quarterback MVP of the 2002 years joining us on Wednesday as he does once a week here in the afterlife none especially in the game and he was honest. It just got another meeting which Jon Gruden and he told no he is not going to be the raider quarterback coaches know the more I thought about it quarterback coaches may. It's a wide range depending how one organization who you are. Banning the averages 300 to 400000 dollars a year. Rich probably makes more than that to a TV. And you know he does show up but he works hard but you know basically starts cranking up studies everything throughout the offseason those days are free and you know they go to training camp because the Packers pre season games again and Ireland and on mission any structural into the regular season the seventeen Sundays in excess amount. You ought to be a quarterback coach and take a pay cut and working insane hours a John group this capital Furyk. I didn't the FB what I saw rich though in LA and New Year's Eve day he told me. Is gonna do it. You said dominant and they come and do this and so they're ready summit called to do it too. Pad and then you know Carlin dies I turn Harlem especially should start early and open discussion about it. And I thought he was gonna do it but I think ultimately the more you think about it he's just. There's a line was from the press conference on Tuesday Gary hall and are you all and John Burns all and to come back got to be all end. And I think rich met with surprise me. Is that he said he she doesn't think he's gonna do this ever in his life I thought maybe just now and little later I mean when you like your risk anywhere you like to be offensive coordinator one day in NBA head coach one day we'll have these fossils. The golden ticket popped this was golden chance to do to get into what the guy who grew dim that you know what it's obviously we've talked about it incessantly on the show. Brought out the best or Rich Gannon. And if he's gonna get incidents under group missiles those vessels was great Chad's. Maybe if the job opens up in his home where it was eleven had an assault and how sorry he could do it next year I do I want to do the vikings have a nobody maybe wasn't look closer to home can put this I thought this was an ideal opportunity for him to come back to slow from black to help all the raider nation he loves terror carved by him not taken this. Actually think that he's never gonna do he's comfortable Kevin Arnold had a great team he calls big gains for CBS. Why leave the bulls wouldn't recommend. Have a half million dollar I don't know exactly what he's Macon but I had think it was good it may he gave an anonymous. Thought any thought about it for a long time and ultimately chose not to do it. I'm taken when John was a head coach originally twenty years ago 98 through 01. The quarterback coach originally heavily was march freshman. So he had John relay coach bill Callahan. Was the offensive coordinator offensive line coach and I tell the title of offensive co coordinator. And then in March freshman first households and herself yes she's been everywhere. He's a good coach Herrmann wrote this cause of the Ford got just a mid nineties when we go. I edited what any of our let's say not a he's got to go please please call. Is god got the other half particularly reserved for what is it that your body did a lot of response and over Irvine got a little nutty as a lot and he's he's got about a lot of trial what do you say when Eddie says he's god using their floating in the river shortly at all. All. Michael Carly LO plus plus plus on my joy is still hot outside noise they're never here Mary thanks for sure there's a lot. Yeah it was march freshman and then when it. John laughed I was traded to Tampa. Bill Callahan became the head coach march freshman became the offensive coordinator. And you know the quarterback coach was Jim Harbaugh. I served so well did Michelle Porter SF we grew just quality control and I think he became wide receiver coach Dan that's a guy do you ever think he'll make the jump from Stafford because he's at all job opportunities and ways wetting down or Stafford he recruits well instead referred. I've read that Davis policies like he'd be a quality NFL knows he may get Martin's done if he if he let it be known of the NFL owners that he was available coastal he may get eleven near deal for a 101 million while I. I don't know I mean sure he's got our special all right what they get more every wanted to but David shall be hired they they court gym every single year but every time I talked John. He's loved Stanford and she's dream job he does everything that Harbaugh does with the power running game and any events so all right so. Risky and it's not gonna take the quarterback coaching job for gender. And this is this is not this is a job it's not for everybody not you have to be able to deal with crude and his energy. And also way. As she got up and Pollyanna but a lot of coach you don't really affect the you don't do that but Derrick confided that you're gonna be every Greg goals said he had Johnny Greg Olsen had Derek cardiac battered TJ Emanuel off. If they welcome back. So out. What is it we have a little fun here some little plug here and I did little Friday fly me pull wants to be the quarterback coach. Rich Gannon passed on this job. So we're gonna find out. Oh Orleans dude me Q ridge who. All right. Let's go back and review all of jungle ruins quarterbacks since he was head coach of the raiders from 1988. Two when he was fired in 2008. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Greg do you remember his first year and 88 correct idea all right well our first contestant on who wants to be QB coach. He was quarterback that was drafted first overall with. UN falcons. And then he was traded to the colts I wanna say earlier way or other way around the memories from the scandals and the concern you international broad ripple high school in Indianapolis he went to the colts' number well that's correct so. Let's start off with a Jeff Georgia of course let's remember the times where he was not such a classy quarterback with the raiders. They're gesture. Entire game. Against Georgia in revenue due. It's winning the class George Christopher as I returned to Georgia Dome individual insurance don't know. Every other studio Deloitte depend underwear the line highly embarrassed I'm Greg Vaughn Taylor was like can't act like you wanna do. Cup finale like it alum Jeff joins. What do you like that I would he be a good fit as QB coach would Jon Gruden as I recall that year. Jon and Jeff George remaining issue until the story. And Joseph Johns getting all animated about the game before and I think is safety comes data shows his love. He's got to get I don't blame you gotta gotta go and Jeff George looked at him and said coach. I guess she's seeing male on the bank it don't matter how humble guy jumped over the table which is followed Jan. Theories aren't sure did yeah Gerrard put the game as George. Jeff George. They are getting it done a lot of stuff up on the answer would be you don't know that he's going to go. All right we'll take a jealous you're all you live. I've always not coming back because quarterback he's got fifty ability to date to wherever you go about their footage of jurors do or to come back in coach and complete quarterback sometimes he's there are fifty years old is. Don't dare we call John and Sam ideologue draw over the QB coaches. I don't know I'm not that I what about the other you guys don't Mollison Wade Wilson finding out about Donald Hollis I remember Donald Hollis well. Donald Hollis was the one in Baltimore a few years later than actually scored a touchdown plunge wasn't given a run of losing a game and NC bank stadium. The issue stayed on his way Wilson. Who was just fired. As the quarterback coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And he did run 25 bingo cross for John to get a no win over the San Diego Chargers today that John got pulled over for you did you apply a block from his house. So Wade Wilson is now 59 years of age right so you're on their feet. 1558 top 58 years colts quarterbacks he calls quarterbacks for the cowboys owner from 2000 to 2002. Chicago Bears from old fort 06. That would account earlier in the classroom as well sounds like he's quote that I seventy so sounds like he's qualified. This is intriguing candidate here way to rose 45 bingo for us labels as much. Wade Wilson and the geriatric Palo OK and you're back so we'll get back to Wade Wilson good. Yeah we'll get back tabled an active so old I don't wanna be age discriminatory because I have so rich pass on the job his backup was of course mark is Tuiasosopo. Who employ. And markets it is actually the outfits and glad I don't any audio for him but I do remember fondly and thrown the pass to Tim Brown the one yard line. In us losing the game and android and it's really and it will Detroit don't get told he had suggested Monday it. When you look look what he was very short carry colonies and the backyard Fulton County executive at Berkeley soul is a quick poll call these colts quarterback Keller Washington he's a cal right now Izzy is a cal Berkeley gray did markets tomorrow this is Leo so when I love the guy from the Tuiasosopo. Please don't show quarterback Neil yeah there's a tiger to multiple times somebody. May have done this the only guy in college football history to throw for 300 yards and run for 200 yards in the same game. The one thing I remember America's Tuiasosopo and he got his big chance to start in Detroit at Ford Field. He had heard like five minutes of the game and the and when he was younger players maybe he had small hands spontaneous thing I was Smith and you know they say about quarterbacks this well Jerry got. Small loans slowed by. He would drop. The center snap. At least once a period every time. Every every every time they did want to play an offensive you know girls are brought in the periods at least one time that period. It was a back out she wasn't him all the reps he would just drop the centered exchange saw I would think I would have to say tell. How low do you judge yeah. I actually got an oil Derrick to learn that from Rodney Hudson shown to reality guys I say our logo when no one now want to finish if I could be Rollins Tuiasosopo seems like he's a quality coach I love the name and his role here I want I want yeah Alabama back up Joba who was here where I could go we hope so bolstering us is so cool. Well let's go back to some bad memories that 2000 AFC championship game only they don't know you about it I'm going lol yeah. I really don't don't you order route did well on his DNA and was her was was pummeled by by Tony seraguso and that horse. Came in now Bryant Brian Moyer pulled Bobby avoiding. Who could EV. The next QB coach for the Oakland Rajon John Hanna in Philadelphia before until I came here and that is just loyalists say is seen magic doesn't AFC championship game. They Oakland Raiders led the league in rushing that year. You know the raiders leading rusher was in the AFC title game that your body joy are you. Our fifth trip to say no more that was also shouldn't sharpener in 96 yard touchdown great humor and hurt link always tell the story. When nick rich got hurt and he actually got hurt the first play the game and the AC tell him Michael McCrary came churn around the edge. I always thought very Simms and and the snap count right Goodrich told me was the issue in the ball may have snapped her late. From fairgrounds maybe it will employ today events. Quite a column I got very carried that game seraguso take separation plants and on the shoulder he's done. And Bobby hauling had to come to the game instead of liquid crystal the story on the air here. Where he could not get the play called which he was stuttering and stammering and Roland David Sloan outrage at home or maybe not the pressure situation working for Jan so. I don't know I could be wrong but I would say no and about it. He's ever close to either he's ever coached. After retiring from full also I would say no either knows very well hold a note on bullying not able to do all right moving. And let's go to win than when John went. Tampa Bay. As like blazing saddles here a couple of Johnson's we'll start off fifth with his Super Bowl winning quarterback who joined as about a month ago when one it's is not even bring this topic out. But Brad Johnson who of course. Kick the raiders as the Super Bowl we come back in coach for the raiders Greg Johnson & Johnson has branded key shots didn't do Malaysia. I can realize what Johnson everybody coach anywhere vines have never seen them in his history Knoll no coaching experience at all. I would have to say no regrets any allies stay. Yes he beat the raiders in Super Bowl 37 so now so you know the one thing I want John to make clear extra forgot to ask in the senate when he came on the air this Tuesday. I wanted to burn everything computer. Analog to come in that building and any future on his body might just get these Soderbergh reportedly ring put in a safe and put away. I like him to bring the Super Bowl 37 trophies from one but placed back to his rightful spot before he comes back so no. We do not want Brad Johnson coach of the writer quoted local legend yesterday afternoon delight I would say no all right now what about the guys that. Well his job was stolen from Doug Flutie. In buffalo the other Johnson oh a little Rob Johnson. All in the got a little robo ball back although that guiding USC cornerback is a good looking guy he was a problem for the Iraq. There are good looking guy he had one good game. That's and just go play action there and Leigh Steinberg got him I want shapes up here's what is life like 45 our neighbor lady's yesterday. And then had to go play hit but collateral effect and Doug Flutie was a bit undersized teaming him extra brothels so are you saying a short while. Overall I lose John bunting is rob Johnson and any coaching experience undressed and always been an assistant football coach at mission Diego high school. How is full Mark Sanchez went to southern calorie I'm Nigeria's Southern California and dirty Sanchez dirty Sanchez. I would say no I would say no these are ready for me I don't know fine we'll be ready as a player now won't be ready as a coach Jody Johnson is still no go on the Johnson's no no go to John is they are Johnson. At Erica there are several years now barred horrible pretty well. Imagine my guy and they always under the Laker game on Sarah Janssen. There and you will be OK okay we've always out there that isn't the final horn goes. So are other good friend Jeff Garcia was a quarterback Arnold killed relay for the good I told. My information he did Beckham as usual low shot they ever had. I don't know the bush didn't have a girl to have you but yeah shut up okay all of our guests doing let's wasn't so fond memories of Jon and Jeff back in the day. Did start to have a little fun here just the god yeah we all want all the. OKMR hero player game now hello on worker. I come out of retirement now and you don't make you play now. That's some of the good life. A couple of good miss timed a feed on the NFL films is normally. Another good at Boston alertness and a does that show other people. This I would liars don't. Up for color definitely quarterback Gary savage shot this is that the roughly a 100000006. Garcia is high on my list. Ohio mullis Wade Wilson yeah I John Garcia I don't know how to work out what gets me fired up whatever goes on a show. My question and I mean I love Jeff on the show and LaMont 49ers pregame live in post game live as they'll leave there and Dennis Brown. But I think that's where his passion is I think he still thinks he can play problem isn't there a better than tired I. Brought him in just specifically back up JaMarcus Russell that was his job. And where he wanted to compete for the job should show and tell him he's not like. This you can do towards a more crucial to delay eroded his career is very good about good shape when jamarcus I don't have now what happens on this is his other leave. Jeff Garcia I think is the leader in the clubhouse all right over the top the list above Wade Wilson and what you're hello parents of growth going Wilson he's actually done the job for years so. Our ability. More than would rather just stole the job from back in the day it was Chris Simms son to Phil Simms ruptured spleen ruptured spleen there. Increased as a good job at the ice seems sometimes on the happy hour Philly and I guess you're there what he's doing random reason rental yeah got a very cushy job that we actually true reporter nice office out there in New York have been out there'll be looked overlooked in Central Park. He's got plenty of money in the babies to be a great broadcaster really ripped everybody for taking a step your game today is that all of that what could he handle. The offense and Jon Gruden look let's listen to see Chris Simms. Perry I think green right and shipped them like the right three Q bicycling yeah that's good looking down one. Just goes steadily west right tonight after after 372 wise Dixon's Blackberry goes scattered the west quite tight and left. I'm not an. Christ it's because I guess that was like tight end flat at 317. Was big news about your scattered. Very down. Okay let's go right tight best left movies that need to wise they exist we scattered. Price tag stuff that was right tight at left. Three Q3 seven there's underneath you why stick why he's back he's bought dollars us. Tries to. Comfort that I'm on what no one that. The fact that the kids are still very. This is Jian always spoke so nice and clear view because he's he's a cunning linguists himself. Could be illegally is all right he had no. Fidelity as younger enunciated properly and just like you can do that Chris Simms I would say no plus. You know his best buddy is in the world and imagine all that's right yeah okay. And is that we asked him what conflict adventurous child's play the I think Kyle when they had him on his staff he said noted that soon. You know back and enjoy all right what about you love Josh McCown I do but you forget that Luke McCown and kind of there was also. On grew means quarterback list and gruden was he fun of him back in the day what does this order. I ever did at all. You know and had black. All right so let's go I guess from this account. Listen the minute you drive your wage insurance because and they all those I must say go while Luke that's not an award is out is that looks don't play any other. Oh I think he's back and don't forcing his back and Drew Brees the zest back open football didn't do or zero related articles of the back of New Orleans getting even ask for. When he played for Brees last year he had an extraordinary game I was out of Dallas Cowboys practice squad. His practice partner for the cowboys who should this year then you can listen to him banana all right what about guys actually never played for rooting guys that. Were within a TV here's something like may be Ron Jaworski who avoid censorship and. Over baker. Starts for the okay. Hillary thing. And then of course now John had Roy as he moved from the Booth so odd jobs and saw for themselves they're innovative action all right so we're sort of say no one last one again John was so far this QB in the draft. Could you just say the hell with Canadian Football League. I'm coaching which Jon Gruden man Zell will be a smash hit. I really believe fascia is an Italian star I believe so as Dell and he's guided global bleeding can. I am with you I think he can create offense unlike most guys I've ever seen I think he has guts quickness vision. And he loves the big arena. He loves the big stage but Boyle British make it moves here but Johnny didn't hold Baird did that in workouts and what we let one out that's less blood hopefully John Bruce Gradkowski. No one timer Bruce almighty. Bruce almighty Bruce and at tonight's show my choices to be Bruce and Jeff Garcia Dewayne Wilson. And I played most of point five bingo across notified Beagle cross change yeah it through purity it's David I would go Jeff Garcia. Kuwait lows will probably be the Smart pick. We'll through scratch out delicacy Bruce router running around now and Alameda the best to be around Jewelers U crushed because you're a London judge George and when what did you insurance through. Look at it but I've got and that is what should be quarterback olds revealed clear raiders also. Body double potty groceries ordered prudent. So we're gonna dive boards instead of Curry's injury here we're a little bit below good third of this article we'll talk about it. Right here in the afternoon delight as Bob about a 357 game. No. Now that's good Greg Papa shall hunt on 957. Big game and. Well it's good to have practiced today he winds up for everything they've lost 400% but we really have to wait and see how it feels in the morning and it seems like it's minor but we obviously have to be very careful as we move forward. That is warrior coach Steve Curwood Damon Bruce Chester the warriors actually surely a lesson 11 AM yesterday it landed it I worked out at Marquette University Al McGuire court Pennington is I love coach McGuire. Former coach Marc Kevin when a child's only seven. So we thought there's a lot of optimism Stafford play my staff has been ruled ouch. Other game tonight and it's the same right ankle won't get into the whole history. I gotta say I am concerned perished after surgery on this ankle and another 2011 offseason came back in April 2012. Right after they made the Monta Ellis Andrew Bogut trade and shut them down. And we thought we were over this she said in her mid neck ankle strains throughout put his ankles are tough. And he strained at the end of the game and Orleans or this erroneous lead on each one more short and exactly what did he do. Did he have his ankles taped to what was he doing there's no one really. This is warriors are and aren't saying much about it there's no video that we have uncovered a person and now. Yeah Vontae and it actually was there for the warriors shoot around on Wednesday. My god Logan Murdoch's guys are rarely lose lose her you called Zetterberg VI RV resort you know long time on a long time or was she would like kind of changes fassel is stylish are kidding they usually dress more like half tracks the words are increasingly sports Bay Area the assignment desk and actually called one of those he's a very high school football player no overall athlete of Berkeley -- called on his football games but now. He's left just c.s are now he's writing and he's working in ICM asked the questions is Steve Kirk. Pair dressed very nice to Logan Murdoch from the Bay Area news group joins us here in the afternoon delight here in 957 game we wake you up earlier load a satellite your half asleep. I'm I'm Barbara we try to limit so I just wanna say bonnet but they know. All people talking about facts. And now. Look at the share you have is that Mike Tyson are excited to talk up the floodgates that today is gonna tell us it's the today largely in Manila bus. Seizures all learned by the slogan has styled itself. In any event I do I do appreciate your your knowledge or scorcher plated at a high level you deserved it to a great work on Bay Area news group fighting and asking questions. You're the one member of the media I think actually laid there is eyeballs or her eyeballs on staff and what happens so. Take me back to the Wednesday's shootaround and what you saw with the latest Jeff curry ankle sprain on the. Well usually go. I we come in the media who can't and step forward Kevin Durant shooting at the the near court we go ahead. And though the normal which polls shoot around shooting workout with the step there and ncube was Bruce Fraser. And down they lose that abnormal. It went in for a shuttered the slipped and he went down around them know. Frazier and kind of came up a little bit Fraser then and he talks word now about maybe a minute or so and then you walk to the China or act as part of you know opportune of a threat level there too and who thought out are they that he was kidding not auto fuel supplement those. It may seem like to lose that bet. And he walked to the China armaments here we are now. Or did you actually see what happened to the ankle that he rolled the ankle did you slide what do you actually see the movement were were the ankle was three injured Logan. It can go movement exactly my ankle he can't he kind of looks forward so you cut it looked kind of you couldn't see the fuel how it it's been quiet but he walked on one of all power which would seem encouraging. Okay that was there any concern what do you say for Fraser rode through Q talk to staff there for a minute or so where it was there any panic while was thirty trying to scurrying around Currie and be like he said he did did you go. He can't again Jose series. I'll look you could see not those some players on the other end of the court are kind of look and see what happened. I think Lou Andre McDowell on the other side of the Corbett there from Oregon jump shot that and they were kind of look at that and see what happened to you know. Whenever that hurt all sorted out what kind of a big deal. Good round. It statement like that that he walked do all of his all power in a bad bad night he'd dated seemed as it earned it seem like it was more a mental thing than any program. Lawyers enacting a plan that I chose to reach your misses since this curious ankle sprain heaven and shootaround which is normally just doesn't go glorified walk through they don't to a whole lot to go over the scouting plan and it. My dad Logan do enlighten me what what he does this far is he he's obviously a hardware authority comes out for games ever seen a guy work as hard. Before a game his staff and he will go starting about 515 and is six Teddy goes close to twenty minutes on every the ball landed a shooting. And we see it on games in fact we put it on TV live at. When he came back December the thirtieth against Memphis. That elaborate show that we see in the fans get to watch before games does he do that same work out in the morning of a shoot around or is it less. A little blip also bears sometimes you can be sure around maybe it shouldn't come just 110 under Ryan he could be the most obvious to him you know you'll get a couple shot a couple for you then hope you don't know. But some little word out wood into dirt and two gunshots Linda kind of look at a lighter barge and belief that we didn't shut the but I wouldn't say that it. As elaborate. You know statement the court the pregame routine work you ought of left and layout of these durable and doing all that. I is a question you may have zero answer but typically players are not required to. Should save their ankles for a morning shootaround because they don't really do a whole lot. But guys have and usually when a guy does have this kind of injury in the morning should do our around invariably you'll find out that he didn't say there's ankles that take do you have any knowledge. It staff taped he's if he typically takes his ankles even on the day of a shoot around or if he did at this particular day. On I can't say that he what do you did or did not take it to date usually sound which Iran are usually he's wearing white who. Is open and close out under armour choose what you wanted sold gold I didn't really see eight. Or I can really say what I thought Faber did not detail on this particular day but it that you feel lighter. Environment like you said during shootaround and I use we beat them maybe it is quote under armour loose up like that. Beckett and all the way decked en route and Carmelo weather yet it or not. So some days he does where the load times are so high chancellor when he when he goes through this trailer says that sometimes happens. Sometimes look out but when you when you where you go nowhere is that. Couple weeks back when he was marketed read the rich you screwed that she was somewhere though. Or you don't want he would put the group but the depth and late but definitely you've got to shoot out. So. He had dancing grandma being disagreeable it's. Exactly exactly he was paying a lot to hurt you war though he were gold closed out shoot an assurance. The bears but sometimes that happens. Actually dancer there real early show one night and her son as they got the words that bright gold jacket that was solid answers so we have to open waters you learn all kinds of things do. Logan you're doing great work we can occasionally catching a press conference whenever I hear your voice Logan we wanna here's question with a Q&A with. But Steve Kerr and I'm reading you your doing great words you are way better dressed and gone to college and about a hundred Heidi when you guys notion. Well our cattle quick story I've we've met have met he met and met a Berkeley Berkeley that it already that we pro launch. And though you try to play basketball one comma kind of bears a monthly wage job and we've been best friends ever since. The plot is three point shall always guarding cannot close off while he did you post all people Reggie Miller thirty hit a three ahead anyway that we've we've advanced was only said Samoa. They gave I I I did your high school football game I think that was the night of Berkeley high it was a brutally cold and they had they had a sub for the anti ballistic crane in Mike allows you to great cal quarterback is that the games when you I was in the late that night. Yet they would it was Berkley high as 2008 terribly good food that is 2008 it didn't sound James Logan high school. While sophomore quarterback and I. I I spoke nickel spot duty in place of Ian Anderson. Or four a quarter for the second quarter and down. I don't know what completed a pass but it looks fun experience. I think I still have this body boards that I saved from that night and I brought them I bought an initial your yard left issue rosty Simon just get pledge here it is an insult for. I gave me Kathleen do you use this copy of the just give us your beside. I don't know how I play dvd expansion and and I can't. An audio player dvd yeah. But I know what good are. He's got an eight track after I got going to be thrown just I had a phonics thing on all the relevant slid up the dvd player for problems are slated I could bet on that beautiful some luggage Levi and style and you look Greg is sound great thank you for your inside Allen have always stepped in the day to shoot around my friend. Are you get our luggage loaded word that slug back the curtains are good guys. He's a great kid is Bob as great since she's always been supportive when he was internal memo podcast Meehan my guys had to sportswear was more for about a year he would in turn chime in from time to know if they don't like about Logan that easily the Fed. He is easily come and right before a warrior game edition and the assignment desk and he's like they're playing the lakers that nine's gone with the Kobe Jersey and my attitude. Suits girl Sandra don't see that the Dodgers are way ahead IAE does enough he taped the ankles. And where in the low jobs animosity I'm not onboard a lot more with Texas is marketed besides how she uses Cosby's shoes area has all but why wasn't curly intersect the ankle very aware how the tops with singles like Dallas he's gonna get into a shooting rhythm like the ones that I see him do and he gets up on his toe steps like a cat. The beautiful thing about Steffi is when he when he glanced. He is pounced in red eagle back up and he's always in the ready surety position. So I think it it were. Unless find out if he taped his ankles and as a Florida Milwaukee with. And then if you would go touch is that that's not a good combination there SI year old an ankle will try not to freak out. But he just signed a five year deal for 200 million dollars and we thought he was over this ankle issue by. Affect here so we're not gonna freak out. But he did miss 26 days in eleven games and I was missing his second in a row on the same ankle looked like an innocuous shooting drill more into the game so let you know what I'm Telus have Kurt hey go get an hour flight. Active California and sit out this Rocha is blankley well for its artist pop at the fifth annual.