Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, January 3rd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Jeff Garcia (Formers 49ers QB). This hour covers Hall of Fame nominations and who deserves to be in, Jeff Garcia's history with Gruden, and Jordan Bell looking impressive. 


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Pierre I should be the highest paid player that's ever played so we can't do this so we got to go year by year. I think he's he's tough to do Jewish draw come to because he said such great success so quickly. That's got to be anxious and missing here but we got to get to some hall of fame talk here mosque or CEO Julio walked. They would go. It is nice and I'm looking have been murdered spread his arms. Who else but now I'm going to be an branded home. Okay you know. I have been suspended at all but I cannot. I'm grateful falls for the rest of the. Yeah. A Dell model black chopped down. We left his job deduce I mean there are certain that he had taken him out and Randy Moss. Good and they think Jon Gruden. Let me and I told the story before then Tina Charles Woodson is on the pregame run ninth countdown when Randy Moss. But John was coaching the raiders there that you mosque was shouldn't be playing against Charles Woodson. Is in the metrodome remembers and then the sideline nation Jana. Any jail or thirty yards from looked then like what. Let me just show. And he said and again and again I'd like what are you talking about but that's that's the way Jon Gruden it interacts with players show. That's big hitter Randy Moss and how about they made here not formulated so that we got there somebody filed those are the modern air finalist truly Pro Football Hall of Fame twenty agent class was announced last night and NFL network broadcasts and obviously Ray Lewis. Any Yemeni yours and you should go and an orange jump suit. But he will be a first ballot hall of Famer guy life on the road Brian Urlacher. Is not a first ballot hall of Famer. There are other guys here you know we were we were waiting on Roger Craig dashed around Raj you gotta learn the veterans committee so he's back to make it I'll get so many years down the line that's a travesty that is try to be one of the best buy best running backs in the eighties. 1000001. Kind ever do wake up call tomorrow to backfill around between the tackles once Super Bowl titles I don't get the dislike for Roger Craig I just don't close my eyes I. It's a galaxy let's part of the issue or shall address as is said dad I think it's a little bit. Like cliff branch with the raiders there's just so many players from those teams that made it and they just can't take a mall. But I think Roger Craig revolutionize the position he was a perfect Wesco is running back for Bill Walsh but in any event. Roger with the I think he's borderline but I think he deserves a better shape to hopefully make an veterans committee but you know we Jerry Kramer's god of the veterans committee now. I didn't even realize this. I got three years Jerry Kramer was in the hall saying. So I'm I'm aghast that he's not so I think Jerry Kramer. The same mechanism that put ray guy and he will go in there are few other names that are outraged and we're not to go through a mall. Isaac Bruce one of the most beautiful route runners ever seen he is a hall of famers on quiet humble way. I remember watching him with the niners practice against the raiders in Napa is an older player. And dear lord keep the way you planned route either Jerry Rice was precise and Jerry was split Isaac Bruce and we had scored for me a lot of little while ago. Chest it was dancing was choreography his steps in his route running was just so precise and then John Lane shoe. I think we'll make it one day at a current niner general manager child law Iverson Walsh Tony miceli Kevin lie. And things are okay. Euro zone players almost let's art than a day it's crux of the conversation. I that you bombastic wide receivers here. And this is TERRELL OWENS third year on the ballot. Callaway this by the way I thought it works nominal referenced my friend ray red zone and from the happy hour. Ray believes that there's a real push back on time CEO and you know you can talk about a law jammed. It wide receiver remember a few years ago there was when I was Cris Carter and it was Andre reed and it was Tim brown and they had to wait their turn it wanna take the same position. Group found more than one in a single clash here's the point I was make an array is Owens has got to wait longer. Constrained he's gonna go in as a first ballot hall of Famer and raise thinking is. They're eight or nine guys that loads. Chia. And they don't care if if moss and all words. And John Maynard and Don Hudson are all out there they're never know wide receivers. They're not gonna let TO into the hall of fame. Ever that's asinine though they're her bolstered be revoked pop the guys are hall of Famer. If you're looking for god I'm dreary in this hall of fame yet Tim Brown who I think it's slightly overrated. Gotta have Terrell Owens in this hall of fame. Had a receiver top the bottom three down receiver. Pulverized DBs into the ground are running plays ran every rout on Iran actually stronger as the ball he had he had an attitude yeah he was indeed look but the guy made plays and really did it without a second receiver ever his career later he had Chad Ochocinco crippled the niners those JJ stokes about the dog JJ cells is different program JJ folks really what the bad guy that we thought he was going to be coming out UCLA Tai streets gimme a break Cedric Wilson junior Blake. Philadelphia. Come on of these eight guys were voting should not be voting that if you got personal agendas or did Saudi. Overtime they may not and I you know raise more light on the process and you mentioned who are these voters and Al Davis would call me every year when he was trying to get ray guy cliff branch and you know these people who are due to time it was 44 they bumped him up to fifty. Read outs on me last night it's like 48. I you know I know Matt my Yoko was one and Nancy gay slash she's a different industry. Ira Miller doesn't vote I don't actually even know who they are the vote and and there's no really we bitch about the NBA in the last human report and it's bogus we're trying to be transparent. The football people they don't even I don't even know they voted they have like an Iowa caucus for I don't know what they do at least a baseball. It's it's computerized 75%. Vote. What they get up in a filibuster and they talked they shout him down I don't know what title and I'll process works so I'm with you. TO clearly going to look at the numbers between she owner Eddie moss they are right almost identical. Now I was of the opinion. Because tee oh there's been a bad teammate right that he needed I did not and I do delineate some people don't I do. First ballot hall of famers to me is a different level so if you're on the ballot the first time to me. No way I I describe you have to be all hall of famers hall of Famer. LA coliseum if we're gonna have a game with the hall of fame your client and he may be starting there's some guys that are there just to fill out the roster. It's the first ballot guys are no. Doubters they are in. And I thought TO. Because it is it the ultimate team game wasn't bad enough teammate. Emma Jeff Garcia joins us. Jeff was one of those guys you know he accused Jeff all kinds of things I don't know I know so I wanted to get an honest opinion and Jeff. In both regards thrown the ball I think you're talking about Jimmy he is a more it was a better Michael. Irvin. A power player but much better no one of the tackle that guy he can also take that slant Ron Lewis Slaton goal he could run every every. Every route on the rack treats and he's a hall of Famer I would have held amount just one or two years but rays of the opinion it. That there's enough people that do get votes in this claim to Stein club that we don't know who the hell they are they can't nice these people. That is not gonna go now as far as Moscow was. You can make the same comment. Then Randy Moss is a bad team that I do and I saw an up close I saw him come into Oakland initially. With a good attitude when Al traded for a and I saw that first game in New England when he went in there and dominate the patriots won the game his fifth game as a raider he got scissor to his legs split in the you know he and plays well the rest of that year but then I saw him with the Art Shell Tom Walsh team. Just basically shut it down Acton mass to shut it down buck and I remember Al calling me and say because he was gonna be forced to trade him. If you're ready run anymore. Say hello I don't know if he doesn't run and they games any doesn't even he is running in practice you can't get him. Did you when he Amtrak to Sammy so I know the bad teammate side of him. He was a bad actor here but in my without a question if I was. Chosen to be a voter on on this committee Randy Moss is a first ballot hall of Famer he changed. The game. He was on light CEO. He could not run the entire row archery but man. What are you rain and was unstoppable. He was the greatest two foot jumper which are Marty would do more of what he did it come to a two foot plank awoke and get the ball. And then nine rout needed wanna I wanna crossing right you wanna get hit. But he also what he did more than anything he changed the game. You know why he's Aqib Talib. Richard Sherman why do you have all these high cut 64 corners Freddy Martin Green Bay have to go out and get an L Wilson guy could you had to deal with just spent a whole track riding Jesus freak of nature. He was six for long though. It was a basketball player you're thrown Alley oops to hit Jason Williams always right well you're behind West Virginia he would get behind so. I had Randy Moss wasn't bad actor and a bad teammate at times but he was such a dominant player. And he changed offensive football he also changed defense on a match up with him. Randy Moss is a first ballot hall of fame. Her but here's a game we talk about all the bad attitude who TO when you do that and now is that Randy Moss is a bad teammate. His dad teammate everywhere his second state lament a solo. His running off the field. It the way he got traded from New England how we dog them at the end of this fingered error he was doing the first year is good the first year but he always sour just like CEO they're basically the thing god does differed different types of receivers so fees the first ballot concealed in Baghdad are now I die I don't know I got. No I don't I don't think moss was that bad is also adding rhetoric mall while Jeff can speak to it more or weekend. I think he wrecked seems there's no question TO made it about him. That's how it was different he was a more well rounded player TO but Randy Vontae just simply. He changed the leak all the sites all cornerbacks they they had to come they'll need to try to stop one guy. So he is a first ballot hall of Famer and now he's gonna get a hell of a speech when he uses is. Going to be a great speech going to be a great speech and hopefully TO Randy Moss evolves and and the same hall of fame but you've got guys like Urlacher here we both agree on a first ballot but the hall of fame. You know there's certain guys who shouldn't be on the ballot like Brian Urlacher was a very good linebacker. Good linebacker. The whole thing aren't I don't I and they got a first ballot voter INO Brian Urlacher. Was the modern. Tampa two middle linebacker he would dropping their coverage in cover he was a safety in Mexico was Eli I silent about I think I think I'd know I'd Brian Urlacher was a hell of a player he didn't tackle like butt kisser singletary. They the game changed and John you're right now Brian Urlacher to play and that's the kind of guy looking for when you talk three down linebacker in today's game. He's not a scraper Michael Ray Lewis sideline to sideline I think he is I honestly at this not right away but I appreciate Brian Urlacher scale. When he would drop in the middle that defense should be asked to cover a post route in the championship once solid Florida Maria us. His skill set was was very modern I. I don't think hall of fame and I think Urlacher why Erica linebacker just like Angela Jones I'm looking good run these back. Edgerrin James when he left Indianapolis Joseph Addai can't. Came in Sandy Bridge wrapped in a mother LSU maybe it's good to be on offense when Joseph but does. I don't know malveaux ought to process goals and we will talk more about this also talk about how grew more handle players certain players on Oakland Raiders and Jeff Garcia will join us at one. 28 PM criteria to realize Koppel bonds and every person there. Okay. Now down. Great accomplish you don't want. On 95% in the game. It's okay. It's all right so you wanna hear it. That's why you get your ass in no way any meany room with the receivers who was done every day. Every day I don't care I don't care if you like it not a. You know you know one thing man. I hear you. You're you're gonna explode on this saying we're just gonna be like us. Love Chucky you lose a guy what's the I very grateful for that. This is really happening Saturday earlier in the ocean there graders in fact there's a report now that Paul Gunter. It is interviewing to be the defensive coordinator. But they're haters who was he talking to him that got. Us isn't have left a that is so this does is they nose done deal it's not a done deal may have to wait until obviously they comply with the Rooney rule. Annie does the game at arrowhead and they say he reads being cool. They series vehicles in the C that is closing doors I'm sorry I would I would not be cool I would I Jai and around my team in any way everyone on learning one thing possibly. Tennessee's playoff team freighters I could play them next year but they are gonna play Kansas City try spread. May pwnage guys gonna go there in charge of rummaging around Indy Reid's office deceiving you find that they were in for the Tyree killed 530 caller yeah exactly are those. He called a few kids is engaged sushi I don't have a little bit longer to Jay gruden game and actor Andy Reid wanted to. China do addressed the team. Kansas City Chiefs. And Jack if they're playing a Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football and he backed away and he said now I hear me. Only appropriate for me so John didn't want to do it I think in the back in his mind now I always wonder how long this has been going on. There's he would actually do this and I think a lot of it is in what 2009 every peace accord now the no but I mean actually leave the Booth now aren't I mean he's I don't think he was. I don't know fail what do say yes come back that mandatory ten year I don't know. You know he was with Mike to Rico then the finances are change sort of like your urges some SATA and Jeff Garcia is gonna Jonas and a little bit. And the guy that you watch on TV Jon Gruden and even there the John Yoon quarterback camp and actually. That's the PG thirteen Jan June nature in the G rated Jon Gruden. No that one thing that I recall about him and heard a little bit about him getting on the receiver now. Is just the way he would challenge players was just it was so. Unlike anybody I've been around in professional sports and a coach or manager capacity. Before. Or since early in a lot of that was. He's used he was 34. He was full of himself and you Jackson was little like that when he was tocchet may not like John. China would come right here and inch. What should I don't know why you love trust her and you have the raider offense against the red and he would just he'd be on fire. The whole time and the things she would say the players were. I think it is it partly comical. And you would laugh but if you were a player. It you would take it the wrong way. And you know he had a there's certain guys eat and yet Tim Brown unionize and Jerry Rice. He didn't get done he didn't get out and risque and then but those guys were where you know he has guys that he had and I think I told the story before. Classic crude and one of the best ever. Just as you would listen no Ahmard Cooper Ozzie to treat Marc Cooper are to party talks doesn't say anything you know we're talking about Ozzie entry Derek Indians can use fowl language are I'm Derek in my racially you know do you jump of Marty Cooper while I don't know Michael Crabtree sue we saw what apple naysayers out -- they would fight the keys are just like celibate inactive from I don't I don't know if James gave Michael come back. And in the last couple games she took himself out of those two games the end near Philadelphia so I'm not plan. I don't know what happened at the end of the game and LA US and LSU is popping off we are going to play thirteen snaps or so I didn't even finish the game in Philadelphia that was his call and in practice that week so we are now. But anyway so be very Jerry Porter was a young. Wide receiver when he came and Jerry West Virginia really good great actually can do anything he played every position West Virginia remember him going AT&T park and taking part in a home run derby we got involved there and cherry taught. Cherry actually wanted me to call him the icons are for could tell his story that's I told this story nobody told Gerry Ford off the air and I told us on the year before but lately. And Jeff we'll speak to how we digress plays how much you can use the shotgun the league is changed. But just a way he interacts with players in the way he don't shoot out Garcia he would sure auto mall Chris Simms I remember himself and risky and one time. Is rich was she is instill as a tight ass. He said at risk in this big guy one time and take the offensive linemen not get drawn one and just onetime big guy. Hang out with a beverage is like don't gonna study film like this. So it's just the way but they did to the Jerry porter's story. Was Porter would when he was young he thought he wanted to call on the icon in addition to do Jerry you know what they break the huddle it's going to be. Jerry Rice goes wide right timber around those wide left the icon. Goes in the slot. That's a fact that I saw what I like doing that golf is still deep phone doing a commercial for I can really did say they hit big deal. So once I becomes a practice and this just absolutely ridiculous. Outfit or is like. Is football fans from way out when he had these funny Sox there's like all she was just the looks look goofy look like a greater so John. Calls them over. Jerry Porter career for OT. Sit up guy over there that is Kim ever been around. He's got 983. Passes for 161000. Yards and scored a 102 touchdowns. You've seen the guy next to him. That's Jerry F memorize surface he's caught six million balls that he's given all the stats. You ever show up till one in my practice is dressed like that again on Iran those two NF Thursday late. You get out of here so I was like let's skip was sick and not put it was brilliant what he was saying while he was gonna get I knew we say to you do that again I'm going after Jerry Rice and Jim Brown. And you're gonna have to deal with them. So it's just countless ways. He would talk to players that I just never it seen it was funny he wondered Bjorn that situation. I remember one Simon shouldn't in his office and Rickey Dudley logs since. And it was the old days of the VVCRs are VHS and EE throws Rickey Dudley. Eight AHA buckling Ricky caught this one right here you drop it and he says. Watch that that's why I never play you. Ha ha ha criminal just it was classic. I'm so much I think he'll say hi all I want it that's what I'm hired Jeff we'll tell more stories that's the one thing about Shannon. He's here as a useful way about it it's got the same haircut right. You know I still blonde you know you can look like he's trying to be a useful way about I don't know that's the one thing I think we'll keep up with he knows he knows how to coach footballer he's been scheming and it's not so much that I think will act the same way. How them on athletes take a woman on a misty did exactly okay Mullah Omar Cooper receiving but I love his guys I don't know I'm a and I'm the old guy right you know admission went before he was John was younger. Then timid Gerri I'm at the same age is Rick treasury just thought they had seen no one saw the rich they were the same age. I don't know you answered the athletes are different they're different I don't have prepared in their billowing out social media a look at how he's. He's bullying me there and me at ease it is a football coach. I don't want him to change minute. And you know what that's why we all. We sometimes call Lafley soft columns also ties because it can handle critiques of coaches are what I'm grew pretty good. You could think though Marc Cooper to Crabtree fees or whatnot so I. I don't want group good shape to hopefully the modern athlete curators were received darkroom is very user colts but I do you think they need a couple veteran leaders better leaders in this locker room up. All figured out they may have to change a veteran leader's birthday Jeff Garcia joins us. Every week and they have to delay part of the football are brought Jiabao Livermore Fordham we will talk about Jimmy Iraq below what he sees from the 49ers going forward but again. Jeff Garcia was an older player when he. Left the 49ers a few stops so one of the stops was when John gruden and in Tampa Bay. For a couple of years there in 2007 and 2008 here's the way Jon Gruden coach Jeff Garcia. Ten years ago art had a little fun here that the god yeah we all want all the OKMR hero player game now yeah hello mom worked through the game and I come out of retirement now. You don't make Plano. I don't think our bigs actually jogged up. I think you heard it it's just that rhetoric there but Jeff Garcia we don't want you to shut down oh my god we digits talk about it but the whole NFL world is talking about Jon Gruden coming back to coaching so. What are your thoughts on and they just give me your thoughts about what it was like to get the tough love love love Chucky ten several years ago. What got me you were talking. Chris them news. We got. It always is simply got a little like you heard it and being so that I had a minute head lock at a time when he would. Talking to me like that no option would use the. A he is a guy who. You can say howdy as you know he's not gonna circle around anything you could tell you exactly what deal. Looked on his mind and he's gonna want it run his weight and got. You know one of the things that I learned playing format 37 and 38 years old. At that stage in my career was. The preparation. And how. Important. That is not that I didn't know going in. A bite to another level. That I can take it because of the accountability because of the expectation. Every single day not just on the football field. In meeting rooms. In the locker room. You're gonna be tested you're going to be challenged. You're gonna be. Constantly kept on your toes. As to your knowledge in your preparation of the game. And upper Miette got time in my career it really brought me to another level as far as what I expected out of myself. How I prepared. Every single day in in preparing for my job. Did go that we were chasing off in time because she would have. So many things. That she would prepare for from the standpoint of split should Baptist team that we were staging may have ran. Three years ago but he found it any gonna show it to you can pay you conceded this weekend. You never know and so on that scale point he did a great job of just comparing our quarterback room preparing he had the quarterback. He ran the rule I mean he was the head coach of their team. But he ran a quarterback room he went in there and he ran the scale phase he threw the car. The guy is a nonstop worker. They end up. For a team that needs some discipline. That needs some direction. That needs some organization. He's going to be that guy to bring it without a doubt. I so you know obviously you were at a different stage your career than Chris Simms was just using Chris is an example I know Chris was and is is mid twenties you were in your mid to late thirties in China said. Success. With veteran quarterbacks throughout his career he's not been in a situation he's going to be in now Korea us to groom. Derek Tyre in India Eric's a little different personality of Amara spiritual guy. Do you think shaft that Powell John adapts. Coaching a younger player like Derek Carr. And can he tell Derrick kinda shocked that half up the way he told YouTube. Well first of all hey if it's your job and ceilings can't be hurt we can't be concerned about. Dealing with emotion big yet younger athletes. Our our our our. Being used to its he had spoken to differently than. Then the older athlete but at the end of the day it's about bringing the best out any individuals and. I won't say this about John he's gonna bring the best out in people. And you can't. Kick your feelings hurt over how he speaks Q he expects the bat he wants the bad. You can take care for you and that's sort of way and at the end date she wants to win football games and that's what it comes down to. And yet there it is spiritual side to Derek and Meredith certain. Saying that maybe he's used to hearing which you know what. Everybody's got to grow up bath. And he's going to inspire you to be greater. In so many ways his energy state emotion his enthusiasm his excitement. Is is going Q. Fuel supplier. Within the individual as well as a team. You want to accomplish. More added group. And from that standpoint Derek is a much if he's still a young player he knows what his role in he knows what his job is. And he also knows that this year at the team if they under achieved and they were not. What they expected themselves to be and they need to get back to where they. Where they were headed Q. In the previous year and that expectation that gold mine that goal that. As far as what they want to put together as a team and what you need to do. As a player and how he needs to run the office and now we need to step up at the leader not just the opposite side of the ball but of the team. Jeff pop and I were talking before the show and he brought us some mentioning here has been out of the league for so long. And we know how gruden loves new spread offense in the pistol when he talked about the wildcats won did you run in the shotgun and a Tampa Bay when green was coaching and well how easily adapt to that. Running the spread offense or heard or the modern NFL offense Jeff. Well absolutely we ran we ran. You're in the shotgun. Opted times especially the I. Hacking down situations when they went third and long were those type situation than there was no secret of the fact that you have a total for all we were in the shotgun formation so. You understand that. The other thing is he's gonna surround himself with. Coordinators. That it currently banned in the game that note a game that no. The direction of where the NFL. Has gotten Q as far as how the game is played and. The other thing about on his seat key. In touch with everything that's going on I mean the guy watch is probably still look every ball game. From the weekend throughout the week just so he can see and know what's going on I mean he's that type of guy and he is a bad scientists so many ways he would. In the opera that for an light on. Headphones on Litton a Metallica and he's drawn up it played in carting and he's. He probably don't know about Scott today even though he doesn't have a keen to compare or plays always prepared himself mentally. For that situation for that opportunity and like I said he's gonna put people around him. Who are current in the game and I can see one guy being great also regarded coach here are. In the past to the coordinator years ago who the quarterback coach of cared off. There in LA who's done a great job. With golf this year as his quarterback coach and learning charred meat based sit down and understanding how that system works and been able to bring that. Portion of the wet coat pocket which shot that they would underdog Rudy went out there in 2008. At a quality control guy. And how quickly these guys cry but the latter bit off all so I'll be out all craw. One another and so. I don't see John struggling at all with the way the game is run today I see him very much. A guy who can. Adapt and and compliment the team the way that it needs to be complemented in the center of what are the weapons that they have to work quick. And what is the capability or the ability of their quarterback to run his. Program and I think that he has a guy in place that can excel that'd be great at it. There Greg Olson's name aside their Johnnie Morton there was which are hard for years hosted says Stanford and with the 49ers also mentioned sort of entry hello John does take his as a offensive coordinator you mentioned Sean McVeigh has a direct link to John gruden showed his son Kyle Shanahan he was seems like everybody I think John is the OG of this generation as far as the F. The great young West Coast mind. And Kyle Shanahan was there and Samper for a couple of years is an offensive quality control coordinator now he's doing such great things with this offense Jeff Garcia joining us on. They have football are brought you about their more Ford I 957 again here early afternoon delight to talk and Dante. I misspoke and even a couple of weeks and we got a little glimpse of how good Jimmy G was the Jacksonville game was another revelation and what he did against Leah. The rams so is there any thing in the off season and you were talking about footwork he does have some balls batted down at. At the line of scrimmage some of his deep ball passing other anything's. That you would suggest he she tries certifying a little bit now he's going to be in the the off season activities with the team assuming he signs a long term deal here. Awards stick called a look at what he would. Accomplishing in the last five games and they will hear the definite flaw in his game I mean the guy was completing well over 60% of his passes. Very efficient. He had a couple turnovers and out loud game that whether woods' decision making on his behalf are just finding or. Not being on the same page with the receiver. Both king will be worked out I think one of the things that we haven't really seen continued. The deep ball. And we haven't seen him go down the field. As often or very often so we don't really know what he's capable of error but from the airport just get the ball out quickly he has great. Tiny very besides that the bomb he doesn't waste a lot of motion but they've all movement. I think it time like we talked about before his feet. Are in rhythm with his arm just because of I think. Still learning the West Coast system as opposed to the system that he would be import or with Brady in the doing would pay trick of just how. The work is probably different the drops are a little bit different. As far as how you get yourself going in the to the read about the progression. And so those things I think shall continue to work on throughout the Nazis and he'll continue to call magical week. As to grasping the system and understanding. All of the checks and balances that he had to go through with that. That system in the end here is. Blocking schemes and earth so much that goes into the magical. I'd go out of a quarterback and it hit them like the West Coast offense. Under house chanting and. And I think you just gonna continue to learn and grow and now but I think that he is so okay it's the ability to be. Great quarterback to be a really good quarterback a guy that can be. The leader of this. Franchise this organization. For a number of years moving forward. Yeah he could have made a special career lastly before we let you go we do wanna get your thoughts and our show we ever talk you about Terrell Owens on the show. At length and at Terrell was named last night a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of twenty AJ we'll find out the night before the Super Bowl this is his thirty year. Is that a couple of times on the ballot now he's out with a Randy Moss. You you've played a long time with him you know him as not only a wide receiver in the formative stage you're NFL career but also was a teammate. Chance so well is she very simply TO hall of Famer in your mind. Yes he is absolutely Altera when you put up the numbers that he put out throughout its career to be recognized in the top. 23. Top five in most receiving categories. The guy at the hall of fame player he was the difference maker on the field even physically dominant. He produced twenty yards one touchdown catches with receptions. Everywhere that he went well for the most part everywhere that he quit especially. Therapist scope Philadelphia. Maybe a little bit and Cincinnati. Our gallant. He was very productive and die he was a guy that teams had to focus on. And had a really. Work act. To take him out of the game and so when you look at it dominated and that standpoint from that standpoint in what he's just as a accomplish. Number wise there's no reason why. He's not in the policy. Get the voters I think I can't speak for all of them I was your hearing is the the off the field stuff said to be O wasn't a great teammate. How was he as far as being your. It's well you want to bring out all the relatives up to you that so yeah. And pay. You know let hey. Tell me. It's water under the breaks you know I mean. I've moved on from that situation. Yes there wasn't always the I'd I hate seeing have. What was important for the team. As far as the team approach was concerned. But for the most part a he was a great guy. We knew that he was gonna come to work. Every single day. Wicket lunch box he was gonna put in the time you've got to put in the effort. And there was never ever a lack of effort from Terrell Owens and he played hurt. He played through some pain. In that playoff game yet New York Giants which was one of his great. Game of his career the guy with coming off of what we can't string he played in the Super Bowl without. About a coal are recovering from a surgery. You know sort of got off to a lot of adversity a lot of physical pain and probably meant going emotional pain that time. He gave it back out there on the field and that's what it comes down you. I think we all know that that position. Lens a bit to do it any Celtics near term need type of mentality. And you just take it for what it is and what you look for out of that position it's a contribution. And their dedication to being your craft. Every single day and what you do you outside of that. Can't really say that. There have been a lot of receivers in the National Football League that had an actual team leader and just not in their genetic makeup now Jerry Rice. Maybe a different story but Gary Wright who are unique. Individual himself and fell you know from now they'll point eight Terrell great player. He's the guy that. Accomplish an awful lot and should be recognized for that. Did you very well since early jets. You got it got your brother happy new year Jeff Jeff Garcia a former foreign and a quarter let eagle quarterback also play would John grew souls good to get his thoughts on crew men. Terrell always sort of shift gears or pop talk a little lawyers fastball and one of our favorite players. Jordan bell will get the torn Bell's game on Christmas Day gets LeBron James early afternoon let's problem Vontae. Many 57 again. Now after the Greg Papa you know I'm on 957. Games why don't know look. I am right at the rail to grant the bell bell Madrid must act itself again but can win a slam where Jordan bell back door locked. I don't put reply but can't get down there. I just hit that drive issues involved love it any kind of action. He's just letting bell go right to the rim turns his back let's get the ball Boston Police. As Jim Barnett out which camera and the warriors radio network in the flagship here in any person in the gaming and hear more jammies they're calling game in Houston tomorrow night will be MTV tonight saintly is already in the lobby. Kelenna will join us a little bill or Bob Meyers on the line at 2 o'clock it is a warrior Wednesday sponsored by four show walnut tree cage Tony seventeen premier. Porsche dealer I can I gave it away you know they Jordan bail. But at the one take away. There are many from the Cleveland game how well Kevin Durant guard LeBron James and out the end of the game they didn't have Katie switch off for him. He would go using under the screen. And stay with him he wanted to guard and coming down the stretch or whether any foul them each of the challenger made some big plays to win their game. But there were times earlier in the game that was the first game as you remember by the way Christmas Day don't they did what to do I saw a basketball game. So wasn't there wasn't oration cavaliers I went to the world's most famous Serena who has guard or guard and saw. Joseph while NB did did she really and then Simmons back down from an all afraid to shoot I saw the on my son nick was with me on the trip to wanted to go to the garden. I don't just go to the knicks sixers game surrendering got us tickets. All I guess he's been top dollar to garden this and that's the Spike Lee popped approaching Brokaw broke up the white kids have to 350 doesn't take on the street literally right freezing I think it was even more they're literally I'm. I twelve for the warriors in Cleveland by the way from my brother Phillip Hamilton took a very glad I did pay for. And we did a great time that we wanted to through train so anyway. And I you know I jet wash away game on the bus going to the raider game but I watched the whole game back a couple times. They that was a games does was his first game. Back but did not play the play because they want him it was going to be unfair to ask him to switch and you don't go on James they'd obviously would get a minute switch you have to guard James got to deal with Kevin Love salt. Jordan Mel continued his run of starts. Wish drain money back dream on came back that Friday against the lakers. So the front line was Kevin Durant dream my dream Jordan bell against change. And establish obviously and there are several times Vontae early in the game. The warriors switch everything like they always too late in the game during and to dust we shall we James he stayed on him. That Jordan bell got on a switch against LeBron James. And usually always I'm thinking of who on the warrior roster can guard change and I'm or years ago I brought a James Michael Mack adieu insanely Cohen a laughing out of the room my. I allowed to fly them but they did actually do what a year later against and you look at further who just matches up with him physically. And I didn't know Andrei I would dollar can guard him that well there was a game early in the year what he made Andre looks small and then in the 20s15 finals. Andre guard them so well is Andre gets one hand up high one down low with a ball is and he just he knows Virginia history guards and so while obviously drain on guards and while. And Iran guards them I just did not computed it. Jordan Mela my mind guarding James because what is Jordan met the Z a five easier for what does it matter. When derail a train on and valor on the front line is the ultimate. Physician was front line should be like the all star game where you're not picking afforded the same respect front court players right right so Jordan Valley and their games. Like Dwight Howard the other night. Whether it is the best I've ever seen Dwight Howard play period look good black okay basketball skill was first in the face of banks just like Tim go to America and what this guy you could block an in the gym for how are you wouldn't get to each one for a hurricane this means making shots like that but that match up did not go well for Jordan Bailey got overpowered at times. By these these the the size and strength. Of Dwight Howard had been at times it. It's kind of a love and a Christmas Day game for a couple offensive rebounds as well Kevin Love my grip is as some kind of boxed a mom used his power against Jordan bell and a couple sequences are of course was very he had -- -- go talk to me such a good senate you know second jumper he's gonna he did again a little weight is just a kid you know he did stray spend three years in school so he's you know 1922. But anyway what was the real revelation. Was when he was switched on to James. And James would go ask him. He surprised James. By his side is he's about the same size are told George the sixth 86 or eight he would change right there aren't six or so and then he's foot speed he could move his feet. Quick enough in short space is Berman talked about what he's a doctor he moves his feet yeah he does it eat so all the sudden he's staying with LeBron James. And then when James wants to go to alternately when you must get to the goal. He's got power through you Jordan bail. As the kind of strength it's different than Howard you know walking him down and opposed to just going up over him so it's just a light went off while. You got another guy that can guard LeBron James if you switch it so ultimately. That Hamptons five we know for car there's no doubt its staff in clay Canadian drama. Is that fits guy. And some nights. They'll be Andre Iguodala. Some nights Andre may not be available or could be Charlotte is that right but then there are some nights are comedic way though when. Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston and it's hash tag full squad and they're all available. Initial Jordan now I think it just depends and there will be a day when Andre gets older and we keep talking about that so I just I just did not thought. Anything about matching up Jordan Mel would LeBron James at all until Christmas Day and I think and while the kid from Morgan and guard. Are James and don't forget about patch McCall who can guard Jason spurts but he'll get overpowered but patchwork calls been playing better pop he's been more aggressive about the second half bag and you look for a -- score some buckets in the third quarter many followed up the issue -- all jazz in the season high so these young guys but only Jordan delta practice work off second round picks a Bob Myers well he bought are paying dividends for this warrior squad because that Libby should make the dollars out. Actual cause show that hey I can fit in with ahead this five whoa. Well that's the next SE you're exactly right and you know we've asked by about a Jonas coming up until clocks in bizarre to hear Collette is Cyril and have a full basketball our new. Bob good and the return to staff courier new Christopher I'm not a good look at the list of the injuries. Pretty much play and the ninth our own questionable Ivan got a 40 confirmation on have a cast beats and it would dollar or any other community that is. It shaved her brother way it was voted the Western Conference coach of the monsters you were just okay and searching into without staff carries for eleven of those. Let's say they never scrimmage. I'm talking about people about this all year we've never we've never done it on TV. We talked around it a little bit and one of the awful Simon about a money actually wrote a huge piece on in the day and NBC sports pared back down. And then so about the the concept is the warriors never scrimmage and see what I was at the arena and on Friday. After beginning a sharp the one or he's lost he talked about it in his pregame presser fringe you were there at length about. They don't eat and ease said we we we don't scrimmage we have a scrimmage all yours you are maybe once. And they can really. I thought part of that was just being played out that they don't scrimmage but really is kind of a league wide thing like I'm reading a lot of teams don't permit not just pop the five on five mile per hour three is more individual. Player development. But the warriors just don't do it now. They had a heavy workload games even though you're supposed to be spread out more about the so the point is they did scrimmage the other day yesterday. And drain on gets somebody landed on his foot he landed on somebody's what he rolled an ankle novel never scrimmage again there's a once I made Georgia very much as far as prince and USC was one of the Western Conference cellar coach of the month. But just we know strain I'm going to be able to go the other thing is obviously what Bob. Just after the plane both of these games is gonna play tonight against Dallas and play tomorrow night Ossetia well I think he will you wanna gone back to back and did last weekend when it was Charlotte. And then his return game against Memphis I assume he's built up a little bit but he came out of it fine I think the answer is yes. But what are they what are they look at that you do have a back to back situation charge not playing tomorrow night. How they get a monitor you know what he wanted to play these two games combined he played 25 via the nice scores 38. So what you want to play fifty did you ever since she got for both came to mind right 55 to they have a number holly and do that and I was wonder. There's any thought of not playing in the night and playing him tomorrow night literally just right away go into a back to back situation tonight the Marta. And once that does get Chrysler's plant back to backs with a multi wolf obviously cared tomorrow pop. Windy scale back Kevin Durant because he has been going arguments are now start to Wear down just a little bit it's a long season. He's probably due for rest is most Clay Johnson who played every game numbered clay Thompson a dismal game you should ever nuggets on Saturday night and I'm thinking once clay gets back to gotta find a way to gauge Klay Thompson's some rest because he's been going just as hard as Kevin Durant you're probably I don't. Plays a different guys though he just seems like he can run for every like Chris small. He just is off the ball perpetual movement I don't know if he ever gets tired play. And Bob will be able to break it down you know with the weather now surely info about and so forth coming. They have the where bullseye of the guys stayed in track and not only a game they tracked him fractures they tracked him. The walk into the plane to fly I think they tracked every minute what they're eating other sleep they made aware they're doing. So clay just comes off as a guy who doesn't require rest Jesus perpetual nonstop movement but to ranch. So lately he's been noticing at an actress saying he's all over it that I noticed to demonize well. There are times that I don't think he's completely over the left ankle injury. And I think he I think he did admit to Jim Barnett the Denver game. They won the night before was against the lakers as the lakers Friday night Saturday night when they're awful lot of three for 27 of the trailer was. Any hard time getting up dad dad died and that this whole weekend because you're one game was 740 the next night's 540. And then you got to Christmas every small dirty game noon news so I I I yeah I why I wonder what the the GPS tracking the sport do you know where bulls ahead running LA terrain is showing. That's a rat may need to back off a little bit easier but. As far as Chicago jury exactly right put him in the same category as Jordan they'll just she's a wing and Jordan bells a big. Is Shaun Livingston and Andre would dollar Fitch further three wise men along when David was there in the mix for now. But as time goes on this a big year for Patrick McCaw because his contract is right so what you do whatever there are times when it. He was turning it down his first shot goes you cannot just be rotated awful and give a guy for the opponents of double off of and not make them pay NBC came to the radio let them during games hey shoot the ball started you were born and then I also think that concussion he had you know we forgot he's shown the play well early in the year. In any head the other concussion when he got hit in the nose. Any new wasn't as good for a long stretch I think he is getting back but I think. But incredible Patrick McCaughey Jordan bell guy he's she bought for two and a half and three point eight million dollars now when your rotation. We haven't talked about this stockpile we're gonna get Bob Meyers on here and obviously ask a question these are gonna answer but to bell Monday. The talks about JaVale McGee LaMarcus Thompson broke this story Bob May be the Milwaukee Bucks trading for small problem a lot of bucks we need another similarly well around there while one they may want somebody bigger you always cities from Arkansas but he traded. Ho ho G Andre Jordan get traded and the people of Milwaukee should amount of the champ I don't know is damion Jones ready to join the water's not that it shares will we made this comment earlier model we saw Jordan bell had the warriors known Jordan bell would be this good in this ready right now. They may have brought your tailback Fisher tells me a good guy he I see him up off the bench and claw.