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Tuesday, January 2nd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Romo and Lo Neal for THE FOOTBALL HOUR!


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The EPO is could it he had. And like I somber for the game and he are eight and it still gave it to like 866 is too young to retire if not don't. Real real quickly before we let's ago it is is Tom Cable could get a head coaching job in the NFL and when double and Pete Carroll does leave. Would he be a serious consideration a fallen a bruise Schneider there to be the head coach of the Seahawks one day. I got questioned whether you're gonna get it so far I've not had that reach out from Indianapolis yet. But I do think he's gonna get an interviewer two that's open to a long shot. They're gonna get a head coaching job. But he only got six to seven jobs that are going to be opened here anything can happen. As far as that that he had his choice. Tom would be his replacement I don't know John Snyder were going that direction. I get a lot of people in town wondering outcomes going to be back at the offensive line coach because the offensive line has been off now. For the last couple years he's not saying that there's gonna be any big change it and that's what they QB here. But I don't think the Tom's gonna get there nicotine out. Caring interest thank Jack Clayton thanks for your insight is always had a happy and healthy funny HM we'll talk you off to my friend. Having your jumped. John clay play a professor professor he's going to be busy every next every these next coming weeks or pop they're listening to 957 game KG MZFM. In HD one San Francisco. Now start for the football are presented by liberal more forward. Rio can. Lose your discretion as at all. Ray news. Are not. He would actually freeze ball. Or you can squaring off. Tight super. When I don't deal. I think one of the main things. But I wanted to find out this year is really who we were and the coaches were who the players or. And I always say I don't think you find out about people so you see how they handle adversity and I'm start out on nine that was a lot of university for a sound I think it's not a coincidence. Not many teams that finish. After that was more than throw no team has won three wins. Rather incredible what check out Shanahan had this year it was like a series of seasons in one. She's in his first one in the NFL. And the niners are having their final press conference of the year you're from javelin sort of an earlier though but I try to get junior out of assigned to a the long term deal will be playing more of that coming out that is the football our wrote you about Livermore Ford Lorenzo Neal is here bill Roman askew Jonas and moments even around loosely forever low finish justices. She's got to be the best six in ten finish I've ever seen it to me it's comparable over the raiders and they started on ten a couple of years ago on. Want to go and free and free but not as dramatic as this to lose the first nine get that giants win come off the bye. Have to make a quarterback change and then run the table at the end engulfed by it up well what I mean. It just show me what you saw from the 27 change San Francisco 49ers lost to. I think you're you're spot on top when you talk about what they've done the last five games and gone five and Al. It's not that they went five and now it's the five annulled the team this stretch since they have cocaine they played Chicago OK they played Houston. And we said OK call it the bad call at the dollars and personified now let's ride in what they did Tennessee and Tennessee Titans a team that was head to the playoffs still got in the playoffs. They they they beat him they approximate amount you know and and let's talk about let's say you don't and you had a guy. 83 years old it and look guys able to get those guys play defense earlier and he still able to get guys the plate and get up. And it paid lower lower. And they took care Tennessee. These okay took care Tennessee Tennessee's got a stagnant told him Jacksonville jaguar team now a guillotine bulls playing lights out the defense was number give the blue and allowed the least amount of points scored. Good punch it out 44 the book on yeah that's right pomp and of course the rams' playoff team didn't play all the guns. But they're one of the hot. Hotter teams in the league you have to say that and we look at this team and we talked about how many holes don't have necessarily true number one receiver I don't know how do you think you could kill the fighting in and all the different things are joined now look how well these guys are plain what. What did in Italy beat her if it was so my. They opted to wait one. I guess as confused. This is samba school forty databases. He's been this that's so you guys got jobs if this does not. Denied a spot. They his job. About a pop you look at the niners are you look at Cleveland both these teams were not win any game all of a second you have supposedly the best play calling Kallis Shanahan pulled have a pretty good caller and you Jackson all of a sudden Palestinians you look at imported bear ice turning gray Helmand John lives are high in jail for what we do have. It shouldn't. But there are a Smart guy. He's got a call please stop because when the. Don't he's listed below right now is go with his own. Kids. Kids don't like the bag is the highest paid player pro football. He's played he's played amazingly. Well amazingly well. I think we gotta talk about the Jacksonville game just won a yes this moment could you ride as you were here last week without me. What they were able to accomplish in that game really was beyond impressive in Jacksonville. Then they played whether it on discipline nature that game I just beyond me how they lost a composer. And took all the personal files. But just one word about marquis is good one in his route running against Jalen Ramsey and that early dig route. Or Ramsey at a place so far off for him to respect his speed. He ran the and cut on the dig and get an easy eighteen yards out on the shallow crossing Blaine ran against AJ boy EA. And then again against the rams the touchdown he scored their first touchdown where they used him like Tyreke hill which I'm saying he can be. Marquis is good when he's gonna have to overcome a concussion. Situation and there was a hard Wafer season UN and he said a lot of them. But I think with him in C Pierre Garcon which Jimmy to rob all all this year this tight end can play Kyle. Use checked the fullback lol this head coach will use the full back. And Todd downing has a one mainly. Gripe I have against him he forgot the raiders said you may sell Wally on the football team. Jon Gruden Walter Jon Gruden will use the fullback Kyle Shanahan uses spider to liven and a spider free by bit and a lot of Kyl used checked. And if they can just get a big tall target at wide receiver Dante and then fortify the offensive line I think with good when a Trent Taylor. Getting fair to our son back just one big angular guide help in the red zone I think he's got enough weapons around him right now to win. Oh absolutely popping you look at kindred board who came on late on the first start against Jacksonville when he went ten play 79 yards grovel like seen this kindred Bourn ran a shallow crossing run against duke Randy had can be a problem just sailed air mailed to explain his good when talking. Talk about Goodwin and a touchdown plague slams efforts us now pop do you know the ramseys as saying does that play because hell infections or rob Ohno. Outlets at all that's the college where you look. Back into the back go to their own vows of he used that against the metals tells fascinating stuff but a remarkable piece of the way and I don't think they need to break the bank. Four wide receiver pop they have a lot of money grub ploy shown that he can make guys who looked average a lot better murky school when George kettle selling time Celek was bawling later in a year and then when PR girl song comes back. There are a business pompous hopelessly fats and now I wish you were here are due to Jacksonville game 'cause I walked into that lock parliamentary game and a lot of from. He's good for their systems not special. They were showered just like the Tennessee Titans and I walked editor laughing Dinkins didn't grapples must mortgage assistance so system quarterback here if that it factor you know when guys have an it factor low. He had that big factor which we didn't see from dare Carty season. Yeah I tell you guys have a motor press public well. Don't think it seems Goran Super Bowl solo got excited very bad data the running back said that it's not going to be here and Corregidor. I don't get these things bother you disagreed this guy you eat you know he hit a multitude falls to eat you don't. Agent and in only one vote on who own person we know who did daddy came about 2000 years ago we get a lot of multiples of faults and saw paid the scenes of the world. Like I did after the record month. You have for your words encourage it. You guys as well as they don't have to necessarily consider their two guards are averaged eight you know you have. Do you boasting a great tackle Nick Brown okay but you need orange gene you need interior you need to add another lie another patch your. And you don't there was this and yeah. Jimmy G you did effected the cat is fear into Syria influence it held distinct I'd get that but this seems Tony till they still need some holes they need to feel and guess what 410 million dollars they can make some great moves but I just really believe that Jimmy G. Got and came in here at the right time and release may these guys played they played better but they fought and they were in a lot of gains you think about the Washington redskin game. Thought they should want Indianapolis urban games that they were in even what does he not Diego first Carlson yeah exactly so this has been they've been fighting but they still do I think they still have some work to do I think Jimmy gee what he's brought to this team what he's brought to this organization. It did I mean he's pretty in the face east tournament away or make anybody think he wants. Charlotte north Gifford Johnny loves Jesus I feel like you're on the payroll here. So which leads to the next question Nigeria although Italy they lost five consecutive games by three points or less a dubious NFL record. I gotta feel like if they came back with a roster they had right now. They invitation different in the NFL as you say you know bringing one year to the next you're. But I hate I did you have to improve in some areas but. Just just as far as the quarterback goes and I think they're Smart enough to know they cannot do it Daniel Snyder. And Bruce Allen did it with Kirk cousins snow but John he's a Smart guy as well so hollow high eight. Do you go are you willing to make sure they drop below the highest paid player in the league and your task Matthew Stafford money I won't do that. I think the guy's gonna get their cars contract I really do first we thought about twenty million started when he get at the 25 and he's he's proven that he's shown that he can do it I feel this team reminds apart for the gay men and 99 when we want to sue both the Tennessee Titans what's being with no one wanted to see in the playoffs and they barely missed that they got hot the Baltimore Ravens and make sure they want to win a Super Bowl but they got hot at the end of the year won like six or seven straight and they were just Alito did they'd make it in the playoffs so their point and really really well and the belief system here but what cal Shanahan has been able to do. And we have a coach guys indeed John Lacey got everyone's just so active but I really believe that they're gonna pay this guy and I think he'll get that 125 I don't mob hit big this guy once Stafford money of course he does but they talk here's a guy is on make an 800000. Is here he wasn't a first round pick so I think that this guy I think that he's gonna get paid yes I think is good he's gained their car Tony five million he's gonna get that point five million year. Question would be how much inevitably guarantee that's a pretty well he's slightly surpass Jerry can get to Matthew Stafford money. The players stays out of that I think that they are they are competitive in every regard. In I think they want to mostly the questions going to be Vontae is down he. And he played it right out of how much communication they head back and forth since Halloween when they made the training and then there was Sama. But now he can just sit there and use the franchise tag is a starting point and go from there so. I think the sign and go long term deal but I think for at least a little bit of time here. He very well may be the highest paid player in the National Football League after what seven starts seven's already evident although he is sent. He is seven ML five and no doubt mr. Richard he did it against defense recorded as Wade Phillips did Ngo Dick low ball Jacksonville they're number one defense a very impressive run for Jimmy Grupo what are Romo on the follow your next segment I think he's also more on New Year's Day I don't know where he was that but we're gonna get Romo here muffled all our next segment here presented by Livermore Ford will be back right here I'm here to the white spot on bonds and impressive again. Now after the red carpet show on 9573. Games. Megahertz. You know. This sort of thing because we've talked about this. With our development earlier this year Ellen. There's more than it's. The family you know he's been so much time with them anyway because Oreo. Met with visual every every Thursday morning. Since he's been here. You know we've spent time you go resemble those events and other. Boys is create a bond you create some day that Obama relaxed you know something last forever so it hurts. You know what influence on sergeant happens to someone you care about so. We are good enough for him. You know we have to take our ownership as players and I think that that's where we're at right now. Catcher terror right after the raiders loss on New Year's Eve day in NASCAR sends reaction the news there it is told that checks a realist let's go in the only eventually. I spoke about was checks are responsible terminal we were all there I'd say to the show from a from there Jack man joined us that was right after the raiders won a game Miami. Then the next game was any Mexico City massacre. The Kansas City game where they clearly were out coached in those games by New England staff and Andy Reid Kansas City staff so. They have made changes certainly looks as though they are doing other thoughts of the reuniting which I grew nor did today at the moment here and they. Football our 957 game the afternoon delight here brought you rather more for the football our Israel Motorola announced it was on its moments and a the reds O'Neal this year duchess to have. You know we Cavagnoud gruden thing was out there in time I didn't think it would happen right now. Lol are you surprised first of all they've. Now less than a year after giving Jack Del Rio thanks for your contract extension. That Mark Davis decided to fire him. After this season and a New Year's Eve day and each that only Jack salary but all the assistant coaching salaries that go along with a law. Amazing it's simply amaze I did not think that this was going to happen I talked to Jack would be given another year. At because it affected should do alluded to just gave some an extension. Did you would think okay Jack's going to be safe for another year they just not easy the defense played a lot better this year especially under but gone now. And you say OK they're gonna get this thing right offense yeah we're gonna fire the dolphins scored there may be downing Igor new direction. But it's interesting that CA guy like Mark Davis in now with a blank checkbook so he you know he has money because all the money he said no what I need it. In for him to be able to before he gets an a lot from even get time to show how Bob. Sit appreciate what you've done but I you you're gonna be taken team as far as I think you can and it's so important in talk that he got a Jack and Ali well but. Think about that that that move for Mark Davis. None of us saw that happen in a way that it happened how quick how effective in how we just went right to it did not wait let's ember didn't give us any speculation. It was like. Fired I'm Maloney was almost Donald Trump that's you know you're fired. You lose. Lose interest seen none but quote biggest question is. How much is red you know as raise even more mind that McLaren closed doors is Reggie into that much leeway do you hear that that's my question next problem. And now we're going to be drama Michael Lombardi he will join his sits at 2 o'clock in Ted Thompson's along with a general manager of the Green Bay Packers I I don't see John co existing with Reggie. For very long that's a whole separate issue and it showed a moment of Bill Romanowski joins us here on the football are brought to about Livermore Ford. And you are texting captured you'd think the media the money was that big of a deal with the davis' and all single man would do that he would fire guy and let them. And that coach and say I'm all those millions that feel like this the league has changed a little bit because you fired on. Right after a game on the road. So they all climb down that charter patches Jack but the entire. Coaching staff their two dozen coaches on that staff Mark Davis sat out. In a front row along with Carole Davis tales widow in the second row right behind and they all flew back. And they know when they landed I think they were done. They were not going to be with the raiders so I was really. Just think the word beyond I'm comfortable. It was one of the strangest scenes Romo I've seen in professional sports to fly back with this entire entire coaching staff knowing that they had been fired just minutes before. You know yeah I did give mark a lot of credit. Because in the past I don't think mark would have done something right decks. But he knew he had this set it straight. That. What a product that was delivered on the field this cashier. Would not good enough it did not meet his standards. And he was gonna do something about it. The question I have is would she have done it if this Jon Gruden saying. Wouldn't. I. And that's my only question but I guess it really doesn't matter if bit it just tells me that he had a deal and play east. Whip Jon Gruden. And they're ready to move forward. I think now what he has to do it they just have to go through procedures that bad interview a few more co chairs. And men are able to make their decision officially. And make the announcement. I think you know you talk to the mother the DJ gay and interview colored guy another Rooney rule think that's what you got much yeah. I. And that you know further for the Davis family Al Davis did not need the Rooney rule to hire Art Shell as the head coach your time flow right or any trash so they will abide by that rule. They're back to circumvent that rule but to bill's point in I don't know if mark would have done it but I think he should've done it died I think Jack just was not. Fit for the job and I do each other at the top of the hour but I wanna hear your thoughts loan bill I just overall checked. And I think he may you know we we got speed up Chad downing a lot and I think Utah's lack of creativity. Really hurt him and gone from musgrave. To Todd downing and Mike Tice but to meet lol I think the single first big big mistake he made. Is what they hired John forgot now. He did not fire Ken Norton junior and I don't know why he did that. It may have been loyal to do an ex teammate lol he's but I think when you brought the gun on the staff and you saw and they were awfully Carson on Sunday throw that game away. But John thank god knows how to run a defense and I sheriff Ken Norton junior does or ever will. What why do you think teaches did not when he brought to Ghana on why he did not fighter can inmates Shia and the DC right away law. You know and I think you're right out just because the tradition and friendship that he had there. And you put yourself in that situation you fell on the sword. Once you brought in John O'Donnell issue had been immediately when you may them assistant head coach can you talk what he's gone work on the defense you should part ways with Kim. Because you know Google's same Papa two sons can't shine. And when you do that inning you see what happened when Downey you know I'm here and at that you know that. That reason why I think it it was so abrupt with the fire in his because. It was it was say rumored to say that downing was getting a lot of looks and he boarded made a higher number in. And Jack told two you know this the Mark Hurd this with the perception was. So I think that's why he's seen in this was so abrupt because. I think it was misleading that they thought the downing was gonna get a budget OC jobs are gonna get promoted so I think that was one of the reasons as well so. It's tough it's not it's not right I do you look at you feel bad because. But got a one year deal a lot of these guys they're moving their families and you don't know what's gonna happen doesn't un command he's gonna clean house and don't wanna bring in his right is guys rightfully so. But. You gotta realize a lot of these men had family they'll prove to kids and children all these different things that's just the nature of the NFL though and it's it's tough either way. Probably effect here. Yet here here's what I expect. I really do believe. That job was trying. To could be a different guy. As I sat on the show before he has fired more assistant coaches. Then and me. NFL head coach in the history of the NFL. So we've got PM sad I I think he you know I remember being an arm that sidelined. And there was a performance coach that they had brought it. And I think you would all about team camaraderie. And you know life. Maybe I can do this differently. In maybe a guy now. Ed K nor can can can war to get there and we can be better to get out there. And not. There's all caught up on this label this guy is deep deep baritone coordinator. This guy is he assured that. Head coach. You know maybe wouldn't just be one big happy family and wait you win. That there is every day and I really do believe. They could've colleague's desk. If there was a winning product. Put out on appeal we all know that didn't happen and so now it came down general we have. He had been make that decision. You know wit nor in and I think. I think he sure made a decision. On Todd downing act this same time or maybe even sooner. And I think if he would have done that. That you may have saved his job. That's not the case are. That's the only thing about the Norton junior situation fellows are from sources with the raiders and it Jack wanted to help develop Ken Norton junior. And in my head I'm thinking where he got the team that's aspiring to be a Super Bowl team. That's coming off a tall foresees an wants to win the AC west and wants to reach and go deeper into the playoffs or are you gonna oyster season developing a guy we harbor ready made defense a coordinator in Joplin Donald. But I want to shift the conversation just slightly here here's a report right dictate for listening and athletic talk about leadership and locker room. Am pop we talked about it on a show where you've been on the plane after losses and guys are yuk it up there are laughing you just thought. Man if Al was here to so never be happening when did Jack actually lose locker room went went to the leadership issue really become a big problem here three Oakland Raiders host. Yeah I don't I don't know if you lost locker room I think the locker room just changed I'd say they Marshawn Lynch. Changed it and I think Marchand being around him for a year I think it's time that it's either retires or move on to different scene I don't think. I think his skill set is different that I thought. And I think just being around them and I just don't see Jon Gruden Marshawn Lynch co existing I think. Chaired cook is a little bit of a different guy I think Michael Crabtree. Was it different guy so that's the one thing lol you know you talk about the culture. And you know Jack was open about that I don't know to bond taste point I don't know what losing the locker room or not I think the culture. Of the locker room was different this year you know what I point to what I I think you come very Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook and Marshall Marchand and also bringing cook and to a lesser extent. And it and Michael Crabtree was a different guy this year in Myanmar is not a big leader I don't know but they'd be cultured did change. This year from last year but that could be a byproduct of fact they lost so much this year yeah. Go right out well I was just gonna say you know. You have that Jimmy you have to go back to the Washington game. You have to go back to know what are right the net. Did. And Powell. I don't think the raiders in goal. That well. And another thing I will bring knocked it I think. Jack's wife. Did not help. This situation. Where remarks. That she that. And that brought a whole political twist in Juneau locker room. And I think ballots are then that hurts. So the combination of all of these things. Mixed aware of and all veterans coordinator. That didn't gel well with our offense. And now but as art and we weren't scoring a point that we were scoring eight year prior. And you guys are now way near scoring points. Any women football games you don't have to sweep their corners. Well. The corners got swept this year and there is a lot of crap in the corners. Yeah I'm I'm I'm went to build and I really believe. You watch how old watching Animal Planet and watch animal channel we have the wolves and they they fight impacts. And you don't ever assume by themselves because they're not as dominant. And I think that's just how sometimes locker room you can have you can have the guys that are gathered they get the leaders that step up if anyone gets out of line those leaders say because it's a pact commits a great guys. Mean when I was dared say knew he had guys they gates had LTE you had Drew Brees. Certain teams we know what the saints who had no Ricky Jackson had Sam mills. In those guys were together. Don't you have a group of guys you know even in Baltimore I was here he's already loosened you know in in the safety Ed Reed and concerns all those guys they show up on time they were in guy's face and making sure they do that. When you're leaders in your guys with the sphere of influence. Is not. Like that. And other guys around them scene that see things like that happened. You gotta go bomb and and you got to blow it up and whoever is the next coach is if you have guys like that you can't win. And you got it in and that's just noticed you gotta be like no. I'm getting rid of some of these cancers I can't keep everyone on this team and I'm gonna change the way people viewers and Ahmad imam and get my locker room back UK keep all of those guys this is what it is if that is the case. What does a coach he can join the idea if if they've guys if you don't have enough strong guys that. They can override those guys if you have a number leadership there that a guy can walk by and do whatever talking quarterback. However in offensive guys you think about it those augmented guys knew that part that we thought was born to be the most dominant. Was the most cancerous. The offense there was a disconnect ever want told you get when you if someone told Udonis let stand and told LA to fifteen points total number to seventeen point. You'll all bit the did you raider the raiders when one making. When your offense and most of those guys to talk about who Obama locked in and locker room on offense. Both bulls and we are leaders and you're not scoring. Look no further proof is an important umpteen number I'm unchanged in Huntington directions. Bottom line the raiders scored when immigrated scored merely seventeen points from all they were six and now has seven change not a lot in loosely I about fell they scored 31 game and they want nothing and nowhere near there it is the F. Afternoon delight to football hours here in 957 again Lorenzo Neal Bill Romanowski joining us again Michael Lombardi. Well Jonas at 2 o'clock and he knows Jon Gruden Whaley was your job was brought in a when he was traded at. We'll get the very latest from around the league just just one thought here and I wanna talk philosophically. Teach you guys who played in this league and were were coached by a variety of people. The raiders coaching staff this year was composed. Mainly of ex players starting with the head coach. They defensive coordinator started the year. The offensive courted flavored you know they bill musgrave did the year before and he had a lot of players that were coaches on the staff that played. Vs the 49ers staff Kyle Shanahan. Robert Sama Richard hightower these guys never played in the NFL. And the staff the raiders are gonna go two of which Jon Gruden Johnnie Morton Paul Gunter they didn't play and I never have this conversation Rob Lowe and Al Davis. Because he'd love the ex raider players. They want them around in some capacity. But it was a different TU fail and you were coached by eight in a Bill Walsh. And Mike Shanahan. To with a greatest coaches in the history the league in offensive minds that didn't play in the NFL. Did it mattered EU. And did you sense a difference when you were coached by a a guy that played. In the NFL vs a guy that spent most of his adult years when he was done playing. At lower levels aspiring. To be a coach bill and not a player. Your yacht thought about this because. You know what I always did their part just go. We really didn't have. Any co chairs. That were former players that I can think of and I remember. Actor bill would step down and do things got a little. What about you Dwight Clark actually. Way is working towards the end they GM. Later in my tenure. When Alexander Cameron just cow add. I don't think that particularly. When. Very well bingo well for me I can't what is traded and went to Philadelphia. What I got it done are. Peak the only person and that was really harsh to other word chill but the one we Gary Kubiak. Our offensive coordinator. Go why is. It now all former player. He would talk former. Backup. Quarterback. And I think that should get our perspective. Calm last year bad bill musgrave. He got a couple coffee in the leak. You know but. She wanted a player. I'd truly I I truly believe you don't have to beat had been up player in the NFL. Could be a great coach. Wait you have to deal would they do is teach. And when I came and and my car and I knew I coached cared about me. Any talk me. Any made my job easier to Wear white took the practice field. When I've you know it it wasn't enough sperm meet just to watch tape. I had this I had that a lot of little. You know nuances and different things that I got out of certain coaches. They taught me different things. And well I don't got back my first pro war my first position coaches would Bob. Yeah I'll admit it out and I think about this. He would give great courage but the best coaches I ever had were not former players let me just put it that way. Oh yeah I think did I think it I think you make a valid point ending its its. I don't moments I think that you had you could have told you that both ends of the spectrum now I know a lot of guys that. That our coaches that never played the league in May get away and a lot of guys you see that put you on the bed nets played in the league can win the get a guy like common commonly and you get a guy like you know Tony Dungy win. Gay guy you know so you can go down. Go down the list you can say actually a bunch of players that have won are usually a bunch of players it did a horrible. And I think the reason why a lot of players do horrible in my opinion I think a lot of them. A lot of guys that when they played. They were so good that sometimes they took shortcuts OK I can get away with this and I knew at that so attention to detail sometimes is and at the forefront. Compared to a guy like Vrabel I think very well zombie great head coach why does Vrabel was just an average guy but at the same since. He played big wide because his attention to details he was gonna study he was gonna make sure he's in the right place at all times if you watched and waited Eagles about these very meticulous he was like that on the Phil. In certain guys so when they were just so dominant so good they just expect guys to do it and they're not great teachers like bill alluded to. So I thank you Julie did think he can be. But did find both sides of the spectrum guys that coached they've never played can do phenomenal job. And guys it did play to do a phenomenal job but I think it is balance humbled and so I don't moments that a ball that's a direct indication that you look at John Lynch you've played look at Ozzie over there what he's doing a Baltimore great GM so. I just think that sometimes he could just depend I think on individual. Nancy there there's a difference between being a GM and coach him and and a coach in a position coach I'm talking more about the head coach. The office accorded defense according to that in just get a bringing guys back Johnnie Morton did play. Any NFL the very briefly thank you ma'am one of the greatest forty times of all time that's why L loved Germany was a wide receiver and Wanda. Converting into a defensive back. If he does become the raider offensive coordinator that'll be intriguing because he's a passing game guy just one last thought before we. Get your thoughts on the on the playoffs coming up the wildcard weekend we like in each conference and who's the favorite in the NF CNN is wide open right now just real quickly Jeff starting with a new bill. You give me your thoughts on John gruden now in his mid fifties. Coming back to the raiders as opposed to when he came back became the first time in his mid thirties I was get after it changed you think. Tom Roger shade that's an end. Guy I think about Arab might go right back church Chile. Or when he showed up. And I ice my idol. Like it was one eats when he showed up and I shored up way to re roach back a year you know after rich code tide had left. And I'd like Jon Gruden. Man I would copy boy. Is there could go out and are used to get coffee proper coaching is this started going to be our offensive coordinator. We took that feel all. End all of my car was his presence known I immediately. That guy. Is got the it back there you saw that when he was with the raid nurse you saw that. Are you laugh in took a group a match. And chip are and ADR axes. In the Super Bowl and at the end of the day he's a winner. And what he really years and he's a great offensive mind. And when I remember going up against. Those raider teams were Rich Gannon when I went that the Broncos. Get worse pure hell. Going up against those teams. You know because this scheme that John would come up where. You in new you have to be on talk your game and at the other day I think that tampered saying. You know what is really more ready matchup thing that we just didn't have. There are a lot of different things that went against does that particular weekend. And that. Particular super ball. But at the holiday I think he'll be up by a nominal. Head coach because he got time to be away from the game. And I think he realized. How much he mess that sideline. And how much and I'll put it this way. I really do believe. That people mess this scoreboard. And I missed the scoreboard. Because that the end of my day at a treasure that the radio went on I 957. I don't have a W or now. You know whether scoreboard say it I wander are lost. They're just a bunch of opinion about their maybe some people they got big get some people think I would toppled by. You know and at the other day I know what I asked about Bob Barr I miss that scoreboard. Every Sunday I knew that I was good. Or violate that. And I think John will be a great. Head coach for the raiders if he is the water. Yeah I had it in I think when you look at him in there once in a Jon Gruden head. Tony donned these guys in what happened afterwards and still went to the playoffs and his team got old zap the most guys like those guys are getting known that's why he made some trades in and they say Tony Dungy who can win Tony Dungy goes Indianapolis when a symbol ex player so you look at that look at Levy Smith played too. So you think about those you say okay why how is Tom how always always checking going to be how is booting going to be as a coach. One thing that you know for sure we have Jeff Garcia on this morning jets losing their adjusted. In his career he said he's been around a lot of coaches he never. Had that type of pressure. Then he had to deal was teasing cues. That he had when John Wood with with with Turkey he said gruden he's walking around rude to ask them questions all the time he said rudin. Really really looks at deposition. As the mainstay on that team and he's constantly putting pressure on his quarterback Jeff but Jeff we'll talk about it so I just think it I think he's going to be good so. They see as a coach mark coming up on a football power were talking playoffs. Else right here in many parts of the game. Now after the red publish else. On 957. Big game. Play. You disease and. And he has already hired December and then he had yeah his incredible I don't know the office is reviewing the areas he has great dream Han electrician McCaffery. So the NFC portion of the playoffs are wide open I think they AF CB may have James Harrison. Go to the Heinz Field as a member of the New England Patriots had a one to match up there. But what is gonna go on in the NFC. Sam Bradford is back practicing Teddy Bridgewater is looming case came as there is next fall's good enough to give Philadelphia tonight and I. I don't know divisional relish bringing the voice one last time when there. They talk a dome as the playoffs commence this weekend the football hours Bill Romanowski Lorenzo Neal early afternoon delight and 95 cent in the game brought Jiabao Livermore Ford so. Promos you look at the NFC hit (%expletive) in Philadelphia is the number one seed that losing. Back Carson website December the tenth and LA changes everything Minnesota. Is gonna go with king never they had a couple of back ups behind and then he got the rams there you got New Orleans there you got Carolina in Atlanta. Oh who's the favorite right now in the NFC and your eyes Roma. Yeah now I alleys go to quarterback. And why I go to quarterback I and that go under troop Brees when I look at that group. And I I think you gotta be careful. Of New Orleans in this situation and oh wait you do have. It and read it so there is. They got a great right game and they got a really really good deeds that's child. I eight minutes started could be scary also. I've heard me talk don't don't sleep on this team they're gonna win this week Carolina's gonna meet today and gonna meet the saints. While you got to go to the superdome. Or sue wrote I don't know why your bill when I'm looking into saint. There's is it looks like Bruce tarnished started. The running game they have to be great now young burn them back I got we are he's unbelievable on a pesky. If he doesn't play well they're running and then if that that he doesn't look they don't win is it seems a druse his lateral something seems a missing. If you look at Carolina started to get things going Olson's sudden come in they're playing their winning when they have to you know I know there I had a rookie camp. On cam wants to play. He's pretty pretty bad boy but I I still think Minnesota to me armies and I didn't. Though digging the quarterback Brady is because they're not happy with the number two dead he's dead he's not the guy is they're gonna stay with Keenan and latest understanding if something untoward happened eighteen they wouldn't go Teddy that's all they're senior they're gonna ride with him. Our fellows what about Sunday games here Atlanta at LA as you do that Saturday night primetime the Ramsey guys like Minnesota let's look at the AC record for my bad here a Tennessee Kansas City and buffalo breaks a drought. They'll be playing in Jacksonville Jaguars low. Are still high on these jaguars. He I'm fallen off though they did you show me dating show me enough this last couple weeks who's in Tennessee lose into the weight loss to the the census report that is. Children they're not disciplined. They're they're a Mike Tyson they wanna come in beats you up but if you scheme on the move around and you guys think they stern discipline as if they show that and I'm surprised at Tom Kaufman even though he's not coaching they would have guys will more care to do it would just blow coverage would not just blocked your shot a man handle people onto the wrong way but yet I still got him being released buffalo shady he's heard a little injured don't know buffalo can go on there and win. I yeah. I don't big groups are the ball more I think it hit the city the best team that's gonna be playing in this weekend. And one bear help me it'd Alex live there's not a the play. From behind. In Dayton get a lead they can be dangerous down around diver I really do believe and I hate to say that because I'm. Eat you guys don't know I'm not a big Aleks Maric guy but it. I bowl games they have is that they have ash rush. And they got weapons on rock that's as long as she doesn't have to win a game forum. I like in this city this weekend then how are gonna bet against knowing what. How can you bet against the patriots. Where it what they've accomplished this year. They had only avoid jail in New England kicks very. AFC title game all over again and I you know I I did watch Patrick Holmes play. As the last game of the year in Denver started rough but he began to settle and and I desire he just changes the field was throwing arm. And his ability drive the ball down the field is completely different player than Alex Smith this could be it for Alex so. Is Kansas City low good enough to beat either Pittsburgh or new England and then they're probably gonna have to beat them both. To get all the way to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis can they be either one of them. Well they've they've shown that they match up well against you know Leo you know pop styles make fights. They matchup good against New England for some reason I don't think they match up good against Pittsburgh because Pittsburgh who run the ball the better distillers are more dominant than when it comes a run at. But for some reason against New England. They match up well that this speed or something that they have just seems to have new England's number but only tough it's tough sledge for letting. What do you think our law. Bottom. Guys. I can never count New England out there the best college team. They've got the best quarterback. You know I I it I is don't see anybody beating them. I see no way would go to the Super Bowl get I hate to say that. It drives me crazy. That order potentially see then again. But I think they're gonna wetter. I beat Minnesota one of Minnesota gets its own game most likely played him brands and we get the rams get by the falcons get up and get by without dictated by the congress Minnesota is gonna have a home game and it really gets knocked off the ropes superffoods Super Bowl three in a sea gulls to Minnesota so Minnesota may have a whole game of the Super Bowl you knew we could beat Minnesota in Minnesota and that's what crusader. Don't get anybody anybody then you can win anywhere. You buddy and he'd. Always lateral well it's your idea today yeah it will be all informed if there are there. But it are gonna be a home crowd for. Now really corporate corporate butts in the seats but I think. I don't like this this is this is really never been at this alarming to me where even though Philadelphia is the number one seed. And Minnesota's agility Andrea Carson why senate right now Minnesota as the favorite and if they play the game at their home stadium. Thank you suddenly asked to look at but get real real quickly in an accident was a Super Bowl and I don't like the whole vita that. We are gonna bring Michael Lombardi on just a little bit we'll get into this Jon Gruden thing that I should come back you know John. From Glendale hired and no one else traded him the whole thing but lo just one thought before we let you go. You know Derek so well and I think John and rich gain and will be good for him. But if I am also worried about John Hagee has language Indies and and that's MF and everything and he may be different it is fifty that he was in his thirties. How do you think that dynamic would work with Jon Gruden at the head coach. They guy designed the offense than Rich Gannon are really prickly personality would dirt car how do you see that trio meshing. I feel I'm respecting one another they announce they are dared music. He hasn't been about what the pro life the guy cut SEC drink all kinds asserted he went through so he understands it and I I think the biggest thing he wants to win. And he's understand tough club and I understand this guy's phone he mine ally testament I think to dole bill tapered how many times they don't they don't do what they have to do as a coach. I really believe that he can handle he's not everyone thinks he's just some square guy. Car will be able to handle it and I think he needs that because one thing for sure you know pop up at least he's gonna respect them in least he's gonna believe in those guys. Ramon C a problem with that. I don't panic and I always revert to Tom Brady. Ed what he's been put under and the way she has been crushed. Ice I think he would still. Pushed pretty damn hard. He held by ballot cheque maybe not offensive coordinator. And I think he's still pushed. I think that is their that would that downfall. To Derek Carr this cashier. I've got a I think it would solve cushy cushy it would Todd downing. And he needed someone. To tell him. God he'd gain is going downhill. And he needs to get it right. In that did not happen this year and he got to get a bite to guy on a daily basis. Till he gets here. You know why.