Greg Papa Show Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, December 29th

Mychael Urban fills in for Greg & Bonta - he is joined by Omar Vizquel, Jay Paris, and then discusses Wade Davis's huge new contract. 


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Do you live from San Francisco it's a great publish gel on the Bay Area sports station. Not 857. I'm Michael Irvin in for Greg Papa and Vontae hill thanks for journalists here on the afternoon delights and I'm delighted. To be welcoming in our next guest widely considered one of baseball's all time best fielding shortstop Omar Vizquel won eleven gold glove awards including nine consecutive. From 1993 to 2001 among shortstop is 985 fielding percentage. Is the best of all time he holds a slew. Of defensive record in Major League Baseball and what are you know he is on the hall of fame ballot for the first time this year didn't have to give us some time. Is Omar Vizquel Omar how are you man happy holidays. A big guy out there we want people knowing there. Cordial and fantastic man we're doing better than the giants did and Tony seven team they obviously struggled mightily on the heels of having a rough second half. Of the 2016. Season you played four seasons here in San Francisco I'm sure you paid attention to what they're doing. Omar by the way audience well has been coaching for the current tiger from 2014. To 2007 to insert your still heavily involved. In the league. The rough for you to see a team that you formally played forego through such rough times I'm sure you still have some friends in the area. Oh yeah sure I you know political accused down there or OT malware and then somebody out there and in New Orleans knowing that pats packed all of you can kill one thing the French and ignite he had bad point oh are. Oh what prewar Syrians in a row I'm sure you guys will be equate mellowed out. I'm a little added I'd gotten in fans remember him most and I think you'll want to are able to lock in that secret. You know celebration of a gay Harden and everything all the success that he hadn't allowed outside your not Nina Mehta. The more she hears that and Omar Vizquel do enough to give us a little bit of time on Friday as I mentioned Omar. Is on the ballot for Cooperstown. For the first time Omar what would it mean to you to be inducted into the Cooperstown hall of fame. How well are you excited at being built on its voting. Curtain are you ready. An. I need. It and he. That it would go to the third did he destroy Obama again and my. Barak is either it is appropriate that you have to wait and go to it and heard he took part in those yet you aren't talking about what you're seeing in your career. Omar with the advanced metrics in baseball and Sid from attrition in money ball and all that. You guys careers trying to get framed differently post career by all of these numbers but I I'm I'm old school on the big fan of the I'd just. When I are you need to look at it when I hear the name of murmurs Vizquel. And somebody asked me is he a hall of Famer I might bar you and asking his question of course she's a hall of Famer. If he's on the ballot you vote and as soon as soon names appears on the ballot I know your humble guy Omar. If you have a vote do you vote for Omar Vizquel right away. When Carter argued that good looking Albert got you know pared their. Eat they are talking what I have a man being king of well this. Week. Out to be there. There's a lot of respect these states Sam Nunn on camera man accused now of course negate. He can say. Anybody would be. Pulled out but you know meat is still about a lot. It's like you get that you'd want if you water water bottles or god I wish I pick out a pretty good John good morning to die. They Omar or having some trouble with the phone lines so we're gonna cut it here and try to give your call right back and hopefully we get some better reception. You gotta love the honesty there's so many athletes out there you asked them would you vote for yourself for the hall of fame. You'll get a flat no or that's enough for me to decide or they'll give you some sort of ash athletes speak cliche. Not Omar he's just look at the numbers mean and let's here's some of the members like you say he's he's all among shortstop. 985 fielding percentage tied for the highest all time. He's got all time leader in games played the all time leader in double plays turned. He's tied with cal Ripken and the American League record for most consecutive games. It's shortstop without an error that was in 95. He has since been surpassed by the scales on the all time hits leader list among players he is. Among shortstop she's got the third most of its all time. Among short stuff behind only Derek Jeter and hone his Wagner you think cheaters don't involve fame on this Wagner's already there. You're insane. If you don't think Omar Vizquel is a hall of Famer where everything to get Omar back on the line we had some troubles with his cellphone. I would just like you hear his weekly envoys I'm gonna see if you might maybe things were better tune everybody out there is heard. That song Broadway is dark tonight. Think of security element major leaguers did. Hallmark kills it on that. But. Let's let's just get into more this hall of fame ballot thing in the concept. Of first time. First ballot hall of famers. To me we should get rid of that designation completely. You're either a hall of Famer or you're not a hall of Famer. When I hear somebody say yeah he's a hall of Famer but not a first ballot hall of Famer. That's ridiculous. Your job as a whole thing voter is to identify hall of famers and so if someone's a hall of Famer in your mind. You don't qualify. If you see his name on the ballot you vote for that guy. You don't say now I'm gonna wait until next time because he's not a first ballot guy here's my way of taking care of that because there are writers out there. There's writers out there. Think they. They have a designation the first time about your job is to identify hall of famers. And that's that. I think we have Omar back Omar thanks. Appreciate it's are we had a technical difficulties. We kind of lost you in the middle of the answers so I'm sorry but I'm gonna ask you again does Omar Vizquel vote for himself for the hall of fame. Each well I've not got an out and they're in numbers in his field a huge crowd and how gold golf I think god that you really have to compare yourself. Out all right good. They'll tell what day you borders Sadr called mean not you know without their banter it's an older numbers are good or not needed deeper into the numbers and and all that often you know I I don't read the on this satellite and the criteria they use in. But Utley got to be hard brought there's you know are you got a book a word I'm not a you'll speed we are excited of people that don't compare me to get at them. Maybe someday and I began to be their. We'll talk with a Omar Vizquel here on the afternoon delight I Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa. And bon de L Omar you've been coaching in the league for a little bit now you got any designs on being a manager some day. Yeah it's I think that's what I'm diving into league coaching nonstop right now record for years for Detroit tiger now how the opportunity to be weekly Al White Sox in a single lady. Armed team yeah we are Salem North Carolina when I'm going to be a mama you're the team I'm not. Indeed in the moment to moment that I'd be waiting for our sometime Monday not to weigh a lead of field do you get your opportunity and you know BT just aren't good. Just for me to gonna shine not the tools to be amount a year now. Try to communique William Gray hairs are none and see what what he's gone about about our being in charge of one Qaeda. The bush years out of Omar Vizquel one of the all time greats of the shortstop position a Major League Baseball. He is on the hall of fame ballots for the first time any damn well better get in the first time your crazy. If you don't think Omar is a hall of Famer hallmark. There's a school of thought that if the giants struggle again say they have a couple of more. I'm not so great years Bruce though she's won three world championships here in San Francisco the first three that the giants have won in San Francisco but eventually. He's gonna step down how strong are your relationships in San Francisco. And would you welcome the opportunity to take over for Bruce coach uses skipper of the giants. I Derek they're gray they put me out you know like I say I Yamamoto cranberry area. I don't matter at all or declining man now why they radio Q what did dean what I know Bob Manny or they didn't look at core I mean very own daughter what can that you got to love you got to go to our beat queens and and can't imagine not often all your arms he's been under un a lot of things solve you don't arm of waiting for an opportunity big guy in 31 of the scheme that would be a way to increment. Murder scale joins us here on the afternoon got a Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and Vontae hill Omar who are similar short stops in today's game that you really enjoy watching and why. Well they're two guys that are really enjoy. Obviously current equally dorm where they can let me get to glutted guys that are being not. I won't say making bold equate he played some on the shores obfuscation you know I don't hold fate made your big guys know what in the Detroit tiger he's got. A guy got made down an auto outside an auto brake ought if you want a debate shortstop right now is under unusual and Siemens they got from now on the pine needles these guys who made these making clay. Or going to feel legal loophole eagle behind physical and they are thought there's a lot of good shortstop in the league right now and he's just a pleasure to feel all of them. Omar you won eleven gold gloves in your 24 year career including nine consecutive that's an incredible street from 1993. To 2001. The only name that went on the gold glove award for shortstop in the American League was Omar Vizquel here locally gone back to the giants. Brad Crawford has won some gold gloves as a shortstop here. How do you like watching him play he he can. Keep practices those highlight reel type plays. As the shorts I need to practice those types of plays to pull them off or is it just kind of a spur of the moment creativity thing or was it for you network. Well sort of bull are utterly happy camp routine play marched in not you know we haven't played these guys in the wallet and I really big news. Seemed totally skewed out. Ought sold thought Mike did you meet highlight after the games are not you know what I see diplomat making guy that can goal. I rounded simple siege and on and I make every play off the he got a great arm you know a lot he he'd look even look like even more lower because these these government get big guys. Bart. Bill would then I like that I see even that would guide it doesn't matter how big do you see he can't he'll get to every ball. That birdies out there. And now obviously. It is a shame that I don't get to be very often. Bush years out of Omar Briscoe one of the all time greats shortstop position in Major League Baseball. Omar the game has changed considerably even the short time you know as we mentioned here on the ballot for the first time. For the hall of fame because you've been out of the game. For five years but you've also been coaching in the game at the Major League level so you've seen the changes that the game. Has undergone or what do you think about the home run or bust type of mentality where we're hearing about exit velocity and ends the launch angles. Do you do you like the way baseball has changed or do you prefer the old school the style that was played when you were coming up. Well all agreed that the old courted big cattle they core though he groping and not you know would be how are maybe -- some pretty big guard out that that they're bringing up right now bark target -- a lot of -- particular about each of these based on either between you know they they're looking for every resource out there for you to improve your game and I think -- -- you know undertaken by nature of these stories is great. You know use CMI in an auto pretty big guy now trying to launch bold or not. You really Akinori regained you have to know where you made all you know I wanted double god that I can not dreamed about eating homegrown because I outlook and 8220. So you all to really guard your game know what you're able to do. And then try to duels the tools necessary to clean coal output yet you have to make it just in on the game right now I do know more about numbers about soccer may treat such a well how the pupils see you yourself from different guys you know all these kids being down being dawning in baseball because there. We're spending in Ohio Oprah left of the heat he's indicated that both live writes I really feel you know. They've been a lot of teams are really change their way of thinking and the underwear pick consolidate you go oh you're pitching you'll have a very good contract. Omar Vizquel is one of only 29 players in baseball history to play in Major League games in four decades and get this is the only shortstop. Among those 29 guys only shortstop in history to play game in four different decades he joins us here on the afternoon delight Omar what do you think the biggest challenge is going to be for you. When you do get that shot at being a big league manager because let's let's go to another sport Magic Johnson for instance. Obviously an incredibly gifted basketball player but he got frustrated. As a head coach because guys couldn't see the floor the way he could see it and obviously. Guys that you coach or not going to be as gifted physically. Is you are is that going to be the biggest challenge. No I think the biggest challenge I mean every everybody got the freestyle a big friend not you know weight of Brady game boy did they produce their biggest challenge of a mound there is Abby to try to make it change weighing in Melbourne are saying one thing and then your gut feeling I'm telling you the altar you know it is he's got hearty to vodka got kind of balance that out and butane that are featured MW may have guy. Join a pretty good game and an older Saudi not to take him out because they bought the numbers also show their percentage are right. Dave you are count my bubble gets you yourself are about to waddle that these are the you have to deal way every day. And you know a lot of upmarket you week all the numbers yield gold grade you saw your pocket we'd be out try to make a decision bounce it out real well. We're talking with a Omar Vizquel here on the afternoon to lighten. Quick recap yes she would love the opportunity to manage is San Francisco Giants and I love Omar there's so many athletes and we're just look at the athlete handbook you ask him. If they think they belong in the hall of fame and they'd say oh well that's not up for me you know let other people decide that I love that you think you belong in the hall of fame dammit. You do belong in the hall of fame. Hey I know that fundamentals. Are something that every shortstop needs to think about when they think of Omar Vizquel. Probably most people think of highlight reel plays but I know you are a stickler. For fundamentals and I wanna ask you about your approach to that and how you bring that. Two I know there's a website you're involved in use sports instructional website it's called YS PN 360 dot com. And you're one of the coaches providing free video instruction. For an audience out there tell me about your involvement or why SPN 360. Well obviously they did do some things for kids you know that I AD developer tools needed to improve their game and not be not only on field before heating running debate say you know we recently just seen a lot about three hours of meteor or fireball every scene that can help. A baseball player be banned of their tools. Anita pretty exciting teams or reporter for the U sold they can grow up that's you know on. Did great big me about what he'll block out who to beat in the Beijing. Why do you why do you love the entity seeks the allows you to do got a need decree you can going to web site you can download also stopped and are you know we have some great coaching now some great experience is out there. Some Santiago white guy hopefuls loud. There he got courage on friends from. Do you we've seen what their guy and for. Our judgment pitching coach right now I think you've got Dave Roberts correct. On Dave Robert is also a ball well there have been some great coaching the bear and you know late eighty's main people albeit pain that you got married yet equally gloomy guy talking about began. So if you play big game right and you've tried to apply these techniques obviously your game you can ankle. Totally. You might not get as good as Omar rip scalable you'll certainly get better in the best part of of course is that it's free YS PN 360 dot com Omaha take you so much for your time you've always been. So gracious I had the privilege of covering new. When you're a giant I do hope that you are the next giants manager if and when Bruce decides to take his lead and good luck with the hall of fame vote if I was a voter I'm not. I would vote for you and I would tell all my fellow voters this is a no brainer good luck to you hallmark. They give some watch guys were there opportunities. Hi to Omar Vizquel. I love that he says yeah look at the numbers on the hall of Famer. Of course she's a hall of Famer. Do you think he's a hall of Famer AAA 95795. Semi hit us up you can hit a summit Penske out of so stuck on text line. 95795. We talked basketball we've talked baseball but guess what it is a football Friday here. At 957 the game dot com auction dot com Monday 57 against. If a ball Fridays are brought to you by doling lumbered doors and windows lower prices. Better service higher quality okay back to my hall of Famer into about this ballot. Here's how you take care of the clowns. Who say no he's not and I'm not just talking about Omar I'm talking about anybody. I know people with a boat I've had people tell me when asked them did you vote for this guy did you vote for that guy. They say no arm and vote for next year I don't think he's a first ballot got. And I wanted to slap that attack on a punch him in the neck. Your jobs to identify hall of famers you have one job. Identify hall of famers. If you guys names on your ballot in you think he's a hall of Famer. You vote form if you don't you don't deserve devote how do you weed out those clowns. It's my 90% rule and it's very simple. If you don't vote for a guy let's use Omar as an example. Lets say Omar gets him as a first ballot guy any gets in way of let's say it's 90% of the vote. If you don't vote for somebody who get sick and with 90%. Vote or higher. You lose your vote for ever. Because that means you have your own agenda you're one of the guys the guys who fancies themselves as a guardian of the game. The sanctity of the ballot. It's comical to meet some people don't actually. Not voted for guys because they said I know he's gonna get in he's gonna get 9495%. So I'm not gonna waste one of my votes on him because you can name. You can go down the list. And some of these voters say I want to save that spot for somebody else who might be a borderline guy and I want to make sure that he gets my vote. There's only so many people I can put on. I can seem to me your job is to identify hall of famers. So that's my rule somebody gets in wooden 90% or more of the vote in you have voted for them. You're no longer allowed to vote I ever problem with a constitution. Of the voting populace. There's people who have hall of fame votes right now who go to maybe 1012 Major League Baseball games a year. Deserved to vote on the hall fan. Those same types of people they get to vote on MVP awards I think they started to change it a little bit. But it used to always check my ID. Because I when I worked for Major League Baseball dot com I covered the raises a B right. In the early days of We literally covered every single game now let's take Susan closer. And showman for instance. They gets. Several days off I didn't I worked every single day but I didn't get to vote for this season ending awards why because I worked on the Internet. They're changing that they're getting better but as we net as we know baseball improves. And it varies glacial pace. Jay Paris has written a book about the Los Angeles rams. The Los Angeles rams again how's LA taking to their new. Division winning squad. Red polish on 1957. They gained him. I'm Michael urban in for Greg Papa and Vontae they'll be taking all the way up until 3 o'clock when we him and I'm. And Damon Bruce will take you said then it is cobalt Friday of course in football Fridays are brought to you by FH daily driver a little. And save a lot. Am roll around town and then came back shaving equinox. From best dates daily in San Leandro just a little bit of information just humanize the host the equinox. Is a quality vehicle. I do practice what I preach you should go to Ed page daily followed I'm not just saying that because they're one of our advertisers. For football Friday days. We're joined now by the offer by the author of game of my life memorable stories. Of Graham's football the once great rivalry between the Los Angeles rams in the San Francisco 49ers kept dissipated. When they took their act over to Saint Louis but now they're back in Los Angeles and here is because about it is Jay Paris. OK Michael let's football Friday a very. Margarita try to down here's what we put them together can get some dog. Margarita info balls I'm thinking a lot of people are nodding their head in the affirmative right now if you wanna follow Jay on Twitter by the way Jay Paris Paris is just the way you would think it's spelled. Jay Paris underscore. Sports tell us about this project this book reviewers game of my life memorable stories of French football. Yeah I do you know Mike I grew up in Iran guy and I spoke to can't cry uncle who get into grant gave the option to strict sense and fury and military uniforms do them all marine each. And knowing that you could take six typically did so I would one of those six kids and I grew up my insurer ambulance will listen that they can't Burton explained that great spring and can even god bless tribute to the torch for the poor kids and we noted that since so much so the rim guy group Rome newspaper owned truck driver Jack Youngblood now a bunch and I don't play for the rams. Trouble and I go up 52 and 165 C is no concern about their turf preached. They know no other way to get paid to watch it and they've viewed sportswriters like that that led to cover the rams they removed all doubt and they don't govern which partnership twenty years. No I got here about the rams coming back expression here the chance steps. Connect lets them have really great players from the sort transcendent. Maybe connect a much out a little bit and got a hold some great guys sure perched on the outlook. It's funny yeah I gotta support training for pretty much the same reason you do doubt that baseball guy. Once my fastball dipped to about 83 miles an hour when I was a senior in college I thought you have a big lead probably aren't in my future but I can write a little so let's go that way through your. Jay Paris covers Southern California sports football in particular the NFL the chargers and the rams I'm told you cover the home games for both teams threat Baltimore teams up here in the Bay Area the manager taking on those rams the raiders disappointing season is coming to a conclusion against the chargers both the chargers and rams are new to LA the rams have come back the chargers have come up from San Diego how is LA taking to those two teams. You know they chemed being of course the third third protein and LA connection USC right so possess. They're playing time behind the little. Thought grant was taken off in the end there's there's started to get some traction and you know they do have to have that history that certain what your history and I'll push you're in LA which ended the way they're playing it and as you know. Normally have to win in LA they can't be entertaining rectify the watch and so they're doing okay charters a little bit ourselves a they came into the city which didn't want them they left the city that did want them. And it invite the people who like to mark to come out with a de LA so they're they're that bit of a pickle and there's three brother own drug 20000 people at a soccer stadium you know. 25000 people that the people pick the wrong direction usually at LA so that's not really. Dick Trout so they're gonna take some time that they actually can't have a playoff clincher they felt certainly helped the cause that. The rams have a leg up on him and had. People are pretty excited term a playoff game in Los Angeles our first time since 1978 to bully that. Ads can be used the voice she hears that a Jay Paris he covers the NFL down in Southern California. The rams and the chargers as we mentioned the niners. Are closing out their season which as we all know here and I'm sure you're well aware Jane. Jimmy drop below has absolutely injected life into a formerly moribund franchise in the San Francisco 49ers. He is a big damn deal here. In that area I mean I've never seen and I'm a lifelong Bay Area guys I have never seen. A guy. Inject this much life into a franchise and turn the franchise fortunes around. Is quickly is this guy's done it again and it's a small sample size but. I see greatness when I watch him I don't think I'm going overboard. What to take on Jimmy G success down in La La land. They have four row he went five six I think it's great I think we've seen early by a detachment that torture much cargo and she talks which dominated NFC west so much lately text. Go back to the rams and 49ers and stand change image of the GM net. They have Dutch air across the cal I mean you could perceive that haven't battles going through Jan fifteen years from church and I think it's Graham I think that they key military. Yes Jimmy G and let John Lynch in bad guys kind of turnaround. Either doubt San Diego way downtown and paralympics. That orange shirt cooking in which he's got a bill that thing right it might take a little bit. And this that is certainly can't just go to the right direction to mention that around 49 no bribery each. Let them forgotten and what mattered on your game to a church and has worked against them so whenever these two guys get together chimed. The situation we got a couple notches and so rancher turned to about it. We're talking with Jay Paris she's the author of game of my life memorable stories of rams football or talking rams forty niners close now. Week seventeen in the NFL the rams are going to the classes you mentioned they're going to be hosting. A playoff game so. This game is I don't know no game is ever meaningless sound like that term but right or competitive purposes it is pretty meaningless obviously because the rams have decided. To sit a bunch of their start before getting that decision are you mentioned charity golf for cal guy there's interest in him because he cut his teeth appear account. Last year about this time there actually some people talking about him is being a potential bust but here I'm Sean McVeigh. And this guy is he's lighten it up this year what's been the most significant aspect of this dramatic turnaround. Well you're right lecture you wonder away from being called James fondness. Spoke to settle the first step and start. Horrible horrible that is all didn't look right chill on the Jacob in New York's you know each student one years old he looks 21 years old and you talk to him and you think he's 81 years old this guy is a bright bright light. In his enthusiasm. And energy in his innovative way to just scroll across their offense while church done awfully well. Without cricket they got. Out of work or their left tackle. John Campbell it's center everything short of that offensive line. Can you go to tuck early whose mission used last year quite by coach Fisher Christian stack running hard. They've got some of the perimeter created a chain and bought chipped Robert butch spent their complete cup that leading rookie receiver so. There's some weapons there and there's an innovation and think just seeing the switch from a coach this slush the only who went six and fourteen of 1412 the other kinda inched. We shall I say you know their lead the league return towards closer. I came in and they're gonna sling it around they're going to be entertaining so I think each charity has such a police and haven't often just aren't that. Back then you know pat them on the back and let him go inch. And Fisher knowing that you can tell a guy and that's it just didn't work you advocates say a boycott to just couldn't do that confidence along without question. Jay Paris covers the rams and the chargers down nets down in Los Angeles and we briefly mentioned the decision to sit although there are stars in this regular season finale Todd Gurley. He's an MVP candidate now oftentimes that the last thing that the voters see is what they're gonna remember most when it comes time to merit vote the last thing they saw from Todd Gurley was another otherworldly game but. I understand you disappointed that the rams are bringing all their big guns because they don't want anybody if they beat down in Jimmy G goes to five and now they don't want anybody to be able to say what you. Yet you played a team that really didn't give him there all what went into that decision. I think there's there's so much streak you know they they worked hard to get to this point so to really have exhibition game in late December action you don't see Jermaine those that they won that's you know. Coach wouldn't sit down and killing always take you wanna be your best when your questions neither. They're best is merely from this weekend you know it would be great if they've played this weekend but. Really that's where everything's all in June and early you know lately in the league and the Russians fighting over who out on battle without the but I thought they would need in a neat gesture by the ramps mortgage contracts. Our games are written a lot of guys who didn't escalators a lot of guys have to reach certain of a standards to get page. Aggressive nature close. Well then go ahead by ten checked solution yet so certainly Diana often in the locker room and I think there's simply touched the other bigger things ahead in this Sunday although that would be to byters that's for sure works direction subscribe to the right thing to do. Jimmy drop Logan security guard that's a match up they were anticipating seeing in the next 1015 years to reignite this once great rivalry. Between the Los Angeles rams in the San Francisco 49ers the name of the book is game of my life. Memorable stories of Graham spoke all the author. Is Jay Paris you can foam on Twitter at. For your time happy holidays to you happy days here. Is that I got no doubt material here all right look at just the index jam. It's no time no doubt about it maybe as the rams if the rams kick deep into the post season absolutely will bring him back over to Margaret. Sounds good great. All right let's say Paris again you can follow him on Twitter. That Jay Paris underscore. Supports the Margarito of course we'll have to be version. For me if you know little bit about my background and you probably dude did you know that Wade Davis just signed a monster deal. With the Colorado Rockies three years and 52 million dollars. I honestly thought it was a typo when I saw. So obviously the competition isn't getting any weaker. In the National League west. For the San Francisco Giants will take a look at their future. Also take a look back and we'll take a look back at the arrest of 27 team for the rest of the Bay Area sports teams. Now back to the great accomplish. On 957. Big game. In honor of the giants getting Will Smith back this season. And this relates to Wade Davis is ridiculous contract listen to this Will Smith west. Tonight we come. Cool. Bulldogs. Pulled from. Earth wind and club where yeah. So. Good so okay. You're. And so clean. Will Smith doesn't need to constantly as records. But Eminem does. So a few will Smith and after. Forget what the players. We got some youngsters here that say Eminem is trash. Your Papa that you're part of that chorus. You're not sings trash like in general it's just the new stuff. That the new album is hard to listen to herbs revival. It's pretty much every eat poppy. You know so you can think of is there there there's no collaborations with the actual MC's. It is just Eminem with songs beyoncé beyoncé paying cash. Who's the the ginger cat that sing and now our guys on page here and who really. Wow sorry I'm sold out basically is valued. He saw that a long time ago but. I ice loves Eminem back in the day that the first three albums are a great. Like slim shady LP Marshall Mathers LP and then and Eminem show and then after that I kind of did that I am an. I'm shows on heavy rotation now gone in in my aforementioned. Equinox star on the equinox Armani and equinox is flying as recent survey. I'm modular and then for Derek for inferred Greg Papa that was Derek I'm here you're here we'll. That's really all I mean any dare Papa and I need Elena and that's it it takes me back. So the good old days these are the good new days but those were the good old days. We've upgraded everything the productions a little bit tighter our voices are a little bit stronger. Speaking of that if you want to reach out to the program. We've thrown out some questions to you you're always gonna have thrown at you at this time of year. What was your favorite local sports moment of 2017. What was the worst local sports moment of 27 team. And what would you like your favorite sports team in the Bay Area what should their resolution be AAA. 9579257888957. 9570. If you wanna hit this on the Penske auto sales dot Comtex 195795. Wade Davis has signed. The richest contract. In baseball history for relief pitcher he signed with the Iraqis. Kurtz said to be made official I guess she's got a hundred of the physical you know about Allred moral. Three years and 52 million dollars. I thought it was a typo when I saw three years 52 million dollars now what I say I thought it was a typo it's not an indictment against. Wade Davis I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it. Deserve is relative and professional sports right if an owners paying that kind of money. He's making that kind of money supply and demand etc. etc. But three years and 52 million for relievers jarring. The winter meetings they just pass they came and went there wasn't a lot of action. The only action you saw for the most part after John Carlos Stanton was introduced as a member of the New York Yankees. The only real action was a bunch relievers got signed. I've been covering baseball for a long time. And typically are at least back in the day when I was covering the a's on a daily basis for instance from 2001. To 2009. That I went over a Comcast sports net I did. The giants in the case for Comcast. Even back then. Teams haven't addressed their bullpen blast now closer would get a little bit more attention and that's what Wade Davis sits. He was terrific for the cubs last year. Huge member of that Kansas City Royals team. I mean he is a very very good reliever but three years 52 million. Underscores how important relievers have become in Major League Baseball these days. Did you know that this past season. The average starting pitcher in Major League Baseball didn't even get through the six innings. Five and two thirds innings was the net average Major League start this year. Lowest number of innings on average for starters in baseball history. Which means of course teams relied on their bullpen more than they've ever relieved on their bullpen in Major League history sort of makes sense. That you start to pay attention to building a provoke him. Again it's typically the last thing you look at. And it was because they're out there they're going to be available we don't need to rush to get then we got bigger fish to fry so to speak. And the giants do have bigger fish to fry. Because they've got mark Lance coming back. They've got Will Smith coming back. They have a couple of guys shows some promise late last season that might be part of the solution going forward but they still. Could use a few upgrades in that bullpen. You look across the bay rays bullpen can use an almost complete overhaul. So I feel like they're kind of missing the boat on these relievers. Winter meetings. Was all about bolstering bowl parents because the bullpen to mean now more than ever most of the contracts that before getting. Was first sixth and seventh inning guys. Those guys you get like. Two years. Eighteen million now sixth seventh inning guy is recently as 56 years ago. He was lucky to get one point 2000001. Year. Two years maybe five million. That was a big contract for six or seventh inning guy. As little as five or six years ago. But now relievers are such an important part of your team teams are addressing that need earlier. Have the giants missed the boat I feel like to have there's talent still out there are I think they should go get it. The judge by the way. Take a look back at their Tony seventeen. They headed into Tony seventeen look everybody knew their one of the worst teams in baseball the second half torn sixteenth. They made the playoffs and they push the eventual world champion cubs. And that kind of fooled some people into thinking. They weren't that bad. They played OK in the playoffs their bullpen. Ended up costing and that's series. But if you're being honest with yourself you knew. They were one of the worst teams in baseball in the second half of 2016. They made themselves feel better about their bullpen by going out and get an alliance and all the clothes or Alter our all star stuff well he blew a save on the first day of the season. Madison munger pitches great and it's two bombs more handsome blows a save. And that it was pretty much all she wrote it was all downhill from there. Mad bomb hops on a dirt bike or mountain bike whatever was. It's himself injured misses a huge chunk of blame to mrs. huge chunks that Will Smith misses the entire season. It was a disaster. So it's not just a 2017. Giants that were bad. They've been bad for season and I have to. And when they held that post season press conference. He said we need to get younger. More athletic we need more power in we need better defense. And we hope the bullpen gets a little bit better and we hope the starting rotation is intact. They said goodbye to Matt Moore which I was thrilled with I am so sick of watching that more I'm so glad they got rid of him. He is the most aggravating watch for me in Major League Baseball. Or is that a smile is better grimace. You mad are you happy you don't know when Matt Moore. You just know that is he areas like nine on the road. So speaking of nine they saved nine million dollars by sending him packing. They've got work to do they went out and got Evan Longoria great upgrade. O'Brien Sabine scissors and other shoe it's gonna drop and it might be more significant or hair and Jay Bruce we're in Billy Hamilton. If you get those three guys. I think you're okay. But you gotta have full health for Madison Baumgartner he gained the bullpen to be significantly better. Giants fans what was your most memorable moment I'm struggling with a memorable moment. For 27 team for the San Francisco Giants. Nurse you've got one yeah when barn burner did you know. Dug under the bug bike accident but that's not a memorable moment and he's let's from the worst moment you wait on the real good yes there wasn't any why that's such that that's the thing the memorable moments was. The first game of the season normal lands and blew the save everything after that. And cash it was a catalyst for the season and that was all she wrote as all she wrote David. So you can't come up like me I can't come up with a positive memorable moment for the 2017 giants now. I think I'm home with a kick about with one for the EA easy either it's usually off the field stuff with the gays. It's probably the fact bad Dave cattle celebrity and his new stadium and then boom and that her three months no more new stadium but I feel. Held a lot better about DA season than I did about the judge because the a's knew who they work. And they identified some pieces they've got some nice young pieces that they know they can move forward with. I think the giants are kidding themselves in factoring too much open ended 27 team great you've got Evan Longoria that's a start. Get busy get more guys if you don't. Your factoring hope into the rotation into the bullpen and into the defense and goal line up it's the cardinal sin of baseball management. Do not factor too much hope into it and that's what they're doing. Then matters have hope for the first time a long time why because of Jimmy G here amendment get to spend a lot of time with Jimmy G. If you is good in person. Its views on tape on the field.