Greg Papa Show Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 28th

Football Hour w/ Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban - joined by Michael Lombardi [NFL writer for The Ringer, former NFL executive], Lincoln Kennedy [Raiders sideline analyst & former Raider offensive tackle], and then react to Linc's comments on the Raiders & the anthem protest in Week 3. 


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Can live from San Francisco. He's the great. Here yes. After enduring a series of forgettable. Gloria the raiders was about. The raiders into the new Roth was head coach Jon Gruden. Fired at the age of 34. Gruden was young by NFL's. Passion and toughness we're strictly at all. Better get that going. There. I'm posing for football cards now off then we're not pose a verb football cards that play awesome she beat. I get I have again got labor rights day. Starting January. OK okay. That of course is sounds. Of John gruden when you Zoltek gold's. We'll put silver or black and of course Michael Martin started with the raiders in 1998 when John was hired to be head coach of the Oakland Raiders welcome back to the afternoon delight. My pillar Michelin effort Greg pop up by say you'll hear many fires seven game or bring him Michael Lombardi German football our. Presented by Livermore Ford was a starter Mike got a lot to get to withstand Arnold jobs frozen cute we the other day about Jimmy go rob hello Derek car let's start with John growing here. David there's a report over we can get you started to reach outs was assistant coaches. So what would happen wolf John Gordon finally step out of the money may football Booth. NBA head coach an NFL team next season and would be put the raiders or will be with a seven bay Buccaneers. You know look I shouldn't just start this season you know John's gonna always have offers to come out of boot I don't know if he's actually line up assistance some Eagles don't do that and assistance. It all predicated on the contract so you can line up all you want to have an election year on their contract you can't get themselves. I'm not sure that that that is the reason why he you might think he's coming back I think there's obviously conversations he's made up for the Glazier family put his name on the ring of honor. And got contacts in Tampa. He's very close to Ryan pace and general manager of the Chicago Bears. That's certainly could be an option if you want to come back and of course you know. His relationship with Marc Davis the raider nation and what they need to fix with the quarterback situation could always be appealing to some of them make a decision reject Oreo. Hypothetically if he does come back and you've got to make your choice you have to make prediction. Is it truly just between the raiders in the box or do you have a wildcard team you mentioned. The Chicago Bears but let's assume he's coming back who do you think she would be most likely to come back growth. While I think a lot of that would be the culpability of a front office you know he had a working relationship or he has won with Ryan Casey's friends with Ken Pruitt stays in the world would Sean Payton. So I think you know with John John recognizes wherever he goes he's gonna have to have a working relationship with the general manager. What effect basically on this year things on the same page I don't know that would be the case in Tampa Bay winner Jason white will remain in his job but I don't know what his relationship would be with Reggie. If that happened in Oakland so I would say that you know if he came back it's gonna be embarrassed and have a Wilson real advantage of the fact that. You know they've got a young quarterback they got a young team. They got the San Jose defense coordinators that are really good job it's kind of tell me for what John would want a much senate's going to be the case but there's still made form. Right Mike you would think that maybe Tampa Bay serenade from consider that is youngest son is going to be a senior in high school he's right there in Tampa Bay he mentioned that he made a with the blazers and the as a young quarterback and Janus once in and a young star receiver Mike Evans when that. The most ideal situation for John gruden. You know I I think I think so you know but you know one thing when you're when you're making this kind of money helping it really matters didn't get airplanes pretty much on your own so. You know you don't fly from here to there I think it's about the Dutch which if John comes back it's not going to be conflict. Bad location that's going to be about the best fit. Your tweet raised some eyebrows saying you'd rather have Jimmy ground below didn't dare car at this point would you care to expand on that a little bit. It ought to I think it's pretty obvious I think Jimmy get through the ball and throws down the field I think Derrick has to do a better job over the Baltimore last second. Ed and make it the team better and others that everybody looks of this situation so as well. You know look we went through the draft I was in New England we like Jimmy as a player we thought Jimmy can be a really good player and he's turned out to be just because cargo all the money doesn't make you better. It just you know he had the one great year but as I sit on the show numerous times until he throws the ball down the field yards per attempt. That's going to be the deciding factor he's got a good little ball so dot got to come out colleges in captivity check downs and I think that's really. What has been happening you've got to Fiat mindset popular you've got to be willing. To accept what he can't do what you can't be like a fan and so while we love him because he's ours I think the challenge for the raiders as they've got a huge investment and make commission on mad. They'd better play or living up to the dollar amount that they gave them. Rob Lowe's in the pocket situation with a perfect coach in the corporate dolphins that fits his skill set perfectly so for me. I haven't really changed my mind on this thing you know if you were if you ask me attitude fourteen draft and I like car problem that I would have took problem. Michael Lombardi from a ringer and former NFL executive joins us chairman got a new white Michael Irvin for gore pop or Marcia hill where a man if I seven again this is a full ball over prisoner by a little more for you mentioned to our court outdoor and a ball downfield. Take a way to see super yard touchdown no Mark Cooper. Car was fourteen it's when he for 77 yards Mike and how much is the blame is much of the blame can you put on Todd downing your rookie off into court and possibly Eagles Jack Del Rio or how much of the blame goes to Derek harper kind of get flustered out there early gains and refuse in the pro ball downfield. I think it's a little. Bit of everything but look I mean last year when they were doing well okay last year when they were everybody had a go onto the Super Bowl we're gonna win everything and the raiders are back me. He averaged seven yards per attempt this second here in the NFL he averaged seven yards per attempt. I mean this is something that hasn't changed musgrave you know notwithstanding the change of course there's the street got a 67. He goes to 80% ages is relatively lower than what pleasures of receptions are higher but I think ultimately it's got to come to. It's gonna hold the bombing and look at some of the tribal strong apple holds the ball till the last second. Any let it go the same thing Tom Brady does that how you get the ball down the field it's gonna be painful it's going to be hard to do but that's the challenge of playing quarterbacks if you take the path of least resistance if you take the check down right now. You typically don't have a big average yards per attempt that's the one thing while you have to look at it his rookie season even that side but that's his rookie season right she'd think he's gonna grow on it. Took a huge jump the next took a while up to seven point out a significant. But he never been able to improve on that since that is correct bashed your rapper was last year and it was still seven point oh yards per attempt. Michael is get back to Jimmy G as good as he's been as dynamic as he's been as excited as the fan base is banned. I don't know that they they've seen enough of him to offer him a long term deal now got a franchise tag option. I'd give the pros and cons on you hit them in the French Italian. You can't base there and just got the push for the goal they they got the greatest Christmas present itself. A. You've got it did you know like at some point you know like how they received is that someplace got to play the game right. And at some point you just got to recognize what you say that this cannot open contempt for pre season games right. He just put 4401. Investigate president he has well. Right he just knew they had this team that really you know they should put cracks me up about fans say they do it for car you know car slide isn't playing well the receivers are doing it. You can't even name five guys on the 49 our offense high. It goes I've played in which he gave up that they couldn't get 31 downs of the games. At quarterback makes a difference and when you get on and you see it. You pay for. My engineer garrote larger eight point seven yards per pass attempt and my cause and I Jacksonville locker room after game allotted just like Tennessee because saying he's good for their system. He's good for their scheme they weren't necessarily give him credit dared to say NA is a good system quarterback. Those just sour grapes there because he looks like he's mastered this system and he could do a lot more and other systems in the NFL in the brothel does. Yeah publication that sending about Tom Brady two right so when what Bill Walsh always used to say all the time it's the system. Has we have to get the talent of the player and matched the system to that talent. And when that happens people have a hard time understanding is that the talent or visit the system and so would say it's a system you know whoever wins because. Wait a system quarterback OK fine. That's you mean you really good player. I don't really think it matters how it is I just know that that's just on the way Kolb coaches quarterbacks the way he handles it look connection that you just look at Atlanta. Look let Matt Ryan's don't throw. Every quarterback's got to play well for Kyle and when you have unique talent like a lot logos were he can control football pro on the part dimes to people with people on his face. Then you're gonna have a great system quarterback. Mightily surprised that a high second round is all the patriots can get for Jimmy ground below or do you think they had better offers out there and Belichick just wanna descendant. This far away competitively as possible IE the NFC. Well you know look I mean some people think the browns well the browns they golfers whether they retreat on sigh I think bill knew we needed to make a deal I think. Obviously clearly under sold them the plan was never betrayed him but I think what happened is it that you know nobody talked to Tom Brady can keep playing that's forty years old. Sold a reasonably stressed it was in 2014 was because. The best time to draft a quarterback is when you have one. And so that was a decision that we made a New England to find a quarterback that we thought could develop. And nurture over time and had a charisma that had the competitiveness to lead the team and play well. And you know that was the write them up fortunately time ran out Tom did something that night and they ever could happen which is play at a high level of the forty years old so. You know I know no question I have a solar might also know people. Yeah you're asking me that question which I am. It's a fair question. Because what happens is most people that one that didn't think she would support that he's another Matt Cassel. He's another Brian Hoyer he's another ex patriot quarterback that really can't play you get that all the time when people don't really evaluate the take from me I watched them practice every single day. And I solemn and I was around a much all the offensive lineman gravitate towards them a solid leadership skills. So you know I would pay whatever clot how to take I said he's worked more than Jared gosh Scott you were more than. Then Mitchell Robiskie was able to get and so but people just don't see it that way. Michael Lombardi from the linger former NFL executives join us as Georgia gets here and football are presented by a little more formally jump back over generators were quickly. Because and all the group gruden rumors and the tide downy rumors do you keep them Mark Davis he handed out gender real conscious decision before the season. DT Mark Davis would fire Del Rio eat the rest of that contract do you think that she's in a reasonable Michael. I think Mark Davis is sitting there look at this football team and he's put a huge investment not an object over a pretty huge investment of a dark car. And he's got a reap the benefits of that investment he's got to find a way to make sure that that's handled. How he gets there you know that's the challenge of Reggie McKenzie the general manager of the team that's the challenge to the people in this front office. To help mark understands what has happened in order to get it there because you have this you can't the only way you win in his late jobs are open because you don't have a quarterback. Well it is jobs open because there is a quarterbacks they just fix this situation. And I think whatever the divisive Reggie so whatever device of all the people in this executive committee told I think that's what you should do money shouldn't be an obstacle. It's Jack Dario that guy though to turn around our car is he that guided help fix dirt car for next season. Well it'll jets' defensive coach so you know obviously he's changed he thought that make the move from musgrave to doubt it was the right move it hasn't proven to be correct. So you got to figure out I was there for the thought process behind it what happened. But you know she don't really know behind the scenes but the one thing is YouTube cat the one thing about coaching yet take pride they take every game. So your body of works on tape and you see it and what you do. And you know you look at it you have to make decisions based on the tape of the body of work and I think the one thing they've got to do is they've got to reached. Cars get a regional level which they pay them for because it's not there right now. And energize his hired Dave get a meant as a general manager I just broke about five minutes ago Michael and they may be in business for quarterback. And we've heard Josh we've heard from Josh Rosen we've heard from Sam Arnold sent Arnold's been on record saying hey I'll look good and any NFL uniform it doesn't matter. We see Josh Rosen set up the cactus bowl. In and say hey I don't really wanna go to a bad team wanna go to a team that's so right fit so is that a red flag for GM when the going into the trash and play I got this guy who really doesn't wanna be here because were bad right now and I got a guy who doesn't care were Eagles. Well I think look this is what I believe. Yeah and I believe this is that the quarterback makes the scent that's what I tweeted out when he made that comment. Like for me it's about the quarterback that's what I don't seem that like can't people understand actually not that complicated coli apple made the city and San Francisco. Right the shot Watson made this fit in Houston quarterbacks may have fit. The recent you can reach the teammate quarterback you don't have wanna make of that and if you're great quarterback you make the trip. I just think to me it's a red flag for Josh Rosen look there's no perfect situation. And whatever happens happens you've got to make sure you do the right thing and go the right place and your talent will make a direct hit. Michael Lombardi from a ring of fire and all the good stuff there former NFL executives got a book coming out next year as well can't wait for that Michael. Happy holidays happy new year hopefully we'll talk to you next week here thanks Michael. Michael Lombardi from their linger breaking it down there. And their car Jimmy garage below. First of all he says Derek Carty says he leaves office to court or basically weathered a guy is gonna be north term debt cash firmer. Who the hell is going to be here jagr city's name checks thrown out the Jacksonville. Area ends. He needs a quarterback whisperer. Jimmy drop low he's going to get paid as Mike mentioned that he's high on Jimmy Clark got royals beat out forget about the franchise tag. Forget about it and he do you laughed at me there you're not there yet would you go Rob Lowe yeah I'm there until your own without question that needs to be asked him a guy who sat in that chair and help make those major decisions I think it's. Look it's certainly you can make your case for the niners wanting to basically what the franchise tag would be. Is a little bit of an insurance policy just it lets work word 90% sure. Bit this is real but let's tag him and make sure were a 100% sure before we given the franchise contract. But if you're a 100% sure right now and it sounds like there are the go ahead and that's remark Michael's out of censure clearly are meaning Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have five years remaining on their deal why not get married to the quarterback and since skepticism quarterback that's gonna help us bring the championship back to this franchise Jimmy for a Pulitzer two point 957 not far some guy might real quickly Josh Rosen thing. Yeah I'm Rosen fan I actually think he's going to be better in the NFL and Arnold Arnold right but that. He lost me a little bit without comment about the browns because that to me. Winner is gonna want to go into that situation. Because he knows damn well he's gonna be part of a turnaround which again. Jimmy she stays here vs going back to New England. If he has the same level of success at both places he's more exalted in San Francisco because he brought them. Up same thing would Rosen Rosen goes to Cleveland. And turned that around he's eight he's all brawn leveled god in Cleveland games pulls that off he is our roles and he'd be Cairo's even I'm with you there where. Before she's and I would rather have rules and and arm. I still think he's the national we better thorough work in sand sand Arnold I think he's more of a leader do traditional book question is what. Diet but I seed that's where I think I'm not with you there OK with the leadership team for as while this is a guy and fresh from the red hot tub and is like. Finally when I have funny UCLA one element of a little bit finite data do show name and probably you know men do you but I don't like the leadership looks like. When I watched USC and are washing down at the back to a Chevy chipped it Stafford they gravitate towards startled look on her looks like more of a leader and edge are barely leading Stanford doesn't get Obama for the wanna go on the goal line stand Arnold centenarians own. Charged in 99 yards and makes money for roles. All day long give me the money girls I had to think the issue as he quarterbacks could you look at Carson Palmer. Matt Leinart. John David Bowie. Mark Sanchez Matt Barkley ever really get separate but he says in the Carson Palmer to ever really done much in the NFL but I shouldn't hold that stigma against and Arnold. Right now I love that answer I will go anywhere it's just honored to play an NFL a lot of things that challenge and endure Astros in the scum like you know. Oregon my LA guy Hillary why go there are bad. Article to a team's already established two major rookie you don't have that choice that's the title match right there that I don't like from a twenty year old. I don't like it. And that's the way he's kind of come off publicly and part of that you know him being brash. I like I said I kind of like damage shades of the Broadway Joseph you know welcoming the spotlight basically. But yet back to the whole point oh look it's an honor to play in the NFL. Arnold gets that. Rosen doesn't seem too and now you take that in context for the hot tub in some praise Rosen said now we're talking about maturity levels. If there's one thing one tree do you absolutely need. As a young quarterback in the league it's a level head goodness and it's maturity and right now it looks like. Based on those comments that Arnold's got to help a lot more maturity and Rosen they're from a Penske councils are contexts are from a 418 from 40 wait maybe Saudi not off laurels and this scholarship because shawl. Didn't like his attitude and rolls and apparently. Wanted to go to Stafford moved. Which is surprising because Stafford he's a quarterback you Matt Stafford would jocks worked it out while. Oh and yeah I mean do some good guesses a pretty good judge of character and so she's given no grow on Josh Rosen and again you take. The body of evidence is mounting against Josh Rosen being an accountable guy a guy that you can can lead I mean our start to see shades of Johnny man's cell where you know it's not just all about winning right then being you know fat guy for that franchise it's all about Josh and that's another big red flags bring in a journeyman so apparently to see FL is approved. The potential deal for joining men's cell for 2018 so gentlemen so will probably be playing stocks NFL in 2018. Back generators for a second and you look at that available office corridors now first of all I ask you Michael Irvin. Would you bring back Todd downing for continuity no way no no way he's failed gun. Never understood that moved to begin with look you have one area of the raiders. It went exceptionally well last year every other area the raiders as good as their season was. You could poke some holes and I can say we can improve their we can improve their we can improve their now granted you could improve the offense as well but. I think it's safe to say that was the best overall unit last season. Why on earth would you make such a significant change especially when your defensive minded head coach play the reason we got. Is because he was a hot shot young coach that they didn't want to lose. How much of a hotshot young coach can you use as quarterback discourage me keeping your bravery that sounded like a week if you sit at the time and it sounds even weaker now. And that he was. These best friends are buddies. Would their car hit anything that would give me pause not make me more likely to elevate this guy he's got to be gone. I don't know that Jack Del Rio is the head coach to help the turnaround or identify. The offensive coordinator that's going to facilitate. The turn around I'm all about Norv Turner that's the name I here. It gets me excited I think he would come in here with a talent that's on the shelf. In Oakland on the offensive side of the ball and get dirt car back to where the raiders need him to be Norv Turner everybody's finalists were McChrystal will be Lincoln Kennedy or truth. 130 scares me area to move like Michael are we filling in for our problem bond sale terrified seven game. Norv Turner hi everybody wants Norv Turner but he quit ominous sold last year. What he quit on Minnesota he lost that charge was seen when he was heckled San Diego is not hey coach has the game passed by. Norv Turner. Now he's I just don't think he's head coach and I think she's proven that time and again I would never again hire him as a head coach but when he can just focus. On a specific group of guys. Look at his track record man he's an offensive and I hate that the good ruin the mastermind and everything but if there's one thing that he's great at. It is its offense and Norv Turner every time you talk about the great offensive mind. Minds in football his name comes up we'll talk to big Lincoln Kennedy about us that you're there to the white Michael article in the for drug problem bond sales this is 957 against. Now after the break off Michelle. I'm on 957. Big game. Do you have pop on getting dizzy too and didn't flustered watching saudis term as the rarest. Turn the ball over five times in the game and what state dominated Linus permits dominated time of possession and elusive eagles' nineteen minutes and welcome back to the actors like Michael Irvin. For an effort Greg pop on bonds or you'll hear many fires some of the game and we bring in big Lincoln Kennedy and Lincoln. Link is frosty by wind Kia in double and then link. Also look for him out first of all wanted to light a cigar to crisp on Christmas night prayers played well enough to on the defense is our football. Played well enough to vote to have do you like that cigar up but. Five turnovers the quarterback looks shaky. Top corporate raiders like. Only that my hand good to be Richard bunker an airbags have me hey listen guys it's one of those things where. We looked at the Dallas game and that. You know though that you can pretty much summarize the raiders' season up but the impact car. But this fact we can we solve this ultimate from don't want size so look over aggression on the other side the fact that. You know that little sort of a little bit and they just put together satellite. Wasn't you know the raiders get involved and it turned back over the make the bargaining Karabakh problem in Columbus Circle you didn't buy it but either one of those if you win the turnover battle each actually probably when the game without it unity you're you're left in the air like the raiders were. Palin corner of the story lines it's going around obviously isn't Todd downing maybe out after just a year in the offensive coordinator position. Assuming the ejector Rios days and it's his decision as to who to hire for the offensive coordinator. Given that Jack's job you've probably unity on the hot seat next year if not this off season. Do you think do you feel secure enough to bring in a former head coach there's no C ally I don't know if you Jacqui if if you get let go by the browns. Norv Turner isn't name that I like hearing but I just don't know if you're head coach on the hot seat if you really want to bring in a coordinator that started coaching next. You don't really Soeharto is very good delicate process there's a lot of former players that don't like to have coaches have been lifetime coaches than might first like I personally got former players on the staff. I didn't it almost seems like here a year you're setting your afford how far can bring a notable main man and he does a comparable job and for whatever reason you can't seem Amanda do you get fired. I think that to say that I think that what a you know when it comes to condemn it comes to all but to the defense coordinators. We all know there's some great opportunity for supporters out there that don't make the best I can't just and head coach to me in the National Football League is all about management. Personality management and I would not want to. I'll and I'll let the coordinator whose. Head coach our deepest corners of the head coach because I believe that head coach at the concept of responsibility differ from corners. Com but the thing is that you paid a lot of money for this team you're building from the foundation and you've got some good pieces now you've got to put it together. It did not seem for the most part that. The chemistry was stricken between them UN NN's Eric Carr now. I might be mistaken maybe their cargo load of more leeway so a lot of blame going on down and become the final. I'll how kind outcome but it should go on on Derek is their game has regressed and I think everybody will agree with that. Com but you know it's one of those things where you move for you gotta do something you might have to do something now so that it can't. No real sit on the hot seat if it was me in that position. How would be above anybody it is finally keep my job there if that's what it takes to make it happen but you've got to find someone who has chemistry what did the players which governor roster. And I think my Todd Downey did had a chemistry with their car which is why he is promotes an office coroner job thinking then it seems given up and down a silent October 1 first half touchdown in three weeks. How much I do want to ask you this and you kind of touched on this in their answer here is Derek Karr regressed or hasn't been exposed. Say that he's been exposed to that's a little much but. He doesn't rattled here for 22877. Yards if you take what it was downlink and he's not looking downfield he's visibly frustrated early gains when things don't go all right. One busily visibly frustrated because a lot of times Valero passive and might have been on the same wave my communicating wives and you look won one time. Palm specifically back in Philadelphia game Cameron defending the situation but I know the third down. And chuck Roberts was open on a seam route and Derek will expect except the calm and try to come back for the ball. And I just thought at the time when he was making adjustments that the come back I think they're cute that little better ball who have been completed. But there's this sound like that his exercise. Most notably you know for a very cannot be overly critical but fell less turnover of the game when he was trying to force that play tomorrow you have moments following up on the can't throw that ball. You wide enough you've been in the game long enough to know that you have to pull it down but you're so desperate to make a play you rarely to force things and and then of course they they come up short. Now they'll get me wrong I love their car a bigger part of future franchises. The future of this program is project at least for the next decade. But he did regressed this year now whether to play caller whether it's he's hurt whether it's. You know love metal it and you know whatever it is it he's regressed and he's gonna have to find a way to come out of this become be better because it's in the Carlyle and I'm so. This is receiving that me and if you think that they can play a little pride in that final game. But the truth of the matter is that you make its way to the opportunity because and that where they expect the world everyone else one of them make. Like everybody loves their car is a person and we need you here interviewed you seem to press conference he always strikes the right Tony always says the right thing by. Your quarterback obviously has to be the leader of the offense in leadership manifest itself in a number of ways. I've heard some people say they'd like just one time and had never seen it where Derrick would go to somebody on the offense it's not pulling their weight in just grab a face masks to get in someone's day Ximian. And maybe that's overrated but we've seen guys like Tom Brady do we see in the Ron Amadon Joseph Montana do it. Does does he does he have that kind of fired aware held kitten somebody's cage. And start rattling and if they're not pull on their way. I think that's one of the biggest deficiencies so this team veteran leadership. Column Derek strikes me as a cup and I haven't seen him do it so I don't mess certainly nobody can or cannot do and I haven't seen them do it. But air strikes me as the type of guy who's you know good family man a good religious man and I want to be everybody's friends so he wants to pacify every situation he leads by his ability. What is in leadership that there is this way to do that. But overly I think the the foundation of this team is very quiet. And and I on the sort of wanted to say doubtful because everybody differently in different ways but. It is very quite if you think about your your foundation you've got your car you got a little MacKey got Marc Cooper. Have you ever seen anyone of those freebies boisterous outspoken now. And so it's an insult you walk in and out locker room B a there's a newcomer being a rookie your because you build a foundation. All of that person that's what he's getting your face can call you up when you drop a ball or you miss a block or you miss a tackle I don't know who that is. And I definitely think fifteen lacks it because there have been several games at least this season. Where there was a lack of desire that it seemed like it was the lack of motivation nor black design now ultimately helping get sick coach but coaches coach players play. And then all my experience in all my years of playing ball and how much would you where you got both sports wise let. You leave or somebody that locker room getting your face to face no matter how careful you are what you make or how big your. You do that you need to do their job couldn't independently and I don't know who doesn't and the clock or. Yeah you're absolutely right they can wait when he can and he joins us harming our delight Michael Irvin Vontae hill modified seven game of football our present about a little more format I'll Bowman could be that guy but he came in halfway through season was stumped as horrible moment to be that leader you know he is definitely capable of doing that but speaking at a defense jump -- Donaldson -- -- job Tuesday could command on the falls is our quarterback. But when they Eagles score first. They go all seven nothing basically Graham in the ball down the raiders' throats this defense played very well we can on Monday night negatives and positives on and that's when he eighteen with his defense a jumper gone up. The defense has come a long while the defense has been kept this team and and then came in this looks frustrated because. You know and get things sometimes take time to gel we all get that the defense says it is come together and it's it's. It's sold this target because of the opposite just pick up to do a little bit they were one former handling mosque. So our relations but the offensive line I don't know what to think of their performance this year because the guys we have from pro football focus say they've graded out well they got three poll pro bowler we know that sometimes can be a popularity contest but there are times when political trick the eye test says that they weren't as good this year's they were last year where's your take. They weren't good there were a lesser. Sex couple I mean don't don't read it a probable stuff that's in the summer looks that he gave up. A lot of pressures have been happy give up if you give the pocket collapse. There were some shortfalls and even the pertinent announcer got the gore also probable have to struggle this year. And you just can't have them because ultimately be offensive line is the ridge really the engine that makes this cargo. And no pun intended but it is it is one of those things where when you watch like the Redskins game. How old there was prefect occasionally give a practical effect tomorrow they'll push back pocket that collapsed. And times when you really need it standup and be able to solidify the pocket in what the president it didn't happen. In their car you know took my so there's blood in the same way it last year but that the ultra Smart played overall consistently that you didn't get regressed. They couldn't beat Clinton can be on my asking this and to try to here what does one. It's got to pick one thing that was the catalyst for this season what wasn't. If there's one thing that was the I think had some. Underlining effects but I don't know how it just it's it's just a feeling it's just so got rich selling. The whole anthem controversy. I think effect it. Mentally. I think it affected people. And in this sense that not so much that you know you heard rumors about what we got donors because he's not what I mean it was an unnecessary distraction. That Warren had so much coverage so much questions. You could necessarily focus all football everybody want to know why Marshawn Lynch sitting down. Everybody want to know what it is these protests and what he's protests at about one know how you as sleepy little protest something or stand together. Look at how their locker room I've different political I don't I'm not here to talk about that in your talk about the all the kids he cheated them oracle. Give me a football related question don't ask me about the infant or social consciousness I and I think that was something that war not just on the raiders but but and yet and so on a number of things. Lincoln Kennedy thanks so much for join Anderson a happy holidays. Happy new year will Duff we follow all off about one half fund and an LA as a raiders take on the chargers to end their season happy new year wake speculate. They got to take care unit unit listens to having that veto in defense. Equity Kennedy. Wow proxy by wind kit and Dublin. That's followed up a little bit towels I was not expecting an answer from what you can enable us let's go here herbs let's do this to once exiting scene looked at. Then the other six or ten team we'll discuss that and what winters had to say right here in afternoon delight is. Urban and Vontae German press and again. Now after a quick call Michelle. On 957. Game yeah there's one thing that was I think he has found underlining effect. But I don't know how it's just the relationship. Got ranch killing blow hole after the controversy. I think affected. Not much that. You know you heard the rumors about what we got doughnuts because that would mean it was an unnecessary distractions that Warren did so much covers the so much questions you could necessarily focus all football everybody want to know why Marshawn Lynch sitting down. Everybody wants to know what it is these protests and what he's protests are about one though how you naturally if you move or protest having stayed together. Look if I would have locker room I've been the first one because I know I'm not here to talk about that in your talk about what all the kids he cheated on Barack. Give me a football related question don't ask me about the infant social consciousness. Lincoln Kennedy just joyous journey out to the delight Michael ever fill in that regard bubble I'll Vontae hill Germany 57 and game. And wow when I. And so that when we just actually be Kennedy. Name one thing that you think really turn this season sideways for Oakland Raiders and he pointed back do we re. Week three when the Oakland Raiders were toy though heading into the nation's capital. Looking to go 30 for the first time sincerely wants a super ball. And he believes that Derek Karr and a controversy of the whole team standing heard kneeling had something big to do with this season. When he didn't fit their car there do you think Derek carbon just to hold their pro testing and we know about what their car the rumors out there were air cargo line and get me called crimes the white can bring grinds away anonymously referred to news Nikko Ryan yeah for a second trust whose sister. Why did the equal touch on this again. And they'll just such an iconic we pretty NFL. Because all across a league teams are going to kneeling standing. He added if you had a situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers are what are I'm stood out and add them by themselves while the rest of the teams that the tunnel from the ample. But link. Thanks that's thrown one reason why this team once I was one of the biggest reasons yeah and local. Links a former player Lincoln is very close to the team. Links American reveal any sources he's not gonna talk out of school but if he's comfortable enough thrown that out there and I'm thinking he's right on the money with that and if he is right on the money when it. Damn that's I think that's a weak team mentally if they allowed that to crumble a season that they entered into. When Super Bowl potential I mean that opens up all sorts of questions right before I mean somebody is at that point. We're gonna find out what happened weathered it was in Washington. Or in the weeks after that the weeks perceiving that. But we know a few things we know that Donald Trump. Had the support of Jack Del Rio there's some GeMS out there that I Derek Carr and Todd downing or tired or also trumps supporters. That's a factor in this victim thing mated it to I mean this is all pure speculation of course right but the fact that. A guy that close to the team that link is says that he thinks that was the one thing the one I mean not just while one of the things US the question if you are deported on one thing one it was a non football issue. It was a team divided a team broken and if you ask me. A weak team mentally and it speaks to another one only two points about leadership they didn't have a single. Boisterous outgoing loud leader in a while sometimes those guys come off as Jack gases and annoyance isn't just kind of shut up I'm Serpo. There I mean they can be exhausting to be around. But every team needs them look at the value of having a drink mongering bright he Barkley who wears people out all the lawyers but he's a necessary piece of that. Beyond what he brings to them physically on the floor the fire he brings meant to leave the leadership you would not allow a team to get soft mentally. And if the and dump. Yeah brought this team down competitively. Then there's soft mentally you're right on him. You're right on the money your right on the money triple and are far seminar fisons -- assess the caller it's is that the one thing keeping their way I had derailed the season pretty Oakland Raiders. We screen Washington. The anthem controversy is that the one being that or this these are pretty the only worry is Nico gonna be like I mean we know. Okay good profit out when Jose Canseco came out and said what he said about steroids and baseball wrong way DeMarco is an idiot turns out he was the biggest truth teller Baltic and we have to do that let me go grind every day I do yeah. Because we threw me go grassroots. Pushing we all kind of Jesus gossiping she doesn't know when you think maybe she does know something. Because that game was so we serial Washington with a all the things that happened but everything that happened that day and we're graders being in the nation's capital. One team overlooking the only thing and I am blown away right now. Or by fourteen weeks later the pattern has been established we know what the pattern is. That was the start of the pattern of the raiders not showing up for a big game that was the first time where. The whole country was watching the Oakland Raiders are you for real. And they came out lady Megan said none words were not for now tonight we're not third and then the pattern started and now the patterns been clearly established and people are gonna lose their jobs. And I just hope for raider nation say they deserve to know what the hell went on had been through a lot mammal they. You know me either player who's not brought back or a coach who was let go I hope for the sake of raider nation that somebody comes out and says. This is what happens. God given a quick as a raider fan I don't necessarily think we're seeing in Nikko Grimes was full of crap foreigners so you have in the locker room. I think she is for suggesting that the offensive line when knocked protect your car you want to get him. Heard yet that's queries that's yeah that's our that's our former like. Info please shut out here on the Thursday night game was Marcus Spears hit our car ladies are the wind and reacted they had their quarterback's bad yeah that part of it Dudek that was ridiculous but the whole I don't think right resonating we're gonna find out the troops at some point for sure. The truth will come out there because a lot of people like to talk a third that season you see this situation and where in New York to giants fans feel like Apple's giving roasted by teammates and he's been thrown under the bus all day long. Someone is gonna control this situation and bustle is gonna say something. On this raiders team. And what we'll do Truby is this the one thing about that that was a week three current track we surely and then they go on a four game losing streak they said their season but gonna suspend the roller coaster and release just mineral local services and her greatest started entering Campbell the pin rolled out its its trickle down all throughout the season every have big Lincoln Kennedy covers his team. Every week sorry our reporter former player say that's the one thing. I mean this. Dominoes to fall one way or another but it's irrefutable. When they fall it starts the chain reaction and it builds momentum whether it's on the positive side or the negative side so they hit the single first domino felt that we can Washington. And like you said the four game losing streak you've got to imagine if it was bad that my match where the bad started. It was worse with the second line tonight it was worship at third lawsuit was even worse with a fourth loss and on and on and on herbs I didn't think this had any impact on the season whatsoever. What sold her voice is thrown out. I could be dead wrong fearless welcome Bob deserves is going want to talk about that at other at the calls a divide with the Oakland Raiders Bob welcome onto the afternoon delight Germany by so many game. I love to show that our I don't think it out of the realm of possibility of that be in the car he started off. Parity at a AAR our interview with static got to get something similar about super bulky. And so I don't think bad. Far fetched but in my opinion I think getting rid of the offensive coordinator who really hurt me. I'm what you are doing our thing blows a musgrave was huge because it over to use the profits over the top said that last year. And moving musgrave a guy who's gonna coach art which is what Derek guard needed in his young career and the let them go over. It all over power is Del Rio felt already a ball was weak. Yeah and in case you missed it Bob reference was to niners tight end here selling cars he was on 95 cent in the game earlier I think it was last week talking about he'd brought up on prompted apartheid he brought up that. That team that went to the Super Bowl. He said if they had been more unified more united they would have won the Super Bowl and he couldn't wait to get out that office just go to line five certainly game dot com if you wanna hear that interview but he was kind of comparing this year's niners team of that kind of seem he said if that Spanish team was is united is this Jimmy Jean Irish team. There would have won that super get out I don't know if that had anything Underwood and I don't either but bad play calling went out to Dell's answers and hair care. So I would say that was called Alex rule real quickly and Oakland. He believes it's a calm about the whole way and the Mets is a cop out what's going on Alex. Yeah I I think he had them then they get a cop out I mean. They've played that it played terrible like yell out there they just barely I do well or well I can't really say they act up all lucky game back Gil I'd. They were buying it challenging team. You know let out a few lucky break at all and everybody but I got you got it all. I mean I don't know I think that let me out of Atlanta on this beat you know you're not a doc what really took place there. We all know there's a lot more than just bad chemistry. Better and am up. All right our Cecil or call happy holidays and a global laughter misquote portable toilets on this a little later show because we got to go ahead urged those are just keep going back to Lincoln Kennedy brought a bag and waking Kennedy you not but I mean this is our man of integrity and manage extremely close to the team let's shift over to baseball here and what's been a very cold. When error concerns but all season for baseball we'll talk to JP moral C ballclub that's when this area to the light and a 57 again.