Greg Papa Show Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, December 27th

Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban in for Pop - the football hour joined by Rich Gannon [Former Raiders MVP QB, current analyst for CBS Sports] & Jeff Garcia [Former 49ers QB, current analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area]. 


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Really looks like he. Most of play. Overtime here. All season long had a great couple call there Monday night. On Christmas night as Philadelphia eagles' third car. Tonight two interceptions. Did have the one touchdown that's a system. 604 yarder to Wal-Mart who were let's break down their cars game with one and only Rich Gannon. Called the dolphins and chiefs game this past Sunday I believe for schedules as chairman footballer when presented by liberal more Ford. Every weekend happy holidays rich. Oh looks like screws got the raiders again on Monday night in dirt car boarded the struggle you take away message to blue yard touchdown. Their course 1428 for 77 yards including that late game interception. Or the world's corn I would DC rich. That's hard to watch you know all I've all the people that truly equal back and look at what they've made the change and Ken Norton junior job without the defense has really picked up that they've played better than you go to Philadelphia. You know you'd be really kept that roof it's obviously a different team without cars from what the pill popping. They really get in that hole that bit my job keeping score manageable in the richest can't score more than seventeen points and had that. Look amazing when you look at the ball you don't. We're all season but certainly brought that conceivable that you're all obviously they're the lap time throughout the game flat black driver in bed at 41 yard. And five turnovers that will. Pretty ugly. He ritual we're seeing their aggression or what worked we're told that Derek Karr has regressed. And at the same time we have a lot of guests from pro football focus who were their jobs recently. To grade out film and while to have on the eye test it would appear to be the offensive line. There's not been as good this year as last year but pro football focus is telling us that the offensive line is actually having a really good year and three of them. Made the Pro Bowl what what are they to the rich can and I test. I don't think his problem that they have developed their identity is awful. I get start there. So if they want more fair play action thing they're spread you out. Not suck battlefield scene where. What combination of the mull multiple multiple offense to a halt. I've been breaking down all the get this week aggregate charges have been studying their organizational groupings of personnel groupings and and just try to get deepening public argued it could maybe you if you look. The car can shatter Marshawn Lynch gain of almost 90% all. Wasn't very little play action all blow hole that's fine they won't start fusion Barack. This court gains with a couple wrong. All right hard to get a cent of the substitution. Substitution would probably utilize all the backs. All played quarterback as a good thing I don't think he'd played that well I would certainly bear that out. Get the ball very quick that button that will determine their take yesterday which. I'll bet you got a lot of problems for good in certain receivers. An independent decision when you watched the footwork. And watch other receivers ultra bad field you'll ever have to throw the ball is 2.3 six seconds quicker more away. I think that if they're right cloaked. And he got about three point six seconds you're allowed. All of you know beaten fairly accurate and developed a short short rolls. We'll be holed that for more into that second he's got the worst conclusion percent more weight. Because 43%. But the drop. You know they they think the leg drop but won't again but. You know. The output a lot of my opinion. I played well ma. And anything about how I am but he doesn't seem like he would be big difference between their card this year latch in my opinion is the play making ability. You just don't see it this year there are few opium extent played didn't play well you know make a great scrabble big drove down the field at all. I think that the big tipper. Although that didn't look injury they relate a year or even at all effective in the court they're chain effect you've got comfortable what. Certain element in game plan a certain course you know that the veteran on the field of awarded it the bottom line in the risk metro. In this quarterback could pick a step back this year. Now moisture rich remains in which can afford turned pro bowler in 2002 and most valuable player in the NFL joins us here on football our president by a little more for Bonser hill Mike Corbin for their for Greg Papa Germany 57 game so how much of this can we blame. On Todd downing how much of this can we blame on Jack Del Rio or scheme or wide receivers because everything has regressed here look at Michael Crabtree rich in his last four games are usually targets fourteen catches only 99 yards. It's just it we saw the play was set Roberts were dirt cars yet again and whose fault that is on an does that on the receivers I don't know quarterback who or what is the blame go can we pass on all around courses solely on the before rich. Did you look at the record you know you got what everybody write me and I think our head coach. He got accept responsibility for the package ball would feed people involved estimated twelve when they have added they've got sick when the new development. We can't pick and pick content that happened she dropped all the big goal so. Of all lofty goal nick petitioned they have read the defense prop multiples are we opted wasn't far behind. I didn't look at the outfit I'd say the quarterback as important quality to coordinator who can blow his first time ever doing that. All the good will obtain fair. I think keep germs you. You'll try to figure out who the running back wolf what he's capable of it they would start receiving fight getting him going giving them more opportunities. Maybe they won't get all of that into a good situation that that would help. But you know Crabtree didn't consider him quote we could very agency I know what the couple being put. I got to watch. And you know you'd think people how can you looked into the camera that can't get a game on Monday night as probable. And then you know he can't be can't show flashes of brilliant for the disappear for a couple weeks ago. The level can fit in he did simply hadn't been there understated vocal critics. Richie over on the other side of the bay obviously Jimmy ground below is just show the world on fire to the point where the big question is. Franchise tag or pay him like a franchise quarterback can give him. A long term deal now. Looking at the east today and what's happen with Derek Karr. Just what's gone on with the car does that represent a cautionary tale. For the 49ers I eat maybe you wanna take some time before you give him that big fat deal. Didn't want it probably that there are people saying. Don't get it didn't hate it I don't think it is because. Look at a lot of money that kid that won them both people apartment Adam. But even you're going right now you say what you don't want it he got that step would make a lot money losing record starting quarterback. You know you look at you know cause terrible record starting quarterback. You look at Kirk cousins my only point six point that it wasn't starting quarterback. On the news this pork fat quarterback can relate to him make him you know boatload of money that apple wants. And that will adopt. And that's what you got to figure out and the scary part about who Koppel. I begin their future acquire up I think they've established branch at quarterback but after. Board games or five start would ever going to be an adult what brought you say well okay were ready to Ed's point five million now. I doubt about what that mean I couldn't committed slate pad game quite well. But that haven't got got the ball out of it and 450 million dollar contract I mean I think we needed in global body or how helper. That being that they've won four games. It put 43 points on the jaguars are we gonna go 43 days. It 44 of one always thought OK. Okay. Well or regard about bad or more any support our people may he'd never walk to start the perfect fit to local backing and to start of the patriot he brought prepared some of them. He's brought the production he's brought them consistently. Topped the solution to the to the road but they haven't had a long time. I just think that. You know I'd add he's got a huge upside I think that would be no greater. In terms of the public yet it came about that the problem that's why Washington was reluctant to make her cut it and keep pain in the back into the branch that they got. We're labor remains are found in the brickyard bill. Again you need look next year ending in equity initiated by wall trying incremental long term project. That can be a move terrorist cash for the 49ers I mean he's done and there's four different defense is here Dick Pole vault that jaguars defense of exchange or Chicago might bring more warmer Cornell in Houston I mean it is fascinating to see what Jimmy garrote was don't want this unit in a short time parents are just go by rational about jerk. Former head coach Jon Gruden here. Here's a report over the weekend rich that Jon Gruden started to reach out to other assistant coaches any NFL. May be kinder return we know is youngest son. Is going to be a senior next year and act in high school out there in Tampa Bay. Do you think gruden is coming back commissar I know we we've asked you this before but you think she's it's in the return to the sidelines. And that's so which team concealed with kiddie possibly make a return here in Oakland and maybe helped revived Oakland Raiders. All iPad conversations with them I haven't had blown it you know originally erupted recently lost couple we but Oprah probably won't involve. Although I've talked a lot won't but years. I think he'd think couldn't open a football coach. You know he looked like a football coach he's really mobile app wouldn't get over the last four or five years only here won't work harder. You know it looked like the rocky movie you know he's great he went there he went straight over Russian you know I think Janet good training like that for five years I think you've got an unbelievable job. They brought apple corps of late looking at personnel he has got a lot of with college coaches. And learning about different he said is that different thing to do about that who believe JavaScript game of and he he could gather all the information and I think they come back you're gonna go back inventive I think it get called what's my personal opinion I think I would get ultimately. If you come back and exact month. And then we hear all approach probably couldn't they're going to be subject in the next head coaches vote for the seed. And had been hit it should be able what post or it could be the word out what you've written that. I could be bigger record we are got to follow what I want do you think about the good Dick Vermeil. My I think Joseph kids. When he came back to Washington do you think the game you obviously is also in the days. This situation is deplorable throwing it away from it is bad carjacked bar and ordered my job. To work would be European but more importantly. You know he has you know we've got mark. Mean he he's he's brought people coordinator adopted recorded Mulligan he's gonna defend from a coaching staff I think he has. He had continued to work at a Biden won't think I think he could put that together rather quickly. I think even that could come back and do the right way I'll tell you that I think go out and do these games I can't tell you how many coaches. Had a quarterback that people are quote it is a real problem our league right and won't quote back position any better engendered. I'll have fun down there belly ring true New Year's Day went on charges will be plans for a playoff spot let's see how much fight directors who bring I do like their fight Monday night bluesy almost fight he'll get the chargers on Sunday Rich Gannon happy holidays have a happy new year thanks so much for joining us Jaric. It Rich Gannon. Ford's controller pro bowler former MVP in 2002. Former raiders quarterback play when Jon Gruden and let's just kick ticket there. This is picking up right there herbs you heard what he said many. He believes gruden is coming back very very shortly his he's itching to return to the silence do you see it happening in the next two years here. Well because my first instinct is to say don't we hear this damn near every year about Jon Gruden and the answer to that is yes we do. But have we heard it from rich women that I mean look Richard pulls no punches he gives no laughs. If she says that I it carries weight with me. And I haven't heard him be this emphatic. About he's coming back and knowing the rich and his integrity he's not gonna put that out there if he doesn't have. Some serious weight behind it right because you've got to tell the guy that ever wants to be proven wrong I mean nobody does. But him in particular he knows that he's built up a reputation for being a truth teller and somebody doing in you you got to take his word seriously so when he says. He senses or he knows who John burdens coming back. I tend to believe him more than I believe every other year and every other talking head sunscreens coming back this time it's for real. I it feels like it's for row right now especially if he's reaching out to a sister cultures says raider fans here. Obviously they're gonna want Jon Gruden senatorial that's been it's an App Store room temperature right now everybody's tired Dario butcher boy and I 57 by 570 DT John gruden would be a great fit here with this current. Oakland Raiders team. Could come back to Oakland do you foresee that the last two years are wonderful ball here in the Bay Area AAA 9579. Pars 70 and again took off on that a home. Tampa Bay job may be open after the season eldest son still on high school downer with a year left in high school. And you have a young stud in Janus once in while still believe in a quarterback. You have Mike Evans out why receiver DeSean Jackson the speedster if OJ Howard it's right in Cameron break yes somewhat concerned Tampa Bay. Would gruden go back to Tampa. Go coast that seen. For the blaze was again or DC gruden as were city to want to come out west. Because a team on the West Coast did you see him being here in blocking gaelic I won't be fascinated me that would blow my. Way all my god raider nation magician thrill to Jon Gruden coming back now it would drive me nuts is that the only. Argument that I hear against Jack Del Rio losing his job isn't that the raiders wouldn't be willing to detect contract rights a lot of money left on until there is but looking at anything you keep hearing oh because Mark Davis is one of the quote unquote come. Least rich owners in NFL right but. Look at what Jed York has beaten a ton of money look at mistake is a mistake and sometimes you got to own up to your mistake and paid for your mistake. I'm not saying Jack Del Rio was a mistake. I I've made this analogy in number of times. He did for the raiders what Mark Jackson did for the worst he reversed you change the culture. For the better he is dumb things for which raider nation should be very grateful. He did something valuable in Oakland I just don't think he has the acumen that it it's gonna take. You take the raiders to the next level I think gruden does have that it. I don't see him get going feeling then dragged Oreo you'd imagine is yes and yes I mean look at his track record what is he ever won nobody instead of title but isn't defensive coordinator and he uses an offensive guy right never won a battle is it titles ahead cultural Jacksonville or here in Oakland California right and again thank you Jack for what you've done just like I think Mark Jackson for what he did for the worst I just don't think. She's the right guy in the warriors didn't think Jackson was the right got it for to take the worsen the next level they found the right guy. I think Jon Gruden might be that bright guy in part because of what Gary said. Nobody coaches quarterbacks better. That being said the text like I agree within. One is Rich Gannon community and the quarterback coaches Oakland Raiders about grew comes back in May scare in his quarterbacks coach that would be like a double whammy that would be the greatest thing that ever happening Derek Karr. Real quick back to the Tampa Bay job. Didn't just get put in their ring of honor dealt Monday Night Football gets to talk and I don't think he goes back there for two reasons one you run the risk of destroying a legacy that's already been built I mean you are on the mount Rushmore. In Tampa is one notable there you have done you're done you've you've match you've done everything you've reached the top of the mountain there right so don't go back and I don't see him going back just for one year of his kids be high schooler because these kids going to be out of high school any year. And it's not like Jon Gruden who signed a one year deal and then go check out his options on the West Coast he's gonna look for multi year deal he's gonna look for security. And I just don't think he's gonna factor. As much as I'm sure he's great family man army had nothing to suggest that he's not. I don't think that's gonna factor in his decision and he wants to be on the West Coast. It's just a matter of will Mark Davis eat that contract if he's warned you three years of that I think gruden would love to come back to Oakland. AAA 9579570. Raider fans. Deal Lott Jon Gruden back next season on the Oakland Raiders sideline askew got to draw milk break. He wants to talk about Jon Gruden here in the afternoon the white man five similar games on drew. They think particular call bought their you know what it art Burton goes you got hurt hit it on the head I mean what got me fired up with white candidate that'd. It steadily they're being a west coaster without then obviously that bad and I mean come on that's not yet get a fair. And there are article in Sports Illustrated a few years back that he that it never came back to coaching it would be with the raiders. I know given marker type it talked a lot. I'd already a contract you got to hit it on the head hurt I mean Jerry York is still paying what you other coaches are fielding a car. That they've been the right thing. I mean you paid Derek our five year 125 million you've got to get him a strong up and the wind like burdened. And you know why it and it's hard eaten a money goes. When Jack Del Rio came in he demanded a great great credit facility. It was reported equal lights mark David put twenty million dollar and did you know training facility upgrades and all that on the field. If you can put one millionaire you can hate you EE eighteen million dollar especially if you think burden. Can come and and straighten out your car which I think would be pretty obvious though. Man I'm so fired up there would be. I mean I regret what the other thing they've got to get jets you know generate interest for next year and keep it but when the heat the next couple years spoke. I'm fired up and I'll particular comment poppy air bag I'd. They're sort of cause for great points there are great great points there are on the south and the West Coast now there's a job that may be open and Arizona. John Kerr wanna gulf. Oriented to Arizona Cardinals. What that defense he can tinker with the offensive put his touch on there he does have an aging quarterback Carson Palmer the Packers are not very good enjoy stand in Blaine Gabbert. Would Arizona be in the mix here for Jon Gruden. Again I go back to the integrity of Rich Gannon and he was real clear it's going to be West Coast or the south and is the color sniffed out. That's Tampa Bay or the West Coast obviously and probably Oakland since gruden has said if I come back to the NFL. I wanted to be with the Oakland Raiders I don't think he's gonna even consider any of the other possible openings there's going to be a bunch of openings. I don't think she's interest in many of those other than the two that rich laid out. It's got the winemaker who job so much knowledge on the show yesterday out in Sonoma. Why maker he wants to discuss John Green possibly coming back to Oakland California was gonna winemaker. Or pinch me and wake me out if it's true good chaotic yet that's a no brainer of course we take it back in a heart beach as far as. Make the decision between team different or dirt car. Not that he didn't seem conversation try make note there occurred because that type of quarterback that Jon Gruden would love to coach. So I could absolutely. It's all due to blocking gloves aren't which you know more important are still got a greater little much on homes so the fact is like tickets no brainer pledge. Name me another coach. That would be a perfect fit for the Las Vegas traitor she motion to kill me as saying that Jon Gruden would be absolutely the right fit but. We've been hearing this every single year and an hello Poppins I'm not couple UT is going to happen but I'm which you were registrars. I I love which England look to see them in court jumping to once you're but I would love to see MIQ so what's your vacation but she says that. And I have to believe something is true about it but couldn't order curtain came back as far as Arizona goes they're all. It's quarterback keep our corners on the soccer I think it should in two but I. Why maker gonna ask you go Janus wasn't Derek Kerr did both had disappointing seasons here. Well what's to say that he doesn't like James Swanson who go move around the pocket he can throw just as well as DR Carter deep ball any asking he has shown leadership has just been immaturity aspect of it as opposed to dirt car where he shows at times he gets rattled in front flustered there and then he doesn't make any place here. Who say Jane this is a better Derek Kerr right now. In carried out point but I don't think from what I've seen I think James Clinton post. Drop off is due to the fact that I don't know how hard he works and geno and Derek Carr we know about dirt cars to dirt cars pop. And he's a worker. And I think that the worst thing it's gotten dirt cars that he should not not getting proper coaching we look Rick Rockwell much big kills me because I'm by her career change into another but you know what recruit them. Because they went out found themselves the wolf appeal against that look exactly a little more when you won and order up was playing like yes. He continued coach from day one I bet and it shows so that would be key means so that's what I hope they get that checked. There's climate prefer to call a happy holidays there Indianapolis and Andrew Luck is he done Cleveland they have a whole bunch of money have all look at today's forty. Oh really Cleveland Browns thanks a sweepstakes for Jon Gruden is heating Gupta here on the football ever present it. But little more for let's go to Jeff Garcia deals that Levi stadium on Sunday there was Jimmy G and person will get his thoughts on this latest feet down only by sitting right here on any 57 again. Hopefully show. On 957. Big game. Side arm over hand doesn't matter Jimmy the rubble right now. Is lighted NFL on fire goes off their lights up the number one defense in the NFL. When he won at thirty. 442. Yards two touchdowns. And the loan taken a went right down the field to start to game words welcome back to the afternoon delight Michael or Barcelona for Greg problem bonds failed Chernoff football our present about Livermore for. Ten plays 79 yard drive to open a game in the was all business for Jimmy around the local local men. Former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia who does pretty close gamma NBC sports Bay Area. For the niners here and Jeff thanks again for joining us hope you had a great holiday here on Jimmy grapple with special on Sunday. But I also think Kyle Shanahan was at its best this week with the play calling the creativity. He sought a running game start to work he saw the most used to play action Kyle Shanahan was on fire on Sunday Jeff. Well I think that exactly yeah I think I have come into play caller Bobby put the guy who coordinate the heart you're out there on the field and help you look good. You can't be a great caller without a good great play caller without having. Cleared out there on the people who were an able and capable and not ask you a quick look at what you can actually look at Amtrak and they'll be part he had called. Cornerback. We're in great Britain and along without. Mark Cohen ordered protect free relief it could get fired. Open in the middle of the field and attacked the middle you'll need arcade mode had put back on the move that the white and. Ability. Quote typical dependable physical beauty picker and number keyword chat easily. And then you look at the movement the movement. With the quarterback he movement you know it's. Both are not going to be quick at all. Not run the football and finally. You know Clapton. There were able to create concrete and completed work quote. Now read that there were able to get five yard they were able to get at your reward if you don't hit a lack of clinic would spend the plain concrete people into Blair. Not a bit of London poem really not a bit more could create with quite actual movement you've got to have a word finally were able to get combo guard. It out I'm not going to which then opened up the bootleg. Dramatic when you thought what you would be able to put out five without defender right you're there you can really go look at that lack. Opportune overwhelm. The pullout although pinpoint the way. Although those paper put a great part of Palestinian group and that we haven't been able to eat on a weekly basis cute Cutler. It without the wind has not and you're there. Hey Jeff this is my cooler but not enough to remember the name but nineteen years dominant take you back you remember the Calgary stampede yours. And I'm a sports editor of the Gilroy dispatch. You'll always have an elevated place in the pay at the end of athletes I've covered because to help me hit my deadline for your hometown paper. You called me from the locker room in Calgary after game take you for that it's been forever it's a pleasure talking to you again meant. I don't remember effort to remove her and hurt no I don't know are prepared to what people read out to Michael we're content you put out the future. Eight poorly there. Our answer this question then we were told that Jimmy G and the reason you didn't play until he did was because he needed to get up to speed with a playbook but now that he's here. It looks like Kyle Shanahan. Has been I don't know freedom summer streets because he's a god he's got a guy. Who can do some things that Kyle Shanahan didn't have before Jayme got there so. Our it isn't yet another reason to be excited about Jimmy ground below is that he's this good. And still Kyle still hasn't he doesn't have a full control full command of the playbook. Yeah absolutely I think political power and Cuomo at about twelve you have to truck. In Serbia could talk about it now on the milk could make it I think income operating in the play and without a doubt it would commit the time and it still gonna take more time. Look cool. Kick and then had not been drawn back in the rough oh yeah I think we were seeing more. Of what they're capable of democracy can't point it out weeks. But that now because of import car. And basically two part of working he had not had an opportunity to learn to pick them look more confident that more comfortable. I've bat. And eloquent he made the poor start with the Kabul name. What Villanova and patent. Act when we would soon have he had he had an opportunity what on the field but we are. We turn to bat third. I've even pain and he showed a little bit of what to do improved quite a a small sample but basically. Park it. Excite me as to what we're about he would do Grupo now for him to go a lot of warm. We'd hit either one. Unwritten element under the fact that Nolan picked them that you have been act all control are prepared the net. A network that culprit. I mean it is. I think you know all the mine. Company that route. Creating excitement at what her brain of this young man at quarterback who can and with a gun minor car and run your air. Four time pro mobile home bowler Jeff Garcia join and it's early afternoon like the football over. Presented by liberal more Ford slowly get back to enhance creativity here Jeff. I mean we saw how you check at times like a good time in. Motioned over bloom he's in the flat off play action pass we've also we need different. Formation combinations here under senator we wives whatever you want he says Shanahan. Didn't draw the key to see get with this playbook. It did that would indicate to see Jeff this year is going to be scary for the 49ers team where it seems like. They've now created that buzz at Levi's stadium does what Jimmy G. Can enhance creativity and much much more rewards for remember seeing Jeff. All out who we were involved and young player very all of her corn out they were forced to grow up fast they have any choice they were it experience. Even in the line of fire went into moving from the classroom among non black and build there were being put in you live. Wind and there haven't cola. Out there and and and that happened throughout. You know a lot of different player Patrick step on the field that in the third prediction goes on in current. They content to wait and and and so they have done and tired there. And take great pride. Mean in their own purple but we. On the war on the fifth time that they competitor. Accurate early part. And obtain any pain and now poem I can win and be out in court. And I think that the important yeah parnevik and saying they would only that there would go into every game with five in Tampa plant. And I couldn't that it involved in it all because now all of a sudden you have a well it's great that everybody believed then and hard court everybody to raise their own level that Britain and I boom that would open on Sunday. What their offense is capable lot not complain the bill late in the pocket whether or not at the line I'm a couple more weapons on the outside. You have players that are taking place. And they expect me crazy talk content. What are looking at greater name he's had a little flat and our. Along the left sideline near where they ran a little Blu-ray player action. And then him down the pilot got cold or nighter pop rap community and all the great or back sort of come the patent great arm. I would I would. All wet coat pick up great hair and it was great he goes out of things start to open up and B pop or being executed. At a high level that would come down eight can I played her boot and eat until now players that. Are capable of X note played at a tall are not well now repaired and her team. How important to have that signal caller pat down. That gunslinger out there who's capable of making not only a right decision. Are making a very accurate decision that would have guys that he's been extremely accurate even meaner that him. In the game the other day about what could hit all the tips here on the all right when the ball being delivered. Heck if he doesn't get it on the all I think it's a touchdown pass that looked like. We have a guy opening up in the left audience nobody it was just an unfortunate situation due to last but that being said he had been. Pretty much flawless for a guy who's coming into a new two minute situation. And take it overcame that only won one game party in separate arms deal. And Jeff you mentioned they've done the play actions will you check coming out of the backfield like William Floyd afraid these leader Tom wrapped in here and Jacksonville really was body got to play action pass to Sean gives them their free safety get a couple times Paul Paul's was key on that play where you check it out to the left flat run set up that I had seen that up to Thailand there for the 47 yard gain a bit all day long and I want to ask you this. Being an ad jaguars locker room after the game as I was they all talked about for sexually weaker as a defense to say. Can we go rob bulls could further system. This is good for their system or what does that even mean is that his summer bridge from the deepest pool what does that mean he's good for the system. Our complete our great I mean I think when you look at a cornerback and the ability to. You're acrid community. They're going and Nick Price there's no limit game had departed how quickly picked up all opt. Require out backward looking I'm looking out at Dick cockpit a flat in a quick out to it right back. Income lie back and hit her. A well well. Who would love Butler neighbor not knowing. Exactly where players are back on movement mobilizing. Or iron. Remove the standard knowing that they're gonna open up something on the opposite side now I'm not gonna recommend you go blind quote like that all the time when he hit. With competent. With not knowledge that fit in with knowing what you're about to see how he can work it took three up a gun and hopefully created declared. So those type of pain. Could put in in any fit them. Give them time Cologne not fit them just got that he wouldn't get on the field and how did that on the field. New England into play and what I want though were very productive. Intelligent and I'm glad he's been in 2016. Now to get into and a whole new hip them work better are and how in New England when. And pick comfortable with no prior to not having except by any need. Now created and that. You can say what you want about the sit down big guy had out there operating it to a key and only get better within the system. Cast Jeff Garcia are critical scans are NBC sports Bay Area breaking down every niners came. Jeff happy holidays will be had a great Christmas happy new years and hopefully you do talk to you delusional here and impartial and again. Sounds great they both have a great new years well all the best. Four time pro bowler Jeff Garcia joining us here on football our present by Livermore for we've been talking a lot about Jimmy G Europe's well let's ask questions here. Why did Bill Belichick deal Jimmy G. Now after the red carpet show on 957. Big game. There was ever any internal organizational discussion. Prior to the trade engine need gee that at least briefly considered trading U. To San Francisco and keeping Jimmy go Rob Lowe as the patriots quarterback of the future. Sloan on the I I had no idea I mean I don't entertain those things and those things are not in my control and you know. My guess keep anybody get treated any point any time and coaches have insurance players have been traded. But if it did without a disappointed you angered you or you've been OK with it. And another came to go to San Francisco. I you know I don't know much about the situation as you know obviously there's been on the East Coast for eighteen years so. And you know who knows. Imagine that. Tom Brady getting traded. The San Francisco and Ellsbury on WEEI. And Boston Massachusetts father about Jimmy cheek doesn't said he was happy for Jimmy G. Happy that he's for no happy that he studied under him and took some of those principles that he took from New England over here to San Francisco. They're displaying them on the field on Sundays with the leadership. The precision and accuracy. All that good stuff welcome back to the afternoon delight sponsor hill Michael Gerber prolific grower Paul. My parents for that cash purebred sort of for the. Host yeah. Long may it clearly dating the guy that did you really think that Brady was here answer the question about. When you've been happy with that are okay within Tom Brady's been around long enough to know the state. Way far away from any question like that all Brady the only thing you can gain from when it comes to talking about Jimmy G. Is to say that he's happy form and I believe he is happy form she was the he was his mentor for four years of course you want. A guy who's your proteges. To be successful is that reflects well on you as a mentor right now it does and you know. You gotta shoots shots and times got to see it is it these players because I had become. Collins night we saw landing colleges are on the radio interview just basically ripped his teammate Eli apple was now been suspended. For the season by the New York tri somebody's players who think debate and so you never know. Let's get right he works in Boston who should know better you should know Tom Brady's not gonna fall for bush I told reporters who gets our reporters are basket question now I hear I hear what you're saying I think what certain athletes. When you know you know Tom Brady's. Not gonna take that pay it why even thrown well how how about the news when John Lynch. You know was trying to acquire Jimmy grapple from new England and Belichick asylum no pajamas goes well what about Tom Brady willing to trade him. I mean you've got to tell exile it's not that they're quite a team now that I think that's apples and dump trucks are examples in our lives and it. You gotta do actions like I tell my daughter's all the time eat you miss a 100% of the shots so you don't take. I mean weight may as well thrown out there good but. Again it's just Tom Brady is it pros pro he never gives you he's like Derek Jeter he's the master it answering questions without really saying anything. Out we teased the segment by saying why did Belichick trades union drop below wall but it is quite so simple. He wasn't wanna franchise tag Jim Graf won knowing that Tom Brady still there and played at a high level also what do you do these kind of had his hands tied here. Gideon got a better deal from Jimmy garage well I don't know the truth who reports they're saying that but he got a high second round pick which. Now may be taken the high thirties early forties with a way to forty doubters yet are waiting now. But he almost half a century Jimmy grapple at some point because you just wasn't gonna let him walk free anything we're gonna walk don't walk for nothing. Dedicate some time to pick because. Like I said he wasn't gonna first or second now. We've traded Brady catch Jimmie grapple long term they graduate rubble there in your system for years now. He knew we had there put it feels almost like he he's had to do it at some point. Yeah and we you have to get something in return and while I'm sure I'm almost positive that he could've gotten more in return but I think the mindset was. OK I wanna get something back for this guy but I don't wanna send in somewhere where Jimmy gee could haunt me. And then farthest place away not just physically but competitively. Would be to the other conference on the West Coast or on the geography really mattered but in the NFC the only time Jimmy gee is really going to hurt you. Is if you reach the Super Bowl brand if it comes down to Tom Brady vs protege in the Super Bowl. You like your chances for Tom Brady right you don't play he'll be forty to 43 if that happens because you can't niners play the pitchers last year so they play in LAC and SE divisions and play every other car. Rotates so Baghdad at the company civilians are competing not the same thing until a suitable. Not at all the Belichick wasn't like he said he like we all know he's not sure he Tom Brady or wrong but it's almost as if he should've tried to. Maybe gay created because a great thing about the loss Serbs. Is that he'd got rid of players maybe a year early. Knowing that their time was coming they got all green miners whose career did not end of the night. Reporter not yet Joseph Montana are Ronnie Lott Roger Craig Tom Rapp jittery right area rice I mean the list goes on and on and Charles Haley on the even though he did come back and had a little cameo tonight here's where your career all soul. Molds you can like he needed trigger waiter station. Everything changed the way they're Aaron Rodgers stayed Joseph Montana to Ron Amadon to say millionaire I think it I mean I. Yeah maybe do you looks like they did and seeing so far what we've seen here are so what are. Did god create if you are say hey Tom Brady. It's tough pill to swallow this. This is Coppola the bite here because. You take about when Joseph Montana was sure to decayed city hurt a fan base. They're still people later Steve young's career that still hadn't gotten over that point trading Joseph Montana is an icon it's all the people also will never get over that blood. It's almost as if Belichick who said you know what I've had free for all these years. Maybe I'll go another ten years here would you Toronto. And I've had a solid quarterback here but it is segue from it from Peyton Manning and Indianapolis. Colts can the one year Peyton Manning has all the next release move. Then they can Andrew Luck in the as number one pick. Number one overall pick but we don't know how is your outlook is gonna bounce back from his shoulder injury but. I do think Belichick who got creative church had Jimmy grapple. I think he I think Bill Belichick if you had full autonomy. Could have gotten created in May be would have done that but well Bill Belichick wins. I would say 99.9. Percent of the moves he wants to make as their GM. He has autonomy. Treating Tom Brady I think he's gonna have to get Robert Kraft to sign off on the fat one and I don't think Robert Kraft signs off on that one and under any circumstance he is not going to be the guy. Who trades the best quarterback of all time but you're right. It wouldn't you if you do make that deal. Then that you're gonna divide the fan base and huge way I mean it was so bad and well that is a relative term. But here's symptoms Cisco right had a chief played the 49ers in the Super Bowl. There's mariners fans who would have been pulling for Joseph yup oh and I personally do that mean. He was that ingrained in in the the memories in the romantic vision of the 49ers of their fan base same thing applies for Tom Brady did they. Al Green Bay when Michael Larkin basically said Michael Carter excuse me basically said you know what were rolling with Aaron Rodgers here. Brett Favre if you wanna compete for a starting job would do back then. And that's fan base was divider Merval Brett Favre his first came as a Minnesota Vikings when he went back to Lambeau Field that was -- yeah the fan base did know what to do here marchers are referred to before. Our live for over twelve on our side what do I do here but Brady is forty how many years has Brady really have to left urged. Well he's gonna pick a five straight weeks here. Yeah but just when you think just swing it the noise starts to get a little bit louder about Tom Brady may be being done. Then he throws up one of his 400 yards five touchdowns zero picks card games or throws up a couple of damn near flawless playoff games. And a row I mean you look at through three quarters of the Super Bowl last year. You looked every bit like a forty year old Corbett cornerback Fred on the downside to it when I came to money time he became Tom Brady then go right right so. I I think he's reached a point. In his time in his career he's earned the right with the patriots to call his shot if he says he's gonna play till he's 45. Until he's demonstrably. Worse. Then what you expect from Tom Brady for an extended period of time and I don't mean just for five game stretch. I mean first season. If yes it bad season many loses that right but until then I think Tom Brady means and after the patriots where Robert Kraft. Ultimately he's gonna make any decision he's gonna have a say in on that if it involves Tom Brady. Robert Kraft is always gonna err on the side of keeping talk there. That's a good call good call there we'll talk more about this later in the show when next when you had Bob Myers president of basketball operations and GM all illegal say lawyers and talk to him about the latest two minute report Kevin Durant and much much more here in Yakima life it's Michael Irvin bond sale here and if I set an example.