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Tuesday, December 26th
erry day-after-Christmas! Bonta Hill breaks down the weekend in sports: Warriors win on Christmas, Raiders lose, and Jimmy Garoppolo can't lose - joined by Bill Romanowski.

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Just seeing live from San Francisco it's been great accomplish gel on the Bay Area sports station. Not 857. But I thought. If you had big egos at minus nine. You're taking a deep breath figure had Eagles at minus ten. You're kicking your door normal control your kitchen table. You're pissed off. But more so you're pissed off at the raiders losing welcome back to the afternoon life. Sponsor billboard pop on vacation their problems out limits on the call Jana and out here and I'm 57 game a wall walkman four time Super Bowl champion. Two time pro bowler six senior NFL veteran Bill Romanowski you're on the football our presented by Livermore Ford and Romano is an ugly one yesterday. For yards. Ugly ugly carrying. Her lunch. Shell without a credit to our day or. Love awful good you know what the raiders are sitting here six and nine and we can have this argument we can have this debate. That's seven of the losses on the offense. And more specifically Derek Carr I mean it. I'm gonna ask you Sergio Romo is has dirt car regressed. As he'd been exposed. What is born I'll win number four silver and black. You know and I think the only way we're gonna find out. Is there being any deal offered to cordon here comment. And we need don't light up when nor turner. Got to have a QB whisper. That's what we'd need and that's what that that's what it's gonna take dictate your good shout it they bring somebody in. Can't replace. Our Todd downing. In neighboring cannot hide power all that you coordinator. Or if they make it change. At head coach. Then. What what we'll do as well find out if Derek Carr is one of the biggest bust in history or not. Because we may have a block on AM church because I'm really started to wonder. Because hey I can't look at last year. It's day. You know he had some really good second perhaps. Where he would dynamic and unreal until it's exciting. But I can't saying he said he actually Q did. Four quarters of football. On a consistent basis last year. You know it would better last year but it was not great. And this year. Lack of execution. Bad mechanics. I think bad play call lane. I think this team quit on him I think this team quit on a bad coach I think there's a lot of really bad stuff. That happened at this raider football T. And had this much talent it's an absolute shame. To have the record they have. I'm what you Romo I mean you take about this their targets they fits in between 940 yards four point eight yards per pass attempt. Not to take a way to 6063. Yard toss counsel Mark Cooper. He was 1428. For 77. Yards and two interceptions and you see the frustration on their car not a light when a quarterback chills up his teammates but a couple concept Roberts and their car failed to connect he had a clean pocket weathered. Step robbers ran the wrong route or not. Derrick Clark looked rattled early on in a game. And I. I don't know this is a quick fix she's saying we have a bus on our hands or you're one it is big time contract has been a bus. But dare get their car just look skittish. And he got clean pockets disarray Romo I just don't get it how we regressed so far as the back injury is it mental. You think goods did his teammates and may be quit on them what do what do you really think is happening would dare call our it and by the way. Todd Downey we talked a lot about Todd downing after that touchdown Romano it made you sick to see him skipping up and down the sideline the raiders and that's what I was down. You know he he did that our target big game he didn't need to. Yeah. And I wouldn't like he just stated again I'm light. Come on act like kicked in the air before. You know I've seen Joseph warranty and I do that over and over again. I ever see you know Bill Walsh. You go crazy on this sideline George change shirt. Mike Shanahan knew lose our project coordinator. You know which teach young figure mercy. You know him back to why that hey are. Are you not opt instead we can't be air ice away. And not acting like he's not he's a kid like it's never happened before like Q is this surprise double wide turn. Like it said. Like QB in the air post war. And act like you're gonna have it happen over and over him. None out fouls styles baffling right there to see that happen Els a first for sat us down in three weeks in and this will be game disarray Romo on Christmas Day we're talking a Bill Romanowski German footballer prison about Livermore Ford. I doubt the raiders dominated the line of scrimmage and out eagles' only scored first has undermined the ball right down the throats. But after that point up all the raiders on both sides of full ball really dominated the line of scrimmage especially on the defense of men and I just kept wondering. Why hasn't gone up and the defense coordinator all season long. Yeah now I saw that same thing I've followed these. Play hey Dick you've got to eat eat you have give them a little deep dark occasion trying to get. You know Nicole. So that's. You know you'd hear you're not playing against Carson went through it should. That achieved and now it's valid any Seattle but. Hey they went out and they shut down good receivers. They stop the run and they were wrong they were flying into the Pope Paul clearly. Our defense. Has not quit on I'm gonna. Day I don't know what it is but whether Pete this scheme whether it be the players eBay met our combination. But there are playing lights out football on. And I think I can honestly look at that deep pageants say he died there's not a lot of talent in the back can't right now. Up front I think we got a solid plot Shatner. You know let trying to make played lights out. And they were. Jet that the Pope Paul they were in no beating the offensive lineman. Yet they were doing what you have to do to win football game make can play. Playing around and poke ball. Hard hitting a lot of yeah I love what I saw and that's a really good offensive football G even quit the backup quarterback. And they did a great job. Offensively. I think Karl at the wind was strong. Like you said I think we dominated. Pretty well that defense replied we just needed a quarterback. Actually cute. At a higher level protect the Pope Paul do what you do. When you've been paid a 125. Billion dollar. Almost hero malt 34 minutes a time of possession pretty Oakland Raiders they held the ball five turnovers or is what really killed this offense. Any mission the defense flying around. Also I was actually surprised us and Romo. That the raiders showed that must fight considering that there were eliminated from play else. There really had nothing to play for other Murray Head coach with the rumors now swore early would Jon Gruden he's reaching out to assistants according Ian Rapoport. Do you think in acts it realistically. Jack Del Rio to sign his four year extension do you think there's any way Mark Davis says you know what I'm gonna eat the rest of the contract. And reach out to Jon Gruden. Maybe Jim Harbaugh may be Bruce Syrians who we hear there's gonna be ousted in Arizona tax Schumer Minnesota DT does Indy realistically. Way that Mark Davis says you know ledger editorial it's been real hears the door went on a new direction. You won't I I figured DA really tough call. From mark you gee that. But if page long include. Came. Our. Gave him a call and I know all he could even call him. But if that was a possibility. I think it's fairly. Word play out automatically benched you hear who walked out of Bonny did head coach Jon Gruden. I I truly believe that. I think you're right Jim Harbaugh. What we wanted back in the league he would be horrible wrong came. That's what he I think the best in the world that keep homes organizations. Achieve around whether it be college. Or approach that's what you data because it well. I think those two options. You you almost. Would have. Say to yourself. That you don't want to a lifetime. I've got it in I really do believe this holiday is we have a one satellite time. Crew pulled all sorts of football players I think or worsen chess pieces away on defense. Some deep becoming. A dominant defense. I'd be here to read. Re really good players away on key scratched. From being really good. What you have notes. That the makings of an unknown reeled off that's of one of the most dominant offenses. In the game. You have that put together. With unreal coaching. I think it would be dynamic and yeah I think we would be in this Super Bowl next year. But for mark to make a call like that it's tough you know he lives in the air in eagle it and if he knows what he's the only way to. Add key would have to say you know wide. Jack Del Rio has lost this team and I don't know if he can get their act. And it even makes that kind of a caller IDR are really tough call because they had the other day I think Jack Del Rio. You know I'm very critical of him this year but what he has done before this year. Was also miraculous. To turn this thing around. But why didn't you are head coach in the National Football League. You have to be ready for this kind of criticism. Especially. When you had the horses. To get the job done it you didn't get it done. On toll what do you do aroma asking the very. Very winnable decision we see the chiefs and chargers struggled to AC Wessels dare to be taken in an intake it. Bill Romanowski four time Super Bowl champion two time pro bowler Jeremy got to the delight. Pop embarking on par seven game football are presented by liberal more formally gets you out of your talking about the niners Romo and what you saw Sunday at Levi stadium. I think we'll all shocked with the wage any garrote all carved up Jacksonville's defense. And I just may be wander. While they had a quarterback can you consider five losses they had our combined thirteen points. This possibly could have been a playoff team what the talent that they have dirt they're all pro littered democratic thorough ball. I mean what this quarterback has done to revitalize that franchise is BR remarkable Romo. Well what it is it's very much. Well why. Where kids from. I believed in you know he is not a great utilized all of the ability. Where am. I think. What he thought. You know it is nothing short of luck. College where he hamburger or clear that the current. Patterns. Do you walk off. Forward. Exactly. What kind of car could he had you know clip art and actual court coaching there. They know what does he have. A big problem that they don't put up around a square hole. They grow up I had to call and Ole. Well of course Carlos. He's got this in corn. Indeed he cracked he didn't ask do you and where you got there. We've already but were you mean that they can win and win I did not crew coach guy who's. Who believed. To have that aid in the car and one another Google Eric I think they can win. It won't vote why. But it really did know batters. Apply it again they got a boat out wired there are backlit. If we go out there. Why do. Everywhere I think you know we put are not saying what they put on there yeah they got a better record. But we got a quarter. You know we are back. Were ever wondered did the damage anyway Oakland went to went down if we want to. Get ready for care with good order boycott the outskirts of Kabul next year. And Romo we hear Carl's hide a Mabry good talk about it again saying hey we're gonna be in the Super Bowl next season I'm not saying that there are 116 million dollars in cap space they're gonna be able to attract some free agents to bring them out here west and you look at the division will boost variances. Take a little seems like he's going to be colts in his last game this Sunday prayers on a Seattle leads the legion of boom they're all banged up we may never see can chancellor again purchase Sherman may be out of here there are messed up in Seattle and then when they're young would have some cap situation some cap issues coming up Romo so this team this congress canals and jaguars locker room and I want asking about this as befits a player. The last two weeks if your defense to say system he's good for their system. What does that even mean by gig because every quarterback runs a system. But I believe to be going Rob Lowe could run any system and thrive in this league but after talking to the defenders of the jaguars Taylor Ramsey miles Jack headed Smith. They're just say no he's good for their system nothing special. Special when I see Jimmy garage floor Ramon. A group of guys that the American character but cared. And no one looters on. You know it just make it is called get caught footnote excuse for a dignified kept. Okay and that's what happens. And QB. Went out there and accidentally did adding to complete car. And he Oregon football game at the plate and we're about to keep Opel any club that at Iowa well look you know I appreciate it. At and said that at. There's a scoreboard. In the power. What you know whether or terror. That was powerful being. And I would like in order at the end of the day I was sports book ten dollar power. A lot of art of double ball. In a coward can cope all players and collectively. We believe we won that every team. And I war. Our controller you beat teams I've played him chick EU works well. He's got that it factor. He's got a ball all believe that when they got to Corey had coats out slamming him. And John Leonard is an important game. But she's blond and what he's learning. What they called. I want to plot points out how. If you don't win any. And you know he spent on contemporary those portal or a truck organization as we like. Wonder Super Bowl what you isn't camp you know what back. You know why. It eat goat and he works that scoring that 200 card let's go. They now have a vote the court. Piece it that is the quarterback. And they got it. We also get that sort of I don't look so long term deal. And Alec they'll put people out I think he is it real exciting. He'll let us go for the next ten. Ten to twelve years. He had Romo brick by brick Charlie lynch is built is franchise up they've had a tremendous draft class. They've got a quarterback and who would have thought it Romo that the niners or raiders could possibly. All finished sixth and tenth and 2017. Well all have a great holiday hope you enjoy Christmas happy new year we'll talk to you next week. They care about Austria. Bill Romanowski. Or terms Super Bowl champion. Former nine eagle bronco waiter. Breaking it down there on both sides of the day only got two calls your AAA my 579570. Which at all tumble the raiders and a nine Ers to the raiders move often reject Oreo. What's more now what Derek Karr. Is the height really separate Cisco would Jimmy coop a low score the robber settles a few is that the niners game and he says cows Shanahan. Deserves all the credit for Sunday's victory over the jaguars who saw Robert was going on with your 957 game. Robert's not here. I'm here of real robber was going alliger. Would ever look up or marriage game on Sunday what are veterans of foreign actually ticket holder. And the thing I bought out bear actually amazed me was Kyle Shanahan offense. Something that you have received with the raiders of guys running wide open faced all played in Bahrain. Am quite call it a talent to be equated writer and play caller. And house senate and has met. Slightly to you put out general and as a raiders head coach draw between coordinator. We have twelve wins this year. I like rob Lloyd BQB could play here not want to hear and didn't call him a great player that's going to try and do report due season's first and then roll we'll see about that. Like Kyle Shanahan used to real deal and I can get their real needs to be dog. Jon Gruden comes back to pop up that sure learned they ignore her and asked somebody who. So should we were sort of quarterback. Someone who can call played in the play divider. John Donahoe has impressed me as EDT. In the game that he's had. We need a coach to get their offense together and I think the raiders will be fine I think Garrett RD line issues that. He doesn't have actually had the coaching. Let it go rob Lowe's that ultimately to an end here instead result. Thanks for a phone call Robert you're spot on there acting you look at the regular routes when they're gone out there are five wives are already comeback routes and its routes which is Null. Creativity what this offense and Oakland. As you see Kyle Shanahan consultation on Gibson that's what was appreciate remember during after the Jacksonville Jaguars. He got lost a couple times awesome play action pass. Sarah hands game plan this past Sunday gives jaguars was unbelievable and it's just a glimpse of what this feature is reporting matters when Jimmy grapple. At the Helm of guarded tanker deal in San Francisco most talked about niners and Kyle Shanahan German Barcelona games going on Decker. What German army recruit Roosevelt. She won't get the Walsh course recruits celebrate with you know. I think it was blurred and couldn't Bay Area it's sort of a warm. You know look at the warriors. Now look at the banners the current bear creek and you appreciate your hand and my failure acute Nicole at candlestick. Prepared do the more beat those you know we know we know winning the Camelot. And which can do it won't let bet like Walsh. Like a boxer metaphor in here in your credit opening they're then hit and they're good they're victim or forced there what about finally you have. But I'm that would do little clip on the quarterback. Like my daddy at their own propaganda piece that it's got word that the mark ten. So he can help beat let's build. You know without being stupid I'm sorry Oakland got got to get offered to you know I think I can it is like a football. This is their call that you can't really load the lie in the in the Celek can't call. If you know you do window closed and been a great time in her own look better get better so thank you guys have occurred were recruitment. Where Christmas record thank you for a phone call your rights in all I don't wanna compare Jimmie grappled Joseph Montana but he does thousands upon spouses. That outlawed he'd own a bonus for Trent Taylor where he rode out and write it zipped and an air yes it's only a four yard pass play. And Jacksonville. Basically disregarded garage walls had to say analysis out route. Well that was impressive to the white side of the field crawl out to your right and all right there extra Taylor for first down. The side armed touchdown pass to Trent Taylor or his role and councils left it improvise as. Think it's an energy charter now we did little girls you've withdrawn a four player game. Play action pass conjured Bora was wide open he beat Jim Ramsey. Rifle toward high. On this interception yet work he's going wide open he forcibly enter text we'll get an interception so he does make mistakes he's not perfect. But there's a lot to show like Jimmy drop low winemaker in Sonoma paying title McGinty after the break here on any part seven game one to talk more to Rob Lowe and it's awesome raiders. When you talk much more here on any 57 again the after the light box hill Greg Papa. Now back to the great accomplish you know. On 957. Big game. Back to the afternoon delight sponsor billboard pop up how dare pop out. The lane and Tommy called John hanging out in Germany 57 game. We're talking niners but I wanna talk about this game last night. In Philadelphia. The raiders and Eagles Eagles win 1910. When it calls a game and a score we know what happened with the catastrophic. Bottle fumble what Eagles. Basically help a lot of people win money and help a lot of people lose money. But talk about his raiders offense and I look first boss say I'll surprise with the fight that they showed yesterday especially after he was 670 lead. Your age I just facing Randy down their defense is throats ran the ball downfield. Dante can blow a lot Christmas Day it's cold. Below fifty degrees well will suit temperature yesterday forty degrees in Philadelphia is cold and a 215. Writers eliminated from the playoff race and you hear reports about jags their real. Avenue 5050 chance on keeping his job. So the raiders bounce back forcing turnovers they ran the ball well Marshawn Lynch they controlled the line of scrimmage. This game falls on their car. The money maker you have the five year 125 million dollar man. Over seventy million dollars guaranteed. In the face of the franchise the second highest paid player in the NFL. Until some stats are you a town called research chair. Below for a few degrees dirt car has a career starts. He's 216. Is rating is below eighty in all league games. And that his rating combined 6064. Point five. The Eagles had 37 yards of total offense in the second half and it falls tried to get that game away. Philadelphia didn't get Doug Peterson echoes of Philadelphia. Lost so much confidence in the polls last night that their last possession. For the raiders Burnett before dirt car driven recession. Trying to force it will Mark Cooper. This we do ran the ball in play for overtime. This is a team that is vying for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. And they basically conceded that try to set wires we're gonna trust our defense or an important we're gonna play for overtime. How bad Philadelphia played on offense yesterday. Lashing the when he game with you were pretty seven yards of offense. With Tampa Bay Bakken 2013 when he beat the Buffalo Bills 276 Tampa Bay a 28 total yards. About the receiving corps. You know we we talked about this offense all season long before he sees a pop and I were great and head in agreement that this offense. Its former fire for reports. That they could become eighteen team in NFL history to score Favre and the points. They got Abbott story one point five a game. That's not the case that has been the case. Michael Crabtree last four games since he's been suspended. Since he came back from suspension 33 targets fourteen catches 99 arts. He looks totally checked out. I'm not here said Michael crashes a far planner but I did watch every snap his in San Francisco. On things are going good. By crashing is all smiles he's talking smack these dance in DC I mean. These are going bad. The diva comes on Michael Crabtree. Where he just doesn't looking gazed at all. The loss of the finale there ray here's what if the second biggest drop in win total in franchise history from twelve to six. Only one worse was of course liberals whose order went eleven to 411. Wins to four wins. You're sort of six stars or the forty yard line or better they got no escort nothing. Trip two picks a fumble plot a missed field call a failed fourth down. Teens averaged nearly through point two per drive when starting after all for your better about it and controlled the line of scrimmage and controlled the field position game to control. The clock. I scored nothing. Six drives at the forty yard line or better. God church welcome Marc Cooper Michael gradually jerk Marshawn Lynch killer shark gods or Washington Corey Patterson said Roberts. You get to know you get nothing fuels or anything. That's unacceptable. I was dirt cars 21 game with 25 pass attempts at western tour to yards passing. That's the most in NFL since he's entered the week and I talked about it you take the weight at a Marc Cooper your super yard touchdown. Your car finishes a game fourteen to 28 for 77. Yards and two picks. What is going on what DC is this strictly on Todd doubting. Oh Derek Karr wanted to be as offensive coordinator. Think I who skipping up and down asylum and ordered a touchdown wait Todd Downey was given up and down a silent a black hawk would give me the that was genius. A kid that did Connor McGregor likes trucks won't when he was given up and down the sideline. They get this dude. If ever is less than thirteen porch he gave in your losses. You have no right to be struck a Madonna sideline. No right. Opens up the sport reporting the last two games in the first half and you are struck down the sideline like he did something great Hubble look at me. Ronald Darby fell four double move remarkable wide open L McGinley. He's been fall for double move the last two weeks for Philadelphia Eagles the what's New York Giants game. Eli Manning carve them what would be double moves and pump fakes. Got to hear what that I was so weak. Old garbage. Basically he's been this freighter season the raiders. It could have assert themselves I have and a better record than the 49ers. And we straight seasons for the first time since 1978. What docket that the forty yards or rader would have a chance to have the same record and 2017. The same 49ers that started all nine. Same greater stature Super Bowl aspirations. Thing raiders that was stolen out Christmas gifts as contract extensions. Illegal janitorial here you go Donald and good old Derek Kerr to go step Roberts physical game Jackson. It's been utter disappointment no Oakland and I feel bad for fan base. When you take about Oakland Raiders moving in two years a Las Vegas. When you dig about. Checked a real firing bill musgrave. Coast up the softens as the sixth best offense in the NFL and they did to the twenties. Hollow man it can't hurt me yesterday. Defensively like I said the raiders are six and nine. But seven of the losses you can pinpoint on the office because before she's and we all move the defense was. They work they work they're a suspect you're a bit but don't break. A defense that doesn't create turnovers. For the most part to defense is kept on the games. Despite the lack of talent despite having issues are linebacker. Despite having issues in the secondary despite not having carrying colleague in LB Belafonte will. Unbelievable. Six dries actor forty yard line or better I cannot get over that I can't they score a big. I know Philadelphia hasn't a very good defense and number one rush defense in week Marchand and the ball very well yesterday. In the cold weather you've got an all people 45 carries 99 yards. Yeah you say is now four yards a carry but they controlled the line of scrimmage. Last few guys out there to blame our are 79570. On Penske outsells dot Comtex line 95795. Follows this. In their cars and Todd Downey's jagr real. What the winemaker Sonoma says we need to pump the brakes on their car was going I'll winemaker Mary Christmas yet. Good though Chris is cute so I can tell you're fired a low IQ so. You deal compared. Everybody that is available coached his team that would want coach. So men would sign up tomorrow if that he urged her car I don't know if you look John Paul grew actually good Michael Irvin before Christmas but should. Without hesitation. Or didn't think that there are cars bought into dirt car cannot it'll be cornerback doesn't know anything about football in the EPA and the fact he would. I'm not gonna say dirge quite well this year he could not for sure that within my dad and he got hurt. In the Denver game I think you should Turk not 100%. I don't care who gore hit the green fractures in his back Michael could not protecting. Talk to a party city at one of the most painful even bigger experience that people like. Their car had Greek. Yup that's why it has been. Average or mean great demeanor out rich and it's not functional people who played well but I think you'll go to talks can start which I feel that's a kitten just three last night goes back to broke off. That's Robert trump like a fifteen yard 360 come backer I don't know how that they won't cause looking at it like. You freaky all on hold due to Paul. Brown do with simple little big crowd of about five point can just kick a football. I don't know what you Robertson he she worked every time you look at past went down built machines to be charger wide receiver all the ink spot. Michael Crabtree can't catch a ball and I told recruits her whichever about beautiful. Fact you do that Euro. Zero continuity is so often now which you have unchecked they'll Leo Kirch stop Downey. The first time he did that run down the sidelines in Denver. Last great. Gordon and their experience a diet each yoke that goes to show you how far out over this guy HT chi has. Mr. Ehrlich spoke up against bald people expect our pilfered dirt but I am tired people Burke in Iowa this kid like yeah well you know you can carry an NFL yeah scroll hundred touchdown passes. It was first. As. To what point being used before we go ahead and start getting let's kill Barrichello. It actually drawing board jackass change a culture I'm not a big fan but I don't think marketers can eat that might go get yourself a real offensive coordinator ideological with a gun owners don't get healthy. Get a good draft can bring you the few free agents alleged recheck what the brakes are all at all over the windows closed your young okay thanks want to add. A winemaker you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year you're spot on there. I'm not gonna pile on their car because he is he came back with three transfer process fractures the comeback can help this team at the missing just one game. I'm not gonna pile on their carted off with winds played average in any consistent. The receivers Mark Cooper where you been that is MIA he's been MIA all damn year salt amok and Apollo on their car and I blame the head coach. When dolphins cornered the DC does deserve a little bit of the blame here we're gonna get through the rest your phone calls here the relish trader Jonathan Jose Crist gets you after the break here 957 game as the afternoon delight. Right here I'm I'm 57 again. Now down. Red carpet show on 957. Big game. Bill. Welcome back to a populist afternoon delight red popping their pop out sponsors you'll hear. Well yes hop on this ship if you had a good Christmas. Local politics. They're best at Stanford both clubs today he pop will be back tomorrow they're powerful have a week off he deserves a week off the do works on his honeymoon swoon for the continues and also not yet we have an hour for that idea here is this incident of reforms have corn. Because this is a staple on the show RA and Manny Baghdad a matter. It doesn't matter to me today the day after Christmas hope everybody had a Merry Christmas I was stronger today. I was not drunk on Christmas yet to get holiday I did have a great holiday Gionta put a Santa bring in cents a broadly I knew who home. What are what are his way and I like a new Michael via a new I watched a new microphone. And you might know microphone. What's the status you have for yourself for that I'm on Blake and here I hung in there Khader a case a whole of cellphone holder so I can just when I take my video footage is holed it. IPod and teach our own very little tripod. And a lot of great food. Macaroni dressing Turkey Marines potatoes your mama I'm Jamar girlfriend both drama and spectacle. What about GG. There was great had a tennis family I host Christmas and they and Christmas Eve every year. Course my kid woke up I was like there's no snow it's not a Christmas Eve at a hotel there. Give us presence in securitized no it was wonderful we did not hold Somalia tussle lay element as a full you know very traditional. Very traditional Jim we don't crustaceans this year which I like because. Moms that was very considerate of me and said hey we know you got to work at the niners game when you got to work at oracle from lawyers and cast the store Christmas Eve and asked what we did while they must have a good connection with Santa to bring your presents early and brought them early after another couple gets Augusta Sox who always loved. You get underwear and socks on Christmas. It's all my boy is Susie my my love it my stepson my son. And I. I I love it alone outside an iron where there are cool effect because of bad visual for a lot of you people out there are Narnia. But another bad visionary Gasquet yes exactly two doors and in my mouth she. Christmas we had to spend Christmas night watching them now defense we I love what's known flyer wanna hit I've loved. By the way Marshawn Lynch fumbling you never see that her subtleties and pals are shocking thing. We got a lot of calls a lot of people's park. Angry about a true specialist has gone on the list here AAA nine point 79570. Detects farms fired up the Penske also stopped Comtex Leinart 57. 95. Willis trader in Oakland most talked about Todd downing your reaction to light what's going on the Willis right her. Well bought yes. You mean net oil it up and down on that I mean. That it's so that show how much you need to learn. To actually coached in the NFL I know last year but all what you Michael from where we don't given the job and all that load all of this for years pretty much. You know the offense all I can say it ain't broken don't fix it and now they're downfall on you've you're out who to blame I mean I'll be dollar dollar on the one out out. Our first when the coaching. I mean I know players around and all that would hit the pole offered the teen. Ever since after Marseille was doing it can't sing it seemed like it did went straight down the drain. And what (%expletive) is the way that he can't because we've actually had in the last couple weeks the defense has played beyond my considered you know anything. But improved they've they've improved or improved very well and at the end date in the camera you want to beat a team that's looking better. You know like I would say the niners would mean and I had a look and about certain began the or they're getting better every week. At the gold to get better every week not to you'll get worked every. In this offense. I'm not raid at stake are the blood cart needs some good coaching me at the we have immaculate and maybe this street and had a good coaching and yet white wine maker expects you look. Not a question because I don't question it people but they're not that you can't question it up and if I went out there a week later after brio is back. Would primitive broken I mean there's they can bear we just got to get back on track but overall. Odd to be far Republican Michael's old course it would have been down sides and it bounces have been admit that they've all high school game to date only that the troubled high school even pop Warner he looks like of all. And honestly about about really are being. Ball out of state it got a victory like you know market got a dog out really gotta walk coordinator back it. Well develop a well experience also quarter not no young if he. Now thanks for the call and try to pay you two had Merry Christmas happy new year is funny insects when their pop last night. Thousand did you see Tom Downey skipped another downside line Eagles or obese get in his way out Alameda come January 2. It's cold it's a harsh truth I like Todd he came on the show soon shortly after he was hired as a you'll see your promoted to be offensive coordinator. How costly it can be done and we see see we eliminated from the playoffs here offense has been a colossal disappointment let's continue to fall closer Jonathan the San Francisco during Iran the afternoon delight German pars are good things going on Jonathan. I've been up and then head on aim and object admit they're guard seemed like a guy quarterback who are forty and perform well. Everything around in the can be perfect. Now look at grew up a little bit I'd like to get Romney had a. I'm in the same king though who is under yellow can't even score and get down into a kind of showed up in world war. World beater or maybe bid with nature and you know he he can't go want to save a goal that I am not about that the beep beep. People to keep it started enact all the a I want you to buy it before you know I didn't greater risk somehow end up. With the same record again of the heat and you know why I don't do anything demo reel look at. If an extension for want of one year installments already going would look based on. It comeback win and it and he fired the guy would may be responsible whenever you're blood really. I don't get bad yeah and then you are block and when defense it on the problem in this year. We opened we we know what we we we looking at all been great so he's. Babble Rio and until you get bit on the way they're not going into the visit the guy I'm not gonna hire anybody read more credentials and he. Get insecure about I didn't get that that's why he's got like Mark Jackson but what. Want to bring in somebody would we ought to call it like we did that how to what college did you get into your. They sound different phone call you have a Merry Christmas happy new year. How does confronting. But it where you wanna go here with the raiders sorry windy it all plays by and whenever my guess what we do when the team is closing but. I wonder if really people I've I've been here and it's a lot of went up there and Janet like. Before October 30 nobody thought the niners or raiders finished with the same record don't even. Tony did you need Abalone nobody thought that. Even when the 49ers made a tree would you make rubble nobody thought the raiders and I could finish for the second record not your friends are sharpened the way Jimmy gee is playing. I'm shocked at the waging a Jimmy G as planned nobody thought with this receiving corps. Which is offensive line in shambles that is down air services goes and Beatles style starting at right tackle. I don't know what they call this at all holiday here that were all blown away by Jimmy garage floor and we thought the raiders would be playing for something. They show playing for something Ab so what's likely it's likely entered the upside down that's what it feels like because this is completely. The niners were and where we just had hoped that they might win a game right and here they are they get Jimmy grapple and everything's changed and the raiders where. You know Minnesota are blast then imagine losing to a. Operation Minnesota and I was with courier we will we will talk 49ers were Greg Coleman to Santa Rosa press Democrat loves his work he's very critical of a forty hour as well let's continue with the phone calls here to go to Jose. In San Jose. He actually Greece and we also think it was Coronado an unpleasant and again. Quote but doing news show quick. Two yards a good dude you're review. And I'm reading the report and greater this year. I do I blame. Jacket real source singular target owning it's. I think that the maybe it's straight losses something. I swear that I walk on and I wanna cry animated you do that. Don't cry I'll holes they don't cry they're sort of fall call. Looking campfire Todd downing the actress has hired him did just think about their car. Because Alex Smith would be saying being in San Francisco with all the different ball off its recorders. Now I agree that he may have to move often Todd downing. But that's going to be our cars for faucets in court and our belief Greg Olsen. Bill musgrave and I doubt he's got a decent differ opens accorded are basically every season supper is sturdier we have Muster for secretary season. Isn't gonna go into next year with his fourth different offensive coordinator. Opted to go one with it if it's a patch charmer so Norv Turner awards are to gain passed by Norv Turner who know he's up there NH. He quit on a Minnesota Vikings last season. I don't know what the answer is but just think about that he's gonna have to go to another system again. As I opened Derek restaurant opening a franchise quarterback. Not good luck to Chris who don't want a one. Pissed off about his raiders was going on Chris running after a light Obama to heal here and an arson and again. I want them there. I'm definitely not what this boy as a trickle down you're going to have a guy who makes these decisions and put the recipe for us on the table which has. Mr. Reggie maternity. Look at the people look at the pieces he has attracted. The around the league that he'd. That you missed on the defense side of the ball but essentially you're coming into this seat it was going to be what took just put a top. Supporting that all of them well I diet David's best for an needed to go to and I'm never a good question DC is hard. What are you watching this question and murdered mom and me after that. If you're going to flash game that can give you a lot different than you he we've seen today in the what didn't have pocketed the highlight how he used to do it every day that everything he's regarded back. She has backed that great. Backward to tell you know how do you go backwards you want to use a certain pocket where you want and that's ready any he had left in the mind. Got to play caller and you said there's a couple of weeks ago an op Ed Ed how sorry I have been talking a minute traffic. And the delegates at bat. The fact is beneficial. I bet that's good news complex emphasize I'm glad you are out there haven't got picked up called it again yesterday. Like the bat the feed it. I'd ask that. Heard there's defense that Al YouTube. Also as you're doing these bonuses. You bring it back less a cold front loaded and like you said that he didn't get to see what I mean years. Do you like I don't come back on track well the question are you got him out. Would you do all I can play such a monotone. Thanks for a phone call Chris I love the passion there and I do agree with him that he's mentally fragile right now he's mentally broken. At the moment but we got to switch gears here's how supporting our full ball we get when mom and brick home. From the Santa Rosa press Democrat he's been covered and arms for a long long time we'll get his thoughts on Jimmy got Rob Lowe and the 49ers are journey after the life popping Bob tanner price and again.