Greg Papa Show Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 14th

Football Hour! Joined by Louis Murphy [former Raider WR, current 49ers WR], Lincoln Kennedy [Former Raiders OT, current Raiders radio sideline analyst], and John Dickinson [957 The Game reporter for all Bay Area teams]. 


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Broadcasting live from San Francisco he said Greg Papa shell on the 957. Burn your. What are you gonna make them. They got a slam last week you should because Jimmy she's first touchdown Evers a forty the first touchdown against the Seahawks on that Detroit and spend that in tiger. Then all nighter wide receiver they did everyone in the try twelve FC title game that's how many guys I've taken say they've got to touch Dunn says for Bruce Gradkowski. JaMarcus Russell. And Kinnear hello. Now many op Ed the only one only loyal guy then the only what do you and has done he has backed Louis Murphy is back in the Bay Area former raider few steps in between if and now forty data we welcome back to the Bay Area and on the afternoon I was bothered by take care and 957. Gamer. Earth how are your brother had an issue. They thought man dead and won't come AA committee voice man. They sat me on the show manual but they. Failure a lot of catching up to you first of all how are you feeling I know you're under the weather had a hard time practitioners can you back on the practice Jody good to go for Sunday. Yeah you good to go man did he go did have a little Bo had so many inquired and I'm getting ready for the workweek. You have not departed here shortly. Erik so tell me about cheer your nine year adventure here they hedging can't they let you go until they cut down they had some injuries they brought you back in your back in the mix just tell me about. I know the playbook and being around the team in training camp and being re inserted back into the wide receiving corps Merv. Didn't apartment just you know being among nine's season and then minute and then very they'd bring you the edge here and training camp and I've developed a good relationship with Colin and I and John it and NRC quote might. You know solo. Thought that they need the most obvious of me and we loved. Notice it happened you know that I look at bringing me back. And so that Latin man and economical had to be in Idaho gravity vacuum and gravity in the mix them. Know that most beloved quarterback can. You know team is that I've known good about being back you know in from Wall Street gangs and what you're and one sort of always loved here in. You know you guys and it ended you know now at a premium gunmen in them out now and then coast tomorrow and it has been and then a blessing. Now must. In his first game was the Jiang came when you guys got the first victory of the year than you were there for Seattle Jamie your outlook touchdown any obviously the two games on the road in Chicago and Houston Lois Murphy. Joining us on the afternoon light it up and Daunte here on out. That if I said again I said take this to the end that Seattle game CJ bastard gets gets hit. He's out and then you know Jimmy comes in and you know other times where it looked like he's looking over to dial the sideline like what they held a light due to a spike it too I run the play. You know I'm just throwing you a touchdown tell me about. His level of comfort that very first game when he came back in before three to touchdown pass her. Man you know it certainly unique situation you know unique situation and get traded. From the paycheck coming in and cabinet. Legal and extent the playbook. Home remains very independent like a pro in every day you can barely beat LA. All of that he talked to guys you know coaching Gaza only want to see you know what it was aren't good at chemistry you know it doesn't happen overnight. Military almond in the Baltic will be very critical throws. So home you know man eat the pros pro man yeah there's talk that way it. And wideout look at home and found I have seen this region and very important and. Cano so much was talked about Murphy let leading up to him making the start of how could he do it Lemony insert a mean I was got to learn in this three paragraph. Per call. Wesco offense a kind of shed any other. How is he been pared down a little bit how was he picked it up I did notice that. In other first and he was looking at the wrist band in Chicago but the last game. He didn't have to do that he was look at all you guys right knee it looked like he had already gotten a terminology down just talk about an evolution how he's learned the language. Of how she and hands West Coast offense merge. Oh man are they you to look at the process you know every day you know there are days are just you know I can't really speak for a quarterback. You guys perspective just from what I've seen and it did begin to become more comfortable with the play call and then and then the offense. They did in the as a ball is now and then then that'll make an explosive. Oh I didn't know that it you know trying to command but you know first two games going. You know more yards and elite force not. I've already done in the first street two games in. You know it and the economy and happily to defeat the measure that certainly a town and out of his dedication and our work in the and I can't let including. A home. So I did but I got there early I did he get better and better from here. Merck have been a failure since you were lighten up my Florida State Seminoles way back when and where I BCS Chevy Chase here. Now you're back plant is Jimmy garage located in in our look at his leadership it kind of in auto wanna say he's. I think he's more polished and Tebow has a quarterback puts people had his leadership when you're a Florida he has kind of gravitated towards and they his energy kind of fluid flow off you guys that. Do grapple seems to be doing the same thing diesels everybody's bought into this charge is a lot of leadership standpoint from Jimmy Gruntal owner Merv. We have men and net and that's you know I think that new testament to his career and and and examine it and they got ideas that he came in any. You know took the bull bottle on the notes if not you know. In the quarterback you know they didn't want to get old all these new dolphins you know what to coordinator. You know I have no. 23 years and that they'll know what there argent car Brady's Leno can become and now we do see them. And I think overall sense you know just speak volumes on on his character. And that leadership skills you know I think you do. You just are watching them. You know agents and artists are you look natural born leader of men are what do you earth people aren't in New England you know a great day here. On the word came from what you know about you gravitate around and I humble guy and you know he's easy to help true now and so just from being a bit main goal that you need and you know what you see murder where are you know that you could be bad. You know whatever you won't June you know I suppose. It is and if the unique situation and how did he get better and better these east peace their practice that we go well. You know give them credit that we could have parted the film study. You know watching film what woman and other receivers. He's probably could and only season. And followed at a party and the running back O line you know there's. I'm meeting got a hold on a and M and B yeah follow. What they do because I think we'll be grateful. Amber frankly around watching him win his ball placement and that I wouldn't even say he's accurate I would use the word precise. Where he puts the ball right where you guys want it. That that third down throw he had in Chicago and Taylor on this and the third and long when he had an unedited skinny post and whenever she couldn't handle them any better. That touchdown pass CE through Austin at the boat action go onto his left. How much you guys gotten down the rhythm of the passing game so quick lady the execution of the offense has been really impressive tell me how you've taken had. From the practice field. To the games on Sunday with his quarterback you guys just met about a month ago. Yeah it's bananas. It it is the car and you all worried it may you know for him to come in and what you don't hear home. No it is stated lead in New Year's leave court coming out Kuwait. Yeah it did not really successful but home you know Jimmy is all over the man and he had a unique talent you know he can get the ball out of can't really equate it ends that ball around he. You know developing it light sport here so we've seen a lot who knows that these things happen at the Bob Brady and alms. So when you send me and mean. Yeah he only goes pretty bald man if it's a great ball man made machine that we love it you know in that. And his leadership so. You won't rally behind romantic lead investor Katherine couldn't notice situation that he's and then they talk even that will be very critical part of and I believe that you know I've learned. And shouting. Louis Murphy joining us here in the afterglow thought advancing in any 57 game Murphy of course began his career is there raiders' first three years and enough good numbers stops along the way Carolina is Eli in New York in champ Billie Jamison now. 49ers and just you know this injury gets it to Victor Bolden. Edgy feel like you'll get more reps I mean they're kind of giving it up you know round mark he's good when you guys are rotating in what you get about thirty snaps a game they kind of rotating it. Did you feel like he'll get more more playing time Sunday against Tennessee with the Boldin injury Murphy. Old yeah I don't know mayor Paula politicos will because he game plan is all right now you know the four against the odd obviously not started each game and and they trust me manage as far as. Is being a bit especially in the run game to block you get an online game really opened during the running backs. So home. No whatever moral commitment to see fit for me they are that's you know whatever they want from me. Young woman to do it whether certain downloaded block and what is you know deep core rate Arnold played. No whatever it is usually won't can be a woman indeed you know all. All the way I've looked injuries and this and whatnot let you know on. I'm ready for whatever man are they ready for you have to get ready so that's that's come our motto. And that I won't. Yes you know you go forward if you know or Enron that played Pacman. Yea they've always been a good blocker and I can see your big body in ATP inside the emotion inside for a little crack actionable it's not technically legal anymore. But and if you want to play for Kyle Shanahan has a wide receiver you gotta be able to block the run game and blocked for other wide receivers that that fits your skill set perfectly but. And that's about Islam and because he wanted ran you know Leo right off the mood targeting both government and if you watched their film without them watch a lot of credit you know that's a lot of plays that we have mental gaga blocking for each other and that's the outlook although the block low. You know if you can honestly be in the end and in the running back he knows state prequel another twenty yards. And Minnesota each of the team effort so you and then what he says in child well then he got to know he's got a viewer see that want the bought. And I likable law can and could a lot of the right game it bonus receivers can soon get much low bar so. A home and then to bring the unique dynamic and director pat game because you know some dog comedy and it would be great beat out. And until you're going to end you were taken on the great game go off for a pad so because of the fact gang is wanted to get. Sounds like you're around your teammates you guessed it or hit the practice field here a few minutes. Did anybody get on our about the go to Paula aren't prepared me the last and what does one look quickly but the rumors are. Well look the thirty year old body and yours they are they guys are old slug I think are many you know about what I came out why we're wrecking the largest energy yeah. I don't let that not only the raiders are playing at 530 on Sunday if I said you look tired you what a dual double header right out of the shower come on over wash their Asian cowboys are. Vehicle Mo mention and that's that's that's that's actually affect flights but let's get you back you guys can vote jump for the black gold together. I'm about to pay your fight if you're late for practice or get the hell out of here go practice Murdoch. Our men say they chairman art pop art book but you know talk which does. You got Louis Murphy against carrier with the F. With the raiders and now with the 49ers shows come full circle for him his first is a Bay Area football life and he was. Such 88 career. Refine your route runner here's what I would say you know he was not a high was in third round draft pick a fourth round draft pick it was a 444. He won twice more overall rate right away and you watched him play in school. He was just terrifying route runner right right away he could run any route and he had a big body. And he was a really. It was either I don't say it's easy as a rookie vote for a lot of wide receivers they struggle. Inning NFL initially that because she could run any route and he was so precise. And they did a warrior raiders and it you know just to string quarterback Stan. That he played list. He. He just could be dependable in the passing game and he was a really good troll almost immediately announced that it bounced around a little bit he's had some injuries that. He was a really are right away he was a really polished route runners are Ricky was amazing to watch him his first year contact. Up to speed was underrated coming out of college I mean he went 432. And armor watch in my Florio ran east Palo riled soon. In other remote era of balanced offense with Tebow and Chris leak and obviously you're not control the ball a lot when Tebow but he was he ran his route well he's ready we'll power in a physical guy. I I was under radar I would love to see Louis Murphy stick around here because his physical and loves to block me as underrated speed obviously compete and ice fixture in this locker move forward. He was saved me a DHB dress funny DHB one number one earlier number seven overall. And there raiders got an the fourth Friday should they were in the same breath write 2000 now I think there was 2009 he's. Murdoch. Will. Michael crashed into the Michael Crabtree but right away. You could see that Louis Murphy was a better rookie route runners and Darrius Heyward-Bey Darrius Heyward-Bey had more straight line speed which I loved it. But he wasn't a great route runner and it took them awhile to figured out he had terrible pains Murphy could run routes they had much better hands like. As you talk about next year I think he's someone. That could be in the mix obviously gonna get to appear curse on back. You get the the young guy Trent tailored to get mark he's good when it I think Merv could be. Good fourth wide receiver he also is good on special teams he can play out all the change you can use him as a Gunner. Which they don't do it I'll think currently now and I think that's something he could do because he's tough he's a big guy if you're gonna be a fourth or fifth wide receiver. For Kyle Shanahan he had a block. And they will bring UN you know we could be. For them that's I think the raiders have been missing all years Audrey homes womb god. Our homes would come in they ocean army crackdown that and again those peel back blocks are not allowed it. Juju Smith Shuster thank you but they do do what is she doing a little bit lighter don't like a guy helping them they don't share over a you don't get a flag by day you know you gotta be careful high you do it but they just get action. We're Louis Murphy VCU they go this big body he'd be good outside receiver he has to get on all the Roush. But Kyle Shanahan has an inside a lot. To get a good match up with a slot corner like he may match up for the Tory Jackson a little bit on Sunday he's bigger but mainly what your thinking there. Is his ability to block him one thing Louis Murphy will do he will get on the block and he will continue to block is a wide receiver. I think he blocks a lot better though that a lot of tight ends in this league. Dom what do their part I mean he blocks and blocks very well I raced inside outside don't want me around here but you talk about the receiving corps poppy and they'll be talked about pollution Corwin Goodwin and curse on Trent Taylor. It's an amazing how much is Jimmy G has made these guys look as opposed I suppose she's had a third and Brian harder these guys were talking. We're just saying two months ago apart but this is the war is receiving corps in football. And also these guys look like stars these guys are great players all over to fill pop to state a fact he had tried to Jimmy Jay has been amazing you're so far from the manner spot. Yeah I would agree with that but I would also say that they've been starting to get better individually before. He started to play there's no doubt and I think it was appeared harsh on injury. They're just elevated their roles mark he's good when it's gotten better he has she's getting change direction. In for a guy was such great straight line speed being a true external long jumper his ability to change direction we talked about it at length issue I think he could be a Tyreke hill. And Trent Taylor I think early in the year. Looks frail at times to me looks like he was physically getting man handled it. They had a one good game against the rams. When he scored his first touchdown but remember that two point conversion. That China route you know he could've gone outside stayed inside he went and that's trotted away scorched up at that. Now the evolution of just playing board figuring out how to cover reading Taylor was getting better and good would it was getting better. And it was accelerated because of the injuries appeared are so on. But Jimmy's ball placement again the precision. Where he's giving these guys a chance to catch the ball not if somebody draped all over on the like for instance we have linebacker a corner to your left there's a big difference of the balls middle. Or chill your laugh or they can get there and break it out where Jimmy is putting the ball. Were only you can get it you can catch it clean and then catch in Iraq out of that. It's almost like you're you're already running with the ball before you catch it is just at its its precision. It is ball placement and the thing it's amazing to me. It is just this guy just got here and how much you're able. Just take what they're doing on the practice field and haven't worked on Sunday. Where would I watched the raiders at times in Lincoln Kennedy will join us a little bit of 130 and then Michael Lombardi. Which they are doing that drafted it. The rumpled old well with both Belichick obviously Josh McDaniels played the second round it's just how they're able to translate their precision from the practice field. To game day when they just got together about tasted really impressive and the whole group is kind of new. You know in a good what's playing allot more than that before Louis Murphy wasn't playing an audit realize emerged really sort of playing the when they start the wind after the eagle first start they want straight afford Murphy's been playing these last four games. God is amazing that they've all come together here so quickly turn tables banged up for a while and I think he's gonna make it perceives another guy I talked about a priest use a pump blog are when when I went down to that one practice early. Early in training can Donna Santa Clara Sean Taylor is make plays all over feel good when scorned each version of feel like okay. Or turtle beach companies sweeper. They're kind of fell out in the at a big Thursday night game almost party got killed there are hundreds late -- gave her -- you about four Wally just went down on -- got crushed and then missing you know now would you global he's making plays again this receive records it's usually moving forward now they do have some matchups here coming and we talked about Tennessee's secondary Jacksonville next week which they arranging your boy AJ PH I needed that idea came in Ramsey. I think is the best corner profile well I'd say that's who number one right now replace Iran he plays it passed his physical so I'll make a play last week while he came off his receiver and just nailed a running back in the flat. And he's tough he loves to hit pot I. I thought he was a safety I thought watching him at the cab and this guys is safety he's at a corner. And his change of direction skill has gotten better where he had seen he had Charles Woodson was a tremendous hitting corner right away coming out of the Big Ten. This guy's more physical. Edwards says he even he's Mel blunt. Physical that's how tough he is. And then he can move. Change direction dive across the field to deflect a ball. You can't double move him he's got great feet on top or just pure physical reality boy EA as more of a real. You know tapered corner with a body movement Jalen Ramsey will hit you like a safety and comfort and cover you like a corner and he is. A tremendous player I think he's become the best cornerback I think he's past to leave Chris shares junior special video inside. And do it out of the slot better tires of you sit down and Arizona and I just had this thing isn't Kelly Peterson's tough he moves his feet. But Jalen Ramsey plays like Nnamdi Asomugha. But he moves a hell of a lot better or not he could move like that. This guy is got long arms and he will jam UN that run where you out of I had covered. Against him and his game on Sunday against Tennessee and Dick LeBeau is going to be. It just a puzzle of a challenge every week he had a different challenge for Chicago to Houston this game how do you figure out his own blades who's coming who's dropping. And then against boy EA in Ramsey. They had just a joke he'll get yourself in her merge better to get the weight room. This I expect rather than I actually look like that's what they call alternate second balls and it's all he's getting in people's heads he I'd never seen AJ Greif looked like he did earlier this season AJ green never says anything. Daily Ramsey was able to get inside his head and Taylor ridge Charles Watson on the whole game Nasional games what about before any similar title like can you talk it's ruled after every incompletion. That's got to get a no we cared he backs it up so that's going to be a challenge and he's a good -- for Jimmy gee think about that poppies in all these different defense is all of them from Houston to Chicago to judge Milton CLE brands that Wade Phillips these regular rest for Jimmy junior take it to the offseason and get better for 28 team we are possibly at a small bar here in new take on the cowboys and fundamental ball better to talk about raiders and big Lincoln Kennedy right here in the aftermath the slightest problem Monta many 57 again. Now back to the Greg Connolly show on 957. Big game. Late Friday at Crabtree. Very giants linebacker bust out new. They had a slot corners Stephen Nelson they're all what Darrelle Revis. Softball today. Can't just did not look good looks I was saying they did have a hard Coburn whether I should've played really ankle injury and the other guys just could uncovered from the and Eric Harris said he habitual problem this year is going to leave rate that is covered it. And at the Oakland Raiders so. What is going out last year at this time and Jerry Karr was a top contender for the NFL most valuable player award a finish where he was third. And this year. The raiders are just stood at the same team obviously if they lose this game Sunday night realistically its gonna be really hard. Teams make the playoffs this year is AFC west entry in order. A lot carriage entrance let's find out it is the football our about Cuba Livermore forward Mike Lombardi would join a sit at 2 o'clock. They all get deeply individually you're up about what he's saying from Derek but to Lincoln Kennedy. Joins us once a week here in the afternoon who I was talking about 10357. A game like is brought you by wind Kia. In that Devlin so link welcome back to the show and think we've asked you this once or twice this year who has. What what is going at Goodyear tire and the greater passing game this year. I you know Parcells could do what you guys secondly I don't like to speculate what may come soup. Possibility of injuries or some sort of but two politician but I could but I do think there's something more volunteer. We don't we don't know for sure and we have had reports. But you know we we we see that we've seen declined and play as far as solid decision making but ability. More importantly the overall offense is. Then as basic as men as they could ever compete. And I don't know how you can really stretch our defense is when you're just drawn. So Apple's software also back shoulder closed door. You know. Three yard outs I don't know I can really stretch a defense what that that is what is so I. I don't know there's one answer to say look forward Derrick but I do know this key is the Internet makes this cargo. No pun intended but if he's if he's not on his game the race have a hard time over the ball and score points. Yeah I totally agree with his charge the the lack of route combinations. And reroute setting up other routes in and like everybody else is doing in the league and they're just as to their guys to win one on one end especially in my and his mom are Cooper. That is not getting separation but Derek is is consistent lay. Throwing to guys that are open you talk about it all the time there's no separation here devotion to go on there so you bring out the entry point. Any you know he did have the three transverse process fractures in his back. He had an ankle injury. But yeah I think he's over those but let me ask you this question just gone back to last Christmas Eve. In a more severe injury when he when he fractured his stimulus. Is it possible link to it it's not a physical. Barrier that he's yet to hurdle. It's it's a mental. Bury your daddy's still grappling with as far as the pocket presence and people around his feet in light of what happened dorm last Christmas C. But certainly it's possible. I'll be looking at and then institute poll I've watched them be completely oblivious to the people out of lake. Also thought it was an immune to back a deep moat good and bad the bad part is that he doesn't take advantage of lately to probably riding gets out of the yard to get down. Now chase appointments here syndicate which saw Alex Smith make the best of it Blake when he had the opportunities. We didn't seem that out of there everybody and and I know how does that does have more more indie you know war. Situation where you want it but I would just like Derek to take more advantage of that I know that Gary can move because he seemed doable it's all helps. So so why don't be able to take advantage if you don't if you go to your progression and say if you have a three counting yet. Because one of the quarterbacks and who had a August recount was rich and it. I do as protectors if I was back to back about 10011000. To 1003 fight to evolve over my head or oil field. Which was want to try to run so I was wanna try to position myself of all the climate. To get also lot of strategy because which is probably gonna scrabble. I think that's what Derek he's doing and know that you did the injury is not a case situation. Then he's learned to you like to rules like Russell Wilson had. After this first year at Seattle Russell looked at. Also was slide kick out he wasn't taken pitching out of outsold all wet if you look at taking unnecessary it's I think that's natural maturation of quarterback these days. And link. Car may have to scramble a lot this week because Marcus Lawrence is on the other side and cowboys defense of lamb how would you compare for beast like morris' week big quake. Well I certainly hope to tackle hold a lot better they did last week. There's just a couple and in fact his ability and the coaches coach players play. There's got to be some sense of urgency in fact the report when you come just a player. When you have a situation where you're going up against one of the better defense than in the game recessions have to break out here that you guys have a complaint. And I've always had the philosophy if you wanna be considered the best you have play against the best. I doubt seriously if there isn't helpful as well a lot of markets Laura how are over Donald sent there are probable marsh and also make the most. And so now it's such a marshals say you know what this is disrespect for free to come over my site and let me show you their back and shot and out as well. Marshall did struggle in the game there's no doubt about that wasn't just against Justin Houston Chris Jones C the five technique and there's 34. Just bull rush job. He was the one that tipped the ball object seems over I doubt and side when he took the ball that was intercepted by chance Mitchell. But I think we saw the same issue from the raider offensive line we saw earlier the year later you to each other on the broadcast your 957. They game is that they're they're dirt bowl rushing the guards. Should the whole pocket. Beckoned to Derek slap and know the offensive lineman. Were really open about their struggles to begin the year after they won the back to back games against Denver the giants Donald Fine. Talked about it at length towel. I'm not proud of the way I played early in the year that combination blocks with Fannie to let you assembly. Ward they are they weren't hip to hip since they didn't have they the reps from from training camp because Ryan Arnold's pulled out and gave her the right foot. It seemed like they were getting better though Lincoln started to put together some good stamps more consistent late. And then last week was a major regression in Kansas City water. You know what what the most frustrating part of that Jimmy Carter was the fact that he's you know it's it is its lack of preparation plant a return visit thanks. I don't like to call people up on this process that took off topic to tackle and I know that I've got a defensive tackle the ultimatum totally mad rush. You've got a run around me he's going to try to run for me so why the world what I play high. After he did it the first time what I think is what do you think differently again. If anything I'm inviting him to try to use this deal well because there's a reason why he's defensive tackle. Matt and another that'd be president. So we use that lack of preparation when you use that lack of mental fortitude and you put yourself in the position where you're given the fact certainly can't rush. All the game that's as reported that one has its greatness target. It's frustrating player to watch it. And again that section three man rush which you are saying is just completely inexcusable if you can be joining us here in the if afternoon delight in any fashion a game all part of they've football our Michael Lombardi will come up at 2 o'clock engineer rob below the the big showdown game between New England Pittsburgh coming up and iced feel Michael knows the patriots will tell us what happened then in Miami. I Monday's that's coming up on the F football our brush about Livermore Ford went this season started like I think who you'd listed the best offensive lines. In football the raiders and cowboys if they weren't born into they were in the top three right. From what you've seen from Dallas is lying if and just for the loss of Ezekiel Elliott and how they've had to adjust out of offered Morse and his own scheme of what what what are the raiders up against on Sunday night from this cowboy alive. Well up against the guys who know potentially can tend deny everything that most people through that door vehicle that's I guess he was taken out. Our mom and they've been able to open up right now they're different team without remorse on the ball fidelity fidelity I think you'll bring the fact. But the truth of the matter is that. I believe the same formula. Goals for the members of the backfield because if you wouldn't be uniform look repeatedly held that cowboys. It's forcing doubt that Press Secretary for the ball. That's what his performance and don't let anybody have the balance or the wherewithal to be able to run the ball and forcing thank you throat don't give up reform cardiology practice I think in the past. And they could sort of be successful force that has kept it to deter it so it's a protocol. Like many teams have done when he saw ms. Marshawn Lynch and are back field. Now they're called but it is much more accomplished quarterback in my opinion I think you'll really bad as far as passing. And then did that process but the fact is that you're still has seemed to wanna take a runaway well you gotta take it take a lot of white. But their defense they have to your question this is a very sticky all but one that's contest he'd rather great. But also take into consideration of people that play at that time and other top fifteen an average. So we're back to square one as soon or ask the question which seemed on the Oakland Raiders launch a lot. Yeah hopefully it's a good Oakland Raiders week because yesterday pop touched on some disarray and nobody really got incidents but the clock management towards him in the game and wants to came back yesterday at the house. There wasn't a sense of urgency when they were down 26 nothing there wasn't a sense of urgency when you're down 26 seventh and there was a no 13 downs we see some fifteen played a what did you think was you feel about that when you're watching that I'm a bit. When I was transpiring Sunday gets Kansas City when it. Bob says that that's the disappointment the fact is that you have I get the raiders are still consider overall I guarantee. Franchise for years our young guys that there won't be there a lot longer than some of the senior guys are walking around there. But when you caught against the yeah I division rival. When you have the opportunity to play for first place in the division. Can't possibly have a showdown with another division level through this crowd into the year after the here that you had and you don't so for three quarters. That's disheartening and disappointing. And it's downright frustrating. So you're right it wasn't a sense of urgency. Throughout the first three quarters of the game that almost said he posting seam routes. Utility you you finally figured out that you got a big hole the military to take advantage that especially pat because their client. But it still doesn't seem to be great type caught punishment and so does seem to be acceptable overall urgency that you can get back into it. But he cut it to leave Mike oh OK now we're gonna wake up and of course you know the following recession happened billion dollar. And it times it was chaos and a two point conversion on Crabtree converted the only reason that word to say the raiders are so disorganized Kansas City did know wouldn't cover they've arranged. Created a where the hell they go there there were some time out there were not called at that. That one's behind and if they don't get this one on Sunday. And Sunday will be the last time home game regular season or postseason so likely we'll see you odd. Sunday night for a little Monday night I call. Whatsoever amendment that was at the airport. But he's neck. Okay right now about 65 in the city souls from moderate old where it's going to be good night from Baltimore isn't. It's I'm open I can have a celebratory okay cigars. The winner looks that I would slow. Sudden. It's mostly and then my friend yeah I won't. See lakes states or surprising again that he had heated up this cave. Hey I gotta think it's CVS said one Mulligan they were gonna use it you say you're that you're that ticket has tried not touching your face serious. You know that's why were they actually game of the day that is the end of 125 legal five points and a. That's a phenomenal game also don't forget about Packers Panthers a return of analog to San Diego 1 and a morning or we can't double boots on the ground party's been denied his practice he's been at the lawyers tried to work boots on the ground John Dickerson had today we'll find out right here and yet the middle like 957 again. Now back Greg Cochran show on 957. Big game. You know anytime you get one good. Woodside and I think in the last Tuesday across you know got up close and number early in the air and came up short of the bush I think got real frustrated. Frustrated middle. Was that analyst. Injuries in the same stance and I thought we rebounded north started vs giants and had a setback for Seattle man. Play better Chicago on eleven does plan better last week for shoes tonight. How that continues we discipline better this week about. I'm the more you and that's how to save develop real confidence. Are you and players believe truly that had a chance to lineup such as open and before that happens easier yet. Check out Shanahan. Walsh's first nine games the head coach in the NFL a lot of are really close losses it's the anyways the giants games. Losers are Seattle makes a quarterback change and they've won two more. So there's three and 43 or 43 launches the on nine starts. So. He seems as though. He has perked up his personality over the but I thought he was remarkably composed for young got a Lucas's first nine games. As a head coach of the NFL a lot of them were excruciating league close losses we observe them from a fire Janet Dickinson is there. Do observer up close both on game day at San declared her India practice week he joins us on the afterlife. Near I 957. The game boots on the ground John Dickson Dickinson everywhere. Or what what have you observed JD. And I Kyle Shanahan is disposition. That only what you guys that are around the team. 09 starred versions three and one over the last four maybe more importantly to analysis he's made the the quarterback changed Jimmy G. Yeah I think he. He's been pretty loose for the most part all year long and I think a big part of that coming into this season is the fact that there were so little expectations as far as wins and losses a mean. You wanna win every game. You wanna win as many games as you possibly hand but I think when you look at it. They understood and John Lynch understood and Jed York understood that this wins we're gonna be hard to come by especially before this team. Got Jimmy drop below into the fold so I think they did want to go in sixteen we talked about a month ago before they got their first win they definitely didn't want that to happen and and all the losses in the frustration from it. Had mounted up. But I think he kept a pretty mellow approach to the whole process and tried to explain to the media. It's much detail is I've heard a head coach as far as x.s and knows and what they're trying to do a particular plays and formations and and different situations I think he's been delighted really to interact with a little bit so over the course of the season and that way but now now you see. What the difference a solid to good quarterback can make for this team and has already made but. The true tests are going to be these last three games he's will be by far the best three teams that Jimmy drop Lowell. Face and starts I would Tennessee and even harder against Jacksonville and yeah Wade Phillips another blitz heavy LA rams and new years she there in LA so. Divide. It it Levi's you've been there for all the home games. Is this going to be the best environment for any game they've played it it Levi's best since the place opened with the first home starting debut of -- Iraq on Sunday JD. I think you should be and I think it's a big time test for the forty niner fans because. I called it an earlier in the week I think it's the biggest game in the history of Levi's stadium other than maybe the opener or the Turkey on the fifty game. When they were 74 on Thanksgiving 2014. And in Seattle can men and thump dominion Richard Sherman and then the Seahawks were. Eaten Turkey on the fifty and they don't listen for a row and and Jim Harbaugh ended up out. And none of the games in 2015 or 2016. Or or even 2017. Up until the point made it where they got that win against the giants. Felt like big gains and all and all the focus have been a cloud the empty seats. And all the focus a bit about the you know the planes flying overhead and what the banners or can they say but I think this Sunday's is the first real. Times since may be the opener. Where there's some genuine excitement and optimism about the ceiling for this team maybe not for 2017. But. The way to end of 2017 can projected 2018. And beyond with Iraq Lois a quarterbacks and I'm really interested to see how it plays out I think there will be extra juice people fired up. About what Jimmy drop was brought to the table. What's funny guys is on the Thursday night game because the -- goodbye basically to pretzels for the price of tickets tickets go for about 1112 dollars this week you can buy a ticket for whopping 35 dollars a ticket prices are going up I think fans will be there in those few Jimmie. He had dream on green out again what they're right shoulder soreness and I think get this is another situation where the warriors may. It you know he was out there for the game in Charlotte. And then he wanted to play obviously in Detroit going back to Detroit and Michigan he played 38 minutes was terrific defensively and with the assists and yet the six block shots in that game but then when they came back home. It was something that they kind of flared up on them again and I think that Steve Kerr called it off much like he did with Kevin Durant right around the Thanksgiving holiday. Where they let him play the game and Oklahoma City that he wanted to play. And then they said you know what we're gonna sit him for a couple of games and make sure this thing is right so I I still think it's for the most part precautionary. But it's using the schedule. To give the shoulder an opportunity to real really heal heal up. If he's not gonna play Monday if he's not gonna play tonight then that gives him at least a week plus. In between big games that he'll actually play before they play in LA on Monday and if he sits that one out he could go another week. Early six days for more guarded day and until things really get Roland for the warriors with the seven home games. In the final eleven nights of the year but yeah Pachulia is out Nick Young still on the concussion protocol. And it'll be interesting to see what Steve Kurt does with the starters he's not revealing them until about 6457. O'clock. A little bit of a change from the the way he did doubt earlier in the year. I nailed it the other night almost ten minutes in and TD in the pregame a civil what do you think can I civil I think it's gonna be Livingston and Caspian. Jordan bella the five against Meyers Leonard I'm not sure what he'll do tonight I think they'll probably will be out there just because the mavs have been playing Nowitzki. At the center spot tonight by the and I were McCaw gets the start may be over Livingston and they try and limit Livingston's minutes so Saddam might be one to week you could see. Min and Max have mashup video he Ferrell is a pretty good scoring point that he got Wesley Matthews is as well in the backcourt. The staff curry just way way years is is he around the team at all in the shootaround do you see him at the facility at all doing anything and LN presented by Katie is each getting shots up what what have you observed from staff at all since they can Becky can I came back home. No no shots today and no no shots on Monday as well in the shootaround there though Monday was the day where he was riding a bike visibly. In front of the media while no other players and it worked talking and other guys were out there shooting but now he's not on the court shooting yet but he's making sure he's getting that card you worked in. You know the best he can but nothing weight bearing at this point in and I don't think they're really gonna allow him to do anything like that until we reach. You know that reevaluation point and we're getting to that no point here or just over a week I guess now. From when that official an announcement of the Nader just under a week just over a week since then the injury in week and a half for so now since the injury. So I think we're still a couple of days away before seen him on the court then probably a couple of days more at least. Once he gets reevaluated. Doubt I wouldn't expect him to play those first couple games of that final seven. But is not ruling it out and knowledge seems like Bob miers and others have been optimistic about it. But I think when you look at it you know it did a Christmas is the one obviously everybody's got circled I don't know I think everybody wants to play in that game for sure. But they're gonna definitely be careful whether they don't want things to linger. Parody your guy covers every chain in the markets show but say it I ever wish list for the giants center. Right field even third base what do you what are you hoping for here. Well Judy Martinez who beat the best corner outfielder but that's probably going to be too expensive. Bill Billy Hamilton can be a nice player but only if you fix the other two positions in and add power I mean it at this point. Josh Donaldson would be a guy we checked in and as far as third base. You know I don't love Billy Hamilton I mean did Jerod Dyson to guided it can't hit that plays a decent outfield. In as far as right field goes and in an off of assailed Garcia as Canada Minnie Mickey Cabrera in terms of his stance and his hitting style. No he's an interesting guy what does the White Sox there. If Jay Bruce is somebody that's probably attainable. Todd Frazier is attainable but are they gonna make you significantly better and and what's the cost an agreement almost a spot where they have to go. Shorter term contracts. And just try and plug the holes the best they can and and try and redo the whole thing may be again next year that's dangerous because as bad as they word. If they are much better in 2018. Then they may really have to consider whether they really make a significant change. Up and down the thing that no way if if if it was just hey JD pick anybody. It would probably be I'd be made it a shot on TV Jay Bruce and IB a Billy Hamilton and I guess I JD picket JDL judge panel should imagine him coming back here in the Bay Area and playing for the candidates huge eighties Guinea JD Martinez. Giving Josh Donaldson and Jimmy Jerod Dyson beneath JD Sedrick Ellis I ended up like that how to afford shaking a little Jack Daniels straight we could do it off. Well that's always how I roll you know that along a numbers all right change JD. We'll see it warriors tonight Janet Dickinson who said the crowd turning us here in the air. And like I asked how should she name's Helena can play here and we've brought that up earlier to show pop. And third thing is we're go back to debates or Ronald seems to be they don't want nothing to do with whom they wanna rebuild in the latest on many in the channel is the White Sox cardinals and Diamondbacks. Our reinsurance and admitting when I'm alone Arizona I'm telling you they wanted to capitalize on them playoff club for flat season popped I don't think they're selling anything Melissa welcome Michael Lombardi from the greater real breakdown Jimmy drop lol what he should see win this next contract right here early afternoon delights couple months and 257 game.