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Wednesday, October 18th

Papa & Bonta are joined by Rich Gannon & Jeff Garcia for the football hour. 


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Molson place. Just what what throws the ball well. Crabtree is outbreaks says it's easy enough when you look at the tape you can see where we are so close. And I know that sounds good game I don't listen here in trying to give you the rose rose colored glasses and we know there's word just this close to mention a couple more plays each game. Come out on top hundred but it's got a three year ice that's everything that they are often. There. The whole thing. And I won't get better. Trader offensive coordinator Chad doubting that the media yesterday after shortly to back to its tomorrow we'll have emotional for. Greater vale. Say they're close they scored six touchdowns last time they wanna gain the guy really initials TD tad downing. They scored six touchdowns during the four game low losing shrinks so are they close. Let's ask a guy who was close to a study in my getting ready for the broadcast usually Kevin Harlan the boots on CBS TV out of Sunday at the raiders lost to the LA chargers rich candidates back on the football our brought you by Livermore forward and welcome back rich in is this offense close like the offensive coordinator says. I you know I hope so bad I just you know I would ruin her cry quite frankly by the performance all on car and then I just. You're good at talking about a great record dominant. Charger defense had a lot of issues coming into the game. Their global momentum having one on the road and you know kind of comeback. Fashion against the giants. Like you know I swear I Wear a watch them the last couple weeks with Derek and without there. Used to you'll see the courses during the execution offensively and even have to do know that big a passing game against the chargers it was predominantly. Quick sort. Frozen or needs quick controls and I'm Serb early by design rule was to make sure are cute and it's awful offered their car but. Didn't they did not think to really stretch the field to attack this seems vertically to really act can't. Attacked the weakness that charger defense which is what so why back some of the linebackers were a liability in congress are certainly much during the broadcast and being the coach has yet. Democrat offensive blue raiders really wanna have their welcome there and so. An and and it was talk about it every week it late. Ahmard Cooper is in Miami coming you missing in action and so. No I didn't play caller we talk about this last week I got to find ways to get in gore I need to how to play it just doesn't touch the ball. And I try to change. Chris is that a huge hit me up to before the game. The charges to speak the word Murray said Casey Hayward order had earlier last year first years of pro bowler ruins any ended last year San Diego formerly was Green Bay just not playing as well this year Trevor Williams has been playing terrific they Trevor Williams follow. Michael Crabtree around. And they had Casey Hayward follow Mario around which is statement unto itself but I do on a breakdown Derrick first two. Are the only two interceptions and again the first play of the game and pass you had a nice goes motion behind the run by the idea Marchand for fifteen yards but. The play Wii is chaired the call and you said it you know we throw it before Crabtree. Even came out of his break. Did Derek expect him to hook that up and and or Crabtree hooked it up and Garrett thought it was going down the sideline as you went back and looked at that play. A little closer. Why where you know Pro Bowl quarterback to the Pro Bowl wide receiver why were they off on their first pass play of the game how that ball get picked off rich spirit. Could a hacker and and I think you know Lester in that meeting Rome on Monday and they say you know look you know you want. You would know two yards to people around whatever laws my sense I watch skirts reaction coming off keel. To me can look he was frustrated with two lead me to think. That receiver did run the route partly why shouldn't run Morocco Kuwait and made here. You're your your twelve dramatic cantor corking the quote I don't vote typically buy. It just seems like there could wait and let go a bit and expect him to come out breached. Anti Golan different you know and again there's no we can't quit that are all Crabtree or Derek it left his hand in future role almost start that way than even crack intercepting guys you're I would put got a marsala and political could that be illustrate crooks that that's on the quarterback. It could have reached the running back have to see the true locomotives and the local angle out there is a little bit of the screen there are many children problem. And you sort of wonder actually don't put all of the common not gonna catch so. Again didn't just eat eat eat eat when you go practice. You know hole and then you'll play a week and then you know you're. And then you can rush back out there the timing can be all. Good to see monkey just wasn't in rhythm and that concerns me and that's the most important thing you know if we don't Oscar honored you are the real. Quarterback Kurt incomparable now watch Derrick out their detention incomparable Scotia early. Prince can't have raider greats have four time pro bowler and any NFL most valuable player in 2000 who joins us every week in the afterglow with the puck and Vontae here and 35 point seven a game all part of Leo football our grudge about Livermore afford another four time pro bowler Jeff Garcia. And the niners side of things will Jonas of 130 again it 145 I do wanna zero NL what you're talking about the second interception. Because they they had a hard time hook it up all years remember early in the year. Marchand went out wide left in Nashville and Tennessee originating covered at all. Heard it and Derek Bond a leading them up to sideline him our Sean stopped heated run the route. And Derek and overthrown there I thought like Marchand should have been running there and there was a play even earlier than the interception or just similar angle route. We're Derek you know missed him. Leading him too much but if you look at it Marchand is stopping his feet when the ball. Is coming to him Derek is leading and headed for whatever reason that he's not running ahead Sosa be more specific as you toured the great Charlie garner. And you know obviously garnered so much better taste catchers are running back than Marchand. But is that do Eric's fault as you say he's got to put the ball on the body of Marshawn Lynch what he's still leading Marshawn Lynch on those angle routes. You know we need quarterback meetings and we say and all that good on Grand Prix in the quote and that would revolt party ought to with the running back curt. Now run around could occur or you're old he could not come across called the critical linebacker wherever you say the quarterback because it put too far out on election it's really hard get a look at certain those new loans would look coordinators say. Here's what you have. They did a good day it just seems like they're they're finding their rhythm and saw console that would you know that. That's a problem right now you know you look at the big issues on third down and continue look at some of the others so they've had in receptions start again the name. So they could need and that's what made a comment to regain I didn't go and he's the person in any execution com what was supposed to be one the most. The course of offenses in golf ball pressure the first couple weeks. And that could mean more than anything I think they've they've got to get back to work. And we'll have to get focused in on trying to come out and you know since she's gone there's and I didn't really are quite Nebraska to. Look sometimes you have too much volume and other words you got hundred passes are rather than have forty passes. They practice and wrap during the week of practice all week and they feel really good about an adorable sort of the right thing at all that ER ninety passers. Where we can get a chance to throw and then go out to Marcel list this week because assembled quite a cracked a little bit chip to so that you mean that double move on the back side. He I'd rather than me. I was critical and I don't want a runner in a game that we ever read that practically don't subscribe to or something or surprise somebody and also soccer that we haven't wraps its. And you know during the course a week of practice particularly our president and you're gonna get it will collapse. So I mean less volume there more creativity sometimes you're out Allen is the way to go. And also how Derek missed missed a game against the ravens because of the the back injury and he was not get me you know rep she was running the scout team that week so they may be just a little bit off foot. As far as physically what you saw from Derek and you and I spoke on the field before the game Ender told G was not gonna take a pain killing injection because he likes to feel. The back he doesn't wanna be numbed up and not know what he's feeling and that's probably good going into this game because if he does need to take a painkiller you don't wanna take a you don't twice in the span. Five days but do you think he was he was physically limited at all in the game what did you see from him throw the football rich. I'm certain you welcome a 100% great but I can tell you that. I thought there were no restriction or limitation I watched him warm up cold where what's the practical side they are. I think he you know he he ball's coming out of hand to the committee I think so you know. Pretty here are just a really watch is body language of practical side cannot watch a little troll of early there on the field I want to see dove mountain lions. So I don't really think it's bad as much as just during the uncertainty when you watch them play and if you cues and I think he's lost some confidence in the markets Cooper and I don't blame them. Because the guy hasn't really. Had a lot of production. A lot of separation which we've been talking about the one he has got open he had some issues with the jobs and the committee in the concur concede so I can understand that. That's sometimes the quarterback. I did it early in my career when I had timber on one side engine jet on the other side wouldn't think I want a tropical. I'm not going to be critical games Jack I don't timber out ordered the right thing. He goes in the right got an order tech football and so and in fact that they're comforting. Give it my quarterback perspective of some bad luck you know I got in trouble because you're a jet jet made their bed. These little softer coverage or may I inflated and Oprah about that inordinate burden he went on timber out. And he can't we start going now wait himself could trouble I don't know Derek took the Crabtree more. Cooper but the docent led by design or is Jerry Cooke and all there's. Where there's no word where the third quarter receivers or the running backs yeah how to know what we don't there. And they had a whole lot of scuff going on right now many of them watched them run deep but they came out early that caused quite an economy the government Coco could be skeptical why not because charges are really good run defense and then they haven't got to wait a little bit. So really kind of distorted right now that's you that's hard to it's hard to see when he got a quarterback that sold out to. Yeah race and it is funny too because car we all look at the numbers and we're enamored with getting the ball out so fast one point nine seconds two seconds but look at the game Sunday I don't know we'll start impassive tense. He threw the ball past a line to shoot six surged past one instruments 16 times six times in Peru. Police using twin ports are deeper within six yards on the line of scrimmage the last three starts for Derek Karr. He's computer won't pass a fifteen yards or more other match stretching the field vertically and I get it got a bad back when I get the ball out quick he got Melvin Ingram enjoyable succumb and off the edge. But it's just too damn predictable in the passing game worst pink and don't meet and done guy there and got assertion filled a little bit to pay it and it's still it's problematic I don't see what's more monitor what Todd downing in his office when they they've got a sure she's still bridge. We'll take a five step out of protocol router and a whole lot longer program but got a bigger they're got called for. Quick so it looked toward the end of the great Charles Woodson prevalent kind of a meeting now what you would have said it go to my current revenue Lotta or recruit he should you've seen it yes. A defense to back increase passed in the game only meant by that was he can't allow. One of these quarterbacks just sit out there and not have to cover art council would be all you've got to challenge him to populate the raiders got Denny I and all I can almost hear superstar in the broadcast. They're out there he goes looking down from heaven sent. Why had they thrown to lions they push the ball. The worst of it he about it opponent called Abu silent like he got that thing that's ever go to watch that's true public. He got this great quarterback you've got darker constrict the field. And you know you gotta you gotta make these cornerbacks defend the deep ball and they didn't do that on Sunday. How often what I'll say that do you get any. Whether they usually throw fatigued yeah I heard. Came to that the organization before I even signed my contract got that you'll like the people territory if you close. Sudden without the right answer we have only two words usually aren't good background. Good luck you know there's some truth to that it was a deliberate brilliant man and he understood football to an end. You're you cannot allow a team might you know the chargers who have issues of the quarterback position but what on the Macaulay Derek. They're not now no I'm not make these guys. If I offended people it's too easy. Handle Missouri fear into our prayer can bring to this article where you know and out traded for Randy Moss ridge the first thing you said to me is just gonna help our running game so much Sharon. Just stressed that he'll get that out of the back here to have a safety or that average NN. Less generators were Super Bowl for Al Davis who was a quarterback and India through the league that your 2002 joining us sunny afternoon Levitt talk and bouncing here and now he's five point seven again Bartlett let's get into the chase now could you worked there their game. Against the chargers and you know this franchise will be a former raider and a former chief. Just from the lead the way they. Align their secondary their corners are very different. Marcus dieters who was their left cornerback predominately they don't usually truth or don't travel with guys. He likes to play way off the line of scrimmage led the receivers run their routes and then drive on the route after they. You know make a move off to stand a chance mashal the other guy gets a lot of action because he's the opposite corner to one of the best in Peter's. In the NFL he likes to get up and grab a I knew and then they get this guy in the slot Philip Gainesville I'd like to see the raiders go at but just when you. When you see one corner playing so loose rich in the other corner. Playing so tight or what does that tell you about the Rauch you have to run to go at the guys played soft and off and go I think guys playing tight in press. Well I cult achieve. Well everyone could call that curtain call Colin incredible involvement on account where you have your own children Kurt got a channel put on a curveball. And acute concussion and travel around and I don't look at Rand Corp. and quick. You know. Concept of the car that broke off Obama. Out but I can't help jump could be a guy like that yellow Richard Sherman croak. Autocratic grip on the on earth I couldn't get a quick on and click over Obama question. Out there that are there chancellor Gordon the other cheek bats came to which occurred what else is going door had some success. The sound of the that it happens as. You know what that discussion on third down Bob's sudden but he go to court and Jen should I have great respect for I think people in the press but there's much he says seeking nature work I think as a quarterback a lot of this stuff is going to be a lot of close that we keep. They're a great job disguising their intention but they ruined many think the sixty minutes. And then over on the other side. Just what they're going to what they're doing with their with their offensive personnel and Andy Reid it seems like the pursuit of perfect marriage and deal was a huge you don't play calls she will all the different variations there. And then Alex Smith who's just you know so intelligent enable Iran at all. And they have you know backs going one direction receivers go on the other direction he can pull it and throw what I mean. I'm a short week what what what are the raiders going to be challenged try to get really know the chief swells from the AFC west Richmond this is this is a hard team to get ready for the deuce. So much they call and at what happened. Of course there's an execution of the direction that he actually every outcome of the most and I'll I'll tell me you know from what Robert. Kelsey and I don't really. Nice job with the hack into them change took each week. Couldn't sound no talent like about this game government compound prior to. He charge you can't really Auburn. They'll turn on either can't read all you want a more firm called green and attention. Speaking about your Frontline of defense or are there watching golf that's a lot of coaching and quick or you're going to all on our equal amount of. Norman and all of them. I just always every practice and lack a little. Coordination together whenever there is an important. To conclude an vehicle he went out there I'd. Think that you can start an article are. Can't go in that game and could be more correct and boycott are. In their front seven in really good against a hole because you know that she's. But you'll have been wonderful all that simple oh yeah a look at them and you're the first five feet below the ball control on excrement covered beach. They called a quarterback club over Osama. Go to play really good luck and told me kind of tactic and won't or can't go out alone just that it hasn't even more radical group. I don't know SATA and hold up front seven and made Alex from their home cold call each try to be cute institute at all. Because although the annual legal reasons on the football and only he can do it again. Chris Chan and joining us nice football our Jeff Garcia coming up on the niners should accord that change shared gone from Brian Hoyer to CJ vet 3130 then more. From Jeff at 145 all part of the football our votes you've deliver more Ford. The word now is is that it said Navarro Bowman will play in this game the red cheating and Rappaport. Is reporting that the raiders expect to have Navarro Bowman on the field. The the raiders and ability to cover running back side of the back field has been a problem Chris Thompson and Washington NN Sunday night game Richard you sought a close Melvin Gordon on the constant at check downs really. A tormented the raiders so heavy Bowman and weary said physically not able to change direction as well and you know drop into coverage what are the raiders do with that careens punch. He spoke about the physical reality in the running game what they do this guy with this guy as a pastor assured that their children. Think our vision and Frazier haven't worked with congress. To second level attention I think he's seeing all the I don't think you. Not all example would Nelson came down next gone on record of not like 200 you've got to. I'll attempt. Make a tackle milk corner and her clinics communications you got young inexperienced players on site content and overall. And everything have been bad account under which case I think a certain level and you look at all of the consummate the backs and I. Because you don't almost all the all can't can't can't call it's great for the Pentagon video. Can't you gonna tell my own a stroke cushion just police. Between himself and how interdependent and and and space that's a big key architect who. You know and caught a part of their problem and what are you use and when we got checked the bulk orders by the arc between Internet under one too much great. I only get everything and duke and her job to indicate that there Albert tracking it notified when a Glaxo and other corporate involved in the country. And the rep Sheila Rappaport is saying that of our Ramon is expected to play he is also. Set and I tweeted Chris Ballard the GM. The colts formerly the edge just in GM which endorsing Kansas City is saying their debt rich Andrew Luck. As soreness in his shoulder and he took a court a cortisone shot. And this is a setback. What are what are your what are your thoughts on just a great Stanford. Indianapolis COLT Andrew Luck cringe. Orders triggered a first. Help for private use and he got killed her dad and pregnant conquered but you know they'd never turned up upon don't want to call you got her coat a black opal all to reduce total weight and their terms or you're competing. Bailouts aren't. It all caught your shoulders and shoot a distinct countries that are a political to take all clapping you know. Yeah he's back strong. And coming up a satellite companies. Probably probably. Overtime home Alan got not to mention they're never going to get shot earnings injection and arrogant and surgically repaired. And Arnold colonel good to see your. Think Kyra. I can't imagine there are a god won't be the next huge I didn't want to do over again like I haven't. Unfortunately because he's only really good player but he could have learned the most. Custom county I don't know yet yeah aren't concourses are all the all the way. Don't rivers got to always wanted to quarterbacks can't call. It more prone. You can I have going to throw the ball away not take your coach or not every client. Or hysterical and autocratic or not. And can't 'cause. Sometimes you gotta you know of staff. Is probable number come on down he's so competitive in a tied it up later caught all sit there alt alt alt shouldn't take a shot at a place. All down the field can't always bet and I think that yes or. He's a tough guy if they do make a coaching change. Yank your gag gruden would come out of the Monday Night Football Booth for the chance to coach Andrew Luck can run spider to wasn't marriage America. Little old ideas. I think I'd McCain. Agreed to document wouldn't Michael coats again yeah I think it won't need nobody thinks. 08 satellites it is about their little bit and I didn't count out go put up for birds are overrated throughout the popcorn. I I'd like yeah it football. That trained well placed tight I think you got this football. The broadcast including for so long which included data and he's got a lot of money. While the aggregate global corporate and think about the good coaching profession are quite yet but although I could be wrong. Felt like humidity culture rich in beauty you never called her future weigh your. Kind of sometimes I got a governor I don't feel back mobile card players are. I'll tell you a secret code and take a lot of tensions are. Especially right now much have a discussion on. Even greater and better and really really good cornerback in Greenville or hold them out of that part. Sold it detonated a bit unchecked current of thought our most important thing and I don't care about anybody else so our camera down. I've got to find no way he figured this cornerback comfortable. Complying like quiche capable client. I don't like that that's where it all starts and once you figure that out and watching it and all the bad. And everything else catapult important and I could not eat go to mock themselves. Exactly and turn to be a fact that some current and be perfect dead or in all of them whatever their. Also important thing. Comparable. He's confident. Out there Cutler on the dirt car or are you have seen them going back a week now. Merit further and I get a good game this week you're going to be in LA for Broncos and chargers have a great college Kevin Tillman say hi I'm talking actually finish our work shoots Abrams. For the nine quarterbacking this yeah. Thank you nicest guys around them but he knows rich knows so there. Who does there's a lot of components in variables but the quarterback gets paid the money pops old quarterback is gonna take the blame bliss talked Jeff Garcia. Jeff wanted to 49ers a bench Brian Hoyer so we'll talk to home about whether or not it was a good decision. The great public she'll continue just 195 point seven big game. Is this far. It's time pain is not good for a first down. Defeat Bruce Edwards just go. Yeah you could say that again Chris Myers NFL would dubious history that matters have lost five consecutive games by three point soared. Less. They're start slow coming back. And as candy did with a quarterback changes Brian Hoyer was banishment second quarter on seventeen and I think CJ bettered the rookie reentry came in you know what happened there. There was very bad pass interference call which Jeff Garcia looks plain detail. Let's bring an edit is the football our approach you about Livermore for the four time Pro Bowl quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers said Jeff Garcia joins us on the S and luck with Bachmann Vontae here and 35 point seven a game he played better Indy we talked about that but you're. Quietly saying you know you are pleased with. Brian Hoyer is performance showed Jeffs and his being greedy and and a gamer I think veteran gave you a little bit of that so what did you think of coach Shanahan is decision to pull. The veteran and go to the rookie middle of the second quarter of game and allow bell road venue. Well I think we've talked about war about the potential of getting. To do better now not just in a mockup situation but actually. A little game like situation like in the second quarter like in the third quarter and if there was ever tied down seventeen to zero Washington it was probably time to get change it up and see what young man had to give them. Whether they're getting great got paid east are something in the 49ers not just on the up and the prodigy thought in the second half we did defense. Responded. Special teams responded with big pop return. I thought that he would keep an overall. Encouraging. Change in the sense of just how the team rallied. Around he gave that third and how the young man performed in a situation where obviously. No. What he didn't get to have during the week of practice he didn't have a whole lot wrapped with a curt he probably didn't have any reps with the first you ran. Mode that cal team being Kirk cousins all weeklong which. Maybe prepared given certain way if you. I didn't do need to do what he did out there on Sunday but. Now this week having an entire week of preparation not just mentally but physically. Is gonna be a positive thing for him coming into a game our home. Against the Dallas Cowboys and the other thing is while Dallas won't have an entire week to prepare what he gave effort so people of faith. Different things but as far as what he stepped. And so you and what he did predicting my thought out very encouraging. He had just just talk about what you see from his overall skill set has not only were you a good player you're Smart player you're a gamer you were gritty and you went into coaching you can break down the the you know thrown a ball mechanically and the footwork then. Now people look at and I don't see overtly a great skill set that it I think we have to wait and see what he can be just when you look at his overall. Skill set Jeff what what EC right now from CJ better. Well I think first of all and I don't know PGA and I haven't really seen him obviously had not sent to know all of the different details about him but. He comes from a football family he comes from. A Stanley where he grew up around the games so he's he's got that included net while the quarterback he had that knowledge of the game that person's. Put the knowledge to want to prepare himself to be mentally prepared not to embarrass itself if given an opportunity like he would give him up Sunday to step on the field and not know. What the hell are you to vote lead or he definitely showed that he was capable. I think that's first and foremost you can compare. Like no one else as far as getting themselves mentally right. Secondly his ability to do it. Extend the play. I've played at he had words he pushed up in my pocket he attacked a line of scrimmage detective I don't feel we found altered Robinson down the right sideline. For a big time throw and catch and touchdown. I vote saying we hadn't seen in Brian Hoyer and I would like waiting for Brian to make those type of plays not just beat Scott. In the pocket. Waiting for guys open operative going to spot but actually when things start to break down around the what can you make out of it can you create a new. If nothing else eliminate it back and go all the way now about what the couple or couple things because of kids. Inexperience of beating game like situations where DJ got stuck holding on local all but. I know that he's well aware of how to handle those situations and with the experience with the quote of they've never wrap on the field he's gonna continue to get better in eliminating negative plays. As far as. The lap or are they gain the interception that was just one that he activate he had been paid in that you look at. Everything he did out side about lap clay and the guy had a quarterback rating of ninety plus. And would clean the ball in awkward it clay or. At opportune pit cap can run afterward now without the net we hadn't seen a whole lot of with the fans of actor people Brian Hoyer spoke goat thing I think. You wanna measure you want to continue to hone in our wanna continue to heed. The young quarterback he had some thought all of just good line had experienced some blocks as well and that's one of the things that this 4913. I had not been very good at bay Ben marble work in the leases are blocked passage. Our concern is not what they need to get better app from the receiver running backs and tight end position. But for the young guys to get bit and end and half pocket awareness Mikey had. Happen temple comes eating getting the ball out political with simple check it out. The dog down to call a high degree yet to allow them to get yards after the catch. All the ball coming out of it's they have blood and holding onto it except for like I mentioned a couple times. And those worker shot down the field but outside that he wasn't what inaudible you're putting new condition Morton guy can make clay. And an opportunity. Could you got a wicked after the catch. And brought him back from seventeen nothing down and they want them losing guide to and I can easily make the point if it wasn't for that bogus deeds offensive pass interference call in feared her son should have been a they had defense of CIA and Zach brown. So Jeff an aide Jeff works with us on the radio here in 35 point seven a game a weekly basis on the football Lowry also appears on 49ers post game live and I saw you was felled you know Dennis Brown yours outraged as I. Because the official flat out sought from the wrong perspective that explained that the route combination to slant in the flat. And when you look at it the linebacker the Redskins 53 Zach brown he's the one that runs it appeared our saw and not the other way around Jeff are. Believe the terrible call and I think this fell into but unfortunately. The 49ers have been and penalized. Or illegal pigs are illegal contact I offer the player the previous game been so maybe there's a red flag that party. Hanging over their head but in this type of situation. And every situation is different they weren't down in the red zone yet it was that a second day out situation what in a third down. They're running ads rat grad what we call it drags slant combination you take two receiver. Well combination. Which would just seagate battered left side the quote is receivers TJ is running in the flat toward the sideline. Getting about one yard gap. The outside receiver which is gore on is running a. To step slant he's trying to work inside so really there wow are crossing each other at a relatively shallow. Bid stands. And because of the press coverage that are thought to have on him. He was setting up the corner with his feet trying to create separation. And because of that he would probably a little bit flatter than normal on his brow. But. In no way. What if you look at that on my back hurting inside defender to run a pick up and obviously the ball would not have been blown or car bomb. If you would try to run out hit and hope for that rep re make that call in that situation. With the game on the line. Which is ridiculous. It would it would unfortunate and not that they he would have called it the other way but it would include any it would impanel contact. It sort of been an incomplete pass their bill would ban. No goal range a long drill hole but still within Google ranking that they get you yards on the Nextel it makes their possibilities. That much better but instead they are penalized for ten yards is completely cut them out of any possibility of a kick. And that's what we had to put that you last played but it didn't gain anything or were unfortunate because. That was a great comeback. With the young quarterback on the field over the great rally by the entirety to keep that stepped out of play. Really good football in the second half considering what they gave up the first half. And it was a total team effort a scratch and claw their way back into that and defeat. You know it doesn't come down to just one play but the field where only. Make that judgment call in that situation that took a champ away from them was disappointed. More with Jeff Garcia coming up on a football armor presented by liberal more Fordham law last jest. Whether or not Fernandez made a mistake with their draft picks. On 95 point seven big game. And there on fire and have lunch if I was ask you what quarterback leaves the NFL in passing touchdowns. How would you answer. I'd say Aaron Rodgers before he was injured I'd say Alex Smith and you would be Rollins says Tom Brady but I am wrong because I know the answer is a little are we just play he had shot a lot doesn't sound like a legitimate shot why should I presume that a free shot Austin leads the NFL touchdown says yo fifteen he was drafted number twelve overall by the Houston Texans Jeff Garcia joining us and answer in life without inviting your -- five point seven a game. John Lynch was lauded for trading down from two to three got a two thirds and affords. With the Chicago Bears but he took Solomon Thomas number three chest I don't know how much she watched a show on Watson. That is it is it surely to say the 49ers and fair and now drafting to Shawn watched a number three. Quartet that we've talked about drafting quarterback in the first round nit structure. Bob dark as far as what the potential. Output of these guys would be that he said. I like saw Watson coming out of college. And it wasn't so much effort as to whether he can translate into the NFL game and be a drop back half or whatever. It had to be without his leadership ability it was about here. Mental and physical toughness it was about the fact that he with the winner. And you look that background when he came from and on different type of person. That was voted equality and that you want to have on your football team. Or whether he had the skill that are not could be a great quarterback. He wrote that at the collegiate. Level. None ever will we knew how that would take off at the next level but on quality music scene that probably. Kicking themselves what they can't like we do every year at a Cleveland Browns. Because they trade away a pick that actually landed disarm Watson. On the quarterback they get a quarterback debate anymore why. And it salary to take on. That they need need to take are so what are they thinking in Cleveland now San Francisco I don't think really the epic fifth. Good to have what to go up there quarterback in last year's draft they want to do rebuild the defense they wanted to focus on certain things that. It helped them win football game by getting used for talented on the deep petrified. And alone those guys grow up together and they've done. They had a real let the the font attack economic eat that would side with parliament with Fokker important boxer had injury but he's coming back now. And a lot of other pick. Are currently. On their watch during whether they'll be able to contribute. As you. That fees that are not they're gonna get opportunity to play because that you see with injuries we're. I betrayed our that the release the ball went there are guys that are given opportunities. I've been to step up and see what type of talent skill what type of toughness what type of ability. They do happen or back to watch since the guy is a special kid on each side door and kept the job out there in Houston. And I am happy form. Yeah eventually nights Jeff talked about them obviously there's going to be you know. Go one of the child with the quarterbacks going at the draft and I hate you know I just hadn't seen them do what I what you need to do in the NFL he's in the shotgun he's looking over the sidelines for the play call you could see his arm and his running ability was special. But one thing Kyle Shanahan did say NA and the 49ers did get traded at a later round draft pick. And leave a seventh round pick to move up to take better in the third round. Is that bad dude is one of the few quarterbacks who didn't run a spread offense in college Iowa runs a pro style he's under senators this stuff. We're gonna ask him to do so you know the position so well and you know you had to go to Canada before you had a chance are you've got to get labeled this way in you know NA NA NA a different time. Is that it's hard I think to what you look at these quarterbacks that are in the shotgun they're never under center. They're looking over data sideline for the play call and think it has got to play in the NFL or not it is it is just simply the cow Shanahan. Lot of the C with a zone he's a guy run his style offense in college before he would take a chance on. Law I think and that's where you go to QB went. Merck are. A decision the year before as to who was going to be. The first quarterback taken and you look at Lance is a guy coming out of North Dakota State yet he would level below that. The highest level college football but he was a winner and he ran approach to how often he worked from underneath center. They ran hate the guy that split back formation he did Greek debt tops five they're not. And their job she did movement played he'd although painful both those states are compared to golf who would. Traditionally here. Our basically. Stuck in that shotgun formation run in the pros that are running the spread style offense. And never saw. The skill set from him as to whether. He would translate to the NFL well. People that sided with the land that he would be the guy he ideal fit for them and maybe it quickly here of going through those growing pains that. I've learned how to be under that I want began because now he's adapted in an equally good football. Quiet but one of the plane broke triple off and not the guy that. I looked out from the standpoint of how do you believe quote south system Betty grew up with and call it. At could beat a guy who can translate. Right away with let alone pain. Our PGA that there are concerned I'm sure that's something that coach you do you consider because you're right. Aid to call it payment not really preparing new quarterback and it not preparing optical line men which got I had become even more important. As you how to protect and how to block in the running game. In the National Football League and that's why I think they're disorders. Of really good off and the linemen coming out of. College football and there's probably a shortage as well with the quarterback position just based upon. The background of the type of valve often but these guys client that's why people we talk about your upcoming draft. And we talk about some of the quarterbacks that are coming out this year call in June and. You know I somewhat lean toward Donald now he's gone through some growing pain often he young quarterbacks. But he played in a more of a profile type of system and that's why I feel like she can translate a little bit after. Our transition a little bit faster than some of the other guys that are out there. All right chest. Dallas Cowboys can men had a gonna have Ezekiel Elliott Soviet challenge for the other for the 49ers especially when Rodman and LA having out. Some video had a look on and CJ badgers are you guys hit good of pregame live with day with a home game -- to post game live on the. So no word back to our pregame and it'll be exciting getting back to. We life stadium there in Santa Clara and looking forward to the 81 team being recognized and why Clark and all the great players being. There on the field. This Sunday against the much rivaled in eighty cowboys should be an exciting day. Find show there to come back and relive the they catch again and to let go over and when you some good lives there and he's somebody who. Yeah that's out now was indicted in 08. Ball is coming back it up. Up about it good temper yeah oh yeah. How do you remember that day but I think he's he's a Bay Area is that we're going to be a big thought. Are the biggest industry illustration as it was in a Super Bowl or herself. That these are there thank you so much for your time have a great to have broadcast facility in their Denis France unable sergeant X ray you got guys take care Quasar yeah. Never should rule I've had interviewed ever shawls and any sense of with the plays against Ford. I think it's good he needs to because those cowboys have a hockey. Hit a ticket to catch babies but yeah birthright and tried to steer out I was great and I wasn't even conceived and I was imam moms stomach during that time parcel. I was there in spirit routed chicken ranch house kick in house critic Bob tackle tackle. Truth but who is scheduled Bob Myers here on a basketball our lawyers lost their opener pops let's go ahead and cancel the season it all up. Is it over already.