Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Monday, September 25th

Chris Townsend and Daryle “The Guru” Johnson fill in for Greg and Bonta and are joined by Steve Mariucci (former NFL Coach and Current NFL Network Analyst) and James Cowser (Raiders Linebacker) for The Football Hour!


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Really looks like you. Ralston played. I really didn't criticize the right to express oneself individually he he really criticized. Our game. We're so proud of and yes I'm on the players' safety advisory panel. With John Madden Ronnie Lott Anthony Munoz Willie Lanier Mark Murphy Oliver luck. And many others. That love the sport I was just taken back I get a little defensive when you start talking about criticizing how this game is placed the greatest in my mind. The greatest ultimate team sport that we have and we're trying to make it safe and that's a good thing. Steve Mariucci yesterday on the NFL network like tell you something this Chris Townsend the guru who were back in 1997. I got my start. And I used to be around the 49ers. And nice to follow guided by the name of John traitor he was our leaves forty niner guy and I follow him around Welker and Steve Mariucci. I was a young kid out of college and he treated me with such respect coach Chris towns and I know we haven't talked a long time that I always want to say thank you are at if I ever got the chance for the way he treated me like in 9798. Because not all NFL coaches would do Jeffrey young guy just get his first shot. Well listen I think for mentioning there where I give you some peace there are some different what you would do they do you respect. I remember used to take this into the secret room to show us different films stuff and I remember John trader was say hey listen no other coach would do this kind of stuff. Ten that nothing else to do you know what no I doubt enjoyed I enjoy do you guys and now or most of you. It. Looked like. No good dad did that witnessed an eight year I had been so so where's Papa he sit on. He'll run triple. He added probably got in around five out of thirty I don't know pretty brutal assault all hours brought to buy Livermore for urged coach. We've never seen anything like this and you've been around the game out is like a scene from Iron Mountain Michigan beamed around this game for a long long time. Ul what do you make of this assassinate very tough does this mean so this is your love this is your passion. Yeah I was boy it was an interest dean day and we knew it was going to be like this because we have. Production meeting on Saturdays you know for the show where before pregame show on Sunday. So you go through every topic that you're gonna discussion of course we knew darn well. There was going to be some political discussions. And wish is not what we sign up for we wanna talk football right. He EU I have to chime in China and and you have to give your opinion on. What's transpiring here in our country and and lift with the NFL that particular not just CN BA acknowledged that struck. You know other things and but the NFL in particular so I. I don't know who sought every team. Every team even in. In London. I'm in front of the brits. You know that he's this NFL football players and coaches and owners. Children unity. About sticking together and we look back in football and it's one of the things that this great sport is all about is being the teammate. Indy type would each other respect each other regardless of code scanner. Where it came from what religion it is we they don't rock the NFL locker room is is the newly. He could write a book about its diversity and its tolerance and it's it's ability to. To be awesome together. With so many different kinds of people and that's saying it's. It's it's it's very unique to India Indonesia and a microcosm of the way society should be baby so. Because you guys did an NFL locker rooms you know there. Global brings all those people together for a single purpose and then down to go to the NFL showed that he got them hand in hand arm in arm. Quite black coaches players owners. There were some gals on the sidelines you know I calmly it was a it was a powerful. Moment statement bytes by 32 individual teams. Coaching the raiders were to an old you know the talk of the NFL when things were looking up and you know people were even mention in Minnesota. And they go in the last night's game in the nation's capital when you dominated in every aspect and can you share with us your thoughts after that game concluded with what you saw from the raiders this is one you can throw out. Or where there's some things that raider nation should be alarmed with. Guess you got thrown out I I. You know the raiders have have been better lately but for a while they're called back to the East Coast wasn't it was it was hard. I'm luckily it was Sunday night game union usually when you took off in the afternoon your body clocks are ready to go. But this was a Sunday night came in and not gonna see this coming I don't know of any and you were people raider nation did either. I could Washington and OK eighteen they're not great. There are okay but they sure look like world beaters. Last night in and out so you get Washington's best performance. And you get rid the raiders Mulligan that's steps can be your worst performance of the season. I'm sure I hope. I'll be just wasn't their night. Were they were they distracted. From eighty emotional discussions that they had as to how they were gonna proceed on the sideline before it again I don't know. I don't know preteen kind of went through. But you know on the to give them the benefit of the doubt just thought we took the raiders to win this game most people dead. And I just wasn't their night but I'm looking that he in fact there are only two teams that are undefeated. After three weeks and that usually we have longer longer a longer period of time where they're still under many undefeated teams. That's cases are parity I don't know maybe choke. There's a lot of teams that are down you see that the patriots you know it looks that they can be so great then they had that. The one touch game early too so everybody goes through this. Indeed that it had to fight through it and regroup and get back to normal trashy candidates community and that's tough weekend it's gonna be at Denver next time around got to get together. Know how Steve Mariucci George Z on the football are not about point seven a game Chris Townsend are the guru Johnson. Take us through what that's like this week for the raiders and really in old as we we all know everybody's gonna have a stinker in the year. Tell you gotta have this long flight back from the East Coast and it about it. So you'd better have an Ambien because you just don't want to think about are always across the country. And then you gotta go through the week where this team just did not look like itself coach and they weren't as if we're like joking like it was impostors who was in their uniforms so going to the films are looking at this horrible game what does this week like for the raiders. Yeah it's not fun in the end so be it as a coach and jackal and make the right decision with this. I've seen some coaches I had this film. Okay when they when he used to be film. And go outside. With a shovel in various film okay try to it's dead or never gonna look at it I've seen some guys. Take didn't take the two of folk out one time I took the whole team offense defense special teams and went through the whole game. Every play as a team in which is unusual to indeed go. True with a fine toothed comb. So he's got to decide to feel hot how much you look at it how much a part of it because it's certainly a bad deal. And or do you just forget it that's we're gonna forget about this game let's move on. You know like when Bill Belichick sent from Columbus Cincinnati so maybe maybe judges were moving on to Denver forget about this game it's it's a once in a lifetime. Kind of a Mulligan here. In the end they just got beat down every which way when he 128 yards and a lot of those yards came on the last drive. And gave up four foreigners 72 yards and can convert a third down they just it was a wake up the raider nation many skilled players that are very very good players. That doesn't that just kind of kept it the office so did you skip past the fashion world on. Coach we know what a great story Marshawn Lynch is due in coming back to Oakland and last week we saw one he had the coliseum rock and he was doing his dance and and tell me and I have been going back and forth the spirited debate about if that would give other teams you know some incentive to really you know have the raiders even where they have a target on their back. You being a former coach what did you make of that and do you think there's any truth to that. Now you know I don't think so I. That was the funniest thing I've ever seen when he was there. Oh did he was accumulating gold that add him dancing right. And the players on the field we're guessing it was on the Jumbotron people in this sales were dancing is like. I asked me Jack tell that you think you were just break one out. And so gifted to an end if he laughed and finish it was just it was a fun moment and you know this year guys. Rookie NFL is is kind of loosening up what they got touchdown celebrations right. Can make it a little more fun you know gay brother they're not vulgar. Or as long reserve not disrespectful. And you guys are doing all kinds of things are taken out on the ball we're bullying or do whatever they're doing a little bit fine again. Without being crazy and so that they have solution that was kind of fun for me to watch me in the physically and it is important to business and how that. But you know I'm I come from the school were heard coach Brett Favre. You had a blast and he was actually sat in front. On the field and I think it's gonna be like that so so kudos to Marshawn Lynch for. For d'antoni that there was we'll have to rush right yeah this is at 10 o'clock this application. And you could you know do you never. You know we already has six carries and end eighteen yards and was tougher and tougher everybody. Cooper Democrat Judy won just it was just one of those days so didn't get past it move on to Denver. Canceled all our brunch you'd buy at Livermore Ford seed Mary sue this here on 95 point seven big game and speaking of fun and no fond. And doer an hour talking about it you know there's there's. You look quite so Dolan is group think from I wanna know it was a factor playing. Yes yes we have that we had a great talk show host Pete Franklin it was in the Bay Area long time ago and are taught that do we show when he's flush me that was is Dick. But before you dig told to sit out a way to use that regular route and I can't tell our and it just stuck. What ninety fives and how about 1995 almost what 45 years. Well loud music you can go and. I es he's he's not lose next hour she's all right. I don't. Only love anywhere you want are gold Gold Coast I just think about Dallas you know doubt the Dallas Cowboys are different they just are America's team now and there's a lot of questions how they're gonna handle a game tonight I think that's gonna go down and what did you veneer. Well you talked about having a bad day rookie finished. This goes into Denver last week in just bombed out at me 42 to seventeen right. And end again it's like we didn't see that I haven't so that's why I just think you're gonna sit that's what they did try. Yeah on any given Sunday or Monday or Thursday. May anybody can really you know it would pick here and turn over there and whatever that is. So Dallas is gonna get back on track against a one and one team. He's known Arizona. And there's only visited the doctor Jekyll and mr. card as well you know they can be very good beat anybody and and indeed you know loss to Detroit radio commercial. Dallas has got some things you'll probably see literally get most of the congress not most but a lot of conversation list yeah I'd be I'd like your opinion. He's secure literally it quick tips and he's so little piece there's an initial but LT. Said that you know noting that in violation of that Sunday night and Michael Irvin kind of took offense with it is commercially to collect as they went out it was pretty good if you see. But he certainly put on the plane gave up in the play DEP it could this team but yeah absolutely shocked and an interception which. Is unheard of fuel and didn't do mentally have that conversation both seek input or not. I think lows each city certainly put on this team unity yards rushing for the game you know. But I shouldn't boo as a coach Roy everybody everybody the place and snap to whistle. Hustle and effort. They certainly pulled out some film I showed Marshall Faulk. Policy really dark making tackles. After taking many would throw some interceptions as a rookie in Indianapolis. Marshall Faulk was a great defense and basket or high school they're recruited in the SEC has the deep he wanted to dark that's why would San Diego State. But anyway I showed a decent sudoku watching this can decide between football. Really easy and doesn't go your way you finish the play if that means they could tackle that will make a tackle Mike Marshall Faulk did. So anyway that's else. Well. Not everybody's treated the same stars vs other guys as they coach. Did you ever have this scenario all are how would you handle a let's just say kind a star player a guy make a lot of money and it looks like he quit I honestly. I don't think you can ever happened to me. I don't know I mean I think guys get discouraged. It's certainly get frustrated. Certainly. Loose confidence without telling you know if you're not you know sometimes guys get blue shell shocked it doesn't go their way it and so. I think players have got to play through that coaches have different to that adversity. Part of sport is that. And so we all know you can expect and an in demand for your team is complete. Effort and impossible and every single play. And then boom done everybody's don't quite like that but to he I don't ever remember guys really didn't look like. You know so that's sometimes a quarterback you don't get to check out who didn't kill Clifford an adult. Can help make Smart decisions made a business decision OK there's a kids you know what he played corner and he's the best ever recover and people. Keep kids he talked about it on the air. Sometimes they're good business decision and I get a very I guess. So both Japanese auto mall for movie. So you know you don't need certain with tongue in cheek but. You know you could make some decisions that people take on that card that's going to kick you out. Or do you DJ is gonna. Get blocked and. Coach I know rules are rules but what I watched what transpired in the Detroit lion Atlanta foul. We gotta get we got a petition to get that rule thrown out why do. Are you talking about. Which one to ten seconds. Can run off. Larry. Close was he entitled to live so they review from up above. So we are also narrowed a little and there's a dirty guys in the bar and also this same thing then that's attached sucks so. To eating out of the crazy because our. Close close right it is neat touch was a ball in what they need touched. And then Edberg not to complicate that was he touched down was there. Will he go by contact at all. He kind of couldn't see it right he couldn't see because there's a player's helmet in the way on the rebuke. And so the play was called touchdown. Look at the game. So if you don't have indisputable evidence which I didn't think there was it was kind of car he you don't overturned call. And then do it happened at eight seconds. And then this consent tennis they shocked us all to do is like oh my god to you know what your guys this is good at call. Is going to have playoff ramifications no doubt could Detroit's going to be here in their prey their land that's going to be in the playoffs. And it's going to be who puts a guy who looked so wild card who travels to drive home its gonna be a PGA at the end it the end of the year. It's gonna be a factor. EO we talked earlier about impostors being in the raiders jerseys yesterday and our nation's capital I don't another guy for your code. What do you do with Cam Newton. I. I'd give them the benefit of the doubt because of his shoulder surgery. Why. I had shoulder surgery to. And I'm not kidding guys it's might I don't know if those were huge party was to told Lieberman and rotator cuff surgery at the same type. We hear a year. Before I can shake hands with somebody and feel no pain. And so he's trying to come back from that surgery. He doesn't look completely healthy to be part confident. Little bit under practiced out of whack. He's got more weapons Christian McCaffery he's going to be which is a real ball or he's really shut them. On the got a heck of the defense looked. Can't do three picks no touched so that it doesn't look or lack. And and the sanctions political. So I give them the benefit of the doubt because I think I'm not quite there yet and two years ago guys he was fifteen warned. Went to the Super Bowl and we'll be MVP of the league. And though which is not happening for a minute I think it's health reasons. Elliott did too much out quarterbacks here in town coach when you lady USC and UCLA Newser tiger about a forty niners start now Olin three in on wants to talk about tanking but. When you have the ability to maybe get a guy who can you mention Brett Favre he thinks the great quarterbacks that you were around Ron Amadon all great guys. When you have one of those guys it truly gives you that opportunity to compete for a long long time for super balls. So when your season doesn't get off to a good start you know those guys are gonna be there for the draft how you handle that as a franchise. Shame on you for say no why hello Lucy then. You can't he can't ask me what he would take it to get a kid debts could be there are drafting you gotta just play this season. And then we're just ready to our games is you can't if you want to move up in the draft to go. Get one of those guys Josh Rosen and sent our roles gushed. They could very will be won in two in the draft another you know talks took the good news here. Talking about next year's draft as are several good quarterbacks several. And in you know if you did if you addressed together leaked. End to end and that smoke guaranteed to you know we were divorced radar number one draft gracious. Controversial draft choices is about 50% amid they don't all work out. And overtime. And endowed sometimes you get lucky enough to get Russell Wilson heard that press start or Kirk cousins later on in the draft. There are guys like that next year in the draft that are you know are. White knuckled for strong but are gonna go they're gonna make after the starters in the league so. But the 49ers got better we let them cruising making him against the rams gosh wouldn't weather and it was a high scoring Thursday night game ever. And he points it was very entertaining. And me and bright order structural reform or 300 yards. And that they showed improvement so to the rams brands include copies a local guy right in Catholic preschool. You tell me errors. Tell players man immediate looks like the real deal and so. It was a fun game to watch you see two teams that are have to get better. And they look like they're getting better they look like they're getting better and I think John John Lynch. Because Shanahan you know I've mentioned this on the air reserved argument given that revolving door over there. In India and didn't choke points and play some continuity. And see if these guys can do testing done indestructible overnight into overtime. It is a year two or three whatever it is can do trying to to implement their systems and dressed accordingly. And so I think they're on the right track it's gonna be can missiles are okay. That's okay they'll draft will give them and they'll do this thing back up. Coach great stuff as always we appreciate it enjoyed Monday Night Football totti as soon be well thank. You guys talked you next time that. Steve marry you see from the NFL network former niner former cal bear coach she and I I just want to say thank you John because you did he was he was such a class act and he's good on TV these sadness and and that you know I. She comes off as a great guy and it's real pain you know some guys Hamas is great guidance scenario and unknown there on the afternoon. There's this guy really is salt here are some really good people. You know I'll save it about Egypt is I knew I was guys I I was gonna ask him that and nobody wants to get into that in niner fans booed oh okay yeah okay. They could be to a one. Well. That's great their own three. I'm asking you as a Dallas Cowboys fan. When your team tanked. Could they draft Troy Aikman that work out. Three Super Bowl later worked out real well works out okay and do more that season real quick. I know did Troy was the key air it. And older cowboys fan Toby you know we keep losing because I was like we're always forum like this is tough and narrows factor because. Steeply lower Steve wal she now Miami with the supplemental track yeah he's got. And he goes if they lose out the number one pick it meets Troy Aikman and I was all only in gas one at fifteen we Detroit. I know and whenever I do this kind of stuff and does there exist. Let's think about it. This is that this year's football seasons go pretty fast and the reason why they go pretty fast is because we have the holidays. Now for you all love Halloween. The lawyers will start. I'll get back in this but I'm gonna ask you question that I know you're gonna say I agree with yields means a lot of losing. But if they're to be like Troy Aikman there. Sand are roller or or the Rosen one could be huge. We have James cows are. Raider I can't wait to ask. And what the hell happened last night DC. Not so I don't. It is so good have a Lincoln Kennedy on the broadcast on the sidelines like that he's just it's it's match 'cause he knows what he's doing. He lit ditty placed. He's given its we will brawl and he's a collared guy so it's it's genius it's too collar guys want in the Booth the Super Bowl champion head coach Weis. And guy on the sidelines a lot of great right tackles and raiders history and as you said sees the game. And it's not it's not a sideline guy he is he's got an open Mike and Todd whenever he wants and he criticized due to county now and not first did tedious it's from the hole are like he's earned that right to tell you what he's soft in booted do what I don't see deadline while. If you know now you now yes. And the way he can see it's and in a very quick time. Talked about it educate us and let every day you know can as. Educate you I think you see everything but once again. I never play opposite line right so and and we as football fans traditionally weak. So quarterback gets the all our eyes while the quarterback quarterback throws the ball and our eyes follow where the ball goes. Wide receiver where all you get the ball to the right back to involve the running back. To where a guy like cam. Doesn't always just fall the ball he's watching offense defense and why is he seeing that kind of stabbed to where that's why a lot of sense to go back and watch the all 42 film. And then you see it better to Wear him in that instance in my eyes trained guy. He sees the app. Times you not. Noticed the offense a law unless they screw up. 75%. Of the town drag you may not notice some and so onion you don't notice them that's a great thing. You know you noticed a last night because Derek Carr can't go on down sacked four times that's I think the strengths. They don't turn the ball over quarterback doesn't get sacked all the stuff they were good. Would act they didn't do yesterday. They or didn't breaks that's what made it more than you know just got more out outrage grew because they were getting the fumbles. County delight if we get a 70 we're back. May get three they got the first 70 I said Derek are here we come I says said. If that there's employ we're also your momentum changes in my get the raiders win this game this'll be the most stolen game of all time. I read for that last Friday 171 total yards. 71. It was likely the stat sheet look like a bad high school game one catch for crabbing coop apiece wind could let look coop. Hello. Lucy is hit him in the said no Cooper hit him in the face mask where's he been has he shown up I don't know in 2017. So the question before you get we have James cows are kept. Last night there's a question I need to ask you James cows are brought to you by Geico fifteen minutes can save you 15% more on car insurance visit us like I could I can't recall. 180947. Auto also by driven by premier Nissan of San Jose we make it easy on line. At premier Nissan dot com James Gallagher joins us here on the football are 95 point seven a game Chris Townsend Darryl would do root Johnson James great to talk to you again. Where Dylan good and I don't know what that sly look it was like three guys coming home but I don't think you guys were really disappointed the way that game went on Sunday Night Football in our nation's capital. So frustrating you know like I ultimately did not wait a minute hold it back. There for a reporting good morning it well it got to do what you Ludwick that. James you know they always talk about okay that game was a speaker didn't go the way you guys want they were not gonna watch film. Are you atop the guy that wants to watch that film or is this just one you forget. The color of it Genco board without learning from what you do is look at the bit that statement edited out. Pledge that at our plan as embarrassing but did you have bought it. What was weird about it is obviously it's going to be different for you is employer knew you had a good game but. The team just didn't look right you guys were never in rhythm he didn't look like yourselves. Why do you think the team was just so awesome this game which is a big game Sunday Night Football. I think that's what we really need to figure out what it come about what did this what did we do this game that was pepper club yet fight at the for the whole game Baghdad. Did its part the sabres first puck got to give credit the red did they came out this great game whether they violated the Godzilla. But it received a really big deeper look at what we did wrong and how we get it will look forward. James take us through what they lied for you to do your job on those two plays where you refer you were recovered the fumble you see it on the ground. You don't wanna get too excited. But I mean to me that's a skill to be overdid down near come up with the ball and you did it twice like twice last night take us through that thought process. Drain the I think but they have a pot. In my head I cast a wide open and out they get others doubt that the last segment our governor Janet bet the ball park. Try to jump on it put out got a call last thing it does out of our the second one Torre made a heck of it sled abolish kind of bowed to decide what kind of the show and I got was that kind of happy that I can help let geno called it but can it excited about the best part. Talk about your teammates James Hauser joins us here on 95 point seven a game. Tell us what it was like you guys were talking about an anthem protest about everybody staying in the locker room obviously with the way to kick off in the coin flip was gonna go it couldn't have been just take us during the discussions. And what was going on there in the raiders' locker room. It up. Out of it think what we're talking about how can we eat how we sort doing as a team. As a unit together it felt like the big thing out of this so that. No matter what we did in this in this game in life we're gonna do it together I think about that you understand. What that. No matter what. We can't we can be upset about things. We can it not happy about wasting your we can expect that we can express it in unity every expression to get a clue at how. Things are gonna change it up but that makes sense. Now it does. When you see a guy like a little mad perform. I mean do you do you sit there with a middle notepad like man this guy's one of the you know the greatest going in the game how are you learn from a guy like Lil master. It's funny actually had an eagle archer we are talking of credit that date could then he got started getting some some reps there too. And he says he certainly has doubled the best part about the position so well that not expect him to say like oh you can be good play actually total reckless. It says we're learning from the best for the business. And that's really true like it's incredible just watching him day in and day out what he does and he could pick up on these little things you know. Recalculate how did you notice what that guy instead attack it head on a luck played. You're laying a little or a public I'm a very similarly toward would come out Soledad that like all I can little intricacies or lucky to have that person might get a lot of us. I don't know how you officiating MIT it seems like she's held on every single play like. There can be a flag coming out I got it's got to be very tough for rafters you've got to really that he's being held on every play says what lady actually throw the flag vs the place you now. I think a better picture but he got help yesterday this reaction have you looked so funny. Just got into an audit into play like Def and happen. But exactly what happened about Abu right and every place he did double came to get held in fact against. The jet black police cute people had a very bad they are all would have but it didn't matter. And Roger Calero and that got like people have to do whatever they can and hopefully the rescue began quite. I ask you one more about talking about the protesters there were people I also do the pre and post game show we've had beyond a few times always great to have you on and and you know last night there are people were wondering did all this talk about pro testing in putting energy into it did affect the team's play on the field I just want you to address that so. When it when when raider fans call us up and ask we have the answer. I'd I personally don't think so. You know I mean. We live our life with the spotlight with different people actually get. Million different question her opinion about everything. Initiative a little bit energy but that was kind of a big thing that we talked about what we talked about. It was what are we gonna do. What the side now so that we can focus propagated it are being let we have about our ballclub that no matter what happens the game of the most important simply got to give credit. So the Redskins for what they did then. You know we had the work or go but I don't think it was a distraction like that. Now the schedule doesn't get any easier you got the division rival Broncos coming up this Sunday but I I think it may be a good thing. Did you guys get the chance to go won your division foes to get rid of this bitter taste in your mouth. Oh yeah I I agree could get the comeback a little more familiar territory donated the other you're gonna be high. We we know the Broncos or do we know we have the very game and we know we had a parallel because. No one likes to hit in the mouth like we did yesterday. Thrilled it's gonna be good at the game gonna need a lot older had to get ready go on our football player bar. Al lessor talking about don't get a victory in Denver BM three and one James always appreciate the time be well and have a good game on Sunday. I. Like what he had to say it when you learn from masks can does that stand field and I'm telling you right now. They're probably all just like him gone left the hell happened. As you can happen DP in sleep on the flight so maybe some guys did so like you fly all night long. And and you know you're gonna feel like crap today she played football game and slumped. So today's going to be kind of and not stand with his car and they you're gonna don't of the silly you're gonna watch this film and I wonder if they're gonna look at it the way we did go on. Who are these were our raiders. There's the greater. I kept waiting for me comes out the Al's gonna take you like you they cubs from home left a fumbled a play here they go. They just didn't happen and that's in the third and eighteen that's an Oz like he can turn the attorney general on this and pops. They coming back tonight. I started moving around the bar like Jordan our response is like this is gonna turn something around finally a mad man there oh for eleven on third down and I don't care where I got asked that it doesn't matter where I go. By the way. If you're on Golden State warrior. And you checked your Twitter account. On Saturday. You had to be thinking there's no way this is real no way. It still continues. One bloody fight for. These are not ordinary time. Probably the most divisive talk. President made it really really difficult. For us to honor that institution our differences I think in terms of our team and our organizations. Values are so dramatically different. I'm talking in terms of inclusion and civil discourse dignity. And it's hard for us every day you're seeing the things he's saying I thought yesterday. His comments about the NFL players was as bad as anything here. To this point it's awfully tired about. Young men who are peacefully protesting police brutality. Races. Racial inequality. Peacefully protest all Marc Savard and he's been very difficult for. To have to. Reconcile. One that man speaks. You listen to. Like he had fun but what about his background well I listen to me. We can talk about I mean players win games no question about it. But the leadership. That this franchise hats. Is just incredible. And with your head coach would your GM would your ownership and when you hear a guy like that. Now the low thing. That I would say if I had a vote and it. And we'll get more random Monday Night Football in your Dallas Cowboys Charlie Cassel he's gonna join us come out at the top of the hour. And you know things are starting to mount a Dallas it looks like in Arizona and I we might see Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones said no one. And ever it's like there's two scoreboards the game yeah and what we're gonna see. Players are gonna kneel or did Jerry tell him not to do it and I just hate what what can I knew I mean I can't even imagine. Easier on your Twitter account and your MBA player. And the present the United States. Wooten the leader of the free world. Is tweeting about you going to the White House and rescinding the invitation. That's candidate is this real. Is really begun I think undermine eighth grade or is this real. This can't be happening. I think I was thinking about this. Study history books. Only now looks really morally healthy do you remember light look weird kids and you read about presidents and read about different times in red and you know you certainly don't trust that he's you know whether exactly whether it was world war on the World War II Vietnam War Korea and other than that. Is this that this guy in this is that this is gonna be history well let's hope they leave this out. Well now we got to the elite everything and similar wording of the book yet but anyway I get where you're doing it is said the president is tweeting about step curry. You did earlier Don this is like a Saturday Night Live skit I don't care where you are politically there's no way they did say. However you feel of your big Trout Packard like. Dude there's bigger problems in this country there's way bigger problems and your tweet about the warriors and staff current why. When I walked in the media day. I'm thinking OK they're gonna be talking about you know up to the podium. The repeat back to back. And it was all trump. And I understand why but he just was a reminder like. This dude is. He's in people's DMZ these patent staff curry and the Golden State Warriors got to go back and forth touting if everybody had that was asked about it. Not only Kirk curry Bob Myers. Drain on. The scarlet key hijack media day to a degree. Almost as he had planned it out that way he makes everything about himself King and I think Justine say that he knows exactly what he's doing but what does that do for him. I don't know I'm not enact camp under stallion he makes everything about himself look at that's all we're talking about. When's the last time and in our lifetimes and talked about the president like tests. This much. I mean it's everywhere it's every day you talked about the president was like now I've got but he was right but the president. Yeah you eat out what the guy even if you didn't vote for the good for you suspected the president death. And we're excited about this got it's it's just consumed he wants everything he wants to consume everything and it's. Unfortunately it's working. And for me you may think I'm wrong I may be wrong. But to say you know a lot now obviously he's rescinded the invite which is just childish and you knew was I even said it was counted but. I still say you should go. You shouldn't go because you know what you should. If you what you believe in you should take to the White House whether he wants to listen or not. You should Dolan and say we are here in this a warrior 'cause we won a title. But were here because we want to talk Dee long and this is what we want to talk to you about. Is did you imagine he'll have a chance to make a statement because when you go there you take a picture with him. All the press comes out of the cameras and they wanna take pictures of you wanna make some type the statement. With what you're wearing looks like you wanted to do you can go there and make a statement whether he likes it or not. Not. In the verbiage used to you know that SOB's fascists and that's when I was just like but this is one state he got so upset that the lawyers or contemplate now going into it Tom Brady didn't go. It was not a big deal nor did Conde called out. Or do I as a moral question on why that happened but yet Tom Brady didn't go on the visit there was no big deal so why was he so hurt to deploy is worth thinking about. Possibly now go. There were taken too long he knows once the fight he wants to fight but you want it would team her TV. Now he wants and well now he's in there there's Captain America and their friends okay yeah yeah please of a life quarterback has won five Super Bowls. Say let. Maybe you'll even be better. I know look at the schedule in the warriors had to DC October is in October. That's a long time. I want the whole traveling party to get out in front outside the gate dollar write down street and I'll take a picture of the White House in the background. May make statement. Just don't take your ball and go home and make a statement in this is what you truly believed like you said earlier which kind of shocks people. LA it is one thing day were all arm in arm. You and I are armor or armed today there were brought posted on to order to get ready for the show up. But the minute you walk out and really lock out is when the difference happens. When you stand out and say you know we're not catch and once you reach out about the stuff there's people on and on on different sides and rightfully so let you know when you stand up on lockdown say they get the show's not gonna dawn. That's what everybody is truly going to be a fact. And Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker I am one of the great movies ever money talks. And if these athletes are ready to walk away from game checks and money. In your life you're in it to win it but until then. This they do it for me when I got my remote I'm on the couch my adult beverage. Just like. The militants expired it is is it okay it's it's come to a crossroad is done. It's not changing anything. To you. The players decide. We may not go to that. Penske auto sales dot com tax line. This is from the for a late everyone said that this is your chance for a team to talk to the president about politics. And championship teams get their shot to go meet with them and speak with them. So that's why. First Steve Kerr I'd like Steve hurting don't talk to one I never thought about that until the day I would like staff curry. I would like whoever. Has there I don't wanna go and this is why I don't want adult that's why you should go and go tell this man. Because I've always been under the belief yes he's the president I states but he does work for us the people. That's what Jim Brown says he was did Mitt and his dancing and people were born imam. NEC and I spoke for their people to share what the president what was really going on now how true that is I don't know. But it was almost like only I'd buddy worked in politics he worked and he were as they call the hill worked in DC for years. He said domains a long time recently he has always remembered the United States government. Is always going to be bigger than the president the government is bigger than president. So Simon the president on eight but the government. Is always bigger and and there was an article. Yes today. I believe it was the New York Times to where they felt like. The government are people we're gaining so much momentum with these protest in and how to the left this guy is being. If he can possibly be relieved or impeached and that's novels like just stock you're wasting eat now that's not going to happen. How about this. The owner is talent everybody you better not protest. The players are on we want to protest. What do you do if you ordered GM.