Greg Papa Show - Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, September 13th

Greg Papa and Bonta Hill are joined by Rich Gannon (former NFL QB and CBS Sports Broadcaster) and Jeff Garcia (Former 49er Quarterback) for The Football Hour!


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All our. Inside PXs and o.s of the gridiron. By liver. Had Derek carry it off to a quick start of the tough rhetoric and lastly get a goal earlier where there early games well an onside kick I backed by art either Reagan recovery take over the field more plays later. Here in the end zone and a quick snap to get to the four articles on a cover three and a touchdown do set Roberts let's bring in a rich gate and the raider great it was announced yesterday. As a policy final national John is that once a week and yet in line with pop and not take. Here in 95 point seven games or Richard you watch the raider game back tell me what you saw from from Derek are the raider offense on Sunday in Nashville. Well you meant in the armed Arctic struck evenly you know and yet they expect the unexpected. Like my art but I do. A quick note that the argument that you don't eat it all together. You know it yeah and the ball near car. Greater offense. Around that the other that he was not what our game and little problem that you don't have you'd look at the bill would create a public guardian. You know that there's eleven guys that are probably going to be our moderator look at how credible are what is our. You mention the past our order can disturb. But what you pick up where in the off season ago before the injury in individually people are aerial without regard for. At the lake injuries and industry LDO Robert. Looks like Mario can be defined but I think equally interval on the role weeklong they're actually you know how to cook up. Senate seat he could be a much prove you're a year ago. That could he would start he. What do you see in from a of Ari Cooper rich because obviously the great feat this is right in the NFL maybe the most polished young route runner accompany NFL after playing for lay Lane Kiffin and in a pro style offense and Alabama. But you know sometimes he gets physically handled the line of scrimmage he looks noticeably bigger and stronger. They target them a lot on Sunday didn't always work there was those three in a row. But they try to get them on the two yard line but he was able to spit out of a tackle by Tory Jackson has something. We have not seen from a Margaret that's the first red zone touchdown he is scored since late in his rookie season. Early part of it is bigger. Crabtree over there that are excellent and the leaping ability to interpret. The pork in the copper could you quarterbacks have but. You do you're right I think Cooper looks stronger than that. Purple a couple of things about that a lot of the hour to meet with debate and one point ball down the left hand. And then there's the driver. And that the drug regarded in the government incredible play into the upper lab it went down there could finish at all. I think received more that this year I just I think you have a concrete way you'll meet peak at Albert all of you know we don't think about have the script would take about you know played one Iran not become currency critical situation you're better optic about players. The pulled the platelet how can I get who put the ball on him because he's got the big picture something special but the same time. We've got another guy over there that. Is unique as well crapshoot really get that jump ball. What what did you think what they got a first and goal to go on to rich they went Ford at fort out of picked it up with peace on Marshawn Lynch. In that run the ball again they went Mari the slain inside evolving even though time behind him and get a chance out of the truck that they want to fade route Adori broken up than the the bus to play where it got tipped in the back of the end zone what would you have liked to have seen one run to beast mode where you'll take on three straight times to Mario on the goal line. You know. I don't know you'd do it. Whitbeck rock I would short. Him. So now so law that was a lot of what. You would have got that you're not got mark oddly that's really where he's. But yet that we can't get out of it we geared up for glass that Crockett. Younger fullbacks are the you clearly you could be cricket idol older Marc surely in this opted in could be it would lead by Kerry are back. Because the older though and how will they are quarterback sugar and dynamic there that game. But I. Unity finisher and talk about or and talk about. Could cupped the running because. Are illegal market to a good crack your your your question. A report you'll be out there and get excited about. Current stop mark. Five yard line. You know reached this offense they bring in Jericho debris game Cordero Paterson and we saw a little bit of both early on Jerry Cooke he got established earlier I think it's going to be your. He's gonna bring the very very different element to the softened to make you more dynamic and Cordero Paterson I mean you line them up in the backfield decorous and jets lead slip on May be some receiver screens. Miss offense even though they only scored 26 points to sky's the limit for these guys I'm expected a big explosion this week gets a gesture it's. You should because what I did get last week against yet see them there. Ebitda for the program typical comic ball but you don't look Jared Cook it for Cubans from. Versatility can move him around in the number two spot and productive intensity with rams. They liked him lingering bad note that her back our Mike McCarthy about him. And when you look at you know Paterson and I think the big question with him in the in the challenge that they had been so that was. You know getting on the field and and just make sure he knew what to do it how to do it all the each person pressed and and golden. Or the right thing is no question he's. Altered outlook or turner tried that. Finally in the ball great future epic return we know that. But he's he's he's. For whatever reason he's in year four still galloping. As a wide receiver. Chris Cheney in 2002 NFL most valuable player four time pro bowler with the raiders MVP of the probe calling anyway is as recently as. Hall of fame finalist will join us so once a week Wednesday and the after the light turned the football our Jeff Garcia looked on as of 130. And with profit bonds and 95 point seven a game we elites are open talking about Jerry getting off to a quick start. What did you think overall of Garrick 22 with 32 for 262 the two touchdowns the wonder Lamar that Wanda. Sets Roberts from the quickstep to did make a mistake in the game no turnovers what did you see from our for an opening day rich. Well it clear that the typical on the road and not turn Ballmer. Think he's he he's becoming a more. Accomplished player deposition I think the anticipation. And you could get better overall command of optics simple line of scrimmage change and protections. Employees and things like. I think communication with with him in the receivers. You know I just. And and I think that leadership and no talking to people open your English first year you you know. Crowing that Orton clearly he's more vocal than he's been in the past and I think critical ownership Bobbitt. You've got obviously the change at coordinator and a intraday. You know I think you see guys that Israeli control you know he knows how to play the position he gets the ball out quick notes were crickets are rules are. And you know that the thing which is interesting to me was when he came out of for those great for whatever reasons that people want her to a brother remember the one being that. The people kept a lot of guilt kept going back to the game against USC should well he got to that shouldn't matter. Questions got happy feet out never seen that you know going back to those first years ago at one and they're taking yet. Could deliver the ball on the field I think we saw more of that. The protection at the optimal are pretty sound to the cart. You know reach early in the game tied downing I don't had a tremendous first game as a player designer play callers and offensive coordinator in the NFL the early in the game. That they reminded me a lot of the year 2002 raiders and you led the league in passing and you were you know the MVP. Where was a lot of you in the gun and you know you have to the backfield NASA much empty back then but. Just you know they would have to the back field a lot they were trying to you know well a lot of teams have an automatic blitz to an empty they would be able to pick up a dip of those blitzes better. And they went to a lot of empty a lot of dare. And at a later and they got the lead especially the fourth quarter reminded me of the 2000 raiders when you guys led the league in rushing. You know Chile that the league in passing in 2000 led the league in rushing. So do do they have to have a a true offensive identity. Our candidate vary it by series were some series it shotgun and let's go check it may enter or exit a fling it around. And it later we're gonna put him under center and give a beast mode. I think they go fast as they wanna play you know IP or they can jump all huddled in the emptied it could be on a week ago. And all those years that. And bring in mark on the plane accident and what our game and do the things that anyone who I think. If you'll look in the creative idea that it can curb our. I think you're important per gallon march sellers and know his goal is to keep more on my country colder than our current there in the fourth quarter got to be able finally. Get uncle at duke opera. Didn't let a couple of big east really. Not going to be the leader of the against the the light coming up on silent neutral about they're required to bring about. He's out here that not to use you know he's not in my opinion you not going to be. The it would productive guy but at this point partner I think march on it all the corporate. But I think he's they'll meet can get it. It is a little bit and I think he's going to be incredible tradition they have got hypocrite sure a lot either commander with the lead police have raised a lot lead here. You'll late game where a guy like command. And that's really been talking all the. Raiders Erica have a split personality and they don't go on under conflicts around the criminals are in cook the thing you know they're one of the best offensive lines in football. And now we have a report from the the rap sheet in Rappaport is senate tweet the raiders and Donald Payne. Are closing in and I two year extension. As sources saying it should be done this week so that that they know I should he already got the most expensive interior three in the history of football game Jackson. Rodney Hudson Annika let's Yosemite rich two tie up the veteran left tackle Donald ten for two more years after this year. It. L went about doing you know or will go out on their content could he could probably at that point portal her. Or you know on demand sort and group slaughter and you know where are where at all and clearly these are required by oh. And then there aren't got the quarterback now would protect the third built up a mile epic like eject. You make. Movement tree or rock and Britain. Family. A year ago. An annual around the country the group Cooper crabbing you know look at how. Britain is real different a quarterback at all arc with the trigger because. You know that your. It all month there are talking about franchise type quarterback young guys that can play another dozen years easily. Take great you're so. Many eager to their second boxes that they wouldn't talk about their car. I just. Great appreciation for what to that organization. Maybe he'll do what you did few years ago actually decade and a half ago notably the raiders to. Even while I was away at meet yeah guys well he's put up big numbers and discredited and I'll start with the ease. You are sold operation right. Am rich kid joining us from us CBS sports and certainly you know as a raider royalty here in the afternoon to let it pop and bunting and had a five point seven again imagine you're Orchard Park last week you and Kevin Harlan for the called the the jets and the Buffalo Bills and it. In the raiders do one of the best offensive lies to me the real a strength vs strength matchup is the raider line against the jet. Defense of lines let lettered Williams Mo will appreciate it they bring in coney. And the jets are not a great football team but I have to say. That that that front that they can whether it's at 34 fraud or are they go to the nickel they rushed for that's the strength of their football teams are not rich. It is and you know Dexter played pretty well all things considered in the the score 76 to have that the cup but let shop court speak out the backdoor couple times. Disappointing day in and that they you know under nine yards a crowd booed quarterback to run around. End so they did run defense was the height of its work is cute but overall a pretty good there. I would critical part the third but the good defense that got to beyoncé. Really crept Jabbar on the market maker players they went out got more Claiborne. To book I don't match up pretty well. Go Griswold will be able to move the ball courts comic which you could score I don't think one little. Gain Kariya scored twenty or thirty point beat the jets the jets will struggle and wait that's not because quarterback jot account. Well former raider wasn't the issue on Sunday Orchard Park yeah issue that they have right now. Because on the ball for Powell. And then they have no they have no burger people into the tight end situation. Awful and receiving corps is great purse helped some point he just came aboard ten days ago whatever they decide actor currently wavered. And it got to do rookie record reporter that's really more than anything what's really hurt projector. And shift early plays in this game to get curse and curly rowdy Anderson looks like decent young prospect with some vertical speed I an eagle does the jets pre season games will join us at 2 o'clock in the afternoon tonight and again Jeff Garcia. Coming up at 130 hour chatting with their Rich Gannon here and 95 point seven. The game the F and like with Papa and Dante I did watch back your broadcast integrate chat with Kevin and opening day in buffalo and you are lavishing your praise adjustments out I know Josh very well he was a raiders here. He's a good guy. You were talking about though his ability to throw the ball nowadays 38. Where he still likes it more in the middle of the field and he does rich you say outside outside the numbers on. Yeah you know we go oh that is amazing right so we get a league. Computer for now stats and you know sometimes there's more to the chip out in that stadium. The numbers are just count and it's amazing if you look at his completion percent outside the numbers throughout his career at 50%. Between that number that jumps up almost 67%. So he's been in the game against the bill neutral a lot in breaking can't. I think you'd like a little trot to orbit much controllable eat out at the numbers don't really have any bodies strict that you think Robbie Anderson. Has some of and vertical speed it. It is for whatever reason it was. I think you know you know yup recorders well anyplace architect or more votes and a nice job here. Amber you agree that import their income. I am different looks in the running game that are that are familiar to people who noble calls that. All I think really bored eat he was can you were convinced that he couldn't. Have the thirty year old. Quarterback hold the ball everything about quickening a quick shot quick throw quick decision. What an old are really not able strip appeal court's power now but a lot more that. I rhetoric they've got the tribe on the ball they can get for a block outgoing and running game that could go on paper which are now. Now rich you'll be following the Buffalo Bills to Charlotte when the bills take on the Panthers this Sunday and I was at the game Sunday and leave our state a must Panthers and nine are Cam Newton. I don't like what a soft Rome obviously he had limited reps and preach he's coming off that offseason. Surgery but what did you see out of Cannes Sunday I mean he was a little off in these hold the ball a bid that it did not like what I sought a Cam Newton on Sunday. I'm concerned and I think. You're couple things are rare medical career cup certainly critical monitor. Are there any recurrent or corrupted with control all weeks new YouTube ball in the currency divided we can look sharp I think part of it is that he would eat. So much crime in the gun. And can do that in the end immediately with your feet and coming get sloppy a lot of currency there and drove the he's not a position in the shoulder or back you Archie he. Now we need more nuclear development backward. Any yet lazy at times and really actually accuracy last year used completion percent as well the worst football. And you know they've they've they've got to get him call and I think the other thing is I mean it is easy. Public and open up a little bit because he can't take it I mean and I think there really. Changed the way they play let's all read in the things like that I think it would non-GAAP the character he's a good combination Stewart. But. Yeah our cameras got a you gotta get down to the more disciplined back there are. If you hear about Taylor rich and it was music of my years here throws off his back foot and different driving me nuts his entire career as I understand the arm program and but each is what why they never taught him. To transfer his weight onto his front foot everything Heathrow every throw it to warm ups when you watch your rich it's all off his back foot. Yeah you know we're talking about a you guys know six foot 5245. He's got. Be strong arm and he. He can just lick your Eagles seven yards without a lot of effort now you know that can occur as well I think sometimes they said. You know. The way he was brought up but the bulk of Africa and you know the comfort zone read and what harm economic improvement. A workable but on the sort of more getting court practically throw by throw it have been really get the ball to a good start. That it adds and changes as you know guys at wide receiver position Benjamin you know a lot quicker last year in the weight issue that he's still develop in the script consciences. Record your player. Dirtier players coming. And then you know immediately. Looks her tied it looks a critical point of the good extremely productive that. They. You know they've got they've got to get it cleaned up and in the cultures. Eat and got well. Known players are great. As the 2002. NFL MVP rich can't talk about the MVP just a couple of years ago Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers Beckett 2015 over calling the bills painters. Sunday for CVS and had just one final thought you were talking about Johnnie Morton I was I was thinking that you going in there with the production meeting with Kevin and I assume they brought the offensive coordinator we have. The idea how does that weird you know Johnny when he just a kid. Repeated Jared Bruton was a weird asking questions now is the offensive coordinator of the New York. Great to see I mean streak to see guys like daddy. He's earned equal time man. And you know obviously you worked as a in a keynote at greater appreciation of any opportunity to beard and an intern and then became that this is different people are competent. And coat the receivers and in one of the known Jim Harbaugh universe of San Diego and that is. You know US CNN news or in saint itself including the big importance in his career. Doc courts and concern grew and then. Our patent. And Jim Harbaugh I think he you know you're you see that some of their. The mannerisms and you know there. Terminology to challenge you know how excited guys use but the one thing he's set to be that really let me stick in my it'll could come directly. An adapter to be the opera coordinator. And then you you know you'd get a job projects in the quarterback situations that grace got quite ready to struggle Christian Achtenberg struggled. Thirty year old. It's a secret. I don't care. A quarterback or what it's pretty bottle. Of the I don't mind being talkative a couple of poker you got that mentality. You deliberately gruden and so operate like you don't really hear you. Immunity by uncle to my local local went to gain replica and it meant touted which they serve him well in that situation. It's his big break he's an offensive coordinators so you mentioned Jim Harbaugh real quickly before we let you go. What was it like people don't realize Jim Harbaugh as first job as a coach and you know I don't know that we it was your quarterback coach after John Wooden did Tampa and and they elevated bill Callahan interest and like Josie the Jim Harbaugh came and what was it like having Jim Harbaugh first job in the NFL riches your quarterback coach. To order because we came together. And equipment for epic theater worker here now like it. Record here conduct door to move their. I have great at great respect for because he came in and he did at the right way even just say I was you know great earnestly on disconnect. Give the hard part he keenly than did the dirty work he was there all report the morning Scripps together and turning out. You know post up the playbook and grind it away and watching tape and just. You know physically kill themselves than in learning. And critical rightly earned respect their ability that entire room that really require all even. He was great with the young quarterback as you look me at any illegally a little bit Bernie I'll have been an out I've been in the crystal ball but he was. You just knew who really early on. That this guy you know on his dad used in the business and Brothers that you know he's going to be a good football coach and it turned out. He's becoming. Excellent football coach. Like yourself could grind your story gets enough so well. Thank you my friend tell Ireland we say well safe travels to Charlotte, North Carolina we'll talk to next week. We're. Pictures which can't. And you forget about that right here dual quarterback coach yours and it had to be worked with out with what about dialogue. Low he wanted to have coached the raiders and he was the guy. He he in fact when he took the job of the niners. He told me absolutely marvelous imminent. And I in king's book though it Jack I don't think our bushel. And the reason being. And it ran stellar higher power command that he tips are most evident Tuesday and it was an in like Thursday's announcement coach of the niners. And he said I couldn't OC the old man. Because I was afraid it's alum now rules if I got a will. I couldn't tell it was kind of like steepeners they would notice Phil Jackson right right right I just so he used ago we hit show up. And I sure they ever spoke of mail he was grooming him. For years to the head coach of the raiders while who are. They at a lasted through my teacher if you back and said there's no way can work especially after he had his success at Stanford Larry there was no way on. I had an experience. Without the one season but that's pretty much it you know when they called me a couple weeks ago about the policy into it and do in the NBC. Sports Bay Area showed the pre and post game. I thought it was a great opportunity to get back to Alter especially being around forty niners come dock of the Bay Area. One on the weekend. Be around the game that I the united I'd love being around it. I've visited and is your chance you might look back in the door and talk about it and be around. You're naturally love working felt the indebtedness and fund certainly at one piece of advice for. One thing I know you look great having you said news very comfortable like camera. You know that little NBC sports Bay Area like five day slightly acres you're holding your hand. I don't right now it was outside the South Africa thank you grab your right the material because I've done that before ladle Sherlock and I do that a lot. And you look at wait a minute when I like where I read it to present it to the camera. It's going to be upside down C rather take another one behind it so its right side up or when you before you start writing. Make sure you're right it's when you presented to the camera it's Wright's daughters that are. Well the thing that I know it did and then an outlet needed using. The information that I've written on the court so then eventually I turned it over but you know he had initially I had an upside down don't want people to get it in ahead Stan. Wanna FF FFO. Now. While you're watching us I've done about the war on at a on network in I have to remembered that. Look at the back of the car white or try to not make sure it's the right way. If he gets very comfortable by taking your eyes pointed out to McGraw. I think the 49ers faithful all the blood was rushing to their hit watching the games so that it media actually watch US. Doing hand stands so. That we heard you talk about it it's gonna take patience you know I expected a little more right away from the office and it started five I love the screen huge check in the optimistic it'll. They may be lawyers industrialists are the press a little bit what what did you see from the whole the whole operation Kyle Shanahan called plays the run game. Boy here the receivers everything that you Sar to see in the opener yet. Or do you know. Big game of football about opportunities and take advantage of opportunities you look at first quarter. Broad and deep all the marquis could win. Markey called out wall and is there were goal five yard line he may even score on now one and maybe that create that excitement and momentum kick. There were two way. Kris snap penalties. You know alignment. Issued. It is just mistakes that. Need to be aren't out yet that the young team in between that morning and get government. They're a lot lower than call it that they have to. Bringing in in policy and. And it then it is an everyday work in progress and these guys that and it takes time but. I thought the balance in the first half. With getting called pride involved yet 47 Bjorkman for cap and all that that third quarter completely got to wait a minute. Completely got to wait one game partly because they were counted points but they want. Behind it or pat down I mean what lives could have got him right back in the game and I I think. This op then. Need to have that now and like the old Houston team you'll get McCain needed to watch what he achieved under the Shanahan family. Kubiak. They have thrived on that the old wine and even that running back and re weight cut and off of that. Some play action in the movement and that is so important with the forty niner team because of the lack of rain on the top of the line. When they have to rely on the past and just dropped straight back. And that the line at the pin their ears back and you're coming out that chapter in that certain that a point every single down. That doesn't bode well that can go 49 or opt in and drop collider is not strong that handled that. Right now they have improved. Tremendously up but a lot of help and well come from the running backs in picking up linebacker picking up litter picking up. 3-D linemen that bear job it will hurt protections you now think it is very good job of that out Sunday. Jeff you're right on the money they are talking interior lineman for the 49ers Fusco insane deals are about to play very yearn for a Indian held Brian Hoyer out Brian Hoyer he threw an early pass a deep pass work he's good win. India may be should have been a yard or two from a good one but it human hands the wind doesn't make the play. Ford cars and opining. And and it just seemed like Brian Hoyer as he started to get hit as a starter or more in completions it does seem like he lost his confidence and I came Sunday Jeff. Yeah I think he. Got. I believe he held off the ball a little bit too long. I've been there he definitely got out of rhythm I think his tempo. In the pocket can be better knowing what he's working with it from the standpoint of our apply Brian Hoyer and athletic enough quarterback. At a you have to push the pocket or create time and they can sell a bit up in the lanes. Do certain things like that where you're not. Sitting duck back there I think he's grown up in the stomach watching Tom Brady out Tom Brady played the line the different quarterback. Brian how athletic ability to be able to move a little bit more utilized that at this story for himself in not. Not be relying on getting to that third fourth receiver because he's talking about kind iPod came off route. A little early he'd hit a couple of road that should ban. Easy completions he may not vote as well I mean he may not go to Europe are on boats stopped well now I'd rather have read coverage and again I think that going into the season. The expectations were not yet very high from the standpoint of what fans should expect a bit that the rebuilding. Pocket right now and it's a work in progress I thought from defense standpoint they did some good things defensively really kept them in the football game. It didn't happen yup that it could never put together. It is the football hourly visiting the rich get an earlier four time pro bowler and likewise of ports are pro bowler Jeff Garcia made three of us for approvals. With the niners were to play with a number change to a head yet last week or break it down to Houston Texans are you mentioned it. They're the great running game and how we don't shop was going there in Foster college is all married so beautifully you could not tell if it was an outside. Zone runner of the quarterback was gonna keep it and run the boot game. You know sometimes. Jeff over to see this play a lot. With the niners and when it's when it's executed properly it's beautiful fishing appetite and dragon underneath the quarterback keeps that you run the boot. In a couple of tight and drag said the flat you know with you which innings he pitched there and get into the receiver at a different level on the same side you're rolling to. But what it does it work. It just looks like the play is called too often where either the backside end is not block the quarterback. Keeps it any terms of the backside is right his face and Heidi get it over there or you know the play before the fourth and forward Kyle went forward. That third in four or Kurt Coleman read that play reads they dragged its site in cattle and he got there. And I don't know what it was that tipped into itself. You know it's it's a great play and it's a staple the offense but do you sometimes worry that they run at play. And maybe that just as soft as they see it's so much in football they run that action just so much yet. Yeah and again this is dependent upon a strong running game and didn't build the old line. Really move it along the line of scrimmage in creating that. That you would apple be that it is a lot and you can't exercise the Blu-ray if you're not happened except. And what they've got to wait in the second half you're not gonna letting people running boot because you know you're down you know you're trying to create. Opportunities outside the pocket because it failed in the pocket. And so trying to make yet saying yet what informed that the hand I will say this though is that. One drive down inside the red bell when they got close to scorn. They did wanna lose your power line got outside of the right. And the outlook covered up and that's where you need to get out over here with another opera I think for camp put on the great. You were potentially in the end though I thought they would pay per game and it utilizes athletic ability his mobility but and continuing outside on the line he had gotten back in line of the end zone he's got to make rogue app it give him a chance that. And make a play on you over to a it was incomplete happened and they can dock with the screen. A player who later. Obviously in a work out the way it is hoped it would work by. You know the order thing again Kyle will continue to oddly himself as a as a play caller at the leader of that team. And I'm gonna continue to. Evaluate themselves and continue to grow. There are out yet another cut out this week. In Seattle there. Very hot on arm and great deep principle. We're gonna talk to Jeff Garcia on the other side and more about that Seattle and San Francisco game coming up this Sunday at century leak. Feel this is a footballer when Jeff Garcia it's Papa Bonser and her five point seven again. The Greg Copley she'll continue us. On 95 point seven game. On candidate. Kyra. That you he would beat you haven't heard divisions between let Alex got a lot in. He asked a lot of questions more than most. Guys do in Cleveland a lot of depth so he does know he does know kind of how we think they'll whether that. Becoming part of what they're doing I don't know but I but I do know that we talked laden and but it means that by the same token go to Marseille until America and you do so minute that is part of what happens. But I never did think John would be opposing doesn't mean you know divisions in this Primakov really fired up Ormond and he'll do great job. And that's Pete Carroll what we're talking about earlier that the Bay Area media conference call. John Lynch as a broadcaster with fox would go on as Seattle and now on the road and it'll have a different vision he has more in depth questions that. Just the usual game analyst at music creating and talent you know he got in the specific things about how they think about things so this rivalry. It's taken out of new chapter removed from JR against Pete Carroll and now it is it's John Lynch and and that Kyle Shanahan against Pete Carroll this ferocious defense Regina the football power buy it Jeff Garcia. He's getting ready to be a part of the pregame liven post game live on Sunday and NBC sports they hear you would take Feldman in net. Dennis sporadic rejoins chanting at Atlanta with but about to hear and at a five point seven games so what do you think it coach Carroll's comments about the intelligence which may have gleaned that. In just the overall matchup against a really tremendous defensive football. Old port comments is concerned and the guy. The alternate. Preparation and all that crow I mean exactly became for a long time. He wasn't successful because he was mortality their radio he studied the game. He really got and being on that side and was able to apply. The talent that he had. In order to be successful and create success and had a whole career and now as that I'd want from the broadcast news to the GM. Bu I mean not in debt. Of course when you would've brought chapter that the last thing you wanna do it bare all on of millions of people watching. You might not being knowledgeable not not been on top of. Get your your keys and uses part which you have to prepare war and the people that are on the field and those guys pitcher. That your your comment. About and so I can only imagine how well. He's prepared coming question you have to sort of heat but the concern. They have that. Great defense for a number of years now it'll change really who they are many of the game personnel within that within that he's dead but yet. He doesn't change I mean you're gonna. The last war they're gonna drop their own. You know exactly where they're going there and make it extremely difficult argue that the quarterback especially playing in Seattle with all of that weight. Can be extremely difficult and stamp wanna just lighting up in it. Play off and get everybody off mean time between not going to be extremely important crack it's we too much of that is. Possible. But what if you look on the defense about the that they have linebacker is that well how athletic they are and how they cover ground. They used it to great job now Green Bay. Really. During nine minute that game they did a great job of converting first down when you look at what. 49ers slowed last week being two of eleven. On third down and then Gordon won a war on board now. Great invaded how to problem against Seattle kind of sixteen on third down about how important continuing drive to your defense off the field. Getting their rap. Didn't your. Delta can't record opportunities by. The third down conversion and and they took advantage of it you know and idea of public control that even though. Rocker would go without the pressure. Throughout that game without wartime. That you're talking about one of the bat. To play the game and he's gonna find his way. It succeeded. The top game with Seattle but now come back home playing in their. Their home field accurately and and gore to get support our team orders analogue probably. Established in and and maybe want that. Did come bar once again. It's going to be a challenge for the forty not to go in there and try to by the way except. And that they go way to be successful give Seattle they're gonna have decreased interpret turnovers on defense Jeff and we saw Green Day. You know we'll take to forty niners just based on potential their defensive line over green days but I didn't see the 49ers defensive line last week apply much pressure became knew who really struggle that day and leave our stadium. They've got to make Russell Wilson run around a bit and try to throw some things up Kenneth supporting amnesty for the blind step up and play up to her potential can truly a flawed offensive line the Seahawks. I agreed to do that is one area of concern of course you know there off the line. And and outlook on the net that possible experience last week without being under. Continue to rest and not have gained. Would like to have especially cardinal even but you're right I don't think according daughters I thought 49ers defensively did it well against the one game. But in apply the pressure that they need apply on camp and like you said now what the law. What in the spotlight he like he's capable committee. Look of them. Through many air. Pat The Bat that could've really hurt the niners in a bigger way about something that need to improve especially when you're rotating. 56 maybe seven guys that line got to create pressure. And that they have the other person with a vehicle with Isner expletive buy CDs or or linebackers get more involved in the pressure. They're gonna happen I'll wait it out because they can't continue to get back. And and allow teens to. Find openings there were plenty of like that it plenty of opportunities last week. Care of it wasn't short enough. Guys that wanna open and a guy like what will then it even that time. He's gonna make view on the opportunity to even take advantage of there this year. Area that capture and and he's got great ability as well and so that's going to be important for that he'd lied to really. Contained in the cage in the hand and pour him out of rural public in the pot. And they're going to be fired up after losing the season opener they're gonna come home. And you know have a twelve behind him. You've played a lot of loud stadium this has got to be one of the loud it's outdoor stadiums in there along whether they're in Kansas City and its entry blank. How does it change the way the offense is forced to function you have to go to was silent count. He got tired you know tepid shatters on the but do you don't get that that he cadence down. How high do you communicate you know audible to the line aegis not due dad just snap that what how how does the offense function in such a allow road venue like this place yet. One experience spot then rule. Would definitely tried not to change. As much is as much of who they are yet they're gonna happen that would help but they're still live there is at the camp signaled out side. And relaying that to cross the line of scrimmage to the opposite allied to going back for a. Whether the protection change or running game changed. Though kaine well you know whether. Francisco is in position to do data in hand with what year because that is experience. But you got an experience. Elsewhere in you crack it. You practice against crowd noise. All week long. But it still a disadvantage agency that line and look at all no matter what they're not paid much attention you located they are. Looking at a ball that they did it jump start which they probably will. Because of the now and not every op at someone and be able looked at all in all the look at that the tender crops were meant. It aptly advantage for the about the. But that organized is gonna have to work through it and an iron out because. Even without crowd or last week. They had in many pre snap penalties they activity in the state park is now whether it would alignment or ball or whatever the problem once and going into this type of arm and it's not the situation. You can't conceded. You're you're now received a self worth by having the steak at a pretty you view it in Egypt situation and you can't. You can't beat in second or third law or laws need to cut those York knicks down. Like chocolate way re org or that it you put yourself in position to convert bird count. Going to be challenged. Nationale a lot of there's just on eleven that lost the last six minutes there including the NFC title game and what interchange after seeing it thank you so much for your time is always on the football our members to get the card and the right place at country yeah. The studio Sunday you'll have to use those cards in the QVC. So regularly to make Jeff don't listen to pop out I asked you earlier to the editor they haven't given Emeka an analyst with. They'd put them and that's quietly I find some way to get the security inaugural blowtorch and you can't make. It. Looked at me. Thank you Greta Mottaki next weekend silence and you've got guys they just. Jeff scarcely a good Jeff groceries at a low of 83 so much fire another guy who while love is. I mean eagle. We're gonna talk are illegal blood lead will be in Oakland this weekend pops let's give I any law on a soap. Right here on any five point seven a game apartheid hill and his sister are probably show.