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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, January 19th

Bonta Hill and Matt Kolsky fill in for Papa and are joined by Ross Tucker (Former NFL Lineman and Current NBC Sports NFL Analyst). We talk NBA All Star game, NFL Playoffs and Evan Longoria to the Giants. 


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Please okay. They can all do they stop or I don't know if I. I don't know it's. I have been Indian land do you spend the voice of the horrors. Very just how. And we sound good but. It's a really good. Life from the DG DG dot com studio it's tough to San Francisco skyline it's crystal clear and bad. Here's your have been in the western stuff for a fifth straight all star appearance in his ninth season the only warrior to start five straight bowl. Is negative there's everything he had kept under 48 points today of 50% shooting 42% from the promised land where. I sprayed. All star game seven start and Justin when you're battling your teammate. 46 points or they'll have 51% shooting just 40% from the fourth in the league in blocks. All star game NBC 2012. To John Fortier. An afternoon everybody welcome back into the afternoon delight RJ hill. Without my main man Greg toppled Mac calls. Kind enough to fill in for pop again on short notice. All he's good to see before we get there I mean you told me just like twenty minutes ago I was your main man what's gone highlights just wanted to make a throw up man and make sure you'll miss your mindset was ready for a showdown on the make you feel good you did feel good player and now good. My ma bell I feel terrible the look and feel terrible because we have a great show I plan for everybody today Ross Tucker former NFL lineman storm all kind of things and immediate NBC sports network Sirius XM radio. What's what won the Ross Tucker podcast is gonna towards a 1218 but talk about a championship games Tom Brady out their full and everybody. Seeing whether or not he's gonna play with a hand injury I'm buying it I'm not bar I don't need it because a hand injury got to get someone to shoulder fatigue of some of the pacers are hiding something. We'll talk about Evan Longoria is press conference. It's a good press is over colds he's a presence is he the greatest number ten in giants history we'll talk about that. Already you already has already migrated either end the bloodshed ever adult swim and dog Irish Clayton. Some are it has. Hagel is like your guys that are displayed in the coming up later I slight personally. It's they have a brick wall sway the all star book voting no I don't know if you do that disseminate the USA today will join us to talk about the all star. Game depicts the teens. And then of course Michael Robinson pulled back former fullback the 49ers book most Mahmud in his Seattle Seahawks were one Super Bowl course former Penn State quarterback now on NFL network will get his thoughts on Tom Cable Marshawn Lynch and the championship games as well but we must start to show. With the newsroom yesterday Mac calls he. Stepping KD NBA all star game will be starting Dermarr agreement Klay Thompson will not be starting all over in the east. Just quickly. Did do we know why they actually starting does that depend on the draft another starting there are starting to have to start so so these ten guys who he's our guy necessarily. For the conference or anything but they're all star girl starters so what do they get drafted. What if six of them get drafted the one team and so does that mean the first five picks have to be from the ten starters first in the first ten picks a believer from the star's heart soul a pro Western Conference. The starters were named yesterday. James Harden Kevin Durant. Anthony Davis DeMarcus Cousins the boogie bed and most of curry stepped curt will be be captain. From the Western Conference whatever team name they'll have a few all star game but Stecker is one captain LeBron James is the other captain. As you lead the all star voting in Eastern Conference. The honest and technical people will get his first all star start. Joy when needed. August 1 all source or from Philadelphia said he sixers carry urban for the Boston Celtics are DeMar DeRozan who was having an exceptional season. So all you've altered for no first walked in east loves anything yet it before affair were you surprised by any of the main starters serious Mikulski. They're good now. There are some interesting things if you look a little deeper into like the top ten in terms of how. Player voting as opposed to fan voting as opposed to media voting shipped out. But for me the right ten guys are starting. And I honestly think bogey sort of starter absolutely correlate to be Charles Schumer who soldiers die for I think book you bogeys played better than both of them. Mean a little shocked by boogie Bulger migraine. All I was shocked about that if I am trying to build a championship contender. I think we can have an interesting conversation. About whether dream on or bogey is the right pick. But let me just or some numbers that she. 45 point three points twelve point seven rebounds he is shooting. 35% from three point range which fur man at his size is pretty darn solid 75% prefer shooter who. And five assists what what doesn't bode he'd do for you besides play. I play defense all of this is the all star game and they are live this the all star game and to mean it's arguable. I can arguably say that Karl Leslie Townes is had a good season. The DeMarcus Cousins and and solar you don't factory employs more than either of them doesn't play much defense either he says he's a statues are for sure put. You wait the winds of the team do you do you put that do you offer the all star game though. I don't think you should so the guy the all star game not the all winner game not the old rings game. I mean at the crime that he towns is down five points from where it was last year and that means he's down five points from bogey that's because to be bucket to surround sound Jamal Crawford's reconcile my bogeys poker playing with Anthony Davis I'm just saying before talking about who's had a better year thus far. I think it's the hardest cousins and I'm a little shocked by the epic Eastern Conference room quickly your calls you. Any any surprises there I don't think so I mean I'm one there's one surprise actually. You see the player voting. It is in the player voted. You got us beat LeBron in the player writing that is a little bit surprising to me not by much in fact by. One of the smallest of margins it's like LeBron fatigue there. Oregon as players really believe Yana says had a better first half I mean that I think you can make that argument he has been incredible. I'm a little surprise of the players. Voting Jerry mark green's seventh here that is surprising that MetLife had said when you get further down the list dream on and clay getting no respect from the players is a little weird and disappointing early word disappoint you clay Thompson a player as voted him ninth in the west is cart. As a guard. He's been probably the fourth best guard in the Western Conference this season where you just go down the list Bryant and if you wanna put Russ ahead of clay. Reasonable. If you wanna put Chris Paul ahead of clay. All allow it. But we're. I had a clinic and monitor. I had a boy you know why mindless. I find new money because this is his last year farewell song and that's a little 'cause I will serve all I'm glad he's right treatment. Did the players say Kobe Bryant was better than LeBron James and Kobe is last year I don't think so. I mean and I understand it also does not LeBron James but I don't really think there's any debate. Over whether my noon. Or play is the better player. When the fan rankings come out skewed like that that's fine right when the player rankings. Come out skewed like that it's a little weird or let's have some fun mineral quickly okay. 'cause it's they were depicted here with the starters OK well we knew if you're going the other way bogeys having a phenomenal season and pelicans are in a playoff chasing it's apples and I mean the market saw Jones is right there because nine out of ten are are dead on for the starters that but that's not so good because usually we have a couple snubbed or like lol yeah I'm here well that may still happen of course when we get their reserves that are here that that can be insisting there. Whole LeBron draft number one overall but he. I did think about this a lot when we put in my game to try to break up the warriors draft Kevin direct or will eagle woods who recruiting. They're recruiting coordinator that is LeBron James and say hey Anthony Davis. Or your comments are picking first I think there's two ways to view this and one is the second thing you just said. Does he try to use it to recruit. And and keep in mind. Not necessarily recruit to the cavaliers. A recruit to himself right right. Maybe even recruit himself to lose somewhere it's so busy trying to endear himself to one of the rockets. Or Tenet as you said Anthony Davis pay equity company in LA well yeah Laker right exactly board you know pick Chris Paul and James Harden and say let's do this next year you know all current Houston or. Or I don't know how he pairs up with a young asthma summit like that words are recruiting tool. I'd buy that a little bit but my instinct is LeBron James is a hoop head LeBron James is a basketball nerd. I think he's gonna wanna play with the next best guy and that's Kevin Durant so I think he dressed Kevin Durant right to pull the pull starters or reserves reserves will be selected by NBA head coach is. That'd be announced this coming Tuesday and a full team rosters will be announced January 25. Now it's a big injustice here. It's a disservice I should say that the I think justice was right there. I believe. I really think about it they're not gonna televise depicts her well. Can we get somebody lies Jerry you know ruled the fact that we would be so precious about grown millionaires feelings. This. Well OK let's just talk about this and maybe once we get down the roster this changes somewhat. But if we look at all of these dudes. That are in the starting line up the lowest paid guys got to be Jolo island beer right because he's our Derek guiana rookie contract. So no he just got extended remember he told accelerated he's got broke off in Philadelphia we have five years I'm forty million dollars so got to start broke off I believe or all of these guys make at least twenty million a year don't think right. I'm more worried about someone having her feelings as though the last pick. You're gonna rob us of entertainment. Because a guy making double digit millions of dollars this year might be offended get at a here that's so bad so back. It's so bad and by the way everybody we're gonna take early teens yet you would not and you and Morgan and Morgan a radio wise it where I realize it's not not telling I'm gonna go is not televise what we'll do our own picks and Wilkins and minds of LeBron James. And staff courier and how this all start pretty well quickly affair this. New format. Why not indicative spice up the game because again he's been scratching last seen for five years and this is no it's gone up there's a lot of three pointers since not all surging usually on the wash. I still enjoy it and this is my thing about the all star game is. We can dress it up as many different ways as we want but it's still going to be an all star game and at the end of the day you're going to be watching and you oops and three point oh silliness for at least three court army's third quarter so. It isn't trying to dress it up but I mean it's like some people enjoy it because you're getting to watch guys play street ball. I don't need him to play. Actual hard we watched that 82 times a year now so let us have fun let's have fun that's Michael's people and for Greg Papa I am Bonser hill Ross talker. Former NFL lineman does a lot of work in the media he will join us early afternoon delight right here and I'm 57 game. Oh. After the red carpet show on 957. Big game. I'm talking about it. The health Tom Brady who met this guy here earlier today but at the patriots could set the take on the Jacksonville Jaguars and AC championships. Or should be put on Sunday Belmont you. You will see I'm not buying it he's playing what he did have fun at Procter. And another guy. Who asked one all the time is Ross Tucker former NFL lineman. Also part of the pitchers and all 506. Not a lot in the media NBC sports network series sex and radio of course are Ross Tucker podcast. And much much more Ross welcome to a program medical ski. Marte hill hill 957 game and let's start there he is featured each it would Tom Brady. Keeping with a hand injury are you buying and it is there something else to patrons covered up what's one on up there and fox world. Well I'm I'm buying that he had a hand injury. Umpires met. It's probably affecting him in some way I'm with you guys I mean I'd be absolutely shocked if he doesn't play ya I was there. With Tom and 05 and 06 in new England and I mean. He react to be in a casket underground. And not play in my game on Sunday so I place you go play. I think that there are reasonable question it sounds like. Whether or not you know how effective will be ever I read a butcher reports about it so we're gonna have to go to handoff on a jet sweep them. He got actually an audit pending death of a credit protection I saw his fellow. You know with a little Brit smaller under their lucrative or something all in his throwing some. And David shell a former charger team doctors say it. The combination of yeah X ray. Plus they're saying they're really cuts plus the pictures. Is still put up a murder case are elect a picture. Of us of his glove in the column you're going to disown you think they rejected this okay this sub which. If you can and he can hit an inch. This press deaths have been dislocated sound. And that. You know he he will be able to play. And that impact will open miserable but. Also quarterback is throwing a ball without as well. But we also know if it comes down to a matter of just dealing with the pain there's just there's no question he's gonna play right through it. I want to ask you as someone who as you said was was there and around Tom Brady. And just the fact Mitt. That was thirteen years ago 1213. Seasons of football a goal and he's still doing it at this level. I guess two part question is a can you believe it and B did you see back then the sort of work habits and intensity that. Led to him still playing at this level twelve years later. Yes and number war and had no I really can't believe very just because you know I came into the league. A year after him in 2001. And I played seven years which. Felt like a long time for my body had I would a retard out an eight candidates ten years like hitter. He's still playing so. No I can't believe Vick had a problem everything I can't believe me the most is like why watchable over road and stuff. Can move better than he moved well I was there. You know it's your second part of your question I contention yet guys. I don't remember. You know we heard you're like all season agility drills. And you look terrible seasons slide in the London look at him in the droves. And we would make fun of him about it. I didn't think you're doing and you get our golf frustrated good again I think that's where they get the guys on the Super Bowl three times. And you know. You get all mad because we're written on a mum. Because you've got to do in the latter drill rigs off it oh yeah but that's where you could be the most. Intense guy I've ever been around about it I tell people. I don't ever remember anybody being muted facility closures of a morning person America that it. And I I lived right near Foxboro even the Boston. And he worked so always been there before I was. You work hard in the weight room it's unfair burden much as well at everything my fifth and six years right and that there are restarted 25 games and played for a few teams didn't. He jumped 4647. Years older whatever I have to end. Crazy amid he would look at me whatever those planes that are practiced. And they may have to read everything now he does all the checks all the audible critic. And you were still look at reporter Clarence center you'd say all it Ross did your greats that first okay then you're quick steps first. And you are a series about like. You know what your offer to liven Saturday to be persons like six great quarterbacks that are used in our site YouTube right whatever. Not prohibitive lets you want it to be perfect and he were being manned. If this step would partner would be legitimately. Angry if this that would not perfect. Sit there and by mid forties stiff and security NFL. He presented ebitda to open are of course that's. That's ridiculous and there's just. He had a fire at a passion. Burning. Like nothing I've ever seen. And that's amazing rusty attention to veto that Tom Brady plays with their that's what makes some great that's why is playing well once was forty here Ross Tucker NBC sports network series a surreal what's what when and Iran soccer podcast former NFL lineman as well joining us here early afternoon light circles be sponsoring hill. Here for Brit pop owed money by seven game and just you're in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh so I'll ask you about the Pittsburgh game first because of jaguars came at a Huntsville with a victory or shocked a lot of despair. Tell us what you saw from Jacksonville. And they just can't give us what your take on this issue Chevy two game whether or not they can take that game against Pittsburgh and buffalo and Coulter fox for a stadium and off the ultimate shocker and beat the patriots. I think they carry I don't big day well I was thoroughly impressed by the jags in so many ways on Sunday evening talk or some of the players and coaches for the game. There's no question in my mind there were legitimately. Angry I mean legitimately angry. About. The fact they felt like the Steelers were totally disrespecting your home you know Mike Mitchell talking about the patriots rematch. And though the night before leaving our belt tweets looks like we get back to back rematch is checks tomorrow patriots next week being. I played for all I can you guys I've never seen due to a I've never seen their it's one thing for you to maybe talk about it with the guys on the team. Which explode even done or you can at least thinking about it. But could be so reader. To put out their own social media and frequent. This sort of that game the jacket so like they were angry at the jags came out. What they thought this respect or disrespect their reserves came out. Like like they're overlooking the jacket and saying you know what what Buffett. I want to jump over quickly to the NFC will view and just again starting with a last weekend. As someone who suited up have you ever seen anything like that final play with Stephane big score in the touchdown. No I can't say I can't remember the order of I thought that our school college. And I David Duke Team that was playing in just watching it got there. For me to trigger a run at me the most so my guess is the music city miracle part. You got a dose I've been right out the pills still got the ball after that I didn't realize that. But no it cannot honestly guys my initial reaction. Force. Oh my god should go bowling ball. They were there about thirty seconds that's sort of fueled real bad for Marcus Williams like. Real real bad for markets waited because digest. That's all for me and I mean that. That's awful I know what I would like to go to replace the diners. There was Kurt Warner that the cowboys. Had Dana Stubblefield stood up and they'd tackle all of evident. I've been reading go for a report we try to field goal realistic person head to go where you'll do we lost. You know we will get it felt all right. Like I hate cost arts seem to demonize. I couldn't sleep I was called my wife through my goal for the time I was called my third cycle both of them at least three pardon me illness. Good bet that it couldn't and obviously. Nowhere near the level. Of what happened with it. That's a blast from the past remembered at dean Lieberman Bayer which he'll on Garcia and look like you guys we're gonna go for it to your door whatever you wanna do all day long he gets to 49ers but we will talk dealing training camp Ross and talk to you about this fall and then. A device that you're talking about we'll get more today your ball Canon dot com and expound on that what that's all about your Ross. So I mean obviously every I think a lot of people now go. Order jokes received this because they see you guys catch passes on charts machines all the time. He. It's basically they yeah exactly basically recreational. Charge machine to tackle all oiled machine for all launcher and it's also quite got it I don't tell that edited. And it can't great kid I know that dot org so far. As absolutely love that I've actually got a share to go to some event and the Czech cabinet their home games. I thought this summer events where people have edits there and they absolutely. Love it but I really never anyone that did well compared to other. It is the only thing that they can find to this point. Where they actually get their kids to stop playing bridges. That we get off their all she. And they go out I can change first do you go launch angle student and I think I checked it very quick shot. Spent the last social immediate post on Twitter sure Altera dot com booted toe release feature so you really can do by yourself. Which of course they're adjudicated so authority trust them to make split they turn around there are around catchup all the tossup. A loss they could pose a delay on here run around. On a quick slant bolt catcher right don't run any rounds is having that delay on here with the ball cannon goes right TR my that the good does the vice maybe go for a comeback hereof. You know. Why you're here and I think it'd they can watch it took about a part. Look at me you know like provide sport fire girl I ever led lollipops always that yeah but but it could be a part like. Are all watching that teenagers like sixteen or seventeen. Are all watching them could very well crank it up. As former Big Ten. As fast as they can and then know export department just call a real late contests that these camps and stuff we go to. It everything. It's legitimately awesome just double reverse specially if you disarm. Between my excitement fifteen I'd say just go check I didn't know all care dot com. Because there could be. So could be distorted they're good for a while you're the first one by one thing that. I'm looking at the web site right now are also looks fascinating ball Canon dot com and take you so much for retirement payrolls we got to do this again I hope you enjoy championship Sunday here as we get ready for Super Bowl. Yeah I can now will be on the sidelines Billy again and it should be great look of portola. Currently our old sale are Roth's. See across talker NBC sports network Sirius XM radio does a lot of good work on a Ross took a podcast follow him on where Ross Tucker. This stuff ball canning an army air quick quick ball can inside no. You Carl was that this was a thing for everybody. As a kid sure if I'm just a weirdo but it. You were used to do a thing where you'd make light. Someone your rendered your dead or whoever throw you passes but like. Bad passes so you'd have to dive falling out all the all the time I yeah yeah I like go on the curbing my act Marcum didn't who feed and right on the site totally out that's what this will be awesome for is like practicing your diving catches died in the LA is getting to feed him down. One hand catch is one of perfect all that yeah Chris Carter the diamond technique are you Marcos high school football for your. Tussle is it is hard to believe a man they got better. I'm telling you might as a good deeds and team went undefeated six Nobel hollow where kids. There were told the fourteen OK parent that's here Danica it's outgrowth of the diamond technically it would give you hold the key reason I'm worried about those kids. But like twelve to fourteen days and well you know what he's like kiwis junior admits it's 101112. Person now more about the kids their whole. But we'll see other turned twelve and up I feel okay. Given your ten year old to Vontae is just seems like that decade could and a corrupt and at the end of that I don't know I'm a more about the child's future that person that you hear word right now about a child's future is medical care about an immigrant problem for the it showed cares about kids I don't fail. I care about the kids as well. I really don't care about Tom Brady situation because I think it's just a bunch of smoke here. And I don't know why did you do plan I don't know why the pages can play he's my goodness patient. Thanks scroll league like Tom Brady walking up to the podium here. A glove on his hand. Like he's irritated I saw your circles you'll want to do you feel last night and bright corners getting interviewed at that China. Is really it's as Brian Hoyer. Alternative the only way Brian Hoyer gets in that game I mean sort of like a really severe injury which I wouldn't him brought to suggest happening is concussion. And it's anything. That you could stick a needle and and give did shoot a couple of painkiller and worry about this the results later. Brady's playing through any injury like that. Have to be taking questions from Wendell Odom back in. What Tom Brady saying hey we'll see if I play on Sunday we'll see if I play that's and so I'm actually hoping. I hear it's a sick thought here or not I'm sorry football fans I apologize in advance. Vaccine will love C championship Sunday here with play portal without 100 quarterback like portals. Brian Hoyer. New polls encased genome is how sick would that be it's a strain save dough masochistic and thank you know. That I like your begging for torture I want to say hello good people ball digs through torture writer for your foot. All right or you imagine that you did what again with the 49ers. Not so bad educated to be the taxi cab driver furthest franchisee could be the place holder for the next quarterback. You know gore back in the win win. You they played as she championship game. Start according to Brady he's not certain. But they weren't our report. Say it's at a bank and it's okay if there's a bet in Vegas Tom Brady's start or not start put the house on start. There's probably prop bet right now Beaumont about com idea that if the odds are anything less than like one to thirty. That's a good so dislocated thumb is Ross pointed out its suit he talked to some doctors Syria and disgusting injury with some doctors here and if it is a dislocated thumb on his throwing hand that's going to be tough the total full ball I mean I guess they'll shoot up and down it. But acts I've never heard quarterbacks are we playing a dislocated thumbs well didn't it pop it back again in minutes just dealing with pain I think. I mean and it could it affect his grip a bit short. Think of how bad his grip would have to be that you voluntarily go to Brian Hoyer yeah he's gonna have to become cops. He did the patriots are gonna really know if Brady doesn't play. Jimmy garage below trade looms large yeah I you know because now it's like wait a minute. It's where you really should Brady gets hurt our worst nightmare your worst case scenario. And we have Brian Hoyer issued charity tournament could be Jimmy garage. Yeah the here's the issue though. There's no question. That trading Jimmy drop below was the right. Franchise movie had to do it because that's for exercising your men you're not gonna spend twenty million dollars on with a franchise tag while you still have Tom Brady who. Certainly seems to intend on returning. And frankly. Hit two. Handicap your franchise. On my preferred to prepare for the off chance that Tom Brady's hurt. That's not good business. Here's the thing though that was interesting would were the chance story of And hold demise of the New England Patriots were tied in by either I. I think I thought exaggerated I Philip Bill Belichick really wanted to move on to think about the future because also bill Wall Street. Bells always treated great coaches and great great GMs were to begin two years ahead okay Brady's 4041. I've got this young instead why seem practice every day everybody wants to trade for him he looks legit he's only 26 years old. The medal difference. Between that they'd like sports. If they word just about sports and the fact that this is a massive billion dollar business because. I am totally win you if it was. Closed doors. Meeting you know their entertainment dollars not involved. Bill Belichick is trading Tom Brady. Absolutely because he does it add with every other player every other residents are all the time like you said Bill Walsh same thing yup. But you can't trade sombre cancer it's I'll bring you can't. Crap does not gonna happen neither merchandise and can't do it you can't do it. But it would have been the Smart move yeah Elway wouldn't do this how long does bring you really have left well and frankly. It is Jimmie dropped below 26 as good as the forty year old Tom Brady it's at least possible. It's at least possible and certainly five years from now Jimmy drop below is gonna be a lot better than. It's going to be a lot better Tom Brady will be chill and it will be interesting to see when Tom Brady does retirement Hinske also start Comtex line. A lot of people talk about the flake gate. Balls will be deflated. That's another exaggerated story deflate K I can I believe that lasted so long. Because every team whether it's pop Warner high school. College teams doctored balls themselves during the week there's always the for the balls are always over to overplay your balls. Like it. Happens Gaylord Perry a Gaylord Perry is shocked and all the great round. Of doctoring balls how dare you how dare you put. This is so that may happen if that wasn't the patriots who we already think our dirty dirty cheaters what stage is it caught deleted that for every TV she that's right. In fact first as competent as they seem to be in every possible way. They must just not care. If we know they're cheating. 'cause they're obviously Smart enough to hide it if they wanted to right right seems that way. In any event. If that wasn't the situation I don't think the flaky gets nearly as big as it did and I think probably people are more aware. Of the fact that it's at least possible nothing you can happen. So your ticket agers this week how do you not I'm taking. Brian Hoyer to play in this game and have a big girl. I'm just tell everybody I ain't kidding here I am kidding you stuff that I am kidding but I think. Mobile this I think they're hiding something else lady's shoulder injury. Fatigue some I don't know something's fishy about this what the patriots have Tom Brady's gonna go out there and carb jaguars up because they've gotten carved up. By Jimmy for a couple they've got carved up by big pin there loss for the titans last game of the season and you know that one didn't really matter for them but. No way to jaguars and Walter Foxboro Stadium and beat Tom Brady in this dislocated thought. Always hand injury or whatever. It's really hard. To. Even conceive the scenario. And that's frustrating as someone who quite enjoys when the patriots lose especially in surprising fashion. I would like to be able to talk myself into an upset just like I would have last week. And I couldn't at all last week I'm a little closer this week but it. I heard some limited really disturbed me and and may we can ask Michael Robinson about this. Next hour but. Apparently. And this is all from reading and listening to podcasts and stuff but apparently the jaguars specialty. Is dominating against eleven personnel which means one tight end right want running back right. And that is the predominant personnel grouping of the entire league. Unfortunately the patriots used the least eleven personnel of any team we go double try and football. They did I fly all our running back you play with a full back sometimes and just in general we know the thing with Belichick is. Creative stuff we is running plays you expect from different formations. In a running plays you might expect from eleven we is. Well personnel or 21 person also. I mean that is not encouraging when you know that's the jaguars strength. Is the things that are patriots are most likely to avoid that. By the way talk about Jimmy grapple here. He got he earned 51000 dollars for the patriots playoff win over Tennessee tied consult the got a remote thing they vote him there he gets voted to share a user for majority disease and that's how much people love Jimmy he he left myself and a he's getting paid baby Evan Longoria is another guy. Who can pay will break down his presser that he had an AT&T park earlier today right here I'm here to look like it's 95 submit them. Now back to the Greg Hartley shell on 957. Big game. I knew that that their commitment to winning it was their you know from top to bottom and I think just that's just kind of reinforced it I think he's yeah. From what I hear is very similar to me and he's made huge impact on a young men better players say he's played with friends so all of those things are very important. And then I think maybe everybody confident. It's an easy breezy here. Evan Longoria who was traded. Just under a month ago from Tampa Bay Rays who deserves what giants has been introduced to the Bay Area media today. Had his Jersey on wearing the boots and first buzz cut. Beisel presser. Dole's fund will discuss early afternoon delight to sponsor hill. Michael's people an effort Greg popping here on 957 games so. Throw quickly your thoughts on the Gloria obviously it's a good move retired she solidified third base flasher woolsey's new media is crucial rural Leo. And a man Pablo senate I mean compare and JoAnne. And that was bad Bell's bat outfield was bad so they make a move for McCutcheon yup and got a gold Glover at third base and McCutcheon. 'cause from the shot by ER BC spent his whole career in Tampa Bay is gone he's gonna come to a lineup or palsy McCutcheon. Brendan Bell we'll see what he does. And he's gonna be able to play a part of 35 to 40000 a night. We just lives as Hunter Pence is dead is that or or no he's a car charge here a big part of it is a factor I do know is I recharge factor to walk here did the idea that. Hunter Pence at Blair 33 year 34 is. Over. It's impossible league could be more than a platoon player on a plane into that I think you about a six or seven connected to the tornado rose from murder case this season that we talked to this sort of conversation we had when the giants initially acquired Hunter Pence when you get guys like McCutcheon. And Longoria. Everyone else. Has an easier job. Hunter Pence instead of hitting fourth or fifth and being tasked with protecting Buster Posey and providing the only optimal line up. Now is a sixth or seventh hitter pressure's off just do you. It gives everybody a chance to beat themselves when you add significant pieces to the center of your line. And you now I'm Brendan Bell batting six or seven he was batting cleanup would have been three election relegated he has a great arm based percentage. While I Brennan it's not that guy period as a strong greatest scary but it's it's a good arm based for since I shouldn't say great there. He allegedly went eighteen home runs and strike Al guy his body language can be bad footprint adult. As soon there was six or seven hitter. Is solid I think that's it it's a solid Major League lineup Basilan and John slash your didn't have a solid Major League wired up. The terrible year here's another quote from Evan Longoria was just saying. You know the goals not to ruffle any feathers is mental process and having a lot of turnover rears its goal is just to make this a seamless response won't just kinda have fun. These are giants. Type of guys and am not necessarily talking about the you know much. Ballyhooed reputation of the clubhouse or anything like that although I'm sure the fit in fine but just in terms of wallet. Professional. Athletes. Who can sit in front of a microphone. If you really good quotes and not say a thing. Slight smarts. Hopefully they liven up the club Oscars but these concerns club also been a little boring may be good like I don't know that they did Albert OZ. There's. It seems pants McCutcheon is more exciting on the field but a lot of these guys are exciting on the field I mean Brandon Crawford is an exciting for a player to watch on the field it's just do it you know. She and by the way. Lot of these guys have shown us just enough for us to know that something's there but. They're Smart enough and controlled enough that we rarely if ever get to see. Right I think last year was an anomaly 98 losses lot of guys had down years Crawford oh personal issues for an adult not a concussion on Kansas won two grand jury's out. They did just never got into a rhythm he started bad and errors on the first game of the season you mark glancing blow wanna say to these Dylan or high priced free agent you realize we aged. A season that was. Like two weeks to start the season. And it just seemed like they hadn't. They hadn't arrived yet it just felt like those going to be one and those fears and announce that is has garnered itself for its what do you yeah big boom season over and it was a stretch. Mood where. After maybe the first ten games there were few games in a row or was like OK maybe the ship is being bright it here or third waters are settling a bit at least. And that was right when a murder went down. And I was pretty much the end of the season tells cells that Nichols over so got to look back him. I think there's two ways of looking at this there's that can happen. To any team any year or players. That happened because of the way the giants built their team and and how you view that question probably. Determines how you view this giant stand. Now what this Pablo senate office into the equation here because I think there's excuse because her parents have a role on this team. Also big puddle set a bar as the role of not part time player. Part time player where is he playing if it's a did you are you back them up the first base he could backup at third base he's a pinch hitter. He's trying to stay in the major leagues I think it's a hell of a flier to take on a guy. I mean do for look. Adds it's what cheating days are done. So as Favre answered I think they're done to switch hitting they should have been done five years ago but he keeps doing it by a good guy that's a stretch to say five years ago it's got the boss and his swing was raw and but he he had already struggled as this switch hitter before that had not. We don't have splits but then I mean. Look Pablo Sandoval. Ball. At this point. Has to be considered. Anything you get from him is complete cravings you're not. That's the whole reason you were act like this offseason so you didn't come into this year counting on guys like Pablo Sandoval. And the numbers are much worse from our look at India that it won fifty favourite site last year I'm telling you heat heat it up from the right side as select edit. Platoon Kirk. Matta puddles and ball. It's a low risk hard reward tied to deal we're. You may find like a hero like he did which it's easy color right like a lower price vocal song that's what matters what matters is that it's low risk and and and you're not actually counting on him. If Pablo Sandoval somehow reclaimed his career great. Great I'm all be happy for him I'll be happy for the giants I would don't expect that to happen. Now we were talking before the show we can get into this room quickly into somebody's through quickly. Just look at that number tends Walt Harvard yards. Quarter moon yes. Up there the great Johnny on master. The you're by the summer here Travis Ishikawa. Yeah oh magnitude ally and see how your search service that's right he was not wearing number ten when he hit the big car and that other that is at Travis Ishikawa moment that matters Miguel Tejada a's fans won't like that it didn't look bright dress uniform. Miguel Tejada. Best player to Wear ten for the giants not. Bests giant number ten yeah Matt Williams wore number have maybe 788 now van. Is managed an argument but the problem is Matt Williams then war other numbers right first they don't know burgers and the other numbers right so so tell me you don't. If if Evan Longoria steps in gives you do a good five years he could really go down as the greatest number ten a giant sister and I'll say right now there was a layup the tires right out there Royce Clayton you stock is the best number ten attorneys history. As of right now as a White Sox fan I remember the Royce Clayton experience and I remember it's as. Pretty unpleasant experience parts of Europe with the Longoria move yeah 1212 he's missed twelve games in the last five years. Won a gold that's great news for a team that's lost a lot of games in your break two years ago. Hit 36 home runs slasher it was a down year offensively but to look at that Tampa Bay Rays lineup look a lot like the giants. At times they're they have smaller zero Tampa Bay bashing sure changed Tampa Bay Rays a tablet. Longoria coming Assange is obvious she solidifies the middle of that lineup. You've got a fourth or fifth and again we can't touch and it's again it's important to point out won't we have these conversations about down on New Year's Day. Evan Longoria is down year would have made him. The second best hitter on the giants last season with a Latino led the team at home runs. He achieved more of in top three in batting average I think as the team was terrible in general I mean it. Yes Evan Longoria is down from 220 year old Evan Longoria but he's still a massive upgrade. Both defensively and still offensively. They're racing Logan Morrison hit 38 bombs last year for the race Corey Dickerson had a career year 27 bombs. Stevens who's up. Thirty bombs like they're young guy doubt about this. Logan Morrison. Hit. Twice as many more than twice as many homers. As the giants home run leader. More than twice as mayor issued. That is embarrassing if it Evan Longoria hits when he homers this year giants fans will be thrilled they will be thrown you know what else will be throat with. Some days Sunday summer days unless right now we have a bunch of hooters calendar is here yet we are including he had his. Where there's a lot of press on here I actually focus right now obviously all sues the kid like I was a wings all over place blue cheese or ranch. That was a disgusting amount of ranch dressing by the way I don't it's painful and not even just I'm not even just. Criticizing ranch in general anyway I'm not a big range guy but pretty much any salad dressing when you see it in a hollow boom. Becomes discussed it does is too much salad dressing is too much it's way too much and I'm paying for right now so much thought and moving them all Tyson different direction yeah. Although almost wings saw some on my lips meet stuff you might see the ones I brought from home is still sitting at my dad and myself. And I can tell the difference between. Like ill posture but I abroad and there. Twelve swings that I eight. Always a breakfast here in 957 again that's how we all have voters for breakfast again on Sunday can't. Its annual gridiron gala this Sunday from our ultimate shared future Sunday watch party at hooters in Campbell California at 1555. South Baskin avenue hang up all your favorite many 57 game on air personalities when prices. Let's enjoy food enjoy specials. All day long and people on prince got muscles that counts are signed they wanna calendar gonna have a calendar. I'm on the futures calendar or kick things off at 9 AM Sunday because Sunday or give your calendar you can come to shoot you can you can have a hooters calendar signed by a hooters girl who.