Greg Papa Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, January 18th

Papa is BACK! He and Bonta are joined by Anthony Slater (Covers the Warriors for The Athletic). This hour covers 4 things Greg missed while he was away, the Jordan Bell injury, and the NFL Playoffs. 


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Please tell when they can all do this. Stop I don't know if I. It's okay. I have been Indian land these been the voice of the warriors. We Perry just. And we sell goods. It's a really good now. Flying from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco's skyline it's crystal clear as day. I'm Bob Brett public felt sick so we hope he gets well do whatever you gotta do to get bacteria are through life. Very glad bottom line up the game. Very. There is some breaking news regarding the San Francisco Giants they have agreed to acquire Andrew McCutcheon. Hello. Hello hello. I'm still at a place called verdict. It's everything I wish I did Mel. He said I was sick Vontae anywhere for the guys experiencing. Hitchcock Jimmy Stewart slider bar no life. Heard again I've never worked this is the first that gathered a young and they don't know wildly munitions are drinking more heavily and I was over until. I'm back in in my third doctor's appointment this morning. At two bouts with a chiropractor trying to get over. Vertigo. It is weird Dante do you know when I gotta I gotta moments after. I watched. The warriors play LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the very last time they were ever have to deal with him in the wine and gold. It hit me right after I got up here and it's time I got home pushed. I needed a wall to stay out that it's gotten better and worse and better and I thought I was over in a more more doctor's appointment today and now. I'm tripping and so I'm still little place called Verity there you are right if I have to and a lean on you for awhile I. To go be okay pop I think duress the last two days served me well as you were. Dylan what vertical there are holes wondering if CBT can help that outer CBD can help that I'll toss Lydia well it was actually it. It was actually a former doctor Romo and steroids actually little. This what's it look it says what it's getting India to steer us clear it up last night almost immediately let's come back a little bit right now but we will. Ultrasound. I've I've done worst such I had a more melodies in this special. I get a whole game where's I Jackson failures or go and I was completely under the influence search of the epidural to back but anyway it's there. A new car because our our mystery man after he's wild and FL games the past we have the cavaliers and lawyers and I think the rivalries now dead is fizzled. I do believe there's a chance at the Cleveland Cavaliers do not make it back to the NBA finals. I roster looks oldest expensive album all that other door what I will they would done. And then lawyers who just Romany when they're fourteen straight which got me thinking about the niners eighteen game road winning streak in the late eighties so it is good to hear pretty pop local bass and yep no go. Why are so let's let's really opened it with that was by no less fight that's my second least favorite YouTube my favorite band is obviously YouTube but they're beautiful day is the least favorite of all time and vertigo. Was second lay's favorite and not having a beautiful day. Though we did we did do the count down so we will start with the top four in honor a bottle and the boys they don't know dose trays Vontrell. And we'll Condit back just these stories that so I'd been away. Since late last weekend obviously through the middle of this week starting with Tom Cable and affected the this and number four story since I've been gone the raiders are. Reportedly get a rehire time cable was the offensive line coach we talked about it last week Vontae here in the afternoon delight in 957 games. How much I respect timetable as an offensive line coach I will explain. The delicate nature of his firing later on and we'll be joined by Marcel Reece who. I played for John cable not only with the raiders and also in Seattle when he was the offensive line coach for Jon Gruden was. Initially hired and I had many questions right away and we're the first ones would be who would be Johns. Bill Callahan who would who would run the running game who would be the guy in charge of the running game and I could get bill Callahan away from Jay gruden. In Washington Redskins I did bring up Tom Cable I think he's just superb offensive line coach one of the very best in football. The reason I did not connect the dots to the raiders and I did more with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers they would make a change there with their offensive line coach. Was because I think John wants to run more power. Inside zone but. Tom Cable was such as Smart offensive line coach and Marshall racial breakdown. There's a difference between outside zone inside zone which inside zone to me is also a lot of power where he had double chaining a one point of attack and the raiders won a lot of that then you have. Old fashioned power so it'll be intriguing and I think John will pretty much give Tom Cable bunch say they they think the full. Running game with a lot like bill Callahan head when he was here John around the passing game a journal obviously did the overseer. Of at all but I think it's it was an intriguing higher just because I don't think that tackles the raiders haven't particular Donald panda. Is very good getting the outside zone stretch run in fact this year he was measurable added. But I I do she had being a fit. And it's interesting because now you bring Jon Gruden back which I'm table to the guys that dale Davis wound up trading in dismissing it. But I think it does that we'll get in that more little bit later on the 2 o'clock hour when Marshall Reese Jones is contact. Yeah this is an intriguing fit especially because you think about the running back number 24 Marshawn Lynch who was there in Seattle Tom Cable and they had success and other. So Tom Cable knows how Marshawn Lynch loves to run maybe that's why Tom Cable was back to fit or Marshawn Lynch and how about the softens a line of course I do think the dirt raiders and in this offseason whether or should drive for free agency. Needs to address to tackle situations. Donald and we know he has another year of his contract he's getting up there and aides did not how to best of seasons. Marcia new muscles loose balls are disappointed but. Those are cheap deals where they've brought a man that replace awesome Howard. I think you need to adjust to tackle situation and help fit Tom cable's scheme and their running game so it would be intriguing to see it they bring back Marshawn Lynch and how they coordinate this we'll turntable. Yeah I I don't think that had an inning usually their Colleen I can hired offensive line coach based on one player. If he does come back -- nobody used and but I don't think that went into the decision at all and the hard thing is Jason Donald Payne and I don't vanished just he had bad year. I cannot get on the outside tragedy where Marshall Reese what Jones had 230. And now we'll get into that and the afternoon delight on 9957. Again so that number three top story when I was away suffering instill I'm suffering from. Vertigo. In this bothered me maybe I got vertigo from this because this one played bothered me. As much as anyone single player that I can recall the walk off by the Minnesota Vikings the runoff or we are gonna appalling on the great voice of vikings. I Jonas coming up till 1 o'clock and moguls through his Minneapolis miracle call. And the whole deal. But this polygamy was just so blatantly unfair. It was bad football on both sides. I've watched the playback of a hundred times and Stephon digs did not get wide enough to go out of bounds but obviously the safety Marcus Wilkins made it. I'd I'd like to say you know I did hear him speak after and an assailant tried to vouch for me did the right thing by going outside is to sign did not allowing him. To stop the clock on that and that I'll cut well there was a bed corner route whatever Diggs ran. It was a bad route and it was just such bad football. To have a playoff game decided like that and then Williams comes up and takes out his own guy even if he wished. I think Candy Crowley what are hunt and I'm Dante and actually it was. That was one that that is way worse than the Bill Buckner play I can't think of any. Football game and they may be going back years ago the vikings lost on the drew Pearson play. The ones safety didn't come over and time that was equally spent this one's worst on this is probably the worst ending of a playoff game I can ever call. Why Google the most thrilling Andy told playoff game also multiples are ending to a playoff football game come off as the worst I think maybe it's the worst angle safeties ever taken a holes you guys name from Denver Rahim Moore a believes the mile high ball was clearly nowhere does this clearly had very had fooled by Jacoby jones' speed it up just a bad play out. I was bad play Smart Marcus Williams deduct your head like that again we used one turning people men bounce here but how with that defense position like animals you lost your coach's film I mean I just don't know how they're in the position like this. Knowing the situation no one Minnesota doesn't have time outs no one at a place where you try to give them whatever they want inside tackle moment the plate they're going to Philadelphia I just cannot believe the way more with his position now deny its own position his defense and our plate and then Marcus Williams he's a rookie. It ducking your head like that is gonna deliver that for ever and I forever and forever Minnesota do what they had to duels a desperation played gates made the play and they moved. It was it was bad football he ran a bad route he was gonna get tackled he needs to be on the sideline when he makes the catch to go out of bounds it was not bad positioning by the secondary is Marcus Williams came up reckless on the play. And that's what caused I think he was worried about committing a pass interference call. In any event it was bad all the way around you could say it's exciting I was like it was it reminded me a lot of the immaculate deception back in 72. Where you're wondering how did that happened and ever so in a wild deflected ball that was a double touch it should not have been. Legally allowed to have them and it was just terrible football way around but in any event Paul Allen's off travel again his call on the air 1 o'clock demo here. From the voice of the vikings it was had so many. Hard breaks over his career to actually be able to call a play like that was pretty amazing the Minneapolis miracle. That the warriors at number two and our countdown of the four make sure recent sudden suffering from vertigo. Worries Stevie take Cleveland Cavaliers to me they are far far. Better than the cavaliers I think you're on board now based on what I said earlier did not react I think this is the last factor that the warriors won't ever play LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers again Dante. I do think so too LeBron James gonna leave and an off season Isiah Thomas Luka for Max contract bad terrible contracts open down our roster they're older not local state don't play defense. I do believe if they don't make a move and their roster stays the same as it is now. Boston will be gum in the playoffs and held Toronto may be dominant best of seven series when not shock me to Cleveland Cavaliers are not playing in June popped. And I really don't know what they hear Derek are going to be able to do I think Isaiah Thomas what it helps here coming out but I think he still has some quickness to him I think they can involve James and a pick and roll game between the two of them. Like the one time that you worried offenders went to the IT guy and he dropped it back to James for the dunk. But you don't want change off the ball you want James on the ball or somebody possessions in the game. They're just not good enough to beat Boston from what I'm hearing Gordon Hayward is a broken bone is healed now we just need the ligaments and cartilage around to heal. How how effective can he be. But there's no actually there's going to be Toronto and Boston gets the warriors old Tristan and Jordan belly injury last night. Also will be a topic that we will get to without Anthony Slater the real quickly the number one story will be joined by Bubba. JP morose she later in the show bunting in the 2 o'clock hours well. Something new and I've been talking about I I think quickly John Paul morose to go on back to last July. We were on the goal gave Koch bandwagon card at last they went and got Andrew McCutcheon. And they Doctor King holiday on Monday and now he is gonna willingly moved your rights. I think it maybe a scenario to based on his speed but see when they get to spring training where they could still slip that put him in left and put to inspect. To right depending on how pup tents. That he can track the ball better than I did last journal that he was healthy last year but you got your guys are you all set now because we still need a center field. The ability to sinner filtered they can deal with that later here Lorenzo Cain didn't. From the noise here in. Body image that's we should he be willing to give up a second round draft pick to sign a player if you had to soak. They're calls pop they are really close I'm excited about the street or five Buster Posey Evan Longoria will be introduced her to Bay Area tomorrow and Andrew McCutcheon Koch at the judge public charter boat that slam if I if I still wasn't in this. Ice golf ahead. Blue. Get a little break here what are the little Spanish was ready when you do it does doesn't CBD out there is somebody help Obama I don't want it as I think that's Croatia's. We probably got like doctor Romo was out at the Roy exactly Edward. After we didn't talk about George bill will be eighty some steroids and an ankle we'll catch what entity Slater of the athletic criteria to do the right spot boom box and impressive against now back to the red accomplish now on 957. Game. Man yeah. It's paid. Real trouble. They're gonna call. Officials because. He is the last may the lord he went big challenge the don't buy low today. Obvious pain. Popping the slower slam in the flu I have vertigo or Tim runner. I left the door that was Steve just recent turn of events keynote speech you know Chicago. It's and legislators should enjoy this from Chicago warriors when they're Monday night after beating Cleveland Cleveland native in their Monday night Tuesday and Wednesday night. Thursday night Thursday and neither funny Houston tomorrow. For the showdown with says James Harden in the education racquets are not gonna play tonight and we'll be back so. Welcome back it's the afternoon delight and Daunte here in any size seven game Jordan Bell's injury. Last it's. I think it was an ankle when I first saw it. Looked a lot to me Dante life thief Kevin Durant injury in Washington last year in effect at eight he had that leg planted it was on the ground. And if hyper extended to me so any good here and Jim Burnett's voice during the broadcast last night NBC sports Bay Area he thought it was a neat. And anybody Poole wrote initially need it later was an ankle I don't know how he hurt his ankle. On that play I have thought. I was at the right ankle they heard because he went Downey was reaching bold but it was the left ankle it was a left leg. They played it is such an unusual. Ankle sprain. I really thought his knee hyper extent that we were looking at a left knee injury but it turned out to be left ankle injury and they are gonna MRI and I was I think it's gonna be done later on the day Anthony will. I'd be able to enlighten us I was wondering if the worse it is flying directly home and so on likely would play. The final leg of the truck trip on Saturday night Houston and orange Roger made this climb right on the day. I think they will because Anthony's latest report and it was it in verdict ankle sprain and it and I guess that's the more painful kinda ankle sprain Mexico suffered there I just knew it wasn't good pot when he loses he was laying on the ground their first played a game in animal feels armor for a show on out. The first trying to play the bulls hold 3.5 million dollar deal we know about the lawyers find attractive from Chicago Bulls. To draft Jordan though I just in people's good I'm an older than the feet below ankle or whatnot I just thought wow this season's done like that. Are ready to Chicago but late luckily for Jordan bella some ankle sprain but there's no timetable on it. And really Els talked yesterday we considered made and had Jeremiah green or Andre Iguodala and that option obviously help the big struggle yesterday at the end at the starters second quarter to gamble big runs for the bulls and then of course the start of the fourth quarter they gave up a big onto the Chicago Bulls when Jordan bill being injured. Kind of takes away from a death fear will see what happens when drew Mark Green moving forward or what they do to replace Jordan beltway the bond movies that Doug yesterday Bob and played big minutes from the warriors. Yes she did an entity Slater until Jonas coming up in moments at 1230 from Chicago covers the warriors so expertly from the F for the athletic look at is the very latest sign here in 95 cent in the any afternoon delights. I was thinking this anyway when I was watching the warriors play the cavaliers on Monday it really had nothing to do with this ankle injury I've been thinking about it throughout the entire game. I've Jordan bell. Makes great place there's no doubt he makes exciting plays that fans that enjoy and we all like he makes sports Saturn. Paula highlight shows does that mean he's a great player no it is not that there's a real difference there and there's some. Things lacking in his game that are obvious. Combined Loney is a direct opposite player I think if you could more of those two players and no one you got a hell of a player. That's somebody with bells athletic system that is not always huge economic thing and out of office because the double hip surgery they catch on but he doesn't jumpy stays down. And they've gone back to the Cleveland game where I thought they shall warriors and I I thought going into the game that they would not play Zaza Pachulia in this game. Based done what they did against the cavaliers. On Christmas. Or Zaza was cleared to play he didn't fly would have an unfair patrolmen there. And I like the fact that Stevens is doing more you know matching up with the opponents specifically in certain positions obviously. I've had to not play players Stafford or drain not indicated that center position is the one that does rotate. So I do like the fact that he started Jordan now I do I think that was a good matchup based demo we saw from Jordan against Cleveland on Christmas Day. I was all on board I couldn't wait to watch the match up I told you. Sanjay after the Clinton Cleveland game the one thing that I'd never really. Thought out before my mind before I watched them play. That is Jordan belting guard LeBron James very well. His size or their comparable players as far as size height his net lettuce is any cut him off the the past many many times and bothered but I don't think change. Thought about before the game started on Christmas that Dell might be on him. And it was an issue now let's go to an OK game on Monday. Jordan bell was awful he could not guard LeBron James stay the cavaliers had a game plan they were specifically. Going to targets Jeff curry. They're gonna get a switch were curry was on James whether it took one ball screen. Bert I double balls remember last year the finals they went to that triple screen. Do you get to match up of the warriors said it cleverly. Should know switch shot of it before they kept doing it over and over and over again that's the one match up they want to Wear their later in the game the warriors started. Just switch and then later Stefan rollback was kind of weird with they were doing they would have switched and get back often vote curry on James. The other match up that they really attacked. Well as to get Jordan bell switched gone to LeBron James Vontae and he did not cover him well. At all zero. Just could not guardian and James goes into your body's hard. This is a hard thing dashed Jordan Donna Carrie at the pac twelve defensive player of the year LeBron James that I he has just said. In in the half court he can be had and in the full court full you know and lined analyze it he's one of the best it's ever played my problem with him is when the game slows down you can beat him. But she got to avoid that matchup so what I was thinking about. And it had nothing to do with the ankle injury last night but not at the ankle injury to Jordan bells occurred Dante I'm fully on board with this now I do not want. JaVale McGee betrayed no more I think he may still need him. In certain matchups like this where bell just cannot go where he's you know got the trampoline he's jump but EC seizure DB Cooper he's. Parachuting down here to stay on the floor. He's got to get in the foul trouble and I'm not gonna count on come on loaning the playoff series he may be there come on Loney made the most improved player. I think I've ever seen and it's not an effect that he is improve because he's playing more like a lot of guys who win that award. He's improved because he's gotten better right in thinking is capable of playing the for the had thought about they call them. Now he's if he's my first big off the bench but I don't wanna count on that. So what would they get for JaVale McGee GGP traded JaVale McGee between now and the deadline what would you get back for the second round draft pick persona. It's now where do you wanna I wanna go around we keep. Around because you know would you added JaVale McGee he knows the system even though he's gonna play limited minutes you know what you have there are rather trust and then. Being a man sure because it's another thing too is. Only cast he has back and Amelie play different positions were too big minority injuries this team is dealing with right now c'mon movie. If you look good against Milwaukee Hewlett good let's try to get Chicago player whose role what he's too inconsistent for B right now and yes I don't wanna count on them in the best of seven series but it's a team like Cleveland if they match we'll Cleveland or say the Boston Celtics. Or Houston Rockets that I don't know Polycom a little leader so. Keep it JaVale McGee is probably the best thing going forward and you worry about that situation. After the season could also pop the gun and did you leave is damion Jones ready. Well Chris JB rating now you also beat up and really got to keep JaVale McGee because of his his experience in the system. And I'm mom among more with that four or something which region will be gay but I'm onboard computer tomorrow. The other was a time we said you know in Jordan bells coming out early in the year the warriors known. Doorbell was going to be Disco they probably wouldn't abroad JaVale McGee decked. But now that you're in the middle of the year. I just don't see what you can get back and and do it so. And the trading deadline has moved up a little bit now it's February the eighth as we were you know we're. Reminded of last week by San naymick from the USA today because the DeMarcus Cousins say trade if at the all star break the all these trading deadline this year is not after the all star game it's typically as it's coming up just at. Few days after the Super Bowl before they Winter Olympics start. I'd say you're the eighth at Thursday so again I I thought of this before the Jordan Mel injury last night. You really judge JaVale McGee is a useful piece I don't see. Where you wanna give them up but now I'd like that Jordan Mellon jury. We have to wonder just how long that he will be out after suffering what looked like a pretty narrowly ankle sprain last night. Good. I've broken. We're strangers so it's. Been okay. Definitely worse it's very I mean almost ran itself. Automobile a lot of I don't know it's. And slow white guys explorer OK okay there is. Whiskers got out burning. Receipt of the world so it's okay. And they got there when he played just 24 seconds you and I'm trying to block a shot to the Iraq and Robin now Robin Lopez last night he did suffer a broken foot when he was a young guy University of Oregon. I years ago so the warriors are scheduled MR IA. Jordan bell today and that left ankle a spring and Anthony Slater comes the worry so well for the athletic and all warrior gestured brought you by JBL the officials sounded. The warriors Anthony welcome back indeed we have the very latest on what's going out when George bell on the ankle injury. Oh mean like they said MRI today batter I think the most important thing the sex trade by night because that was there was concern over the break I mean you've heard of he thought he broke the action he reached down. Worried he might be touch and a bone that was kind of poke around any minute. So did the fact that it would have brought it it take bad sprain in you know when he tangles regulate other thought about it to click go so wrong way it goes great basically you know the uncommon one where it and in the text from what I understand. I think he's become the longer timetable for recovery and hurt a bit more. But side are expected to be awhile but that's that they Paramount it's not like it looked spending on his feet and I don't think because this is no break. And then the they replay we got last night and NBC sports Bay Area just didn't pan the camera the baseline camera down enough for you could actually see clearly. What he did that left foot when he landed I thought it was a knee injury to me Anthony arrive first sought then watched about several times this morning and remind me a lot of Kevin Durant. Knee injury last year in Washington where. The leg was was so what I call posted it. You know planted on the ground and it almost like work with with KG it was his own teammate rolling and human hybrid extending it. Bet it looked like when. They'll landed after trying to block the shot his leg foot planted at any hyper extended his name back so I was more worried. About the the neat so exactly what did he do it was left ankle on this play Anthony. Yeah you know we got the Chicago beat nick I think I'm pretty good look at it but it actually reminded me of a of oh. Zetterberg Arab better I'm happy to right where Burke. Scored Hayward skater but not obviously not nearly as bad we're like you know that ankle couldn't twit too but just his ankle when he landed I think. Lopez that might not be new army air traffic center mop about it and he just landed on one foot and ankle just. Bent inward a little bit you know like be not a normally goes straight up the steps curry ankle sprain where our work it bent inward. And you know men either color quickly grabbed that it that's kind of I mean maybe the description you want to. Yeah I did anything about this injury George bell. Thank you mr. could be out for awhile maybe a month maybe six weeks what is England you're I don't know how how much a timetable be here but. He had to do it now with all the JaVale McGee rumors you know last month. They probably one maturation bill McKee but now without Jordan bell holes going to be that big you think. Coming off the bases c'mon I'm only going to get these consists of minutes or do you see Bob Myers when I'm trying to make a move to bolster the bigs off the bench. Oh I mean look it's been two bodily pain even before the dark about your enemy was really good walk he. Bell played obviously started Cleveland but before that ballot at 2 PMP in a row when looting was playing it. I've belt out bed in the Cleveland game early in the third quarter we lose in love. We don't know what he wooded obvious here today though the first play of the game but. Looney quickly shut bid for a pick looney like birdies. And yeah I have put 33. I didn't play really well by an inch speaker of the Kamal moon up. I would expect in the kind of slide into a that role that he was not you know kind of party was taking over at least briefly for you never know occurred rotation but. I do velvety you know he. All. Spot in the pecking order but at this point so think he'd be out there rotation kind of report center on with everyone's help because I think your mom greens client. I don't think military develop not sure they're going to anyways. I still think the cracker would be depicting ban on the roster to be 83 point guard not make that senators picks senator but the problem at this point is. Damion Jones told one of these fifteen boxers Bachmann. Do they believe he can contribute yet because that he can't then you would rather have a quick cook over there a JaVale McGee that. It spelled out and still don't believe in Damien yelled that yet you kind of need to. At this later joining us from the athletic in Chicago at Torrey assurances once a week here and any size seven the game in the afternoon delight. What do you think the warriors would have gotten back for JaVale me because I was thinking about not trading and even before this injury occur when I was watching him just get abused by James they kept attacking him and Martin Luther King Day on Monday. Anyway PG even if you if you put your veil back on a lot of for whatever reason you wanted to bring Jones up or bring a third point guard and you couldn't get more than a second round pick your some could have. Now. You know arguably one of them on and no well for the Washington Post thank you have to add a second round pick to give them away. It basically be yet you know he'd take senate salary is. But he wanted to free agency this off season and didn't get a contract in the neck and it shows you. The tepid market to pull it out there or and so I mean maybe if you might Milwaukee like desperate for a senator or you know another team. Possibly at a background pick to get a bit they deployed not get somebody that it might help a little bit more and exit to mommy just about fell last season. Really only count it perfectly on the warriors when when they were pronto value options garden course appropriately for McCurry out there. But other than bad I mean there's a reason he was sick. You know all in who have non Derrick he created when the when the warriors pick up Obama brought you to literally couldn't get a contract whose numbers go up. They're really not that much interest are probably. Can't they come playoff time even though Loney is playing great he's had a great road trip in bella so athletic as chief Kurz partial to veterans come playoff time I don't know if you want apartment JaVale McGee whether or not. Phil's gonna they had a long time so we we will seek to sometimes the MRIs to show things differently. Then then the X ray at you know if there is the warriors are gonna fly. They'll back Obama he's obviously not gonna fly did you see you rather have your doctors look at and they SAT you know if he's coming back today. And just how many weeks do you think we're we're looking now with this kind of deal after what they were talking about last night after the game hasn't. Hey it's not a 100% but I you know I think he's still there with the team. They did not practice later practice in Chicago tomorrow before they go to Q and we may get a little availability later that the all star voting structure at least so maybe you'll know more. I don't have opinions who. We give a timetable that Larry you like you said in MI can reveal some type of had been wrecked Korea problem that we don't know I mean are we know how to break it. It could be something within that ankle that my great. I would you don't crowd who are writing their walking boot licking creek alert went staff went down it. New Orleans in what was that about four weeks or so I think that vital Lowe went to a bow will fit maybe 34 weeks. I mean it may be longer because buckets and I think that was the EU high ankle sprain the worst kind medical term. So you know it cannot be careful of so I'd be deprived beat him or at all our break out. And you mention the all star voting today in the afternoon after were off Sierra to find out the all star starters going to be announced they have. Yeah. Not only to Tel plus starter but the all star captain. Calculus is parent that I will be televised for some reason the draft. Could you tell us. But they do so. Judy let obviously it's gonna be either courier around you the Sunni Shiite. I highly doubt Harden made that big jumped to overtake those two so. I talk to the Milwaukee earlier this road trip and direct say he really doesn't want you captives that says he's down to beat after let's. They are the two deciding it may be Kevin Durant beat out that spurred a lot of religious and ethnic. Yeah heavily you know it's also interesting is the way the voting has started last year's 50% fan voting minister 25% media 25%. Coaches is it'll lock. That's Jeff curry will start this all star game. I think it'd be cat so it makes so locker belief is that not what they at Boca that the company captain. And not YouTube become captain if you get spam but around the get out the news media coaches. You get it captain obvious starter had. I BA we asked by the rules that they laid out you could be. Out there well because there's there's there's there's two different things they eat the captain is based on the same boat but they changed it last year ever staffed. Did very poorly among the players and very poorly among the coaches much to my surprise heart and Westbrook are way out. In front and I think staff is better than Westbrook this year and cardinal good ones but I don't think it's a lock necessarily. A bad start slow starting. I think part of the reason no Westbrook got I don't know what it was haven't. Our paraded to fiscal year last year just caring that under team now has the story line of both during and just leave it. And I thought there this year but are kind of disappointed a lot of weight took I would say he's pretty much a lock. And the military like they talk about the captain Driscoll to choose the other eight starters urged. I've got whom he get that I'm wrong captain spot in bad did happen as a starter. Can't finish two different things left explain a little bit later on it is possible were not be if they get the players. And it coaches instill that Westbrook way ahead of staff it's a weighted system. Just saying they use last year the key thing is going to be drain on. If he could sneak in as a starting front court that would give the warriors three starters Martinez had three starters since Moses Malone and the you don't jockey and any Andrew Tony laid back or by actually is Maurice Cheeks back in 83. But just a quick note Andre and I'm shoulder because you're the first one to really teach L one it started back in late October. Usually it's the same right shoulder that's from problematic was it weird for drain I was going out of their children today. You know it's just sort executive after the game at Cleveland. Eddie actually yesterday after shootaround at Chicago a couple of with the truck beside me just. He's sable table playing so hard some of these game they used it kind of beat up and he didn't watching yesterday good. After some hockey seeded to the team and had a little blue draped on him you know you've got all pure upon but it just. It is good to kind of keep it weak spot oft stated. His body well I it would cost too with those two particularly the warriors really shouldn't be cautious with right now. It just I would expect so to really get sporadic. Ought stated that the FISA vote off. Through how. How how many days have you that in Chicago Knology get there Tuesday morning. Yes so what do that whether Thursday leaving tomorrow. It's it's by federal which we have units across. Stay indoors or Saturday bar is alienating Chicago insanity or anything show. Enjoy yourself we'll talk to you next week can't legislator from the athletic thank you Matt. Or are they sent him there. It's another voting isn't as possible staff is that we went through this last year the AIG that I was really close very I think he had to start to -- some of the better season and then look they had the lawyers haven't lost since what November 27 instead step displayed a -- -- you -- -- him we don't all like yeah yeah that's staffing is missed fifteen games this year he realized that he had to realize that at -- players do not remember we went through the voter IQ your players are -- celebration that's hardly had any votes after hard and Westbrook are -- and he -- I think he will start to game and that's saying it's a guarantee game might not be a guarantee there wouldn't be surprised but now I would be surprised if he wasn't started to be honest with you gotta be just in the players that I -- nobody there especially -- -- in the -- I'm just saying it's possible. And based on what town in Ohio decidedly the other guys tired and Westbrook win the the player vote that would be interesting to see here Logan sedan later Bob we let's apply shelves here. Else in April 12 here and air to the delight public bonds and I'm 57 game. Now after the great accomplish yelled. On 957. Big game. Nissan deep drops to supplement. The fire to the right side Mike it's yeah. Catch Jalen during a and I get a gap assignments are here we'll get to know more tomorrow. He's got to cover I've Gradkowski. Can AFC title game the Jacksonville Jaguars did not play as much man coverages I think they should it. Because they have tremendous man coverage skills and their secondary ABC and open up their hips and they play a lot of cover three and bail with their guys are so good changing direction they Jalen Ramsey Dante. Is the one human being on this earth. That is long enough she wrong enough. Fast enough tough enough. To guard one on one Rob Gronkowski show whether you wanna play a box and one at deacons own the way from hammock. I really would foot jail and Ramsey found Rob Gronkowski from the start times. Cool cool I like it for mercy Haiti and the way I like it but I think we're gonna see jail whereas you shadow branding coach a little bit resumed shadow personal but that's the measure up. I think they look I. Think they'll try to put Tobin Smith on block at time wholesaler cows Jack at times cannot cover the Jalen Ramsey must take got a son don't you know what it says if it jailer Reggie can play LeBron collecting pledges best corner in football. The AJ boy aids a top five cornerback and it was surprising I mean did the study put up Sunday just a Steelers AJ boy hadn't given up a touchdown to lead please don't feel proud that Sunday. It took over a score some touchdowns on AJ boy you really tight coverage couldn't wait any better because girls. Antonio Bryant could not run at all and may be the most impressive game ever senior receiver. He could not run. He was limping the entire game his late ball skills catching the ball late. When completely covered for a guy did so in and out fast and straight line fast I I love Antonio routed Nick Diaz is sent to the number one wide receiver in football. I've never been more impressed by any receiver and the performance he laid on. Over the weekend it was just numbing but let's just go to the game show quickly. We both took Atlanta over Philadelphia. And the game would have turned out they had played both had Julio Jones not slipped in that was the play it was a sprained right. I would have liked to seen Matt Ryan keep them alive we could just tuck it and run it. But they did jump out on that end it in over jailing mills is susceptible to the double most. Just got his arm and I Julio Jones is back in fell down he just cannot go down in that situation Ryan amazingly. Came back to him. And still got the ball in his hands at a coffee he caught that you kept his feet down at that Julio Jones Vontae for a guy that is so good French 18 it's 18. Why is she not better inside the red zone while light falling down. No idea one for eighteen immigrants always targeted Julio Jones will that this season that's incredible and I love the first down play to first and goal play at the nine yard line. First down yeah I would love to see toolbar it's having Coleman or Dovonte for me it's a small but a lot to play call you have Julio Jones won a one run the fade route. The best man when you have the best receiver possibly in football are he'll be a full ball Julio Jones so all of that play call. The problem I had pop. Was a second down play call you run a shovel pass to your third string running back although like the seat Coleman or freely getting carried air to get some yardage air inside denied they were more than that night balance Ahmed tried. Adults are accusing got a little too cute Derek on the second down play and that ultimately cost them the game are the problem with the sprint right option play on fourth down we saw earlier is rumored Thursday. That those are my game gets a Kansas City Chiefs should be in the game we saw Jerry Rice making career out of that split. The second down play really bugs me popped it really really bug. Yeah that is Schable any. Either reason your monitor these Lester back is they're not looking forward to choose they were all over that Philadelphia's interior front is really ferocious spoke. Julio Jones has got to stay upright a lot of that I blame is that field at Lincoln Financial Field because I was there on Christmas night. It is just mangled it is a bad football field that looks terrible on TV in a place a lot of the guys were slipping. Andy this Saturday night game I mean America's Mario got the double move the I'm Malcolm Butler got the touchdown to Corey Davis to open and then Tony romo's trying to build a whole night that. Tennis she can do this that that really date they do not have the personnel Tom Brady was so on point. But at Jacksonville. And in Jacksonville she's gonna stick defense is suing you when I get a whole dissertation from Alameda lately or before they play the niners. How does the new steel curtain are great at every level. Perhaps they give a 42 points there how did they give a forty forward to tonight or not they're usually offensive personnel he just can't allow that. And I lady unveil is so good in his contested catch what the legal ourselves and they're not Calvin Smith. And then you know Antonio brown and then was so on point but if you're that good of defense and I think you are. You can't give up 42 points to anybody which leads me to can they slow down knowing that enough. Partly I'm thinking that knew that this is a defense that can bother Tom Brady. Now we got the report this hand injury. Suffered in practice yesterday and I wonder who that guy is there get the quarterback's hand ballot check may cut them right off the they feel this big matches the football team in May get a lot of Massachusetts. Put him over the lighthouse and never see him again. And will they be able to play with a glove I go back to Derek are last year when he injured his finger and went to Kansas City did not Wear a glove Jeff Garcia will join us in the next hour. And also I think he will maybe Wear a glove for this game depending on the severity. Peyton Manning did not like to Wear a glove earlier in his career but then in Denver he realized especially in January games that he. You need to Wear a glove and take was able to teach himself to do that I don't know. But the other part that is intriguing. The NFL is gonna have those football's under lock and key because if you ever wanted to take a little air. Got a football the quarterback you're laughing but I think that's the reason he did it initially the reason you want the they football's deflated. Is to grip the ball better and why do you put a glove on your hand to grip the ball better if he's got an academy and injuring Jeff Garcia. We'll be able to speak to that when he joins us coming up about 1 o'clock hour bond tape that. If he's off just a little bit in his game and I would put I said Jim Ramsey on Barack I think you need Bolton goes inside linebackers to match up. With both of their running backs in case Lewis and wider in the game simultaneously a Birkhead comes back. Most linebackers can man up the back so you put miles Jack on wanna tell them Smith on the other you play nickel the entire game. And you put jailer Ramsey on Iraqi don't wanna double anybody with Tom Brady because of this go to the open guy and he can shift the coverage you gotta be able to take rockaway. They don't play a lot of man but that's the matchup I would look for Australian Ramsey had to take Rob Gronkowski ascended. Okay and Jack slowed as paid Tuesday June down I mean if they offensively I think is gonna come down and portals make a more throws he made some third down throws last week played exceptional football and about what reporters doing it right down the field first let's let's little boy we have a ball game here he stuck to their roots ran the ball format to play action vessels Culkin but. Belichick he saw what he did last week the Mario Eddie that quarterbacks by around portals will not be able to get out of out pocket. They got to that they got to generate some offense is not gonna just be remedied this will be the defense will be OK a to go apart pressure on Tom Brady. They can't what they're fraught. Interior crucial especially but it's also only ultimately gonna come down played portals and make it's and girls here in case you make girls for the second straight week. Heck the third straight week really did afford the one pro baseball clubs order they're only touchdown and a ball game candidly portals do what if fox were Australian pop. Now Gillette Stadium I would say no we cannot let their wives are earlier he played superbly in this game as well as I I've seen him play but and Hackett Nathaniel Hackett Paul Hackett son. I just texting Bruce Gradkowski during the game I thought Nathaniel Hackett had an amazing game plan the entire game in particular the first drive. Other game be used a whiff of the field. And give mortal some clean looks outside of the China and the one we went down low below his ankles to make the catch he really spread out the Pittsburgh Steelers. Defense and that came out on Hackett was really on point this is a whole different animal this is a Bill Belichick. I don't I don't know I would lean on lettered for Nat who I came away liking a lot more. In this the last game because his Ford leaned Vontae is really impressive tech I guess four yards. Just about every play because he runs so physically tough. Any just leans forward. All the time I really think if you get into a situation. We are facing a second down in seven. And heck it's got to be thinking let's let's try to Iran's right let's just let's try to get to third in three. And run this big boy again on third and three concede the way he leans forward it's not so much is tackle breaking which is special. But he's always leaning forward even when you think he's gonna get full range is set targets of four yards. Now you look like to LSU winner for Medicare he was spry he was fresh he was running hard and he made a statement and that it's for game song with you there run the ball first and second down deep debt clock key Tom Brady. On the sideline that's your best formula to beating the New England pages here you listen and a 957 game. KG MZF emanates he won several Siskel and don't forget folks you can join us up to fit they.