Greg Papa Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, January 12th

Papa and Bonta are joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors Color Analyst). We cover The NFC/AFC Playoffs, Giannis and the Bucks ahead of Warrior game tonight, and get an update on Curry's ankle. 


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Please okay. Then all you do is stop I don't know if I'm okay. Okay. Did indeed land this news from the Tories suck the warriors. Larry just how. And we sound good but. It's a really good. Now the line from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco skyline it's crystal clear advantage. You might want to take. Julio a little time. Here if you're an NFL fan and there raiders niners are playing there. This weekend these jobs the bad notices that a little while maybe next year maybe years earlier Harbaugh two years ago two years ago. Did you see him get there just it's. Let the matter we don't need the 49ers and raiders to play this weekend because this. Is the weekend last weekend was a mere. Appetizer. The wild card teams there. Are worth looking at buffalo and men there this century. We're down Tyrod Taylor we select look at Blake portal hull so it is unquestionably this weekend to me is better. And championships Sunday. It's way that is in the Super Bowl and the reason it's better. There's two days of this we have a full slate tomorrow and we have a full slate on Sunday so we're gonna get surety for NFL football. Or look at certain must have been curious right ankle again he's not going to play. Tonight surge embargo be joining us from Milwaukee coming up patrol thirty Kelenna Azubuike is in mrs. saga Ontario Canada. Watch in the G leaguers I saw Quinn cook play the other day that he has been some and they got untrue. Customs Monsanto warriors have to go back through customs and I to get to Toronto but Quinn cook is back so we'll get in the staff Currie but one also go to. Educate the audience how to pronounce correctly the Greeks she freaks lad named first of all. His first language Jeff Van Gundy struggles with the honest in his last night on this. Fandango poll that could be at she could be. It's pretty close and had a ripple it's a pillow I'll explain what color single yeah Stewart is that guy's been in the weight room he can play any NFL. But let's start with the NFC side of the playoffs nominates the AFC side. At 1248 so the NFC actually starts our weekend and it ends. Our weekend unless you start. When Atlanta first of all the NFC I think is why do. Wide wide open opened so I'll be as the number one seed. I know nick falls did not play well he did play well coming off the bench and LA played well to beat the giants did not play well against the raiders on. They're not quite well is cowboys theater is short stood there did that awful did not but there's still a really solid football team they do have secondary issues. I love the New Orleans Minnesota game I think the winner of that game may when the NFC yeah I'm also here it's idea they Atlanta Falcons could still row on the board here and go to the Super Bowl they're that strong. That defense is really strong popular defense has improved on every level beyond Jones in the middle crafty she is our he might he's moving up our charge is one of the best linebackers are fall ball he's making plays he snuffed out Todd Gurley he was there to stick home. God he he put out elbow tomorrow but there isn't a football game to intercession against Drew Brees and occurs in a game. DR Jones is playing at a high high level it seems dangerous and I do believe. That Atlanta can go in the Philadelphia when meg games for us with the way that falls is struggling Matt Ryan going back home the Phillies a three point favorites are pop sort of public there always at Atlanta's gonna win this game. They don't believe the next folds and Carson away and so doesn't chairs ACL and that turned jive and in the end zone Mark Barron I think Philadelphia does go to the Super Bowl but Ted. Not gonna happen at DR Jones and I think I think Ellen you said that I immediately went particularly. Intent and no one. TI jones' right there they're they're they're different Luke weekly has great instincts for Deion Jones from the interception in the end zone against Drew Brees. To a play made against Greg Olsen the plays he's making against Todd Gurley and down the field with Sammy Watkins and he really is irrational. Well let's just let's just start with the game and it will kick off tomorrow at 135. Our time and NBC will have again and so let Al Michaels and Chris Collins worth on the call Mike to Rico. You stop watching figure skater exec Carly came out unless the other days well I missed the Al wild card round because I was don't figure all that SAT sitter what what do you just wasn't very. Good I'm kidding I love figure skating. I love that movie what Will Ferrell oil wells are tons of glory to glory that's flat that's the figure skating got the triple Lutz triple Lutz your ass and that was hurt us anyway. Atlanta. Philadelphia. Now. This I think is gonna be really good football game if Carson once does play I would I would favor Philadelphia. But this is a big difference so I you know that a lot of times you just go into it. And the quarterback position really looms large in play off games there are other factors obviously Philadelphia's. Front true I call on the phone for a coma front page is ferocious. But Atlanta's front four and they have said dad they're defensive line is very close to Philadelphia's. Or Philadelphia as a major. Problem. Is there young cornerbacks and I saw all year and he sought on Christmas night to marry Cooper took advantage of Jalen mills on the double move Ronald Darby on the decide. I think they need to add more yes the one thing how he rose Mindanao properly address is they're secondary. I like their linebackers are like they're frauds but I I think Matt Ryan will be able to carve that out. Philadelphia's got a really good running game I honestly I'm torn with this game but I think. I think I would take Atlanta to be Philadelphia senator Patrick what do you think. You have taken out went into and I feel bad because her remains from Philadelphia we'll probably gonna wash your game together he's gonna be losing his mind minutes of the game. It's gonna drive me crazy. I really wanna next seem to have Carson wins because I saw when Carson winced went down. They all cried the city of Philadelphia was devastated because they felt like this was a year now you're surf nick falls he's gonna act makes it passes. Al Shara Jeffrey can make some plays all Torrey Smith do a Nelson at Allard has had a breakout season in young man at a USC in the slot. Whatever and it's playing defense so hard bounce theory poll has made a difference crede Jarrett we saw Gregg Jarrett in the Super Bowl sat Tom Brady three times here. It's deep it's playing at a high high level and Julio Jones. Is that difference maker Julio Jones Obama salute their starter come along. How effectively can now when a wonderful ball Walt. Tell the story of this game to Vontae premier Kevin Coleman probably the best 12 punch in football now when Garret blunt Jay John you'll probably laugh at that but they haven't utilized age I we solid drive and it's a rigorous. Where they went right down the field ran it right down rainstorms have scored a touchdown after that they're run games is nonexistent pop. So whoever is more committed to the running game at more consistent with the running game I think we'll win this game that the pitching will be Atlanta. You know once they I was thinking about late in the year when I was in Philadelphia on Christmas night. Was and it was so cold iMac I grew up in buffalo I've been a lot of cold games that came a combination of the cold and the wind. Was just bone chilling had a lot Thurman called dirty game that was really it was no hourly that night. So that the one thing is the other three teams that are still alive more than over the New Orleans Minnesota side of it. Those are dome teams Atlanta and obviously a New Orleans and Minnesota are don't change I was looking at the weather and how impacts fall that would be. What does. The weather today in Philadelphia looks like a 64 degree murder right it's sixty reporters everything available in my iPhone and it's Amaro says forty women degrees. It's not just died January the twelfth on look at a jewel in the twelfth right there's no way of 64 degrees doesn't think Chris is sort of going all right now. Tomorrow will be 442 series. So today you told teams played outdoors I do factor added as well which is why team New Orleans has birther shot against Minnesota don't edits of defense. Told she's played outdoors when it proved last week it played tough Fred steep one outdoors not a weather was great but more 42 degrees. That's perfect for Atlanta 42 kickoff is supposed to be fifteen degrees the low. Got to get idiot Dave Roberts my friend I'm from W dvi work and my brother for years in Philadelphia there's no way a 64 degrees right now in Philadelphia is that right. I mean that's and they're right on through our other well Arkin the western generals before right now right now going to be fifteen. From the park or that I look differently now. So it. So the game will kick off at 430. Philadelphia attack so by the time you know you get deeper and again and certainly in the second half it's going to be a night game. So what Woolsey about the wind and I think that's. And one thing about nick foals and I was on a trust for him at all I was at times been. You know you wanna bring up well you know he threw 29 touchdown passes vs two interceptions what year was that 2013. Girls all thought he hasn't played a lot. He LA they do you got hurt the next year they traded and he went to Saint Louis she went to Kansas City and backed up he just looks like a guy. It was a little bit also I think we're both on board take in Atlanta I'm looking at the weather tomorrow 1 o'clock he should be 32 degrees in Philadelphia in the world drop. There at the low again tomorrow and game probably 3130 degrees so cold. But Matt Ryan falcons the way they're built pop they can handle that its but it is 64 announces. Before it comes to satisfy your kick that is weird and presidential shows there's no global. If that's American you know what he said no no no I could not least I could not even tolerated anywhere well enough. They had a game which I really think is going to be the game. New Orleans. Against Minnesota so they they had all stars are great weekend and Atlanta Philly. Tomorrow 135 our time and then Sunday at 140 the second game of the doubleheader. Our Jacksonville Pittsburgh in the morning is going to be New Orleans Minnesota. This is a I wanna see Drew Brees try to solve Minnesota's defense. Honestly I'm doing on third down Drew Brees is so good on third down in Minnesota their defense is allowing I think it's 25%. This year on third down I wanna see him dealing with barn Kendrick in the again now we saw this match up the first game of the year Monday Night Football. I'm protection uterine again there Sam Bradford he made three throws in that game consecutively and I think we're the best I've ever seen any quarterback play. Now first of all the best ever see that play and I learned how to play dead Tucker who's a backup to Martin case Cano. You gonna be Teddy Bridgewater don't know yet Orson brown and financial. So that is Mariucci soon afterward quarterbacks are big Sam Bradford. I don't know who you make tobacco because case can depends on what do do you have a situation like Alabama sixth consecutive struggles worst and know that yet sent Casey struggled the first happy that the Tebow big game nor does is doubt is my zipper pull the trigger go back the draft from Bridgewater you're assuming Keenan does not play a doubt this will be the eye on the night out there on the better than we've. Again this is the moment of truth we've been building for this all year and now. Case can you really flag can you ought to win a playoff game and New Orleans and Dennis Allen by the way it is a coordinator. They are locked in airplanes so well that Marchand Lattimore all bad fears that its this one that I I I think the winner of this game advances to the Super Bowl the problem I have is Minnesota play and essentially a home schedule all the way to the Super Bowl bothers me greatly. So I'd like to see them lose at some point you are doing like this franchise gone back to French art and gym bud grant. But I just wanna see the match up of for the running game I'm Aaron Ingram against Minnesota's defense domain that punishing third down. Third and four honesty Drew Brees against those corners that. Or are you dressed very whales are gonna look at the Alexander Jay your roles. Harrison Smith probably he's he's up there for dvd player to your player very high level is game's gonna be a lot of fun oh you know you real quick I don't. Well I'm so dominant tech knowledge high technology I think Minnesota but I really it's a 5050 gay measure we got alana and I got knowledge know who. And so the New Orleans were mostly NFC title and accidentally happened your dad would be in the superdome wow holy also look at a price that's a good politician he's let prescription medicines I didn't do organizers are Super Bowl 47 I think we Seattle had to travel to Minnesota but we gotta talk about. JB will come out on the other side purity afternoon the latest problem budget every 57 game. Now back to the red carpet show on 957. Big game. Yeah even okay. An alternative to corn mole on Kelly's. Most college you could've holed from. Who fall. Rosie order and I yeah. Aren't you pasta. I did take on Barkley stay off a Marv Albert but that was mar. Yacht has finally breaks are less sure they still serve again. And then Marv Albert the greatest choice in the history of the NBA completely mental says it's record perfect itself. He is becoming a monster player he's big and strong the warriors are gonna play him. Coming up tonight and we are gonna have a look clash on how to I think he's. He's probably the best player. That is ever played in American sports that is really I remember when I first saw his name on today I was like Marvin might not common sense that I practiced holding the shark. So first of all the first name. Edgy honest although I have heard it. Jeff Van Gundy even scroll up his first name in column G honestly think this island GA GF like yard gain. So you got this is how you say his first name he is from Nigeria he did grow up in Greece so you got a combination or and that's why. The actual pronunciation of the last name is confusion and I've heard the reason I bring this up is I've heard announcers say it differently all. This time are just mangled at Berkeley mangled it. The way. John is pronounces her spells his last name. He's eight and she. ET. OK. OEU and Emma EO. Did you then I had a headache for resale and I would have dealers who was the derivation but okay can you usually that's Anderson this Africa trip all right so because it goes. Eight and see people think it's unchecked on technical ball the actual when you look at the Milwaukee Bucks. I game notes the way it is spelled phonetically is not dead tech whom bowl. What they dean in the beginning after the and I'd be at the end it. Other source is spelled differently than it's actually pronouncing wanna take this slowly with a bang there will be honest deck crumble I did a good ball once a deep. And then MBA at the end. But that I have heard even the voices of the boxing great Gus Johnson and Jim passed in Marcus Johnson they go back and forth and I'm like. How do you actually say this guy's name because he is a monster. That I may say right now. He is a jump shot away from being the best player in the NBA I honestly. But he's never gonna get that jump shot is going to be LeBron James junior but look at today at the moment. But last year exactly from the guy most people just column you're honest and agreed freak. Let's exactly hear from the man himself he just turned 23 years of age in December the war's gonna play in the night. Beyond this would you please pronounce your last name for the world so we know how to pronounce this great player's name. On June way he does seems to be Sosa identical involved but in the equation he's in his head and see that nonsensical ball. There's always the same last name. What have you what have you got to just say no this doesn't crumble. Say my name saying my name her surrogate dad so he's such a nice guy he's a likable Nigerian way is with the and needing to get into the end that is actually I think the Nigerian way as the and then I don't get it going bold agenda grumble the deadly combo and edit compile the data going Boldak rumba again and I don't go ahead and zoom yeah. About Panetta combo Panetta whom all the identical great why they come Barbara Bowen for my my favorite Britain Greek wedding. It's sad that it's ten like cool ball. As ever so he all he. So that's why would you say to all the great players in the history of American sport whose name is a mangled the most oh yes absolutely thrilled no doubt about it also announcers don't touch it sure I would certainly just started say again this year that McCain is just say it fat or try to get blood everything it an act of which flotilla say lol can't say law. I added the best thing that gets a Pittsburg I I just have a new president and general and get a new ball and headed the ball solid and well you wanna say the Nigerian way it's. TNT. Got we got it got it yeah honestly could be on a cause is being gay rights who as I said tonight. Is it just sort we see a synagogues and RC has been an iron. The CS and. Just stop but Bart. Mama but this car. Marvelous marvelous did you Busch Series and LA did get a difficult golf. It's homeowners should actually I thought or not I'm not laugh and stop that I darkly. I should serve better as safe Social Security or drive it well in general these young Israeli Jews for Gordon got hit a viral ballot pseudo Soledad good group photo valid judicial Pelletier good lord is willow got I may I may cunning linguist six. He's here we. Jolie did trouble until I was headlined by the word unity are all at a Catholic function and type how the network's senior spent opens wind all England and England Boe hopeful for the most Catholics I know I was I do is behind the company's goal of my kids went there. Oh sure quite where this goals treasurer pop a way that they thought I was I was a junior. Signaling auctioneer I refer to him was a cunning English or in any event we're gonna go from a better Kubel Tim Allen sure initial anyway. Watch a lot of the Milwaukee Bucks dashed back to the plate and Iowa get to the lowdown on what's going on when there's but his ankle Jim Barnett will join us in a little bit. Yeah this is just he's second in the league in scoring by Jay's averaging nearly 29 points a game he's had ten rebounds a game is at four point six. As cystic game. The one thing he is woeful. Easing cannot shoot any shooting on the three this year 25%. But this guy is 611 I think he may even be longer. He is so athletic member went off about Kevin Durant look at G Andre Jordan the guys this guy is a better athlete than Kevin Durant by far. I don't think there's ever gonna that an athlete his sides are on earth. There is ever had the movement skills and he is put on so much weight. In his upper body and interact with skinny when he came in any added thirty pounds I don't know how much he's put in his upper body. But that doesn't actually make you shoot a basketball only bettered his major problem is. He cannot shoot the ball at all. Obviously Wimbledon I don't know improved a jump shot I mean they have elicited 212 to 22 no I wasn't out there and he's he's 235 very listen nice to post cereals limit to 35. I don't know but all this 29 points a game he scores and get ready for this seventeen points a game he scores in the paint. Seventeen who so just take its free throws out so how many points somebody baskets easy making it outside of the paint. I remember James the first time the warriors some of the NBA finals that year he shooting percentage outside the paint and I have had you know memorize exactly but it was alarmingly awful. It was like high twenties low thirties like it is Tillman get to the pain can't score. And -- issues and if he's averaging seventy points a game. He's 29 so he's got twelve in total estimated six free throws in game six for girls and I can shoot baskets three baskets outside the paint. So tonight and say how Simmons like tricks just sort of make it and Simmons is ugly he want to try it I thought made a fatal way your street gives Boston senate only real way in London and London blew me away hit it feels ugly but he hit a baseline jumper from about fifteen feet out I was shocked. Shocked yeah so the point tonight mr. rants obviously injuring non. Two great rim protector she shot blockers and even later in the game they'll try people Jordan Delaware a little bit whether or high ball screen Nelson Don maker and John Henson director bigs are a lot of high ball screen with their point guard Eric Bledsoe now on. They're pretty good now Malcolm Robin comes off the bench they have to do here I was just thinking Mustapha now playing in ninety staff's stopper Donovan to overhaul. Stop awful to see what he did the other night to really deal that was popular wall one of let me just close line -- tricks did you see that they got this let's say it was a good it was a don't watch acted a fool Elizabeth and everything it was a Jack Jack Jack Tatum clothes line. What's it like the guy from Alabama 48 who calls like yes they're coming in jail or not play football presently in this is not Aussie rules football and any event. Yeah honest is that good he's just again I don't know I know some guys to serving Jim played actually is serving Jamar no Jonas coming up a little bit here. He played visually is serving in Irving because he was just such a great doctors fans were so big. He could not shoot the ball Julius was a bad shooter I don't know the honest salmon so big and long and strong now if it's because his hands are too big he just does not shoot the ball well. So after 29 puts engaged in the rebounds and four to have to assist. This is insane. This is insane what's one or higher return potential longer Murdoch from the Bay Area news group who was there deceased that's injury. I talk to someone's day I guess we're not gonna get near the mobile will get us someplace nobody CNET you know the warriors we I we have a car circular camera crew and their committees she's forced mayor in a they were rolling and it seemed like it was over and the warriors said. Don't have any video David Anthony Slater we asked yesterday this is becoming a little bit of a problem. Because of the fact that. He this is the same ankle now and he's not gonna play tonight so they said it wasn't a big deal they were all confident he'd be able to go but they have ruled stuff out. Fortune not against Milwaukee maybe you'll play tomorrow night against the Toronto Raptors were Jim Martin is gonna join us here 957 game. Here on on the afternoon the lunch Barnett here yet. I don't telephone JB JD's finger around Milwaukee had a beer right now. All the old Milwaukee unity underwater vehicles trichet Google's have you ever been a major goals if I ever men there fast I used to have when I was in Milwaukee I'd have I wouldn't go to the hotel room I go right to measure goes resume when they all placed America. The new place is not far DB Mo terrorists Bradley Center and actually last year the planet they played says fifty years the Bucs have been resilient indoor arena no arena next June 30 and final year that buildings existence. The Mecca was right there as well and we used to set an orange are now we should stay right across the street from major goals beast which is the coolest sports bar. One of the best generate keys is the best spent. That's right across history from the hotel and Don Nelson when he was coach in the warriors was obviously big in Milwaukee so major goals raises the place Reggie Jackson got a new situation there. And Charles Barkley picked up a guy control over what darva and by the way they play the game at the back of the shirt this ball so they know that I saw that earlier was on TNT and Kevin Harlan had the caller we found out Jim Barnett it was. Maybe having a late lunch in major goals faces major goals bays in Milwaukee by the way James still exist. It's still it's still there and I've been here a few years so it's a little too cold walk on to well this morning was eighteen degrees I think it's a little cooler now. But just. You're you're telling me that. Charles Barkley got a fighting major gold react to that the bad sensitive to connect biggest sports bar in Milwaukee. In fact that I do I recall he picked up the guy any throw them right through there at the front window of the plate glass window and Ernie got a big charge Reggie Jackson I think years ago. Got into a situation where you're writing music it's a great sport throws tell the fans and Dante in the audience that I used to go there or Don Nelson. When he was coaching the warriors you probably were there as well in Chama hold court in George Don as you know Danielle so popular Milwaukee from coach in the box so. Exactly what. It's interesting because I. Look on the matter we have different so like Lowell locale where I am could we change hotel you're devastated this and it'll tell option. To Cancun hotel and a little a little ways away. Trumpet probability. Half a mile or so to major goldmans from here but. I I noticed when I look at the map and look at questions around what have you. They have a Snickers bar and restaurant. Victor's bar and restaurant is still here. It was here on in 196768. Our expansion San Diego rockets because I used to go to Jack man he liked the place and and I never pick up anybody and troop learned I picked up a cup. Oh wait I thought. But inside inside Kilborn avenue gym I'm never going to visitors every time we could know what it's until. It's still here and I have to say we changed from the sister hotel. Which kind of makes me out a little sentimental about that because the sister hotel was here in Milwaukee and we always skater were all the teams that play not including the warriors including the next and so I would felt kinda connected that I was still. When we come back to Milwaukee or were staying the same hotel that we should stage. When I was a player many many years ago so now that that's gone so that's the last hotel that I was ever gonna as a player and also as they've. Broadcaster for the warriors so that's kind of sentimental value there. And I am going off on hotels and lodging in bars and restaurants alone here but did that one thing about the hotel sister to sister hotel. I can never fall asleep there because you know about the the oh rumors about it being haunted by ghosts yeah. What about it you're not can't he's a guy that's had a little chance for a perfect and I know what it's our team that was that was the road there are actually I think it was Tim Duncan. Other spurs when I was there would not stay at the sister hotel because of the whole taunted by go steal. Put it and it got the same syndrome in local city at the nicest hotel in the chase so you know rockets hit the nicest hotel. But any rate the warriors on area very daunting. But road trip starting with Milwaukee and I could have very good home team and I was playing better ball the last twenty games. This is like the second best record it has happened achievements since 2000 and no one I'd believe. It's. It's they've got some players not just started to come public Chris Middleton. Malcolm bought them. Brought in the NBA rookie of the year lectured at trader Eric Bledsoe is having an outstanding season port with a right now and so. This is a team that placed top in Milwaukee and and you gotta back to back with Toronto and now you lose an hour when you go there tonight after the game it'll be a late night aired and we know that tropical enough to home games. And so this is a very daunting road trip for the warriors come off that. Disappointing loss the last home game where they just didn't get up or anybody. And then a big reason why they lost appearing Klay Thompson and Affleck plays back but stuff curry will not play again tonight we're joined by a Jim Barnett it was joining us from Milwaukee Wisconsin is set for the warriors in the box crucial here right here on the home of the chance. Now he's 57 games so. You're kind of an expert on ankles and rolling ankles and everything nobody saw this one so it's a little curious but just being around the team and watching staff. It's kind of weird jam him 126 days eleven games comes back plays great for a five game stretch in an at the end of a shoot around. He slips on a wet spot or something and he's really done it again so how what's your level of concern with this latest. That's staff curry right ankle sprain slash weekend. Well like I just think that. Yeah you learn lessons and he's got to be very very sure knows that I did not see what happened. I know there was no one around but I know majority had an Ian Bruce Frazier. Assistant coach and he's the one that always does little warmup stuck with capacity Obama Dugard who drilled cash and got a great great. Great rapport between the two great respect. They have a lot of fun so I just know the latest step dancing around these little things and side jumps and goes to the side. You know he's created all these moves that are enabled them to create his own shot over the last few years I'll bite to see the things he would do that they can. Haven't bought up or shoot the ball twenty keep the air to see if he can make it into you'll stay that same spot. The walk once put falling away like Kevin Durant that was like got a bit skewed on three years each addition the Volvo. Three times higher than you would normally shoot at or maybe four times higher than what to do that but there's a reason he does everything I thought he's just doing it or energy audit or shall. Policy let me start to. Bring those into the game and situations how he does things a little bit differently inch in enabled them to get to the basket and score different ways and shoot the ball different ways. Rather try to know he was probable I don't know what I'm not I don't act federal probe into that should I can figure out a way because we've seen him it's explained before he had the surgery I saw him on a fast break. With no one around and going story. Straight. Spraining his ankle in San Antonio one time when you would go all the all that (%expletive) so little vulnerable and obviously it wasn't exactly 100%. Yet or at least. I I just don't know he'd fared a little bit and it only takes a little bit so I I don't think it's obviously not a series it was a few weeks ago. But they're going to be very circumspect. And bringing him back and they should be I would not play it wouldn't surprise me. I don't know anything personal let me state that I don't know anything but it wouldn't surprise me he didn't all Roche action. I just can't see them bringing him back. Ill and an almost certain dude sucked in and out pursue much. So you you can't risk that so let. I don't know maybe not maybe a play tomorrow I the other let's against questionable. But he can go look if you have a list to your machine leaks or your totally out of it. Are your out for the game you're questionable for the game your probable for the game are you are available. So. Yeah it it hundred down 212345. Slot. Yeah you know we watch him with a warmup before the game and I a couple of questions I don't have any may not have the answers to do does he do that elaborate. Warmup that he does with Bruce Frazier Q before. The games does he do that in the shootaround. And the other thing is you know a lot of times players don't tape their ankles. For shootaround so I have to one piracy if he taped his ankle for the shootaround. I do not know that and and if I were him I wouldn't say anything about it essentially what way or the other. Let's shut it I don't know that that it's a great question great it's a great question. That's. If he's going to use you have to be prepared for. In of course took a look at radical. Coach Mateen you would definitely take your ankle. Because they would have their incredible shoot around well he replaced five on five and it was brutal reality it was like game time situation. So you're obviously you have the warriors don't do that. And and my feeling it he probably just it'll have a little bottom and just kind of step back and didn't look so all of a sudden. And then I'd EI I don't think most players. Kate portion of the round and they used to say. About change when they irritate. Sure around not locate so that just Q and so port and I could do any hard drills don't take each but. Second period ankle or a little bit different. And he's got to treat it so and I think that's just a personal decision and and maybe alert from this lady would it would just go on a troubleshooter around if you hadn't taped. Maybe just try and do well from the future are. Just a couple of things I don't think about because he does Wear the brace inside the sneaker which apportioned writing game where you really can't roll a whole lot in his ankle right knows how to deal with that but if you don't say for sure around there could be that if he's from the same leverage for life so stay warm in Milwaukee James get through customs safely get a whole lot. We'll see on TV tonight my friend thank you. Yeah I'm looking forward to this game and see how they respond that there's a very good bucks team and they're very good against the west it's such. Electricity opted to Kubel who was leaked most improved player last year and even better it's just. You know considered our good. And easier against you today germ and NL only is an analyst and how to pronounce his name be honest and medical hello I don't you have any guy any knowledge that I could still for the TV broadcast how much weight is she gained if you read and think is it looks so much bigger much more muscular and is on our body change. I think I think it gained about ten pounds and it's all muscle and of course kebab when he went to high school here was AS straight a student I found that out to be a straight a student and I go about that. You'll probably straight eastern guys go shoot. No I did not I didn't like Saudi I can't take shortcuts dot org has strict listen policyholders do you expect. Not not I didn't say I didn't get a great great Michigan man. Straight I was not straight day. Not any course I have to tell you apps when I went to high school in Southern California we were. California's rank number four. In the country in high school education Dutch. It's changed a lot and I got a great education which juncture Bobby very out and made college very important that take notes I've never missed class took notes. I didn't read all the books. Now you've been a generation is reader ever since she got us and to register to study more after you get a score homeowner actually. I'm sorry I can't wait. Sure you guys and I fell earlier hour now I'm not going to be why are professional learn on my own so thank you James have a great called and I'm different. I don't think it is just judging us from Milwaukee Milwaukee so we made us he suffered a stroke. He's going tomorrow and I just you know reality because is how the senate about the sit about who's a 100% but we talked about Tennessee plows us and talk about the EC play also we have severe we yes we do and I was gonna have to do with the caveat is going to intrigue the ANC is notable o'clock AFC playoffs here we -- to the latest compromise enemy fights and again now back to the great accomplish all on 957. Big game. Then get net. Altitude where you can come back to Mexico city's vibrant cultures cook Soviets have played. The better shots voice crack and then marry out of multiplex. Backed I reckon all over the place and did super excited not only body burned. They're huge huge huge. Moved sixty. So Becky was shaken off. I think he's gonna show from the truth machine and Michelle Obama done in daily show just made it Chucky since Jon Gruden John going to be insured fishing go to break ball hard those records he's going to be in New York tradition coming up to thirty. All right so we talked about the NSA. To recap I like it let them lead Philadelphia and the saudis and vigorous opponent and I can say going the way and I'm a route from Orange or B Minnesota. You like Atlanta. Felt like Carolina and I think Minnesota why god in the normal little wearied of case came home in the big spotlight this but I think the home crowd that fan base is going to be jacked. Up in Minnesota and a defense as a defense nasty problem was defense better Minnesota Jacksonville. They have to go to their secondary Minnesota's may be just as good is Jacksonville's secondary problem. Talking about being jacked job Jacksonville as miles jacket you have it's the best weekend of the NFL calendar without question way better than championship Sunday or Super Bowl Sunday because you got two games twice on Saturday and Sunday. Query to the initiatives Gordon AFC I'm just gonna skip the first set against again I'm not gonna watch. Tennessee. Is gonna unit and I will watch the watch is of course a lot of that according to watch it later because of you watching the warriors in Toronto. Assailing haven't done in the green room and ready to edit decision of this is a mismatch. Kansas City as 121 to three counties Tennessee Titans Travis Chelsea got her officials sort of touched our late and I had Kansas City just to play out. Almost foolish on the died earlier Matt it. Did they change to play knowing when well not in the playoffs typically what they have beaten them before I was looking forward that mash up. Past Tennessee and without DeMarco Murray. And only Derrick Henry and Mario does lack of throwing arm I just I think this could get ugly. And I I think I think knowing what's going to round them tomorrow night. Yeah dollar check takes away what you do best with his merry go below storm bought Lennie walker you'll take commodity game Corey Davis we're a ball higher Corey Davis coming into the season Mario and Corey Davis just aren't on the same pedestal hamstring injury reset Corey gave his back as I still think the talent is there but he's not ready for this. NA EC chairman Kelcy run around all over place tie we kill each up four balls last week prop. Pretty coach is not gonna drop that many balls he's gonna run right by Adori jacks are beautiful gift of lead by halftime will be Macon Saturday night plans will be getting ready for the morning games this will be a dud know widest I would rather have Philadelphia and Atlanta. As the night game doesn't ultimately go and I get why do we wind is and that's what this game's gonna get Ozzie. ES took the slot Atlanta Philadelphia is actually going to be an NBC would Michaels and Collins worth and assuming the the last game I assume Tony Romo will do that came Jim Nance but in any event. Southern Illinois this game and headed to go to their seventh straight. And it AFC title says it's 76. Brady set the record for a long time going to five in a row but now they're just a glittering all the records so I think we all agree no no when there without much of a problem all handled Tennessee. They're being intriguing game is going to be Sunday morning in the AFC age Jacksonville. Against Pittsburgh and exactly it's a rematch of week five minute thirty to nine men intercepted five times and you've got a run back for scores we talked about it all week. But the the major differences this torn calf partially torn calf and then Tony oh brownies a tough guy. I don't know if he could shoot it it's a muscle is a calf muscle I don't know how he plays when it. Bully a full movement on that and I go back to last week and when buffalo lost to Jacksonville shady McCoy is right ankle. Was not the same wasn't in IE you know he could not caught right to left he could cut left to right I could sell early in the game and Nate Burleson who I love the he's a tremendous broadcaster or some young years ago an NFL never had a good start and how he's doing good morning football is to a CBS. He goes out and have time and says the shady McCoy is fine. Hit the wrong ankle it was his right ankle he could not cut right to left like it's our right away he could jump card like shady McCoy. So but dead but he did make some yardage on Jacksonville's front running straight ahead as Buffalo's offensive line got him off the ball. Which leads to lay beyond bell. And if French O'Neal brown does not completely mobile and I do like Jacksonville secondary. How will they put Jalen Ramsey on Antonio Brown when there and man the whole day. If he's not moving well you may not have to do dad and AJ Foyt Sarah decides they're just wherever Antonio Brown goalie just watched the game early. But the discerning guy and see if he has full movement. But I think this is a lady unveiled game. And Jacksonville's defense where we talked at length about it the week they play the 49 break. And I don't know it's because they they clench their division the AFC south early in the game they they just did not play that way the they're wrote for that game because you know what I was in that locker room after he gave a talk to miles set Rainsy clay Campbell Kevin Smith. They wanted to beat the hell did you he's here retired here at the bottom all week there were agitated and then when a actor to get a doctor butts kicked and wonder Michael Silver reported it felt like there'd be officials ex bulls to a sword toward you could move that defense around -- prize at buffalo trying to guys don't have the weapon to fight and I don't know that same game plan against Von Miller in Denver and do it buffalo does just Jacksonville was ready for rite sir before we're not ready Chiron was inaccurate itself and so this this match out in the intriguing thing enemy and we talked about it at length Jacksonville's defense and they came to Levi's to played the 49ers. And then they are there are the most they they had the deepest and they don't have a weakness on their defense to front the linebackers the secondary as safeties all of them are just a bunch of bad ass is. I mean. This is the new generation steel curtain defense. That good and they're frauds when he played arsenal Dockery just. I'm the front dear lord I mean that's that's as good as Ernie Holmes and LC Greenwood and mean Joseph green and all of them and so it is a dominant defense so the new version a more modern fast version this steel curtain going into Pittsburgh. To try to slam this generation of Steelers. I think the question will be can they. Run the ball would lay beyond bell and I you know we talked about it before they did a niner game and the stashed it showed Jacksonville's rush defense is not go to. When you and I both said really. Look at the players on their front how do you run at them. But buffalo did run it down the niners ran at them buffalo ran add them up with a shady McCoy did only had one good leg. So I I think lay beyond bell can run knock any Jew that slowly beyond bell. Wait for the love these guys are fly in and miles Jack until this met their dumbed down help. I don't know I did watch the game back when they played we five engine Pittsburgh did run the ball. Well early and again that he got sideways or bad for the five picks. But they're gonna have to run the ball but I mean is it possible Antonio browns a 100% or anywhere near it or you can truly BAB in this game I don't know partially torn calf muscle. Oh I don't know I don't know how you come back from his injuries so fast. And that'd be the most intriguing things inflation McCord are shady McCoy. Gut and it out but if it's audio browned. Is not a 100% and you can just wedgie whereas seat. Cover whoever wants GG Smith Shuster now do you put Taylor yeah I was I just play as players I don't know they despite they have the weapons. The receivers and their secondary batch appear in his game especially but it's gonna come down to Jacksonville beat. Because Pitt's first gonna slam eight in the box like buffalo date and are gonna take women for that out to get. What despite port Austin. How easy play because we saw that first half last week he couldn't put. Pot would qualify anyway for beforehand they couldn't catch a book they wouldn't let the guy total ball down the field terror these. All he did make the Ford done for old people poured the water early Maroney went for the I didn't feel global decisions Christopher any hasn't fallen out and is excited in the back of the end zone while. And I believe that's so young when this guy was drafted and he was in the Derek charging me to drop below draft I thought he was the next coming of Dan I thought it was legit Berrian looked like band great big and strong now he can run. And he will run Pittsburgh will spy him they will not allow him to run but he's highly inaccurate. And again they're not gonna play against each other we do this in baseball when starting pitchers match up they don't. You know he's an actor pitch to him in the American League they don't play against each other but. That's where this game playoff games like this. Retarded he's taken it's going to be Drew Brees Tom Brady's Super Bowl. For the two best quarterbacks out there and they got enough New Orleans is strong on defense they got a running game and they got the wide receivers maybe. The Marlins after one out of a lot of road games to get there but a lot of times you just take a lead level quarterbacks. And these kind of games. It's not close. Ben Roethlisberger is a hundred times a player that played portal. We're really go wrong for wave portals serve because in the year 2035. Toes are passes and eighteen picks and we always crazy now a lot of old model stats came regardless armor when I've but I saw approved it. Didn't your three he just got exit polls the slow release now he's out there pop. Looked I cannot believe. I thought for a second at CBS when asked Tony Romo to come down from the Booth it's enough for Jacksonville Jaguars play quarterback Ellsworth quarterback where she you know both sides in a playoff than I've ever seen in my life was saved Texans and raiders because got a couple on a practice squad a look at what can we actually brag about his brother played well there's quite a weighty Cornwell a generation that came on Sundays terror law I wanted to go to sleep on the bills' playoff football terrorists all. So yeah. Jacksonville's defense when this can Jacksonville's defense we didn't see that Levi's that day. Did we see it against buffalo they were ferocious. For Roche it's their fraud is just ferocious editors sort of pressed. Everywhere the defense can win this game. But I can't I can't side will play portal sir I just can't do I think big game makes enough makes enough plays here in and we see Pittsburgh travel to New England again. They go out there get waxed our patrons of fox for a certain RT that's how it happened not in the ABC now again.