Greg Papa Show - Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Wednesday, January 3rd

Papa and Bonta are joined by Jim Barnett (Warriors Color Analyst). This hour covers Gruden to the Raiders, Steph Curry's hot return, Durant's argument for DPOY, and we get into what we can expect from a Jimmy Garoppolo contract. 


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59 reasons breath and blood test can be wrong and we know the ones that can tip the scales of justice in your favor. We know how to nailed the things that matter and keep good. Good people like you out of jail so call 1800 no cops because no one looks good in handcuffs more assurance that sort of thing. 1800 no cops that's 1800. No cops. Believe it's an all due to stop I don't know I think I. It's okay. All day and in Ely and these from the boys saw the warriors. Very close. And we sound good but. It's a really good. Now live from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco's skyline and crystal clear as bad. And by Monty. We overrated players did you have. Mom excited about where I am concerned. Studying the game and they're prepared to come back in coach. I just wanted to hear speculation. Is almost like. I don't know what's gonna happen my guy got to be honest with kids build a long couple weeks I know they've gone through there. Our process of interviewing candidates soon. And over and done I won't know but I did have a good meeting would mark a normal long time and got a lot of respect for the reader. Football organization. Jon Gruden does not serve its. Love both of those your good at all I heard us they dismissed remember MTV yesterday reality shows there's no no validity to that at all none heroes though. But tonight segment that I saw but no no ownership that's for sure. We like judge Gail already used to his justice Stephen A hole fairly mr. here. And he's still in part of this requirements here to do this wild card game and arrowhead on Saturday is he has to do all he has the other. Media tour which means going on this morning Mike and Mike with one might go on whose actually on the show currently wing go tree when you go from Minnesota are me and my goal is now goalie you wings are because what they call it culminated weeks anyway so I never Johnny John went into it thinking he was going to be guarded this morning and then he just started flat then he started talking. And he gave away what he said there's not going to be ownership and holiday I think we don't the deal's done Bob LaMont. And it's really ownership but he didn't get the ownership a Michael Marty joined decide yesterday and he said is not going to be any ownership deal but he flat out pretty much edits done and the lover about now rather elaborate golf while now and I I actually checks to mark the day in this morning. Coming ups this coming Monday will be the twentieth year anniversary of one Al Davis hired. Jon Gruden who is she in January the eighth 1990. Each if you can believe that we can go ahead and play in the press conference are repressed I I I I Monday I didn't sell I just said twenty year anniversary coming up on Monday in March didn't get back to me because he's been calling me ever since the end of the game. A New Year's Eve day in LA with the charges she's been calling me a rumor monger groups and every five minutes. I don't pretend like I was saying that the coaches got fired I was a lot of those guys don't let's not just a head coach they'll lose their jobs right side a little give it to you know boy it's terrible and Robert mar twenty count. Half our tax how many calls that go back I can't believe I'm tired you guys cult plus I don't. All or I got so. A lot to get to and as a warrior Wednesday we'll hear from Bob Meyers coming up we got excellent insane when he got the hoopla are. We got Jeff Garcia coming in Terrell Owens hey you think he may have to wait one more year out understand this process and Randy Moss to me is a first ballot hall of Famer we'll get into at all Jim Barnett will join us coming up in a little bad. I'll talk about the warriors in the triumphant return of staff and what I saw from the Christmas Day game just at. Since she's brooding keeps talking and accused becoming a story has obviously gonna happen when he's openly talking about it. The one thing is that John. There's been twenty years he was 341 L hired him. He's 54 years old now has helped launch got lawyers always she's trying to lose weight like this is older bring younger brother. He's different now. And I think I talked at length yesterday about you know what he has to do a Derrick can build Derek back up and I think he'll be fine and it has to change some of those languages struck occasional laugh I'm John once in awhile slip something in there but I I think alleged apathy the game has changed. And obviously. He's been watching the game closer than coaches because coaches or were worried about getting word of the play on Sunday. So they're filled with the minutia of game planning and there were Jack can just pull back a little bit. And watch the entirety of the league where's the league going. And I remember him talking about early in his time when he left to go to work in the Monday Night Football Booth. About the spread offenses he was fascinated by the spread offenses but that I here Monday at raider game on Christmas night. Sandy and in laws Derek Tara under center run that are run power number fourteen blast was Zack Crockett and if he got those big offensive linemen so. I'm going to be really intrigued to see how are John designs offense and here's the other part of that. Ellen Jeff Garcia joins us coming up at times Jenna clocks Camille guests are easy 118181. Agency may eighteenth fairway AME TN AM pop I have no way I already crossed up I don't know what they can just got to get up at 3:17 AM every morning it's all his fault so. 1:18 PM make an appointment to join us for our Jeff Garcia Lee is through television and you know I also want us out a lot of length of the contract for Jenny rob below which is fascinating any obviously. They out played under Jon Gruden it and is a lot of things but here's one thing I was thinking about it. Because when Jon Gruden was the head coach of the raiders they never. Ever got into a shotgun the quarterback was always under center West Coast off the first time or just desperately footballer was there was did it there was. It was not just that it West Coast offense is built on 35 and seven. Now you have to incorporate that pitch in the shotgun on the footwork is different you get storm on the West Coast offense obviously. Kyle Shanahan has gone to a pit stall ought to go on with Iraq although it's the same thing but it's different. But adds is this is how long John has been out. The first time a raider quarterback ever got into a shotgun. I believe was Kerry Collins. Like in the mid two thousands. Now this was a formation as an over under Norv Turner that is yes I think it was north Jerry rice's shock when Dallas Troy Aikman suffered but you might have been if the shotgun goes back to the sixties read Hickey the first great head coach the 49ers ran the shotgun years ago. So they kind of invented it. Tom Landry embraced it with a Roger Staubach but really was not intimate Bill Walsh to emanated run if there are rarely got to my point is. Philip Rivers there to stand during the rating and had a day. That when they're behind 71% of the time he's in the gun when they're ahead it's 62% meaning. You know they get under center or more is still 62% of the time so Philip Rivers is in the shotgun he may be the most in football Brady. Third in the shotgun I hear a lot of every three snaps there in the shotgun earth did Jon Gruden. Even run. A shotgun formation when he was when Jeff Garcia in Tampa every out. Ask him that because I don't remember him running shotgun. Maybe a couple plays here remember my mindset watching most of the bay games it was still a lot of what's colds and what you saw earlier in Oakland I don't know West Coast principles while crossing routes not a lot of vertical everything horizontal. No shotgun so I actually great question and we'll Jon Gruden adapt to that a big he will because he's been fascinated with the stuff do you fascinated with the wildcat fascinating look at fiscal capacity would spread office are Tiki will this time running corporations shotgun formations but that is an interesting point because every did the mirror every team in the league whether it's college high school NFL I don't. This go around just running declared there really aren't the only game you're definitely and then your net and when you are. In it's very easy but some teams or another I would think three quarters of the time I think I looked it up a few years ago. That teams are in its two thirds of the time but I when John coaches it is just have a point of reference how far the league is changed. From one John coached. So as what he obviously to make an adjustment. Well as Jeff Garcia won 28 pop now when I was 12048. 118 homeowners talking among yourself on the remarks results may feel comfortable seats now most neck and finger sandwiches are running machine special just conspiracy urban threw me off and just the league is is different in in all regards so I think it's going to be fascinating but obviously. The secret is out and it's just a question though how soon they do this now. I know any trash to me loving nation maybe listening right now making a big deal about the raiders in the Rooney rule do you really think there needs to be a Rooney rule. For Al davis' organization how he did not need does she. He's the one I hired Amy the first female he hired coach Florida the first Hispanic our show right back in the seventies he hired card are shelled twice. He drafted Eldridge Dickey. He want them to be is a first first round draft pick African American quarterback. The zoo and other USC two wings recruiting brought in the first unbelievable American everybody else a lot of runs or organization but they know what they're doing. And what I would like to see him do. Is what how often do. Is this sometimes he would obviously hired African hue Jackson he hired African Americans to coach his team. But if he had in his mind that he wanted to hire someone like what's so wrong with the raiders identifying Jon Gruden hiring him now this rule it's like affirmative action. In it's a necessary evil what the point of the rule. That the Rooney family got put in is that they are not excluded you million outdoors it's time. In the NFL where African American quality coaches just never got interviews. Let's go on vacation now. But to me it's a little bit do we really need to do this ASU do to satisfy this rule but what how would you. And he did it would James Lofton I know is you try to get changes Jad name out there for coaches. As far as is you know are we going to be interviewed Al Davis for coaching the raiders eldest son you're a different level cash eighth I'd love to see the raiders interview rod Woodson. There's I don't know Iran's rolls going to be with this organization going forward. He was di you not play under John Rooney came in a year after what bill Callahan was your I don't know how much you know Jon Gruden. I don't llamas she knows Paul Gunter but rod very quietly is the one has been doing the matching up with the cornerbacks. That was his deal he tried to do it earlier in the year he was not allowed to Libya began to do it even before. And was fired and they brought in John the guy now so I think rod is a quality coach he's a great player. Indeed shelled oriented coach ID be very simply what you would do is just and only get out the raiders and have you rod would show that people would look at rod a little differently but once they settle. You know appeased lead the Rooney rule which is it's a necessary evil mislead a lot of organizations are as enlightened as Al davis' raiders. That they need it but once that's solved I am and John is openly talking about you know having an ownership seller how how soon is it possible. The heat team broadcast this game on Saturday afternoon flies out here Saturday night they sign a contract on Sunday in twenty years to the day. I'm January the eighth of 28 Cheney's announced as the next head coach of the raiders. Have a funny feeling we're gonna be doing a show from Alameda Al Monday pop and just have a hunch there that we may be doing it live from John goings introductory press conference Monday how ironic would that be and so there won't year old. Look I just went on station NBC they ask you the same question Bob Botswana minutes ago what about the new Russia look this organization we just chronicled all any trash our shell Tom Flores could be looking sin that the GM right now. Reggie McKenzie this organization has always been about diversity given people saw what other the only way to deploy try to play people making a mockery out of nothing it's an uproar about the younger shouldn't be hired an unidentified Jon Gruden is a guy that's a guy that you god I don't want every team. To do that if they know they're guys that Weickel during interview process why why why should they are taken interviewer is Mike you know well like I think you could. I think you can learn something from someone and I honestly I think it rod would since case it would be beneficial. I don't know what rod aspires to be I'm not sure aspires to be head coaching may not may be speaking for him but I have great respect for him rod Woodson is regal. He was on this show when we did you know before lower jaundice and but the right but beyond that I don't run as a flyer when he was a raider. Either there's or regal quality to him that I think he should be this generations Willie Brown Fred Melinda coffee should be here. In matter who's the cultural there's Jon Gruden or her dues gruden 220 years from now. People like rod Woodson need to be around kind of like Duce Staley Philadelphia nations tomorrow to let that go off completely out of many are forever they worked for Al late initially worked for the coaches so and I know John knows him and also I want rod stay around. But I think the easy way would be evident. A coaching. Interview with a rod Woodson just to get his name out there that people say wow round must be doing a great job with the raiders signed you satisfy the rule and rod also all. Guess to go through the interview process was someone like mark Davis and marketing levels of their regime feels comfortable what those people you probably do well Sophie ever does get an actual chance. To go to a real interview he could he could do well. When we inches and as you Iraq good Wilson's goal Sarkozy did TV game for a minute obviously colts indeed he's gonna be a if a judge to let him go I hear they well and then you know who what does John do with the offensive line because mourns the passing game guy Johnson passing game guy out of there on the football. And he and bill Callahan in Washington they're not gonna get a monitor our hotels each shot gonna happen you have an advantage Bruce Allen loves I can that aren't we'll talk more raiders little what are we gonna talk some lawyers stuff curry came back Saturday lit up the Memphis Grizzlies will talk about the lawyers as well let's get joined by Jim Barnett here on 95 point seven again you have to know quite popular Bonser and the president. Now back to the great accomplish shelves on 957. Big game. Downstairs the line. I now live odds Billy Jack did the. Like nick future. So badly game I don't know what he says that. Must have been something pretty good. I would. Curry has all the fires. Jerry yeah I've gone back to curry and the baseline jumpers then. Dribbles left with a trillion now. During spring and the flight. Very. Why do you really feel good Andre Murray got. And again I'm no idea how SI regulars who's been through much of the shooting the numbers never view here it's okay. Jim Rice and Whitfield and you're right I'm not only if this and I and I say your draft rewrite your your local. Let's say we have a better paid out about and you're correct in ancient river killing. So that it is Oreo Wednesday here on the Athens London and. 57 game regular portion Walnut Creek which one and seventeen premier. Porsche dealer and warriors are back in action. Tonight alone and I'm not sure who's playing and is now clay I don't care less about all that for the risk of major stories and Jim Barnett will join us coming up and few moments here. The Christmas Day game. Which we talked about incessantly leading into the game and actually watched it on the raider bus going from the hotel to load the link. Lincoln Financial Field and it was kind of cool Tom DeLay he had a lot of phone but it was gonna expire. Then like two minutes of American Deng got out his phone I'm going crazy at the end. And they hung out and they wan and dad took Kevin Durant has that little blocks in the other game on James shooters like guarding James the entire game. Answer of most of the game when there was a switch situation they would switch it. But then the last two minutes of the game Kevin Durant fought through the screen. And he was on James he did not come off James at the end he guarded him. So I appreciate his skill if if I was given a vote that I can give me a vote they marks and uncover the lead that closely with the as far as the voting ended there with the media I would unquestionably vote Kevin Durant to defensive player of the year but. Do I think the media. Will do that. I do not although I think a game like that NN national TV and I Christmas and then if he follows it up on MLK day. And throws and Malcolm X game again MLK day. And goes and change again maybe he'll get a few more votes but let's keep in mind. When this whole thing started we were really looking for Kevin Durant to make it all NBA defense. Some first or second team he's never done that never done that and I and I saw Raymond Ridder the other night at the arena when I was there I said as any player. Ever won the defensive player of the year at this late stage of his career. We're previously in his career he never. Was voted all NBA defense of first or second team when he was at a loss and will look at public is. So I highly doubt again I know I have the answer is hell no but I you know we gotta have the facts maybe it happened I don't know but. Many Michael did go to Michael did when he was younger did that was early in his career Kevin Durant has been in the league for ten years now. So is it possible it's not our eyes she's yes. He is having embraced your defense of your he's better defensively in every regard. He's better than last year. Not just blocking shots he blocked shots football fans left handed right handed. He's a tremendous post defender he's gotten stronger I've seen him. Switched on to people like Marcus hall and hold his ground he does not just get rooted out there because he's long and leaning you know before he would just get pushed back. He holds his ground. A little bit and then in certain situations when he switched onto a quicker player. He can guard one on one he's some guys are just off the ball shot blockers she can do that and he also blocked shots rather hand but. I think it's just not from our vantage point I know you know the game well. It's the voters out there and you really expect them all of a sudden to take this tremendous offensive player. And give them an award that rewards him for being the best defense a player in the league I Sammy. Make that a parent and the other day and who else is a leader in the clubhouse Arrigo bears and often on the court co wire winner came back late. John mark green is miss time. Right now if you look at the leader and a leader in blocked shots is Kevin Durant is average and block shots and jumped up on a one full block he's he's blocking every day. Kevin Durant right now is the defense declared your I don't think there's any question about that and the voters are about to see that. Voters have to see that because who else is out there are playing lockdown defense by Kevin there even the blocking is down limits on the other night where they called the foul. Almost clean we've reached across got all ball on Donovan Mitchell from Utah Jazz. I mean and Cupertino pot. There's a lot of controversial to those last two plays on Christmas Day plot. Controversial they didn't call Roger is gonna pay out you had to talk to go back to last year on Christmas Day now I don't Richard genders and oh I know we're all I don't do any margin and I cannot tell I did I cry about that nobody did what I mean I saw it Daria looks foolish she slipped to the floor they lost the game. It's human report came out a few days later said the same thing that we bring it up no loss to vote but does he lost everybody else do they also acknowledge that James Judd didn't share in up on the rim. Remember that earlier fourth quarter when he hung on the red I did last Christmas area I think that Democrats thought I don't care about the argument report whether refile them or not that's basketball. Is that they don't pop he'll be probably. Isabel instead wrote an article from examiner. Basically saying that this is an endurance week CNB. Though Christmas Day. Know that LeBron James is in the fifteenth Jarno he's average in budget poised to assist rebound soon at a high percentage from three NFL but. Kevin Garrett now owns this week. Kevin Durant. Check LeBron James 101. LeBron James will match or Kevin Durant he doesn't play defense at this stage of his career. It ever duress this amorphous and offered to score so I give that to you right now Kevin Durant is quite the best basketball and in the NBA I'll give that she might give that she. Thank you are just got my generally just watch I mean clearly he's far better and also. James didn't guard him at all he didn't did not and later later on in is a lawyer Wednesday Rajiv. 1922 Jimmer has to join us from Dallas coming up a couple of moments later on. I'll also point out something I saw a Christmas Day game which is even more exciting. To me as a guy who can guard LeBron James he garnered them exceptionally well I never thought about in matching up but James. His size his quickness bothered him shall address that coming out that is all not allowed 2000 season. Coming out that one to 686. Matter is that you're there to move a muscle what does that we ought to know that Kevin Durant six there during the coming out at 168 is that he's attacked his Barack Obama bass he's got okay you know I'll also the other big story is stacked cutting back on Saturday so I'm not you don't have to compare staff and Kevin Durant. Is silly. Then together though I know what we're looking at is the most lethal Ivan challenges for a long time and it's not so much. Point guards and small forwards it's merely. Perimeter players in and inside players who is stats are 12. To ransom 345 what's strange he's 613 play small forty to play five obviously does. Steps can layoff them also there just the combination is so lethal it was so beautiful about it. This step comes back the other night. For almost four solid weeks eleven straight games Kevin Durant but this basketball team on social media help they are they all chipped in that really. He became more the okay siege Iran and when Bob Myers joins us at 2 o'clock. I think this guy wanted to know from Bob what to Wear bull's the GPS tracking the sport for you was showing Durant is wearing down. I saw him on Friday at the arena Samuel John is it to fit eighteen with a letter. And we were all noticing that they did you Iran look to either hobbled or is moving slower. So I think terrain needs to back off a little bit here at some point but the point is. When staff came back on Saturday night Kevin Durant made a real effort to give him the ball. There was a time where the ball ultimately got just got to step in the corners Izod which would have put it between his legs. Any made a left turn three and then decides on May Day the eye strain to rant made a real effort to get stabbed the ball twice on that play and I just love. It's an interesting dynamic darkest Kevin Durant had a joint staff Curry's team for a long time your course last year. And then he got hurt in any of your re integrate himself and he's always been a guy that had to figure out. Well for eleven straight games they played without him and Iran took it all on a we saw. How great he can be even better than the OTC KG. And now when staff comes back. You'd see them vibe in is gonna go back to where step begins to push the tempo a little bit but as she just issue so beautiful to watch and they Bennett. A little oftentimes this year the staff injury I think did help women directly. But now that they're all back they're gonna run roughshod over this league bench America does not join us from a Dallas back going to be here. In 28 seeing their lorries begin at. Interest in three game road trip of the Metroplex and they had used tomorrow night lower gestured brought you by JBL the official side of the Golden State Warriors should Jay be happy new year welcome back. To the afternoon live with up in ninety or 957 the game and has shown that I know you listen the last little bit of what I was talking about. Just having staff curry back at how well he played but Powell. I'm Kevin Durant really wanted to get him going in the whole team just kind of vibe off the energy to step brought on Saturday night changed. No question about it and in fact Kevin Durant played 35 minutes a game only took twelve shots he did get nine SO and it was. Definitely and consciously get firm and waiting for step and carry giggling and but there was a basketball game between Memphis and Golden State and never say. I think your basketball game when Stefan curry and insults and the crowd and everything. And he transcended the game I just thought he was un believable that performance sound. And still inspired by it and just truly is and I talked about it on the radio afterwards with Pamela. And then of course Steve Kirk Jenna made almost remarks about the food taste better is like is better looking and she already has to let Kerry but there's a lot of truth and that. People go home feeling differently. Then. They wondered if he hadn't played the game be victorious at quad and shake Durant had you know 38 himself. There's just something about the young man. That is stiffer any Kerry actually carried a weapon itself. Sometimes I just think is typical at its very virtual bubble like divine intervention let them. If you get it gets thanks. But other people just would never do I don't EL. I'm coach Thomson had 37 points in the quarter against Sacramento how much he didn't miss a shot goes thirteen for thirteen it was nine for nine to treat quite range. But somehow what you lockstep curry do yes. It is overshadows that it it it takes a bigger stage. And I don't know what it is it's just something that you know he's got a charisma. Of the team he's got the charisma of the crowd and he just has some special. He had a good night I Aureus post game lives you know you you sum this up in the line you used it was that he's not just good for basketball and I forget the exact wording was is good for mankind or humanity or something and some some may snicker and laugh at that but I know exactly what you're talking her out about. Being around him and he's the same guy he was when he was just trash didn't he and I he should we're just kids and they weren't married yet and the anti ankle injury he's just. He's so welcoming as a as a superstar. I can't recall any any superstar his level in American sports is ever would open up the stage. To be shared the way he did with Kevin Durant went Iran came Americas could affect his numbers. And guys just don't do that but now that they're now the staff is back. And KD really had to shoulder the burden of him being out for those eleven games James now Steffi is back. How does the dynamic flow now mr. raid at times take it over a little more reverting back to the eleven games and staff was energy. You know go back to be the guy we saw Saturday worries deferring and they need in the middle how hot they flip this great mixed bag together now on year to his teammates. Well it shouldn't get too a little a little easier looks good on offense because now. I think clay struggle when Stefan curry was out you have to start that you have to worry about and then I'm you know. Not excluding drink my greens are perfect time to talk about hard work capable of getting forty point game any given night. And so now you got trees so they can't double team there's going to be open shots clay gonna get better so Kevin will get better the low will be opting out. And so the way actually it is. You you go play your normal basketball game to hit the open man unit you play the game the way it ought to be played and mandolin someone. You know heels a little special thing going formed. They will essentially take over an obese seamlessly got much that we're able get open more and then you know naturally it'll be a natural. I gained respect and try to look for the open man look how much it's clay whomever it may be age they're going to beat the hot hand that the way they play. And but it it's gonna be a collective effort and this this means there are. You don't think they're the best team they've got the best record in the league right now. But we know we can't we can't just all the sudden give them they get the crowd. They got to play up a schedule and the other plane Galveston tigers by the way Gallup said according winning streak which is the longest. Right now currently in the NBA action and they're playing their best basketball at their thirteen what they're. Thirteen of 25 but. Since mid November they've gone 1111. So. Yeah you gotta play the game so we'll see how it plays out tonight this is obviously a better team that. You can get out get how to treat what they take more reporters in the warriors juice so they're the game has changed so much. But I've I'm looking forward to this second half of this season. With this team and hopefully things stay healthy and and and you know get into the playoffs we'll see what it brings but he got tonight's game but then tomorrow. Which is going to be on national television I'll work with Campbell on radio. That we haven't seen Houston. Played a warrior since you're opening game of the season and so there's it's something you're removed we remember from that first opening game and what they did. And how disappointing is it that tomorrow can she stand. JJ and James hards are going to be there there another owner of Tuesday GM Daryl Morey came out a couple weeks ago said they're obsessed with the you know lawyers and I saw no problem with that quote he should be a Cecil to be no wars because Damon lawyers needs are going to be playing for a championship but no James Harden tomorrow night's match a little to support you know JB. I I think everybody likes to play everyone pulled strike. And then they cut out all the chit chatter and although I'd. Social media speculation that solid out there you're it seems like complained of the team that's look school full strength and the other best players on the roster so. But you know you don't feel sorry for anybody who can step to trade missed eleven games. The lawyers were I think nine into an old eleven games again okay. So restrictions are part of the NBA though and the landscape it's if it yesterday. Jim Barnett longtime warrior analysts and of course sort of player in the early seventies. Going and I think three decades now strongman warriors radio and TV joining us on a warrior one's hair brush of a Porsche or McCree could try seventeen premier. Porsche dealership you mentioned in our tonight UN Bobble at the call and NBC sports Bay Area. And tomorrow night TNT Kevin Ireland's actually going to be on the show those tomorrow is gonna call again on TNT show you slide over to work with. Tim Roy here I 95 cent in the game the worries radio network so. Do you do you prepare any differently I know the actual on air presentation is different obviously can't talk over the plays much but. I'm curious Jim do you prepare differently if you're gonna do a TV game vs a radio game. I prepare much the shame. But I'm very cognizant. That and I won't forgive you you know I used to decide McAfee cubic all we first started. So we were on television but it was radio and so you know I had did they reminded by you essentially would. A lot skeptical. Jeff talk overreaction. Though. If I'm a very careful. Two let him set the stage in the game early on in other words the first play of the game a knocking actually. It was a nice backdoor cut or whatever amuse and let let him take the stage and and set the tone of the game and then just kind of comment tour but I've I've that they can learn from me very well Gregory not to get in and out. So that came can call the play at the other end because if I'm sitting here talking about played it just happened. And they go the other way and there are some spectacular play which. The beyond do you know certain in recess and curry were the driving well how they get such and you've got to create that. Image and you've got to create that picture on the radio would depend on radio. With the play by play so it it's just a little different in the game but I I prepared the same try to do. You know figure out what's been going on the players. Lately but what do you can see what who who wouldn't know what team has fifteen. I'd say you know look for instance. They're good Dallas is a very slow paced team but they also turned the ball over less than anybody in the league. I'm so you just get some of those things and see how they play into the game itself. And some of that as some of those you know you bring steps to life. And a stat means something but doesn't doesn't really impact the game and so just it try to new year you do your work and that. Mainly it's it's hard for me great when I first started review course I I knew every coach in the league tried the patch. Apple them. I guess all of them properly. And they were friends and we tell me everything you know just end our game notes were one point sheet law RJ and also what she'd launch. But Tony I Canadians are absent statistical. And analytic stuff. Literally true their one page long and you know Jim and I and his non verbal kind of communication until years ago whenever I want agenda. Basically shot out facts I would I would give them a Pat Riley finished which men don't talk. We just heard it that's right now they you know it's it's a funny story in Italy instead check current national news outlets actually it was hot rod Huntley told me this story can shop right before he became a voice in Utah Jazz and just laugh because he knows the story. We weren't quick check her and so he's doing a game we check in check. Did the same things as hot rod you know Ossetia and M and I give you the fish that Maine stopped talking so the first broadcast they ever dole. It from a fabulous forum in Englewood California the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns. I'm checkered remind new partner hot rod Hundley in his work as well on radio but as he's saying hot rod Hundley he makes the specific. Contract. Should finish out the good. Cut cut cut because well you know you did you'd kick just to be too much. No I don't know that the fact that I'm oh. Other adults you had mistaken every generation it's you know like I've often listen to listen deployed dubbed nobody here that again and again they deployed as Superman goes on nodded. I would and I gamecube that you would never know. Don are you were bigger I don't know I do yeah partly about fly solo putt. But don't let somebody yell and yeah I actually got a you're excited at the Atlanta right and that's funny part of the hell out ruin us. Allow another funny part was I got the score wrong and I said it would help shares yeah. And I think. Let's give us talking about his friends then I mean started Pat Riley and Phil Jackson among the guys that you played with where they get. Guys you became the best players are best coaches I should say they were crew very close friends years. Oh yes and it would impact social lakers I can go to rushing around. If it had I get I remember going to their shoot around that I knew exactly what they were doing all the time and patent haven't yet probable that whatsoever in each. You sort of first coaches they're really blown down everything and put it on board by the way it was very innovative attached. Most able just talking went out there and get that bridge. You wrote everything down he was very very detailed. In what is he was his approach to the game that's what made him a great coach. I'm going to be a coach but they'll still would tell me everything. Tech fell and Easter calming Osce to move it when he was in Chicago talk about trades and and it is get my advice on players but the warriors hadn't negotiated make a trade that if so that's what have they can't he had done. I he had club med in Mexico I don't know how. Wow all home the only good news. And I don't know. I was terrified family and all the sudden I got them and try to take him. Jerry what's his name you'll. Stirred strong south to go to pay but I got a I got to college you know I go to pay homage Jerry Krause and Phil Jackson. And we're talking about a possible trade with the lawyers and what I thought about the nodal warriors player so I had to be very charcoal in which they're not you know much by information Erica is. I don't know religious history funny mister Collie every year at any country they were still involved warriors player what it will play a player or just tired of god or some other chain they would want my advice on what kind of clarity without additional they. Were actually Tyrone hill and they and that's I think around the club med in Mexico and only coming on the phone or so yeah it would it was a differently denim. Not them but probably if I got all the new kids these guys come and you know we're 1920 years of age and I've got to go research who they are to find out which I can see them play once or twice and I know they are but doubts. Right before I'd. You know just newly so much better. Dennis Smith junior jam he's the latest teenager I don't know like guys and Michael I don't know I now know him. Yeah he's he's he's good very athletic and we'll see him tonight caddies helping out down. I changed rights on the old stories I was wondered if it was Dickey said skins or John bush learned from. They are Sharma you you fessed up and gave us the Tyrone Tyrone hill and Tyrone hill and around him. It terrible he did all right James sorry to all NL all CN radio tomorrow night Jim Barnett joining us and warrior Wednesday about chambers Freeman a client's interest today in that period for Sen says ninety given medical event what's called meta narrative and it's a good well they're two different climates like you or your family you're. Don't know little or no. Yes you know I'll give you that this guy. I've stopped audio video that I. Yeah. Logo unloading during traffic is directly affect we Muslim full lawyer because we haven't talked enough about Jimmy drop below for the first five to six weeks to go rubble of the days and yeah you do that is what the car. But stole 4240. So let's talk about a coming up to its all 48. Now 1273. Toss every third guards all 33 PM not a hammer about a month dropping all but a military attack villagers are how long do afforded utters. One a lockout Jimmy GQ will discuss turning out to the right public bonds and any price and again. Now after the red carpet show on 957. Big game. Look we want Jimmie to via an hour. For a long long time step process is you have for our assurances from the fans do that we. We like nothing more to make him another for a long long time. I saw how long is a real long longtime. And it's this whole franchise tag thing that they're not gonna do that. That was a misstep by the Washington Redskins. Because they just could not fully embrace Kirk cousins because she was in the same draft is RG three and they sure do all that draft capital to move up to take Robert Griffin the third and they. Owner just wasn't ready to do it. And is he really think a NN nation now is key tag tag tag how it's easy it is ridiculous so. Is listening to John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan their indices and press conference yesterday. I think we could shape the franchise tag element it's out there. It's huge it's huge it's a trump card to use what time he but I think that's the last trees are so welcome back it's popping by to hear in any size seven again the afternoon delight so. They are they are going to shine in the long term do I'm I'm convinced of it and I need is Tom Brady's agent. Tom Brady is taken less money habitually throughout his career I'm gonna believe about crafty shuttling owe him some Gillette money somehow a solution circumvented the salary cap NFL was alive he resurgent but I. He has taken the lessons of Jimmy's modeled his career after Tom Brady a lot of respect she I don't think he's gonna do that here. He's not gonna take lessons on he is a state of the art negotiators not going to be Colin Catherine baker tried gets applause every April 1 we can say. April Fool's Day reported your money that I this guy knows what he's done very I Celeste just. Before we get in do what with what they're gonna pay him. The length of the contract we want him around for a long long time what is long long. Mean he needs 26 years of age. Do you wanna sign I I was thinking has Michael Lombardi Natalie had among which are Monta and he said three years. And I well they GM and head coach of five. I've seen him for five games now. I would be very easy to go to five and that's around look at that. But would you do 67. Age. How many does he want. Ha ha what do you think we're looking at is far as the length now they they have clauses to get out of red NA. You know you did seem usually can get out edited over time there's a buyout that would in the number we're looking at is guaranteed dollars and how structured but. Just as far as the flashy headline. What do what do you how many years do you think both sides can agree on what do we look at. As for the term they were gonna look at six years or five to six years because what I see happening here is especially at the 49ers win. John lynching Kyle Shanahan will get contributions since at some point. Within their deal staff argues for underdog can see them getting an extension in your career year for stay with the 49ers for another four years so I think they'll they wanna be married to grovel for a long time as long as they're here a guess and the starting point or mouse party six years you'll get staffers do you look at car with a five years 56 years seems to be the template right now. I don't know full C seven but I can see six years or pop for Jimmy G. Are there have been there have been. There have been quarterbacks to get Manning gets seven Brett Favre got ten. Daunte Culpepper a Mecca to give you did the numbers because this change we're talking early 2000 study Culpepper got a ten year deal Big Ben got to make your dear. Drew Bledsoe all SpinRite before they kick them out of the building for Tom Brady got a ten year deal. Eli got a seven the first Manning references patent. I'd Donovan magnanimous is crazy got such well Lou it's weird to hear that Carson Palmer got a nine year deal from that she escaped my bra. For almost daughter nineteen mail Michael Vick got a ten year deal before he got an idea and dog I mean scandals there own so what's so an. I thought well okay good dog you know we love the audio drastically from London so then. They got another deal after that so we're talking a quarterback here and you know the other thing you have to keep in mind. I don't think the franchise tag is ever gonna go away. But you don't know. It did there's going to be in new collective bargaining agreement. Signed or ratified by both sides that is not due to be necessarily the one we have right now effect is going to be obvious changes to what. Would they take away. The franchise tag. Would the players push. For the elimination of the franchise tag is working so the quarterbacks I mean do your friends are sag as a quarterback and you're saying yes army airborne near deal put the deal could be torn for the 25 billion this is gonna go for what it's they just take it what additional franchise tag mechanism in the deal at all. And so it's EU become an unrestricted. Free agent and yet complete movement. Unlike like the other sports right now there's not complete movement the way they did this was a draft a franchise quarterback. You know like. Derek Carr I I I want an honest signed a five year deal and after that I wanna have the ability always retain him I wanna be able to French and one guy whenever franchise player. He's never leaving me. Like John Carlos Stanton you know we need if you ask for a trade and any of that nonsense. What if dad is taken away. In the NFL I I don't I don't hear it talked about but that's something the players could if they want complete unfettered movement. They could say we're gonna either chicken take the franchise tag away. Or make it only transition tag Maria the right to match is doctor to get MP complete franchise tag this is something ownership. Iran they have to see the future of the league so hard to tell you. The franchise tag will not be apart the next collective bargaining agreement. Now what you wanna do what 67 years Jimmy G and longer longer longer political team here is what I like Glen Peters lug so why is 26 years of age. So gee you would you sign him to a twelve year contract now again this is NFL mostly a lifetime consol but he'd have he'd get out of you can get out of this summer is guaranteeing you put little clauses in there. There are things they do it's not didn't say that ma'am I'm talking about the headline that done he's gonna get when he walks around his fellow. Agents they say why you got to control your deal for six zillion dollars you're the best done you know if with a big flashy headline. And you know certainly there's going to be some by Alastair if you have some of the years may just be fraudulent no matter at all. But it will as far as the team and their cost certainty. And having this guy he's 26. The guy he just repeatedly you know this guy did he was foolish sharing the quarterback room with a new England's forty. Jimmy looks like he takes great care and shot I am worried about injury. But he's you know if no matter what you heard today they're gonna repair it. No matter if it's a shoulder and elbow or knee and Achilles these guys come back Keller talking about Carson once coming back did play next year offer torn ACL. So you know the injuries can be overcome by modern science and medicine a whole deal. So just. They did at the franchise tag is there now. Well would be for ever I don't know I I was starting to think I would be more comfortable. With more years now it does he want the the player. Is both sides how many years is done he and Jimmy to rob below want. The Republican that is -- popular sand save face and a five year deal you're free agent again at 31 also primetime usually see these quarterbacks playing late into their thirties and you 31 years old you get to another five year 150 million dollar contract was seventy to eighty million dollars guaranteed because there's going to be a lot of quarterbacks out of it and we be looking for new contracts my essays will be bad press doesn't take care of he called Russel wall Susan for a new contract Aaron Rodgers they'll. Guys may be out of a league but I got to leave it there is Arnold's going in the league and is going to be is going to be Bertuzzi is also isn't a flip. So. That's the first thing is what did they want what does the franchise why and then you have to agree on that and I don't know I'm not I can see Ed. Don Yee and Jimmy wants five and the niners won ten. A ten year deal while house seat out of the IOC what do you if you have a bunch of buyouts within that God's a course that I led was so I just eight years. He's 26 locker room visit this do you want you want this guy to be your franchise quarterback. For a long long time and nobody gets even a chance to get their mitts on. Then patented the term I thought was going to be easy. But now you're thinking about it the re read about a love for me on TV last night he's raised conservative and he's he shot a seven year do you have little hope. I thought about that a third that somebody's in order a million a year or ten dollars the next part what are we talking about we're looking at the term. How long the contract and then what's the for rent and what would retain the sky ball for seven years from thirty million a year or less to spend time and time critical local opal well that's what that's not a good any idea what the can with the guarantees. But. What race going on and I think John he will use this I don't know if I would use the franchise tag money. As a starting point if he wants to play hard to. Then you know what we'll tag yet every year do you wanna do it that way we're we're giving up guarantees we're gonna guarantee you. And he's gonna get in excess of seventy million dollars guaranteed at least more in Jerry just seventy Stafford got more I don't know how close to a hundred million that Daschle isn't done real negotiation is going to be. How much money do we guarantee this guy. Forever and ever if he he never plays and downforce you get certain some something happens or even bring it up but if this happens. In our guys get hurt in the offseason trade monitoring got her in the scrimmage the other day hey guys get hurt. If that ever happens. You have to pay this guy a whole lot of money and we're not talking injury forfeiture we're talking. He's guaranteed to get the money so I mean this is where. If you're gonna give that usually that'd be the shorter the term now hire their forever and that's why Kirk cousins keeps making all these are majors figures. But if I'm gonna give you guaranteed dollars. Out in the future that I expect less bad over the hole during the whole deal. So I you know thirty mil but you also have to in this is right down he's the one of the best of what he does you have to see the future. What a quarterback's gonna make today we know that we can just we can look at what are making. But what they did it make in 20/20. One they get a making 223 what do you make when they do the new collective bargaining agreement how was a collective bargaining agreement pie. It'd be divvied up because when you're you're you're shining this quarterback. Into the future into the new CBA. So I don't know I mean even thirty million. Amerasian thirty million average may be I mean you look at all the merchandise she sell and what he's going to this team and they have a lot of film here to say look. Yeah Brian Hoyer she's a better there would you say while kids look at our guy he said under Brady now what I do wonder this to pocket crumpled does get this massive deal. All you do like Tom Brady where Eagles are Robert Kraft hurt in this case did York say look a we'll take less this year the first remind me. We need other players around assessment I think that's a Giuliani is that he's too young for your wanna have casualties. Pretty RD one's Super Bowls I don't know I'm speaking for him I don't know all I don't know. I really don't wanna die he I don't know I don't know what they're gonna look to do this team is is drowning in salary cap space it's not like doing this trying to keep a core. Together so I think this is all fascinating elements here on. And how they do this when they do this was appropriate for a guy who's played only seven games because look I got this tall I told somebody last over how do we. We still don't know if he's got the tools similar he's robbed us and I think he's better girls prefer the Fed to address just that we don't know there's no guarantees can play well. He's your praise a grown man this guy scheming right now and dark room trying to ruin his life. There they there in Arizona and Seattle Seattle and LA Carroll's right now. They're all it was Pete did LA's trying to play a playoff game on Saturday so that that is scheme trying to ruin him and there's no guarantee. You're gonna play well but he has the skill set. To play exceedingly well I don't see really any weaknesses some of the downfield throws an anchor a bit of a concern. But I think he is the arm strength to do that and I I do think that his lack of size. Is a concern but he's proven you can work for them because of his great feet and hands you know he's a lot like is Tim Lincecum. Where are out in another process where expert for football. But he's done it means is that they commit and say easy seven and always seven starred soon. Look at the numbers and while that's really small sample size with the problem the giants said they can never get Tim Lincecum signed to a long term deal. Is she won cy young's before he was our British arbitration eligibility. Came up so he comes in the room. I'm the first this pitcher in the history of baseball my first two full years in the big leagues to win a Cy Young both years. And that I you know I want something called the Babe Ruth toward my third year which is the MVP overall the playoffs so what what what's.