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Tuesday, January 2nd

Papa and Bonta are joined by John Clayton who breaks down how the Gruden deal would have gone down. Listen for all things Jon Gruden to the Raiders. 


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When you know and they can all do this. Stop I don't know if. I okay. I had dinner and Eli and this from the story is somewhat glory years. Retirees. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Life from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear as bad choice by Ponte. Like today was a microcosm. Of our year. I'm not good enough it's. Important it's where you watch this and and yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Spoke to Mark Davis after the game. And mark let me know that he's not going to bring me back. Told me love me appreciate it all that I didn't. It's. A program going in the right direction. I felt the need to change. I told him how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me. You know. I'm very grateful. My own team. You know I appreciate the players and coaches and all the all the hard work all the effort and energy. I do believe we have established a solid. And here has a chance to take good nucleus and those special place. I wonder that guy movie. It was Jack Hillary at this moment after they. Traders Tony seventeen abysmal. Calendar year in football season and it goes. 21 minutes after the gun sounded nice person. And Jack was told he was not coming back which. I guess it happened to Gus Bradley last year injection goes onerous situation duck and admiral John did. And there's a football game to play that actually there's not a game to play until. Next August led the the two mark's Mark Davis America Dana Rader president we're so anxious to get in the 28 you know what's coming up formal address at all. That they wanted to let checked goal right after the game and I'd say that meant for very strange plain round hole. And New Year's theme that EU led evening as this that you fired head coach. You're not just firing the head coach your fire you may had to add up all the guys in golf shirts that are in the raiders' true picture in Troy seventeen there's more guys in golf shirts. Then there are in football jerseys. I think they would need that kind of money. But they decided to do that and now what is the new year get a main floor for the raider franchise that is. The first third installment it's funny eighteen of the afternoon delight with pomp and Daunte here in 957 again how are you happy new year. Happy new yard miss US are you cheat nominee I'm happy hour last week and non lawyers pre impulse and on this show those are all on tape and the overall on the recorded OK should we get more emotional roller I feel a little better now I'll think they're look at William and she's. He's gone he's left me for good enough I know you're gonna go back to his generators lawsuit charges on Sunday but that I did they get about show all week all weekend long American now wait to get back in the studio so much talk about pop certain what to raiders certain what the niners their curry came back on Saturday and show why he may be the most influential and best athlete to Bay Area is ever seen but it. Curators pop troll boy no Galileo. We will get to at all the we will address what's going out which and I did she jet on Christmas night both before and after the game so and even talking about Jon Gruden cutting that to coach. I thought he would I wouldn't think it would be quite this soon but there are a lot of factors involved and all the original address at all coming up a little bit put a word about Jack Del Rio. I was not rejected a real fan I think there was clear those are you listen to the show. I was very outspoken after the Kansas City game about his clock mismanagement. Just some notes I made on this by tea and I I do I do applaud Mark Davis for eating this kind of money and I. I thought it was fifteen million plus maybe five million for the all the coaches maybe trying million and I'm told it's actually more. It may have been back floated a little bit so I don't know exactly how much they're. Get a paycheck or real not to coach the raiders and all the coaching guys on the staff that are not going to be coaching for the raiders shall shall draw paychecks and there is an offset clause. But it's it's you know certainly and probably in the low twenties mid twenty million dollars which is dead never would have beaten so. I do applaud that I think it was the right move to make without question there was a question of whether you want the bite that hard that kind of money. You know Jack was more of a cultured guy he wanted to change the culture here whatever that means. And I think initially he did but I think the culture also began to flip. At the end of the year before he got here when Tony Sparano they went Owens and it's similar to what the niners went through this year not as dramatic obviously was Jimmy around Paloma talk about what I shoot that guy while. Just keeps on rolling. But they after the Owens and start. Derek rookie year they did go three and three they did beat the chiefs at home the 49ers at home in the bills at home kitchen knocked them out of the playoffs so. Then you went seven and nine all of a sudden you're twelve and four bit this year. Was a disaster and in every regard and it from Derek getting hurt on Christmas Eve in the first. Game of 2017 and Denver to the playoff game this felt like a pre season game the whole deal you know the deal. And Jack openly discussed. Any change in the culture other cultures slid. Well that's that's his job. And I think some of the people he brought an end. Cause that to happen and made one of the guys may have retired it and not sure how to read and circuit Marchand sweets so we'll get to know what's going out of Marshawn Lynch. But for whatever reason the culture just slid and I think he is a guy who really. Just not handle any side of the ball although we should have more of an impact on the defensive side to allow the cultured as slipped. It is just a hey is that coaching air he could not afford to make. And the other part and I I thought a lot about this and I also will segue into. The 49ers are what's going out of their situation and we are gonna have a runs O'Neal Bill Romanowski Jonas and 1 o'clock hour here in the afternoon delay and size seven again we'll get into the football our. Though the whole concept I think of ex players. Becoming coaches and coordinators and head coaches. Vs guys like Kyle Shanahan and Robert silo Richard hightower who I don't know Jon Gruden Sean mid day I could go on and on and on. I think there's just a lack of detail sometimes Vontae not all that's coaches that a lot of our ex players because a lot of these guys played their whole lives. They they didn't grow up to be a coach the way Jon Gruden did in his early twenties the Waco Shanahan. Did the way Sean McVeigh did. Yeah I think there's just elected details sometimes. When you have a whole staff of ex players that run the football team as the defense of coordinator. You know I was in bill and bill musgrave is here and I I think bill is more of a detailed guy. So I think there were issues they're that I think need to be addressed. But I think what he looks back on this that the single biggest mistake checks made. Was when he hired John for Ghana last year I'd say he did not make in the defensive coordinator right away I don't understand that. I think it was partly a loyalty to Ken Norton junior. And the whole. Ex players thing and especially when the guy is your ex teammate. As Ken Norton was he was not detailed enough he was not in a position. To run a defense of the NFL level and it set the scene back for long long time. The other thing that he did is change the offensive coordinator. And say they did the raiders lack of imagination with their formations this year was appalling but I think just going from bill musgrave. To Todd Downey did not so little story really UN from bill musgrave. To Jack Del Rio and Mike Tice and I think Mike Tice took more ownership of this offense and I'll stick to it later about Jon Gruden and also. Similar to Kyle Shanahan Dante's. There's many ways to look at football inject likes the big big ball a football that are run the ball right. And Jon Gruden got a lot of that in him as well and you could hear him on the Christmas night game he wants to run behind the lets you assimilated. Rodney Hudson gave Jackson has been very expensive offensive line. But to meet. This is a real philosophical. Pole. And I think that's what the raiders went through this year did you put Derek stare right. Do you wanna put the football team offensively in the hands of those five offensive lineman. Are the five eligible olds around the offensive line and a quarterback. And I think that's where a guy like how she and can use the fullback so expertly Jon Gruden spider to like bananas fighter three wide but and that's a fullback for primary in the flat. So I think if you look at it. Jack Del Rio got too conservative as far as let let's let Mike Tice run the ball he it's hard to score that way I take it really is. And I think Jon Gruden and we'll get to know what's going out which out of the next step here and what's not gonna happen in the coming days. But Jon Gruden has a great balance between fourteen blasting when that are run the football verses Jian and the complexity of the passing game the one thing. And I didn't do it more without bill Callahan here. You bring in Johnny Morton had to help them Johnny surpassing guy. Is jacket it's take more ownership of the running of the football but I think overall. I think Jack Del Rio had to go. I would be surprised if he's ever hired as head coach in the NFL I think really he could be a coordinator. I think really what a strong show it would be as a position coach but he has proven to be a decent coordinator. I'm just surprised they did it so quickly about take his they had either a couple of dozen million dollars to make this coaching change. Yeah how I was shocked too when we heard a report totals 5050 an hour murder when you alluded to guard Jon Gruden may be coming back at some point pop on commercial a month ago announced a hint mourners and we market is gonna eat that money and then as we got closer we got closer in waiting did it in oh cool project are real for having a classic altar that's a tough position Bob delete the football field after losing in what was a disappointing season the weak point during camp we thought into this all year with people Donald signing with training camp guys miss some practice guys in the matter lineup hold outs whatever. But to see catch a real get fired 41 minutes he goes up they're just as impressed 41 minutes. After a final whistle down Carson call California was just shocking to be no pre prior conversations so Jack Campbell that would class but I agree he was not the got to take this team to the next step is not a guy that take this team to the next level heading in Vegas in two years you want this team click on all cylinders and after all the fourth season in which we can all point to Derrick or B and reasoned that the raiders went twelve for not jagr are real because we know how Porsche defense was at times. It was the right move to do it it was just weird how it happened how does all of sudden happen out of nowhere project Oreo was not the guy to take his team to the next level so I agree had to go. The money had to make this happen pod territorial he does it every day from Todd Downey to bill must remember Thursday night game popped two years ago what are raiders' pass amount per one important one jagr Oreo comes on that or would like to see is for the big boy pulled border basically throw musgrave murmured a bus that would. That was a sorry Rick there was a slight director real. He just has these streets about a words as he does not take blame poppy does not take accountability. And we saw that so many times this year popped in from seventeen yet and and whoever they get into. How is it basically the raiders ever broken car right now and it's Derek it's number four and get a fix this tire. And I am gonna be intrigued how John does they had along with a Rich Gannon I think rich will be the quarterback coaches' summit in June Carson on Sunday. It is a whole different approach. Sure if you're Gary Karr and the I think John is gonna have to clean up his language a little bit. Which Derek I think they're gonna have to have a little bit different governor Evan approach but I will say. You know they do this coaching staff turned under Carter is well. After the Kansas City game they called him out in front of the whole team meeting wasn't just the offense of the quarterbacks and a segment of the chain Mosul seem. And they ripped on the phone everybody. And Ericsson trifle guy but. When we have a head coach it's not designing the play calling the play and then second guessing the play in the quarterback's play under certain play. It doesn't go well so I think this organization what they have to do from this point forward out. Is bill Derek are up they've got to get his confidence back is swagger back I didn't think shared golf could play in the lead. Or Todd dearly I had serious reservations about both a look at how good they are dump outside may when the NDP Silicon Image Jian. And in rich they have got to spend time and that they're gonna do with a different approach certainly. But they're not gonna second guess they're gonna lay it out first with this this organization right now on the here and now they've got to fix a broken Derek. Our contact yup and we're gonna ask his question popular react to the delight is key. Coming back now back to the red carpet show on 957. Big game it's simple you don't make them over territorial machinery and get junk room. John grew into an exclusive Oakland Raiders. The question of what happens. To coach again I don't know I feel like I am coach and honestly I spent a lot of my time preparing. I still visit with all the top college quarterbacks are busy with coaching staffs around the country I am prepared some data make a run at it again card can make all the throws disguise athletic. He's got an unbelievable par I love watching them play I would not wanna leave the buckle up I think that's the greatest home field advantage. And football fight since you've been broadcasting career that's coming your Ole Greg that's been there. Let's go while. Yeah I have the real good good. I think we come back he's gonna come back because I think they've called what's my personal opinion I think we'll get our belief becomes back what month. And then we hear a press conference he says Kennedy and Jack didn't connect they're both of multiple. Paid and I could do it you know what bode well it's better. They've got. I am not going to be a real basic guide now. Phone that is always a wolf validity as shy and they're waiting game as yeah group did on my. An extra hour. While so. This isn't saying. And I saw the bush a year average a hundred no I saw Christmas night in Philadelphia enriched gain annoys. New Year's Day in LA. So there's a lot going on right now. And I'll get to an all the afternoon delight here and any size and became our friend Michael Lombardi get did you notice a little bit mcginnis fillet and a land of the word around the league is. It's had done done it that it's pretty much done and I I kind of felt that way right after I left you. And flew to Philadelphia. I spend most of time in New York on the way but I did get it done after the game though we need insulin that story daily got to get a little bit and that's the Antonio have a fish and so when they see Hamilton and out of those about the raiders cornerback Antonio mum mum are wrong why don't tell us a gun and shoot him. Her after what he did a sentiment many of them moving a whole so. She got to get a roasted a couple of times or speed and it seemed Travis Benjamin can run and I'm joking. As far as. Is seeing John in Philadelphia undated video also heard the interview we give them last year. In Mexico City when the raiders when they're beat the Houston Texans on November the 21 and we will launch talk with John and I talked to John off and on for years so here's the bottom line here. IRA and it's like everything about Jon Gruden Dahntay out and unload here and we change our clocks over there to go for about twenty minutes here. And I'm just gonna give it a whole deal on the whole story John burdened with the raiders with Al Davis with mark Davis and everybody have started out ended word is. Where was in the middle. And words get ahead. So basically where this thing went sideways. Which I'm the first time. It was when they lost AFC championship game in 2002 the Baltimore Ravens and narrator says in a wrist got hurt early necking in the scored three points. And John again I ask it Janet Mexico City last year about a shoulder and it's a big issue honestly he was in his thirty stand now as in his fifties. Coach one year anniversary NL embrace Palin hiring Hammer's coming up here and a few days. Maybe they can coincided haven't on the actual twentieth anniversary when they bring them back. But down. When they lost to Baltimore. John brought. One of the Jones I think maybe reduce the the young guys snow Washington elder care plus I wish we prudent they brought a man and Al was not a good mood. And he didn't want the kids around NL's languages a little spicy as is John and I went sideways right there. And then the next year started. And Chad's agent Bob LaMont who's now he's also the engine project Oreo Shannon's agent now. Got into what mail about a contract extension but I really think gale. And decided after that AFC title game that John's offense couldn't work and they couldn't score he was gonna move on. But that next year 2001. They got off to an 802 start. And never this so well was the I believe it was this weekend after Thanksgiving it was December the second look at the schedule here they were eight until. There are gonna play a home game against the Arizona Cardinals and then there's all kind of rumors stand by and say Notre Dame changed head coaches. And you know John grew up everywhere you know his dad was on the staff and he was she loves Notre Dame he loves Tampa he loves the forty Dieter is. He loves Philly he loves the raiders at that time he noted. Just kind of like the bushes where he grew up everywhere cheese is where is your home Johnny got like fifty of them but the whole thing would Notre Dame was real. And Jan. Was approached by Notre Dame that week gene Corrigan was EAD that week. He flew out and met with Jan very few people knowing about this and John. Was gonna take a jab and he was get a ring jail on his staff his dad Jim was going to be on the staff he had a huge. Purse for all the coaches they were all coming. The one thing was. Gene Corrigan wanted John to quit the raiders right in the middle that 2001 season go coach Notre Dame for recruit. He can't trust him because it seemed a little weird he can do that today actually didn't do that. So John said no. And I remember being in his office on the Sunday morning at the Arizona game and John later saw lots of me for long time twellman the whole story. But the bottom line was he was leaving he was already. In his mind starting goalie. So I leave his office he tells in this whole story though if gene Corrigan is sort of a more patient shallow left him the next head coach today Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I ought to feel for the pregame and Al Davis waging over. Then the story had just broken minutes before they George O'Leary. Go I know from Syracuse those from Syracuse. He members a head coach for Notre Dame for like an hour and somebody lied on his Reza gave up I was resonate via France whereas America regardless elder Al calls me oh her hands he thinks that O'Leary took the Notre Dame job to judge him so he says you think anybody would ever believe their raiders for noted and you. Can have plenty just now Al. Notably there it is another day and it's crazy. But you know what the raiders lost thinking oh era I assume there are David Dunn fumbled a punt. Chan said David you're done and making cutter right off the field. And they won a couple of more games they lost to Tennessee they lost to Denver they lost to the jets at the end of the year alone kicked by John Hall. They wound up having to play the chuck you game in New England enough home. The whole thing unraveled. So they lined up close and it's hockey game. Else sensor ridiculous price that he never thought anybody in their right mind. Would do what ever you say yes to a day the blazers asked him right after it in January when they when they made the coaching change or Tony Dungy. Would you trade Chandra know things have to launch still chilly today million dollars and he hangs up and taken and they know who the hell whatever give that up well. Month later. They did it they said yes we'll give it to launch two twos in eight million now trades at. And I. I remember going on the air when he made the trade it was presidents' day. It was February the 21. And that was supposed to work that day it was the last year at blessed day at work to get a station due to talk radio show. My contract expired publicity years the day I was gonna was they're doing more. In the last show. I ripped down because and he was mad at me we didn't talk for months. But he I I don't care what he was getting back into wants to choose an eight million U what he did today. But you can't trade. The head coach and he wishes he was more than that. John H flipped the whole franchise there's no doubt when he took over from Joseph bugle what he did in 9899. And then to the title game in 2000. I remember vividly being on the practice field one day when John was at the height of his popularity it was a billboard sign Jana nailed it on up. And John was in a meeting the media after practice and there were dozens it's not like today when there's hundreds but there are a lot of people there Dante off the practice field. Now what he would go to practice and walk off the practice field he got to give the media look like. Yes you can't approach me or stay the hell away for me Lekkerkerker and he was kind of giving him nothing but they weren't coming to him. They were ignoring him. Because they emerged they were in the village on Britain's press conference they they had you know dozens around him in jail and with all the media there yelled out to me Greg. Make sure they FA know who runs this team. Can I just laughed at that Al everybody knows who does this seem very well is make sure they have the know. For everybody here. So that's what we were up against was the tremendous ego. Come Al Davis and John gruden knew at that point wasn't gonna take crap from anybody. So trade was consummated you want to go to Tampa Bay in the irony of ironies. He winds up beating the raiders Super Bowl and I think that's what sent out his his health was beginning debt deteriorate then but I think. At that point I'd say he really just became agents got so bad and the disease is gonna eat him away. And muscle by muscle in this muscle mass by a little bit but I bet that really was. A hard waited to look at it all was that John did Biederman San Diego won that Super Bowl. But I am here to tell you. And I told this story and I suddenly saintly their furnace. Let me share something that. I'm sitting here like you care of those loans as a fact I know I told all these stories on the over the years I told them all in bits and pieces but now. Then it looks like Janice done better when they tell a bit jittery MacDonald the I hope to be okay. It could be candidate Jerry McDonald a Smart guy maybe did okay. Those who is callable may bitter what does life on Saturday. All motivated is this is is blown me away because you alluded to this a month ago pop we had Mark Dominik on reform personnel I would have a big bucks in the all the sudden started talking about group. And our liberal when you broke to Marchand something wasn't quite like don't overdo it but isn't it. Is he started thinking I might just pop those little boggle on now I'm actually gonna ask you. I I I've always felt. John will coach again. And I told judge thought it was one as youngest son graduated high school an idea I had I had to say I got to Sandra had a deuce was the last one I see him on the sidelines of Washington and likewise Jack coach you know what's the timeline here. And Abbie stand closer Sean McDonough we're college buddies Osama you know quite a bit around the Philadelphia again on Christmas night. John shot or not meshing they just are not. And I said that when she shot was fired a no show on shot a tremendous broadcaster. They're just different guys that I just knew it wouldn't work I think the second year it's gotten better. But it still awkward I know on both his people they're just very different. I had Ryan's or Sean. As I was around John Moore may have artisan Jun pin him just. They're they're both really good at what they do end every opinion dated saw an ad beyond that the economics of the ESPN both I think are hard for John. So there were door factors that I wasn't aware of as far as the timing I thought this would come go ahead in time. I did not think Mark Davis would beat Jack tell real salary now but I think that Mexico City massacre. They Kansas City game. And to me the way he mismanaged o'clock in the fourth quarter of that game. Just inexcusable. But in any of that just that we are gonna talk to Mike Lombardi. And he'll give us the latest on what he's been around all this with John and Al in and the whole thing Bruce Allen how all worked out. But so now we fast fours as I say one more story about John gruden we'll have all week Jason that can happen on next week. Initial some things they have to work and obviously that is what it's like about it a store and I told all these stories in bits and pieces but just to tell it all one big chunk here. Before this does happen John does return. In 2009. Mike to Rico and John are working together ESPN. And they invite me in a lot of rate of people I'd bring my son Derek who's worked among us now my buddy Michael Burns you bring up guys by the menace I was there. We went to Ricky spin it was going to be a Mike to Rico birthday party. But it was Jon Gruden coming back to Oakland was actually go to work the forty niner game and the ensuing. Monday night against Arizona where they game one no Kurt Warner got lit up to. On rules and Guerrier gave everything he had a candle lit exit dared to Nicklaus we all want to the game so he was in for that game. But the raiders are playing again in the next day against Washington this was December the thirteenth of 2009. So we governor Rick he's. And you know Chad's in his element that he's back with the raider nation Ricky Ricardo is there and there's whose tour ever everybody's there GM about a Willie Brown tile floors of the Philip B I'll. Jack Tatum everybody everybody's an X traders there I'm there. And you know Jack said quite a bit to drink that night and he's in my ear. He got a good deal man it's only in the hotel nights and wanna come back. And like at that time I thought males never gonna bring gender and back so I said he really like John was you know restraint it means telling stories and he's going out and nine. But he you know I just listening to one of the blame and as I. I always felt like he did wanna come back here he did I felt like it was to him unfinished business. Although the guy you're gonna get now on his mid fifties is not the same Jon Gruden in his mid thirties and it does worry me. About connecting with the modern athlete in the way he handles players this is not reached in the satiric are still hold different dude but in any event. So after that year first develop a couple days later Al calls me and he is just royally pissed. Because I'm in photographs which Xian and Ricky slick floor people put motorcycle populate the world. All they are your autos there browse their top floors of their football. How close you would lose this golf look I don't know now no he was genuinely hurt there wasn't mad. He was you were loyal as what do you what do you feel like hell. Can I like John and like you. Anyway she was genuinely hurt. That the whole thing happened I think it then the next day. Brian Orakpo Shaq JaMarcus Russell I guess I've got those numbers look I was kept happening chief it's pouring rain it was dank it awful and so we were talking about sneaky Jan in the game and Allen earlier here in the whole deal so anyway there's a reason I tell the story is played that off season. Al calls me months later and says guess who called me. Twice officials floods occur humiliated Elin never pick up the phone for you did you know you're calling. And sometimes you make you call a second time especially one who was younger. And I should now. But I didn't go back to this conversation when John had a few too many Beers at Rick he's. And he's he said initially saying. He wants to come back. And I said you're never gonna let him back. He said I'm thinking about it I get about it in any. So he wanted me to know that he wound up making a colossal layer. And hired Lane Kiffin. Who but that was actually tip our timetable now it's okay yeah it was before they ever actually on nine timetable he kept on cable it wasn't the right time. But then in any event I know mark reach out to him a couple of different times in 2012 and then and 2014 as well. And it's timing just wasn't right for a lot of reasons you know John and they put his kids and his family situation. But I think now. And it's happening a year or two earlier than I thought it was gonna happen I thought it would happen and we talked about it a couple of shows many children when I talked about it in December. I always thought John would coach. I didn't know exactly where I knew we had an affinity for this place had it know how would work out. But I I do feel. As though there's a great momentum here obviously they got a lot to work out here and this ownership stake in the team. Here's where it really gets ironic from what I've been evident Selanne had a lot of people. In different sports research this for me people that work for change in the lead. The only owners I can think of that ought also coach that they owned the team. And you're talking about in baseball Connie Mack. With the ace John McGraw with the New York Giants. In football it was Papa Bear fail us. It was Paul Brown later with the Cincinnati Bengals it was curly Lambeau and an earlier time with the Green Bay Packers. I I that's about it I thought for a moment detect rarely get a slice of the Miami Heat when Micky Harrison hired him by taking a Null. Billy dean does have and ownership stake. To run the open days but coaching is different and I I ate so the irony is here. Jon Gruden is coming back to the raiders and an L Davis type way and I was able to leverage. His stint as the commissioner the AFL. To come back and get a piece of the team. Mail he came back he said. I was in the air than they told me years later I you know I had a higher calling. Higher calling than what he would be the Pope person got to put it right for your body at a higher calling expulsions and I think he coached anyway he just had you know John mad Jan rushed down floors to work forum on the practice field Jack. Jail kind of ran head. So it's isn't it ironic that if Jon Gruden does come back. He will get from Mark Davis America Dane if the reports are accurate and I think it's gonna be a little cumbersome. With the rest of the ownership now because you are opening up pandora's box that has never been opened before. Now any time and I've got hot shot in the face contract comes up I don't want money on a slice of the rain and sleet rapidly through six you get. Laugh and didn't act so let's not let this route they go on what's next I don't know how they get a deal with this. But as far as I can tell in L when he came back until he did not coach anymore. So yes distract you scratch your Moffett George Ellis county met Paul Brown John McGraw for reliable who else he's coached or managed their team and also. And those other guys owned about right but John will have a piece of this team so this could be us fascinating he's coming back to the raiders. Which is blown me away is it a coach Derek target rich get into the recorder the quarterbacks coach what you do what is apiece they owner of the team. Pub before you catch up with the professor and yet Paul Brown's the only name I can open my dad worked on about guys who called scan only team Paul Brown yellow and went out and l.s I'm before my time holiday has welcomed their. I was as well so. But rich can we have come on the show you're out last week obviously we had a Mon massed on you know we Bassam all yearlong popped. Are you coming back to culture some put because everybody at their nearly viewer said let's get it should be a coach you believe that he's going to be the quarterback coach for Jon Gruden come up here in 48 team. Yeah I I I I saw on the Internet and I think it a lot of it is financial. You know quarterback coach don't make like coordinators do. Riches make it a decent living. I don't know I honestly I think yeah I think there's a momentum there. I think they just can't talk openly about this. But I did get an impression from rich and I visited with a little while. That yes he's strongly considering doing this and doing it would John. And we'll address it throughout the coming days I think they're gonna have to be tactful in how they handled their card direction different guy. That are rich in a rich has been on the show often talking about a Derrick has to take ownership of the team and challenge guys and Derek does and that ability but here it's just a different person. By the way. Don Nelson. May have gotten a piece of ownership as well with the orange Johnny had been a longtime warrior trainer just. Send me checks today didn't they had Nellie did have a piece of the warriors now that I think about it would d'antoni and and Jim FitzGerald many faces. Great friend and Milwaukee so I think I think if it. Isn't that like bellied it just figure out a way to get once they figure that since I was excited and they love and I think about it more in any as we open this up for discussion people probably. Send us tweets and we'll have more interaction with people that bring up other names that it might have been Don Nelson may have been as well. At times when he coached the team he may have had a slice of the other warriors under the Jim FitzGerald infineon ownership content. They're not that's that's while men Don Nelson I could see that happen to through percent want both doors as his wife came back for a second step waiter our member that would do we believe team but anyway Matt. I wanna do more stories on which it probably got to get schedule with a professor John Clayton here and talk about what's cool about Indiana fell about just what the Oakland Raiders this is while Sophia will have more news about this pop records before we get toward compressor to Arnold's gonna call a wild card game on Saturday rocket city chiefs quarterback Andy Reid could they don't let him in the building collapse over the professor Bob hey John Clayton is gonna join us Syria to the light -- on bonds and in proximity game. Now fast for Greg topic you know on 95715. Junk food that does not deserve phones. And then I'm going to not unless he's come out Bible there's no money and investing in a ditch you when they let you win if he does not deserve to be. At that and ownership stake in a fresh shots they should not be allowed. Now from according to reports from what the process entails is ownership rate is they're talking about a rate it would have to be better than. Bot bot NFL owners that would require the approval of at least 44 of the 32 owners they shouldn't even be brought to the table. So like I guess even a home. Tea. That's an early days. Have tried already got a docile moments when you hear about how dumb we'll open it was her second year that we've heard a lot of zero you're feeling here he's got talking out of all of those sources you shouldn't shouldn't at all. But in any event that is a talking point that I think is gonna make this whole deal a cumbersome and John Clayton act. Who worked with Stephen A Smith that Eddy SPN. But if there's Arabs is she is in ESPN's change so much John is now hosting a radio show up in Seattle he's an NFL. Analyst on the Seahawks radio network I think he's still in limbo. I think that's what is happening here. Is they Monday Night Football boots in the economics of paying the analysts is gonna change that's why when they went from Mike jury go to my buddy Sean McDonough. They don't have to pay as much or why Mike left an ankle all the layoffs how many people. As ESP and laid off both on the air an austere behind the scenes hundreds and I think more coming. I think that is what. Is motivating John too to leave now. And it may even be the point Vontae where they were gonna ask him to leave I don't know the inner workings there I think Jackie get a job somewhere else. But I think the timing of it is. It's amazing that way to may be why this all happened so quickly which on coming back in the firing of Jack Del Rio. Oh I think there's separate circus sensitive situations they may not have done it that. I think there's no question Jack Del Rio is not the right guy for the situation and this is lucky for the raiders a Jana. Maybe here and then you know hottest ESPN find out about this in the raiders were not happy that it leaked out before the game. Well John has to go to was bosses and say. In other closet I am in my contract that I get out go back and coach of I want to well I'm an exercise that clause. So in any you know they're they're people want news they find out so. As is such as so many people working there are so many different levels by Jane if somebody was gonna break it it would be ESPN in the rumor monger and I'm sure after him we get Shaq played down here and 357 again and moments I'd say he'll be a lot of enlighten yourself. How all this works with then getting a tip like this and how it all leaks out so fast. Yeah I think it's agents pop I think its agents leveraging their clients. To get better jobs or to position themselves to get better jobs CA duly considered checked heard Ian Rapoport from NFL network might silver for manifold I worked an angle for America teachers have a big plated this the start leveraging their clients so what job board other here I'll fascinated because you know as we talked about what they're eating the money part. Public surgeon paid almost a coaching staff is getting paid your I didn't not to eat more. A mark Davis and fired a real so fast a Saudi maybe take its time what does. Maybe think about Del Rio hiring that a stronger offensive mind like Norv Turner a patch over but I do not think this is gonna happen like it the way did that's what blows me away to go to war could just be like any other year OK here we go get one big it's good to see that it's Tampa Bay it and what's Tampa Bay. And now so they're gonna bring backdoor cutter as their head coach and they can OK maybe Johnson sit out. Watches this or graduate high school and incurred as a good cutter doesn't get it together Tampa Bay that job was open form a year from now. I did not think he's gonna approve. His family. Or just about west while the sun is going to receive your high school that it's at put maybe a sudden moves are here I did not see how this all played out but I do what I asked as you question her quickly pop. You talked about air car getting land based stated part of the team which cable set. We did that happen that's only there was actually Kansas City because. Patrick and John Clayton is joining us here in the afterlife I 957 again John welcome back we were talking about you know Jon Gruden and getting out of the contract that is that a chapter. Get tipped off to that you work for ESPN for a number years you know the inner workings and how at all. Transpires so speak to that and then also. The concept of John being caught in an ownership role which is not been done in this league you know gone back to the days of Popper bear payless and curly Lambeau and Paul Brown is is that it'd be difficult if John. Does ask for a stake in the ownership for the other owners see that twice for the they have to approve a judge to get approval for that to happen. Yeah I think it on it it's done the proper way it should be able to be approved but obviously. At going to be something that he owners have to approve but I'll be honest about the biggest surprise out of all thank Ted on the on Friday when the news came out about 4 o'clock western time. Thought he was not going to Tampa Bay and I thought. Really for the last two months that John was going to go to take the Tampa Bay job and some kind of scratching my head when making. Officially announce the door cutter was coming back out again Q what happened there. And now I get the idea that temptation to maybe get in an ownership claim but the raiders Obama getting back the raiders. Doesn't make a lot of sense and so I was more surprised. By not nothing getting done and can't but now I can understand why if there's a possibility. They can get a possible ownership claim on they take me. The value of the franchise when they moved to make no what are we talking about three point billion dollars. He has got to be allowed more certainly when they'd move there's not going to be a state checks their for John to K but as far as you know in you know John has to be circumspect he has to work to game in Kansas City on Saturdays are Rooney rule the raiders have just. Have to. You know follow here in this league. But as far as what you have been labeled as its initial well connected in the league that David gee this is merely a formality or do they have to really figure out a contract to get done which I. Not to get the figure out a contract and get it done now obviously they can try to get a couple of interviews and millions quiet on the role and being time. Let's say it got a 100% yes can't tiller economy this is a very complicated deal I clerk and you know that Jon Gruden. Whether you make six and a half or eight and a half million dollars from ESPN. Is probably not coming in or anything less than ten million dollars a year. And that's a pretty high stake now the idea of ownership can kind of make it a little bit. Better because I mean you can not have to worry much about the salary because he got you know he got the ownership stake in their. And that has a certain value that can lower what will be the monetary value of the contracts but yet. Complicated deals like this staunch sometimes can follow part but you still get the idea from what you hear the formal all apart. John and how much money will Mark Davis had TE would charge a real now's contract and he tells weren't confirmed. Or work release until later in the season here how much total monies are gonna have to eat project area and I imagine how much is going to be ten Jon Gruden looks like it's gonna be ten million a year on top of eating their reels when you're this is a costly costly move for Mark Davis here. No question about it and it shows how much he is one and that Al really strike big and you'll get something that's going to make that transition and they get that much more interest thing and well that much more potentially successful I get is probably about fifty billion as far as what. What he what they're probably eating and the contract agreement and out over the other three year period or so 'cause with the extension up. I'm trying to remember the expansion took it to 2019. A kick out of it quite. L that's going to be the case then it's I think it's roughly around fifteen million dollars. Yes 181920s. Signed AAF four year contract extension last February chancellor would be a three more years. That they have to pay objects like joining us here in the afternoon delights. But topped advancing in 957. The game he is joining us from Seattle you wanna ask you about what Pete Carroll told the media they're in particular about Cam Janssen which I found to be. Fascinating but Marshawn Lynch and you know well. Being around him this year certainly wasn't experience a niece she sent out a tweet that I don't quite know how to read into it. Whether or not he is retired again from the NFL what do what is your vibe almost going out Marshawn Lynch to think he's done John. I think so but what did he tweet because that again I haven't seen the Swedish yet what it would meekly out. What is what Dante was congratulating very serious very serious congratulated him for get to 101000 yards on that on New Year's Eve game than Marchand tweeted back to them what I'd say. From the best that I seen what morrow in my step and I'm not one of the leading game just like you big dog they'll look and yes law. So who knows of our challenge will be back it would create team. Yeah I would. I think yet but look for that right around the Super Bowl advocate siddiqui hanging out on the week that he sends out that tunnel right BD official signaled that he gonna retire this. Doc I think. That that is significant thing because I think what Marchand looking at. Is getting to that and thousand yard mark which gives them a better chance to get into the Coke or all I am and impact. Can't we we had to do or AP voting today and I I actually voted in a comeback player of the year. And he came back I complain. You know got he got the 101008 at 101002 is the 31 player in history the NFL and other later charter. Flying backe did go through would shake the hands of all the medical people and all the people that said there was bodies so. And I'd say that if he's saying and I've had this season or say goodbye forever ruined our shot I I think there's a good chance that he has retired Jack played joining us here. And the afternoon delight at 957 again just someone's segue over to the F. NFC west and are watching the rams play a playoff game the niners finished so hot. And Arizona have to come up with a new coach announced yet I'm not make the playoffs and you're well connected up there in Seattle doing here. Radio show Pete Carroll told the media out there today it was actually on a seven cent ESPN today. John as you well know. The clips they brought in camp chancellor. We'll have a hard time playing. Again chilly here is a bad Bedford came chancellor that he may not physically be able to play football anymore Jan. Yeah very much up yet but I've been pretty much the thought internally about maybe a month and a half but equipped. Yet that the real bad stinger. And the finger was kind of re aggravated on a very light hit and saw that adequate in the position he's likely so our initial radio right now. So everybody is kind of figuring that he was going to go and I know in the case of cam in out it was a pretty bad one at bat very similar to what look at itself. The thought has been pretty much about maybe five or six weeks that follow are going to be at the end and that means I mean the change in the game is gonna be significant because there were those two players to pull bowlers. That probably won't play again then you have Michael Bennet most likely getting cut or traded one of the two. And you don't know about Richard chairman coming back particularly he gets another two operations here in the last week and then bill. It still don't know they're going to be able to try to keep whole Thomas in the last year of his contract. There's going to be you know anywhere between six maybe eight or nine starters nose clean and they're gonna change it still can be good but they're not going to be is Dominic. John well The Hague culture change in Seattle Pete Carroll be moving on to bigger and better things in leaving Seattle Mallard does Wendell seems to be close and I'm more Super Bowls your job. You gotta give and in no way do they answer when asked about it twice today so I think that actually says that and oh really what it comes down to his skin healing per puppy loves it's I mean this that the sport he loves. He's still at the top of his game and the exceed that came up with always a different route to a diet it's kind of a vegan diet a diet. And what it and it made him skinny here feel better yet are right it's still a developing it and from throwing the football as often as he has. And that's now gone.