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The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, December 28th

Bonta Hill & Mychael Urban in for Greg Papa - they discuss Jimmy Garoppolo's greatness, if KD should be DPOY this season, and are joined by Anthony Slater [Warriors reporter for The Athletic].


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Please I use. They have gone through this talk I don't know anything unless it. OK. Denny and you have these been the voice of the warriors. Larry Hughes. And we sound good but. It's a really good now. Life from the DG DG dot com studio's the high atop the San Francisco skyline. Crystal clear and dad George might Ponte. Good afternoon everybody on the hill. Alongside mother urban for the second straight day we're gonna have fun show just like yesterday error I made the cut. He brought me back and am already having them. Best time what's up box area and this is our role seamlessly is ready to roll clos is what makes you have fun come on don't sell yourself short judge you're tremendous flow. I'll mess stopping stopping guys are you with a list knows Anthony's later. From the athletic longer talk to him about the lawyers the winless right over you talk just failed to score. The jazz 4222. In the third quarter we'll talk about those birds or lawyers what they do Slater of the athletic Michael Lombardi from her ring your former executive of the niners raiders. Agency Cleveland Browns get an instance adjusting to sweep this past weekend. About Jimmy go Rob Lowe and their cards in a friend's 49 are freaks we did it well ask him about that any has the greatest last name in football. Lombardi confidently that although Walsh but that's just me and I've. Our trophies you're. Wearing a suit and shoot a door to talk to. Big lake. He's he has it been like limping cigars lately with the Oakland Raiders and their six tonight we'll talk the big link at 13300. As close as she's an out. In JPG our morals we call him ball on the show words signal and call bald look back story there is you know when baseball with what the nicknames and Beckham jerseys. We ask jarred Palmer Rosie. Hey what was your nickname growing up he said bubbles so it's kind of stuff you're just not look like above you know it when I was on the a's beat user rookie Ryder. And man that kid works just pass on these are kid anymore you know I'll run a list and SAA Lister would talk jarred Palmer Rossi of MOB dot com actual clock with a little good for ball for ball. This thing ridiculously Kooks now a man of the blast from the past because you've got to land and deep pot than they were we are we can all pro on. On inside the bigs back going back in the day earlier early times back in the day today. We got to start to show off. With but everybody's talking about let's Jimmy grapple. To Google Ron Paul is ball and yet who writes that today listener who do you know if he walks up says that a role this. Think presses are gonna stop it and I don't think he's anything spell out more advertisers don't think he's everything it needs these families a system quarterback. And that for Paul is good for their Cisco. That's all I heard you jaguars locker insist go skiing because ski system whatever but you're the drop was led to four members of forcefully when you're urged. And the rams are playing a ranch this Sunday remember that Thursday nighter at Levi's 41 a 39 Brian Hoyer was the starting quarterback way back when mumbled finally I don't. Finally got to see al-Qaeda there's how Sarah hands high powered I don't buy it just disappeared as fast as Kenya today I. Last game of the season and a ramps. And we broke this yesterday on the show words jerk offs are gonna play and Todd Gurley when I'll play. Eric dharma or not played a study had to tackle Sammy Watkins may not play satellite. Into wet work their star left tackle may not play more. Wow free your. Owner Doug Hurley feels about that Ambien and MVP candidate and everything in DuPont made a great point in the pre show meeting that. You know that the last thing you do is what voters remember he had a monster game last time news on the field but still yet another monster game I think that definitely puts him over the top because it's 222 marriage and our libraries are ready tiger earlier vacated pins and doctors gave credit he's had a phenomenal season. And I guess what the rams are doing one. Philadelphia's like a two Morency. And I'd move on Twitter saying hey they're the Eagles to lose American got that locked up nor was seated. Virginia I know I can't figure replays league states players slip up I placed above third or I'm not play our discretion like old hard don't pick and the board of dead anyway. The Eagles like the two top seeds for the rams. They can sit there before slot. And they get past their wild card game board that could be gets it could be gets Carolina could be gets that led up could be used to say it's. The reds will travel to Philadelphia to take out Eagles team without Carson what's more we don't Eagles is what's LA played the reds beat by Kabul poise and another got collateral to uncertainty it really tells two point game. We got our resident sent out their stars. Still be that they're gonna get past a wildcard gave. Go ahead take out Eagles because they did lose to Minnesota in Minnesota got smoked. Sort of Ford said it in Minnesota and that defense is worlds is case kilos playing well talk about NDP candidate case can he deserves no tear gas guzzler smoltz and it's kind of weak order residents at the guys out and I give you one arrest early wanna risk. Golf but we'll kind of precedent does that set for the rams as a week or did the book I wanted to kind of reminds me of the most. High profile instance of this truce Christian McCaffery when he sat out the ball game. Last year but I mean that the bottom line is this is going to give fuel. To the Jimmy garage below. Skeptics haters whatever you wanna call him because if the niners to win and he's got a five game winning streak to open his career. As a starter they will point to that they wanted knowledge what he's done there what acknowledged. His butt kicking and Saxon bill Mabel just say oh the rams were playing anybody and they didn't really play anybody because I came to me anything for Jacksonville it's just. We're gonna hear it just be ready for. I do wanna think I do think though the gunners and at a Gordon or try to cross the ribs and said the message for its what are UT because when you look at Tennessee west. Seattle get long in the tooth they still have Russell Wilson. Great quarterback a member mastered their best defense and we can't Chester radar player Earl Thomas is petitioning to go to doubt she's already maneuvering his way out of Seattle got to a lower body laggard compared with the issues he's pretty casually I. Or not they do not Michael Vick. And in Arizona they don't have a quarterback. And have a quarterback off or do you wait to Carson Palmer he's old he's washed yeah Blaine Gabbert threw stand. I don't win football games with them and our defense is still solid but Bruce series is seems seems like he's on the way out Pepsi may have a new coach new system. So that's division over the next 45 years. And autorads hasn't Cathy she's humor that makes some decisions here within our Donald giving him a long term deal let's remain Johnson or start corner he's gonna wanna get paid he's going to be a free agent. The rams and niners could be battling for NFC west for years to come here and I just think it's sweet that we're gonna get cheated out of this rivalry. In the last week of the season because wherever you are saying look we got a home game locked up. We don't care who we play in the first round but if we do get past the first round went and played Philadelphia assuming that they're just gonna walk yeah. Walks over whoever they play in a while core gamers. And the football gods may end up making them pay for that you never know but it's still the great thing is no matter what you're right. The rams are manor next season as the favorites to win the division and they've earned that. But the niners are going to be a trendy pick to challenge them for the division and certainly challenge. For playoff spot so so no matter what happens and I love Jimmy gee I read something he said. Asked him refused disappointed that the rancor you know gonna go full vote in these did you note doesn't really matter to me I was taught to treat every opponent. Like they're nameless and faceless now that's a cliche but cliches exist as a rooted in truth and I like that they're gonna go hard and I agree with you David they might have a little extra sauce to try to just step on their necks like oh really you're gonna take a slightly. Well here's a little preview boy you're gonna have to deal with on on a bi annual basis for years to come or come after you were coming after you were both disappointed that. Yeah reds are gonna play golf and early before your benefits are you disappointed that the words are gonna play your starters. For true test it in the season AAA and I'm 579570. Some cards and appears councils dot com. Tech slide for defied LaBelle the reds trying to drive the price up. I Jimmy G. I think there's a BD live our hair and think about that would you did you go to like borders and they're great conspirator Terry I'm all about conspiracy theories but ought to be that's the case we don't call. Sammy do you really. Kennedy's performance in any way this weekend is good news. What an Irish feel he's worked her way Jimmie and has represented feel that he's worth I don't I don't think so I think. Everybody's kind of seen enough I think that's been established what I don't think she's worth Jimmy G will get paid the hockey one way or another franchise tag long run deal he's gonna be making twenty plus. CA is going to be able to walk down Santana roll and just eat for free and all the ladies will be fought for single Jimmy GQ now we did. Talk about us McCain's Gucci dropped our Disney currents can meet while Jimmy coop. Jimmy GQ GPG. I grew she drop earrings and LG Jimmy he's already been firmly establish how alliance yet another another example of the lack of creativity in modern day sportsmen and it's always just a bastard position. On the name it's lazy and analyze it. Now I had great call on the other day from Sarah is president can come G call on some of local. Payroll the cultural deep. Any came out with a BS Kyle Shanahan last week. About signing jingle ruffle a long term we ask you grow up what was your status or he's. In I think he's well rehearsed when it comes a press conferences and saloon on what to say what his agent Don he does anything's a given the niners anything. But there's this idea out there it is conspiracy theory thing. That he may just say you know what would it be a free agent. And I'm gonna go back to New England because that could be a point where Belichick says you know what I had to trade Geneva rubble as we talked about yesterday but Tom Brady's getting long in the tooth. Comeback canoeing when come back up here where we coast joke will pay we're gonna trade Tom Brady although slept the franchise tag on him so that's the other liars that's. An easy way to hang on so you can do it twice look at what's gone on with Kirk cousins in Washington I really don't think can look I don't know Jimmy G for. I don't know anything of the guy personally but everything we've seen. Suggest that he's a guy of integrity a guy of character and I think you genuinely appreciates the opportunity that he hasn't San Francisco. I mean it if you go to New England. And you end up following in the footsteps truly of Tom Brady. There and you have a ton of success they're gonna say what the Jacksonville jaguar said. Product in the system system but you go you stay in San Francisco. You execute the turnaround that we all kind of anticipate coming. You are legendary. I don't think he'll ever be no matter what happened in new New England because you followed Tom Brady. He'll ever be above Tom Brady and never be legendary you know iconic she will be unless the war by Francisco. Let's see one like four or five Super Bowl right or right he can be legendary here because there's been such a wide gap between Super Bowl wins and boom there's been a wide gap for Pat White. 400 fan base fan base hasn't felt this united. Since may be that in the and the Steve young's error. When he got Herbert and Arizona I think you know I've had some you moron Jeff Garcia some people then like Jeff Garcia of the Garcia think nobody was just a winner. Alex Smith we help. This fan basal divide without I'm slow and then especially when colored fabric comes in the starts and then you have the Alex Smith troopers yet Alex Smith Santorum. Ram boy's. The stands as they say that Alex Smith science and a Catholic solo flight. Forty niner fans finally feel like they had their guy agent Guerrero below just four starts. Is already a legend out here he sees Jersey every right below analyst Graham it's what are people open up the Christmas gifts of did you grow below Jersey. I mean and leave our stadium officially became an NFL venue last week because nobody had ever seen and heard Levi's. The way it was in that Jacksonville game I mean that was that place was gone bananas that's what you would expect. Firmer brand spanking new which it still is I know it's been around for a little bit but. We finally got to see if it actually looked and felt good for the first time and that's all Jimmie. When a six units who bit the lower bowl was all on her feet I cannot believe it for the first time in my life I silly by stadium. Was lit I mean there were an MVP chants after. That's her decision and you can't after defensive player that is Michael Irvin filling them for Greg Paul Bob Ontario merely optimum light clarify some of the game without a fun show for you guys here in a Penske auto sales. Got Comtex line we assume that's nicknames here herbs. Point 415. The G cult. From a 65 well how about a lot below. Michael walk away a lot well not that works in coop the money's about demand that we got from a 510 Jimmy Jesus. Path sacrilege I'm in Britain from his 617. Jimmy Jean string c'mon that's week Ernster. I Houston where would you from a 9 to 5 o'clock local rock below. Too long. I appreciate the creativity by a two month UGQ is that the slamming against Jimmy gee is gonna stick that's what everyone's gonna column. But Jimmy GQ's pretty YouTube has stopped that is not I let's go to Erica Oakland he thinks the rams are laying. A game for a senior starters was going on Erik German cars and again. Oh man so I'm kind of torn here and you have before and I found won't see it when even though it affection you know draft positioning. But I defensive football player man I got some squat on the line here and talk clearly saw. That happen you know about it so somebody how. Blair White men Eric Fuhrman fantasy football league. That plays its championship game in week seventeen. It's a different we we do little bit we have double double time play off from so good no fluke and also the number one seed Kyle laughed to chapters. Obama nominates and the Tennessee football I don't think that's really all how in the championship and all its not all lawyer you've got to get the new movie buddy can be doing the judging on how this week. I took domino blunt force of the number one seed. I couple weeks ago two weeks so I'll. Yeah so early that so let me get this right Erica early mad because you have Todd Gurley of Tennessee football said Egypt otherwise you wouldn't care whether or not. Mamet's play about how to track through automatic here and also all the money. And as arbiter nicknamed Mick and I about. Cheap money. She money. So bad and her dinosaur but I urge you money a lot of people have been called G money here there's refugee monies in my home grown up so thanks for a phone call Eric happy holidays and happy new year. First of all who's playing fantasy football week seventeen that's from the state. And Todd Gurley is funny that emissions are currently we're gonna talk about that good ball or basketball better run at 230. Jimmy Graham forward we're gonna get up in the case is there are couples going crazy here what the nicknames. How. Love the knicks managed to probe into the when you're alleged U deservedly they'd that's one of the biggest things out here in the bush or Dick de in the sports talk radio world that is low hanging fruit though if you wanna live on the phone lines are. That's kind of trip you mentioned potential and crimson and you'll you'll get action sold the rams just convincing other starters. We expect to forty members when your five straight going into the season and a chance to tie the Oakland Raiders imagine that. All nine. Nobody in the world thought the 49ers what have the same record as a rigorous one of the raiders lose to the chargers on Sunday and then niners when they're both gonna be six in ten. Yeah that's if you made a lot of money if you dropped to bet on that way back when in Hebrew so I'm sure been brought up in some other shows the last yesterday on my drive home. I heard him I think gives you most amazing thing. He does that no team in NFL history has won more than three games after starting the season 019. And the niners have got five victories now Soriano being blown past that first team ever. To have more than three wins after starting the season now and non that is incredible could look at that really. The skill set on the outside is saying pure croissants and out there are right let's mark he's good when Trent Taylor. For awhile we thought Trent Taylor was an NFL worthy he was an NFL caliber slot receiver and mark he's good when the only true calling in Nablus on March he's gonna win as the number one guy. These. No less than a hundred yards away from a thousand mercy isn't bottom line he was part we use viewed as part of the problem early in the season. Now he's viewed as part of the solution going forward and and I couldn't be happier for a guy given what everything he's been through man. The human interest story that the flat out production. The way he's rehabilitated his athletic image. It's Helms story man I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with a full season with Jim region if it forecast is for more. He's go when averaging seventeen yards a pop when I heard Purdue four yards Carlos Hyde. Do I wanna switch gives him this rodents are a lot of margin in Toronto but. The reality is that Carl's Carl's hide their creed possibly played a final game. I lead by Satan and I spoke to air Korea after the game insight did you think about this at all we say he had pregame warm ups. I thought this could possibly be my last game that we buy stadium has a forty niner. Tom uses these dig about his career. You know starts off with the first round cake plays well it may pianist he said he should give Seattle. These are suffering concussions. In the cap break in the social activism and activism situation starts arises. And now he's going for a National Anthem. He's been so part of so much with this franchise not a sudden now does this season. He stepped up played linebacker he's been all over the place authorities have one of his best years in the NFL. And then back to the fact is he may not be hearing more. And I'm statistic like what if you franchise and one if you sign them I don't think the foreigners will produce will give him a long term deal but it's kind of bittersweet to see Eric Reid and maybe a Carl's hide and move on from this. As Tina started awry right back to relevance to you ask him if he wants to stay because Carlos. Hi has come out yeah I mean he's been real vocal yeah I don't wanna go anywhere I want to be here and how can you blame them like their greed for those guys if that's their last game Lee Brice stadium. Like I said that's the first time only by stadium felt like NFL venue and soak. They've seen how bad it can be and then they got a little taste of how good it can be. And if you just get that taste and no more spoon full four polls whatever. Yeah that's got to be huge bomb reformed he says he wants ahead. That he does he does say you eat you are saying and he said that basically the chips are on Charlotte's disable they're resigning him and you mentioned something. Levi Sega finally having it NFL tied game there trapped and had just a couple of weeks ago alluded to kick off show on a Sunday morning. Karma wolves or top five Levi's. Top five moments early by saying. Are you can honestly say that another home was a football game. Yeah and beyoncé concert Taylor Swift wrestle mania. I mean this and one of them. For me it would be a negative for the niners Turkey on the fifteenth for one effect that's the only real football memory I have of Levi's stadium tile like bush left. Now we don't like table so I was armed service twisted Levi warm crowd got teenage daughter how did you rock out to it. No not really Moroccans Oakmont. How would you lose his son Mendez was one of the openers that's kind of why we went my eldest daughter Jackie huge on Mendez fan I have no idea who summoned as a team. Disney guy are discovery's right now. Now been a while some awesome Disney. This isn't your check your on the bill Taylor Swift your occurs officially been launched it well yeah that's pretty sad. There the fake Turkey on the fifteenth they do that opener leave our stadiums Super Bowl fifty while the bronco there yes it is all you have got to. Don't remember anything about the niners first family rested in my honestly remember nothing about I remember Brandon Marshall torching Jimmy ward. For three touchdowns onslaught possesses can afford amount of rules and that's what I remember Canada and negative motion metal and ball based memories that Levi were negatives are now. We'll miss this past week he has to Jacksonville Jaguars. Probably the best moment for the 49ers only by state after agree there's no doubt about it I did you hear anybody complaining about the sums to yeah well there is no sun. Well so. I don't think there's any here and I could hear it anymore to Tennessee game was interesting because there was some out there for that game. As the last of people they were people scurrying for the shade when they're running a rougher shape now that work. A neutered or there were regular race heat stroke and they never write all they never will again as long as the night as long as they feel good about the team that's on the field there. Then they're not gonna sweat the heat I mean c'mon that was ridiculous that was just. They were blown to begin wind and when your bummed about the situation in general every little thing about the situation gets under your skin including the size of the thumb on that tragic. It shows a little soft fills a little soft very soft and we'll talk more margin and Rob Lowe later in the show we talk about the lawyers last night herbs beating Utah Jazz. Finally blowing a game to jazz and a methodical style of restarting the lawyer's office reality come on really shows that in new low. I knew my name is what did she does do Super Bowl the Super Bowl in Houston. That's Taylor Swift greasing what's what's the appeal would Taylor Swift yet below is also a starting with. No Mangini G nicknames aren't electricity while we've made some you like did you did you nick as well I think even football related who whatever sex lies here. But let's have a formula to writing pop hits and territories clearly has a good command of the formula. There is any. That's the appeal. All ma'am wolf the appeal to go say warriors is their defense a juggernaut right now and we got that serves we gotta talk about this is Kevin directed defensive player of the year. Last year when there's these so we'll discuss are nearly up to the white as I'm 57 game. Now back to the Greg Copley shell on 957. Game six this. Is not the leading okay. Don't think shoots. It's really a race right you know the way he's been put on defense side we've all been spectacular and also this that they go. Voices were so impressive because it always say ledger wasn't possible would it be. But he's getting more more sense of Florida and obviously you know he's covered our defense tremendously with the way this photo of a sudden blow smoke. I devote a lot of pull up football right now. Strong words from rainy defense player Deirdre my grain plus I'm talking while Cady. And his defense a problem this. How excuse me about Katie are right now seven blocks and blocks last trying to get Scientology ask. Leads the league in blocked charge right now averaging over three game. And really within not expect that from Kevin Durant when he came over to go to state welcome back to hear from the white my corporate villain for Greg pop on bonds failed experiment of 57 game in. Katie really. 710. Just an easy 21 he's 123 a plus minus the Boeing blocks. And there's another blog where he got called for a foul on Donovan Mitchell there to second quarter kills all ball he's blocking go easy racing. Opponents shots on the back for her Janette I think we got a glimpse of that when he was in okay see in those Western Conference finals where you race or Mike Green out of the series. Defensively and am an owner or some passwords what do lawyers. Thought about what's in Iraq and Katie was flying are now let's bring this ball back out so at the half court offense mean he's been dynamic on an end. Per go to say lawyers I Tiki is the leader in the clubhouse are people declared Europe's. Yeah and I love the expression that sync used with this yesterday's in the Q do you hunting down plays that means making a lot of these blocks. With help defense at what's interesting to me about this whole conversation. And it first up the dream on would say you have my vote. You know we talked yesterday about. Only two men in history have won MVP and do you feel why in the same season Jordan and Hakim and I don't know that staff or QB will ever win. Another MVP while other teammates could I think there might cancel each other out so if you're gonna buy into that. What about maybe dream on and Cady be on the same team they cancel each other out because no less an authority than Steve Kirk. Kind of suggested that he feels he still feels like dream on is the most important defensive peace. Of the team's captain backers squeeze quarterback of the defense they're just the fact that we're talking about it. Is pretty amazing given that Kennedy when he was a Nokia C was seemed just as an offensive machine. Kennedy himself he kind of she gets a little bit upset when you talk about his to have defensive development as a warrior. Because he says I've been doing this all along I just that people are paying more attention to it because I'm on the best team in the league I. I don't know I mean I can understand why he would say that because. Basically and Katie is sensitive guy we know that right and so when he hears it he doesn't here. It's a compliment about his defense right now. He hears it as kind of a slight and his defense back in the day so that's why he's saying these types of things but I don't think there's any question he's improved dramatically. Yeah and told Tony forcing Katie won the MVP award but. What's crazy is does that this year he's armed and most blocks per game 2.3. Policy ever average and okay seems one point three. And 20121013. Right now has seven total blocks on the season he's going to eclipse his career high back it's 112 Tony thirteen where he had a a hundred or five blocks when you get that by and she anywhere possible to have. He's got a could shatter his career high in blocks shots and he's rebounding at least thirty communicate on defense when he's switching he's helping guys out like toward bell prior to call to be in the right spot defensively. Umpire. I'm blown away by that aspect of this game because you see a lot of stars. Those guys are LeBron like at one point LeBron James played defense at a very very high level. I was in his fifteenth year. I'm gardeners how you lose guys he picks his spots Kevin Durant isn't set to be jealous of garden guarding the upper opposing breezy opposing force. And he's doing at a very high level and you know Ron battles obviously unlocked this filth that. He came out here and actually most underrated aspect of every day as passing and scoring defense Leon ball away by the way he's switching and playing defense. Chirps I think being able to work with Ron Adams was yet another part of the appeal for KD because they've they've worked together Irving kiddies career and Adam says that all along. She's seen the potential for Durant to what he's doing defensively. But as you said he didn't really get unlocked. Until he came to Golden State where. Defense is a point of pride and it's not disappoint pride they did it again on yesterday's show we talked about the warriors to a man when they bogged down offensively they say the reason is because they're not playing the type of defense they're capable of playing. You heard it again last night after the game what happened what was different in the third quarter they'd locked in on defense exactly yeah and and all sworn their patented third quarter crushes like remember the first. First 1516 games it seemed like the game is always tight. At about halftime and when they won it was because they're just bullets and in the third quarter and we saw that you know on steroids basically last night but it does really start their defense allows them. To get out into transition allows them to push the pace at which they like to play and we noted that jazz. Maybe more than any other team does not like playing. At that they'd love a day like to play methodical they're run shot clock down. They'll take their time on the offensive Vannatter really screwed the game plan in escrow to Floyd gang what's happened in the first nineteen minutes. What are lawyers Roy scored 31. Last 29 minutes lawyers scored 35 on the Utah Jazz were to discuss this led to me Slater next from the athletic can exist within this out. The warriors best quarter str plus minus quarter's other plus minus for each quarter this season. And the first quarter plus 136. Really good second quarters. Scooter rockets lead in the first quarter plus 136. Raptors lead the second quarter were plus 150. That third quarter the lawyers at plus two way team tops in the in golf and last year. There were big time third quarter teamwork is just now got to jam and we see stepped curry Kevin Durant sitting out fourth quarters. They're disappointed again this year. Was strong third quarters and years and a third quarter was a little bit every day summit passing and Andre Iguodala we saw Kevin Durant the weak side blocks. We saw Patrick called sudden carry over to second half from the Cleveland game on Christmas Day and have a strong game of the season high eighteen points last night it Jordan belt enjoy my agreed to mongering and another stat sheet you know stuff reassigned. Fourteen points eight rebounds eight assists. And he's talking and that has rubbed off on Kevin Durant so much that and I did not see that happen I mean. A new category it was a good defender but he gets a player of the year quality defender I did not see that happening. Yeah again I think just being in the presence of dread among green in sync we went the last time you had a guy an unarmed question all star. Which I think dream on is Armenian you shoot an injury or longer and he think all star he's earned that. But when's the last time we saw a guy. Be an all star on the strength of his. All court game and mostly defensively it's because he's. An elite defender that he's an all star yet he can score he can pot 20/20 five when you're actually need to and when he's hot but in general. That's the last thing you think about dreams can you think about the emphasis on defense and again the team emphasizes defense. If you're gonna be a lawyer if you're gonna be part of their success you've got to buy and that and clearly KD has bought not just bought into it. But he's bribed him no matter what he says. About he was this type of defender. In Oklahoma City I think he had a curious so much of the offensive load there. It was either him or her arrest you know we cheered us on your turn my turn right iso ball hero ball whatever you wanna call it. He had to expend more energy on the offensive end than he does during Golden State marriage expending more now. With stiff Korea out but how about this for scary thought when staff comes back a little bit the offensive burden is taken away from KP. His defense might get even better birth record it might get better at them. We'll probably will get better and he'll defer defer to staff curry obviously I'm an offer to vanity plates console get more open shots tomorrow we'll go. More open shots but defensively I think he's really made it a goal to not only make all defensive team all NBA defensive team but the take home a DP all why Michael Thompson's about a tweet yesterday Kevin Durant best all around player in the world have you seen the d.s plan he looks like Bill Russell on defense. And like all unlike anything we've seen on office before a seven footer with handles removed and arrange ridiculous. And I wrote this and eggs they image every other day and I've been on the show Senna LeBron James the best player in the game. And aren't watching Monday and and watching last night of come full circle here. A turn a corner. It's ever to race week Nelson's record he's sort everything. As I said yesterday I'm still not quite there in them aren't quite there may because it's LeBron passing ability that makes and that's part of what makes him so special. But he's definitely the conversation there's obviously no doubt about that the one thing playing devil's advocate bogged down. On the ball as an on ball defender can KG get out on the perimeter. We have an elite ball handler a guy who can take you off the dribble and is known for taking off the dribble. I need to see him be Obama's law absolutely shut somebody down on the ball because we know Graham on can do that. Part makes quite a special defender is because he can knock you off right the beauty of having a seven foot seven team wingspan which Kennedy seems to have. Is that if he does go out there. And try to be job on ball defender on the wing even if the guy get to step Bonham she so long he can get that block from behind the chase down I hunt and play. A solid on ball defense and l.'s Western Conference finals is last resort Oklahoma City. And there'd be times he's what's shuttle staff Currie. And be at times staff Kirk can get a shot over because of that long wait so long so long. So any makes up for what goes one on stats those long strides if you do beat them off the dribble. He has the capability of free. On the back on the and then and recovering from that you don't recover from getting deal the first that you don't matchup I'd like to see asserted stern warning you know matchup I'd like to see out on the wing. Use the Greek freak. Angel Stadium and burnout are because Daniel asinine don't blank right now we're gonna see that's an increase freakish prickly things through journals as I've Korda and he's out there about a B funding rules we will see that match about those are gonna say Russ. Acadia told us where you're going. That would be special about this I'll bet you he'd ask for because he asked for LeBron on Christmas she went to Kirk. And said Alan take LeBron and it wasn't I mean the guy who knows what the team means right now and Kerr never had to have the conversation about him stepping out and kind of filling in for whatever their mission was staffed by. He he wants that challenge now which speaks to his confidence level defense what are similar let's discuss this with Anthony sweater from the athletic you're live coverage Kevin Durant for a long time back in Oklahoma City where it was going to be letter from a thunder will get at least later Jeremy got a little artist Michael are ran for Greg Papa are bond sale ceremony five cent against. Now back to the great popular show on 957. Big games. Announced plans to build roads tasted pretty much back. It's not a doubt about Blake's lawyer bell stops hands it back at three mile wide angle Friedel. Fears that they maybe write down the lane. Lawyers have been. Embroil on the call there for many 57 game play by play voice of the Golden State Warriors is Kevin Durant. This plan MVP level defense and Claire to your level. Don't know all that much much more here in the afternoon light Michael urban after Greg pop Mombasa hill we are many parts of the game over again. Beat writer for go to say lawyers of the athletic Anthony Slater who's been out there. For a long time he's covered Kevin Durant way back when the Oklahoma in Equus is picked up the conversation there. Have you ever seen Kevin Durant played defense at this level you've come from a long time. He's on pace to shatter his career high and blocked shots average of 243 game mean he's playing defense and allow a lot of diffuse capable of. Generally you thought you did love it I've. Start the what he did last year route by one of the plea which will be IMO moat on did you pick that come up at the load up it. Chad. And he was able to shop be a blocked shot that they've one point seven per day break which is really good at it in the NBA. Guy the legendary corps. I'd be on the top ten shot blocker. But no we thought you'd be bought out like Patrick Ewing and having that party unity career averages ten point four per game that's right or our governor and his outlook two. I mean nobody can predict the number one MBA I its pretty great you get back there were it you're part of my and then let. Got you gotta better can't it be integrated data then BP right now which almost halfway through feeding it like just stunning being a big about. Yeah I agree with the Anthony I think Stefan Cady as long as they're teammates they might be canceling each other out for for MVP but defensive player of the year we played cut from -- on earlier. She's already supporting Qaeda is defensive player of the year but luckily my question EU is to what do you do you attribute Kevin. Kind of scoffing at the notion that he's this dramatically improved defensive player from when he was in the thunder he he kind of said I'm paraphrasing here. But this is the just today he should look I did up in Oklahoma City too is people more people are paying attention to it now you've got to see him in Oklahoma City. What's your take on that. You know I am he drew dramatically improved himself in Oklahoma City at your own watch in in the two got Paul helping me plot in here. A lot easier to blow by. Box out on what under the he did pollutants spoke with a bit more anatomy young players young superstar like Kimberly-Clark ought to create great white oak. He got a lot better from twelve to 13 April 2013 to porky orchid that they beat. And I thought he was incredible yet our government up to that sixty I would get the warrior and he's everywhere defensively and that's very kind of airplane small more than they were were I not the one remind you buckshot models to collect certain bock and let. Those blocks or Sherry can't fight in and out of in the despite a lot of small forward but. But he got a lot better at defense and by the time he was delivered to the warrior right in the middle of it and he was ready to take even next that especially at the shop bought their beat back the week. Up but. My one arguing you can read it you never come you do in this seat in your area resident close to Obama and excitement that big inoculate all that defender by the end Oklahoma City but we're talking matter may now be best defender in the league exit. Not what he won on. How would you rate is on the ball on ball defense because Michael Lerner brought this course pose this question to me the last segment that to me we see a lot of weeks I blocs seem common over recovering from getting beat up to enjoy time what do you think about his on ball defense can under Dennis. I depend on a piece. Engaged on that particular possession you know it if he would block being in ought to repeat that on a robot Jane and late into lesson. Are you about it gives me when league authority Biden be incredibly cook quickly for a seven order. Are you longer than just anyone in the league they confide that they're beat that aren't I he Marty got the date down on. Pump fake he just like it you know an experienced player and leader and I know that the church with a straight. Are you become a pretty good post defender at the rumor back to Oklahoma City based where he became less sturdy quote under our members looked at street where you guard Blake Griffin I'm Marcus hall and Al Horford and Mike back to back to back gain the outlook block and then out of opposed you know religion has been the stereo. He can be good with that being in new York and that is the case a lot to start if you look at Russell Westbrook build up on that he he had been critical tool to be good and abroad and they don't we attempt to be. And direct has had those problems in the past where you just. They're stretching the gains are straight you know stretches there that even work he did but he did not negate what folks not scored thirty at night itself. Speaker says more than ever director raised you know steadily you can pick from the pulpit and that he would having great all on and off all the and the. Anthony that the terms best and most valuable to some people mean two different things and we're talking right now about him maybe being the DP OY which would suggest that he is the best defender. In the league certainly the best defender on the lawyers put a person Steve cursor around. That suggests she's still feels like drew among green is the most valuable defender on the lawyers what do you think. Well I mean I think I think drama green is the best and on the warriors to a lot of weight but very Margarito had not very deep. You know he's found that he'd been banged up I think in mind it's kind of in and out of spoke yet but think more than anyone on the clock search Jim Audrey really waiting for mid April that to kind of crank it. Interest level back in his feet and up on which. There are injury people very hungry but you don't want to be stick seven game you don't game in Detroit rate back home and eat by Daria picked block you incredible night game. I'll debate it out of the gate to the shoulder agreed they can't back you. I you know how long it around a little bit so. You know it book orbit via the judge you'd award a book org Friday quite Leonard at bat. Because the player in the world. But Nicky declined seven games in Rio there'll be a candidate but even that about a game I bit the worst because the rating after the given is that. Any better with Jamont or this evening but I dream on properly want to go to where the year last year but I. I don't think he's fighting a top three candidate right now during what he's done so army you get back into it by the popular at a better Casey during. And Jimmy Slater and all lawyer guests are brought you RJ DO headphones the officials some of the girls say warriors and are 57 again of course legislator from the athletic does a great job cover negotiate lawyers imagines he let off a story last night your five offers observations here the third quarter lawyers. Plus that's true eighteen and then the third quarter and yesterday we saw again it was a one point game at to have. You talk jazz have to game at their pace playing a game at the pace methodical. Mormon shot clock down and also in the lawyers explode for a 42 to 22 advantage we saw this all last season and we're seeing it again this season what is it we'll see cars are given a home 11 forget the speeches at halftime but what is it about these third quarter warriors were just turned defense and offense it is run teams off the court. I think a lot of it is just those. You know kind of lackluster first fact they have eight cabinet. When they go on the halftime minute whatever what plot out 4745. It hit that bad Utah team they are. The maternal fitness second act that happened a lot BP they have a great purse sacraments that plucked monitor in the first and second quarter net believe under under boat and you met in the club making number. In your a lot of although obviously what a lot and I did that occur am not a light historically been that occur recorder and they had been a lot of time this year that helped them build up huge numbers he's got a couple twenty point third quarter we just found out and get super aggressive maybe a computer you really get golden rule kind of noticed that very get going I mean that elderly people a second stop it. I'll decide media a lot of stock played into it but. It could mean maybe it is it a very good symbol of bet where they are you know compared to directly how they are disrespect above everyone right now is that that third corps actress and got on the yet it they're really just the up. Yeah my halftime and the interest in the game talks. They come on the boat people out. Anthony David West has an amazing ability to articulate things in just this is sync command that just makes sense and it's understandable for the layman had a conversation with him earlier in the year in the third quarter burst word big talking point and asked him about it he said well I think in the first half our play reflect reflects. We are but didn't we hear Steve and the coaches what they're preaching in our third quarter play reflects the fact that we're now listening to what they're preaching. Basically I'm in a bit this team that battling complacent be they talk about point eight B Kirk from the first moment of the beating grimaced on the out part of it to the hardest. They've ever had to. Motivate thirteen I hit understandable and you see in the first absurd should. I you know I'm not mention during my green really really weight or medical but it early everyone on this roster I mean minute that the people covered it you'll probably YouTube also I mean we're all kind of waiting to the first round well right now. And they did it gentlemen's game with in the game to spend some the get them all and in in training back to react I have to backing sometimes get involved with the. And that any one guy who starred in turn on those maximum cost. I'm not gonna say he's he's turn on over long so it's time the best second half against Cleveland definitely was a positive he built on a last night with a season high in points on the he's a very important player for his team moving forward we know what it's tricky contract situation here because he was a second round pick pick and he's gonna be a restrictive free agent but actually we're call now start to get some confidence in the NC guys on the dance like John Mark Green and Kevin Durant leading paction McAuliffe Thelma may be aggressive she just shot it's okay. For a better right could be wide open. And they are just believing him from three and he fairway where I can be done three what you wanna drive that one I'd begin reported mr. And straight or anatomy. Has the region played Andre Iguodala was way off right now which is the problem that kind of need to get fixed but. The crowd that he also or not let no and I during the three development are really help them back very well and garden drive either so finally he said you know a bit of just getting mauled happy the way you get in slashing to the rim autonomy you look at some but let. That generate summit on the court has patch guard men literally just running away from batch we've got to go double Jenna and her and my produce got to the rim boom quick I'll let down. The plate now you're watching guarded not doing that toppled Iraq. He just aggressively went to the rim when nobody was really guarding and that got a seven make you look at the easily achieved and I you know don't do that every game but he can't have those nights that he and I haven't. A little bit more recently worked like thirty minutes. 01 shooting basically did what they're so good food good people like you said adding that verdict that it stretch. Yup Anthony's winner of the athletic condoms to join us here on the active in the light at any happy holidays happy new year funnel Seattle or call over the next few days thanks for joining us today here on her partially thanks Anthony. Are out there you know you're acting reacting slayer really stuffed at the athletic it is worth. The subscription yes and given shameless plug here I'm only 57 game we're gonna switch gears here to talk to Michael Lombardi of the rain here. Well last Melissa former head coach.